Mark and Tony. I think you have hit the nail on the head regarding "worried parent" and her daughter's knicker soiling problem. Sympathetic mother to daughter discussion in private is needed as a first action then, depending on the outcome, it may be necessary to consult a doctor or other expert. When the older of my two cousins, Nicola , went through a phase of deliberately not wiping her bum after a motion and leaving skid marks in the seat of her knickers when she was 12, at first Aunt Helen just thought that there was no toilet paper in the toilets at school, so made sure that we all took some paper hankies with us when we went to school. However as the problem continued even at weekends and during the school holidays it soon became apparent that Nicola was doing this just to annoy her mum and be naughty. Nicola didnt have diarrhea or anything like that, and it was just skid marks not a full blown accident. (As I have posted before, when any of us had a real accident and did a jobbie in our knickers Aunt Helen was most sympathetic - she was a very kind person not a tyrant). Eventually, when my Aunt had sussed out what was happening and that Nicola was just being naughty she threatened to display Nicky's soiled knickers for her friends to see when they visited our house and even to put her in nappies (diapers) if it didnt stop. Now this seems harsh, but Nicola soon got the message that while accidents can happen, (even my Aunt had them - see old posts), deliberate dirtiness was out, and she stopped this filthy behaviour. Now Im NOT advocating this response by "worried parent", but it may be worth bearing in mind that kids do like to push against the boundaries in adolescence, and this may be a manifestation of this, as is teenage smoking, drinking etc. However, I am NOT a doctor or a psycologist, and would agree with my friend Tony and you Mark that this matter needs to be dealt with sympathetically and if necessary with skilled advice if it! is not just a passing phase. Good luck to "worried parent" and please keep us all informed of the outcome.

As to Mark's question about girls being more likely to pee themselves than boys, its obvious from the difference in anatomy. A female has a far shorter passage from her bladder to the outside than a male, and most women do tend to dribble a little,when sneezing, coughing, giggling or even when a large turd is in their back passage and presses against their bladder, hence the double gusset or crotch in their knickers to help absorb both slight leakage of urine and vaginal secretions. As my wife Moira said in an earlier post however, when it comes to accidents in the underwear, assuming the person is standing, women come off a lot easier than men as they can either wet or soil their knickers with less chance of the results being visible as long as they are wearing a reasonably loose skirt not trousers. The man's accident will be all too evident either a wet patch in the front of his trousers if he pees himself or a bulge and staining in the seat of his trousers if he fills his u! nderpants. For once the tables are turned and it is the female who has the advantage over the male in toilet matters.

Adam from Canada. Perhaps there should be a convention on this website to define what is meant by "widenesss" or "thickness" when describing a turd. Most people here mean the cross section or diameter of the turd not the circumference or measurement all the way round. From school you may remember that C=2*PI*R (sorry can't type the PI symbol in this screen). Now that means that if your jobbie was 4 inches in DIAMETER then it would only be about 1.25 inches thick , not very big, a turd 4 inches across however would have a diameter of 12.5 inches. So I guess you really do mean that the jobbie was 4 inches in cross section. WOW! I bet you felt that come out! I even measured out and drew it on a piece of graph paper to see what such a lump would look like. You dont say what shape it was , cylinder or tapered like a shell from a cannon. The widest turd I have seen was 3 inches thick, done by Moira's big fat friend Donna, and I thought that was a whopper. As to why yours was so big, if you weren't holding it in, and you weren't constipated, then you must have a very wide rectum capable of expanding to accomodate such an elephant turd. Are you sure you didnt over estimate its width. In the interests of science you should have put on a rubber glove and removed it from the toilet and accurately measured it. Finally, how the hell did a turd that fat flush away?

