To Him--I've drunk Yoo-Hoo before. Next time I drink some, I'll have to pay more attention to what comes out the other end to see if it's green. And, while still on the subject of color, I called a friend several years ago. He was still living with his mother at the time, so she answered the phone and tole me that "H" was in the bathroom but would be with me shortly. I could hear the two of them having a conversation. It seems as if "H" were wondering about why his BMs were getting darker. I believe he was concerned about whether or not he was passing blood in his stool. But his mom didn't understand what he was getting at when he came out of the bathroom and made the comment to her, "My poop's getting browner and browner," because she fired back, "Well, what color did you expect it to be--PINK?" Anyway, I was hearing this conversation going on, so I was really cracking up at this time. When "H" got on the phone, I asked him if he had passed any pink poop lately, and he started laughing and asked, "Did you hear us talking?" I reminded him that I had great hearing. No, I didn't hear any grunts, plops, or loud, gassy sounds, in case you're interested--but I certainly heard an unforgettable conversation To Busy Person--Yes, I've heard of something like this before. A couple I know had just gotten married and were getting ready to move into this farmhouse. They were going to be working for this farmer, and the farmhouse was the one used by farm workers and their families. Well, the new bride and her mother set about cleaning the house (a two-story where the second story was more like an attic but was also used for living quarters). When they got to the upstairs, they looked at the floor and thought, "WHAT ON EARTH!?!" The floor had about a three or four inch carpet of #2. They wondered who had lived there last and why on earth they hadn't used the perfectly-good downstairs toilet. After asking the farmer, they learned that the last family to have lived there had about a dozen kids and that there had been a point during a bad winter storm that the toilet pipe had busted, meaning that they would have to use the outhouse that was also still in working order. However, they probably didn't want their kids to have to go out in a blizzard at night, so they just told them to go upstairs in the attic to do their business. Since the blizzard lasted for quite awhile, they had, seemingly, made quite a few trips upstairs. All I can say to you, Busy Person, is to please shovel all of the manure out before the next family occupies your stall!

Christine (at16) I am sending this from a friends computer. This little secret I haven't shared with anyone, not my parents, not even my best friend. I discovered it about two years ago when I had just turned sixteen. We had moved into a new house by the river, and the shower was much farther from the toilet than in the house we had come from. I was in the shower when suddenly I had a desperate urge to go for a poop, I mean desperate, I didn't have time to step out of the shower and get dressed, walk through the house, in front of all our dinner guests, and go to the toilet. I would have gone in my pants by then. My only escape was to do it down the drain, there was nothing else I could do. I got out of the shower, got a toothbrush, leant down in the shower and pried the stainless-steel cover of the hole. By now I was almost bent double with the pain. I squatted over the hole, wrapped my arms around my legs to keep my balance, thanking my lucky stars that I was small - otherwise I would have fallen over, and shuffled a bit so my hole lined up with the hole in the tiled floor. Then let go. I thought it was going to go forever, a few farts, I could hear the poops going down the plug hole with a gloop, gloop. I prayed that I had lined up well, as I didn't fancy cleaning up the mess with my hands, then after about 20 seconds it stopped. I leant down and tentatively looked between my legs, expecting a great big mess on the floor, but nothing, it had all went down the plug hole, the hot water from the shower following after it. I put my fingers down my crack and felt my hole, and was shocked to feel my ring was swollen so much, I thought there was something wrong with me, only later realizing it was normal. Just that I had never squatted down like that before. But I felt so cleaned, and free, inside and outside! There was no fear of the smell or farting with other people outside the door listening, because it was all muffled by the sounds of the water, and perfume of the shampoo and soap, it was a perfect solution. All the drains go to the same place anyway. Since then, I try and hold on for the shower, though not always because I sometimes go at school or our regular toilet, but when I do - I dream of the shower. If I'm going to poop in the shower, I wash my hair, and I have a lot of red hair too, and wash all the shampoo down with the poop. I've only had one or two disasters, when I didn't line my hole and the drain hole up perfectly and I had to push a poop down the drain with my toe, that otherwise it is one of the best things I've ever discovered, I recommend it.You feel so clean after, and never have fear of smelling or making a mess of your pants! If anyone liked that experience I will tell you of a secret that happened to me six months later in the forest.

