Nicola -- thanks for the tip. I just didn't think Melissa deserved to suffer as much, although i do realize she has been having troubles ever since her mother forced the "daily dump" rule on her. But thanks for the essay on constipation/laxatives. At least I know more now!!

Melissa -- i do have the same kind of "problem" as you" (not going for three or four days at a time). I am worried, though, because judging from your stories, you do have some bowel troubles. Laxatives may not be the mest medicine for this, but too much forced straining also may have bad effects on the moving of your bowels in the long run. Don't quote me on this -- I could be wrong!! Suppositories may help, I think (can anyone help me on that subject?). I think those involve jamming some rod thingy up your ass, but I'm not too sure. I know I was threatened with that when I used to be constipated as a boy. Never seen constipated shit come out so fast in my life!!:o) (no, not in my pants!) Anyway, Steph does seem to know more about this, and Steph -- thank you. Also, these suggestions as well as pumping or sticking your head between your knees (although isn't that kinda repugnant, what with the poop smell and all?) may help you. Another trick is to blow your nose as h! ard as you can while pushing out with your butt. I know that may lead to a bloody nose (no mucus inside), but it does work. I hope these suggestions can help anybody out. Cheers! Cammy

Hi. Steph, yes your method of putting the head between the knees really worked for me and I will do it again the next time I have trouble going number two. Lindsay, I take around 5 to 8 sheets each time I have to wipe. I wipe the sides of my bum the first one or two times and then wipe the center. I always look at the toilet paper after each time I wipe. I do get poop on my hands if the poop I took was very soft (not often, but enough). I don't go way into the hole with toilet paper but I always scrub my butt and around the tip of my hole with a washcloth when I'm in the shower. Another shout to my friend FredLimpBizkit. No big deal about putting down my wrong age. I have a c**t and you don't! :-) Talk about vulgar. You've seen a few girls going completely uncovered, thats cool. I've never seen a d**k except on a couple of babies and toddlers and I've never watched a boy go to the bathroom. Our "poopie holes" are all the same, just our pee comes out a little different. I'd like to read more about your poopies, or s**t or whatever you'd like to call it. Love, Torie

Hi all! I have a question for Mellissa, Steph, Jodi, Alex since I feel you are all friends, and we can speak openly. I work in a very small office, in what used to ba an old house, so the environment is more like a home than a public building. My office is directly across the hall from the only bathroom on this floor, and when various women use it, I notice the variety of sounds, as they pee. Some make a kind of tinkling sound, some a hard thunderous flood, and some women I've noticed make a distinct hissing sound. I am curious about a couple of things. 1. do any of you make a hissing sound when you pee, and what causes it? and 2. do women pee at different angles into the bowl? or is the difference in sound caused by some women sitting and some "hovering". It's always great fun to listen, and wonder what they are doing in there(as you all know!). I really enjoy all of your posts, have a great weekend everybody!

Dear Mr. W. I completely understand, I do use laxatives from time to time. Perhaps, try a glycerin suppository. They aer not to be habit forming and work in about 15-30 min. They are easy to use and produce a good, easy movement for me. I get the store brand...and be sure to insert it as far as you can. Plus, they are convienent, you can do what you wish while you wait. Good luck, and write to tell how you do.

I was at the university library a couple of nights ago and felt the need to take a good dump. I went into the bathroom, hoping that I would have company. I was in luck, as one of the two stalls was occupied. The guy must have just arrived as he was putting paper down on the seat as I entered the other stall. He farted twice when he sat down and then dropped a couple of hard balls. I let go what turned out to be a major dump. There was a loud 'crackling' sound as it came out followed by a 'floomph' sound as it hit the bowl. I gave a sigh of relief, which was followed by a giggle from my neighbour. "That was a good one" I said. He replied "I know, I heard it! That was me yesterday." I laughed and said "I really needed that!" He wiped once as obviously he hadn't done very much, flushed and left. As I expected, I had quite a clean-up job to do!

