Steph, again my savior, do you have wings yet? I will try the pumping and let you know how things develop. By the way, and this might be of interest to the rest of you guys. For those of us who rush off to the bathroom hoping we can make it in time, get half undressed as if our lives depended upon it and plonk down over the waiting water just to be rewarded with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (Oh the frustration!!!), the following has worked well for me. Squeeze your butt just as if you were trying to stop it from coming out. Try and do it so you can feel your poop being pushed back as high and as far as possible. Then relax and let it come down again. I've found that if I repeat this maybe as much as four or five times then eventually when it comes back down, guess what, it keeps on coming. Of course it may still stop after the tip has peeped out, but at least you now have something to push on, or just relax and enjoy the sensations. Steph - have you tried this? Kara - I have a big apology to make to you. I read my post to you after submitting it and I admit I was in a terrible hurry to write it up for you. There is a sentence in there that should have read " There are lots of ways you could introduce the subject but without knowing your friends it's not easy to advise" I'm really sorry - please let me know how you make out, I know quite a bit about this because of some recent troubles I have had with one of my best friends. Nicola - Thank you very much for the compliment, it made my day, but after the mess I made of my post to Kara I think a C- is in order. I'm glad you like the details and I promise I will keep them coming. Oh, and thanks for the warning about the mineral oil. I suppose that given my accident history I should not be expected to worry too much about a small stain in my panties, but believe me I do. I always look when I take them of (or just pull them down in the bathroom) to make sure they are clean and I do get annoyed if they are not close to perfect. But - since it looks like we are having quite a discussion on pooping with friends it struck me that this little episode where a group of my friends decided to become an uninvited audience and encourage me to poo harder might be interesting. Remember I said in a previous post that very often when I get to sit on the toilet nothing happens, and even when it does, things can still go wrong. Well I guess they are closely related but quite often when I start a nice poo I find that things can stop right in the middle. Ironically this episode also happened with Angela who was with me when I had my near accident at the mall. Angela and I had gone to her house after school and we had invited four other girls who promised to join us after they had dropped their books at home. I had been experiencing cramps for most of the day and as I stood talking with Angela in her kitchen I felt the pressure start to build. My first reaction as always was to squeeze my hole and try and hold it but since I had not pooped for about four days I knew I would probably have to surrender. After about a minute of resistance I decided that it would be best to go. So in the middle of Angela speaking, I interrupted, "Angela, I have to go to the bathroom - I think I have to do a poo" "O.K., you know where it is - have a nice time", returned Angela. I was in no great hurry although there was a very definite insistence in my bum that something needed to be let out very soon. I didn't bother to lock the door, in fact I left it just ajar, after all only Angela was there. I was wearing a fairly tight skirt to school that day and so it took me a few seconds to run my hands around the hem and hoist it above my waist. Luckily I was wearing thigh high stockings so all that was left was to hook my thumbs in the waist of my panties and lower them gently to the floor. Just out of habit I briefly turned around and inspected the bowl. I say just habit because I always look! at public toilet bowls to make sure they are clean before I sit down. Of course in Angela's house everything was spotless. I sat down and shuffled my butt just to get comfortable while I waited for it to start. After about ten minutes nothing had happened but I could still feel the pressure in my butt and that overwhelming full feeling in my lower ????. Suddenly I heard a voice outside the door. I could just see Angela's form through the crack in the door and I could tell she was looking in. "Is anything happening" she asked. "No not yet I replied - I'm still waiting". "Well don't take too long because the others will be here soon". I saw Angela walk away. I waited for another five minutes or so and at last felt the gentle stirrings in my butt. With no fanfare my hole started to open and just the very tip of my poo poo began to peek out into the world. Suddenly there was a voice at the door, "Melissa are you still pooping, are you done yet?". It was Tricia's voice and obviously our friends had arrived. She startled me so much I thought I was going to squeeze my hard earned poop back inside. But it was firm enough and after I had calmed down I was relieved to feel I didn't have to start all over again. "No, I'm just starting, the tip is just sticking out" I replied. "Well hurry up, we all want to leave", and at that she walked away. I must have spent yet another five or six minutes as my poo gradually opened my hole wider and slid further out giving me all kinds of wonderful sensations. So by this time more than twenty minutes had passed and now it happened. With what must have been seven or eight inches sticking out of my bottom it just stopped moving