Hi all! What a time I had this weekend! My wif's sister and her family were visiting, so we all went camping. It is a kind of rustic, wooded place near a lake, very private. Anyway, early Sunday morning I awoke, feeling som serious rumbling in my bowels, so I quietly got up and hiked down the trail about 1/4 mile to the latrine. Just as I got to the clearing where the latrine was, I saw my sister-in-law coming down the other path. She said Hi, and started for the door of the latrine. By now, I knew I really had to go, so I said "Barbara, I REALLY have to go" She stopped for a second, and looked at me then she smiled and said she Really had to go too. She reached the door forst, so I resigned myself to waiting, until she said: "its a two holer - there is room if you really need it" I looked through the door as she held it open. Inside, there was a wooden bench seat with two round holes. We both kind fo laughed, and I followed her in. She locked the door behind us, and I tried to act cool as we both unfastened our shorts and sat on the bench, about 2 feet apart. I glanced at her and she was sitting with her elbows on her knees, looking straight ahead. She gigled and said" It must have been interesting years ago when everyone had one of these". I agreed, and, holding my penis down, I proceeded to pee into the pit below, making a lot of splashing noise. She also began to pee, first a short squirt, then a torrent, splashing and echoing loudly inside the pit below us. I was amazed atr how long and hard she peed. I knew I had a load to do, but was a little shy about it until I heard her straining. UNNNHHH!!! MMMPHHH!! I glanced at her and saw her face was red from pushing, and her eyes were closed. I heard a soft fart from her butt, and more grunts ans she urged it out. This triggered a reaction in me and I finally released a long smooth log, that dropped with a KER-PLunk! This was folloewd by her crackling and Pfft! Pfft! and finally PLOINK! for her log dropping. We both giggled and she said "guess we both had to go huh?" Relaxing, I let some softer turds drop, which seemed to gather speed as they left my body. plop, plop blappppppppp brappp! it was a steady flow of soft jobbies dropping. She also released many smaller sinkers, which echoed as they fell. It was so neat both dumping in the same place at the same instant. Finalyy, It was quiet. Thr roll of paper was on the bench next to her, so she took a few sheets and passed it over to me. I watched as she reached between her legs, to wipe her vagina, then raised her right cheek to wipe her butt. I wiped and asked for more paper, we both wiped several more times, then We got up and I was her pulling up her panties, then her shorts. I was just zipping up as she unlocked the door so we could leave. As we walked together back to our tents, she said that she felt good now it was a really good dump. and I agreed. Have a great day everyone

Re: YooHoo chocolate drink. I drink this frequently and have not noticed any problem with coloration of poops later. More likely, the green color would be from some food item eaten the previous day or so.

The Brat
I was out one day in May in the afternoon on business, and it was raining heavily for almost an hour, I left having a little naughty fun in mind and a full bladder. I stopped to send out two packages, I had, when returning to my car, I peed in my pants right in the parking lot while cars were passing by. I don't think anyone could tell, because I was soaked from the rain. I then went to a local convience store, to pick up a couple things. The woman who worked there was nice and friendly. I wondered if she had a clue, that I had just peed my pants about 15 minutes ago. Afterwards, I drove home, I was really excited, and turned on about my naughty little secret, and the fact that no one really knew what I had done. I took off my purple sweat pants, they were thoroughly soaked, and my undies had that yellow look. I changed into some dry clothes, and thought about what I should do for my next wet adventure! The Brat

John C
Dork, you are absolutely right, I am very greatful for this forum. I only wish all of us or some of us could get together and physically share ourselves with each other, perhaps someday that will happen but until then I pnder in hope that it will..

Nicola, I agree that being watched outdoors is certainly different then somewhat peering at you while sitting on the toilet without your permission. The person sneaking a peak while your in the ladies room has no right to look unless invited in. Now outdoors we assume the risk that we will be seen. I think using the bathroom outdoors is frowned upon due to sanitary and perceived images that nudity is reserved for the bedroom. I think others need to be proud of their bodies and of course willing to share their time with those of us who would catch you outdoors.

Steph, speaking only for myself, I am aroused by the act of peeing or pooping of the opposite sex. I think the womans appearance certainly plays a part but I think it is the desparation which turns me on. I have witnessed by happen chance many a woman pee but have never caught a poop act. I would be aroused only if done due to normal circumstances and not sickness or diahreaa. I think if the woman was motivated by voyeurism, I would still enjoy it.

