Mark B. There is a great deal in common between your sensations when defecating and mine. My only quibble is that you say that you put toilet paper down the pan to prevent splashing. I consider this unsporting as there are many who enjoy hearing the "plops! kaplonks! and kur-sploosh!" sounds of someone's jobbies dropping into the pan. I will only put paper down the pan if I have diarrhea as the sounds of a load of squitter is quite horrible but thankfully I dont suffer from this curse very often. I use the same methodology to wipe my bum afterwards as you and often use moist wipes as these are more effective than dry toilet paper and also prevent nasty smells and skid marks. Worried Parent, you may have a problem. It could be that your daughter is just indulging in some forbidden behaviour away from home that she would not dare to do if at home. Like smoking or drinking, some teenagers do this. However, if she is soiling her knickers on a regular basis it could be a symptom either of a physical or an emotional problem. On the physical side she may have some problem which is causing loose bowels. You merely say that you have found fecal soiling in the seat of her knickers. Was this liquid or solid? If loose then she may have some problem which is causing diarrhea. If it was a solid motion, and not merely skid marks from failure to wipe her bum properly, then perhaps she is frightened to use the toilet, maybe because of bullies at school, or a harsh school teacher who wont let her out to the toilet when she needs. On the psychological side sometimes soiling of this nature, called "encopresis", is an indication of some other problem, it could be attention seeking behavior or a wish to regress to the childhood state. If you can privately and sympathetically discuss this matter with her in a NON CONFRONTATIONAL and NON CONDEMNATORY manner, then perhaps you can find out why. What is however essential is that you do NOT treat her as some real nasty parents have been described on this website by shouting at or punishing her in any way. Why dont you ask her is she has been suffering from diarrhea recently as you noticed her knickers were dirty and this may be all that is needed (as she may have been ashamed or scared to let you know) for her to tell you. Personnally, unless this is a transient happening or down to some factor such as bullies in the girls toilets at school it may be neccessary to seek a Doctor's advice, as they can investigate properly and hopefully resolve this matter whether physical or psychological. I sincerely hope it ends soon for her sake and yours and please keep the readers informed as Im sure most of us give you both our sympathy . I would however take issue with you saying that you "expect a boy to be a bit less fussy about his toileting than a girl" WHY??? That attitude is wayw out of date. Since childhood I have worn clean underwear every day, have had a bath or a strip wash likewise on a daily basis and nowadays shower every day. My mum taught me to always wipe my bum properly after a motion. There is absolutely nothing manly about being dirty and smelly, and modern girls and women will shun a young man who has shitty and pissy pants and who smells. Anyway, Im sure that when he starts to go out with girls he will sharpen up his act on the personal hygiene scene. I repeat however that I hope your daughter's knicker soiling problem is only a passing phase. A thought occurs. If you found this website on the temporary files on your computer, perhaps your daughter is aware of her own problem and was looking for help, or maybe your son is aware of it and was trying to find! help for his sister?

I'd love to read more posts on this site about peeing accidents. I'm in my mid-twenties and prone to them myself. The other day, I was out jogging. As I stopped for a breather, I noticed that I'd leaked in my shorts without realising it. This often happens when exercising. Does anyone else experience this? It also happens when I bend from the waist. I read somewhere where many young gymnasts have this problem, and some have had to give the sport up because of it. I'm not embarrassed by the problem, and have had many peeing accidents since I was young. I'll tell you about them on another occasion.

The Crank
To Bryian:A Perfect World is my favourite movie so far.You mean you didn't watch the ending.Oh man!You missed a great story man!By the way,the actor is Kevin Costner.Do you want to know the ending or keep yourself in suspence before you rent the video? Yesterday at one of my lectures,one girl stood up with an almost urgent look on her face and left the lecture theatre.She came back 15 mins later,looking relieved.I guess she must have taken a dump.

Worried Parent - Perhaps your daughter is feeling a lot of stress to "join in" with the crowd and isn't willing (or bold or is too nervous to) admit her need to take a quick trip to the bathroom. Remember, 13's a very difficult age for a young girl, and so she might feel her need to be with her friends is more important. There is a psychological tendancy to regress to more childlike patterns when stress is too high - witness the number of people that curl up in the fetal position. Perhaps you should have a talk with her and see if she's under any stress. She might have something brewing so deep inside her that it manifests itself subconsciously (such as soiling - something she's doing to get back at someone for something). Try that and see what happens. Whatever you do, though, don't become annoyed or angry with her, or it could get worse. I had a girlfriend once that began to wet the bed after years of being toilet-trained because her stepfather used to beat her. She would do it to get back at him (not that I think you're beating anyone - but that's how deep it goes). Best of luck!