cute linda
I give up but before I do. here is my last story. today I was sitting in ym cousins room reading when a sudden urge to poop hit me. a really bad one. i mean I felt it trying to come out of my tushie and my ???? hurt..BAD.. like I got hit in the ????. SO I decided best to i walked over takking off my overalls and stepped out of then then slide my pampies down and sat. I left the door open cause my cousin's door was locked and only he and I were there.I relaxed and felt the poop slide out slowly. it felt hard and dry and it hurt a bit. then it stopped. I thought oh well and relaxed as i peed for a bit. I swung my feet a bit and OH THERE WE GO I said as it started to moove again. It slowly came creeping out opening my tushie WIDE. My eyes opened wide as this gaint poopie open my tushie wider and hurt.It stopped and I sat there trembling. I layed back and tried to catch my breath..btu then my ???? hurt again and it started to move again.I kept yelping and I ha! d tears in my eyes as it kept coming. My cousin heard me and asked me what was wrong as he came into the bathroom. I looked at him and said stuttering the whole time..I'm...pppp.ppppp.pooping. My face was read I know it He asked me if I was okay. I shook my head as pressure built up in ym was forcing it's way out but my tushie couldn't open any wider. I bent over and leaned forward going ooohhh ahh eeeee uuuhhh then it slide out again.I sat there with my face in my hands as it slide out forever. I didn't know how long it was..but it got softer and smoother. I looked up and my cousin was siting there next to me very worried. I looked up and him and smiled very tired and said I'm okay.Then my tushie finaly closed and it feel..but no sound. I fixed meself up a bit and sat still bent over as i passed 5 more soft poops with no trouble. I was even able to to talk to my souins while doing them. AFter that i wiped.. and I freaked.... the paper had blood in it. My poor tushi! e hole had been forced open so wide it most have torn and I started bleeding. I cried..but my cousin told me it was okay and not to worry. I took a shower and he told me the same thing happened to him one time when he didn't poop for a week and 2 days..when it came out it did the same. From now on if I miss going even a day I'm gonna take the stool softeners my mom tried to get me to take. well bye all

Hi everyone, just a quick post this time. Ryan (little Ryan, that is!): to answer your question, I'm 24 years old.Like you, I've enjoyed shit (doing it myself and being with others while they do it) since I was about 6 or 7 years old. Would have loved to be ten years younger and have you as a school friend and mate, although, as you say, not many of your friends shit with you. And Nicky, you must be through with all of those GCSE's now; you must be so relieved. While I was away, I went to a beach and many boys, teens and young guys were shitting like crazy after lunch. A young teenage guy came in and sat next to me at one point and he was so constipated he grunted and pushed for all he was worth; then one mighty splash into the toilet. He must have stood up to do it; it was such a loud splash. How many of us guys were in Scouts and what sorts of shit did we see? Dazz, your story about your shit on video was great. Would I ever like to be in your presence while you're doing your stuff! Well, that's about all for now. Again, it's great to be among friends and like-minded people here. 'Bye for now, Daniel

Hey! I'm a 36 year old male who has had intestinal surgery for Crohn's Disease, which is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract. Because of several operations, most of my colon(large intestine) is gone, so I mostly have diarrhea. I've been interested in other guys dumping since I was a little kid. Usually I would play with one of my friends at his house, and we would go with each other into the bathroom and watch each other poop or pee. Sometimes if we were playing outside and he had to go he and I would go around to the side of his house where there are a lot of bushes and he would pull down his pants and underwear and drop one or two logs. We really liked watching each other, and I'm sorry to say that his family moved when I was about 11. The next significant friend who shared his bathroom experiences with me was my college roommate; I'll tell you about him during my next post.

Does anyone know a method for girls to pee standing up?

Victoria - I thought I was embarrassed a week or so ago when I had a dreadful accident in the Mall parking lot. And I don't think anyone even noticed. But to have it all run down your legs, stain your skirt, drop onto the sidewalk and have an audience at the same time - Oh my goodness! I feel for you, in fact I can't even imagine. Incidentally what did your friend Sue think of all this? - she must be one wonderful friend. Also what did you do with your clothes? - I just trashed my panties and panty hose (thank goodness I was wearing hose rather than my normal stockings) and bought new ones. With all this recent conversation going on about laxatives it sounds like your soap is really a home made suppository. But liquid soap - a cross between a suppository and an enema perhaps. Out of interest I did some research on enemas in one of those "Home Healthcare" books which are becoming so popular. It recommends using pure water at body temperature and specifically advises against such things as soap because of the irritant effect. The recommended technique was to lie on one side and insert an enema syringe about three to six inches into the rectum and inject the warm liquid until leakage or discomfort just starts to occur. The thing then is to retain the liquid for as long as possible but the book suggested it would start working typically within 15 minutes or so. The great thing is that water is so natural, there are no chemicals involved and its not an overnight deal - it's almost immediate. I'm really interested in this whole thing because although it's very rare for me to become constipated I would like to have a remedy ready to turn to if I need it.

