Went to the toilet at work yesterday with my friend Tonya who by the way is a beautiful 24 year old black woman and as we went in i warned her that i might stink her out and she said really i gotta do the same thing,we we went into stalls next to each other and lifted my skirt and pulled down my panyhose and panties together to below my knees and sat to do my thing as i heard tanya let out a big fart to which she said sorry girl,but you know how it is and we both laughed as i started to poop out last nights tacos and my morning eggs with a few grunts and farts and man did that room start to stink between the two of us girls,i heard Tanya pee for a few seconds and then go hear comes another one and heard the plop and i was doing about the same,our co-worker marcy went into the stall on my right and said you guys stink,i heard her pee with a hi pitched fart and she yelled ah f??k and said she got some bllod on her self pulling out her tampon,This is like a typical day in the ladies room at my job.

Hi all! I'm real sorry I haven't posted in a while it's just that I've been real busy. Well, I know i promised you guys a couple of stories, and since I have a few minutes of spare time, I think I'll post them. Hmmm. The first story I'll tell will be about the first time I pooped with a friend of mine (also female) and actually talk about it. Let's see, I was about 15 at the time (i'm 19 now) and it was a friday night. My friend sarah was over at my house and we were eating popcorn and watching silly teenage girl movies, the likes of which i forget right now. Anyway, it was about 7 when I felt the urge to poop. I stood up and pressed pause on the vcr, stood and said, "i've gotta go to the bathroom now if you'll please excuse me." Sarah just giggled and said ok. I went into the basement bathroom, just a few feet from the couch and closed the door. It was then that I realized it was rather quiet in the house, what with the video being paused and all. Anyway, I pulled my jeans and panties down to my ankles, pulled open the top seat and sat down on the toilet. I sat there for a couple of seconds and then started peeing. When I was done, I leaned forward slightly to prepare for the poop. I let out a couple of soft farts, (I don't think sarah heard them) and then sat there. I pushed slightly and felt a rather large piece of poop slowly moving towards my butt. I kept a constant pressure for a couple of minutes and the tip of the poop was finally begining to push its way out, when I heard a knock on the door. It was sarah and she said in a hushed voice, "janine? where do you keep the popcorn, I want to make some more." So i stopped the poop and shouted back through the door "it's in the cupboard on the right." I heard her leave and start looking through the cupboard. (we have a mini kitchen in my basement) So, assuming she would not bother me anymore I began pushing and accidentally let out a loud fart along with a fairly audible grunting noise. Oops! I felt my face go kind of red, and I stopped pushing for a sec, with the poop hanging out of my butt. I waited a couple of seconds then continued pushing it slowly out until it plopped in the water. I knew I wasn't done yet though, so I grabbed a magazine from off the top of the toilet and began to look through it. All of the sudden there was a knocking on the door. Sarah said in an anxious sort of voice, "uh...janine? are you almost done, i kinda have to go too." I sat back and said "um...not really." "are you pooping? you've been in there almost ten minutes." I looked at my watch and indeed, she was right. I explained that i was almost done and that it usually takes me about 15 minutes, could she make it? She said she would wait. I pushed out 2 more rather lengthy turds as fast as I could, which is not that fast as it took me another ten minutes. I wiped my butt 4 times and flushed the 3 large pieces of poop away. I washed my hands and went outside. Sarah laughed and said "finally!" and rushed in the bathroom. I said "beware the smell!" and she just laughed and said "i've made much worse. In fact, I might make it even worse right now!" I was slightly excited and she opened the door and asked if i wanted to go in with her! I declined as I didn't really feel comfortable watching another person poop. I went over and sat on the couch and she came out about 15 minutes later. I heard the toilet flush twice and when the door opened a rather foul smell entered the tv area of my basement. "boy, we sure stunk it up in there!" i said. She replied, "yep. We just spent the last half-hour pooping! It's funny! I can't believe we're talking about this!" We then sat and talked for about 20 minutes about pooping, it was so fun! We discussed experiences in public and outside, although we didn't really have much to share. It's so nice having a pooping friend. Sarah is my friend still today and we still have "pooping sessions" and talk about it somewhat. Well, I've gotta go. Actually, I do kinda have to crap. Talk to you later. peace and love to all