Mark B. A very interesting post to say the least. When I first came to this website I realised it was American. Now luckily I am quite well acquainted with USA expressions such as BM, Restroom, Diapers etc and , when in Rome as they say, so I will often bracket the American expression after a particularly British one to help understanding by Yank readers. There are some American expressions I just cant handle however, such as "TAKE" a shit- take it where? MAKE a shit WHAT WITH? and I think that "POOP" means a deck on a ship. The one that would really throw transatlantic understanding is "FANNY" , to Americans it means backside, buttocks, butt, etc, to Brits it means Vagina. The following are some common British to American expressions:-

BRITISH                         AMERICAN

MOTION                          BM, DUMP.
KNICKERS                        PANTIES 
PANTS                           UNDERPANTS, UNDERSHORTS.
TROUSERS                        PANTS
TIGHTS                          PANTYHOSE
TOILET                          RESTROOM
DIARRHOEA                       DIARRHEA
FAECAL                          FECAL
BUM                             BUTT
ARSE                            ASS
GUSSET                          CROTCH
SUPPOSITORY                     ENEMA
ENEMA                           FLEET
NAPPY                           DIAPER
This list is not exhaustive, and if any reader has others or disputes my interpretation then please add to or correct it. Im not aware of a British Toilet website and, as we unfortunately dont have the First Amendment or even a written constitution or Bill of Rights in the UK, and our laws are more draconian, I doubt if one would be permitted. What would we call it? A Scots one could be called "The Cludge", a Tyneside one "The Netty" and of course there is the good old British term "The Bog". Anne the bus driver. I wish I'd been on that coach trip with the Rugby lads!

Went out to the beach yesterday by bike in the morning and was lying on the sand when i had the urge to poo,so i biked up to this resturant that i use once in a while and i walked into the men's room and i guess because it was a weekend, it was mobbed!There were 4 stalls and they were all full and there was a line of about 4 guys ahead of me.I guess cause it was in the morning was why everyone was there to poop.This is a BIG bathroom and the stalls are away from the urinals and the sinks,almost in their own room.So i'm standing there waiting in line and the urge is getting quite strong and i can hear the other guys in the stalls grunting and farting and pooping and it was making my own rectum fill up faster.This guy in front of me i guess he was about 45 and looked fit and he had his biking shorts on and he said to me "Geeez,you have to wait in line for everything in this world now" I said " yup, nothing is safe from standing in line" He says" you bike out here too? " I say " once in a while" and i'm rubbing my ???? and he says" gotta go huh?I've been holding this for 10 miles" And we both laughed Then 2 stalls were free and he says"Finally,we can go " and we went in to the stalls.They were right next to each other and we put out backpacks on the floor next to each other and he sat down first and let out this loud fart and said " AHHHH Finally i can go!"and grunted and i heard the poop crackling out his butt.Then i sat down and farted and this mushy poo flew out of me and the guy in the next stall was letting out some loose sounding poo and says"Wow, i guess we both had to dump pretty bad and he grunted out a big fart.I grunted back"But it does feel great"As i let out some more mush>needless to say, i think we were both enjoying this muchly.Then i felt done and just sat there,pushing out my asshole and he was still pooping and farting, and you could hear all the other guys letting it go,it was pretty cool.Then, needless to say,I got off and i think the guy in the next stall was doing the same thing.I can't say how i could tell without getting too graphic and upsatting the powers that be on this forum.He sounded like he went a lot.I had a pretty good one, but not like his!and as i'm wiping, he is still pooping what sounded like water coming out his butt and i said "good one "He laughed and said " just thank god i made it, last week, i had an accident while i was biking in the hot weather,and what a drag that was,You ever had one of those?'I said " Not in a while,but i hate that,I 'll go in the woods before i let that happen " and we both laughed.and then i flushed and he was still in there wiping and I said" see ya and have a good biking day" and he said"Nice talking to you, or nice dumping with you" and laughed.I left and it was a pretty cool experience.I'm usually never there that early in the a.m.but maybe i will once in a while.Has this ever happened to any of you other guys?BYE

