Like the others here I fully support Melissa and Melanie against their Nazi control freak mother. Stick to your guns girls, nobody should force medication on you at that age. My mother was strict and if I was naughty I got smacked, (at least until I was about 12 or so, after that grounding or other sanctions were used), however Mum would NEVER have made me take laxatives, apart from the gentle lubricant Liquid Parafin (mineral oil) which we both did use when absolutely necessary, such medicines as Senokot, Cascara, Syrup of Figs, Epsom Salts were NEVER in our medicine cabinet. Mum never took these, and didnt given them to me, mild constipation which we both had from time to time was just a non event, it happened, it relieved itself after a day or two and all we did was drink more water, or eat more fruit or veg if needed, or if obstinate, took some Liquid Parafin which eased the passing of a solid motion. Like a lot of women my mother was always slightly constipated anyway, it! seems to be the default condition with many women, especialy if they have had children, and she passed some good solid jobbies. So girls, as others have said, take control of your own bodies, only take medication if YOU feel you will be better for it or on the directions of a Doctor. Torie's mum had the right idea, give her daughter the CHOICE to take laxatives or not, having no doubt explained what such medicines do and their unpleasent side effects.

Ryan, each to their own, but what is the problem about sitting on the toilet seat in someone's house. I can see why some people object to doing so in a Public toilet, these can be very dirty, but most people keep their own toilet and its seat clean. When I was a teenager the idea of using a mate's toilet at his house and knowing that his sisters or his mother had sat on it and done their jobbies gave me a buzz not a turn off, but as I said, different strokes for different folks. I can vividly remember when I was about 14 and I had gone home with a schoolmate called Brian. His sister Joanne aged 16 had used the toilet and did a lovely big jobbie which had stuck in the pan. I needed a motion myself and the sensation of buddy dumping my own turd on top of hers and sitting on a toilet seat still warm from her ???? bum (butt) was exquisite. Im sure other readers have enjoyed doing this!

During this recent warm spell in the UK I have noticed that my stools are a bit harder, solid balls and egg shaped turds to start then big fat logs and the sound effects have been marvellous , "PLOONK! KAPLONK! SPLONK! then KUR-SPLOONK! KUR-SPLOOSH!" Yesterday I was sitting in the toilet were I am working, there are three cubicles, (stalls), [that's another equivalent expression for George's list ]. Anyway, I used the middle stall and did my jobbies as described above. It being just after lunch two other blokes came in as I was sitting there and I could listen to their performance, both passing what sounded like good solid motions. One had it quite easy, passing one single turd with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" the other chap had a bit of a struggle, lots of "UH! and EH! and NNN! sounds punctuated with "PLOP! and PLONK! and KERSPLOONK! KURSPLONK!" sounds. My only regret was that I wasn't sitting in a unisex toilet with two women doing their motions next to me.

Andrews post reminds me that alot of women in the states do not seem the least bit shy about doing their business were ever. A while back I was at a park that is at the edge of a runway at a busy airport in the states. I have always been an aviation buff and I go there a few times a month to watch and listen on my 2-way radio to the big commercial jets. next to this area is a large soccer field. One morning a bunch of women (50 or so) were wrapping up a game when I arrived to take my spot for bird watching. I was standing there near my car looking at one of those graceful aluminum machines take off when all the sudden a hord of women came my way and began to gather around their cars near me. They were all very nicely built atheletic ladies, so I could not help to turn and look. Just as I did, several of them squatted down next to their cars braced themselves up against the side of their vehicles, pulled their shorts down to their knees and let it flow. There was so much water that I had to move my car to avoid getting caught in the middle of the stream if you know what I mean. They just ignored me and any one else who happened to be around. One other time in this same park during a hot summer, I had come out early to watch the airshow. A very attractive lady pulled up next to me in an old beat up car. She got out and she was waring a string bakini. I just pretended to ignor her and whatch the planes. She came up to me and said, you look like someone I can trust. I said excuse me. She said she really needed to go bad and If I could healp her out with finding a place to go. I said, you can go out to the main road and turn right and go about 10 min. to the service station. She said, No!, please, I can't. hold it any longer. I said OK, is it a one or two you gotta do. Two, 2, she said. I then opened her car door, hooked the seat belt to the door handle, and told her to sit on the belt srap. Befor I could even get the belt tightly hooked and turn the other way, she had her piece of cloth off her but and was sitting on the belt hammok style. I had to hold the door in a manner that made it impossible to turn my body around. I could not avoid seeing her backside and seeing a huge log sliding out. Although the turd was large, she did a rather fast motion. It was brownish / green, and simi-soft. When she finished, I told her to squat down next to her car and I got a rag out of the trunk of mine for her to wipe her but. She did and before I could get her name or number, she got back in her clunker and burned rubber outta dodge. You know, the ladies that come to that park are more interesting than the planes. Safe flying folks!

