Another something from vacation. I was out on the boat with my Dad and grandpa in the morning. We are usually out there from 6-12. Farily long time so they usually make a stop to pee on an island. Well when we were still fishing my Dad said we were going to make that stop soon. And my Grandpa says "Just when you said that i let a little out in my pants." It was not noticable, he thinks he has a bladder infection so he has to go a lot. Well anyway we went over to the island pull up and tie the boat to some bushes. The island was a steep hill covered with loose dirt you had to climb to get to the flat top. So they guys were like go ahead get up there being a girl i didn't have to much of a choice. I would have just peed close to the boat if there had been any flat area to stand at all. I couldn't stand and go over the side of the boat. I can pee straight down but i couldnt risk peeing in the boat. SO i had no choice up the hill it was. I figured they'd be coming up in a minute so i went back into the woods to find a spot. I squatted that way i'd be less in view than if i was standing. Anyway I peed a nice pee. I do enjoy going outside. I felt a poo but i knew i could hold it. I would have done it there too but i had nothing to wipe with and didn't really want to go with strange leaves. The guys hadn't come up yet so i headed back down. That was not fun. Dirt flying, trying not to slide right into the lake. And those cheaters had gone right off the boat into the water. And they were like what took you so long?! Needless to say i wasn't to happy. If i'd been a boy it would have all been avoided. I'm proud to be a female and i guess it proves something about us anyway.

One evening we were having a conversation about people who won't go #1 or 2 anywhere but a toilet. Guys or girls. Examples: 1)My dad and his friend's cousin went out hunting and nearly as soon as they got there he said "Oh you're going to have to take me home i really have to sh**." to which my dad replied "This is the woods. Look(swings hand in a half-circle) THIS is your bathroom. We're NOT going back!" 2) My Grandpa took this kid on lots of outdoorsy trips fishing, hiking, etc. And everytime he had to poop or Pee he'd say oh we need to go back so i can go to the bathroom. And my grandpa would take him to a bathroom. He's a boy too that's what amazes me 3)My Grandparents went camping a lot when they were younger. Once they bought one of my grandma's female friends along. They stopped along the road as they had been driving quiet a while. They went off into the woods this lady was right by my grandma's side. As she pulled down her pants and panties. The lady says "Oh goodness what is this? I can't do this!" my grandma was like "Um this is what we do so you don't really have a choice." And as this lady really did need to go she eventually did. Geez people do they think there's going to be a toilet sittign out in the middle of the woods? If you've gotta go you've gotta go. Is it really like that or is it just that i like in the 'country' and an acoustomed to that kind of stuff. Are there people here like that? Does anyone know someone like that? Kara

Went on a 2 day business trip with my friend Irene,she's very outgoing and fun to be with and i guess a guy would say she's hot or cute...5'1'' 100 lbs i guess around 36D chest,flat ????,and a bubble butt,she wears her pants so tight it lokks like a good fart would split them down the middle.Nothing much happend the night we checked into the motel we were so tired we both just talked a couple of minutes and fell asleep with the TV on.In the morning i awoke first and got in the shower,irene was on top of the covers on her ???? in just a pair of red panties sound asleep,i had slept nude which i have always done and i've never been embaresed to be nude infront of another woman anyway.I was in the shower about 10 minutes when i heard irene come in and sit on the bowl,she reached over pulled the shower curtain back and said hey kath hope you don't mind some company and as you can see i'm not shy (she was naked)and with that I heard her peeing a flood and start to fart quite loudly and the sound of a loose shit (and smell)followed she told me she hadn't shit in three days and now it was all comeing out,she was still on the toilet as i got out and dried off and by now the room had that burnt rubber smell,in the past we had seen each other pee and even heard each other fart once or twice,but this girl was shitting her brains out for atleast 15 minutes before she took a big bunch of toilet paper and comenced to lift her left cheeck up and wipe,she then stood and said oh this is really gross you've gotta see and i said no thanks i'll take your word. That night i took a small dump with the door open nothing special,little smell and we talked as i pooped but i don't think i could do a major diahrea like she did infront of anyone,except my husband,i mean that bathroom smelled for 30 minutes when she was done and she wasn't the least bit embarresed and to be panties off naked too,oh and while she was wipeing she said ,just between us girls right? and i guess that about covers it.Irene definetly has my vote for most uninhibited female as far as i'm secured. Kathy