FredLimpBizkit, I'm your "girl of the week" how sweet :-) I'm a little taller than your others, about 5'4 with brown hair and eyes. I'll be your online gf and wont tell anyone :-) (shhh..). I haven't cra**ed in two days but I'm like you. I know it will come out sooner or later. I have a dog and a cat and have seen them go but no I don't think that counts. Youre so cool and I love you, Torie

Transit Buff (Male)
Hello, I am a bona fide 18-year-old high school senior (currently on summer break between my Junior and Senior years) and transit buff living in the New York area who also has a light toilet/restroom "fettish", though nothing really sexual -- I just mostly find some humor in bathroom stuff that most would find repulsive. Anyway, there's a funny story going back to around 1980 or so (about a year before I was born), when the TA was getting new Grumman 870 buses. These buses turned out to be flawed, in that the chassis would develop hairline cracks and often had to be taken off the road for emergency repair. These buses also had a reputation of being very bouncy and shaky, so you put a bus like that in service on the moon surface-like streets of New York and you don't have a very nice combination. There were even a couple of episodes of the chassis completely failing while in passenger service. Anyway, my uncle (a bus driver for the New York City Transit Authority) told me about a particular bus driver (female) who worked out of Amsterdam Depot in Manhattan. This driver would normally get an 870 and she was also known for having low bladder capacity. So according to my uncle, there were several occasions when she would be behind the wheel of the bus, dying to take a leak, but having to constantly stop because of traffic and passengers. The exessive shaking and bouncing of the bus made it even worse. Then, as she would near the end of her route, she would drive faster to get to the restroom that was always available in some donut shop, bodega, or fast food place. Sometimes she made it, sometimes she didn't. After a few instances, if she found herself in this predicament, she would not stop if there were passengers waving to board, and she would hasten passengers off when they rang the stop-request bell. After several complaints from passengers about her reckless driving, bypassing stops, and rude attitude, the dispatcher of the depot brought this to her attention, to which she replied, "Those fu**ing buses rattle the piss out of me! I either do my route normally and wind up drowning the whole damn bus or racing to the end of the line to piss in the toilet -- I can never satisfy anybody! Either way I'm fu**ed! At least the way I'm doing it, I can spare my *precious* uniform, although I would just love to piss ON the uniform AND your fu**ing buses!" Another time, a bus that my uncle was driving was running low on fuel and when he stopped by the depot for a refueling at the end of his shift, he mentioned to the dispatcher, "Too bad these buses can't run on urine. If they could, I wouldn't have had to stop here -- that tank would be full to the brim, while I'd be nice and empty! BTW -- all the Grumman 870 buses were pulled from service in 1985 and most were sold to the big bus company across the Hudson -- NJ Transit. They were sent back to Flxible (which absorbed Grumman in 1983), overhauled, and put back in service where they remain today, though they are slated for retirement by next year. Since 1981, the NYCTA has gone exclusively with RTS buses until 1993, when they started receiving Orions. Newer buses of the two types are continuing to enter the fleet, replacing many buses from the early and mid-1980s. Just thought I'd get that last message in! -TB

hello,i have been a reader of this post for about a year.i had an experience with my boyfriend over the weekend.he is a real cute guy,we have been together for 2 years and we are both 17.he had been constipated for a couple of days so he took some ex-lax and laid down for a while, about an hour later,he said he was going to try again.he sat on the toilet and strained a bit as he rubbed his ????,i sat on the bath tub and we were having a conversation all of a sudden he let go and a big piece of poop hit the water below followed by a couple of farts.he even sat off the seat to have a look at this long turd.I was laughing as he sat back down to finish,a few more pieces came out and he felt a whole lot better.he then stood up and wiped his bum a couple of times,checking the tissue after each wipe.he then sort of bent over and asked me if it was clean down was still a bit dirty so i scrubbed his ass with a wet wash cloth, i was rather turned on and will share future happenings

Sunday, July 11, 1999

Love your site. I like to read about the real stoires outdoors and natural pooping.