Hi guys. Bridget, great to hear from you again. I'm glad to know you're still reading. Although I don't post as often as I used to, I do read the posts at least a couple of times a week (unless I'm away from a computer). Melissa, I was the one who asked you about your wiping habits, not Jason; thank you for answering. I told Steph (she's my best friend) that I squished my breasts when I first tried her method of putting the head between the knees. She laughed and told me I really have to spread my knees out. We are about the same size (and this includes the breasts), so I knew that spreading the knees a little more would work. I seldom (maybe about 5% of the time) have trouble pooping, so there usually isn't a need for me to resort to those methods, but it's nice to know about that option. Janine, please, please do post more of your pooping stories! I love reading them. We all have to poop and I agree with you that there is nothing "wrong" with having to go at places other than home. Aster, the only problem I can think of with public urination is the "sanitation" factor, especially in densely populated areas. I have no out of the ordinary stories (peeing or pooping) about myself to tell at this time. Love always, Alex :)

I had the strangest dump on Thursday. I had come home from the mall and i had eaten lunch 2 hours before i got home and i had to take a shit.It was fairly long(which is strange for me to do) It had to be between 6 and 9inches. When I wiped it was real moist and had to wipe alot to get my butt clean.Then an hour later i had to go again and when i went to wipe the paper was pretty clean(not alot of wiping to be done). I noticed that after taking these dumps my butt was itching. Does this ever happen to any one especialy in the summer?

How many of you watch the show Xena? It is a fantacy show about anciant Gall. I have watched the show a little, not nuch. One episode started with either Xena or her partner, Gabiral, I believe, starting the day taking a shower. Not much was exposed. How many of you would like to watch Xena or her partnet beginning the show and the day taking a shit? It would great seeing a long log come out and hearing the crackling sound.

Friday, July 09, 1999

Mel- you are correct. I have no trouble with pushing. I do it all the time. I don't let it come out because I just know I'll pinch it off. Oh well.. As for enemas... never tried them, just Ex-lax. Otherwise, I just push hard enough to get things moving, and it feels good afterwards (of course). I know it's hard on your system, and that's maybe necause of your problems; I'm not sure how to explain that. I'm not calling you a wimp or anything!!:o) In any case, don't anything too rash. Water enemas (I now know what they are!!) may very well help you. Cross your fingers!!

Hello all!! Just to let you know, I am still amonng the living. Thank you especially to Renee Anne and Jeff A who have enqiured about my wherabouts. While I do not post as actively as I used to, I still visit this site regularily and read all posts with great interest. Renee Anne, I really enjoyed your post about the dream you had with BSB's Brian pooping. It was very descriptive. I can't imagine why you would cringe and gag at the sight of someone pooping. I, for one, enjoy every sight and sound of it!! Perhaps you enjoy it more that you're willing to admit, since you dream about it often enough... Unfortunately, I don't have anything interesting to report but I want to say hello to some of the old timers of this site such as George, Moira and Coprologist and some others whose names elude me right now. Also, welcome to all new posters, it's nice to see so many new fellow poop enthusiasts. I will make an effort to post more often... Bridget

Worried Parent
I have found this site in my temporary internet files on my computer, and I was concerned that one of my children has been reading this sort of material. However, now I have found this site and read a few of the toilet posts I would like to ask for some advice. I have a son and a daughter, and I have recently been having difficulties with my daughter who is the younger of the two. She is just about to turn 13 and has started staying out with her friends on a regular basis and has been on several sleep overs or PJ parties as she calls them. I fear that she has started to neglect her toilet hygiene and need for the toilet, she appears to be soiling her knickers almost every day. As I have been doing her washing I have noticed fecal soiling in the seat of her knickers but I feel she may be doing it on purpose. Can any parents who have also experienced this please give me some advice on what to say to my daughter and what may be causing the soiling. My son has a similar problem but I expect a boy to be a bit less fussy about his toileting but not my girl.