Glad to be of service! Of course, respect may be hard to achieve if you continue to yell. Now, I may not have been here long, but have you just tried just talking to your mom about her attitude towards pooping every day? A simple protest, not yelling, may solve your problem. Yellinmg should only be used as a last resort, which at the time was OK. Doesn't Melanie already know she is not alone? Before I forget (again), here is one of my personal tips to help during constipation (although you have enough help already): take some tp and blow your nose really hard while pushing out with your butt. Steph, you may benefit from this as well. Best of luck to you, Mel. *gives another sympathetic hug*

Hi everyone; and a happy St Swithun's Day from Winchester! Greetings to Nicky F.; hope you'll post again soon with more stories of your "fertilisation activities". I like the way your sense of humour comes through in your postings. Ryan (13): what's the size of the biggest turd you've ever done? Bridget: I'm so happy you're still around; you've always been one of my favourite posters and your stories about observing your boyfriend were the best. Any others to report? If we knew each other, I'd let you watch me dump anytime you liked, assuming you'd want to, that is! Last weekend I had an unusual experience. Since it was so hot here, I decided I would make a day trip to Studland Beach in Dorset, England, not far from where I live. (To non-UK readers: yes you heard the name correctly--can you believe it?) Anyway, this beach is pretty remote and secluded and is preserved in its natural state by the National Trust. It is a clothing-optional beach and it is used by straights, gays and families who are comfortable enough with the nudity. Anyway, here's the best part: there are absolutely no toilet facilities! People either hold it all day (impossible) or they climb up behind the nearby sand dunes and pee or poo in the trees there (very possible but privacy is not guaranteed). I sunbathed for awhile then felt the need to dump. I climbed up and went into the trees and started walking down the paths to find a suitable spot. There were two guys ahead of me in their late teens, it seemed. They both happened to be naked and they turned around and saw me (I was nude too). OK I won't mention that again in case it upsets the moderators. I broke the ice and asked them if they were looking for a toilet. "There aren't any" they both said. "We've been here before and you just have to do your stuff up here. We both need a shit actually" I told them I needed one too and they led the way to where they thought the best place was. It was great; all three of us squatted down and did a dump. Mine came out as one big long snake about 2 in. wide and 14 in. long. My two new friends both had to strain a little. One guy passed a few small clumps, then a nice firm 6 in. log, very dark brown, then a snake of looser shit. His friend was in agony with his face red and contorted and his eyes squinted shut and eventually I could see a huge brown log hanging behind his penis and balls (we were all facing each other). Eventually, with a huge "aahhh", it fell from his bum. A good foot-long "transatlantic cable", as big turds are referred to here! I think the fact that all of us were in an unusual situation (no toilets and no clothes) released our inhibitions and enable us to just get on with doing a dump together. I wished the two guys well (they said they both lived in nearby Bournemouth) and we went our separate ways. I did see them later on the beach. It seemed as if everyone, young and old, including whole families with young kids, were stealing up there apparently to piss and shit at various times during the afternoon. The atmosphere is free and easy and everyone just enjoys themselves. Since the beach is never super-crowded like Bournemouth,there doesn't seem to be much of a problem with too many turds lying around. But taking a shit outside (preferably with friends) is one of the best pleasures one can have. Anyone have anything similar to report? 'Bye for now. Daniel