To close---I have always been aroused by either watching others, going potty outdoors myself or just sitting on the toilet myself. I still feel weird about it but I'm trying to justify my behavior. I enjoy reading all of your posts and hope to be able to for a long time. For the person responsible for this site, I want to say a simple Thank You!

Rob: I am some what new to this site and think it's great. This message goes out to George (Scotland).You mentioned that our toilet habits are based from childhood. You are so right. I myself, to date can't go to the bathroom without closing the door when I have to pee or poop. My wife can walk in on me and sit down on the toilet while I am shaving or drying my hair and let out a tremendous fart and a PLONK or two into the toilet bowl, followed by the loudest roaring, hissing pee I could hear over the sounds of the hair drier. I nevermore got turned on about it nor thought it was some tremendous turn on. We have been married for some years now and this kind of thing, I never got into. The thing that gets me the most, is I can tell she is wiping both her holes clean, and she gets up and leaves the bathroom, without a word...sometimes, and doesn't flush the damn toilet. Now mind you readers, as I wright,,,,,I told you this wasn't a big turn on for me, but however, GUYS OUT THERE, in my case HELP ME OUT HERE. I turned off the hair drier and what the heck do I do?.....LOOK INTO THE BOWL TO SEE WHAT SHE DID!.....Im staring down at floating paper in YELLOW water with two turds floating about under this toilet paper combined with THESE LITTLE floater things! atop the water. I reach for the handle and pushed it downward and flushed it down the pot. Did I go on drying my hair?..NO, But instead watched as the entire content of her bowel movement swirled down the four inch hole of the toilet. I wasn't really turned on about it mind you and it doesn't happen that often when she comes in while I'm in there. She keeps the door open all the time when she has to go to the bathroom ever since we have been married. In front of our kids or myself she just doesn't care. I myself am not that modest. I remembered, and this is ware I get back to you George (Scotland) when I was about five or six years old, I grew up with a baby sitter while my parents held down their jobs since I was barn. She was the one who taught me how to tie my shoes and give me lessens in my kindergarten age. She was a second mother to me and she also as well, sat a lot of other kids and we became a bigger family from the outcome through the years of growing together. However, I can never forget one day when I was at her house, I had to pee and ran to the bathroom and unzipped my fly and let loose my bladder into the toilet. I heard the sitters door open and looked out the door. She had a look in her eyes that frightened the pee out of me faster. She came to the door, me thinking, "What's Wrong Here?" she grabs the doorknob and slams the door closed on me yelling at the top of her lungs.... "Keep the door closed Rob Jr. everyone in this DAMN house doesn't want to watch you pee. My heart went still and so did my pee. I never saw her that pissed with any of us kids, and ever since that day, the door shut behind my activities in the bathroom. I am glad I found this site on the web. You people out their are great to share your input on the subject about our everyday duties, peeing or pooping. I enjoy reading them. I have gotten to a point now, were as I do leave the bathroom door open now while peeing in the toilet, but still haven't got used to leaving it open while I am doing a number two. Thanks for listening.....Rob from St. Louis, MO.

I went fishing this weekend not to far from home. I was walking along the banks enjoying the day. The thing I like about the place, is that it is pretty secluded and you usually had the whole day their alone. I usually fish in the nude while I'm their enjoying the sun. The lake was hidden for from a gravel road and I had plenty of time to put my shorts back on if someone was to come by. Anyway I was walking a along the banks and came up on this huge poop laying in the grass off to the side. It didn't look like it was there for a long time as it looked pretty fresh. I went on with my fishing and later felt the urge to poop. I started thing about you all and about the buddy dumping so I went over to where I found that huge poop log and decided to poop on top of the thing. I squatted over it and started to squeeze it out. I watched as the turd slid out from my sphincter and the tip of the thing hit the poop on the ground and caused my turd to curl like a horseshoe and plopped down over hanging the thing. I squeezed a second time and another runny portion of poop splattered down over it. I wiped with some tissues I keep in the tackle box and stood up admiring my work. Having to pee, I aimed down on the mess and streamed down on it. It was kind of fun listening to the thud of splatter noise as my pee hit the pile of poop. I thought about it for the rest of the day and couldn't wait to get back to work on Monday to write about it for you. P.S. the fishing sucked, I should have used the poop for bait. Rob:

To Nicola (UK) I am pleased to see you describe Somerset as a "lovely county", because I live there, and it is lovely. Also lovely was your description of how you took a dump in the sand dunes, apparantly observed by some young lad who is probably scarred for life having watched you give birth to a monster bigger than most of us have ever dreamed about! Next time I visit Brean Sands (that is where you were isn't it?) I shall be careful where I tread! PS. On the "celebs on the toilet" front, I should rather like to see Jennifer Lopez sat on the bog, putting her famous bottom to good use as she fills the pan.

