CancerChild (Kyle *female*)
Hey everyone! I got a laptop recently. My Mom bought me one. Well i didn't poop for one week. I wasn't constipated i just threw it up instead of pooping it out. I am out of cancer camp now and i get to stay home the rest of summer *sad* but atleast i won't have anymore chemotherapy until November. I just saw Star Wars and i loved it. My twin cousins and i did something great: It was night, we had just gotten out of the house to run an errand. I said i had to poop and the twins said they had too. When we were little we used to watch each other poop, since i was home again we decided to do just that. Well we decided to hold it until we got to the store and got our things, delivered it back home and then we could go in the woods. Later On: We trudged through the woods. We each had a flashlight. We were getting deep in the woods. I was worried we would get lost. Then my cousin Julian *male* said he couldn't hold it any longer. So he pulled down his pants and leaned against a tree and did the loongest recorded dump in history! It took 45 minutes! Next was my cousin Jasmine. She leaned over and grunted. Another 10 mintues passed and 5 mintues later she was done. By Now i had to go bad and i mean BAD! So i leaned over and instead of feeling pleasure i felt nothing come out. NOTHING! And i had to go BAD! So after 20 minutes i stopped. I got up and walked with them out of the forest. By now i was doubled over with pain so we decided to stop so i could try again. I pulled down my pants, leaned over and grunted again, 5 mintues passed nothing. I told them i couldn't walk anymore it hurt so bad. We walked again. Later when we were watching movies it was 2am i had taken pain relievers and i suddenly felt the urge to poo. But it came so fast i had to fill up my pants. I got up and said i have to go NOW! They grabbed one of my cousins diapers. (He is 12 and has accidents all the time). I took off my pants and underwear and put it on. I layed down again and i started to fill it up. Ocassional grunting and it stopped half an hour later. I felt great. Great Story Huh? :)

I am in the maintenance field and have found some winner logs or jobbies in the toilets where I work. Especially the womens' rest rooms. I am called in there to unstop the toilet at least three times out of the week. I have had the bowl off the floor so many times that I'm ready to put it on hinges some day. I was called to un-stop it last week and expected to find another kotex tube stuck in it. Instead I found a huge log, the size and shape of one of those small footballs. This was not uncommon and has happened lots of times. I would like to know which one of our female employees who is capable of shitting a turd that wide. The first time I had ever saw the turd this big, I thought to myself how they could keep it a secret. If I past something bigger than my fist past my hole, I would have the hole damn office in their with my screams. I plunged the huge log until it broke up and with two more pushes I had it on it's way. I have noticed since that a friend of my son, who sometimes comes for a sleep over. Every time the kid spends the night I end up having to plunge the toilet and re-stock the toilet paper. His turds were so huge too and looking at this eleven year old kid I am amazed he could shit that big log without waking the house. Is this some type of disorder are something. Rob: >From Rob: I wrote you all about a week or so back, that I am into seeing woman who wet their selves. I never really thought about woman who poop their pants until I found this site, you people are SO cool, anyway I did witness and accident while at a public pool last year around this time in July. I only told it to a friend of mine once, who thought it was gross and disgusting to talk about so I left the story alone until now. It aint a biggie mind you but it is a true story so here goes. It was a hot July day, and I was enjoying the cool water in the pool along with a hundred other sun seekers. I got out of the pool and made my way to my towel and laid out on the pool side. I was soaking up the sun and watching the scenery, when I heard this girl cry out. I looked over and watched as this girl, I would say to be twelve or thirteen years old. I'm not one to guess ages (She had a puffy chest, if that tells you anything!) Anyway she was walking up along the pull side somewhat distressed. As soon as she got passed me, she stopped and I heard her yelp out "OH No, No Nooooo" and I noticed the back of her bikini bottoms bulged outward as she shat in them. She then went walking on quickly, crying out loud as the poo oozed from around her bottom and ran down between her legs. Everybody she passed, noticed her embarrassment and one guy yelled out "Look at her... she just shit herself." the group he was with started laughing out loud as she passed them. I felt like getting up and belting the jerk. I wasn't turned on by the hole ordeal, instead I felt so sorry for the kid. About thirty minutes later, I saw the girl walking out of the pavilion and walk pool side back to her friends. I watched as she walked past the guy who made the remark about her accident and waited for him to say something. He and his friends remained silent, and good thing because I would have tore into him. this girl took the courage to clean up and return to her friends after what she just went through. Her head was hanging low as she walked and when she got up to me, she looked at me and said hi. I gave her a hello back and she smiled and walked over to her friends. She cleaned up pretty good, as I saw no stain below her and I had to admire her courage to return to the pool after what she had gone through. Mind you, if she didn't make such a fuss about her outcome, she probably wouldn't have been that noticed. But I thought if I was in that situation, I would have done the same. Only after I got cleaned up I would have left the pool with my head to the ground to avoid a possible riddling. Oh well, never thought I could be able to tell this story again. Hope someone liked it out there.