The Crank
I found out a few days ago that girls are turned on by cute guys going to the toilet too.I remember I had to pee half way through a workshop model making class and apparrently needed to pee.Told the whole workshop I needed the toilet as "when nature calls,it really calls".Seeing the expressions of the face on the girls tell me they are really interested in such stuffs.

Hi guys. Melissa, (just like Steph) I'm happy to read that your mom is an otherwise loving person. I hope Melanie is able to talk to you about this but if she is hesitant, please don't "push" it. I took a poop this morning that was remarkably similar to the (two) you took the other day. I sat down on the toilet and started peeing (as I usually do) and slivered out one log while I was peeing. This almost never happens except when I have the runs. I felt finished after that so I got up and looked in. There was one poop, about 3/4" wide by 7" long; it was pretty firm with little smell. After a couple of dabs to my vagina, I wiped my butt three times (I could have gotten away with two, but I'm very clean). Hugs and kisses, Alex :)

Hi all! Eric M:Thanks for your response, sory I haven't been able to answer for a couple of days. I know hew excited I wouild be to see someone who is a close friend on the toilet. As I mentioned earlier, I think my wife is receptive to it. Recently, I have been leaving ther door open not only when I pee but when i am pooping. on several occasions, I have noticed she was spending a lot of time outside the door. Lately, she has also left the door open when she is pooping, something she never used to do. We havent actually watched each other yet, but we are working toward it, I think. Side note: to Steph, and Melisssa, do women get the same kind of excitement from seeing men on the toilet that we men do? Have a great weekend everyody!

Thanks Moira(Scotland), for answering some of my questions. So, as a little girl growing up in your part of the country, you let others watch as you (did a motion). Sitting on the toilet (or pan), that's totally wild & so cool. Wish I grew up in your neighborhood as one of your close school lads. Hummmmmm!! Your a very open-minded woman & that, you don't find everyday. Have to go for now, will chat with you later & hope to hear more "buzz" stories. Awesome!!

Today I went out to breakfast with my family...I saw 2 boys one probably 5 or 6 and the other on between 10 and 13. They both headed to the batroom. There Is only one toilet in the mens room(same in the ladies room) so you have to wait to use it if some one is in there. The 6 y.o went in first and was carrying on in there(making noise) and his older brother peeked in to see what he was doing? I don't know what he was doing. Then the 10-13 y.o went in there. Then Later on I was a a dollar store(discount store where every thing is a dollar) and the sell toilet paper and I over heard to men talking. one said "This Brand of Toilet Paper Takes the air off of your ass". I couldn't belive what i was hearing In Public.

Hi Steph!!! Not sure what it is about the Tom's in our lives :o) Anyway I did have a break through with him today. He came over to my place and we had a quiet dinner. About a half-hour later Tom excused himself.......I asked him if he wanted company and to my surprise he said yes!!!!! He's been constipated for 3 days and really wanted to do a movement. He thought my sitting in there with him would help. We both went into the bathroom and he pulled down his jeans and boxers and plopped his tush on the john.

His hands were resting on his lap and he peed a little then farted. I was telling him about my day at work and he listened and grunted a few times. I asked him if he wanted privacy and he said no...having you here is helping I can feel it coming!!!! He leaned forward and strained....a little trickle of pee came out with a fart. AHHHHHH!!!! UHHHHH!!!! I told him to give it one more good push and sure enough I heard a big SPLASH......He breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back. I'm ready for more, he said. Tom leaned forward again and this time farted and let out small turds...I could hear them hitting the water one by one. This went on for about 5 minutes. I stayed silent and was in such shock that he even let me in there with him but I was also greatful :o)

He wanted to sit awhile and rest. He sat back and folded his hands in his lap and we talked for about 15 minutes. He pushed once more and said he was done. We both looked into the bowl and wow!!! One huge Turd and lots of smaller marble-sized turds. I helped him wipe and we flushed the toilet together.

Then I said I had to pee and told him to stay. He sat on the tub edge where I was while he went. I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat down. My hands were resting in my lap and I leaned forward. I really had to pee!!!! I peed for about 2 minutes non-stop while we chatted. After I finished he helped me wipe and again we both flushed the toilet together. This was a real milestone in our relationship...I'm not sure what changed his mind but I'm truly very happy :o)

I am a male so I stand up to pee. But my penis seems to be designed so that instead of peeing in a stream, it sprays out all over the place and is very hard to control.