Jillian - I guess it was me that prompted you to write about your "Soap" experience and Victoria picked up on it. I can't imagine having soap pushed up my behind. I think my mom gives my younger sister Melanie an overnight laxative when she thinks it's needed. Anyway just out of interest I wondered how big these pieces of soap could have been. I picture a whole bar of soap and the mere thought of something that big being pushed up my rear makes my eyes water. Did your mom cut the soap to fit, or make the end a little pointy so it would go in easier? And how old were you when she last did this? I was horrified at the indignity of my mother merely inquiring about my bowel habits, which she did by the way right up until I was about 14. But the thought of bending over with my panties down to have my mom stick something in my rear and then push her fingers up there afterwards - Oh Man!

Sue - you say your mom gave you an enema right up until you were 15 - can you remember whether this was pure water or was there something else in there as well? Also what made your mom stop the enemas at 15 - did you get upset with her or did she just quit on her own? I was 15 only three years ago so I know there would have been major major arguments if my mom had tried this on me at that age. I'm beginning to think I've had life real easy.

Buzzy and Tony (UK) - to change the subject completely - can you guys please answer one question for me? Do you get an erection because you are pooping or does it come on for some other reason, and does it go away as soon as you have finished pooping? I only ask because, as I've mentioned in some of my posts, I sometimes get nice feelings if I'm doing a very large, slow poo, but they fade away when I've finished.

Lindsay - I always tear off about three or four feet of paper and fold it into a pad - and I do this as many times as necessary to get clean. Yes, I always look at the paper, I can't tell whether I'm still messy unless I inspect it. No I don't push it in my hole, but I do bend right over so my cheeks are as far apart as possible and I can wipe very carefully around my hole. Yes - occasionally I get a little poop on my fingers, usually this is because of a near accident and I'm a little more messy than normal.

Steph - what can I say? - a pillar of support. I've never had a hang up on either looking at my poop or the paper. Besides two or three other postings I've seen here, I think my friend Trish is the only one I've heard who has a problem looking at the results.

Jodi - You guys are just great, you, Steph, the whole gang. As a matter of fact I did do some reading on IBS a few months ago, mostly on the web. The message I got was that IBS is more likely to give you frequent loose poops rather than the other way round. ???? cramps and other discomforts also seem to be key symptoms. It seems that IBS is a whole collection of things that may not be fully understood or even easily diagnosed. Imodium seems to be a favorite prescription to handle the problem - but it only looks after the symptoms and not the real cause. But you are right on - if you think something is wrong, particularly if something changes and you can't figure a reason why then get to a doctor. Jodi - I love you and I really appreciate your concern, and everyone out there should listen carefully to your suggestion on getting medical advice.

Kara - I'm glad you understood, sometimes my brain works a lot faster than my fingers and I skip whole words and phrases. Here is one suggestion. You know your own friends better than anyone, and if you really think you would like to have one of them with you when you poop then try and arrange to be alone with that friend at sometime - say at home or somewhere where you are comfortable. Tell them you are going to the bathroom to poop and leave the door open slightly so they can see you. This is very important because shutting the door says "Stay Out", leaving the door open says "Please Come In". The trick now is to get them to come to the bathroom - so, (and I've done this), make sure before you go that you've hidden the toilet paper. When you are settled on the toilet but before you start pooping call out to them and say you need some toilet tissue and ask them to bring it to you. That's the invitation for them to come in and join you. Now you are on your own a little bit. If they come right in and hand it to you, all you have to do is get some kind of conversation going to keep them there and make them feel at ease. If they hide behind the door and try and hand it to you maybe they are a little shy and unsure - so get your hands occupied (like I often hold my rear when I poop) and tell them you can't reach. They either then have to come in or maybe they will just put the toilet roll on the floor and walk away. Either way you know how they feel. The whole point is you need to find a way to invite them in and give them a way to say yes or no. Please let me know how it goes, and if you need some more ideas I would love to help - love, Melissa.