Hi guys! I had a kewl experience tonite. s you all know my main interest with all this stuff is seeing/hearing guys go. Anyway...tonite I was at my boyfriend of 3 months house. (He is 17 I am 16) His room has a bathroom connected to it. So he said he was going to the bathroom...since he walked into the bathroom and did not close the door I thought he was just going to pee - he usually closes the door if he is going to take a dump. Then I saw him undoing his belt...I was like thinkin wow this is kewl! Then he just sat down and took a 15 minute dump. I was sitting on his bed "reading a magazine" Little did he know I was watching the whole time! He looked so cute sittin there with his pants down. =) First he just sat there reading his Rolling Stone...then he let out like three logs...then peed...then wiped like 5 times. He did look at the paper each time....I don't know how people know they are clean if they don't look...I mean you don't have to put it on a microscope...just look real quick like he did. When he was done he had this air freshener stuff. He kinda over did it...but that's ok. I noticed something I never saw anyone do before...he sprayed the air freshener all around the room...then this is the weird part....he also sprayed some into the toilet bowl! Does anyone else do this...or has anyone seen someone do this.

Melissa~ Congrats to your sis!

Matt, NY~ I like your stories...keep em coming! Where is the lake you go to? I go to a lake in New Hampshire sometimes. About the jet skiing....I have a friend with a jet ski thing and he says he always has to go after he gets off...maybe they are just like that? Do u usually hafta go after u jetski?

Bill~ It seems like your wife is quite interested in your bathroom habits! Perhaps you should invite her to go in with you the next time you take a dump...good luck!

Ryan 13 male~ hi! I have a few ?'s for you. Why did you not want to sit on your friend's toilet?? DO his sisters disgust you that much? If so....why are you so disgusted by them? Are they fat or something?

Well...I gots to be going now...Bye! ~Krista~

Jeff A.
Melissa: I love your stories! You have a tenderness that hits me just right. Also, you seem like someone I'd like to know as a friend, and your honesty is as refreshing as a cold beer on a hot day! I understand all the cruelties that people can inflict on each other, and can identify with your poor sister's predicament. On the bright side however, here's a parking spot with wonderful people! Ain't we all the best??!!! I cain't help my southern roots, (or metaphors), but I been busier than a one legged man in a ass-kickin' contest! George: I really enjoyed your dictionary of Euro / American terminology. browsing the list, and all the words we use with each other, on the Euro side, I think I like 'Jobbie' and 'Motion' the best. I can't remember if 'Back Passage' was on the list, but I really love that one! Buzzy, Dazz, and Torie, I also like your stories alot. Anyway, I'll stop and park when I get the time to turn the engine off for awhile. P.S- my birthday is next week. I should have plenty of good stories about that party!!! Dead heads will be coming out of the woodwork! Also, more interesting stories about the doorless stall situation at work. Love Y'all!!! J.

George, Thanks for the list of transatlantic tranlations. What if the organisers of this website kept a permanent 'toilet thesaurus' as a menu option so we all know what we are talking about? I have always found the use of 'fanny' very confusing, and 'pants' which sometimes means what I call underpants and sometimes means trousers. It's still as exciting when you need to poo in them and can't hold it in, whatever you call them. John C, what's a 'Hiney'? I've never heard that word. Is it an abbreviation of 'hindquarters'? Mark B

That and ametric, imperial calculator probably should go in the FAQ.

Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Hi everybody. I haven't posted in a few months. I was recently visiting friends and the recent post on what bus-drivers do when they need to go reminded me of something I saw. I was on a Greyhound bus, and the driver pulled off the road at the side of the highway. He quickly walked to the back of the bus, grinning, and saying "when you gotta go you gotta go." Other passengers seemed pretty supportive, making comments like, "That's right." I agree- I'd much rather my bus driver stop to relieve himself, than have him hold it and cause an accident from being distracted! For those not familiar with Greyhound busses, they have a toilet stall in the rear. He came out a minute later and we continued with only a 2-3 min. delay.

A week earlier, I was on the BART (subway in San Francisco), and saw something pretty surprising, though I guess it might not be so uncommon. There was a family across the aisle- two parents, a three-year old boy, and an infant. They were carrying a LOT of stuff- suitcases, a two-kid stroller, and a potty, amoung other baggage. I would hate to have to carry so much on the subway, with all the crowds. I'd be afraid of dropping something or losing a kid. Anyway- after a while on the subway, the mom set down the three-year-old on his feet on the floor, set up the potty, and proceeded to put the boy on the potty. She pulled his pants and underpants down to his ankles, and told him to use the potty. I guess he did; at that age you do what you're told. He sat there for a minute and his mom asked him if he was done, and he nodded yes and stood up. She pulled up his underpants and pants, closed the lid on the potty, and packed it up again into the stroller. The boy didn't look bashful about it, and the mother was perfectly matter of fact and ignored all the other subway riders through the whole procedure. They got off after a few more minutes. I just hope nobody jostled the potty too much on the subway platform.. And I hope the three-year-old doesn't remember this and become traumatized when he's older. I think one of my very first memories is of trying to use a urinal when I was about three...

To Coprologist - I'm glad my postings helped you find an easier way to poop, it's always a great feeling knowing that I've helped a friend. I must give credit to Steph however who gave me a lot of advice and motivated me to look into pooping positions more closely. I was also interested to read that you used to lean back to poop. I have found that leaning back actually makes pooping more difficult for me. In fact if I get constipated and my poop is so large and hard that it hurts my hole, I lean back because I find in that position my ring is not being encouraged to open. For that reason, leaning back is a good position for me to squeeze and try to ease the pain in my ring.

To Buzzy - Well I'm not sure but maybe the pineapple diet is working, we'll just have to wait and see what happens over the long term. Anyway this morning, as soon as I got out of bed, I felt the urge to take a poop building up. Now this was only two days after my last poop, bear in mind my normal wait is three or even four days. I got to the bathroom lifted up the long tee shirt I wear in bed and sat down on the toilet. To my amazement almost straight away I felt my poop come down, open my butt and slide out with a single long beautifully smooth flow. I finished peeing, which is again unusual because normally all my pee is long gone well before my poop even starts to come out. Having finished, I wiped my self and went downstairs to get some breakfast. Then to my amazement about 15 minutes later I felt the urge to poop come on once more - I couldn't believe it. Now to the downstairs bathroom and once more, almost as soon as I sit on the toilet, I feel the pressure build inside and my little hole opens up once more. This time two smooth poops one after the other splash noisily into the water and that nice satisfying empty feeling fills my lower ????. So maybe the high water content of the fruit is making me go more often - we'll see, and I'll let you know. Lots of love to all my friends - Melissa.

Thanks Sparky and others for the corrections on the English to American terminology. I am aware that an enema is the injection of fluid into the lower bowel to either aleviate constipation or to introduce some medication, but I had read several American books, stories, etc which applied it, wrongly or otherwise, to a suppository, which I was also aware is a solid bullet shaped medication inserted into the rectum for the same reasons. Anyway, thanks again and if a database of such expressions and equivalents can be built up we can all understand each other better.

Melissa, and your sister Melanie. GOOD FOR HER!!!!! I dont care if she is your mother, even parents cannot DEMAND respect they too have to EARN it and she has lost it big time from what you say. Personally, I would have secretly put a large dose of laxative in HER food and let her suffer, though my lawyer wife Moira, while agreeing with this sentiment, tells me that such an action could legally constitute an assault against the person. Anyway, mother or not, she is obviously a control freak and a bully and your sister was right to tell her exactly what she thought of her and throw the laxatives away. You are both old enough to be able to look after own bodies. So its quite clear to me, stick to your guns and refuse to take any medicines which have not been prescribed for a definite "real" illness by a properly qualified physician. I must contrast this fascist behavior of your mother with that of my guardian Aunt Helen who was kindness itself, although she did ensure that her two daughters and myself were brought up properly with due regard for other people and their property etc. Likewise Moira's parents were reasonable in the way they brought her and her brother up and didnt bully them. By the way, you dont mention a father in your postings, is he around? If so what does he think of your mother's dictatorial behaviour? (If I have touched on an unhappy topic regarding your father, I apologise). Anyway, good luck to you and Melanie. Stand your ground! To adapt an old saying "DONT keep taking the tablets!"

