Hi all... I've posted like 3 or 4 times before...but never used a name...thought I might this time... I'm a college student...umm yea...don't know what else...I just posted about going to an Ani Difranco concert.

Melissa: That was an Awsome story! You have such an ability to share your feelings. One part that really got to me was describing how good it feels when a motion is actually strecthing your anus open. I too know that feeling, there is nothing to exactly describe the pleasure of that moment. Keep up the great postings!

Cammy, habitual taking of laxatives certainly can be harmful, and nowadays is discouraged by most Doctors. While for most people natural substances such as Bran etc are perfectly safe, many laxatives work by irritating the colon and this can cause problems. Also if the person uses purgatives as a matter of course then they can become dependent on them being unable to have a normal motion without and thus having to use more powerful medicines. Again it is necessary to define what is meant by Constipation. In the old days the manufacturers of laxatives spread the fiction that you had to have a soft bowel movement,each and every day, preferably first thing in the morning, and anothing else was constipation. Sir Thomas Beecham, the conductor, of the millionaire Beecham family who made the laxative Beechams Pills, is reputed to have said, "Make the people shit and make a fortune". Nowadays, it is recognised that some people defecate more than once a day quite normally, while others only have a motion twice or even once a day and that is normal for them. A fair definition of constipation would be needing to have a motion but it being very hard and lumpy and difficult to pass and coming out with discomfort as a load of hard balls instead of a reasonable sized turd. I would say that any unexpected change in your normal pattren and nature of bowwl movement, whether to constipation or diarrhea should be reported to a Doctor in case it is a symptom of something serious. In all rather than taking laxatives, drink more fluid, eat more fruit or veg, wholemeal bread and pasta, take more exercise. I pass large firm stools, but I find that my diet and exercise regime keep things moving with comparative ease though sometimes , usually about the time of my period, I get slightly constipated as ,many girls and women do. Victoria, that was a very silly thing to do, squirting washing up liquid up your bowels. Such detergents are quite powerful and could have caused inflamation. While I feel sorry for you having such a terrible messy and very visible accident in your knickers, I hope you have learned your lesson. Mark, thanks for the data about the book "Merde", I'll order it via the web. Andre, thanks for the calculation of the weight of one of my turds, its about 1.5 pounds in the old measurements, that's a fair weight and accords with what it feels like as it comes out and then depth charge sound effects as it drops into the pan. Im not as tall or heavy as yourself but would describe myself as quite cuddly. I eat quite a lot, and what goes in must come out I suppose. Since I was a kid, I have always done big jobbies, as do my younger brother and my mother, so maybe its a family thing. Mellisa, I loved your description of doing a really big motion. I almost felt as if I was doing it myself! George, I did once try glrycerine suppositories but prefer Liquid Parafin if I really need it or eithere KY Jelly or vasaline to help a difficult lump slide out.

Cammy - you are so sweet and I really appreciate your concern, and if constipation was my only (occasional) problem then I'm sure you might be right. In fact I don't often get constipated. Yes, I normally only poop once every three or four days and I usually do one long firm motion. Occasionally they are a little softer and perhaps come out as two, three or even more lumps. The first problem is that I often feel the need to poop, quite urgently sometimes, but when I get to the bathroom and sit on the toilet the urge goes away. I could sit there and try and push but I find that uncomfortable, even painful if taken too far and it just doesn't feel good. Ironically the answer to this lies in the habit I developed when I was very young of holding my poo in as long as possible. So now when I decide I'm going to go - I really do need to go and most times when I sit on the toilet I am rewarded with a nice long poop. The only downside to this is that I'm prone to accidents, but as I got older I got much better at judging just how long I could hold it. Of course last week shows this is still a risky play for me. Also what often happens is that I start to go and my poop gets as far as peeking its tip out of my rear but then stops coming, leaving me sitting there with just an inch or so sticking out. This has been the recent center of discussion particularly with Steph who has given me lots of helpful advice on what to do when it's slow coming out. It would take too long to go through all the suggestions here but they really do work. The great thing is they are all natural and encourage my poop to come out without me pushing. What is no nice for me is that I get absolutely great sensations in my poopie hole and even in other places when a very large, long and slow poop is coming out all on its own with no pushing on my part. Of course, like anyone else I do very occasionally get constipated which in my case means perhaps five, six or even seven days without a poop. But even then I don't take a laxative because eventually I will feel the need to go. The problem is that my poop gets very wide and even harder than normal and so it's only straining which will force it out. This can be painful because my poopie hole is being forced to open wider than it should and unlike pushing, over which you have full control, once a straining spasm grips you there is nothing you can do except go with it. In fact just a couple of days ago I posted an answer to Fred who asked me what I did when I was straining. So you can see how all of this has given me quite an experience in "Toilet Troubles". Now mix in some of my friends and I have plenty of stories to tell. Cammy - I love you and all the others (special mention to Steph) who are trying to help - Thanks to all