This morning while I was at work my wife phoned and said "I have just sh** myself!" I said "You what!??" She repeated herself and said she got caught short while out walking the dog. I was actually talking to some clients at the time and obviously could not really get involved in the finer details. I said I would call her back shortly. We do not share a common interest in these matters and she doesn't know about this site. I eventually called back and asked if she was alright. She said that she was well into a good long walk with our new labrador when she felt the desperate need to go. She was not far from a public toilet and did a quick about turn walking as quickly as possible to it. By the time she got there she was walking with her bum cheeks clamped as tighly as possible. There were some workmen in the nearby park and she said they could not have missed seeing what was happening. She burst into the toilet without shutting the door, dropped her trackpants and undies and let rip. Unfortunately she had had a 'touching cloth' experience and after completing her emergency dump, waddled off home in soiled knickers to clean up. She was laughing as she related it to me, and said she was sitting there yelling at the dog not to run away at the same time. I asked her if she wanted me to come home and hose her down (as had happended to a friend of ours who got into a similar situation a couple of years ago). She said she was fine. "What caused it?" I asked. She said she had been eating a bit much dried fruit and it obviously had decided to rebel inside her. Now I wonder what would have happened if I had been with her as we often walk together on the weekends.

Hi I am in my mid-thirties. I have been reading some of the stories on this site for a while. Pardon me for saying so, but there is a lot of bull shit (shit too) on these pages. About not being able to hold a turd: I, and I think any healthy adult, can hold a turd for quiete a while. Definitely long enough to find a restroom or another place to go. Diarrhea or soft poop are another story. When I was in my late teens one day, while at home, I had to get rid of a soft load badly. My younger brother was sitting with some magazine in our restroom and my younger sister was "working" on herself in the bathroom. I had begged both of them already to hurry up but without success. I was standing in front of the bathroom door and some soft poop had already escaped through my sphincter and was sitting between my cheeks. I was wearing a loose skirt and cotton panties. Since I was the oldest girl and normally taking care of the laundry I thought I could easily hide an accident. So, a little later I decided to just fill my panties, wait for the bathroom to become available and clean up. So, being mentally exhausted I let go. And guess what? The soft poop spread throughout the crotch of my panties which turned out to be to small to contain it all. Very soon I felt some soft poop sliding down my legs. When my sister finally opened the bathroom door I tried to walk in very carefully but it turned out I could not move without poop falling on the floor. My younger sister, of course, noticed what had happened and within seconds she was running through the house yelling: "Marleen filled her panties, Marleen filled her panties,..." Cleaning up turned out to be a chalenge as well: my pubic hair was clogged with poop and there was a lot of poop between my cheeks. So, forget about ladies having a big accident just stepping out of their soiled panties. Except for once having a violent diarrhea I never pooped in my panties ever since. I do wet myself ever now and then though. I have a commercial postion which demands quiete some traveling, business receptions, etc. I assume most women in my situation ever now and then end up soaking their panties ever now and then. In Europe (I am from Holland) business women mostly wear skirts which makes wetting is not such a big deal after all.

Daniel (UK)- Ah, leave it to those earthy Swedes. It seems they've brought a bit of their country tradition to the city. Maybe I should make Sweden a vacation destination. Cancer Child - Thanks for answering my question. I apologize for asking the obvious, that is, if you are on chemotherapy, and also for misspelling the word. Should have known better. To all - I travelled by car a few days ago with a female colleague, about ssven hours round trip. At lunchtime, we found a small restaurant run by a Greek family and featuring Italian cuisine. The pasta was delicious, in generous portions, and afterwards we both had to go. The women's and men's restrooms were one-person/one toilet style and we both entered our respective sides at the same time. I guess it took me about 4 or 5 minutes for a good dump and a hand wash - shorter than I'd usually spend. As I came out, my traveling companion was coming out of the women's at the same time. Of course, I didn't ask her what she'd done, as that would be crass, but I did wonder. We don't know each other that well, so we had never discussed bathroom habits, but I thought I might broach the subject gently. I had noticed that some men's room users had put both the used towels and used toilet paper in the waste basket. I know this is a custom in some countries. (The Russian poster talked about it recently here). I mentioned this to my female colleague, who is from the Middle East, and asked if people do that there, too. She regaled me with a detailed explanation of how people in that part of the world use squat toilets (I suspected that) and clean themselves with water, thanks to a flexible hose located next to the toilet. No paper. In fact, she said, they consider water to be much more sanitary than paper. I guess I'd have to agree. I asked if it's difficult for people who move from the Middle East or Asia to the Western world to learn to use our type of "seat" (pan or bowl) type toilets. She said it depends on the person and told of a friend back home with back problems. Her doctor recomended installing a seat-type toilet. She said her friend just couldn't get used to sitting for a dump and went back to squatting. I guess it's all in what one gets used to growing up. The conversation then went elsewhere, but it was a very interesting and un-selfconscious five minutes.