This happened when I was 15. I was at my friend's house when I had to use the toilet, I was taking a healthy one. The next thing I knew, my friend's sister walked in on me. Instead of leaving, she stood there with her mouth open wide and watched me. When I finished she told me not to leave. I wanted to know why, so I asked her. She replied she saw me and was only being fair. What happened next I'll never forget. She asked me to come into her room with her. She took off her pants and underwear and and layed down on the floor. She spread her legs and smiled at me. All of the sudden her bedroom door opened. I looked over and Tom, my friend was standing in the doorway and asked what we were doing. Sarah, his sister, said that I was the one to ask her to strip for me. I tried to interject but he threw me out of his house. He hasn't talked to me since. *I have talked to his sister though.*

To Anne (the British bus driver).......I meant to ask you this before, but which way were you facing when you did a poo in front of that Rugby team? They would have copped an eyefull if you were facing towards them!!!! :-)

Hugh G.
The boot camp post reminded me of an experience from fifth grade. I suppose this was an attempt to frighten us into becoming law-abiding citizens. Anyway, our school took us to the city jail for a tour. Of course, all the expected dregs of humanity were there, shouting at us from their cells, making cat-calls at the girls, and leaving all sorts of graffiti (usually aimed at the city police) for all to see. The boys all thought the jail was pretty neat, so maybe the school's plan wasn't such a good idea after all. I remember the bathrooms vividly. Each cell was equipped with a seatless, stainless steel toilet. Now, THOSE must have been cold in the winter. In order to prevent prisoners from hoarding water and flooding the cell, the flush valve would only dispense one flush per hour. Then came the solitary confinement cells. These had rubber walls, a steel door with a small window, and a small skylight in the ceiling, which was 10 feet high and covered by bars. No toilet here. Instead, there was a steel grate, which resembled a storm drain in the street. The bars were far enough apart so that a solid turd would fall through while leaving only a few skid marks. These would sit in the pipe below the grate, stinking up the cell, until it was "flushed" automatically every fifteen minutes. Now, those were efficient toilets! Rection.

David W
To Mark B of the U.K., fanny and hiney are polite terms for ass or bottom. They are usually used when an adult needs to discipline a small child in presence of others, or if you don't want your young child to learn any profanity at that early of an age. An example is "You are going to get a swat on the fanny if you don't behave." I knew instantly what adults meant when I was the recipient of such a warning.

I have been interested in seeing a woman wet her pants in public for years. Although rare it is. I was driving through town one day and I saw this one woman standing inside a store-way next to a busy tavern. The store was closed, and I could plainly see that she, the woman standing in the glass-way had soaked the genes she had on. I felt sorry for her as she stood there trying to hide her accident. She had a horrifying look on her face when she saw that I noticed it when I drove by. My second siting, however was not an accident. I was at the Saint Louis V.P. Fair one year in July, when a friend and I were sitting on a ledge wall on the landing near the boats tide to the rivers edge. It was a warm morning and it was starting to drizzle a little as we sat their. We heard one of the fair officials announce over the P.A. that the air show was to start after the front moved on. I sat there enjoying the cool drops of rain and a cool little breeze the came with the front. I notice this woman walking up from the levy. She was wearing a pair of light colored blue genes and something caught my eye. She sat up onto the levy wall, legs spread dangling down below, I noticed this dark patch in the crouch of her pants. I looked up at her and saw she was looking right at my friend and I with a smile on her face. She waved at us from across the road-way and then looked down at the crouch of her pants. I looked on as I saw the wet patch grow larger in size and very soon their was a darken stream of pee running down the rock wall she was sitting on. Mind you, this wasn't just for our benefit, everyone who walked by stopped and noticed her display. The front of the wall below the crouch of her pants was soaked with her pee and her crouch glistened as I watched her relieve herself in front of us. I was shocked but some what turned on by the hole thing as well. When she finished, she jumped down from the ledge, waved and walked on about the fair, the inside of her thighs and the back of her genes were soaking wet as she walked about all the fair goers to see. Oh well thought I'd let you have this. By the way I tried it myself one day out fishing at a secluded lake. It was hot and I had a few beers in me, so I just let it go in the pair of cut-off shorts I had on. It felt so cool as I stood there peeing in my pants and I watched as it splattered onto the ground. It was a hot day and the sun soon dried me off. I still do it when im out fishing, but never in public. Any ladies out there to share some impute with me on this subject. Rob, from Saint Louis, MO.