Adam from Canada
I had a good poop tonight. I came home from dinner and a half hour later, I had this urge to go poop. I sat on the can and let out a thhhhhhh fart and then I let it out. It was a long poop that was about 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. I also had a long pee after it came out. I always pee after I poop. I felt really good after, but I went 2 days ago and don't understand why it was so big. It had a weak smell, but I sprayed the washroom and it still smelt an hour later.

Worried Parent - I feel your situation begs the question: chicken or egg, by which I mean assuming it was your daughter who visited this site, was it because she has a problem with having soiled knickers that she began searching for possible help, or was it that she found this site out of interest and messes herself just out of curiosity or to be 'naughty'. You do not say how much she is doing in her knickers - is it just marking from not wiping properly, staining from doing a solid lump in them or a mess which could be liquid passing through because she is constipated? Also, has she just started doing it or has she always tended to have a little marking? If it is the latter, then I believe that some people are just prone to doing it. I do feel that Tony is correct in saying that speaking with her to establish whether there is a problem, physical or psychological, is really an important first step, followed if necessary by a visit to your doctor. Also as Tony mentioned, a sympathetic approach is vital, particularly if she can't help it. Getting angry will rarely if ever have a positive outcome. I can say, from first hand experience, that what is happening could either be accidental, subconscious or intentional. Accidents, as we all know, can happen. It is also well known that soiling can be a manifestation of underlying problems of which even the sufferer may not be consciously aware. I can also assure you that pooing in one's underwear is something that many people do at some stage in their lives. As a teenager (and even occasionally since) I have done it myself, and I know I'm not alone. I still do not fully understand why, but the risk of getting caught or noticed may be something to do with it. I suppose it may just be the thought of being naughty and doing something that is frowned upon. At school there were at least three other boys and one girl who sometimes went to the toilet in their pants just for the hell of it (we frequently talked about it). We even had a 'dirty pants competition' a few times! Sometimes when I had stains in my underwear I would change for swimming or gym next to a boy in my class who nearly always wore pants which had skidmarks or evidence of him having done a mess in them. He would never talk about it and was always embarrassed when anyone commented. I guess I wanted him to know he wasn't the only one who messed in their pants. In summary, if any chance of a physical problem can be ruled out, then simply making your views known and saying little more may be the best way forward. If it is intentional, she's not really harming anyone else and probably only does it when it is 'safe'(I wonder whether she's noticed any of her friends with soiled pants, and wants to be like them?). Providing she is emptying the lumps and wiping her knickers and bottom afterwards there is probably not much chance of anyone else knowing (once dry, there's probably not a lot of smell) unless she allows her friends to see the stains. Incidentally, I would accept that most girls are generally cleaner than many boys with regard to brown stains in their pants, but in my experience girls do have a greater tendency to pee themselves. Does anyone have any idea why that should be?

Derek F
Hello again. Thanks for the response from my last post, JOKE, I didn't get any, I must be the only kid like me. I went to my nans today with my family, on the way in the car I felt a small urge to wee and nearer my nans I started to fidgit a little. When we got to my nans I was fidgiting a little more because I did need a wee and my mum told me to go to the toilet when I got out the car in front of my nan and sister and dad, I can't stand being told to go to the toilet and my mum knows that, so I said that I didn't need to go so she told me to stop fidgiting. The problem was that I did need to go. It was a hot day and we all went out into the back garden, there is nothing much to do at my nans so I started sun bathing on the back lawn with my sister. We were wearing jeans, I didn't realise how hot it was going to be and my sister probably didn't either so my mum said we ought to take our jeans off and tan our legs as we may not see the sun again this year. My nans back garden is secluded so I did take my jeans off but my sister didn't want to, I got my jeans off just in time as when I did a little be of wee leaked into my white and blue stripped underpants leaving a wet spot on the front so I turned over onto my front and the rest of the wee flooded out and I couldn't stop it, I then rolled onto my back again to dry out my pants, luckily it was so hot that my pants didn't take that long to dry out but it did leave a slight yellow stain on the white of my pants. By lunch when I put my jeans back on I was completly dry. After lunch I needed to poo so I used my nan's toilet this time but somehow I already had marks in the back of my pants. I must go now, keep up the posts as I enjoy reading them and it isn't to late to responde to my previous post. Thanks, Derek.