Hi guys! Melissa, I'm glad I was able to help you. If you have any more ? or need any more tips, please ask. I love you!!! Bill, re your ? about the sound of my pee, I have to agree with Melissa that it depends on how badly I need to go. Most of my pees are between the "I'm just peeing before going out" and "I'm about to go in my panties." My friend Eric has watched and listened to me pee (and vv) a couple of times since last month, when we posted about buddy dumping together. I'm sure he'd be glad to describe my pee in further detail :) Matt (NY), great story about going with your female friend. I know exactly what you mean about that helping you and her become closer without it being sexual. Aster, your post was interesting. I have peed outside several times and showed a close (female) friend how to pee out of doors. I've always done it in privacy and away from where most people wouldn't tread. I'm a great fan of Dick Gregory and agree with his statement that peeing is an "act of God;" however, I also agree, as you said, that DISCRETION should be used when one has to go outside. One only has to envision certain urban subway stations reeking of urine to know that peeing at will, without regard to others, can not only be aesthetically and sensory displeasant, but also a possible health danger, as well. I don't agree with everything you wrote, but it was a great post just the same. A "hi" to my friend Toledo. Great to hear from you again! Peace and love to everyone, Steph

I recently had an experience that i think you will find interesting. I am 32 slim dark haired italian,i guess considerd attractive. My apartment was being painted and i stayed over at my mothers apartment,she is 56 years old and acts 30,I had just gotten out of the shower in the morning and was drying off when I felt it was time for my regular morning BM so i sat on the toilet and continued to dry off while waiting for it to start,the door opend and my mom steped in and said oops,sorry hun i'll come back,and i don't know why but i said it's ok mom,which was very strange for me since we were allways very private about our bathroom habits,but today it didn't bother me but my mom seemed a litttle embaresed as she stood infront of the sink in her bra and panties doing her makeup and i did my kind of stinky and noisey poop and with my little boobies exposed no less! something i never did before except in front of my twin mom never said a word and as i finished up and started to pull tp from the roll she finished up and left,The next day though she peed infront of me and even did a rather loud fart while doing so,this for some reason has made me feel closer to my mother.

To Steph - I thought you might like to know I discovered something interesting last night while I was doing a poop. It was fairly normal, long and slow, and I was in no hurry - just relaxing on the toilet all wrapped up in my thoughts. In fact I was just thinking to myself that I was doing remarkably well because I was sitting up resting my elbows on my knees and quite a few inches had already made their way out with no help at all from me. Having just congratulated myself on this feat I realized from the sensations around my ring that it had now decided to stop and was just hanging there. So - Steph to the rescue - I leaned as far forward as I could, put my head between my knees and my hands behind my back, gently parting my cheeks. No sooner had I settled into this position then quite involuntarily I did a huge deep sigh, and guess what, my poop started to move again. So now I wondered what would happen if I deliberately took a very deep breath. To my surprise I felt a distinct pressure in my lower abdomen as I breathed in deeper and deeper and again my poo poo eased out just a little more. For some reason I had the bright idea that rather than have my legs apart and my head between my knee, how about holding my legs together and leaning my chest as hard as possible against the tops of my legs and then taking a deep breath. I tried it and believe me it was wonderful. As I breathed in I felt my whole lower abdomen push down and my poo eased out at least another inch or two. I repeated this four more times and each time it felt like several more inches were squeezed out. With the fourth effort the last few inches slid out smoothly ending with the satisfying sound of a large deep sploosh. The secret I think is that with your chest against your legs its very difficult for it to expand outwards as it normally would because your legs are stopping it. So if you breath in hard enough it can only expand downwards towards your lower abdomen and almost like rolling up a tube of toothpaste, squeezes your poop out from behind. The only difficulty I can think of is that to make it work you do have to press your entire chest firmly against your legs. Now I'm very small on top (32B, with a pad!) and I didn't feel much in the way of discomfort, but maybe if you have a fuller figure it might be an issue. In any case it wouldn't present any problems for the men. What do you think Steph? Has anyone else tried this? I would love to know, and so would Steph I'm sure - Please let us know. Bye for now and all my love.