Nicola (UK) and Bill - I'm glad you both liked my story. It's also nice to see that there are many others such as you guys who also get tremendous sensations when you do a nice large motion. You are so encouraging to me I can't believe it - thank you both so much.

Thomas - You asked me about the strange ending to my last post. I've been struggling with an issue that may or may not be real. It has to do with Angela, who has been with me many more times than anyone else when I poop. Just a while back something (and it may be totally insignificant) happened which took me by surprise. Basically over the past week or so I have figured out that it comes down to making a decision whether I want Angela with me or not when I'm pooping. If you have followed my conversation with Kara you can probably see that it is not easy to get someone to be that special friend who can share such a private thing. I've known Valerie since I was six years old - that's twelve years now - and because of the situation with Angela I have the feeling that I would like Valerie to be that special friend. Why Valerie? - Because she "Sends the messages" which make me think she might accept being that special friend. The thing is that the closest Valerie has ever! been to me when I have been pooping is the incident I described in my last post. So guess what - I have an identical problem to Kara. I'm also wondering whether I should post the whole story so that you can really understand, because I think there are some very real issues here, but I have to be careful to follow the guidelines of the site. You are so kind - I really appreciate it when someone like you tells me that they like my posts. I will try and put together a post which throws some more light on the Angela situation. Love to all of my friends out there - have a great Holiday - Melissa.

OK Joanna, I pooed in my panties yesterday and it was pretty good! In the summer I don't normally wear panties, just stockings, but I wanted to give panty pooping one more chance. I hadn't been for lunchtime poo at work and was walking home from the bus. I ran into my neighbor Lianne and we started talking. Right there I felt the need to poo and while I was talking to Lianne I started pooing in my panties. She had no idea! It felt like a huge load, but firm - it didn't squish around. I kept wanting to giggle as I let my poo out while we chatted! I did a little fart which seemed to go unnoticed. When I got home I went to the bathroom and pulled down my panties. There was on large, sausage-like poo curled around, but was so firm I hardly needed to do major cleaning to myself. I tipped the poo into the toilet and the panties were hardly soiled! I put them in the laundry hamper. But, Joanna, I still prefer the public poo!

does anyone ever have dreams about seeing someone famous doing #1 or #2????? i did last night. brian from the backstreet boys was in it and i saw and heard him do #2. this is what happened. i got to go to florida and hang out with them for awhile. it was 9 or 10 in the morning and the others were all gone somewhere and brian was still asleep. they asked if i wanted to go with them but i said "no i will wait for brian" they said "okay" and left. i was watching tv when i heard brians door open and he came staggering out in only his underwear still half asleep. "hey"he smiled yawning "hi" i smiled back. he went into the kitchen to get some coffee or something and then came into the room and sat down beside me. he asked questions and drank his coffee. when i was still talking he made a face and got up and i stopped talking. "excuse me"he said "i gotta use the bathroom. keep on talking" im usually not the kind of girl who likes to see other people go or hear them go either and the bathroom was right across the room from where i was sitting. he went in and i thought at least he would close the door most of the way but nope he left it open all the way!!! i swiftly turned away when he was pulling his underwear down "brian do you mind??"i turned red for some reason "go ahead and talk im listening" i talked louder than before so i couldnt hear anything and i heard him peeing for about 20 seconds. i was telling him about school and stuff and i could hear him grunting quietly through his nose "yyyeahhhh??"he said while he pushed "thats cool" then there was a loud splashing sound that sounded like a big rock falling in water! the stench was coming into the room now and there was another splash. i cringed because i hate those sounds! he was pushing and grunting again and he farted three times and then another big splash. he thought he was done but he wasnt so he rolled his eyes and grunted again looking at the floor. there were two big splashes. ! "i haveeeent goooone for 4 daaaays"he muttered straining again and then there was another plop. i gagged because of how bad it stunk and he smiled and pushed again. one really loud and long fart and then he was sitting there squishing his face in. it must of been a long one because it didnt make a loud plop this time "are you done yet???" i asked him and shook his head NO!!!!! he pushed one more time and one splash and he was done and he sighed out loud! no more finally. he wiped 6 times and turned around to look. "come here!"he called "nope i dont care to see it" "please?" he whined and i did and looked in. there were like 8 big pieces of poo in there! he must of loved getting rid of it! he had to flush 4 times to get it all down! there thats my story and im sticking to it!! does anyone else have dreams about celebrities on the toilet??