To Jodi - Hi Jodi, thanks for the thought. I told Alex yesterday that I would try and put something together about Melanie. Well as I said I did manage to talk to her this Sunday; a whole week after her accident. It was very quiet in the house, just Melanie and I were at home. Her bedroom door was open and I just walked in and sat down on the bed. "How do you feel?" I asked. I looked at her with a smile and tried to be as compassionate as I could. "Mom hasn't said anything to me about it", were her first words. "Anything at all?" I questioned. "Nothing" came the reply. "Has she made you take any more tablets?", I continued. "No - it's like nothing happened", replied Melanie with a hurt expression. I could tell she was still upset, she obviously felt that mom at least owed her a hug or some recognition that she was badly hurt. I asked her how many tablets she took a week. Her answer brought back a flood of memories for me - "Four maybe six". For an instant I flashed back and recalled my experiences. "Melissa, have you been to the toilet this morning?" "No mom". "Did you go yesterday?" "No". "Then you know where the tablets are". And off I would go and dutifully swallow my mom's recommended dose of two tablets. It was too much for me, I reached out to Melanie and we both hugged tightly. When we parted she had a small tear in her eye. I struggled to find a way to bring the conversation around to other things I really felt needed discussion. "Do you remember mom used to do the same to me", I asked. "Melanie smiled, "Yes and you would sometimes lie and tell her you had pooped when you hadn't" . I laughed and we both started giggling uncontrollably - it was a wonderful feeling, I could almost feel the release of tension in both of us. It was exactly the opening I was searching fore. "I have to ask you this - but I'm not mom, O.K." "Have you taken a poop since last Sunday?" Melanie looked at me, "Yesterday was the first one - it was so hard, I thought I was going to die, it hurt so bad, I was frightened it couldn't come out". "That's six days without pooping, Oh you poor thing!" "That's because you aren't taking those laxatives any more, the same happened to me when I stopped". "The best thing you can do is eat the right food", I continued. I went on to explain about fiber diets and eating plenty of fruit and Melanie agreed to try it out. "Anything to avoid that pain" was her comment. So as of Monday morning Melanie is doing her best with a new diet. We also agreed to compare notes and keep track of how things progress. At least it's a start and much of it is due to all the wonderful support I've received from all my great friends out there. I love you all and I will let you know how things go. - Hugs and Kisses - Melissa.