Thursday, July 15, 1999

John C., We are taught as children that going to the bathroom is a private experience and dirty, so if I had the chance to see an ass opening up and dropping a load I;d watch for sure. Mickey, great story keep them coming.

TO MIKE-Interesting story about pooing on the park bench,sounded like you had to go pretty badTO MILISSA-See, i told you the fruit would work.Doesn't it feel great to just sit down and just push slightly and you anus opens up and the poo slides out nice and smooth!It's the way it's supposed to be.I have poos like that every day and sometime twice a day when i'm exercising or biking.I hope you enjoy it as much as i.Keep me posted,milissa!BYE

Tiny Girl
Leslie-Loo, I must say that I can sort of relate to your boyfriend being uncomfortable about you watching him use the bathroom. I was that way, and I suppose that I still am that way sometimes, but my fiance (now) has allowed me to watch him several times, so I felt that it was only fair that I allowed him to watch me. But this is how I make myself feel a little better about it.... Instead of allowing him to just stand there and watch me go, I make him wipe me and flush when I am finished.:-) That actually makes it easier for me because it keeps him occupied and he's not just standing there staring...which would make me very uncomfortable. So, maybe you can convince your boyfriend to do the same thing. Help him realize that you will also be taking part in the activity. That is...if you don't mind wiping him, etc. But I imagine that since you can't even get him to say the words, you may have a long journey to go just yet. Just be patient.

Hi all! Last weekend I was on the Loveparde in Berlin. (1.5 million people party together outdoors with more than 50 giant music trucks in a long convoy). During the hours more and more people need to go to toilet. Along the truck-route are really many DIXI_s (the german version of a port-o-let) - but large quantities of people use the wood around (Tiergarten) for a quick pee. During my staying there I saw at least 100 males and 50 girls peeing in this wood. ...and so the wood becomes an unisex toilet - 95% of the males and 70% of the females there have no problem to pee next to a person of the opposite sex (at least on this day). I even saw one girl pee standing and another girl (around 25 y/o) did a shit really next to me (only 3,5 meters away). First I haven´t realised what she´s doing .... OK, I saw her squatting there... and she was sitting and sitting.... suddlenly I saw that she was doing some small turds. The first was 15 cm long the next around 10 cm and the third one was only a small piece 2 cm long. She used only one piece of paper and went back to the party in the main street. You all should come next year to Berlin and check it out. Bye, Ferris.

Eric M.
Hi, Bill. I'm glad to read that your wife was able to watch you go. You wrote that she saw you through the mirror and seemed "nervous" about the whole thing, but she clearly wanted to watch. Maybe this will lead to bigger and better things?....... About my reaction when I've seen Steph on the toilet, all I can say is that it's an "exciting" reaction and to elaborate any further would be in violation of the site's guidelines. Clue: I had trouble pointing into the toilet to pee after my reaction to seeing her go. Melissa, my sister (Alex) couldn't have said it better, just try to hang in there and give Melanie the love, comfort, and support she needs. I can see by the last few posts that you have a lot of friends, female and male, who are trying to make you feel better, and in turn help your sister get over this thing. You can count me among them! Last, but not least, to try to lighten things up a bit, there were several posts from girls, young women actually, who have posted about their fantasy, male "toilet partners." Women I wouldn't mind seeing on the toilet include, and this is in no order of preference: Sandra Bullock (the actress), Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez (musicians), and Mia Hamm, the US Women's soccer player. I hope this isn't too out of line, but since some women have fantasized about the Backstreet Boys and others, I think it's only fair that I have my say :-). No harm or disrespect to anyone intended. Later, Eric M.