The Crank
To Bryian:"A Perfect World" ending?Well,Kevin Costner's character was shot one by the boy and was wounded.They finally ended up in a big field and the police were conering him.He wanted to give a picture to the boy and was sticking his hand inside his shirt.the police thinking he was going to pull out a gun,shot him.He died.Touching ending. A final salute was given by the police and the show ended.

No doubt - the best site on the net love u all

Hi all! Just wanted to share this: it happened this past weekend. My wife of 16 years, walked in on me as I was about to pee, and announced that she had never watched me do it. So, somewhat nervously, I unzipped my shorts and took my penis out. She leaned over to get a better look as I began to pee into the toilet. She giggled and ran out of the bathroom, But it noticed she was still standing in the hallway where she she could watch me in the mirror. Its the first time she has ever done that, although, she knows I like to listen to her peeing and pooping. Steph, I'm glad to hear that you and Eric have shared watching and listening again, its so wonderful that you can do that with him. I know its NOT a sexual thing, but I wondered if either of you experience any excitement or physical reaction to watching the other? Have a great day!

Hi Melissa. Yes, I'm 14 years old. I remember my mother asking me if I WANTED (caps intended, she was giving me a choice) to take a laxative. She then told me that all we had were suppositories. I did have a suppository stuck up my butthole when I was about 5 or 6 for other reasons, no it wasn't a laxative. I really felt sick to my stomach and was ready to try anything to help me go so I told her "yes". Though my mother and I rarely see each other go to the bathroom, we have seen each other naked like when we're trying on clothes and stuff like that, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I ended up taking the best s**t of my life about an hour after that!!! :-) I'm sorry to hear about the way your mother treated your sister. Nobody should be forced to take laxatives. I've read that you were also forced and that's why you have some trouble going now. If you do plan to use a suppository laxative, I think you can stick it up your butt yourself, just don't plan on going anywhere for a while LOL :-) I love you Melissa! FredLimpBizkit, I finally took a c**p after almost three days. I spent about 15 minutes on the toilet. It was pretty soft (five pieces) and it stank. I wiped my a** five times. I hope you were able to go by the time you read this. Love from your "girlfriend" Torie!

Did Any one on here watch Sally Jesse Raphel on Tuesday? The show was called "Teens In Boot Camp". There were kids who went to this camp between 10-18 who were bad. They gave them a tour of were they were staying. The instructor was strict. They show them where they will be sleeping. They say was you underwear in these buckets every night. Then the bathroom was made of steel or somesort. The urinal were shaped funny so were the toilets and they had no doors on them. They had partions around them(sides).

Someone mentioned girls peeing standing! That´s not as strange as it seems many women pee standing up every day especially in the countryside of Africa and Asia . In these parts of the world the women rarely wear underwear under their skirts or dresses. This allows them to pee fully erect just by spreading their legs . It is easier to do it by parting and lifting the labia though this allows girls to pee fo re distance. A girl using this method is Sophie Rickett an artist who has peed against every wellknown building in London. Some of you have propably seen the b/w pic of her going against the Vauxhall bridge on the web. Has any girls reading this tried to pee while standing or do you have any other related experience?