W.C. Wordsmith
Listen, my friends, and you shall be told The story of a dump from days of old. The squeamish amongst you should run and hide For the turds did drop and the squirts did slide.

I was walking home from class one day When the Feces Fairy a visit did pay. The hoagie I'd eaten, tho it tasted great Began to tear at my bowels with hate.

I walked a mite faster, to make some time Just then, rumbling sounds made my belly whine. Whilst clutching my gut and pinching my cheeks I recalled with dismay: No dumps all last week.

As I sweated like O.J. before Judge Lance Ito I regretted each bite of Breakfast Burrito. And the whistling winds that swept through the trees Were no match for the winds that howled 'tween my knees.

Finally I raced to my house on the corner Passing my girlfriend, I had no time to warn her. I searched all my pockets as quick as was able But I'd left my house key inside on the table!

As a feeling of terror inside of me rose The smell of wet farts penetrated my nose. Though I strained to hold back, as I knew that I must My anus ejected a noxious, moist crust.

In my desperate state the adrenaline flowed And I broke a glass window to reach the commode. As I hoisted my body up over the ledge Something warm made its way from my shorts to the hedge.

Finally inside, I dropped my stained underdrawers As my dilated rectum gave up its rank stores. The farts they did fly and the shit it did splat And I soiled the bowl, the sink, and the cat.

When the damage was done, I let out a sigh Then remembered I'd eaten a whole pumpkin pie. More waste was produced from the pie I had eaten And it flew thru my stomach, jejunum and cecum.

The last of the turds splashed into the bowl And I thankfully wiped my stretched-out anal hole. I examined the product I'd struggled to squeeze And observed corn, poppy seeds, and some kind of cheese.

This tale is sad and must come to an end And I hope you have learned the moral, my friend The time and the place for a shit can't be planned So a public restroom is a monument most grand. And although circumstances may not quite permit, There's nothing like taking a well-deserved shit!

Im new here I have read alot of the posts that are here and man there are alot of posts but the one i like best was the one posted by Jeff A. about the girl that was playing with him in the summer.Anyway i have a story about me and my veary shy girlfriend Megan one morning she and i were eating egg and cheese tacos for breakfast that i had picked up.Later we decited to go to play Tennis so we brought the tennis rackets,tennis balls and we went to the tennis court to play.On the way i smelled somthing really bad like raw sewage but the windows were down so i thought that it was comming from outside then at that moment she suggested that we get somthing to dring like a gatorade or something.I said after we get back from playing tennis we could get somthing to drink.Then she said ok in a shallow voice.The i noticed a disturbed look on her face I asked if she was ok and she said she was fine.So we kept on driving until we got there we started to unload are stuff tennis rackets ect. then she steped on the court first then i,i always like to warm up before i start playing the game like vollying against the wall.Then we were playing for maybee 15 minutes when she asked where the bathroom was because she said she needed to wash her hands then i told her to use the water fountain because there were no bathrooms in that area just a field then i saw a worried look on her face she sat down on the ground and started crossing her legs together and said she wanted to go home and i said why then she let out a silent but deadly fart and then she said she had to poo really bad and i could tell by the smell of her fart that she really had to go then i though for a minute and said you can go in that field there are no people around she said in a weak voice will you please come with me and i said ok i walked and she sort of ran when she got to her spot her face was red i could tell she was embaressed and had been holding it for a long time but said nothing. Then she crouched down pulled down her shorts then her panties and let out a strong jet of pee which quickly turned the dirt around her into mud she had been peeing for about a minute then slowly stopped then she made this huge fart that smelled like raw sewage then she grunted really hard she said she had not pooped in two days and her stomach hurt bad then her splincher that had been in a dome shape pulsating for a long time finally this big poo tip came out slowly inched its way out of her pulsating butt then stopped the tip was still visible then she sarted grunting even harder and there was this enormus poop half way out of her butt i said your almost there i said trying to comfert her she gave one more grunt and push and the big poop finally slid out of her butt but i could tell there was more to come and i was right the second turd appeared a little after the first one slid out this one was just as big as the first one she grunted veary hard and had mannaged to get half of it out when she said her nose was bleeding so i said i would help get it out i crouched down to her butt and saw this turd then i told her to face me and i started to rub her stomach and that stubborn turd fell out this was fallowed by 5 more turds a splatter of dioreah and a veary smelly fart then she asked for somthing to wipe with and i handed her my handkerchief she wiped pulled up her panties and shorts and stood up we both gazed at the pile of shit and the shitty handkerchief before we left we gathered our stuff and left in my car after that she was not that shy any more i wonder if that experience had something to do with that.