Hi Melissa. I haven't read the posts for the last couple of days; my friends just called me and told me that I've "gotta read your last post." I just read it and, if there was any way I could wrap my arms around you and your sister and tell both of you how much I feel for what both of you are going through, I'd do so. Bravo to Melanie for throwing out those laxatives. Let me sound like a "broken record" and say that nobody should be forced to take laxatives. My guess would be that your grandmother (mother's mother) conditioned your mother into being required to have a *daily* BM, even if that meant the continued use of laxatives, and she has passed on that behavior and mentality to both of you. Even so, it is unacceptable and, as most of us know, "regular" use of laxatives can make it even harder for one to go regularly without the aid of one. I will put myself on the line and argue that, along with many "illegal" drugs and nicotine, laxatives are addictive and can cause dependence. I'm happy to read that your last two dumps were easier than usual. Fruit, which is high in fiber, can help one go when binded up. You and Melanie have all my love, thoughts, and prayers :) Bill, as I've mentioned before, Eric and I are very close and, paradoxically, can both go in front of each other as if it's no "big deal" and yet be excited and stimulated by it at the same time. I hope you and your wife are able to go in front of each other; Eric told me about his posting, which has not yet (as of the time of my posting) been posted on here. Peace and love to all, Steph

Hey Laaaayyydies!!!!Whats up everyone??? I was playing basketball in the park yesterday and this girl probably 11-12 ran thru the court while we were playing and one of my friends didnt see her i guess so as he was driving the lane he plowed her down, and she shit everywhere!!!She got up and ran again before anyone even had time to say anything, I felt sorry for her, but We all just walked off to find something else to do, cuz everyone knows it isnt shoe healthy to play basketball on a court w/ a puddle of Diarrhea.... We ended up Golfing, and one of my friends is now doing 3 days of course service, the dumbass pissed in the Cup(I got a 26 if anyone here is hardcore golf, In other words, I suck!!) Torie, Babe, Whats up??? Glad you finally sh*t!Wouldve loved to be there, but Oh well!I finnally sh*t this morning when i got home from summer school, which is now over, I shat about 2 foot of soft skinny turds that reeked fairly bad and just kept coming and coming!!By online G/f(I cant tell my mom, LOL, I might not get my car anymore LOL!!!)By everyone, and on one last note, Get Relief, Not Sex, Relief is just as good and there is no chance of Relief Transmitted Diseases, and Im sure Relief is better than sex, You can get Relief more than twice a week, and Finnaly You can share Relief with a partner of the opposite sex, or 5 or 6 without being considered Crooked!!!!Cya everyone

First of all a huge thank you and many kisses to all my friends who have shown so much support for Melanie.

To George (Scotland) - Do you know what is really weird? This "Thing" with our toilet habits is about the only criticism we can put against our mom. Like I said, she didn't get upset at the fact that either Melanie or myself had big time accidents - I'm sure many moms would at least say something. But I think you were right on, Melanie told her (by her actions) that her personal space demanded and deserved respect and in turn mom was NOT earning our respect by her behavior. By the way my dad is a saint and to be honest I'm not at all sure he is fully aware of what mom is up to when he is not around. But that's another story and no, please don't worry, you didn't touch on a sore point. George - my love and best wishes to you.

To Torie - Are you lucky - maybe your mom can give our mom some lessons. Your mom gave you a choice, which means respect. (Are you and George (Scotland) comparing notes?). By the way, I think the thing that made our mom really freak out was Melanie screaming the word S**t at her - several times. That word is definitely frowned upon in our household. Poo or poop is the accepted expression. I think that's one of the reasons I love your posts, by my standards your language is kinda naughty at times. And yes I will try a suppository or maybe a water enema if I get really constipated and I will certainly take your advice and wait until the last possible moment. I love you Torie - take care.