Wordsmith, Plato and Tony, loved the Poems! I particular Tony's. So vivid I felt I was in the toilet with her doing the jobbie myself! Was this based on a true experience rendered into poetic language? Melissa, yes there are a few differences in our conditioning. Like you say my parents were quite relaxed folks about toilet functions, nudity etc. However, it all depends on the context. Out of doors as has been said by Mikey, you take your chances if you do the toilet, wee wees or motions, that someone will see you. Letting a friend watch is likewise okey but being spied upon without your consent and by someone you find off putting is different. I loved your blow by blow description of your doing a whopper and being walked in on by the lady with the dog. The only difference is that I would have left the big jobbie for others to see, not cover it in sand. Oh! Ar! Ovation, your'e right on the nail as I camped between Brean and Berrow sands in the dunes just up from the beach , a few miles from Burnham on sea. A lovely county Somerset, very friendly folks, good food, good cider, (NOT while I was riding the motorbike) and a very enjoyable week. I did clog the toilet in one of your Public Conveniences in Weston Super Mare, when I did a big fat panbuster which stuck in the pan. I hope you dont hold that against me! I'll be taking my husband down there next time and he can have the fun of doing a jobbie in the sand if he has the bottle to do so, (he's a bit less bold than me).

once me and my mum was in a trip in the forest i had to go bad and their was no toilet my mum said I could do in my pants. so i stood strait first I peed then i had a bm i stod their for 5 minutts then whe ran to the car for an drowe home it took about 3 hours. Me mum and dad dosent mind if I do In my Pants because they do it themselves and i have done it a lot but I never do it at friends. but they can do it at my place on sleep overs because me mum says if they dont tell their parents they can do in their pants because she will wash them and they do. It feels good. this is how whe do it at home or outdoore. This is true and we dont think its bad. Nice page

Hi guys! Melissa, that was a GREAT POST!!! I have peed outdoors several times (never in the sand, though) and know that "delightful sense of freedom" it allows. I know that poor woman must have been very embarrassed to see you in that predicament. I promise to show Eric how I pee outdoors the next time we go hiking. A couple of notes about this. I am an only child and he is almost like a "brother" to me. I am very close to him; I wouldn't "go" in front of most females, just as I wouldn't in front of most males. One more thing, I agree with you wholeheartedly with what you wrote to Alex that maybe you shouldn't say *too much* about Melanie. That's your call, and if you don't want to say anything else about this, no problem. I love you bunches!!! Mikey and Me2u1time, thanks for your comments. I am a pretty "average" looking young woman [about 5'7", 135 lbs, with curly, shoulder length brown hair and medium brown eyes] but we all have to go regardless of how attractive (or not) we are. Bill, Eric and I have watched each other dump (only) once so far. Every other time it has been pee. So, I've seen him on the toilet once and he has seen me three or four times. As I wrote above, I'd like to prove to him that a girl/woman can pee in the woods if she really wants, or needs, to. He can't believe I actually have; I'll prove him wrong :) Christine, I would like to read about your experience in the forest, and CancerChild (Kyle), please do share more of your stories. Peace and love to everyone on here, you're the best!!! Steph

Bill and Melissa - great posts! I once shared a three-holer with a female friend. We'd both been at a community dinner with lots of her neighbors and they served tons of Greek food. Later, we went by ourselves to a park on a river. It was getting dark and there was no one around to bother us. My friend (who would have thought it very strange if I had ever asked to watch her use the toilet) confided that the big dinner had given her the urge to go badly. I also had to do a good motion for the same reason, and told her so. There are no flush toilets at this place, only pit latrines, which were unlighted. She was afraid to go into the women's side alone, and I didn't want to risk accompanying her. But when I suggested that she come in the men's with me (we had a flashlight from the car), to my surprise she said, "OK." The building looked like it was 50 or 60 years old or more. At one side there was a trough style urinal. On the other was a bench with three holes and no dividers. (Did people have different attitudes back then?...) She chose a seat at one end of the bench. To give her some distance (you could hardly say privacy), I took the other end. She still seemed a bit hesitant, so I dropped my jeans and briefs and sat down. I guess that gave her some confidence, so she hiked up her skirt, dropped her undies to her knees, and sat down too, letting me see her bare bottom filling the seat. She was fun to tease, so I encouraged her by saying, "Last one done is a rotten egg!" And with that, I really got into it with a big grunt. We poth started to piss and we laughed as we heard it hit the bottom of the pit. Then she let out a hugh fart, looked over at me, laughed, and gave me an "if you can, so can I" kind of look. She and I were both bearing down and I glanced over to see her looking ahead, pushing hard. Just as I was in the middle of passing a solid jobbie, she gave out a big sigh of relief. I looked over again. She smiled and said, "I can't believe I'm doing this. Are you finished yet?" she asked. I told her "no" and we both dropped a few more logs. For some reason, it was hard to hear our jobbies hit bottom, but I suspect she enjoyed seeing me pooping as much as I enjoyed seeing her. Thank goodness there some was paper, just a loose roll between us to share. We laughed a lot at about it at the time, but my friend never mentioned that incident again. Melissa - in some countries, for some people, it's so unexpected to see a person going outside that someone who stumbles upon another person relieving herself, as that woman did you, can become transfixed for the moment. I think that's what happened. BTW, thanks for the detail. You have quite the flair for prose, don't you?