Here I sit in humble bliss Listening to the trickle of piss Now and then a fart is heard Followed by a falling turd!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Except for a few accidents, I've always managed to poop in a toilet (a variety of styles from conventional to slop jar/potty chair to outhouse). But I've managed to pee in quite a number of interesting places. Besides on the ground, here are some places that I can think of right off. The first two were back from several years ago when I had been injured to where I couldn't hurry to the toilet. When I knew the urge to go would beat me there, I sometimes balled up a towel and peed into it. What I came to do most often, though, was to do my morning pee (a very big one) into a kitchen-sized garbage bag. I'd call to my mom (who was taking care of me), and she would hold the open bag under me while I held onto her to keep my balance and let it go. I generally produce a lot of pee at any time, because my "middle name" is Iced Tea. Some restaurants I frequent even bring it to me in a pitcher to save them the time of returning and returning to pour my refills. And I just drink a lot of fluids period. I love those drinks (e.g. Arizona brand) that blend different fruits and/or vegetables together. I also have a blender and love to whiz (no pun intended) up my own blends. Normally,my poops are easy-to-pass and are generally good-sized logs and snakes of a dark-golden-brown color. I don't look at every BM I do, but, when I DO look (fairly often) 7 times out of 10, I find my creations amazing! And, at times, they're BEYOND amazing (like the red, white, blue, and orange ones).

CancerChild (Kyle *female*)
Traveler-- When i have explosive movements they are explosive sometimes but othertimes they are fine. Of course i'm on chemotherapy. Been on it since i was 1 year old. Yes my friends enjoy pooping and so do some of my cousins. In cancer camp we go out into the woods nearby and we pooh together or we use our bedpans in our rooms. JW- My mom used to watch me poop too. I don't see her alot anymore because she works 2 jobs and i am either at the hospital, cancer camp, cousins, or undergoing treatment. The longest i haven't pooped was 3 weeks. I was really sick then. Well i haven't pooped in 24 hours by now. How long has someone not had a movement?

This is very interesting, I stumbled onto this site while surfing the net. I had no idea that so many people were interested in other people`s bathroom habits. I really dig sex,but I (this is just my opinion, please don`t be angry with me) can`t bring myself to find anything sexy about this issue. In thinking that this may please some of you to read, I`ll tell you about my wife. She`s about 5`2`` tall with a knockout body,long naturally curly hair, and a very soft sexy voice. Most of the time, if I`m in the bathroom shaving, or taking a bath She`ll come in and use the toilet. The first thing she will say is,"Better hold your nose baby, I`ve got to poo poo". Then she will continue to sit down, pulling her pants down to right above her knees and start a conversation. With her sexy voice she`ll start to talk to me about the day`s events, her soft voice being interupted by breathy "grunts" and then you hear the crackling sound, the sound continues until you hear a "cafloop" followed by about a dozen "ploops" and then she will comment on how long it was or she`ll jokingly ask me, "Do you smell something?" Maybe I don`t look upon this as being real sexy, However I do believe it is a special bond that a husband and wife have together. And I love my wife very much.

Hi folks,' In response to Rob's insite to the women were he works shitting huge turds: My first Job out of school, I worked in a small office with single toilet unixes bathrooms and I would come in early Monday mornings and see stuff in the toilet that would make me think a horse used the bathroom over the weekend. Actually There was this big 300 pound black woman that used to come in on the weekends and use the toilet. A lot of times, I knew it was her because I would check with the security company to see which person's key was used to access the suite. That lady could shit some monsters, 4 inches wide and up to a foot long and they would stop up the john. Of course, after sitting in the toilet bowl all weekend, they would be partially decomposed a lot of times. I wonder if any one has ever one a medical study to determine who passes the largest average size turds, MEN or WOMEN. Wow, that would be a great battle of the sexes contest!