even though I could feel the pressure still there. Now normally I really love to sit there and savor the feeling of my hole being held wide open and nothing moving, but on this occasion I was not going to be allowed that pleasure. A few more minutes passed and it was Anne's turn to knock on the door. "Melissa, what are you doing, come on". "I can't I replied, it's half way out and it's stuck….it won't come out any more" I heard Anne turn and shout back to the other four "She says it's still hanging" Valerie and Tricia came to the door and Valerie just opened the door wide - my fault I guess, I'm the one that left the door ajar in the first place. "Melissa you've been nearly half an hour in there, are you constipated, we have to go" added Tricia "I can't it's stopped coming out" "Then push harder, you can't take all afternoon to go to the bathroom!", came a very firm reply. I felt so guilty at holding everyone up that this turned into one of the rare occasions when I actually tried to help my poo come out. I leaned forward to my favorite position with my feet back against the bowl and my hands behind holding my bum open. Very gingerly I started to push, but nothing happened. I pushed harder and let out a soft grunt. They all stared at me, sitting there with my skirt high up around my waist, my panties now around my ankles and everything else on view to see. "Come on you can push harder than that", said Tricia . Well I guess the push worked because almost immediately I started to feel my insides starting to strain all on their own.. I could tell that the part sticking out of my bottom was nice and firm yet soft enough not to hurt. But the part that was still inside was obviously much harder and it wanted my little hole to open even wider and that's why it had stuck. The strain built and I felt my butt opening further and further as more poo slowly slid out. "Ooh"……"Ooooh"……."Ooooooh I cried loudly and it was out. There was a big splash as it hit the water and I let out a huge sigh of relief as my bum hole closed mercifully shut. My straining sounds and the loud splash followed by my obvious cry of relief left no doubt in the minds of my friends that I had accomplished a major number 2. "See, we told you, you could do it" Valerie chimed in. I looked up, I must have been a sight with my face all red from straining, my hair a mess, sitting on a toilet - hardly a photoshoot for the cover of Vogue. All four of my friends were still clustered around the bathroom door gazing in at me with expressions ranging from sympathy to impatience. "Oh, that's better", I moaned. I caught my breath and relaxed, sitting upright on the toilet and holding my ????. In my eagerness I reached around for the toilet paper and just as I had torn off a good length and was folding it into a nice firm pad I felt to my complete surprise yet another poo asking to come out. "O.K. let's go" said Tricia eagerly as she turned to walk away. "No, just a minute, I shouted I've got some more starting to come out". "Melissa, come on, this is ridiculous, you can't possibly want to do any more!" It was Angela with a distinct edge of impatience in her voice. I dropped the toilet paper pad on the floor and took up my pooping position once again. For some reason leaning forward as far as I can go always seems to help. I think it must be because it tends to open my bum so nothing can get in the way of my poo when it decides to come out. But thank goodness this time with no effort at all I felt my hole surrender once more and a beautifully smooth poop began to ease its way out. "It's coming out" I reassured the other girls, "Here it comes", I gasped. This time two nice long poops, one right behind the other, dropped out of my bum and slid noiselessly into the water. "Oh my goodness, that's better" I sighed. Once more I sat up and reached down for the paper pad. "I think I've finished" I added. "At last!" I heard one of them say but I couldn't quite tell who. I wiped my hole and inspected the paper - It was perfectly clean. Still holding the paper I stood up and turned to see what I had spent so much energy producing. "Oh Melissa, you're not going to look at it - Ugghhh!", cried Tricia in disgust. "Why not, she's proud of it", retorted Valerie. Anyway, with the general exhibition over the group broke up muttering about the need to leave and how late we all were. I stared at my poop in the toilet. My first long poop which had got stuck half way out of my bum hole was already part way down the outlet pipe but its tail was actually above the water by about half an inch. The other two, which had come out so much more smoothly, were nestled on each side and filled the bowl. I dropped the paper in the bowl and flushed, watching my poos spiral down the outlet. I pulled up my panties, adjusted my skirt, ran my fingers through my hair and generally inspected myself in the mirror. I was out of time and I ran after my friends, all of who appeared to be unable to decide whether to admonish me out of frustration or to giggle at the exhibition I had given them. Anne made the only comment, "Melissa, it sounded like you were giving birth to an elephant in there, all that noise and all this time, what's the matter with you?" I smiled demurely and didn't even attempt a reply. But coming back to the present, recent happenings w! ith Angela (I'm trying to decide whether it's even appropriate to post on these) bring a sharp focus to the expression I saw on Valerie's face as Anne was discussing elephants. There's a lot going on in my life. Love to all - I really appreciate all of your comments, help and encouragement - take care.