I must tell you of an experience I had at school (university). I am a college student male, and I am one of those guys that does not like to take dumps at public restrooms. Us guys restrooms/toilets are so dirty, its disgusting. I would rather take dumps at home, unless, of course I have to elsewhere. It all started like this. For lunch, I had a large bean burrito, and that day I was getting over a slight cold. So I took some Benadryl, with a full glass of water. A few hours later, while in class, I begin to hear a slight rumble in my stomach. It is getting louder and more frequent, and realize that something wants to come out my butt. Oh know I say, don't tell me I have to take a dump here on campus. So class ends, and as I am walking, again, I feel like something wants to come out. It's just a fart, and later on, a few more. Several minutes later, I am ready to release another fart when I realize THIS IS NO FART! It was something else, and just had time to "pull" it back in. I knew I had to find a toilet and unload soon, as those grumbling sounds were very loud. If I have to take a dump in a public restroom, I try to use it when no one is inside, I am more relaxed. So I go to the university library, by this time, I realize this is serious, I cannot wait anymor! e. I go in the restroom, I really have to go. Luckily, no one is inside the restroom. I rush into the first stall, I don't even have time to put down a seat cover (luckily it was clean), I plop down on the seat, and...............oh no, I tell myself. Nothing but 100% brown water, in other words, diarahea, and lots of it. What the hell, I tell myself, am I having this? But let me tell you this diarahea felt so good, you have to admit, releasing diarahea feels so good, that, for unknown reasons, my dick started getting hard. Anyway, with my underwear exposed, I see a small brown stain, and realize it was that "fart" that I "pulled" back in earlier. I try not to release the diarahea too fast, because I do not want it to splatter back on my butt, but feel like I should. I push and more comes out, like an open faucet. It's over, and just as I'm ready to wipe, a few more downpours release.......I know why I had it, it was that Benadryl I took earlier. I wipe and get the hell out of there. About a half hour later, I realize I need to sit and unload again. This time I try to find a restroom that I know few people use, as I certainly don't want others to hear Niagara Falls. I go to the music building, find the restroom, and go to the toilet. This time I do have time to use a seat cover, although I hate punching the center out, as sometimes you can't get it out of the way. This was not so bad, but nonetheless, it felt so good. My dick got hard again, why, I don't know, must be the feeling I get when diarahea rushing past my butt cheeks. This is my adventure and hope never to have a repeat, by the way, I hope I spelled diarreah right, if not you know what I mean........

David W.
To Astor: Things here in the "Bible belt" seem to be about the same as when I was a kid. Here at the 4th of July celebration the park had only one pernament toilet facility and for some reason the mens side of it was locked. They had brought in a number of port-o-potties in for the event but none of them were visible from where the pernament restroom was located. There were a number of boys who went into the woods and peed in a creek after their dad told them that they would just have to find a tree.