Hi Chad, I'm glad you like me. I'd like to read about some of your poops maybe we could have a computer buddy dumping thingy going on :-) Fred_LimpBizkit, I have no idea why your s*** is green. Mine's usually brown unless I've eaten something weird. You are so witty. I am doing "much" being a volunteer at a local camp and hanging out with my friends. I just heard the song "Nookie" yesterday and it rocks! Melissa, I live two hours away from Hampton Beach not that far compared to how big the country is. I don't think I'd ever go to the bathroom outside, even when I have to really go and that's what I write about next. I was hanging out with friends and I felt like I had to pee. I held it in because we were having a good time but by the time I got home I had to pee wicked bad. I had a couple of sodas while I was out and that's why. After I got into the house and shut the bathroom door, I pulled down my khaki shorts and white panties and sat down on the toilet. Drip, drip, waterfall!!! I peed nonstop for what must have been a minute. Somebody posted recently, sorry I didn't get the name while I was reading it, about girls peeing for a long time. That was a long pee. Even if I wanted to, or had to for some reason, I don't think I could have stopped the pee from rushing out of my vagina. Aaaaah, I felt so better after that. I pulled some TP off the roll and wiped my p***y and then flushed then washed my hands. Love Torie

I would like to be a little man in a boat and float in the toilet while a girl used the toilet. I would not like to be flushed down, however. It would be fun to sit in the boat and look up while the girl peed and pooped. I would need a light.

Melissa & Melanie. Im delighted you seem to have sorted out the problem of maternal interference with your bowel movements, and your mother has backed down. My mum, as I have said NEVER used laxatives nor gave them to me but if she had asked if I had done a motion for that reason I would have said YES whether I had or not. Its YOUR body and both of you are old enough to look after yourselves. I DONT accept LW's argument about your mum having the right to deal with you or your sister being constipated,that might be the case for youngsters but I feel by your teens you can deal with such personal matters yourself. I tell what I would do if I was Melanie, if your mother insists that you tell her if you have had a motion either say yes anyway, or if you say no, go and get the tablets and pretend to take them but drop them straight down the toilet and flush them away thus cutting out the middle man. She will be happy thinking she has won, but you wont have actually taken the laxat! ives with all the nasty effects. If either of you is REALY constipated it is true however that drinking more fluid, (soft drinks will do), eating a better diet, (try bran flakes etc), and a bit more exercise, are all helpful natural ways to achieve regular easy but properly formed solid bowel movements without the runs or accidents in the panties.

Nicola, yes the poem was based on a true event. The inspiration came from one time my aunt Beverly visted us and stayed over the weekend. We all went out for a meal on the Friday evening to celebrate her birthday, ( I was about 11 or so at the time). We did have the food mentioned, steak, mushrooms, chips etc and apple pie and custard for pudding. Now I knew that Bev was a bit constipated as she mentioned it casually to my mum on the Sunday evening saying she had a slight headache probably caused by her not having had a motion since Friday. As soon as I heard this I went on red alert hoping that there might be a good performance the next day. (Like my mum, Beverly,who was her younger sister, never took laxatives but let things sort themselves out).

The following day, a Monday during the school vacation so I was at home, we had eaten lunch and mum had gone out to sit in the garden, Bev said she would join her but first had to go to the toilet as she felt she needed a motion at last. I heard her fart as she walked down the hallway to the toilet. As soon as she was safely in I listened near the door as she did a wee wee then with a bit of straining dropped a really big jobbie and a smaller one. I heard her say to herself, "Oh that's better, I really needed that" Then obviously looking at what she had passed "I didn't think it would be that big, pooh what a smell!" After washing her hands she pulled the flush but came straight out not waiting to see if the turd had gone away, smiled at me pretending to play with my toys on the carpet in the hallway and went out to sit in the garden with my mum. I went straight into the toilet and saw her big fat turd stuck in the pan. It was a typical houswife's jobbie, 12 inches long, 2 nches thick, quite compacted and knobbly and I could see bits of mushrooms embedded in it. I buddy dumped my own much smaller motion on top of it and it took 4 flushes to get it to go away. Having remembered this incident after 35 years when the idea of writing a poem about doing a motion was suggested I used this as my inspiration. Many poems have been written about battles, women, places etc, but is this the first time one has been composed about a ???? blonde divorcee doing a motion?