Another experience at the Community College: I was outside on a sunny day and I saw this woman who looked like she was from Saudi Arabia or something because she was wearing all sorts of body coverings and stuff. She was walking back and forth and I wondered what she was doing so I watched her. She begun walking faster and faster and all of a sudden I saw a puddle forming under her long dress. There was a growing stain in her dress and she seemed to be hysterical. She saw me looking at her and she screamed and ran off. For some reason that I don't know, I was really turned on.

Sunday, July 18, 1999

Hi guys! Melissa, I'm glad you were able to talk to Melanie about the incident. She did, as you mentioned, suffer a double indignity and I hope this will be the last time she has to suffer through this. I'm happy to read that your mother (and father) are otherwise loving people who mean no harm. It may be best not to talk to your mother about this at this time and just lay low. You and Melanie should, no must, have control over your bodies. Xoxo from Steph (and Alex, Eric, Jodi, and Laura, too). Oh, speaking of Jodi, she will be out of town for a few days, but I know she'll send you a note once she returns..... Nicola, thank you for backing up my statement. I think daily laxative use was popular folk wisdom on both sides of the pond back in the 1950s, though I'm too young to have any personal recollection about this. Leslie-Loo, I'm happy to read that you're pooping habits are back to *normal* We have several things in common besides our bouts with constipation. I also have a friend named Tom (he was a boyfriend at one point, but our relationship has cooled off but is still amicable. This has nothing to do with what I'm going to write about...) I have hinted on several occasions that I wanted him to watch me go and in turn I wanted to watch him go. He wanted (and still wants) nothing to do with "buddy dumping." Tom thinks going to the bathroom is a very private, discreet matter. There was one time when I waited for about 15 minutes outside one of the buildings on campus while he used the mens' room. Once he came out, I asked him if he "had a good dump?" His face turned red with embarrassment by my question. Janine, great post about Sarah. I hope you two are able to "buddy dump" again soon. Please tell us about it :) Jeff A., great to hear from you again. I love your posts and agree with you that by discussing our most private matters, we (meaning the posters in general) have also found other things we have in common. This is an awesome group! Happy birthday and may those Dead Heads come out of the closet. Peace and love to everyone, Steph

Wendell, I can only speak for myself but over the years I have let males such as my young brother, boy cousins and a couple of lads at my school watch me doing a motion when I was a kid, and of course my husband George and some very close male friends such as Tony, in adult life. It has always given me a buzz and I have also observed that they usually had erections. Now whether this was due to seeing a female naked from the waist down or being present and witnessing me doing a motion and hearing and seeing the jobbies passed is a moot point. I think the latter as I have observed that when such males have used the toilet after I have done a large jobbie which has stuck in the pan so they have seen it they often come out with the tell tale bulge in the front of their trousers. Recently I was visiting a client at home and needed to use the toilet, doing one of my usual big "panbusters" which stuck. I politely told the chap, whom I have known for years, that I had difficulty get! ting his toilet to flush. He smiled and said he would go and sort it out. As I continued to have a coffee with his wife he eventually came back and although he only said, in a matter of fact manner, "That's it sorted now" he had a smile on his face and I noticed the bulge in the front of his trousers. I of course said nothing but it gave me a bit of a buzz that I had turned him on. As others have often posted here, both male and female, lots of us enjoy passing a large solid and well formed stool, its a natural function after all, and are quite proud of what we have produced so I'd say that is what turned on the girl you speak of, Weddell, the fact that you had watched her doing a satisfying motion. After all, its a very intimate and personal situation to be invited to watch. Cinquian, on the question of strange coloured motions, I have passed turds from black (when taking iron tablets for anaemia) to white (when suffering from a mild attack of obstructive jaundice) and since I have always looked at my motions since I was a kid, I have seen the various colour effects that different foods produce. The closest I have come to passing a blue jobbie was when I had eaten a whole blackcurrent pie with ice cream and the next day when I had a motion the big jobbie was a very dark bluish colour to my great amusement and George's when he came home later and saw it in the toilet pan. Usually however my jobbies are a nice mid brown colour though sometimes there are bits of undigested food embedded in them and I have seen such items as the odd bit of carrot, sweetcorn of course if I eat that, pea and bean skins, a bit of fat from steak, and the seeds from burger buns in the side of my jobbies from time to time.