To CHRISTINE-Good story about the shower poo.One question,was the poo soft as it came out your butt,tellus about that.Love to hear the forest story!TO BILL- loved the story about pooing with your sister-in-law.That sounded real enjoyable!To TOMMY- nice story about your shy girlfriend pooping,maybe she wanted to do it for you for a long time.Sounded like a good dump for a shy girl.You'll have to do that more often with her.Enjoy!Milissa-How are your bowels?Still enjoying those nice,soft movements?Tell me how you are doing.Loved that story about going outdoors with the dog.It would have been great if that woman squatted down next to you and pooped a nice one!Great story,keep em coming honey.BYE

Melissa........great story about pooing in the dunes, I could almost see you there in my mind. I just wish I could have joined you and had a nice poo myself. Pooing outside is just great isn't it? I know how you felt having that gentle breeze caressing your naked bottom, it's one of the things I really love about an outdoors poo. Also that feeling of freedom is the best!! Please keep posting, your efforts are definately appreciated!!!!

Tiny girl, if you go to home depot they will sell you A kit to regulate the water supply in the back of your toilet. It's about $10.00 and very easy to install. You may even be able to adjust your existing float assembly.Any way,good luck because if you have any friends like me that use your toilet,it will take 3 flushes to dispose of the waste. Yours Truly,wastemaster.

Green crap?
I don't know what my problem is but if I eat alot of licorish,> I know I spelled it wrong, my big ole stools turn green. And when my hemmoroids act up,A big gush of blood poors out. Sometimes I wonder if I'll bleed to death. Has anyone else had simular incidents?

Hello....This is my first post. This site is sooo cool... My best Friend, Stacy and I buddy dumped today. She's staying over at my house for a slumber party tonight. We were watching a movie when suddenly both of us needed to use the bathroom. I put the tape on pause and told Stacy to go first...she said come on in with me. I was taken aback but went in and she pulled up her nightgown and dropped her panties to her knees and sat. I sat on the tub edge and talked to her. She farted once then grunted...UHHHHH...AHHHHHH...UHHHHH. She was leaning forward and I heard a loud KERPLOP!!!!! She waited a minute then wiped. We both looked into the toilet and saw this huge jobbie about 10 inches long!!! I was afraid it would clog up the john but luckily it didn't. By this time I really needed to do a movement so I sat down and really didn't have to push too was a nice, easy sliding jobbie. Only took a minute or 2 to let out. I wiped then got up so we both could look at my little piece of art. It was about half the size of Stacy's but it was curled like the letter C...I've never seen that shape on a jobbie before!!!! After we both washed our hands it was back to our movie watching. She and I are exploring the net and I showed her this site...Stacy may be posting soon too...I'll post again real soon.