To Anonymous- Who wanted to know how long it takes to pee. I have to admit I am with you in terms of time so maybe neither of us is normal. 15 seconds is a stretch for me but I'm sure I have gone that long on occasion. Somewhere around 10 seconds is much more usual even if I have been holding back for a while. The biggest difference is I pee much harder if I've had to wait. To JW - You are absolutely right - parents do have a responsibility for the health of their children. In my mind part of that responsibility involves making an effort to base decisions on facts rather than mere inherited belief. I was born in 1981 and my sister was born in 1985 and we are now in the age of the Internet - there is no lack of factual information available to those who make just the slightest effort to search for it. If I sound hard on my mom, I'm sorry, but she is exceptionally intelligent, very highly educated and knows well how to research just about any topic to just about any level. I guess it just goes to show that intelligence and education does not always equate to common sense. JW - I hope you don't take me wrong, I really do believe you are entirely correct. It just so happens that you hit that smoldering hot button which is at the root of my feelings towards our mom on this particular issue. And yes I do have to think very hard about what I ! say about Melanie. I did post yesterday to let everyone know that there was a significant development and I thought the level of detail was appropriate for that purpose. I will continue to let everyone know how things are going in a general sense but I will do it with consideration for Melanie's privacy. JW - you are very perceptive - please please keep posting - Love Melissa. To Steph - Hi Steph, glad you liked my post. So you have never peed in the woods. It's a little different and I think that because of all the places to "Hide" it feels a little more secure. Trust me, the beach is an experience - like there is nowhere to really hide so if you get a high out of risk, it's definitely the place to be. Also - Please don't forget to let us know how things go with Eric when you show him how you pee outdoors. I'm really looking forward to reading your post on that. Love you Steph - Hugs and Kisses. To Traveler - I'm glad you liked my prose and many many thanks for the encouragement that brings - I really do appreciate it. I was really interested in your post as well. I love the way you gave your friend some space - that shows consideration. I also liked the way you both brought humor to the situation which in turn I'm sure made you both relax. Several past postings have asked me how to encourage someone to either join them while they sit on the toilet or how to find out if a friend is receptive to having company while they relieve themselves. One piece of advice I always give is that once you are together it is essential to be relaxed and simply behave as if this was entirely normal. I think your post should be recommended reading for anyone looking for examples on how to behave if they are interested in exploring the experience of going to the bathroom with a friend. Traveler, I loved it - keep posting - Melissa. To Buzzy - You know, I just love you! My posts ramble on aimlessly while yours get right down to it, if you'll pardon the pun. Even the name "Buzzy" fits your style. Frankly, when I look back to the beach, I think I was paralyzed to the point that I couldn't say a word (did you notice that by the way?) and she couldn't stop apologizing. I don't think I could have got a word in edgewise in any case. So if she had squatted down with me and started to poop I have absolutely no idea what I would have done. I just have the sneaking suspicion however that we would have overcome the shock and got along just fine. To your other question - Yes I'm still doing fine, I think I might have slipped back just a little, but I haven't had any four day waits and my poo now comes out wonderfully smoothly. It's firmed back up a little and that's O.K., remember I like it to take its time - the sensations in my ring are so much nicer that way. Take care Buzzy - you are a special friend - Lots! of love - Melissa. To Dazz - You are as "Bad" as Buzzy - I love you guys, I really do. Like I said in a recent post, I have never pooped, or peed for that matter, with a man (I'm assuming that both you and Buzzy are men). O.K. so you would like to poop with me, then here's a challenge for you. If you were pooping with me, where would you want to be, indoors, outdoors, woods, beach etc. and what would you talk about. You see, women like to work up to things and be let down slowly and gently - you guys are "Cut to the chase" masters. I'm having fun by trying to refine your style. Dazz you are so much fun - and so honest - that's a rare quality - please don't loose it. All my love - Melissa