Annie asks how to use a bedpan. The simple answer is that you sit on it and do your wee or motion. More practically, if you are in bed then you have to raise your buttocks slightly off the bed, insert the bedpan (in hospital, the nurse will either do this for you or help) and at least slightly sit up.

Hi all, great postings lately! I have been lurking for a good 2 months now, and I just thought of a superb story to share with you all! Just so you know, I am a teen-ager, so that should help my point-of-view. This story happened to my dad a few years before I was born, and I heard about it from my sister, who was around at the time. My dad has a real problem with waiting a bit too long to have a #2 (just a week or so ago, he ruined a jacket he was sitting on to protect his car upholstery, and almost ruined the upholstery itself by waiting too long, and having liquid crap all over everything! It was so vile!), and he always has been this way, so when he needs to go, he needs to go! Anyway, here goes everything: My dad was with his wife (not my mother) and my sister, and they were doing some research here in town, at the University of Minnesota. It was fairly quiet around the campus at the time, so my dad figured he could let out a few farts without being noticed. Well, one of them was a bit more than he had imagined, and he had to find a restroom right then! So, he got to a restroom, and he sat down. In the adjacent stall, there was a guy sitting there with really shiny loafers on, so he was probably a professor or something. Anyway, my dad got going. Apparently, he had a bit of diarrhea at first, and then he got practically constipated! What happened was, he started to push a log of it out, and it was a pretty long one, I guess, and about halfway out, it got stuck, and wouldn't move. So, my dad eased his ass up off the toilet, and started swinging his ass around to try and loosen the log. That didn't work, so then he tried hitting it with his hand, to knock it loose! Meanwhile, Shiny Shoes was sitting there, listening to this catastrophic performance play out. My dad hit the log really hard, and it broke loose, only to fall onto the floor, and roll its way under the stall divider, right into the stall of Shiny Shoes! It rolled to a stop right in front of one of the shoes, and I can only imagine what this poor professor must have been thinking! But that's not the end of it: my dad is very possessive, and he wants everything for himself, so he wanted his log back! He was so determined to get it back from Shiny Shoes that he leaned down, reached his hand under the stall divider (I never heard if he was holding toilet paper, or was bare-handed!), and grabbed the log, and snatched it back!!! What would you have thought if you were Shiny Shoes, watching this act unfold? Of course, my dad didn't want to meet up with Shiny Shoes after this event, so he just waited until the shoes left the restroom. It's utter craziness, I tell you! What do you all make of that?

Mark B
Hi! This is my first posting, but i've read almost every page of this website and I think its fab. I was going to start by decribing some of my poo expereiences, but as someon asked about the Lewin book 'Merde' (which is French for s**t), here are the details: Author Ralph A Lewin, publisher Aurum Press, published in UK May 1999. ISBN 1854 1063 41. You can find it reviewed on the website of the bookseller Amazon. I don't know if it's listed on their websites in other countries, but you can always look up their UK website if you want to read about it. According to Amazon's review it sounds rather zoological, though if you are into the study of coprolites and coprology, I guess that it's for you. I can't say that I would find a whole chapter about the life of the dung beetle very exciting - I'd rather read stories from guys about when they had to use their underpants as a toilet. keep on sending in those stories, guys! I'll write again soon. Mark B (London, UK)

Melissa, why must you put yourself through such torture? I would just take a laxative (although maybe you've tried this already; I forgot) and just let it all come out by itself. I know you also have problems going, and I'm sorry for the nature of them, but laxatives may help you. Can anyone tell me if taking too many laxatives can be hazardous (not so much like frequent pooping, but bowel problems) to your pooping habits?