Hey everybody, i recently found this forum and i love it,i am glad to see that i am not the only one that actually likes to talk about poop. Torie-i am a 14 male and i love you already, i think that it is awesome that you talk about your poop. I would love to watch you go!

your name (optional)Plato (The Poet)
Gentle blue eyes look my way, a look of love and giving. The fair young girl that gives me look, a girl that's with me living. She looks as if to say come near, to draw me to her side. She wispers in my ear the words, with her do come inside.

The toilet room we enter in, the walls and can and sink. The echo that her fart doth make the overwhelming stink. She sits upon the clean white throne, a queen in her own right. The things that I do witness then, the things I see that night!

Her legs so soft and supple, her skin so filled with light. Her buns as they spread wide apart, and seat her; what delight! A look of tender trouble, a small internal pain. She grims and pushes all her might, and only farts in vain.

She grunts and grunts a long while, and pushes very hard. Her face is damp with sweat now, and then she lets a fart. She tells me that she feels it, she has so much inside. She gives a big push grunting, and I can tell it's WIDE!

A happy welcome crackle, a smile comes to my face. A terd to fill the bowl up, she contorts her face. A look of concentration, of pure instinct and will. The sound of slidding terds do come, the toilet she does fill!

The smile does come to her now, as she does now exhale. A powerful aroma rise, my goodness what a smell! She turns to tell me thank you, I hand to her the roll. I ask for what she thanks me, she says for a mate to her sole.

I do then her the honnor, of haveing me give wipe, She thanks me once again, right then, for being there that night. In this I tell the whole of you, I tell you everyone. I found the love, my life that night, I found my only one.

Following on from Plato's poem about filling one's pants and Nicola's consequent appeal for other poems I will try my best and , although I am no Wordsworth or Milton, I hope the Moderator will publish it and readers will like it. "POETRY IN MOTION" "Tis Monday Noon and very soon our toilet story shall unfold. A moving tale, to you regale in solid brown and liquid gold.

The players, two, SHE needs the poo, HE listens by the door. She farteth long, her arse's song, to herald jobbies one, or more.

Her belly itches, her sphincter twitches, her skirt she hitches to her waist. White cotton briefs she pulls down thighs, sits on the pan and loudly sighs.

The gentle tinkle then commences as golden urine she dispenses.Her torrent ceases, "OO!, she howls as moving slowly from her bowels, last Friday's dinner, fillet steak, mushrooms, custard, apple bake. Eaten dining out in town, now emerging, solid, brown.

Slowly sliding from her bottom, eaten once, by her forgotten. Coming into view again, giving pleasure, giving pain. Fat, well formed, 12 inch log, ring to stretch and toilet clog.

"KUR-SPLOONK!" her motion she does drop, a second jobbie follows "PLOP!" Regaining breath, she wipes her bum, pulls up her knickers, pats her ????.

Looking down she sees her motion, "WOW!, she says, "I had no notion, that it would be quite so long. Phew! I must stop eating mushrooms since the make my jobbies pong!"

Dropping skirt and washing hands she pulls the flush and quits the room, not remaining to make certain of her jobbie's final doom.

Waiting till she leaves the building fast our second player goes, enters toilet, sniffs the odor, smell confirms what hearing knows. Carefully he lifts the lid and has the sight of what she did. Despite the cascade of the flush, her turd has beat the water's rush.

Lying in the toilet- smelly product of her belly. 12 inch long and two inch thick, stuck fast rigid like a brick.

Chocolate brown, compacted, nobby. In the pan, A WOMAN'S JOBBIE"

I hope this is suitable and may inspire more lavatorial poetry. Tony.