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I was out of town during the 4th. Anyway, Melissa - I totally sympathize with your situation in the mall restroom. If you remember a little while back I posted a story where I took a rather lengthy poop at a party and when I came out the girl who had been waiting gave me a bizzare look and before I went in there a girl remarked "she must be actually taking a poop." People can be so weird about it, and it drives me crazy!!! I can't believe these people actually look down on us cause we are pooping in a place other than home!! I mean, come on!! And, the thing that kills me most is that she had pooped too!! You said she groaned and made a real wet poop, I would be disgusted by that!! How rude, hypocritical and stupid some people can be!! So, Melissa, you have my firm support. Keep up the good posts and keep pooping in public; make all the noise you can - More power to you!!! Well, I have a couple of stories from this weekend, ! um let me know if you guys want to hear them, I don't have time to tell them now. By the way in case you forgot I'm 19. Um...let me know if you want to hear them. Love to all. Janine

To Buzzy - Buzzy I'm sorry, in the rush I forgot you yesterday. I have to be honest, I don't care for watermelon but it makes sense - great idea. It's full of water so perhaps it helps keep the poo a little softer. In fact I have taken to eating fresh pineapple for lunch and they are very juicy also. If I notice a change in my bowel habits I promise I will let you know. By the way, I can't speak for Jodi or the other women but I don't enjoy being binded up as you call it. I assume "Binded Up" means truly constipated, resulting in real straining (as opposed to just pushing) and possibly considerable pain trying to pass very large, hard motions. By this definition it's rare that I get constipated so what I'm really looking for is the instant remedy when it does happen. Yes, my poops tend to be very long and very firm and yes they are often wide enough to let me feel my ring being stretched wide, but they rarely give me discomfort. On the contrary they actually give me a great deal of pleasure. One of my "Problems" is that they are so slow to come out - which again is great for the sensations but often I find myself in situations where I have no choice but to hurry things along. This is where Steph and many others have given me really helpful advice on how to help a motion come out naturally without too much pushing. Buzzy - thanks for your concern - I love you - again, sorry I missed you yesterday.

To the unnamed correspondent who "sometimes has no option but to do a BM in their pants" I would ask why this is so? If you have attacks of diarrhea or loose stools, perhaps you should seek medical advice or take some medication such as imodium to firm up your motions. If on the other hand you are passing solid motions, perhaps you should try to be nearer a toilet or make sure you go when you first feel the need not leave it too late. Having said all that, my advice to avoid making too much of a mess in your underpants is as follows. I have to say that I DONT make a habit of doing a number two in my panties, but such accidents have happened to me a few times in the past. As you dont say what gender you are I will assume firstly that you are female. If so then wear baggier fitting but full panties rather than tight fitting thongs, or ti or half briefs. What we call "schoolgirls knickers" here in the UK would be ideal, the colour doesnt matter although in your circumstances a brown pair would best or another dark colour such as navy blue, but white ones would do as well. These cotton interlock briefs have quite tight elastic threaded through the leg openings so that would keep any mess in and stop it leaking out down your legs and onto your outer clothing. If you wear a pair a size or so too large this will allow more room in the seat and thus the turd might not squash up as much, indeed unless it is a v! ery large long jobbie it might not squash at all, but just hang down in the seat of the panties thus avoiding a mess. Obviously if you have an accident in your underpants do not sit down under any circumstances until you have cleaned up and got changed. Also wear a longer looser skirt or dress not a tight one. A pleated skirt would be best, and certainly not trousers or jeans. All this assumes that the motion passed is solid. If you pass loose stools or diarrhea its a bit more difficult as it WILL make a mess . Containment is then the problem and I suggest many of the first class incontinence panties and pads available, some by mail order, which will absorb and contain the mess and prevent leakage onto your clothing and legs. If you are male then the situation is not so easy. Boxer shorts and such style underpants are useless, the mess will leak out and soil your trousers. Wear briefs, women's with elastic through the leg opeings being better than men's in such circumstances and if you can get them schoolgirl knickers as described above would be ideal. Unfortunately, as most men do not wear skirts but trousers, jeans etc, you are in a worse position than a woman as the added resistance of your trousers will cause the turd to squash up in your underpants and both these and the trousers are liable to become stained and the evidence of your accident visible to others. This is one circumstance where women have the advantage over men as a women wearing a loose skirt can often have either a wetting or soiling type accident in her panties without it being apparent to others, men are for once at the disadvantage in this regard. If its a loose motion you will be in a mess anyway and I again suggest inconti! nence pads and panties to contain the mess and protect your outer clothing. Prevention is better than cure and I again suggest you see a doctor if diarrhea or loose stools or the inability to hold in a solid turd is your problem, otherwise try to get to a toilet when you feel the need to go. You do not give any background, and I know a small selfish minority of school teachers and employers are deliberately difficult about pupils or workers being able to go to the toilet when they need. Perhaps if you reply to this posting with some more data, such as your gender, occupation, and other background people such as myself could advise you better.

