A group of my girl cousins and I met on Grand Cayman Island at an uncle's house. We had the run of the place for 10 days. There was four of us, Michelle, Rochelle and Pamela. We slept, ate drank and used the toilet. Pamela would rest her bowels in the afternoon. The rest of us would be mid-morning after we slept late or ran. We would keep the bathroom door open and talk as we moved our bowels. Me- pj top only, no panties (it was hot) loose, soft doo-doo a long piss and a long fart. Michelle- pink nylon panties (her favorite color), a lot of smelly brown, explosive mud and piss. She would talk about the quality and sensation of her bowel movements. Pamela- white, yellow, kelly green or aqua bikinis stretched over her cut off jeans at her ankles, if she did not where a sun dress. She would cut up a 12 inch log in many pieces. Very quiet. Rochelle-white cotton briefs, many small loose pieces of doo-doo along with piss and painful cramps. It sounded like diarreah. diarrehea.stretched ov

Mark B
A lot of interesting posts this week. This site seems to get better all the time. Dazz- I love your posts. Esp. about the video recording. When you refer to 'panties', do you mean men's underpants? In your latest post you mentioned that Stinging Tree. When I visited Australia my friend pointed it out to me - she had accidentally slipped while bush-walking and grabbed the tree, and had to take pain killers for a week because the pain in her hand was so bad! It doesn't bear thinking about if it were to touch your 'privates.' I recently read that on Captain Cook's voyage (in the eighteenth century) the Stinging Tree was 'discovered' by a sailor who was relieving himself! Must have been a dreadful experience. If he crouched on the leaves of the tree he wouldn't have been able to sit down for ages. With regard to the videoing - when I was about 16 (that's a long time ago) I decided to have a go at tape-recording myself taking a dump. It wasn't really very satisfactory - I tried to make things louder by holding the mike near to my arsehole while I pooed, and by standing up at the toilet so there was a long drop and a loud 'kerplonk' (I used to do that anyway, even when I wasn't taping, as it was much more exciting. Still do sometimes, in fact). Playing the tape back, a lot of it sounded just like static on the tape, (especially the 'crackling' as the poo passed through the anus) although it was still a tremendous turn-on, and I kept recording my poos, trying to refine the recording technique. One day I had accidentally left the tape out when a friend came around. (Once he and I had been walking in the country. He told me he needed to have a crap. I asked him if I could watch him. He rapidly changed his mind about needing a crap, so he obviously didn't share my interest.)When my friend saw the tape he asked me what it was, as it was unlabelled. I must have looked panicky, because he insisted on playing it and I then started wrestling with him to grab it out of his hand. I was convinced he knew what was on it, because I had given myself away to him on that other occasion. Anyway, by a superhuman effort I managed to stop him from listening to it. After that I decided to stop taping my poos. Sad, looking back on it. As I didn't have any friends who (openly) shared this interest, and I was dead afraid of being labelled 'pervy' by the other kids, I usd to pursue this delight on my own. AS I was never in the Scouts or anything I was never able to enjoy communal latrines etc. Didn't I miss out? I wish I had kept that tape and could listen to it now. It would be a treasured piece of my history!

Does anyone know what happened to Bridget?? We used to talk about seeing Leo Dicaprio and the BSB doing #2 all the time! She was cool. Also to the person who said that his/her dads poo got knocked out of his butt when he was trying to pull it out and it rolled under "Mr Shinyshoes" or whoever he was stall and he took it back? Did you dad tell you about it or were you there?

Hi guys. Thanks to Melissa, Cute Linda, and others who have answered my question re: wiping. Lindsay, I was the one who started the post on wiping habits. One question for you, if I may. Assuming that you also pee at least some of the time while pooping, do you wipe your vagina first before wiping your butt? Please see my post on a couple of pages back for my self-described wiping habits... Bill, my peeing does sound different depending on the type of toilet. If I'm on a "private" toilet, where the seat hole is a full circle, the sound tends to be more "muffled" than if I'm on a "public" toilet, where there is an opening at the front side of the hole. I can (and often, but not always) look down at the pee coming out of my vagina when I'm sitting on a public toilet. A couple of recent posts mentioned the "kersplonk" sound of poop dropping into the bowl. Unless my logs are really hard, which is rare, they don't make a "splashing" sound into the toilet. I do often make a "crackling" or "puffing" sound as the poop is coming out of my butt. Happy holidays to all American and Canadian readers, and a friendly "hi" to everyone else. Luv, Alex :)