Alex - You make an excellent point. Melanie and I have never discussed these things in detail other than making the odd comment about mom's interference. Also you have probably given me the clue as to how to get the conversation going - my experiences. In a way the great thing is that Melanie actually broke down and told me the story, that means the ice is broken, and maybe it will be easy to keep the conversation going. I promise to try and I will let you know. Great idea Alex - you're a wonderful person, all my love.

Cammy - Yes I will give Melanie a big hug (And you have been comparing notes with Alex) to show her support. I am assuming you mean that I am the "Other ball" in her court. You are right, I have plenty of experience and I am certainly in the best position to understand what she has been going through. I think the secret is to let her know she is not alone in being treated this way. I am hoping that mom just backs off. If she does I think we will have established some kind of mutual respect and that at least is a good new start. I love you Cammy - and thanks for your concern.

Finally to Jay Brown - Jay, as promised I have tried to give you some ideas about "Buddy dumping". You don't say whether you want your buddy to be male or female - or maybe you want buddies of both sexes. I'm not an expert on how a man might approach another man but I have some ideas how a woman might be approached - all from a woman's perspective of course.

So let's assume you would like a woman as a buddy. It goes without saying of course that someone you know and with whom you already have an established friendship will be much easier to deal with.

The first problem is to find out if your friend is willing.

Of course the obvious approach is to simply ask and the way to make this approach work is simply to wait for, or create, the appropriate situation.
Your girl friend has a ???? upset - ask her if there is any way you can help. Make some suggestions - does she have everything she needs? Is there anything you can get for her? She may invite you in or she may slam the door shut or say no. If she slams it shut or says no then take that as a NO! If she invites you in then talk to her, then fuss over her and show concern for her discomfort.

You are out on a trip and she needs the restroom - if there are none around, suggest a secluded spot. Offer to watch out for other people for her. Stay close to her and watch her reactions. Does she definitely indicate she doesn't want you to see. If so then walk away and give her some privacy. If she is happy to have you there with her then don't just stare at her - talk to her normally and engage in conversation. If she is doing a poop and has to push hard or strain then offer to hold her hand. Offer to rub her ???? or squat beside her and put your arm around her - any way to offer comfort and security. Make sure you keep watch for others as you originally promised. Once she has finished, ask her if she feels better.

You can take the lead by inviting her to your house. Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. Leave the door open just a little. An open door always means an invitation to come in. Find an excuse to call to her for help. By previously getting rid of the toilet tissue you have an excuse to ask her to get some and bring it to you. If she comes to the door, pushes the toilet roll through the gap and shuts the door - you have your answer. If she stays behind the door and offers the toilet roll through the gap then maybe she is a little unsure but she isn't simply rejecting you. Tell her you can't reach, tell her she can bring it in if she wants. If she refuses - again you have your answer. If she comes in then again start a conversation - just pretend everything is normal. And finally thank her for her help, support and concern afterwards. Tell her you enjoyed her company. Tell her you enjoyed the experience.

You can also do the outdoor toilet trick yourself by getting her to help you. Again ask her to look out for strangers for you. If she stands too far away then start a conversation and try and get her to come to you. Ask her if she has any tissue in her pocket book. Tell her you think you can see someone - you will just have to be creative. Just don't make it too obvious and don't be too insistent. Thank her again and let her know how much you appreciate her support. The thing to remember if you would like a woman to do a poop in front of you there has to be a reason for her to do it. Most of the reasons concern her need for some of the following: Security - maybe she is afraid of something whether it's the dark, being interrupted by strangers etc. etc. Companionship - similar to security but maybe she needs just a little extra confidence and support, Empathy - maybe she is in some pain or discomfort and she is looking for support and sympathy.