There has been some discussion here lately about how people wipe their butts. I have a few questions about this that I would really appreciate hearing an answer to, especially from females. First, when you wipe, how many sheets of paper do you typically tear off the roll at one time? I take an average of seven squares at a time, and I wonder if this is more or less than the amount other people use.

Second, do you look at the paper when you wipe? I always do, but I think I actually saw a posting here from someone who thought it was gross. Also, I had a friend once who actually said she just wiped a few times until it "felt" clean and then she knew she was done without looking at the paper. I thought that was strange, and I wonder if anyone else does that. I mean, if you don't look, how can you really be sure you're clean? Sometimes I don't look at the first or second wipe because I know I'm going to do more, but I always look at the last couple to make sure I'm clean..

Third, when you wipe, do you just wipe the paper along the crack or do actually push the paper into the hole? What I do (and I have always wondered if other people do this) is I wipe along the crack until the paper is clean. Then, when I know the paper is clean, I wipe one more time, but this time I sort of push the paper into my hole with my middle finger and I usually can wedge it in about a half inch or an inch. Sometimes I'll put a little soap or spit on it to help it in, and sometimes it just goes in without trouble. Invariably, when I do this and I pull the paper out, even if it was clean before, it's usually got poop on it now. I keep doing this a few times sticking the paper as far into the hole as I can until I pull it out and it's clean. Is anyone else this compulsive about it? One thing about being so careful is I never ever get skid marks unless I happen to do a wet fart, and I usually don't do that.

Finally, when you wipe, do you usually get poop on your hands? That happens to me a lot, and I can't seem to avoid it. I don't know why, but no matter how carefully I wipe, I always seem to get poop in the middle of the palm of my hand. Does that happen to other people too?

As I said, I'd really appreciate hearing from other females about whether their wiping habits are similar to mine or not. Thanks.

I would like to relate the following recent experience for those interested: I had just finished a lunch meeting with some business associates while out of town. The food was great, but I ate WAY too much! 1:30 pm - rushed to the airport to return the car and catch a flight
It became apparent that a toilet would become necessary very soon. I hoped to use the airport restroom, but there just wasn't enough time. 2:20 pm - the aisles of the plane were filled with passengers trying to store items so I had to wait...
2:35 pm - everyone was requested to take their seats for pushback from the gate more waiting...
2:42 pm - as the airplane taxied to the runway for takeoff, I was becoming concerned as to whether or not I would make it in time... I kept glancing at my watch. It couldn't be more than a few minutes until we would be at cruise altitude and I could get up. Wrong!! The line up for the runway took another twenty minutes.
2:58 pm - after this length of time, anxiety was beginning to make my hands sweat. I was trying to hide this and control myself from squirming in the seat.
3:07 pm - airborne!! Was relief only seconds away? Wrong again. One of the pilots announced we were to remain seated as they expected we would pass through some rough air (I think they called it chop). It never happened!
3:16 pm - I was trying to find the best position to avoid having a major accident right at my seat. I was really debating disregarding the instructions of the flight crew and going to the lavatory anyway,
3:18 pm - I discovered the second stage of pain which occurs after ignoring abdominal pains for an extended period of time - pains in my lower back.
3:24 pm - the seatbelt light was switched off and I carefully got up from my seat to avoid a disaster right there. I really didn't think I would survive the thirty foot walk to the lavatories at the rear of the plane. With every step I felt I would burst, but I made it! I chose the closest lavatory which was on the right side of the plane just forward of the rear emergency exit. Thank God it was vacant. I locked the folding door, lifted the toilet lid and sat down. The movement lasted no more than two seconds. Since the toilet bowl has no water in it The sound was simply "thwup"
One wipe, very little. Second wipe, nothing. Amazing! I got up from the toilet seat and turned to see something I will not be able to describe accurately here, but I'll try. The toilet bowl is a dark gray (almost black) funnel shape which is quite deep for its diameter. The two inch wide turd went from the exit hole up the back of the bowl right to the rim where it had folded making the last six inches lie adjacent to first twelve. The two wads of paper I tossed into the bowl were in front of the turd where it started at the exit hole. When I flushed the toilet, there was a huge roar, the paper vanished along with the first four inches of the turd which was over the hole, the rest remained. I flushed the toilet two more times and nothing changed, just a big vacuum suction sound, but the majority of the folded turd was stuck to the back of the toilet bowl. I closed the toilet lid, washed my hands and unlocked the door. I was really hoping nobody would be waiting for me finish, but no such luck. I handed the door to the man standing outside the door and went back to my seat. I still wonder what he thought when he lifted the toilet lid. Passing this immense movement was such an experience that I was shivering and experiencing chills, almost as if I was in shock. The feeling of physical and psychological relief was extremely satisfying though! Jody