Hi guys. Melissa, no problem about getting my name mixed up. I read, with tears welling in my eyes, the story about Melanie's accident. Even though I rarely take laxatives [I can count on one hand the number of times I've taken them, always of my own volition] and have never had an accident in my pants, I still feel for her. I don't know if I could ever just pull down my pants and go outside [I did pee outside with Steph a couple of times, never poop, though], regardless of how badly I had to go. It's good that she was able to confide in you after the accident. There is no reason why any 14 year old should be "forced" to divulge her (or his) bathroom habits to anyone, and should not be required to take a laxative. Please hang in there, and give Melanie the love and support she needs to get through this ordeal. I know its a difficult subject to bring up, but you should try to tell her about your difficulties in going, largely thanks to being dependent on laxatives for so long. Lots of love from Alex :)

Mel- holy shit!! What more can I say? I really feel for both you two gals. I'm glad your sister stood up for herself. You should tell her that she has another ball in her court. I really hope you three can work this out, if that's possible (hopefully). Give your sister a big hug from me, 'k? Also, you can have one yourself. Peace, sister. Cammy

Great story Dazz about pooing outside, keep them coming.

Stinky Sally
Hey everybody, anyone remember me? I just wanted to get back in here and see how everyone was doing? I really like everyones posts here and I love the stories about the real experiences that happen to everyone, espically the guys *smile* I love it, keep it comming! I had a pretty good poop myself the other day, it was pretty embarassing though. The bathroom in our basement is unfinished, heck we just started it like a week ago, but we are working on the basement and the bathroom door is like a curtin that is just suspended there to block the view. Well, the neighborhood kids were over playing with the dog and all, and my boyfriend didn't tell me that they were over, well the oldest one, a boy from the house up the street, walks in the curtan and dosen't even look at the toilet for a second, he just goes for his zipper like he has to pee, he must have scenced me there because he ran out of the bathroom really fast, I guess he saw me out of the corner of his eye. Well, they go away and I finally get done peeing, so I sit there and strike the bowl with a loud long fart. I heard a few of the boys laughing outside the curtain, it was muffeled but I still heard them. So I did my business, pushed out three big peices of doo and left it there. I figured the boys would be in there to look and to smell, so I thought I would leave them something to look at. It was kind of a turn on that I would probably give them a buzz when they saw my poop, anyone ever do something like that?

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Ryan-13 male
Hello everyone! I have a story and a question for all of you. Well last night I was spending the night at a friends house when I got a strong urge to take a dump. Me and him were the only ones awake (thank god) so I announced to him that I needed to use the bathroom before my rectum explodes. So he says "then go". When I went into his bathroom I put both the lid and seat up because I don't want to sit on other families seats. I don't even want to think about my friends two sisters butts being on there. So then I pulled my pants down and got my butt in the right postition to poop (since I was standing up) and then let out 4 logs about this size. _____ |_____| I felt much better. The whole deal took about 10 minutes. After that I wiped 1 time (I don't think that was quite enough for I have very heavy skid marks in my underpants) flushed and left. I came back in his room and said "I feel much better". Now for my 2 questions 1. How do I get my friend Brian to let me stick my finger up part of his rear end. I can't say without this not being posted. 2. You boys that are or were in Jr High tell me was there doors on the stalls in the bathrooms?

Hey Everyone...I was constipated for 2 days and this morning I really cleaned out. The first time I went I let out a good 6 inch turd and after that made about 3 more trips to the bathroom with smaller turds and lots of gas. What relief!!!!!!!!!

Those who are talking about Adam's jobbie take note, the water in teh toiet, if the jobby sinks, will magnify it making it look like it is 4 inches wide.

To Anne (the British bus driver).......thanks for your reply to my question, did satisfy my curiosity very well :) As I mentioned in my last post, I'm a truck driver and this can make things a bit hard when I need to poo as there aren't many places I can park a big truck in the city and not many toilets that are open anyway. Alot of places have a "patrons only" policy on toilet use and most public toilets in parks are either really disgusting or locked off to prevent junkies from using them as injecting rooms. Today I felt an urge to poo while I was out on the road and there wasn't anywhere near a toilet that I could park. However, I knew of a place nearby, a lookout overlooking a river and quite alot of natural bushland below it. I pulled the truck up in the carpark and being a Monday was deserted. There are lots of houses in that area but none overlooking the bushland. I locked up the truck and walked down the dirt track leading past the lookout and down to the river. After walking for a few minutes, I found a nice secluded clearing and started to undo my belt and pull my pants down to just above my knees. I squatted down, knees together and feet apart and let my sphincter relax. The poo was right there and ready to come out, it started to poke out of my bum. I didn't push at all, just letting it come out by itself and really enjoying the sensation. As it slowly slid out, I did a dribbly wee. The poo was still sliding out as I finished weeing and it felt big too!!! I felt a large peice break off and then three smaller peices follow. It would have been one large turd had that not happened. I looked below my arse and there was a seven inch long by two wide poo with a three inch long bit and two one inch chunks. I reached into my shirt pocket to get the tissues and started to wipe my bum, doing that twice and then the last drops of wee off my dick. I then stood up, pulled my pants up and tucked my shirt in as I looked again at the product of my bowels. I bent down to have a closer look and started to pick the poos apart with a stick. It was quite fascinating too, poking the stick in the poos and seeing what was inside. I saw what looked like a kernel of corn in there, which was very strange as I'd not eaten corn for some weeks!!!! I bid farewell to my poo and walked back up the truck as by now I was running a bit late and didn't want to upset the customers by delivering their goods late. I think I will be pooing there more in future if I'm in that area, doing it outside is great!!!!