Hey all! In reply to your question Lindsay- I wipe my vagina first then my butt from front to back. I Generally only use 3 sheets at a time and rarely if ever get poop on my hands. Most times i do look at the paper except sometimes the first few wipes if i know it's messy. I'm not obsessive with getting myself clean but i rarely have skidmarks.

Hey all! In reply to your question Lindsay- I wipe my vagina first then my butt from front to back. I Generally only use 3 sheets at a time and rarely if ever get poop on my hands. Most times i do look at the paper except sometimes the first few wipes if i know it's messy. I'm not obsessive with getting myself clean but I rarely have skidmarks. Kara

I have enjoyed the posts regarding the ladies' wiping habits. One issue that interests me, but which I did not see mentioned, is the path of approach to the area to be wiped. Although the sample of my personal knowledge is small, most women I have seen wipe their pee from the front and wipe their butt from behind. However, I have seen some women wipe their pee from behind (i.e. around the back of their leg) and have seen some women wipe their butt from the front (i.e. by extending their hand between their legs from the front). I encourage all female participants in this forum to post a description of the path by which they approach the area to be wiped. To see if the method varies by nationality, please identify the country where you live. Thank you.

Hi people!!! I've just come back from a walk in the park where I had a nice walk by the river and a lovely poo!!! I felt the urge to poo hit me as I was walking by the river and thought that I would just do it when I got back home. When I got near the end of the park, I noticed this overgrown pathway leading to a thickly overgrown fence. There was a gap in the bushes covering the fence and there was an open gate there. I ducked down to go through the gap and found myself in a totally secluded area with more overgrown pathways. I walked along a bit and decided that this would be a perfect place to do my poo. I undid my belt and unzipped my jeans, pulling them and my panties down to just above my knees and squatted down. I squatted with my knees together and my feet apart so I wouldn't wee or poo on my sneakers. I let the wee out first, just a few dribbles as I'd done one at home just before going for a walk. Then I relaxed my anus, feeling the first turd slowly stretching my bum hole. It felt firm and I gave a little push as I watched between my legs to see it fall on to the grass beneath me. It was about the size of a golf ball and knobbly too. I pushed again and felt the next one pushing it's way out of my bum, it fell out quickly and was about the same size and appearance as the first. More was to come though as I felt another move on down towards my tingling anus. This one felt big too and I just squatted there and enjoyed the way it felt pushing against my sphincter. It started to slowly come out and I gave a very gentle push to help it on it's way. Once it started to come out, I stopped pushing and just let it slide out ever so slowly under it's own weight. My bum hole was fully stretched now and I could see the tip of it inching it's way to the ground as it continued sliding out. This one felt great and I had an erection as it was turning me on so much!!! I saw the tip of it touch the ground while the other end was still sliding out of me. It was a knobbly one too and I could feel all the bumps as was sliding out. I felt it start to taper off and it sped up, I could feel the tapered end as it left my body and watched the end as it hit the grass with a gentle "floomp" sound. I shuffled around a bit so I could have a close look at my poos while still squatting with my jeans down. There on the grass was two knobbly golf ball sized poos and the big one, about eight inches long and two wide, smooth and tapered at one end. I noticed sesame seeds through all the poos too as I'd had burgers with seedy buns the day before!!! All of a sudden, I realised that I had absolutely nothing to wipe my bum with!!!! I looked around at the leaves on the bushes but decided not to use them as they had many fine hairs on them and could in fact be tiny poisonous needles. There are a few species of noxious bushes with poison hairs on them in Australia, so I just pulled my panties and jeans up without wiping. This was the first time I'd ever done a poo without wiping as far as I could remember but I figured a skid mark is better than shoving poison leaves up my bum!!! I had one last look at my poos lying on the ground and thought to myself that I must come here again for a poo. I walked off, back through the overgrown gate and back home. When I got back, I went straight to the bathroom to wipe my bum but when I did there was barely a smear on the paper. Next time I go for a walk though, I will take some toilet paper with me just in case my poo isn't quite as firm as the ones I just did!!!!!