To Sparky: I liked your more about boy scout camp(i was never really in a camp like that). To Matt(ny): I liked your story post more(im a 18 year old male by the way).

To Fred_LimpBizkit: I(Bryian, 18/male) was the one who posted about the Blink 182 CD Cover. Tonight In CBS There was a movie on called A Perfect World and this guy kidnaps this 7 year old boy and he stops and pees outside. Any one see this? This wasn't the first time i saw the movie. There may have been other pee sceens cause i didn't watch the whole thing and i don't remember from when i saw it on video. well gotta go.

I am spending my summer hitting balls in the park. I don't care if I can't get a suumer job. I am going to 12th grade. I was hitting paddleballs in the park and I had to go ca-ca. That's what the Spanish call a b.m.. I united my blue cut off sweat pants and lowered them and my white, BOYS Ralph Lauren briefs to my knees. My toilet buddy cousin, Miguel gave them to me. I made a 12x1 inch yellow solid and it broke in three. I pissed for 30 seconds. I was in no hurry to get up. A 14 y/o girl walked in. There is no divider between the two bowls. She said she needed a clean toilet and plenty of paper. She put paper on the seat dropped her gray cut off corduroy shorts and yellow panties to her ankles and a 60 second wave of diarreah followed. She told me makes a b.m. when she gets home from school. But, today she could not hold it back. She was used to privacy at school. As she talked another wave followed. She told me she was in 9th grade; I'm in 12th. We really hit it off and we shared a common roll of paper. We both needed large fistfuls of too clean ourselves.

Ryan (13-male) - It's a long time since I was at school, and even longer since I was 14!! However, I will endevour to post what I do remember. Most of the ones I do remember from that age group are about males with diarrhea, and one or two with constipation (big time), and one with "constipated diarrhea" as someone else put it - is that what you want to hear about? Please post your reply. I am moving house in a few weeks and having a short stay in hospital shortly after so I might not have much time to post between now and the end of August - mid September, but I will try and find time. Where have Alex, Steph, Jodi and the other one of that foursome (sorry, cant remember your name) gone? Are they on holiday? Also, where on earth has pooping girl gone? Does anyone know? She seems to have vanished as did Preggy or whatever she was called. the baby must have been born ages ago.

I always wonder how people cope with sudden urges to poo when they have a job that doesn't really let them. I'm a truck driver and it can be difficult sometimes when I need to poo and there's no toilet nearby but I always seem to manage. I wonder how bus drivers cope? They can't just stop in the middle of their route and duck into a service station or whatever and leave their passengers sitting there for ten minutes while they poo!!! Other jobs that come to mind would be police, TV presenters, anyone behind a counter or in a shop, people who run those newsstands in the city.......probably heaps more I can't think of right now. Please, anyone with jobs like that or any other jobs that make it hard to poo when you need to, please post......I'm very curious about this!!!!

Hi Steph!!! Yes it did feel great to have that huge Movement after almost 2 days with nothing. I do have a problem and I'm hoping you guys can help. My Boyfriend, Tom and I have been together for almost 3 years and we share everything together except going to the bathroom. He is so shy about it that he can't even say the words. He tells me he's going into the next room to put lotion on his hands when I hear the toilet flush a few minutes later. He has seen me go a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I would really love to be able to see him go. I've talked to him about it before but he gets all red and embarrassed. What else can I do?

Ryan-13 male
Hello everyone. I had a pretty good dump yesterday afternoon. Yesterday my stomach was bothering me alot and I knew that I needed to go but my sister was out in the livingroom. I don't like taking a dump when my family's around. Especially when my grandma Joann comes up. Once my cousin (Nathan) came with his mom and my grandma Joann and one day he was taking a dump and he was yelling to his mom that there wasn't any toilet paper. But his mom wasn't listening. Then my grandma got up and walked in there and gave some to him. I can't imagine the emabarrassment that he had. That's why I always go before she comes up. I would never like to have my grandma walk in while I'm on the pot taking a massive (smelly) dump. Anyway I really needed to go so I waited until my sister went into her room to play here music. She turns it up pretty loud plus I will be accross the house so now's my chance. Well when I sat down a big fart came out then 2 long solid turds fell out. I was pushing to h! ard and my anus became rather soar. Does this happen if you push too hard. Did I ever tell you guys about the night my friend spend the night. I remember mentioning that I was going to act like I pooped in my sleep then when I wake up tell him that I just messed in my pants. Well I did finally get to do that bu7t unfortunately it wasn't big. I'd say it was about 2 small rock sized turds. Well that's all for now. HAPPY DUMPING EVERYONE!