Hi guys - Sorry this is a little late, I posted it last Friday but for some reason it didn't make it - Anyway:

To Janine - Yes I remember your posting, in fact it motivated me to make my post. My reaction to these strange people is to try and comfort myself by saying, "Well I guess they have far bigger hang-ups over pooping than I". What do you think Janine? By the way, it was not long ago that I was so embarrassed to make any noise in a public restroom it made pooping a chore. Now thanks to the support I get from friends like you I don't care any more and I can really enjoy a nice long bm the way I like it. Also I really appreciate the encouragement to keep posting. And - don't you dare try and get by without telling us your stories either. Love you Janine - bye.

To Ryan - If you have followed my posts you probably know I hate pushing. Besides the pleasure I get from letting my poop come out naturally I have in the past pushed so hard on occasion that it did end up hurting very badly. It was not so much sore as like a sharp pain just inside my poop hole that lasted for several minutes after I had finished.

To Torie - Torie, you are great, I think you are right on! The suppository looks like the ideal answer for me or maybe a water enema. I like the suggestion of holding the results back until you are "Ready to s**t your pants". I read the instructions on an enema bottle at the local drug store and it advised the same - they worded it a little differently of course. Now if I remember correctly you are about 14 - and your mom pushed a suppository up your butt - Oh my goodness!. We had quite a big discussion going on about moms inserting soap and suppositories about a week or so ago. Didn't you feel embarrassed? Please let me know. And I know all about the four-day wait, doesn't that satisfied refreshed sensation feel just like heaven after you've spent ten or twenty minutes enjoying all that poop coming out? I love you and your little stories, they are all just great - keep posting. Love -Melissa. Now back to the present

To Anne (The British Bus Driver) - Anne I'm in retail and believe me I know what it is like to need a bathroom break and not be able to take one. You say you have a cast iron constitution. My goodness I think you have a wonderfully liberated mentality as well. The sheer thought of hiking my skirt up and pulling down my panties to have a group of Rugby players watch closely as a large poop comes out of my butt just overwhelms me - I know I couldn't do it - not in a million years. Tell me, didn't you feel just the least bit embarrassed? Boy, you earned that tip! BTW, Like your colleague Lucy I am also very slim (about 112 lb.) and since I usually poop only once every three days or so they are very very large, and take forever to come out. But Oh, those sensations! All the best - hurry up and post again soon.

To Jay Brown - Jay, you might want to look back at some of the recent (last two or three weeks) posts I have exchanged with Kara. I promise I will put together a post on this as soon as I can this week.

Now - to all those of us who have suffered our mom's overbearing attitudes.