Came across this site by accident - very interesting. I'm a male-to-female transsexual and as someone who's experienced the restrooms of both sexes, I would like to shatter a myth. All I can say is that anyone who thinks that men are vulgar and noisy when it comes to pooping and farting as opposed to "dainty" women are dead wrong. I've been in ladies rooms where all you can hear are farts and "kersplooshes." One of the first times I had to poop in a ladies room, I tried so hard to be quiet - no farting and letting the poop fall on the side of the bowl. Then a woman came into the stall next to me and gave out this foghorn of a fart followed by several turds splashing. I saw her after when she was washing her hands and she was a small, pretty and very "dainty" hispanic woman in her 20's. Also, women's turds are generally bigger than men's - I know, I've been in stalls where the women before me couldn't flush because of huge turds the thickness of a wrist! And yes, women are less! modest about pooping in front of each other, often leaving stall doors open. Men would never do that!

To all the women out there( cammy, milissa,jodi etc,etc)I'm not sure if you girls like being binded up or what,but you should all try plenty of watermelon.It makes your BM come out smooth and quick.I don't know why you all would put up with so much discomfort while trying to poo.Just don't take laxitives.Very bad for you.I've oonly been binded up a few times in my life and i consider myself lucky cause it was a terrible experience.So unless you like being binded up( and maybe some of you do for some reason) pay attention to you input(diet) Lots of water and fruit and watermelon.Watermelon is the best thing for that,believe me,the next A.m. after watermelon, the poo just slides out my anus in droves and feels great coming out too.So girls, try it and let us know how it goes!!TO DAZZ- Cool thing about the video ,but next time tape the poop coming out.I'm trying to get a friends small videocamera to take out when i go biking and i'm going to tape pooing outdoors maybe on the beac! h.Should be fun.BYE

20 years ago I was in my school play (4th grade). I had not gotten enough time to go and urinate before the show started, so all the way through the performance I was extremely uncomfortable. We had a total of 2 performances without stopping, so during the next one, it was even worse. About half way through that one, I had an erection from holding it in, and for the rest of the show, it was sticking out of these tights I had to wear, I was so embarassed that I couldn't say hello to my parents and relatives after the second show.

Melissa. I just love your posts, a lot in common with my own experiences. Firstly, I must say I think that Jodi is a wee bit off thinking you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and need to see a gastro-enterologist. There is a partner in my firm who had IBS and his symptoms are very different from yours. He is an intense sort of person, does most of our Criminal Legal Aid Work, as you can imagine a very stressful job. He suffers from bouts of loose stools or full blow explosive diarrhea, griping pains and abdominal cramps and very bad noisy flatulence (gas). You just seem to have a reluctant rectum. I certanly dont think you need to take any sort of medication. Personally, I think you have found the reason for your own "problem" of the motion receeding back up and not coming down when you sit on the toilet. You mother is mostly to blame for her nosey interference and obsession with your bowel functions in the name of "regularity" when you were a kid. This made you hold it in as a reaction and now your rectum is trained to fight against the normal stimulus to expel the stool. I have sometimes experienced this when I have for example been in Court or in conference with Barristers and Clients and have had to hold in a motion for a while before being able to go off to the toilet. When I do try to do the jobbie I sometimes just do a wee wee and have to sit there for a good few moments before the urge to defecate returns although I am well aware that there is a big fat jobbie up my back passage. I just sit there, relax, read through some papers if in the Office and wait for it. After a few moments it will start to come down and I pass it. I must say that I too enjoy the sensation of my ring slowly stretching as the big fat turd slowly slides out and lands in the pan with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!". Occasionally I rub and gently push my ???? and this helps. If of course I am at home and George is there he rubs my ???? etc. Otherwise I will sit on the pan, relax, listen to a CD and wait for it to come down. So that's what I advise, as soon as you feel the need to defecate, as long as you can do so, just go to the toilet and go for it. Try not to let any others interfere. If you want to let a friend etc accompany you great, otherwise go on your own. I realise that the demands of work can mean that you cant just go off ot the toilet straight away, but dont let so call mates interfere. Too dammned bad if they want to go out and you are doing a motion, either let them go and catch up with them later or make them wait till the "job" is done.

Mark B
MY VERDICT ON DIFFERENT KINDS OF TOILETS. How would others rate these on their own list?