To The Crank: I didn't watch the end of the movie "A Perfect World" because i have already seen it(when it was on video at blockbuster) and i was antious to get online. Tell me the ending cause i kinda forgot what happened. What is everyones opion on diapers(for babys)? Reason i ask is cause i have a nephew who is 12 months old and he was here today and he had the runs spilling out of his diaper and it was on his clothes and body. It smelled the worst!! well gotta go

Mark B
Mark B The question of puritanical attitudes to toilet things in North America is an intersting one. If it is the reason that this website exists then perhaps it not such a bad thing after all. If not we'd have to start our own one in britain. (Probably there is one already). American English uses euphemisms for toilets which we don't use in Britain, (ie bathroom, restroom). In Britain a 'bathroom' is the room which has a bath in. It may or may not also have a toilet. Often it doesn't, as in old houses they were put in seprate little rooms. A 'restroom' is not a commonly used word, but if anything it means a room in a factory or office where staff go to take their lunch break, eat their sandwiches, have a cup of tea, etc. before smoke-free workplaces it was also the place you went to smoke a fag (cigarette). So when I first went to America, I really didn't know that 'restroom' meant toilet, and at first I wondered why there were hardly any public toilets anywhere! I know it sounds naive with hindsight, but it's true. 'BM' is also not usually used in Britain. Most of use use more basic and descriptive words. Even so, Britain is not the most open place in Europe to do with shitting. Some other European countries are far more matter-of fact about it. For example in Southern Italy and Sicily I have used public toilets where cleaning ladies (or their children) sit at the entrance strategically placed to intercept all customers (male and female) and sell them bundles of toilet paper. You know that inside there will be no toilet paper, so you just have to buy it if you need it! At first it felt like being held to ransome, but I suppose it helps to pay their wages. Men who just need to pee at the urinal may not need to buy it, but then that facility is easier to clean. if you know a big poo is coming on, you might have to buy two bundles of toilet paper, and everyone around can see what you are doing. No concessions to shyness about this subject! Last year I went to a new, modern public toilet in Berlin adjacent to the Zoo station (which is the main international railway station in Berlin). Inside the men's section itself sat a lady at a table, taking money. A notice announced that there were two rates, one for the urinals and one for the cubicles. It was clear that if you did not explain your needs to the lady and pay her, you would not be allowed in! As my German does not extend to a vocabulary of toilet needs, I had to explain to her by pointing to the cubicles. After I had paid her she actually showed me which vacant cubicle I had to use. This kind of thing is quite common in Germany, even at airports. Some North American tourists who wander away from the confines of their tourist hotels must have a severe culture shock when they encounter this sort of thing for the first time! The other way round, I was astonished when I first came across one of those paper toilet seat covers on my first visit to the USA. I had never seen them before. At first I thought they were an example of the excesses of American culture and did not bother with them. Later I discovered that if you need to do a big poo you can make it more exciting by putting one of those seat cover things on the toilet first but not punching out the hole in the middle. Your poo presses against the paper and sometimes the paper holds the poo half in and half out of your bum for a while, extending the pleasure. When I read the Questionnaire on this website I realised that other people do this too. Changing the subject slightly. there is a ruined Roman miltary fortress caled Housesteads, against Hadrian's Wall. (Hadrian's Wall is a defensive wall stretching across the North of Britain built about 1,800 years ago. Some of it is quite well preserved). You can go round the ruins of this fortress, which contains the remains of a communal toilet. Users sat on benches with holes in them, on either side of the room. These were set over a running stream. In the middle of the room is a trough which they filled with vinegar, and they wiped their arses using sponges which they dipped in this vinegar (ouch!). In the museum shop there, you can buy a poster which shows an artist's reconstruction of the inside of the toilet while it was being used by several Roman soldiers. They are sitting on this bench talking, while taking a dump. I think another is standing up, about to start wiping with the sponge. Romans buddy dumping! You can also buy a miniature version of this illustration on a postcard, and post it to your friends. Mark B

To Alex - Huge apology, please forgive - I still need to learn to make my brain and my eyes and my fingers all work at the same speed when I'm at the computer. It looks like you and I are very much alike - I don't have much real trouble either - but it is nice to have a way to help it come out, if time is short, without too much physical effort.