Last night we had a major blow up in our home centered on our mom and my younger sister Melanie. As far as I could understand things from talking to my sister through a veil of sobs and tears very shortly afterwards, this is basically what lead up to the argument. Melanie and a small group of friends had agreed to meet at someone's house which is also in our development and I would guess about twenty minutes walk away. Apparently it was on the way back with two of her friends that she started to get cramps and realized that she needed to get to a bathroom and do a poop fairly quickly. It got so bad that she had to stop in the street and cross her legs to hold it back and at that point her friends advised her to knock on someone's door and ask to use their bathroom. But Melanie, being a little shy, felt too embarrassed to knock on a stranger's door and decided to continue the walk home. It seems the same happened again a little further on only this time when she stopped and crossed her legs the pressure got so great that she just couldn't hold it any longer. As she described it to me, she squeezed as hard as she could but in spite of her best efforts "All this wet stuff started to come out". In a strange twist of déjà vu one of her friends told her to pull her pants down and go right there on the grass by the sidewalk. I remember being told exactly the same several years ago in a similar situation and I did just that. It didn't completely save me but it sure helped avoid a total disaster. "I couldn't do that in the street" lamented Melanie, "I just couldn't", she continued, which didn't surprise me since Melanie is much more of a conformist than I am. In fairness she is also 14 years old while I was only 8 at the time and I must admit that at 14 I'm not at all sure I would really pull my pants down in the street no matter how urgent the need. Either way, she went on to explain, it felt just as if hot water was coming out of her butt and it just wouldn't stop. It just kept coming and coming until her panties could no longer hold it all in and it started to run down the backs of her legs inside her jeans. She started to cry again and my heart melted for her - after all who's better qualified to feel for her than I am after my recent history. It was in this sorry state with her panties, jeans, socks, sneakers and her legs all covered with her wet poo that she finally arrived home to suffer the trauma of walking into the kitchen to be confronted by our mom. The thing that started the argument wasn't any great anger on mom's part, after all she never got angry with me. In fact it looks like mom said little except to tell Melanie to get upstairs, put all her clothes together in the washing machine and clean herself up in the shower. The thing that started it afterwards was Melanie screaming at mom and blaming her for the whole problem because she had made my sister take laxatives the previous night. Again through the hysterics and tears it seems Melanie lost it and yelled at mom "It's your fault I s**t in my pants, I'm never going to listen to you again". At that she ran into the downstairs bathroom where mom kept the laxatives and opened the two bottles which were there and tipped the contents into the toilet. The final insult to mom came when Melanie turned on her and said "And I hope you s**t yourself again and again and again!" That was too much for mom who promptly sent Melanie to her room where I discovered her whimpering shortly afterwards when I arrived home from work. I have no idea how all of this is going to end - we will just have to wait and see. But after all I went through and the damage my mother's meddling with my private bodily functions has done to me I can only hope that Melanie will not be so badly hurt. Bye for now,love you all - Melissa.

I was interested in Melissa's post about the best position to push out your shit. For years, I tended to lean backwards on the toilet with my legs apart, but after reading posts on this site, I discovered that it's true that if you lean forward with your legs together, it is much easier to push the poop out. I put my arms round the outside of my knees, and sometimes actually hold my ankles. I always have to do my number two at least twice per day. The first time is always easy, it just falls out of my poopp chute. But the second time I ususlly need to push.

Hi Tiny Girl!!!! Yes I'm sure he is using the bathroom because he will fart a few times while we are sitting and talking before he excuses himself. He'll turn red after he passes gas...sometimes he says he can't help it. I just wish he wasn't so shy about the bathroom...I'd never make fun or laugh at him. I think if he would let me just watch him go once it would help him out a lot. He's seen me a few times and seems to enjoy it and sometimes will ask if I want company when I go to the bathroom. Not sure what to do but I'm not giving up that he'll come around sooner or later. I'm going to see him today and I'm thinking about letting him watch me do a movement....maybe this will help :o)

George - Two points I want to take you up on. 1. A suppository is pushed up ones bum to get things moving - it is not an enema in any language. An enema involves introducing a quntity of liquid up ones bum.

2. A "fleet" is, as far as I know, a brand name for a micro enema. ( small quantity of liquid wich reacts with the poo to litteraly "irritate the s***" out of you.

John C
If I happened to be in a park or the woods or behind a truck with my pants down pooping, my hiney exposed. Would you watch? What would you say. Have you ever had this experience?

Just a comment on the BRITISH >< AMERICAN translations posted on here. DEPENDS isn't the translation for INCONTINENCE PANTS, it's merely the brand that has the majority of the market.

I was coming home Friday night when my rectum told me I had to get some relief. I found a park bench in a darkened area. I pulled down my outter shorts and pushed my but hole in the open planks. I pooped for at least 3 minutes. It was soft but not diahreaa. I felt so much better and I love pooping outdoors under the stars. I looked down under the bench and my poo looked like a teepee. It was neat to watch traffic drive by but know that they couldn't see. I probably would have been embarassed had a female walked by but then again I might have been thrilled. Guess it just depends upon the person.