Mark B
I’ve just been reading all the recent posts, and I felt I just had to go. It’s morning, the regular time of day when I need to poo, and I could feel that turd banging on the back door wanting to be let out…I’m at home this week on holiday from work. I went into the bathroom, took my pants down and sat down on the bog. I didn’t put paper down it before I started. The window was open and I could here the wind rustling the leaves on a large tree outside… very calm and peaceful. I decided to have a long, slow, satisfying dump. I didn’t push at all, I wanted it to slowly ease out of my arsehole of its own accord. It poked out very, very slowly. The first part was large and hard, I could feel it stretching my hole wide open as it passed through. That is the most exciting tingling sensation. As my turd was gradually coming out, it broke off into several big pieces, each hitting the water with a good splash. I sat and waited, and then started to wee while some more poo slipped out of! the back, and then some more. I stood up to wipe, and saw the toilet full of logs… I needed about six wipes. After I had flushed, the toilet had big skidmarks. A perfect poo! Enjoy your dumps too, everyone.. Mark B (UK)

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Tiny girl, oops, we fixed that.

We have a new girl at work named Thea from Yugoslavia. She is 25. We became pals. After lunch we went to the bathroom. I pulled down my light colored jeans and white Jockey briefs to piss for 2 minutes. I drank a liter of club soda. After I wiped my pussy. I asked Thea if she was OK. She told me in broken English, "her belly won't stop." She started with 3 plops and then muddy waves and gas. She opened her stall door. Her gray sheer dress was up on her waist and her white lycra panties were at her knees. More waves released from her bowels. She said this happens in the extreme hot weather when she consumes lots of fruit and water.

Christine......I loved reading about your poo in the shower, please tell us all about what happened in the forest!!! :o)

Hi, Kyle (CancerChild)! Welcome!! Yes, I've had weird poohs last year from taking antibiotics when I had a bacterial infection in my ear. I had a sudden urge to go when I was in a public place and my pooh had a strange (for me) chalky white color. The urgency continued at home. Antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria in the body, including the intestines. That's what can cause the irritation. I was fascinated that you find joy in poohing, and maybe others here did, too. When you have the explosive movements, are they enjoyable or painful, with cramping? Maybe this is too personal, but are you on quimotherapy. (It sounds like that to me from your description, but I don't know much about it.) Do any of your friends share your joy in poohing? At cancer camp, do you pooh alone or sometimes with other friends? Thanks for posting. I think lots of us here would like to hear more from you.

Hi everyone. I just returned from a relatives' house in another state, that's one of the reasons why I haven't had a chance to post. I have a 23 year old male cousin, with whom I've always been fairly close, and over the course of the few days I spent there, I found out that he is lactose intolerant, and vice versa. We were having pizza when I told him I could only have a couple of slices. He said he'd do the same and then asked me if by any chance I had trouble digesting pizza. That's when we discovered our mutual condition and figured it must be something that "runs in the family." I of course took a very runny crap that evening and stank up the whole bathroom and, needless to say, my cousin knocked on the bathroom door as I was wiping up. I told him I'd be out in about a minute but he asked me to "pleeeeease hurry, I have to go" (there's another bathroom in the house, but it doesn't work that well). I flushed the toilet and pulled up my clothes and came out. I told him I'd wash my hands in the kitchen. He thanked me and than ran in to do his thing. When he came out minutes later (I don't know exactly how long he took), he apologized for "rushing" me and told me he really needed to go. I told him "so didn't I, as I'm sure you noticed by the smell." He laughed with a little bit of embarrassment and told me not to worry about it. We went out jogging the next morning (we're both athletic and have been on track teams) and again the topic of LI came up. I asked him if he wanted to talk about his "experiences" and he said sure. He was diagnosed when he was 12 (I wasn't diagnosed until 2 years ago, when I was 19) and we both had similar experiences with abnormally gassy and runny BMs. Not exactly the most pleasant of topics to talk about, when you think about it, but it is a health issue and I was very happy to be able to discuss this with a "blood" relation (and also a good friend). To Busy Person, if I'm interpreting your post correctly, you allow your kids to relieve themselves on the floor in the house? If "yes," wouldn't that, um, add an odor to the area? Last, but certainly not least, hi to my friend Melissa!!! What else can I say that hasn't already been written? You seem like a very loving sister who will be there for Melanie and that is so important. My sister (Briana, 23) and I have always been close to inseparable and there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank the "person upstairs" for my family and friends. Stay strong, Melissa, and stand your ground. I love you!!! Jodi