The first message here is that no matter whether you are looking for a male or female buddy you need to find out whether they are willing and you must give them the option to gracefully decline. The second message is that situations may motivate a person to encourage you to be with them when they go to the bathroom. In other words there has to be a benefit to the other person. Also remember that if you take the lead and let her watch you it, lets her know you have no hang ups and you consider it perfectly normal. It probably won't change her mind if it's already made up, but if she's undecided it may just tip it in your favor. After all - if you can poop in front of her then she will probably feel it's O.K. for her to poop in front of you.

Incidentally I have written this all from a woman's perspective but I suspect that the two major issues of willingness and mutual benefit would apply to a man wanting another man. Jay, I really hope this helps just a little, please let me know how things work out, I would really love to know. All the best - Melissa

When nature calls … part one - toilets with toilets When nature's calls are turning into a desperate scream, I don't really care about where I pee. In other words, I don't care about the sanitary standards of the facility. This is much worse than it sounds. Americans are probably imagining a toilet stall with no door, no paper seat cover, no pink soap in the dispenser and the permeating smell of pee. Now remember your most terrible porta-potty experience EVER and multiply the 'disgusting' level to the power of 11. You see, I live in Russia. Most of you never having visited my vast and (once)-mighty nation will not be aware of Russian toilet habits. So, I shall attempt to enlighten you, after which you will appreciate (if you don't already) every moment you spend on the toilets of your beautiful bathrooms, be they in Paris, San Francisco or Moose Jaw. Well, where to start? As in many countries, Russia has various types of public toilet. First, there is the toilet with a toilet. Except in expensive Euro-standard establishments, toilets never have seats, not in the men's, not in the ladies.' Strangely, lack of aim and lack of seat go hand-in-hand (you'd think we'd develop our aiming skills under such conditions, but no). The toilet rim (and sometimes the floor and the wall, if a previous user had uncontrollable anal explosions) are most often covered in poo. As in the US, toilets are usually in 'stalls' with or without doors … with one difference. The stalls are divided by chest-high walls (and doors, if there are such). So when you enter a public toilet you are greeted by the clenched and concentrating physiognomies of those squatting over the bowl. When I do/see this, I always feel like a cat crouching in a litter box. It's dehumanizing. Paper. When we got perestroika, we also got toilet paper … sometimes and sort of. Russian toilet paper will take the paint off your house and scratch a diamond. There's also another type with the texture of wax paper. Doesn't get the job done, just sort of smears it around. You can find toilet paper in Russian public toilets (remember, we're talking about the ones with toilets here) about 50-60 percent of the time in a big city like St. Petersburg. I don't know about the farther reaches of the empire and don't want to. Toilet paper does not go into the toilet, but into a basket by the toilet (yuck!), or most often right onto the floor (double yuck). Most people don't even flush toilet paper at home, preferring the basket scenario. However, they use their toilet to flush just about everything else (!!) from dirty water after washing the floor, to plates of uneaten spaghetti, to G*D only knows what. The Russian word for toilet "unitaz" (multi-purpose basin) reflects this. Sometimes instead of toilet paper there are cut up squares of newspaper (or in university bathrooms, pages torn out of notebooks, yesterday's chemistry homework) but most often, there is just nothing and if you forgot to bring your own, you are out of luck. Soap, paper towels, hand driers and other doodads. Forget about it. This is the best version of Russian public toilet, comparable to a deserted American gas station bathroom. Stay tuned for more.

First, I'll admit to something --- when I was young, I was kind of a desperate voyeur. I always wanted to see a girl pee out of total fascination. One day at the kindergarten loo (which was, btw, unisex), I saw a girl enter a cubicle. Being the voyeur I was, and being tall for my age, I reached over the cubicle door to see....and what I saw totally amazed me. She was standing towards the side of the toilet, her back facing me. The front of her skirt was lifted, her panties pulled to one side, and she was peeing an arc straight into the bowl! I left before she finished for fear of being seen, but what I saw was really an eye-opener. Before that, I had never known girls could relieve themselves standing. after that sighting, well, I know it is all too possible.

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