First Post1
Ever since I was very young I have been fascinated by girls peeing (not pooping, sorry), especially when one relieves herself outdoors, or standing to pee or peeing into a urinal, or having to pee in a car. Anyone wants to share experiences? (guys welcome to share any sightings as well).... I'll post some anecdotes later on....

Speaking of celebrities and bathroom habits, this is something I'm a spokesperson on (in my dreams). I have this dream mechanism that keeps me from wetting the bed. When I have a full bladder while asleep, I go to find a toilet, and there's usually something wrong with it (e.g. the seat is filthy; it's stopped up with a lot of gross-looking #2); I can't find it (the restroom) per directions given; it's occupied; or it's too public. The celebrity dreams I can recall right off-hand involve the last two. When I was 12, I had to go, only to find Billy Preston sitting on the only john in the building (which was like an old house). I excused myself and left to give him his privacy. I waited for quite awhile for him to be done, and called up to him, "Are you stuck?" and he told me he was. So I sat somewhere and finally heard the toilet flush. I went there quickly to use it. The place smelled like cabbage. I was disappointed that I didn't see Billy anywhere around, because he was cute, and I wanted to talk to him and get to know him better after I was done. At that point, I woke up with a full bladder (and somewhat horny) and ran to the bathroom. About a dozen years later, I had a dream that I was on a date with Mark Lindsay. After dinner, we were out strolling in the country when I really had to pee. There were no restrooms around, and the area was too public just to squat (and I wasn't about to just squat and go right there in front of Mark). Anyway. we found an old garage full of vehicles waiting to be worked on, and I squatted behind a truck, asking Mark to promise not to look. I knew he was a gentleman, but the thought occurred to me that he might think I was done when I wasn't. So I was too uptight to pee--which was good, as this was merely a warning dream for a full bladder. I was soon back in the real world and on the pot at home! And then, there was that time with Keith Hamilton Cobb a few years ago. I was finally getting a much-desired chance to spend some time with him. We were in this rooming house, and I was called to another part of the house for some reason. When I was done, I made my way back to his room (not a sex date. This was to interview him so I could write about him, though I wanted to get to know him better, too). Just as I was almost to the door, I hear him straining and passing gas while sitting on the toilet. He sounded like someone who had loose bowels that were still difficult to move. Obviously, he had the door open and probably wasn't expecting me back for awhile, so I did the right thing and quietly walked away so that he wouldn't know I'd been there and be embarrassed. It would have been tempting to take a peek, because I bet he would have looked adorable and sexy (which he does 24/7 anyway). I never got back to Keith, because I woke up before he was "decent." Too bad! Oh well! Even if I'd gone in there and kept him company, it STILL would have been just a dream! One final note on celebrities, the first time I saw a picture of The Rolling Stones when I was in sixth grade, they looked rather scruffy and not too bright. I soon heard their music; saw better pictures; and decided they were beyond-cute. But my first impression wasn't a good one at all--AND I WAS JUST SURE THAT, AFTER TAKING A DUMP, THEY NEVER WIPED! Or flushed!

Monday, July 12, 1999

Tiny Girl
Leslie-Loo Are you sure that your boyfriend is actually using the bathroom each time he goes in the room? I suppose it's safe to assume that because you hear the toilet flush, but is it possible that sometimes he could be flushing something else? And not using the bathroom?

Att: ADAM from Canada. Did it hurt to expell a 4" wide poop-log ? ouch !!!! Did it flush well?

Hi. Melissa, glad I could be of help to you, my friend. Moira, maybe I was a little off-base in suggesting a GI for Melissa's problem, but I still stand by my statement that she, or anyone else having "atypical" bowel and/or bladder problems, should at least consult with a general practitioner. There have been several posts about males peeing outdoors. Most people living in the United States have seen the ads for Adam Sandler's movie "Big Daddy," in which Adam's character and his adopted son are shown peeing against an outside wall. I wonder if this will "inspire" some people to try doing this? Just a thought. Love, Jodi

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