Plato (The Poet)
Beconed by a gentle tug, a thumping of your ????. A feeling that we oft do feel, when we've had something ????. Turn the bend and down the hall the paper we do gather, Suddenly, a fart doth flee, pants fill with warm brown lather. A look of anguish takes your face. You fill your pants in a hallway place.

Anguished by a small bad act, an accidental doing. Your silence split with a wet fart and a really hasty pooing. So close to the bathroom, but yet not close enough. To rid this pain that you did feel, and your pants of this brown stuff. The roll you spin to get TP And then a second fart does flee.

I was on the subway platform yesterday waiting endlessly for a train. It was mid-morning and there were only a couple of people standing about. At the end of the platform is is a large trash receptacle and I always walk towards it as it's the front of the train which is where I get on. As I was walking towards it I heard a hissing sound and a trickle of liquid coming from behind the trash receptacle. I figured someone must be peeing so I decided not to go right up to it. A few minutes woman suddenly appeared from behind this receptacle - she was middle-aged, wearing a smart business suit and carried a briefcase. As she caught my eye her face went deep red and she walked quickly down the platform. I went over behind this garbage unit and looked down. As well as pee, there was a huge poo log! It must have been 14 or 15 inches long. And it was steaming! Next to it was a crumpled tissue stained brown! Poor woman must have been desperate - even I have never pooed on a subway platfrorm!

To Mikey - I would say that in general a closed door means "Don't come in I need some privacy", and an open door means "It's O.K. to come in" or "I don't mind if you see". All this assumes of course that the person leaving the door open knows that you are there in the first place. It could certainly be a positive invitation to be curious or it might be simply an indication of "I don't care". I do think there is one very important thing to remember. Being invited in is one thing, but it is up to you to behave appropriately once you are in.

To Nicola (UK) - First of all, many thanks for your support for Melanie - you have no idea how much this all means to me. Now back to your post - I do have to ask - were you surprised by your own emotional reaction to the teenager who was watching you poop? I was caught once in an almost identical way and after the initial shock I found that just like you I was anything but angry or offended. In fact I felt almost complemented, yes perhaps even amused, that this young teenager would get so wrapped up in watching me. If any one asked me what I expected my emotion to be I would probably answer anger and outrage. But that was not the case and I was very surprised. I just wondered if you had compared the way that you might have expected to feel with the way you actually felt? Many thanks and all my love - Melissa.

To Torie - Oh please, please don't apologize for the language. Just like you, we do not use language in front of our parents. Melanie's outburst was absolutely exceptional - I think that was the reason it had the effect it did. Like I said, I love your posts, you seem to have an ability to use the "Bathroom words" mixed in with the "Socially acceptable" words to give a delightfully naughty edge to your stories. Keep posting, I love reading them. Love and hugs - Melissa.

Busy Person
Hi. I'm a single parent who's very busy. I have 3 girls. A 12, 9, and 7 y.o. I work at home in a small house. the entire 3rd floor has my work area and a place for the kids to play. I work a lot and they are usually up there with me. The only problem is that the only bathroom is on the first floor. It is usually not working anyhow. If the girls have to pee, I let them do it on the floor with their pants on. If they have too poop, they do it in a corner. I was wondering if anyone else did this. Please respond. I have a few good stories if anyone wants to hear them. Reply to:

To CINDY- Nice story about you girs pooing in the ladies room at work.I loved the part about your black girlfriend pooing next to you (tonya)I'd love her to poo next to me!Nice story!To JANINE-Good story about you and sarah,i enjoyed it TO MILISSA-Yes,by all means,keep me abrest of your bowel habits!Also,try apples and pears,they work great also> and believe it or not,try 7-11's slurpees!They work real good too(except if you have blue raspberry,you willpoo blue,which is kind of interesting,check it out!TO DANIEL(UK)-I had a similar story happen to me about 12 years ago.I was looking for a place to poo on the beach and i ran into this other guy and he had to poop too.So we found a spot and pulled our shorts down and pooed in front of each other about 6 feet apart.It was kinda cool and we both enjoyed it and we both did this mushy poo and we both went a lot,but wasn't it cool to do.I'm not gay but ther was something reallt coolabout pooing with another guy.I'd do it again if it ! ever came up again.Anybody else feel this way?BYEGotta go poo now!