Tiny Girl
Hey you guys! I want to hear more stories about your toilets...and how they cope or deal with your large poos! My toilet doesn't have the strongest flush...and it's very quiet, but I don't think I've ever clogged it with my poos. What about you guys? Hope everyone answers!

To Paula - Thanks Paula, yes I agree on the problems with laxatives. When I used to take them I found that when they worked it was very difficult to hold my poop in and that always gave me a fear of accidents. I'll try the bran flakes although I must admit they are not my favorite cereal. Love - Melissa To Steph - Yes our parents are really great and as you may have already deduced I decided that maybe I should leave them out of any discussions. I suspect our mom is probably feeling a little injured and would probably like to forget the whole issue. I'm not sure what talking to dad would accomplish - after all if mom simply backs off then what does dad need to do. Love you Steph - as wise as ever - Hugs and Kisses.
To Alex - You are absolutely right, I had to wait while Melanie calmed down but over the weekend we did manage to talk quite a bit. I'll say a few words later in the week. Strangely enough I'm just a little uneasy about talking too much about what Melanie says. After all she isn't aware of my involvement with this site and I get the vague feeling that her privacy needs some consideration. Let me think about it some more. In any case, many many thanks for your love and support - all the best Melissa.
To Nicola - Thanks for getting back to me. I see some differences between you and I straight away. First of all I'm not married. My relationship with my boyfriend is more platonic than anything and he has never seen me on the toilet, and neither have I seen him. Oh, and I don't have any brothers. I guess what I'm saying is that my upbringing environment was different to yours. I think your secret is that you were never really conditioned to have any inhibitions with either men or women and that is why you were free to experience a natural emotional reaction to the young man who watched you. And yes, someone peeping through the gap in the bathroom door is a little different. That did happen briefly to me, that was a young boy, and it did upset me. The one realization I have made in thinking about your reaction to your experience and my reaction to mine is that you are perfectly comfortable in front of either sex. I have no problems with other women - even if they are "! Uninvited", but I know that I have big problems with men. In any case although I thought my experience was the same as yours I can see that in fact it was in many ways quite different. I have written it all out below. I envy you Nicola - all my love - you are so sweet and open and honest. Melissa Nicola's recent post about being surprised as she was taking an outdoors poo reminded me of a similar experience that happened to me two summers ago. We were in New Hampshire at the time just a few miles from Hampton Beach where we were staying. We had been out all day and dad was driving us back to the hotel. I had noticed early in the morning, even before we set of from Maine, that vague feeling in my ???? that at some time I would need to sit on the toilet. But as usual I figured I could easily make it to Hampton Beach, after all I had regularly gone for one or even two days with that full feeling gradually building without any problems. Perhaps it was the motion of the car or even the tug of war I had with my 12 year old sister in the back seat that dashed my hopes, but whatever it was there was now no doubt in my mind that I would have to stop somewhere. As always of course I had tried to hold it in and the pressure had simply become more and more insistent. I watched the sand dunes through the car window and asked dad how much further it would be. "Oh about another twenty or thirty minutes", came the reply. By this time I was squeezing my ring shut as hard as I possibly could without actually crossing my legs. I knew the pressure would go away after about fifteen or twenty seconds but within a minute or two would return ever more forcefully. Another spasm gripped my ???? and this time I almost lost the battle. I actually felt my ring start to yield and just for an instant I felt the tip of my poo peek out before my hole squeezed shut and to my relief pushed it back inside. I remember grunting with the strain and my mom turned round and asked, "Are you O.K.?" At the same time Melanie looked at me quizzically and I couldn't help but think that she already knew the truth of what was happening. "Dad, can you stop, I need to go to the bathroom badly?" I said almost in answer to mom's question. Without even a question my dad pulled onto the side of the road and I was out of the car almost before he had stopped. I was in such a hurry that I had already gone several paces when I remembered I had no tissue. It was my mom's voice I heard calling out "Melissa…Melissa!". I turned around and saw her outstretched hand holding a large white pad of tissue. I dashed back, grabbed it from her hand, stuffed it in my shorts pocket and made for the welcoming dunes. As I ran up the side of one of the dunes to get away from the road I had time to notice that the beach seemed deserted. One more dune and I would be safe. I reached the next rolling hill of sand and stopped and listened. Only the distant crash of the surf and the cry of a lone seagull broke the silence. I looked down momentarily fascinated by the tufts of dune grass that seemed to sprout directly from the sand. But the pressure was building again and pulled me back from the quiet peacefulness of the beach. I looked around one last time and sa! tisfied myself that no one was there. I pulled up my tee shirt and undid the belt on my shorts. It clanged noisily as I pulled the buckle away from the strap. My thumbs fumbled with the two buttons securing the top of my pants but soon they were free and I was tugging eagerly at my zipper. It reached bottom and my shorts opened up letting me hook my thumbs in the waist of my shorts and my panties. Gratefully I pulled them both down to just above my knees.