Hi. FredLimpBizkit, you're so funny! I also had gas after eating all that 4th of July food and just like you, I took a soft s*** the morning after. Nothing special to describe, really. Melissa, I rarely have trouble going number two, but I have taken the oral (through the mouth) laxatives a few times. They did the job, but not as well as a supository my mother stuck up my butt last Summer. I wrote about that a while back. Laxatives were never forced on me I took them because I wanted to get the poopies out. You should try one of the supositories. Let it sit in you for about an hour, don't try to go to the bathroom until you feel like you're ready to s*** your pants. Sorry to sound so vulgar but that how these things are supposed to work. I spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom and took what I think was the biggest, stinkiest poop in my life. I hadn't gone in 4 days and felt so much better afterwards. I'm just like you in that I like to take my time going to the bathroom. I always take at least ten minutes to poop except when I'm in a rush like when I'm at school. I don't like to rush to go but sometimes I have to. When I have the option of taking my time I do so and I'm glad you think so too. Love, Torie

After spending a long day at the beach with wendy who'been my best friend about eight years or so "from High School" we headed to the lockers were we showerd and changed and as we were leaving wendy said i have to take a shit and we walked a few feet to the part of the locker room were the toilets are and when i saw that none of the stalls had doors on them i said you want to try and hold it in,wendy said i don't think i can and walked into the stall so i said i'll meet you by the gate,but she said please Laura just stand here and talk to me so people won't stare at me,and i said uh ok i guess..Anyway she pulled her denim shorts and white panties to her knees and then she turned her bare butt towards me as she put the seat protector down. As soon as she sat the farts just came out one after the other and i mean those loud ones that echo in the bowl and she said sorry about all the gas,she started to strain a little bit and we chated as other women walked by and a few seconds later i head a little plop and wendy said oh ya,that's better and said Laura whys's your face red and i just chuckled and brushed it off,but later thought about it and realized that in all the years we've known each other we had droped our drawers infront of each other many times like in changeing rooms or dressing at each others place etc etc but this was the first time either of us had viewed the other on the pot and it felt really embaresing to me and i don't know if i could do the same infront of her.

hi my name is kim i've tryed to post under another name but it didn't wprk i'm trying this one. bye [im a 23/female/montreal canada] ok bye

The FAQ still stands under this name also.

Aster, I too grew up in the 50's and 60's and never had any difficulty peeing when other boys were around. If we needed to go, we said so and we went - sometimes alone, but often as a group and often commenting on the size of stream, length of time to piss and so on. Especially out of doors - but there again there was freedom to roam around all day out of doors then. Nowadays, parents take their offspring everywhere and there seems more fascination with cities and shopping malls than with the fields and woods and open spaces which I remember. I have never had any difficulty using a urinal. In fact, I prefer it to using a stall - aim is less important! It doesn't surprise me if someone "checks me out", I'm not ashamed of my equipment and yes, I'm still curious too. I also don't have any hangups about pissing against a bush, against the side of the car or in a hedge. What's the problem? I'm not going to stay in agony when all I have to do is unzip and let fly.

I haven't posted here in a while. I am currently in Indiana visiting old friends and family from Colorado. I have visited a few places from my childhood days. I have been shitting more than normal with a change in environment and food. I went to the pool I use to go to as a kid and there has been some changes. The rooms have been redone and the toilet stalls has doors. I remember many times going through the mens locker room to go between the outside and the pool and seeing some kid on the toilet taking a dump. I also went back to my old H.S. to look around and their bathrooms also has doors as well. I went in to take a dump. There is another place I want to visit but won't get to is the Ransburg Scout Camp I attended at one time at Lake Monroe in Bloomington. All the camp sites had trough's for pissing in and 2 thrones side by side to each other which were holes in the ground. There was the troop showers by the mess hall and trading post that had a flushable john but it got tore down and replaced but I never walked in the new showers but assume their bathrooms has doors. There is also another place which is Eagle Creek Park which had some bathrooms without even stall walls. I walked in one time and there was a guy on the can right in the open. There are a couple of places I know in Colorado that have doorless toilet stalls but they will be gone when they get remodeled in the future.
For Aster, I agree with his viewpoint about the English Speaking countries getting more puritanical especially the US where I live. You don't see that many of the doorless toilet stalls that were prevalent in the 1970's and 1980's. This country has been schizoid when it comes to sex which includes going to the bathroom. Sex is something that is not much talked about unless it is bizarre. I remember when as a kid, the kids in the neighborhood were pretty open on taking a dump in front of each other. I remember one kid would put on a performance all the time. With the US having hangups about going to the bathroom, if we were open like the Europeans, this site would probably not exist since it is based out of Chicago according to the whois database. I am glad this site exist and I really enjoy it and reading all the postings. I remember being a kid, my cousin would come and visit us and we sometimes go in the bathroom and buddy dump in front of each other. It was kind of fun. If ! it happened today, our puritan society would brand us as gay even though the both of us are very hetrosexual.