On colored poo: I once knew a seeing-eye dog that had quite a fondness for crayons. She would gobble them up any chance she got, and never was successfully trained out of it (for some reason, she wouldn't generalize the lesson. She would only learn don't eat crayons here. Did no good for the next room or the next house, each was a new lesson.) Being a seeing-eye dog, she went a lot more places than an ordinary dog would, thus she had more opportunity to snatch crayons. It made for some very colorful poo! (I don't know if "seeing-eye" dog is the term used in other countries. They are dogs trained to provide assistance to blind people. In the US, they are permitted just about everywhere.)

The Crank
Jim:Your story sounds too good to be true,but I'm bnot accussing anything,don't get the wrong idea.

For any of you who sometimes get a bit constipated but dont like using laxatives because of the diarrhea they cause and the chance of accidents in one's panties, I can recommend bran. I was a bit bunged up and didnt have a motion for 4 days. (I usually go every other day). Attempts to pass anything by sitting on the pan and trying hard only produced a few little hard balls. I was resigned to buying some Sennokot with the inevitable nasty side effects when I thought, why not try bran and bought some from a health food store, eating a large bowl of Brans Flakes with milk and sugar before going to bed. A few hours after I got up the following morning I felt the need to have a motion and a bit full inside. I had also been farting quite a lot and felt slight gripeing pains in my ???? so dreaded that the "runs" might be on the cards. Going to the toilet (I was at home) I pulled down my knickers and sat on the pan. As I did my wee wee I farted loud and long then felt a turd in my back passage. A couple of small balls came out with loud "plops!" then I felt a really big fat lumpy turd start to slide out of my bum landing in the water with a loud "ker-sploonk!". I ! felt that I still needed more and after about a minute of farting and some slight gripeing in my ???? I felt another load fill my rectum and with very little effort out oozed a long fat but smooth and easy jobbie. I hardly had to try at all as it slid out, easy but cohesive and formed, landing in the pan with a gentle "floomp!" After farting a bit more I knew I was finished and wiped my bum then had a good look at what I had passed, as I always do. Apart from the little hard balls the size and shape of hen's eggs there was a fat knobbly log of about 8 inchs long and 2 inches fat, but what really stood out was the 12 inch long , smooth jobbie floating on the top of the pan, gently curved like a brown cucumber. It took 3 flushes to get it all to go away as the big easy jobbie kept floating to the surface. If this is the gentle effect of bran I can recommned it to anyone who gets constipated but who dislikes the diarrhea and risk of accidents caused by laxatives. The only disad! vantage I have found is the farting and slight gripeing in the ???? but this is a small price to pay. Perhaps Melissa and Melanie could try this natural foodstuff which has no urgent and nasty side effects?

Cinquian - I drank some Yoohoo (a chocolate drink for those who don't know) last week and shit a sickly green color for two days. I hadn't had any Yoohoo since I was a little kid, and I'm not sure I'll ever drink it again. Anything that turns shit green must be unhealthy! I still find it hard to believe many women share in my bathroom interest, but I recently met a girl who I admitted my fetish to (the first person I've ever told). She was very understanding and says she might let me watch her one day, but I'm still waiting. It's amazing that shitting is such an ordinary activity for every person but it's such a taboo subject. I think this is why it interests me. It's so taboo, so private, that it turns me on.

John C
Thanks dork, I have this thing about being watched, especially outdoors, knowing that someone is watching me making poo is a total turn on to me.I even like being caught in the act especially by a female.Well I hope someone sees my exposed hiney and pee pee and laughs and starts a conversation with me...."S"

I am new to this forum. I haven't been able to post because the Cancer Camps computer always breaks down. I've had cancer all my life and the only real joy (besides normal kid stuff) is pooping. With all the medicine i take i get strange poops. But i don't poop everyday, i poop weekly because most of it i throw up. But when i do poop it is usually green and comes out in an explosion. I am hoping to write alot. Has anyone ever had weird poops from medicine? Are there girls who like to poop like me? Kyle (i am a girl but my moom named me kyle!!) Age 11

I was 7. I had seen my friend (male) peeing outside standing up so I thought I'd try it. Of course, I stood up and wet my pants.