The touch of the cool sea breeze gently caressing my naked tush and softly playing between my legs heightened the sense I had of risqué and for a brief second I felt a strange but delightful sense of freedom. I opened my legs placing my feet a comfortable distance apart. I leaned over resting my elbows on my legs just above my knees and clasped my hands together. I started to pee noisily and watched as my stream hit the sand making a damp stain as it disappeared almost instantly into the ground. I must have wanted to pee more than I had thought. It came out in a powerful stream and hissed gently for ten seconds or so before it quieted down to a gentle dribble and finally left me to squeeze out the last few drops. It was very strange, I had peed on sand many times before but for some reason this rime I amused myself with the thought that sand has the great advantage that it will not let pee run. - I remembered other occassions watching in anguish as a stream of pee trick! led around my shoes getting them wet in the process. I sighed in relief and was not surprised as the pressure in my butt actually eased after I had finished peeing. The thought briefly crossed my mind that maybe I really didn't need to poo as badly as I thought and that perhaps I could make it back to the hotel after all. But hardly had that thought died then I felt the stirrings in my ???? start again. I could feel the pressure coming down into my butt and once more my ring was being insistently asked to open. I shuffled my feet in the sand to a more comfortable position and leaned over a little further. It was heaven to simply stand there and let things happen. Higher and higher the pressure built and at last I felt my hole begin to open and the very tip of my poo peek out. I felt my ???? contract harder and the pressure build even more as my hole opened wider and wider and wider to let my poo come out. I could feel the smooth lump slipping ever so slowly past my ring with just the faintest of crackling sounds to announce its movement. On and on it kept coming until the pressure died away leaving several inches hanging from my pouting hole. I had been holding my breath while the pressure did its work but now with the exertion over I breathed out a long sigh of relief. But I couldn't wait and very gently I started to push. I felt my poo start to move once more and without thinking said to myself in a loud voice "Come on, come on, come on!" as if to encourage it to come out even faster. I was lucky, just one gentle push and my poo started to come out all on its own again.