To Melissa: Your posts have been especially fasinating, I've enjoyed ALL of them immensly but the story you wrote yesterday really touched a nerve. I'm not sure what the ending implied. You wrote: >But coming back to the present, recent happenings with >Angela (I'm trying to decide whether it's even appropriate >to post on these) bring a sharp focus to the expression I >saw on Valerie's face as Anne was discussing elephants. >There's a lot going on in my life. Love to all - I really >appreciate all of your comments, help and encouragement I have a wonderful lady in my life who just happens to have horrenous times doing huge poops that get stuck half way out of her body. We lost a baby once because of the struggle she had with one of them! The word "elephant" has no place in this discussion, love your body as it is...its special!! Thomas

Melissa- Thank you for your info and that's ok I guess I got what you meant the first time. You are right I have never pooped with a friend. I do think my friends may be interested but I think it's getting started that's the problem. Once one of us says we need to go then we all think it's a good idea. This is all separate stalls, not together but i guess it is a start. I'll give it a try and keep you informed. Oh yes btw there is a guy not a b/f just a friend since we were little we used to do a lot of outside pees together but never anything more. I bet he may also be a good canidate for this. Thanks again. Kara

Do girls leave bigger skidmarks as their panties are always wedged up their arses?

Mr. W
Hey there everyone. I have a question to ask of anyone who can give me an answer. Can someone please tell me if there is any way to take a poop without pushing or straining at all? The reason that I ask is because latily, every time I have to have a movement, I have to push and strain so hard that my stomach and lower abdomon hurts so bad that I can hardly stand it! The last time I had a movement I had to push so hard that I thought that my head was going to explode, and me stomach was in so much pain that I had to get off of the toliet because I had to puke! I puked and then sat back down on the toliet (without flushing, because I didn't want toliet water splashing my butt) and still spent about a half hour until I was able to shove out only two "logs"! The stool looked black. Anyway, it would be such a relief to be able to sit down and just let my "logs" (I don't know why, but that is what I have started calling them, probably because it feels like I am trying you pass a 100 year old oak tree) slide out all on their own with out any effort on my part. I am nervious about using laxitives because I don't ever want to get to the place when I can't ever have a movement without them! Thanks, Mr. W

Hi guys! Leslie-Loo, I know exactly how you felt about going after not being able to go the day before. A great feeling, isn't it? Hi to my friend Melissa!!! :) No, I have not tried "holding it in" by pressing on my butt cheeks and then trying to go. I would also like you to know that there's NOTHING wrong with looking at your poops after you go; I do it all the time, and so do three friends whom I've observed going, Alex, Eric, and Jodi. I'm sure most on here always look at what they've done, right? Speaking of Jodi, she and I have been "buddy reading" the latest posts, and Melissa, Jodi would like to write something to you, so here goes... Love, Steph