To Daniel (UK). Loved reading about your shared dumping activities with those two guys. I've been to Studland Bay several times, but never had the good fortune to see any guys taking a dump, although I have come across several turds and fantasized over who might have laid them. Would love to buddy dump with you. Who knows?, we might meet up at Studland one day. Take care and mind how you go!!

Hi all, especially Nicola - I always enjoy reading your excellent posts! I totally agree that laxatives should not be so readily available as "over the counter" medicines. In the UK they can even be bought at the supermarket. This is amazing considering that Britain has the highest rate of laxative abuse in he western world. Whether they should be prescription only is debatable, considering the high cost of prescriptions, but at last they should be categrised as "P" medicines ie available under pharmacist supervision only. I believe that hospitals only ever use mig laxatives such as lactulose, glycerine suppositories and in severe cases micro-enemas. I rcently had a relationship with a lady who was very obsessive about her toilet habits, forcing herself to have a daily motion by using bisacodyl (Dulcolax) suppositories on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, her motions were always semi-liquid and her anal ring was extremely tight. What a contrast to those of you who have large, flexible rings and can produce satisfying "panbuster" jobbies!

Saturday, July 17, 1999

da constant
I've been lurking around this forum for quite a while and decided to finally post something. >From time to time, a conversation comes up about which celebs people want to see making big boops (grunting, straining, etc.). Being a healthy heterosexual male in my early 20s, I've got my list. Let's see. Pamela Anderson (Lee), of course. Cindy Crawford. Sandra Bullock. Kiana Tom (the ESPN fitness babe . . . something she looks like she's straining to release a big poop when they do closeups of her face while she's lifting weights), Tia Carrere, Bobbie Brown (a former Star Search spokesmodel from the late 80s/early 90s; most famous for her appearance in Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video back in '90 and some guest appearances on "Married With Children" back about the same time), Debbie Gibson (the 80s teen idol), and Japanese models/actresses/singers Noriko Sakai and Madoka Ozawa (don't feel bad if you've never heard of these two). In particular, I've often wondered what Pamela Anderson would look like squatting down and straining *hard* bo make a massive bowel movement? Say, she gave birth to her two children at home, didn't she? Wonder if she made any bowel movements while pushing out the babies?

I was knew a girl who would keep her bathroom door open when I would come to her house after playing tennis. She was single and lived alone. I was very curious to walk in and looksy but I never got up the courage. Do you think when someone leaves their bathroom door they want you to be curious or are they just not thinking?

The Fourth of July has come and gone, but that doesn't mean that you can't have a patriotic week. Eat plenty of beets, and poop red. Eat nothing but mashed potatoes and poop white. And blue? Several years ago, I was wiping my behind, and I couldn't believe what I saw--the marks on the paper were blue! I'm not kidding you--BLUE! So I wondered how that happened. Then, I remembered that I'd eaten blue-raspberry-flavored gourmet popcorn a few hours before. I looked into the bowl to see if my poop were actually blue. I couldn't tell, because the water was blue. But the poop looked dark, so I imagine that it was actually blue. At times like this, it made me wish that I had gone in a slop jar or in a waterless outhouse so that the actual poop could be studied more closely. I'm not sure about the beets, either. I assume the poop is actually red, but it could just be the water around it. However, I know for sure about the mashed potatoes. If I go on a mashed potato binge, eating nothing but mashed potatoes all day, my poop will be white with a faint greenish tinge. I ate a bunch of carrots one day, and my poop was carrot-orange. Honestly, I wasn't eating like this to make interesting poop. I just happened to notice this after going on single-food binges--or where one food was dominant. Have any of you ever eaten large quantities of a single food and have y our poop come out in a similar color?

