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My boyfriend and I love outdoor sports, we enjoy hiking, camping, rafting, and climbing! As everyone knows there is no better place to witness accidents, than in the outdoors, where people are either two afraid to go in the woods, hate the smell of outhouses, or just don't wanna be bothered! One trip alone we saw about 5 accidents (or the remnants of!) We were staying at this campsite for a week, while we were there we were going to do some climbing, hiking, and of course camping! We got there about 3:00 in the afternoon, and setup camp, after that we began dinner, it was around 5:00 and we had just finished dinner, and begun our camp fire, we had built it up, and it was huge, we were sitting there talking and singing when I felt the urge to have a BM, I told him, and he said he was getting the urge to, so we put out the fire and walked to the "outhouse shack" which they had! It was rather nice for a campsite bathroom, there were two sides a men's and woman's each with two stalls, which didn't have flushing toilets, just a toilet seat above a deep hole, which really wasn't bad for a campsite bathroom! I walked into the women's room, and the stench was awful, some one must have gotten sick because in one of the stalls was a shirt, overalls, and panties completely soaked in liquid poop, someone must have started to have diarrhea when they came into the bathroom and just couldn't get their pants down and shirt up in time! There was poop all over the seat, and on the floor! Now, I could have just squatted over the toilet seat, but I can't poop standing up, my butt has to be put on something, (except when I have an accident, then it just comes out in whatever position I am in!) anyway, I said there were two stalls, which there were, but there was someone in the other stall, and they were sitting there blowing huge, loose, wet farts, and vomiting onto the floor! I wonder if that was the person who destroyed the first stall, in any event I didn't want to hang out and see! I walked out of the bathroom, and sat down on some picnic tables until my boyfriend came out! When he did, he asked me if I felt better now, and I told him the whole story about what had happened, he told me that if I wanted I could use the men's room, and he would stand guard outside, I told him it was no big deal, and that I really didn't need to go that bad! We walked back to the campsite and went to sleep! The next morning I woke up, with a driving urge to poop, I walked up to the bathroom, and prayed someone had been in there to clean, but no such luck, it was just as messy as the night before, only there was another set of clothing in the stall which had the girl in it the night before (I wonder what they were wearing when they left???) Anyway, I walked out of the bathroom, and my boyfriend was sitting there waiting for me, he said, "You must feel much better now, huh?" and I told him I hadn't gone, because it was the same situation as the night before. He ask again about the men's room, and I told him I would be fine! We walked back to the campsite and got our gear ready for climbing! We packed up out gear and hiked to the rockface, I about half of the way there I let out 5 loud long farts, and I started to feel much better, no urge no nothing! We climbed about 5 times each, had lunch, and did some more climbing, on my last climb, I was halfway to the top when I felt a huge urge to go, and I decided to finish my climb and go when I got down! I was about a fourth of the way up when my ???? gave a rumble, and I farted, once then twice, then I started shooting liquid poop out of my shorts, dripping off my legs, and down hitting the ground, and my boyfriend down below! He was quite understanding, when I got down, he helped me clean up best I could, and !!carried!! me back to the campsite, while I was dripping all over him! I completely ruined my sweats, they had a huge brown spot on the back and dripping down both legs, and a huge wet spot on the front! The next accident we saw was on one of our favorite hiking trails! We were about half of the way on the trail it was a circular trail about 5 miles long, starting and ending at the campsites! When this young girl ran up to us, (she must have been about 13 or 14, very pretty, tight cut offs, and a tight pink shirt) she ran down the trail holding her butt, and her crotch, and asked how much further to the bathroom. Just as my boyfriend began to tell her she screamed out, "Oh no, this can't be happening", and she peed in her shorts, it ran down her legs, then she screamed out, "Oh Hell!" and she began to poop, this was a very loose, wet diarrhea which dripped down both legs splattering all over her back and her shirt. I asked her if she was ok, and she said she was and that she had just been sick, and thought she was feeling better, but that she was wrong! She then began to wobble down the trail, and about 7 feet from us, she stopped dead, and grabbed her butt, pulled down her shorts and panties, and began to shit uncontrollably, she must have gone for about 5 minutes when it subsided. Then she left her shorts and panties there, and ran back to the campgrounds! About 4 minutes later, her dad ran our way and asked about her, and we told him, that she had been here, and that, that was her mess! He said thank you, picked up her cloths and ran to the campsites! The next two days of our trip we pretty uneventful! Has anyone ever had accidents in the woods? I personally don't like to use the woods as a bathroom, but when I have to, I do! I would love to hear some stories from people who have had to!