This happened a year ago at a festival in the uk called Glastonbuty. For the second year running heavy rain had turned the whole festival site into a real Mudbath.I was there with 3 friends , on the sunday loads of people got really trashed diving and sliding around in the ankle deep mud. my mated and me were totally out of our heads and wearing jeans t shirts and trainers soon got plastered head to toe with mud we were really having fun like young boys when i needed a pee it just didnt make sense walking all the way to the toilets and in my drug f--ked condition i just let it all go in my jeans it felt great and warm and was completely unnoticd some time later i needed to shit I wavered for a while then started to push the hard log out into my already trashed once white briefs. so there I was covered in mud dancing around with my mates in a quagmire with dozens of festival goer's and it felt GREAT ! the smell wasnt too bad either.needless to say when my head cleared later I wasted no time in taking all my clothes off and changing into my last clean pair of jeans for the ride home. this year the whether was much better and I kept a clearer head and cleaner briefs.

Hi Melissa. I'm Steph's friend Jodi and I'm lactose intolerant, which means that I cannot digest lactose products (notably dairy) without having very runny and gassy craps. It was thanks to this site that I was able to find out about my condition and seek help. I guess what I'm trying to say is I think you have some kind of irritable bowel syndrome. Please think about seeing a doctor on this. A gastrointerologist (GI) is a doctor who specializes in intestinal (bowel) problems. He or she (and I can understand that you may want to see a female doctor about this- less embarrasing) can determine what type of regimen is required for you to perform "normal" bowel movements. I've felt a lot better since my problem was diagnosed; my problem is the opposite of yours- my movements were on the loose side (they still can be, especially if I indulge in the occasional pizza), but it's a problem just the same. I hope I am not being too "preachy;" I'm just a young woman about your ag! e who's concerned about others with problems in going to the bathroom. Love, Jodi

Derek F
Hello again. This is just a quick post to tell you about when I was caught and told off by my mum because I had an accident. It was after school and I had been out with some friends. I was wearing my white shorts and I told my friends that I had to go home, this was because I needed the toilet, on the way home after trying to hold it in a hard poo slipped into my underpants and I made a little wet patch on the front of my shorts. When I walked into the house I went to got straight up stairs to my room but when I walked into my room my mum was there and she noticed the wet patch on the front of my shorts and she told me off for wetting myself and sent me to the toilet to finish off and tidy up. She said that I must go to the toilet before I go out in future, luckily she didn't notice I had done a poo so I quickly destroyed the evidence down the toilet. Bye

Thursday, July 01, 1999

Hi Guys, Had a nice motion today. Usually every morning around 8am, my ???? decides it's time for a motion....that's why I like to be home at that hour. I felt so relieved after my motion this morning...I didn't go yesterday so it was ready!!! I when into the bathroom, pulled up my nightie and slid my panties to my knees and let the turd glide was about 6 inches long and kind of wide. After a few farts, I was done and felt so at peace. This was an exta-special motion today. I'll post again soon :o)