I wont go on about Melissa and Melanie except to say BRAVO GIRLS. I totally approve of Melanie's action in taking back control of her own natural functions. Steph is probably right, in the old days it was "folk wisdom", fostered by the makers of laxatives and other "patent medicines" that if one didnt have a soft to loose bowel movement every day preferably first thing in the morning, then all sorts of terrible illness would ensue. My own mum who is in her late forties and tells me that when she was a kid in the 1950s it was still quite common for children to be given a dose of "opening medicine" whether they "needed" it or not, every week and she can recall both girls and boys in her school shitting their knickers as a result. Im well aware that there can be times when the use of purgatives under medical direction is necessary, but this was just an abuse. Mum didn t have to suffer this, but my grandmother, who is now in her 70s did as her mum , now dead, was a great believer in this "inner cleanliness" custom. It is also correct to say that laxatives are habit forming and their continued use alters the normal function of the bowel and greater doses or stronger laxatives are needed to produce a motion. I agree that these medicines ought to be POM that is Prescription Only Medicine only sold against a Doctor's or other skilled medical practitioners order. For obstinate constipation suppositories are a better idea as these act locally in the lower part of the large intestine whereas some of the more powerful laxatives can upset most of the GI tract. Apart from certain medical conditions and the side effects of some medicines such as powerful pain killers, being a bit constipated from time to time is no big deal, it usually corrects itself after a few days, and I find that good diet and exercise can prevent it. Anyway, in my book its far better than having diarrhea!!

Recently I was on holiday for a week camping. Not the wimpish way on a proper campsite, but rough camping. Hitch the tent to the back of the motorbike and head out to the countryside. I was camped for a few days in the westcountry of England, (Somerset a lovely county) on the Bristol Channel Coast. One lunchtime I went off into the sand-dunes carrying a toilet roll as I felt a large motion coming down, found a secluded hollow amongst the dunes, pulled down my jeans and the black panties I was wearing then squatted and passed a nice big fat jobbie 14 inch long and just over 2 inches thick .It came out quite easily onto the sand. I thought I was alone but as I was doing the jobbie I heard a gasp and a voice say "wow!" When I had finished I looked behind me and saw a lad in his early teens who had obviously been watching me doing my motion. As soon as he saw me turn round he ran off although I wasn't bothered that he had been watching, and with my knickers and jeans round my a! nkles I could hardly have chased after him if I had been! I wiped my bum, pulled up my panties and jeans and walked back to the tent, amused and flattered and saw him in the distance walking back towards the place were I had done the jobbie no doubt to have a close look at it. Perhaps he thought a well built girl who rode a motorbike would beat him up for watching her doing a motion, but Im no Hell's Angel and I was amused not annoyed. Have any other readers had a similar experience and how did they react?

This is my first post & I must say this site is quite interesting given my passed experiences. For me, it started about 8 years ago with a girlfriend on our first vacation together. First, let me say that prior to the vacation, I had seen her using the bathroom on many occasions, she was very open to this. She would be taking to me in the kitchen, next thing you know, she's walking into the bathroom, sits down on the toliet & continues the conversation. I thought that was too cool. She was comfortable with me. It always seemed that she only had to pee although a couple of times I know she was pooping. She just did'nt say anything. Anyway, while on vacation, we were getting ready to go out for the day from the hotel. I was shaving, she had just gotten out of the shower. She dried off, sat down on the toliet & starting talking about how to spend the day. After sitting there a couples of minutes, she said, "Oh, I think I feel the need to poop". She really had never announced it before. Well, the next thing I know, "the excitement of the moment" created what I believe to be the most "EXCITED" (aroused), I had ever been in my entire life. It was no secret, my bath towel gave it away. There was no way to hid it. She noticed the sudden change, and said, "you like what you see"? She continued talking to me while she was pooping. She would say something, grunt a little & "plop", bloop, plop.......plop plop, bloop!! I was SO TURNED ON by this but not completely sure way I am. Since that time I have had a few situations with girlfriends / bathrooms and enjoyed them all. My question is for the ladies, do you think she was turned on by me watching her, or was it because of what that situation caused, (an erection)? Or maybe another reason. Need some feeback on this if any of you ladies would care to help me understand.

In response to george from scotland's post In the U.S. we enema which are liguid injected in the rectum and we also have suppositories which are wn object stuck up the rectum. Also in America what you call incontinece pants we call diapers and depends is just a brand name that is commonly used.