Hey Laaaaaaaayyyydies!! Hi whats up everyone????Not Much? Thats too bad, get something to do!!J/K! Hey, like all week i have had green crap, whats up with the green color??I havent eaten anything green!Its brown again, but that was pretty screwy!! Torie, great posts, I dont have anything for you today,sorry :( maybe l8er this week!Cristine, your post was way kewl, keep them coming, tell us about the 6 months later story, ok??kewl! This Thursday i have to get a little "Turn Your Head and Cough" routine at school, im sure the men here know what im talking about, and if you dont, you arent going to hear about it from me!Cya everyone, bye!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great posts! Steph, Melissa, Alex keep them coming. I have been turned on by a womans poop for as long as I can remember. I suppose it's a combination of seeing something so secret and the study in contrasts as you see an attractive woman and realize poop comes out of her. I see pretty girls at the beach and other places and it amazes me to think that they all do it. I am thankful that those of you here are open enough to share these intimate details with us. I always thought I was weird liking this and would never ask a girl to let me see her in the bathroom. I have learned otherwise. In fact, I had a girlfriend who would leave the door open and let me see her poop. Funny thing was, she would do that but would get mad when I showed any interest in that part of her anatomy during sex. Strange, huh? Well, I don't want to ranble, but I would love to her more details of girls doing nice solid poops, especially outdoors such as on camping trips or at roadside stops without facilities. Would you ever go there? Please post and let us know! Thanks and have a great day! :>}

mr dookie
i just ate 5 prunes, and now i'm eat a big, red, juicy, fiberous, delicious apple. let's rock. wish me luck. thank you.

oh yeah, i had vegetable soup with pork in it for dinner. God Bless America!

Tuesday, July 20, 1999

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Gary, It's word of mouth, some people knew each other in real life ahead of time.

John C. In this country bathroom functions are considered very private and taboo. Anyone who is brave enough to buck society and go outside deserves praise. How else are we to know how others look or feel when going to the bathroom, unless we see them or read this forum.

Melissa, I have done a poo outdoors on a few occasions when the need has arisen or if out in the country or camping and there have been no toilets around. I have also form childhood been quite open minded about others watching me, girls at school, my brother,my husband etc. I was quite flattered not shocked when I heard this lad gasp and saw him at the top of the sand dune watching me. He ran away, no doubt afraid that I might make trouble or even hit him. Nothing was further from my mind, if he stuck around I would have invited him down to have a closer look at what I had done. As I said, he did do so when I had gone and I hope he liked what he saw. By the way when I told my husband when I got back home, (he was working that week so didn't come with me), he said he would have given the kid a black eye for spying on me doing a jobbie. I had to remind him of how HE had listened outside the toilet door, and "accidentally" walked in on me when I was sitting on the pan doing a motion when we first started to go with each other until I told him straight that I was quite happy for him to come in and watch me doing a jobbie. That made him go red in the face and shut him up. On this general point it depends on the circumstances. Letting a friend watch me or buddy dumping have never been a problem, far from it, and if I do a poo outdoors and someone sees me, then fine, that's the risk one has to take and it doesn't worry me. If however I was using a public toilet and I saw the stereotype "dirty old man" learing at me through a crack in the window or a hole in the partition I would be very annoyed indeed! I suppose its a matter of control and consent.

Sandra, liked your story about the woman doing a pee and a big jobbie behind the trashcan. What else could she do, shit her panties. Its a pity there are not sufficient toilets on stations etc. I have had to do this once. At a shopping mall one of the ladies public toilets was closed and the queue for the other was long. I needed a motion quite urgently, quite a normal poo but I didn't want to risk holding it in. I looked around for somewhere to go then remembered that off the car park there was an area where the trash cans were stored. I went in there, luckily there were no closed circuit cameras, hitched up my skirt, pulled down my white panties, peed, then passed out a nice big fat easy jobbie, my usual 12 incher. Relieved , I pulled up my knicks, adjusted my skirt and walked away, as far as Im aware unobserved. I wonder if someone emptying rubbish into the bins saw my big turd and thought, "Bloody big dogs around here, must have been a German Shepherd or a Saint Bernard!! "

Plato, I loved the CONCEPT of the poem but was put off that it was about shitting your pants. Can you or someone else write one about doing a nice solid motion in the normal manner either in the pan or outside, or about someone else doing one. This might be a good idea for a competition amongst the people who post here. Any scatological Longfellows, or Walt Whitmans, or Burns, or Keats out there?

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