The last few posts about buddy-dumping next to a friend in a toilet with two or three holes brought to mind a TV segment I saw a few months ago. In England we get a programme called "Eurotrash" which features lots of unusual stuff, sometimes to do with poo and pooing. For some reason, it seems two of the countries most known for this interest Germany and Sweden. Guess they're just less hung up than us others. Anyway, there was a segment about the unusual toilet arrangements which can be found in Sweden, where in rural areas it isn't uncommon to find a unisex latrine with a long bench or two shorter benches facing each other with places for up to eight or so people. No partitions of any kind, just one room measuring about 10 feet square The best part was they actually showed a party of 6 or so guys (no ladies, sorry!) out hunting in the snow; they all trooped into this mass-production latrine and pulled down their jeans and shorts and did a 6-man buddy dump, smiling and talking all the while. Later in the same segment, they showed how, in some of Sweden's young and trendy restaurants and nightclubs, the toilets will often be unisex, with two or three toilets just sitting in the open next to each other so guys and girls just have to sit and dump together without necessarily even knowing the guy or girl who's right next to them! This surely must be the most relaxed toilet scene anywhere; sure makes me want to go there. Cheers everyone, Daniel (P.S.: Nicky F., are you still fertilising?)

About %80 of Asians are lactose-intolerant. Y'all don't have cows over there. Hope that helps clear it up.

To Green Crap? I eat licorice too, and it makes my turds very soft, but not green. I have hemerrhoids also, but since I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and hence shit turds of a very soft consistency, they have stopped bleeding when I do my business. A year or two ago they did bleed occasionally, and it was very alarming seeing blood in the pot.

Hey All! Sorry I haven't posted for a while I was on vacation to Canada. It was fun and i have some stories too. Starting off my cousin (he's five) was out on the boat and after drinking a considerable amount (juice boxes, pop and sunny D) he had to go. This is how it went cousin "I have to pee, but don't worry we don't have to go back!" as he grabs the bailer off the floor and pulls his pants down completely. My Aunt "No honey pull your pants up and stick your pee-pee out that little slit in your underware" Then my cousin burstign into histarical laughter b/c of what my aunt was telling him. After all there are other boats there not all that far away. So he did it and she was holding the bailer for him he did his thing. When he dumped it into the water he held it up so high is was splashing into the boat. Oh Well he's little he has to learn somehow. I have more I'll tell you later. but bye for now Kara

Big B
2 the females how long do u take when u have 2 dump? Do u leave an oder?

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Randi P.
Is there a lawyer on the board? I need to know if it's illeagal for a pre-op person,male or female to us the other's bathroom. I'm a pre-op transsexual and I've been using the women's restroom at work but now I hear that I will be fired if I continuse to use. I need a answer that maybe I tell the people that I work with. I live in Indiana and I don't know the Indiana laws. Thanks.

JW I've been off line for a looooooooong time because my computer drive flaked out on me. I'm back and I must say this place is better than ever. I really enjoy the stories by, Kathy, Melissa, and especially Cute Linda! Thanks for remembering me and asking for me as soon as you got back!!

Linda I want to comment on something you asked Melissa about a week or so ago that really brought memories. You asked about hiding to poop when you were still in diapers and toilet training. Your Mom and mine MUST have known each other because it seems they were equally dumb about the whole thing! My mom NEVER wanted to be seen pooping, yet when I was being toilet trained she wanted to WATCH me every time.

Now Linda pooping isn't so hard for me now, but when I was 2, 3, and 4 it was REALLY BAD. I had to struggle and fight to get my poops out, often it took five or ten minutes (well I knew that when I got older, I couldn't tell time back then). Just like you I had a special hiding place where I went to do my poops. The house we lived in was partially unfinished because our contractor went bankrupt in the middle of building it....anyway there was this place behind the chimmeny where there were some pipes exposed. That's where I'd go, I'd hold on the those pipes and struggle to get my poop out.

Now this usually worked out fine, I'd go back there, be all alone and comfy so I could strain and grunt and get it out. When Mom realized what was happening she really messed up my system. Mom started comming back there when she found me missing, usually because it took me so long to poop she'd catch me before I even started to go. Then she'd pick me up, carry me into the bathroom and put me on my potty chair. By the time she'd done all that any need I had to go was long gone, even if I'd managed to get the tip of my poop out by then, it would just go back up in me and not even want to come out!! Then she'd sit there in front of me and tell me to "bear down" and go, and "why couldn't I"?