[note to moderators: you can cut the reference to the erection if you really have to] MARK B (UK) My daily poo routine: I usually go when I get to work. I work in a large office, with two sets of gents toilets on every floor, so thereís a lot of choice of pooing-place, but I normally go in the same cubicle in the same gents. Sometimes I skip a day, which means I usually have a bigger and more satisfying dump when I actually do it. Like a lot of people, I am into delaying the event if I can, to make it more exciting when it canít be postponed any longer, but at work I am cautious about this and donít take any serious risks. I am really Ďregularí and hardly ever have constipation or diarrhoea, or even have to strain. I think this is mainly due to my diet, which I will mention later. I usually just pull my pants down, sit down, relax and let events take their course. I habitually put toilet paper in the bog first, to stop the water splashing. I know from hearing guys in other cubicles that this is a really common practice. I usually donít have to push very much and the first turd will start to squeeze out. I like doing really big jobs, and a long, large smooth turd is really satisfying. Itís usually followed by one or two smaller ones. I usually donít start weeing until the main poo is over; the wee starts involuntarily. I think itís to do with pressure on the muscles. Iíve been thinking about this recently and observing my weeing patterns when I take a dump. I think itís only if I have drunk a lot of fluid and need to wee quite badly that the wee starts at exactly the same time as the poo. I always wipe from front to back, and then stick a wad of paper up inside the opening to my anus to get it clean inside. The amount of paper I need varies and if there has been some loose stuff towards the end I might use quite a lot. This has its pitfalls because these toilets are these low-level siphonic sort of bogs with a smaller opening and less water. Itís easy to block them if you do a big shit and use lots of paper. Twice I have managed to (unintentionally) block them. So now if I have done something really big, I might do a first flush halfway through, before starting wiping. When I have had a really big dump there is a real feeling of exhilaration, and sometimes relief, and my arse feels warm and tingling inside afterwards. The exhilaration is not like that which happens when having sex. Itís more like the sense of pleasure I get when I have a sustained workout at the gym and the endorphins (Ďpleasure chemicalsí) are being released into the bloodstream. I have always assumed that everyone experiences this kind of sensation when having a big dump. Am I right? Of course other aspects of pooing have also always excited me in a big way. Thinking about other guys doing it, listening to them, watching them, etc etc. And watching myself Ė when I was younger as well as making that audio-tape see my last post), I loved watching myself in the mirror while I took a dump. There were various ways of doing this, but I found that by putting a mirror at the back of the toilet seat I could actually watch the turds leaving my bumhole. That would always give me an erection, and... (The rules of this website mean you will have to guess the rest). If you have taken the trouble to search out this website then I guess most of you readers share a similar fascination in this subject in one way or another. Thatís cool! I donít think everybody shares this sort of fascination, although I know that it is more common than is often assumed, but it is totally harmless and natural, and whatís more, itís completely free!!! Speaking of my diet. I mostly eat vegetarian, but not entirely, although I never eat red meat. I eat lots of fruit, veg. rice (esp brown rice, which will give you monster turds) and plain yoghurt. Iím not into junk food or fatty stuff. Iíve been eating this kind of diet for a while ands find it keeps me healthy, energy levels stable, and bowel function is really good. I am told that this kind of high-fibre diet can sometimes help people with loose-bowel problems, as well as those who are prone to constipation. I can really recommend it. The only laxative type of thing I ever take is prune juice, and thatís actually because I really like the taste! I have to limit the amount of prune juice I drink or it can have a very uncomfortable effect on me (stomach cramps) but I would recommend it in moderation as a natural laxative. Enjoy those dumps now... MARK B

Thursday, July 08, 1999

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