Has anyone of you girls out there ever tried to poop standing up ? I usually do so when using a public toilet, I pull up my skirt, get off my panties and straddle the seat. Then, keeping my cheeks open with my hands I simply let it go without pushing. I think it is very comfortable and most times you only need one tp to get clean. Anna

When we were on a nature walk in the woods just outside of town, I talked my boyfriend into letting me hold his dick while he peed. It was fun, I actually formed letters on the ground with his pee and almost spelled my whole name before he ran out of pee. Watching him pee, and playing with it as I have described made me need to pee quite badly. I talked him into holding a cup in which I could pee. He wanted to get a good look of the pee coming out and couldn't position himself to get a good enough look and hold the cup still at the same time. I got it all over his hand and as he jerked his hand back out of the way, he lost his balance and fell forward and I wound up peeing in his face. He actually liked it. He didn't care much for the salty taste, but he was smiling as he looked up with my pee dripping off his nose.

Buzzy: I am NOT a girl!! I am (probably) one of the only guys in here who actually shows concern towards people here. Yes, the stories are quite interesting, but how can one get turned on by hearing of a girl's bout with constipation? Sorry for the big lecture, just something I've noticed since I started coming here (which wasn't that long ago).

To Renee-Anne: I liked your story about the dream of one of the backstreet boys pooping !! :) I have never had a dream about someone famous taking a pee or poop, but maybe after this i will? I do have dreams about #1 and #2 but they are not of famous people. One time I think I was In middle school In 8th grade and it was a play day and we were out side all day and i had asked the teacher if i could use the bathroom,she said yes. Then this boy who i was friendly with(not really a friend, but sorta a friend cause we lost contact in high school). asked me where i was going or he heard my say i wanted to use the bathroom so then he asked me if i had to do #1 or #2 and i told him i gotta do #1. It would have been cool if i had to do #2 cause thats a real turn on for me and stuff. This following message Is directed to the teenagers on here(mostly but any one feel free to respond to this) I bought a new CD Today and the group is called Blink 182(any other teens like this group?) and the title is called Enema of The State. Does it sound like it deals with constipation and stuff etc.? On the front cover there is a nurse with a rubber glove on and on the back cover there is the nurse again sitting on a stool(chair) with 3 guys all in there boxers(underwear) and she has a needle and in the background there is a poster on the wall and it deals with the anus and stuff. Do you think these guys on the cover are constipated? Inside there are a whole bunch of guys standing in there underwear(boxers mostly) in a line. perphaps waiting to get releved?? I want to know what every one thinks about it? One of the songs mentions diarrhea. To Dazz: I liked your story!! Bye -Bryian

Renee-Anne>> I will admit to having dreams about celebrities and their dumps, in particular the two guys that played "Bo" and "Luke" on the "Dukes of Hazzard" television show years ago. In fact, I had recently read that that was how those two guys met, or so it was implied, when John "Bo Duke" Schneider was in a restroom at the time, when he sees a pair of boots walk in and go to the stall next to him and use it...Another couple people I have had dreams about are Tom Cruise and Richard "MacGyver" Dean Anderson...

Cammy - Suppositories are not rods you ram up your butt!! They are about the length of your pinky, sometimes smaller, and are usually made of glycerin or similar. Inserting them involves shoving your finger right up your bum, to get the thing in as far a possible. (Probably best to get someone else to do it for you while you lie on your side, with your knees bent). Then lie still and retain it as long as possible. After a while you will be burting to dump your load. Get to the bog FAST! The load should slide out easily. ( It will probably be quite runny near the finish, so be warned.) Try and get a lubricant instead of an irritant type. My Girlfriends sister once had my girlfriend insert an irritant type suppository after she had been plugged for over a week, due to her *time of the month*. Suffice to say it worked - she was on the loo for over 4 hours. It started off firm, and then got softer and softer, until she had water pouring from her butt in waves!!! If its not against the rules, can I ask if any of the other females hear get plugged up when they are on their period? My girlfriend gets the runs ( at least 5 trips a day, over about 5 days) for some reason. Does any one else suffer from this problem. I have a few scout camp stories, but I will leave them for later. Sorry if this post is too long. TTFN.

jay brown
to kathy you can stand up withyour legs spread apart. underwear totally off and if you squeeze real hard it might work let me know how ya make out. love to all the ladies. jay...........