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Hi guys! Melissa, "pumping" involves pressing in the abdomen lightly while pushing out. I find that pressure in that area, along with grunting, does help induce a dump. I save the head between the knees for when I'm really trying to push out. I only stand on my tippy-toes when I'm beginning to push or when I'm really having a hard time going. I've taken a laxative only once in my life and I didn't like it. I eat certain Asian foods when I want or need to let it out; an excellent "natural laxative" and ???? to boot! :) I've never gone for more than 4 days without pooping and my parents never asked me about my bowel habits (therefore, no need to rebelliously hold it in). Torie, your last post was awesome. I'm glad you were able to go with ease using the same methods I do and good for you for looking at the TP after your wipe. I love you bunches!!! Cute Linda, your cousin sounds like a great person, helping you out and all. I did "fart" a little wet poop into my pantie! s a couple of years ago when I thought I had to only fart but it was more than that. I was out jogging with another friend when that happened. There was surprisingly little poop on my panties once I got back to the house to use the bathroom. I did take a runny poop, but it wasn't as soft as I thought it would be. That's my one, and I hope, only accident. Peace and love to all, Steph

jay brown
i posted once as jay but since there is another jay here i shall go on as jay brown. anyway melissa, steph, cute linda and others you make this forum so interesting. i wanted to speak about hiding places i used to hide in any quiet part of the house especially closets. i used to be so afraid to have a movement because it used to hurt. up until recently i ran water in the bathroom because i didn't want my family to here me going. i have absolutely no trouble at all listening to others while they go...i was always fascinated by people going to the bathroom...any questions???i will be happy to answer....peace and love jay brown.....

hey this is jay again i just remembered that my cousin down south said that when she was in college, all of the girls on the floor of her dorm got fined 25 dollars because some girl took a huge dump in the showers!!!!! try that one on for size!!!! later all..... jay

When I was eight, I used to like to go to the airport to meet relatives and watch the planes. One Sunday before going to the airport, I felt lousy but I played with my friends in Sunday School. At the airport, I went to the toilet to have my first real experience with diarrhea. I lifted my dress, slip and pulled my pink nylon briefs and made what I though would be a normal jobbie. It was brown, loose and loud. Once was enough? No. My stomach kept exploding like an M-80 firecracker. I wiped my behind. When I looked in the bowl, I saw loose pieces of doo-doo. I was so scared, I ran out with out flushing. I met my mother and as we walked, I had to make again. I dashed into the same bathroom. This time I almost messed my clothes. Just more brown chopped up doo-doo evacuated with cramps.I sat on the toilet with my arms wrapped around my stomach bent over. I started to cry. My 14y/o cousin Pamela came in as I was leaving the stall, only to dart back in for a third time. She told my mom, I was hurting. They let me stay in the toilet and let the loose doo-doo run out of me while my mom went to get the relatives.

Fred, I can only guess what I look like when I'm straining. In any case I always lean forward when I poop and you might have been following Steph's tips that she has been giving me to help my poop come out a little easier. So when I'm having a really difficult poop I have my head either on or between my knees and my hands behind holding my cheeks apart. To really help I sometimes pull my feet back towards the bowl and get my knees as high as possible by going on tippy toes (Thanks Steph) - but I can't stay tippy toe for long because my feet start to ache. I know I shut my eyes tight and most times I bite my bottom lip or grimace. I can get very red in the face from the exertion, and it shows big time because I have a light complexion. I'm also very vocal, depending on where I am - I don't make any noise at home if my family is around - I make lots of noise if I am alone or if certain of my friends are there. If it's a really strong strain my whole lower ???? will tense up and a tremendous downward pressure tries to force out my poo. At the same time it's like I can't breath any more and I'm being forced to hold my breath. Then as the strain passes, the pressure eases up and my breath comes out in a burst - that's when I get very vocal. And something I had never thought about before - if I'm working hard to get a very fat poop to come out and it's so big that my poopie hole hurts, I don't make a sound from the pain. If it hurts really bad I will sit up, slide forward on the toilet seat, and lean as far back as I can while squeezing my hole to try and ease the pain. When things are this intense I usually grab the sides of the toilet and put my legs straight out in front. Oh and by the way, I live in the south east USA. Kara, I feel sorry for you that there is no one you can share your pleasure with. Can I ask, do you have a dream of who would like to be with you - is it a boyfriend, girlfriend, someone much older? It sounds like you have never pooped with a friend. I'm interested because I ended up (usually through accidents) doing a pee or a poop in front of others from when I was very small. So I never got to "Want" or "Ned" someone - they seemed to be there anyway! My advice would be to think about your very closest girl friends first because they are your age and can probably relate best to your feelings. Believe me I know 14 is a difficult age for most girls - it was only four years ago for me. There are lots of ways you could introduce the subject but without knowing them it's not easy to advise. One sure way is to be outdoors with a friend and tell them you need to do a poo. Ask them to help you find somewhere private, ask them to watch out for you, talk to them while you do it. All these little things are inviting them to be close, physically and emotionally to you while you are doing it. More importantly it lets them send back the message that either "Yes they are interested" or "No they want nothing to do with it". Trust me this works - I've tried it just to see if certain friends of mine would respond - they did - both ways. Please let me know Kara - I would love to help you. Love all of you!