Hi everybody. Well I finally did the thing with the video camera. I didn't do any close up shots for this first effort, just set the camera up on a tripod about six feet in front of the toilet so I could see myself sitting on the toilet. The close up shots will be for next time!!! After I finished taping, it was interesting to play it back through the TV and watch myself and see my toilet habits as another person would see it. At the beginning of the tape was the toilet there with the lid up but the seat down. I walk in to view and see myself pulling my jeans and panties down to my ankles as I bend down to sit on the toilet. As I'm sitting I see my dick hang down between my legs and my hand go down to it so I can hold it down as I sit on the toilet. A moment of silence and then the sound of my pee trickling in to the water. (I had pointed the stream to land directly into the water for the sake of the video so as to get that wonderful sound effect!!!) The stream went on for ab! out 30-40 seconds and then came to a dribbly end. Then a few more little squirts were heard as I tensed the muscles to get the last bits out. I could see my facial expression change a bit while doing that, kind of a strained look. Then I saw my face relax a bit as I relaxed and let the poo move down and get ready to let them out. Then I screwed up my face a bit and grunted a little as the tip of the poo started to poke out of my bum, then my face relaxed a little as it started to slide out. I couldn't hear any crackling on the tape but certainly heard the big PLOP a few seconds later as it hit the water and the big sigh of relief straight after. My face took on the strained look again as I pushed and grunted some more to get the next poo out. This one fell out quickly and landed with a smaller PLOP than the last, another sigh and once more my face relaxed. Next was a very short trickle of pee followed by another poo that made a plip sound and then I was empty. I reached for the toilet paper, wiping my dick first and then standing up and turning around so the camera would get a great shot of me wiping my ass. Tore off some more paper and spread my buttocks apart with my left hand while wiping in a circular motion with my right. Another wipe but this time just up and down through my bum crack. I wiped again, this time moving my bum closer to the camera so I could see myself working my TP covered finger right into my anus to get it really clean. I looked at the toilet paper and still saw some shit there, so covered my finger with more paper and worked it around in there for about 20 felt great doing that too, probably why I did it for twenty seconds!!!! I turned back around and could see my erection as I bent down, pulling up my panties then my jeans. I walked over to the camera and detached it from the tripod so I could tape the poos getting flushed. I zoomed in on the poos and paper in the bowl as I pushed the button and the water! swirled around and all that poo and paper tumbled over each other until suddenly disappearing around the bend and out of sight. I stopped the tape at that point, it was kind of arousing seeing myself go to the toilet, especially as my anus was still tingling from passing those poos!!!! I'll try the close up shots next time, let you all know how it goes.......bye for now :-)

Derek F
Hi there everybody. Nicky I must say that it is normally very difficult for me just to drop my trousers and poo as I live in a built up area so my underpants are really my only option, anyway I wouldnít feel comfortable doing a poo out in the open. This weekend I had a close call when I was out shopping for some new jeans. Me and my mum went out on Saturday morning to town to get some new jeans. It was a bit of a rush as I wasnít ready and my mum wanted to get to town before the bank closed. I jumped in the car and my mum drove off but I really needed a wee, I was holding the front of my black shorts to stop me weeing but my mum noticed and told me to stop holding myself, she didnít know that I needed the toilet. I needed a poo as well but that wasnít as urgent. I started to wee a little bit but I was managing to hold most of it in and as my shorts were black you couldnít see any wet marks. When I got to town I quickly ran to the toilets and did a wee whilst my mum parked the car, I wanted to poo but both the cubicles were in use and I knew my mum was in a hurry to get to the bank so I didnít wait. We got to the bank in time but by this time my need for the toilet was getting worse and I could feel my poo moving towards my underpants. When we got to the first clothes shop some poo was sticking out into my pants and as I tried to pull it back in it broke off into my pants and more was still trying to escape. My mum then said let me look at the label in your shorts to see what size you need. I thought she might notice the poo in my pants or even smell it but she didnít seem to. I then did a little more poo until I felt I could hold the rest in for a bit. My mum then gave me a pair of jeans and said go and try these on. I took my shorts off and there was a big wet patch at the front of my pants so I quickly pulled up the jeans before my mum stuck her head round the curtain of the changing cubicle to see if they fitted, I said they seemed a bit small so she said take them off and will go and change them for a larger pair, this was my problem, I couldnít let my mum see the front of my underwear or the back as she may notice I had an accident, I took the jeans off and stood sort of sideways and tried to pull my t-shirt over my underwear, it must have worked as my mum didnít say anything and we ended up buying the larger pair of jeans. On the way back to the car I had to pull my pants away from my bum as I could feel the poo sticking to my skin, my mum gave me a nasty look as I did it. As we were driving home in the car I needed the poo again and ended up farting in the car, my mum canít stand it when anybody farts and always makes a thing out of it ever since my sister farted accidentally at the dinner table when we had the family around. When she had finished moaning at me we were almost home and I was almost pooing my pants. As the car stopped at my house I jumped out just in time as some poo forced it way out into my pants and I did a little wee. Luckily then my friend Matthew walked round the corner so I able to go off with him so my mum wouldnít notice anything. By the time I got back home my shorts were dry and I had scrapped a little poo out of my pants at Matthews house. Unfortunately that night I got up to go to the toilet and my mum saw me in my underwear, as thatís what I sleep in, and she told me that it looked like I should put on clean underpants the next day but she didnít tell me off so she obviously didnít realise I had done a poo in them. She must have thought it was just a skidmark she had seen. I have also had another experience since the weekend when I did get found out and told off by my mum but I will post about that at a later date.