Some marvellous posts today! Melissa, I will ask the Moderator's indulgence in answering your question about men getting erections as a result of defecation. (Moderator if you dont like any part of this posting, please just edit that part out and leave the rest. Im not into "calling by the courtesy phone" and all that jazz. You have rules for this very well administered Web Page, most of the posters here try to obey them. If we step over the line on the odd ocassion then its by accident not to provoke. So if any part of my posting transgresses the rules then please delete only the offending part. You have the electronic version of the Censor's blue pencil and Im sure you apply it wisely- Thanks).

Anyway Melissa,I cannot answer for Buzzy, but in my case its a combination. I originally started to get an erection when a I was a kid from the pressure of the large firm turd in my back passage pressing against my prostate gland. This is a mechanical effect that many men experience. Over time the pleasent sensation of passing a large well formed stool gave a psychological aspect to this and I found that merely listening to someone else doing a large solid motion or seeing the turd they had passed provoked an erection on my part, and still does to this day. The erection and pleasurable sensations after passing a nice big jobbie remain for a while with me. I will leave it at that thrusting that this does not break the Moderator's rules on such matters.

Bill, most of the women I have listened to using the toilet, and there have been many, do make a hissing sound when peeing. I suppose its caused by the urine being expelled under pressure through their vaginal labia (piss flaps if you want to be crude).

Sandra, you were lucky that the turd you passed into your panties was very solid so didnt squash up and make a mess. I assume you had on large briefs not tight panties and were wearing a skirt. A man having an accident would not be so lucky as the additional resistance of his trousers would make it squash up more.

Maureen, it was very interetsing to hear from someone who has seen life from both sides and I wish you all the very best with your gender re-assignment and any operations you may yet have to undergo. You confirm my findings regarding women's turds being bigger than men's. I have seen the jobbies of many women and girls over the years and while in length there is little difference, the thickness of their turds is greater. I have noticed in anatomy books , and other readers have mentioned also, that the female rectum is wider than the male, no doubt as a result of the wider pelvis, the different reproductive and sexual organs in the lower abdomen etc. Perhaps this allows fatter turds to form and accumulate in the woman's back passage. From my teens I have usually passed nice big jobbies, typically up to 12 inches in length and 2 inches thick, but although we ate the same type and amount of food and we were of the same build and weight my mother's turds (which often stuck in the ! toilet pan) although of the same length were always that bit fatter than mine. I have also seen this with other women's turds. Anyway Maureen, most women I know are not inhibited about the sound effects when they do a motion and some are quite proud to let others see the big fat jobbies they have passed, so just sit there and join in all the fun with the other girls.

Mark B. I loved your report on the different types of toilet. I have used the German type and while it lets you see the whole jobbie it has, to me, the disadvantage of there being no "Ker-sploonk!" as the turd lands on the platform not into the water. You omit the good old British type toilet pan. I prefer the older type with the long drop from the users bum to the water filled sump at the bottom, giving a satisfying "Ker-sploonk" when a big jobbie drops into the water. Some of the pans made by Scots manufacturer "Shanks and Mac Ewan" were very satisfactory in that aspect, as are some of the older patterns by English maker "Shires". The modern syphonic low level toilets where the water is high in the pan and there is a smaller round exist hole are useless. No sound effects, but often they do not flush and one can see what a previous user has passed.

Grown Up Schoolboy, I can echo your experiences with Miss Lancaster. At about the same age I had a Primary (Grade) School teacher called Miss Connolly. She was about 30 I suppose, a rather attractive red head (perhaps this is where I get my thing about ginger haired women?). The teachers toilet was at the end on the block and like your school, it opened out onto the playground. Although the window was of course of "frosted glass" one could see the outline of the person using it. I was playing one lunchtime when I saw Miss Connolly go into the female teachers toilet. As it was summer the small quaterlight window at the top of the main fixed window was open for ventilation. I stood near the window and listened and heard her going "UH! AH! NN! followed by "KERSPLOONK! KURSPLONK!" as she passed two reasonably sized jobbies. When she came back put to continue playground duties I saw, as you observed about Miss Lancaster, that she was a bit red in the face, in Miss Theresa Connolly'! s case , no doubt from her exertions. I too fantasised about her doing a motion. At my school pupils were sometimes given special tasks such as cleaning off the blackboard (chalkboard to you Politically Correct Types), collecting in the exercise books, etc. I used to pretend that Theresa would say "Anthony" (she always used pupil's full names not the shortened version), "Your task is to come to the toilet with me and hold my hand while I do a motion" and I'd imagine her sitting there with her pink or pale blue or white cotton briefs at her knees and her skirt drawn up doing a nice big jobbie. I also used to hear some of the other women teachers doing their motions if I was near the "magic" window at the time.