No sooner had I said that, I was suddenly startled by what sounded like a jingling of metal which I could tell was already very close and getting closer. Then suddenly from around the dune a movement caught my eye. In no time it materialized into a small dog, which on seeing me lifted its nose from the sand, and stared curiously at me with its head cocked to one side. I recognized it as a Jack Russell terrier, my Aunt Mary in Alabama has one and they are really cute. It overcame its obvious surprise at seeing me and padded right up to me, its nametags clanging loudly. It sniffed at the wet patch where I had peed and seemed to find it so fascinating it became rooted to the spot and pawed at the sand. I had not even begun to get over this turn of events when the next thing I hear is a woman's voice calling out urgently "Bingo, where are you! - Come on boy!". This was followed by the sound of hurried footsteps in sand and a lady I guess in her thirties appeared around the! dune following her dog. She must have been within two or three yards of me before she really saw me and (this image is burnt in my mind) stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me with total surprise and curiosity just has her dog had done seconds before. To her credit she regained her composure very quickly and with a comforting calmness and just the hint of a smile on her face took in the full scene. She was behind and to the side of me and I can only imagine the impression I created in her mind. There I was bending over with my shorts and panties around my knees and a huge poop ever so slowly easing out of my butt. She came toward me calling to Bingo once more who was now again scratching and sniffing at my pee. "I'm sorry, he won't hurt" the woman said with a clear note of embarrassment in her voice. She called Bingo once more and slapped her hands on her bare legs in a "Come here" gesture to her dog. But Bingo was having none of this, he had found something of far greater interest in the sand between my legs. "Oh Bingo" she continued in exasperation "Come out of there!". Bingo continued to ignore her and at that she shrugged her shoulders in resignation and calmly came right up to me. She squatted down beside me and for the first time I really noticed her face. She still wore an expression of confusion but there also seemed to be a hint of compassion in her smile that gave me a strange sense of comfort. "I'm really sorry about all of this" she apologized as she grabbed Bingo's collar and pulled the reluctant dog out from under me. She snapped on his leash, got to her feet and again smiled nervously. She pulled Bingo towards her on the leash, but even as she did so I saw her eyes glance down, unable to resist one last look at my helpless predicament. By this time I could tell my poop was well on its way and even as she looked at me I felt the tell tale easing of pressure holding my ring open. It was coming out faster now and I could feel it getting softer and softer as the final few inches slipped out of my hole which closed gratefully as the lump fell to land with a muted swish in the sand. I saw her eyes follow its fall to the ground and she stared at it briefly before regaining her composure. With a nervous gesture she pulled Bingo away once more, hesitated and said "I hope you feel better soon - I'm really sorry", and at that she hurried away saying something to her dog which I couldn't hear.

I dug in the pocket of my shorts for the tissue my mom had given me and wiped until I was satisfied I was clean. I looked up, my panties still around my knees, but the lady and her dog had both disappeared. Pulling up my panties and then my shorts I closed the buttons and the zipper and looked around at my poop, which lay in a long curve in the sand. I kicked just enough sand over it to hide it and ran back to the car. "Melanie, what took you so long, we were getting worried?" asked mom with a slight frown. Dad just smiled his wonderful knowing smile and politely said nothing. I climbed into the back with Melanie who also said nothing but gave me one huge "What on earth were you doing all this time?" look. "O.K. let's go" was my only response and almost immediately began to consider how I felt about the whole episode. Clearly I was surprised at first when Bingo appeared, even apprehensive since I figured his owner was probably close by. But strangely, all the embarrassm! ent had disappeared within seconds. It was the weirdest thing, here I was in a very private and personal moment and yet I actually felt sorry for the woman because she seemed to be struggling with the situation much more than I was. I must admit I even got a strange kind of high from the whole episode. I can only say that I think I actually enjoyed it.

I have something to ask all the ladies in here... How long do you all take to pee when you have been holding on for a little while and finally get to go when you are quite desperate? I have heard some people say they pee for a minute or even more than that but even when i'm quite desperate I dont even pee for 15 seconds usually (i'm also a female) Is this 1 minute a mere exaggeration? Or do I let mine out quicker than others? I don't think I have a small bladder because once I feel the need to go, I can usually hold on for quite some time... I would like some answers on this because I am beginnig to think maybe I am not normal

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