To Buzzy - O.K. I'll give the cantelope a try and I'll let you know. Also I've never been told before that my writing has helped to make a poop more enjoyable - that's about the most unique compliment I have ever had. Buzzy - I truly appreciate that, it made my day - many thanks, and all my love.

To Laura - Please don't feel bad about feeling embarrassed at seeing your friend Wendy doing a poop, that's natural and is only the result of the way society conditions us all to react to situations like this. Just think of the help, encouragement and support you gave Wendy. The way to do that is to truly imagine yourself in the same situation.. Then you will see that she desperately needed you to do exactly what you did. You were her hero that day and you deserve a medal - you do NOT deserve to feel embarrassed!. It's the same thing wondering whether you could do a poo in front of her. I would bet that if you needed to poo so badly that you were worried it would come out in your panties, then you would have no problem with Wendy watching you. You would be overwhelmed with the moral support and security that she would bring to you while you were pooping. I've been there, I know - Love - Melissa

Hi All I have been a reader of this site for over a year now and have twice tried to make a posting, but nothing happened. I must be doing something wrong!! Maybe it will be third time lucky. I'm a 49 year old gay man and have had an interest in watching and listening to other guys dropping their loads for as long as I can remember. I really love reading everyone's pooping experiences (even you girls) especially Drew's with his friend Nick. A couple of postings that I always read to give myself a little pleasure are Craig's on page 62 and Daniel's (UK) on page 183. It is really nice to know that there are a lot of us about who share the same enjoyments and pleasures. If this posting works, I will post some of my experiences later.

Dazz, You ask how bus drivers cope when they are driving but need a motion, (or for that matter to pee I suppose). With one person operation it is a bit more difficult to leave the bus untended. In the old days the Conductor was in charge and he or she looked after things until you had done your thing and returned and you were there if they needed to go to the toilet. If you are driving by the depot you can usually take your ticket machine module and cash holder with you and use the toilet there, or as most buses now have radio link to the depot and inspectors, in a real "I just cant wait" emergency you could radio one of the mobile inspectors who would look after the bus while you relieved yourself.

Where I drive, when doing Stage carriage work, there is usually either a public toilet at each end of the route, or a friendly shop, cafe, pub etc which will allow Bus drivers to use their toilet. Again most schools on the route would allow a bona fide bus driver in uniform and wearing their licence badge to use the toilets.

Im lucky, Ive never done it in my knickers since I was in my early teens. I have a cast iron constitution and can hold it in well enough both wee wees and jobbies. This type of accident has happened to some of my colleagues and I posted a while ago about a male driver who was taken short and did it in his pants. Luckily I was driving the bus following him and had a spare pair of trousers and knickers in my bag to change into and gave him these to wear after he had cleaned himself up in a nearby toilet. Our company accepts having an attack of diarrhea as a legitimate reason, (as with migraine, nosebleed, etc) to have to sign off and hand over your bus as the safety of the passengers is compromised as if you are trying hard to hold it in you can't drive properly.

Holding it in until either the end of the shift or the end of that journey can lead to slight constipation. My jobbies are usually firm and a bit knobbly and compacted, and they are sure big ones, 12 inches long and 2 1/2 inches fat is quite usual for me, and the likes of Tony and others would love the "Kur-spul-loonk!" sounds I often make. (Im a sport, I never put toilet paper down the toilet pan nor do I pull the flush until I have finished and wiped my bum). My turds often stuck in the pan and I also see some of the turds the other women drivers pass as these too are so big that they often get stuck in the toilet pans too. From my own experience I agree that given equal build, diet, etc, women pass fatter turds than men. Ironically, some of the largest jobbies I have seen at work are done by a rather small female driver called Lucy. Unlike many of the women on our bus company who tend to be , like myself, a bit on the ???? side, Lucy is small and slim yet I have used the ! toilet after her and have seen turds as long as 16 inches in the pan. As she doesnt seem to eat more than the rest of us, I reckon she only has a motion once or twice a week and then does a really big one. Her jobbies are smooth and easy looking curved sausages.