This is the toilet in the floor with two footplates which you squat on. Itís still quite frequent in France and Italy, especially in campsites, country railway stations and other places with basic communal facilities, although you donít get them in modern homes or hotels. Advantages:
- When you are crouching on the footplates youíre a***ehole is poised directly above the hole where the poo is washed away when you flush. There is a satisfying long drop before your turd plops into the water.
- You can look backwards betweeen your legs and get a good view.
- For a change, you can squat the other way round on the footplates. Then your poo falls onto the flat part, and again you can get a good view. The poo is still flushed away when you flush the toilet.
- If you are not used to doing a crap when crouching, you can pull your trousers too far down your legs and wee on them. You are supposed to only pull them down above your knees, so that, (if you are a man) your willie aims into the space between your legs.
- If you are wearing long shirt or coat, you have to keep it pulled up higher than your bum as well, or you can get poo on it.
- If you are having to hold clothes up, and hold toilet paper in your hand, and keep your balance, it can distract you from having a long relaxed dump and getting that good view of whatís dropping out!

This is standard in Germany and central Europe. You sit on it, but the flush hole is at the front, and you poo onto a kind of shelf at the back of the toilet. Only when you flush is the poo and toilet paper pushed forward into the water and washed away, by a high speed jet of water which comes from the back of the toilet.
- You always know exactly what you have just done, even if you donít want to.
There is not a long drop between your butthole and the place where your poo lands. Can be very smelly, as the poo is not in the water, especially when you decide to take a long slow dump. (then some people would call this an advantage).

This is a standard type toilet you sit on, but it provides an alternative way of cleaning your butthole, because of religious customs about personal hygiene and cleanliness. A small water pipe sticks out from the side of the top of the toilet bowl almost into the middle, pointing up at your bum. You switch it on by turning a tap, and it sprays water at your butthole.
Could be nice, if you enjoy water squirted at your hole.
The spray pipe often has poo or whatever stuck to it from previous users of the toilet. Itís really gross. Fortunately they usually provide toilet paper as well so you donít have to use the spray pipe, but even sitting on the toilet can be grim.

This is natureís original method. Itís my favourite, especially if there is no-one around and you can do it right out in the open, like wild animals do. Advantages
-Itís very natural. I think that pooing goes along with sex and eating as one of the basic pleasures in life, and this is the original way to do it.
- You can Ďmake a statementí that you donít need to conceal yourself while taking a dump.
- You can enjoy the rural views and take your time over it.
- you know that everything you produce will be recycled.
- You can get a good look at what you are doing, while you are doing it.
- Someone might disturb you at a really exhilarating moment.
- Tough when it is very cold or raining and you have nowhere else to do it.
- As with the squatting toilet, you have to make sure your clothes arenít in the way.
- Dificult to do in the dark without a torch.

This leads to doing it your underpants/panties when thereís no other option.
- Can be a turn-on. At least I fantasise a lot about it, but don't do it.
- Many.

I canít comment on the Japanese type, or other kinds of toilets in other counbtries as I have never used them. MARK B (London, UK)

I've read many posts about skidmarks. Many think it's gross but let's admit it. Most of us get them. I'll be the first to admit I get very heavy skidmarks. I have several BM's a day and my job is very physical. The combination of BM's and sweat always results in skidmarks. I know ladies don't like to admit they get them but I know many do. I know because I've seen them. I hope more will admit to this problem and not get so uptight about it.

Grown Up Schoolboy
Does anyone else here remember having fantasies about teachers on the toilet when they were at school? I did, and I can remember the day it started. I was in the playground with some friends, probably age about six or seven, and one of them said: "look, Miss Lancaster has been for a number two". We all turned round to look where he was pointing to see Miss Lancaster, a young and attractive teacher, probably in her early twenties, opening the toilet window - we guessed to let out the smell, having had a shit. She was slightly red in the face and glaring at me, obviously annoyed at these small boys knowing what she had just done. Thats about all I can remember, other than that she gave me a hard time that afternoon, I suppose as punishment for what I had seen - although I hadnt actually seen anythingFor years afterwards I had fantasies about what it was like when she was sat there after lunch, stinking up the toilet. It was my great fortune, years later, to have a girlfriend who liked to let me watch her shitting, and I remember being amazed at the amount she could produce. (By coincidence, she was a teacher as well!). She could produce huge fat logs, and several at a time, way more than anything I could ever do - and it occurred to me that if I had actually been there, watching Miss Lancaster on the toilet, and she had done a load like my girlfriend, to a six year old it would have been unbelievably huge, and I would have been traumatised for life!

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