The Crank
To Mark B The Japanese type is almost like the Southern European Croucher you mentioned except that it has a raised 'wall" in front so that your piss will not spray on to the floor in front.Kind of a smart way to keep the toilet clean don't you think?The Japnese also used sitting toilets which had sprays like the Middle Eastern and North African toilets you mentioned.The Japanese invented it.They are famous for coming up with wierd things to fit to the toilet.The squatting toilet can also be found in most Asian countries and sometimes one toilet can provide both squatting and sitting. To Grown Up Schoolboy Yes!!I did fantasise about my teacher in the toilet.She was a babe and I remember once she was telling us how in the old days,she could just dig a hole,squat over it and go.This story really turned me on. Renee Anne I had such dreams before,although this was a frightening one.It was about me trying to peep at some girls pooping and I was caught.Bad dream.

Hi Melissa, To answer your question about having the soap put up my bottom, my mother did this to me until I was around 13(ish). The piece of soap was about the size of your little finger and I was often made to stand and watch while my mother cut and shaped the soap into the size she wanted it. Normally the soap was about 2 inches long. I was generally made to lie across her knees and the cheeks of my bottom were parted, she would then push the piece of soap right up with her finger. I would then be made to hold it up for as long as I could bear. When she thought I was good and ready to go I would then be taken to the toilet and made to sit there until it worked. If after a long time sitting on the loo I still hadn't been then another piece of soap would be inserted up my bottom. I suppose it wasn't so terribly bad after all, and the soap did allow me to open my bowels with little or no discomfort. As I grew older then I did find the thought of my mother inserting her finger up into my bottom rather disagreeable, she then let me insert the soap up myself, though she insisted on standing by and supervising the whole procedure. She would make sure I inserted the soap high and well up into my bottom. Telling me the further up it goes the quicker it will work. How right she was. I still put a piece up occasionally when I'm really having trouble going. Two things give me constipation, eating bananas and just before my period, I have terrible constipation. So I either use soap or a glycerine suppository. Both work fine for me.

To MILISSA-As for your question about having an erection while pooing, ican only speak for myself,but i'm sure a lot of guys will agree with me-I don"t get an erection evry time i have to poop,sometimes i just do my business and that's it.Then ther's those times when you can feel it building up from the time you get out of bed in the a.m. and you know it's going to be a good dump.Maybe because as the rectum fills up, it rubs against the prostate and that is why the erection happens.In times like that, i'm pretty hard as i sit down to go.Then it gets more intense as the poo is sliding out,especially if they are long,smooth poops.Then sometimes i get off and sometime not,but when i done pooing, the erection is gone and i'm relieved in more ways than one.It just depends on the feeling i have when i gotta go.Sometime when i know i gotta go bad, i go outdoors or i go to a public men's room where i like to hear other guys going like crazy along with me.I'd rather be in the ladies ro! om,but that's not possibe in these united states.TOO BAD.Id like to poo along side of some of you all too!But that's my story.How about you other guys? BYE

Hi all. It's been ages since I posted and this is a strange one, I have to warn you. The bizarre happening in question regards the fact that I have had a "splashback" effect while urinating at the urinals at work. It's not a large effect but somehow when I pee I am getting little bits coming back on to my trousers. Am I pi**ing too hard, too fast, or should I stand further away to create larger streams?

I was really intrigued by Maureen's post--for those of us who would like to know the difference between mens rooms and ladies rooms, we finally have a correspondent with regular first hand experience of each... Maureen--do you notice any substantial difference in smell between men and women, or any in color? I know you mentioned size as being significantly different--but is that the only major distinction...

Here's a book idea--a nice, erotic coffee table type book called 'The last taboo'--inside the ladies' room... The idea--to interview 100 women of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds, and have them talk on the record about themselves, their lives and their relationships with going to the bathroom (and the elaborate phoniness that has been constructed the subject). It would also include some pictures--face shots, perhaps some shots of these ladies on the throne...Whether the participants would identify themselves is an open issue... My instinict is that this project might be viable--and even get mainstream publicity in an environment where the perverse is seen as entertainment (eg Jerry Springer/Vanessa Feltz-style bizarro television). After all, the concept of people making a statement to de-perversify the idea of being open about being a person who produces feces and enjoys the experience may have some real news and cultural value... Any thoughts?

Sunday, July 04, 1999

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