Hope this in part answers your question Dazz.
Like Tony, Mark B and Dazz, also Mellisa, I enjoy the sensation of a nice big fat solid jobbie coming out of my back passage but usually do have to give it a good push to get it going. Like many others I am broadminded about such matters and am happy if someone else gets a buzz from hearing me doing a motion or seeing my turd afterwards. Once when driving a coach I was taking a load of Rugby Club lads, (no women present except me driving the coach), back from an away match and after game drinking spree. We stopped by the side of the road out in the country for a "natural break" and I too needed, in my case a motion. I was going to walk a distance away from the lads when one said, "Anne, we dont mind if you do it here or are you too shy?" I rose to the challenge, lifted my grey pleated skirt, dropped my pale blue panties and proceeded to pass a big fat 12 inch log to the amusement and cheers of the lads. I dont know if this was the reason but I certainly got a very good tip afterwards!

Doug.......I often watch the TV show Xena and it would be a dream come true if they started the show with a early morning poo scene. Just imagine Xena and her sidekick squatting amongst the bushes with their dresses pulled up around their waists as they grunt and push out some big firm logs!!! I reckon Lucy Lawless (the actress who plays Xena) would do big poos as she's quite tall and well built. It would certainly be a wonderful sight!!!!

jay brown
to steph or melissa im interested in buddy dumping but i dont know how to go about bringing it up do you guys or anyone else have any ideas? please please let me know.....thanks love to everyone

if anyone is interested there is a funny toilet scene in the movie "senseless" starring marlon wayans and david spade

Hey Laaaaydies!!!(I love saying that!)Whats up everyone??? I havent crapped in 3 days now!! I dont know if Im constipated, dont really care, Itll come out sooner or later, I havent really felt the urge to go yet,so I havent even tryed!I dont really have any storys for you today :(!!HEY!! I did see my dog crap this morning, but I guess that doesnt really cut it, does it!!(You should be ashamed if you are wondering if I inspected him, I wouldnt even try, not with a Black Chow with a head the size of a football, Or any dog for that matter!!!)Anyways, just letting you all know Im still alive, hopefully I'll have something to report this week, but even if I dont I'll stay in touch!!Torie!! Hey, thanks for the compliment, I dont Know if I could live without haveing Smart *ss Remarks and being witty!Anyways, you get my"Girl Of The Week Award"!!Since I dont have a G/F this week, I made a bet with my mom that I couldnt go a month without A girlfriend to talk to, I took her up and now spend more time with my guy friends, which is pretty kewl, h! eck the way things are going, I might ask for another car if I can go 2 months without a girlfriend!!!Cya everyone, Bye!!!

Saturday, July 10, 1999

Hi,all.TO Melissa-If you don't like watermelon,try honeydews and cantelopes(melons)You get the same effect,I'm not big on laxitives at all.Much too harsh on the system and can be habit forming!Let me know how you make out.To MARK B>(UK)-Sounds like you and i enjoy the same things(check my old posts about the mirror)Pooing is grand isn't it?As a matter of fact, this a.m. i knew i had to take a wicked oneSo i took some of the latest posts on the forum(Mellisa,bridget, reya, janine and mark B") and ranoff copies on the printer and took them into the toilet with me to read.I sat down and started to read all your posts as my anus was swelling and the turds started to flow.I was doing the mostpooping while reading Mark B"S post.I felt as though i was pooing along with all of you>It was great!Esp.In between the waves of going as i was pushing out my anus to expell some soft mush as i read on.WOW! Try it sometime.Someone mentioned about loose poops in the hot weather.It happens to me ! with all the liquids i consume and all the exercise,i guess it just gets things going.I always poo much more in the summer and it tends to be soft and mushy( but i very rarely get the runs, thank god,just good feeling poops.Love the graphic stories about pooping,ladies, keep it up!BYE

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