Now picture this. All the progress I'd made straining behind the chimmeny was lost, the urge to go was lost, she's watching me do what she's made it clear no one should watch HER do...and she expected me to POOP!! Toilet training was the most constipated time of my life. If I was lucky she'd let me up and sooner or later that day I'd get a chance to sneak back behind the chimmeny and go. If I wasn't that lucky she'd grab me every time I tried to go...after three or four days of this she'd finally find me back there crying because I needed to get my poop out and it wouldn't come no matter how much I strained for it.

Then all hell broke loose. Mom would but me over her knee and give me a warm soapy enema. Now I don't know what you guys think of enemas but for me the worst of it came when you started to let it out. There's no way to can NOT strain with all your might when that soap starts to work on your colon, and the first poop is bigger and harder than normal. I know the enema is supposed to soften everything up and make it like never did that for me. So now your strugglng and grunting for all your worth with poop that too big to pass. More often than not my Mom wound up digging the first poop out of me with her fingers.

This happened about three or four times till my Dad got involved. He put the potty behind the chimmeny and took my diapers off completely. I was trained almost overnight! I learned real quickly that by sitting on the potty and holding on to the pipes I could strain and push as hard as I needed to and still get my poop in the potty. I pooped back there until I was 7 or 8.

Melissa- the story about your Mother and sister was something. On the one hand I sympathise with your sister for not wanting to take laxatives and end up having another accident. On the other hand your Mom is responsible for your sister's health and has a right to deal with her consitpation, when it happens, as she thinks best. It seems to me that a solution might be if you helped your sister to learn to deal with her constipation by herself. You, yourself, have mentioned the idea of taking an enema or suppossitory next time you have trouble. Why not discuss the possibility with you sister? Maybe even offer to help her take one the next time she doens't poop?

Melissa- I also want to comment on how admirable it is that you choose not to post the conversation you had with your sister. That takes a special person, your little sister is lucky to have a big sis like you.

When I was about 5 or 6, I had to use a public bathroom. Two sweet, old ladies came in about the same time I did, and we talked for a little bit. Both were very feminine-looking (you know, lace-trimmed dresses, stylish hats on their heads, and such). We all went into our booths. One old lady started talking to the other old lady in a really strained voice about how badly she had to go, and then became a one-woman toot-a-horn band! I was amazed at what she sounded like, because my mom and I weren't gassy goers but my dad definitely was (even though that dainty, old lady had bested even him). Sometime later, I heard this story about how a woman had died, and everyone was amazed to find out that she was a man. When I heard that, I thought of the little old lady in the bathroom. Maybe, under all of that feminine attire, a man lurked!

Throughout my schooldays it was fairly common to see someone in the changing rooms (for swimming or games) with underpants which had stains of wee or poo in them. Most were probably from the after effects of using the toilet and not properly removing the residue, but occasionally it was obvious that accidents had occurred in somebody's pants. Usually this was followed by considerable 'mickey taking' and name calling. Although I must admit to the odd accident from time to time, I was fortunate in rarely having anyone comment, probably because I was very careful to take my underwear off in such a way that others could not see into them too easily. A year or two ago, I went into a swimming pool at the seaside. I had needed the toilet for a poo earlier in the day but couldn't find one in time. When I found one, I cleaned up as best I could. The resulting stain was not too bad, about the size of an egg I guess and I pretty soon forgot about it. In the communal changing room at the pool, when I was about to get dressed I overheard two boys, who were getting undressed, talking to each other and sniggering. One had removed his pants, which I could see were extremely dirty, and the other was laughing at him and saying nasty things. The one with mucky pants said to his friend 'I suppose you never do it in yours...' This was just as I was about to put my pants on, and I suddenly remembered what had happened earlier in the day! Fortunately I was able to be extremely careful not to be seen. Had they not been talking about dirty pants, I doubt that I would have remembered my earlier accident and I may well have been noticed. A very lucky escape!

Women always complain when male members of the family (a) drip on the toilet floor, seat or rim or (b) fail to put the toilet lid down after peeing. My wife also complains if I switch lights on unnecessarily. Our downstairs toilet only has one very small window, and it is terribly difficult to see without the light on. The other day my wife said "Why do you always leave the toilet door open when you are in there?" So of course my reply was: "Because I want to be able to see properly and not drip on the floor or rim!" She didn't dare say "Why not switch the light on then?"

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