In answer to Jillian (UK), my mother did the bar of soap insertion to me a few times to relieve constipation and I remember this seemed to work. I am 36 now and a few weeks ago after a bit of trouble getting my bowels active, I had not been for two days, I tried this idea on myself. However, after inserting a small piece of soap into my bottom I waited some time but nothing happened so I added a larger lump of soap and this time first dampened the surface with warm water before inserting to make this slide up more easily. There was a bit of sensation immediately afterwards, not too pleasant, but still nothing happened. So I next tried an idea of my own which I suddenly had just thought of. Liquid washing up fluid straight from the container which is quite strong stuff and easily inserted by lying on ones back and squirting into the bottom via the nozzle by squeezing the container. I managed to get quite a lot in but although I could really feel it this time there was no great urge for the toilet so I got fully dressed to go out to the shops. I thought the bus ride and walking would get matters working and looked forward to a big bowel movement when I got back home. But as soon as I got of the bus in the town something had already started working and I could feel the matter becoming more and more urgent. I began to regret using the liquid soap and made my way back to the bus stop intending to go straight back home, hoping to make it in clean knickers. But as I waited in the middle of the queue of people, hope gave way to panic as I felt this awful burning sensation in my bowel and began pressing my muscles, holding my knees and legs together with all my strength so that I would not mess myself. I began to try to think of which undies I was wearing and remembered it was pale blue panties a pair of tights and a panty girdle over the top. The worse thing was although my skirt was lined it was also pure white. As the situation got much worse my knees were shaking I knew I was about to loose the battle and kept looking down at my white high heeled shoes to see if there were any signs that I had actually started doing it. Next thing I felt a hot squirt in the back of my panties, I had lost control, then an unmistakable muffled noise as I felt the two lumps of soap go into my knickers followed by a long purge of creamy mess which seemed to spread all over my bottom and down the back of my legs as my bowels opened and emptied the contents into my clothes. My panty girdle had made it go all over the place including up my back to the top of the waist band and I felt quite sick as my Virginia also badly was mucked although I had pressed my knees together. I must say that the relief was wonderful but not so the result. I had shit myself big time. I felt the back of my skirt and yes there was a wet brown stain and getting larger. Not even my tights could hold it as quite soon I looked with embarrassment as I heard something going plop plop and saw a mess dropping out of the back of my skirt, over my shoes and on to the pavement. People in the queue began to show some amazement as they realised what they were looking at. I could not go on the bus in this state and waddled very carefully to a phone box to call my friend Sue to get me home in her car. I just had to tell her outright so she could come prepared. So I said "Sue I have had a most awful accident, I have gone to the toilet in my clothes, I have just shit myself". Anyway Sue was very understanding, I arrived home in her car inside a plastic sack. I declared - no more soap treatment for me - never again!

To TONY(uk)-Just look at my last post and i talk about just that thing about pooing with an erection.That happens to me a lot.Sometimes,it can't be helped!TO ANNIE-Bedpans can be interesting,to say the least.I've found that some of them are too small to hold all the poo and you have to stop in the middle of your dump and hold it while you empty the pan, so get a nice deep,big bedpan and have fun and tell us all about it!Speaking of bedpans,I have to poo right now,my anus is puckering !

i went to the toilet and after straining for a second did a big poo that went KERPLONK!