Hi. Melissa, yes, my mother did give me a choice in the matter. I'm the same age as your sister Melanie (14) so I know I'd freak if that ever happened to me. Sorry if my language seemed vulgar. I never write out the whole word I put spaces in between to give the effect. I don't think I've ever sworn in front of either my mother or father and, believe it or not, do not swear that often even in front of my friends. I will use some of the "bathroom words" but almost never the "f" or stuff like that. FredLimpBizkit, it's good that you were finally able to poop. I just finished taking another s*** but it was much smaller and less smellier than the one I wrote about before. I only had to wipe 3 times, once for my vagina and 2 for my a**. Love, Torie

Again, many many thanks to all my friends for your best wishes and support for Melanie and myself.

To Eric - You are right, a lot of this is down to me now. I'm probably Melanie's only immediate close support. Mom certainly can't be counted on to help - even if Melanie would accept it right now. Dad isn't quite the right person - at least in this situation. Thanks Eric - Love, Melissa.

To Steph - Hi Steph, I wondered what had happened to you - I looked for your posts and there was nothing! If I hadn't seen anything today you can be sure that Eric, Alex and Jodi would all have got the big question from me. Where is Steph??????. You make the point about the laxatives and dependence. This is one of my fears, I just know that Melanie will get constipated as a reaction to all of this. I had pushed it to the back of my mind but you have really made me focus on it and I've made up my mind to talk to Melanie about it. Thanks Steph, once again you are the safety net. You can be sure I will mention you to Melanie. All my love - I missed you so much - hugs & kisses - Melissa.

To all my friends - last night I tried to talk to Melanie. She is still very angry and she spent almost twenty minutes raving about her accident. At 18 I'm no professional psychologist but it sounded like she really needed to get this off her chest, and by the time she had finished she was tired and much more relaxed. She was obviously upset by the double indignity of loosing control and making such a mess for everyone (at least her closest friends) to see. In fact on second thoughts I think most of the immediate anger was probably spent on mom the evening she came home. Last night perhaps would be better described as massive self-pity tinged with a stiff dose of anger. I put my arms around her but she was too up tight to really respond, so I will try again tonight or tomorrow if I can get her alone. I promise I will keep you all posted. Again all my love and thanks for your support and understanding - there really is love in the world.

Now: To Buzzy - I agree, it certainly felt different to me. Twice within 15 minutes or so and no more than a few minutes total. All I have to do now is see if it lasts. The other thing is that I need to see if I really like this. I enjoyed the sensations of nice and big and slow. This is going to be interesting to say the least. Love you Buzzy - I'll let you know.

TO KRISTA: It's not that, it's just something I feel. I really can't explain it. They are very nice girls, actually I kind of like the youngest one which is about 6. She's very smart for a young girl. Well bye everyone.

Matt (NY)
HI everyone, i had a bad day for pooping yesterday it was just plain gross and very strange for me. i went in the morning before i took a shower and it wasnt big it wasnt small it didnt hurt and it wasnt a mess it was like a "normal" poop. i ate lunch it was a hamburger and fries and maybe 2 hours later i had to go bad! i was at a friends house so i we there and sat down.....nothing happened the urge totaly went away! so i pulled up and went back into his room as his bathroom is attached i sat on his bed i think they were playing nintendo er something. i layed back and i almost pooped my pants i ran into the bathroom and pooed out a tiny log about 2 inches long!! i was mad i didnt have to go anymore i thought good i got out of it easy. i wiped once it was very clean and got up. my other friend went in after me and it hit me again so i went upstairs to the bathroom up there and pulled my pants down and the loosest runniest nastiest S**t flew out of me for about 15 minutes! !!! i wiped only 3 times because it was blasted out of me and there wasnt much left. i pulled up and left. i then went over to another friends house around the corner and was just sitting there and i had to go again so i went in and did the mushy poo's agian its not like diahrea (sp) its like poop but mushy. after that i felt very strange the rest of the day i dont like it when that happens.

Krista - yes when i jetski i have to poop soon after. i assume it is from the bouncing up and down and hitting the seat with my butt! i dont mind its alot of fun. i noticed that my "jetski poos" are wide, short, and hard. its funny because the toilet at camp where i do them is not too powerfull and i plug it almost evrytime with them because of the width ususally ovre 3 plus inches. they hurt when the come out too because theyre so wide. i also noticed that my sister who jetskis alot also has the same problem because i've seen her poos in the toilet before because we try not to flush every time there because it fills up the septic tank and thats no fun!

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