To Nicola-England: I estimate the weight of your "typical turd" at about 750 gramm (30 cm length, cross section diameter exactly between 2 and 2.5 in., disregarding the rounded ends, specific weight slightly above 1 g/ccm because it's a "sinker"). Which is, after all, five times the weight of the average daily stool according to Coprologist! There are a lot of posters here who claim similar achievements in the field of fecal volume and weight. I, too, usually go twice in three days, doing a 1.5 to 2 inch wide and 12 to 14 inches long floating log each time, which would weigh about 400 to 500 gramm. But then, I am a person standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 17 stones (= over 245 pounds for our U.S. friends), not exactly fat and getting quite some physical exercise - while the ladies who claim to do the real "whoppers" will only be half my physique...?!?!?! Comments and clarifications, please - and, of course, good poops to you all! Andre

In answer to Dave (UK)and Julian (UK) its great to have more British posters on board. Dave, on the Liquid Parafin (mineral oil) matter, sure it does block the absorbtion of some vitamins by the mechanism you mention but, unless used every day, instead of only when needed I dont see that this is a big deal. Let's face it, as many purgatives, especially the more powerful ones, act by making the bowel content move faster through the colon and thus be looser than normal, either by irritating the bowel,cascara, senna, etc or blocking the absorbtion of fluids,saline purgatives such as Epsom and Glaubers Salts, nutrients etc will be lost anyway if laxatives are used. I dont know Nicola personally, she is NOT my cousin Nicola whom I have mentioned from time to time, who as far as I am aware has never posted here. I do however get the feeling that, like me and many who post here, she detests having diarrhea and would rather have the slight discomfort of constipation if that happens from time to time. I dont know if she has ever used suppositories, perhaps she will reply when she reads this post. I certainly agree Dave that women can and do produce fatter turds (you should see some of Moira's!) owing to the diffrence in both their pelvic width etc and from various anatomy books I have seen their rectum is a wider structure than that of the male. I havent found my jobbies to be thinner if I have an erection however, but I can see where you are coming from.

Julian, regarding the soap, my Aunt did employ this once when the younger of my two cousins Deborah, then aged 14, was a bit bunged up. Aunt Helen was very gentle, coating the soap "bullet" with vaseline before gently inserting it up her back passage. She then got Debbie to sit on a bucket of hot water and gently rubbed her ????. After about five minutes Debbie got up off the bucket which was in the toilet anyway, sat on the toilet pan and passed three big fat lumpy balls with loud "Kersploonk" sounds then a big long fat sausage. Moira too has had the soap treatment in similar circumstances. I believe it is no longer popular as some types of soap contain chemicals which can irritate the membrames of the rectum and glycerine suppositories would be as effective and safer.

To "Him" if you have read back through the old posts on this site you will find that this fetish (coprophila) is a lot more common than you think. As to asking a girl or woman, this is difficult I agree. You cant just ask her " do you mind if I come in and watch you doing a motion, it turns me on" unless she is very broad minded and you know this. I was lucky that Moira was also turned on by defecation and it was SHE who sussed out that I was into such matters when she observed how I was always hanging about outside the toilet when she was doing a motion, and that it turned me on if I saw one of her big turds stuck in the toilet. She eventually said to me one day that "if I wanted to come into the toilet with her when she did a motion that was fine by her". Many women as I read here do like to have their boyfriends, husbands, etc accompany them but are also too diffident to ask as society is still inhibited in this regard. All I can say is how well do you know your woman? if she is broad minded and open about such matters and other personal aspects such as menstruation etc then you will probably be lucky, if she is the "modest" prudish type then you will have difficulty. Perhaps try listening outside the door, if she comments unfavourably on this then you will know were you stand. Another idea is to try leaving the door open when you go yourself or even ask to use the toilet when she is having a bath, (if your toilet and bath are together and not separate). Her response will give you an indication. Likewise try mentioning such matters to her to judge her reaction, for example "I had a really good motion today...." If she responds favourably you are in luck but if she seems disgusted, annoyed or tells you not to talk about such matters you will know you are on a loser. If she is constipated some time, (assuming she mentions this to you), you could offer to rub her ???? for her as she sits on the toilet, you may get a favorable response! In the end! you will have to judge it for yourself, bearing in mind that once asked, the question cannot be unasked. Good Luck! Finally, Harry, while I have no wish to insult your parents in any way, from what you write about them all I can honestly say is "two sad bas***ds!"

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