Tony (UK)>> To answer your question about my parents using laxitives, as far as I know, they never did use any. If they did, they kept the laxitives in their bedroom, which was off-limits to us kids. However, both my parents did little poops in the toilet, because there were many a time I would be in the bathtub and they would come in and sit down on the toilet for 15 minutes or more at a time and do their dump. It was more of a "plip" type sound for all their movements, so I know that they were small in size. My older sister, because of the punishment she knew she would receive if she clogged the toilet, absolutely hated summer break from school because of that one reason, as the only times she really had the chance to go and do large dumps without clogging the toilet was at our church, as we went to church three times a week, and the church had toilets that were capable of "eating" her dumps without clogging up...Otherwise, during the school year, she claimed to have always done her motions in the toilets at school...

In my bathroom at home I have the type of toilet seat that you would normally find in a public bathroom - An elongated, open front contoured job. Many people comment on it. Some people like it, some don't. I would like to know if anyone on here prefers this type of seat.

Hey everyone! 1st a note, I see there is another Fred here, that is not me, I will always put Fred_LimpBizkit. Sorry Torie, I read one of your posts after I posted that and caught that you were 14, Sorry I put 13!~Whoever posted the story about first learning the difference in sexes, I'll tell of my first time finding this out. I was about 9 or so and Me and my girlfriend Chelsey(9) at the time were getting married for pretend(Kid Sh*t) and she said she had to go take a poop so I took her in my house she sat down and immediately released a load of long turds then without even a knock my cousin who was about 10 came in and said "Oh Shit! I have to go real bad can you hurry?" Chelsey said "No Im pooping but you can go too!" she spread her legs and I saw she had no D*ck, my cousing sat down and let out a big fast log and a few squirts of Diarhea, and I saw she also had no dick, so I asked "Where is your Dick(Always have been Vulgar)" they gave me a puzzled look, I asked if I could look for it, both kind of dumbstruck just said Ok, I fingered around on both and came to the conclusion that I was special, so I showed them mine and teased them, "Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah I have a Dick, and you both dont!" Kinda Odd huh? But when your a kid embarrassment isnt even real!

Hi everyone, I have been a lurker on this survey for a few weeks, but having read the story of Melissa's problems, regarding her mother's obsession with bowel regularity, I thought I would submit my own story which has a similar vein. I can clearly remember my mother having a serious fixation about regular BM's and in our house and if you had not been to the toilet for more then two days, then as far as my mother was concerned you were most definately constipated. She would take me into the bathroom and push a piece of soap up my bottom, I would then be made to hold this for around twenty minutes or so. After this time she would make me sit on the toilet, and would make me sit there until I had opened my bowels properly. If I had still hadn't been after a long time of sitting on the loo she would then insert another piece of soap up me. When I eventually had a BM she would look down into the toilet to see what I had done. She would then allow me to wipe my bottom and tell me not to let myself get constipated, again. If I felt I was, then I was to tell her, which usually meant having some more soap put up. My younger brother and elder sister both had this done to make them go, and I can clearly remember making many excuses to my mother whilst trying to convience her I was not constipated or that I had vacated my bowels elsewhere. I had the soap put up several times when I was not the slightest bit constipated, just to satisfy my mother. I once remember passing a rather foul smelling pocket of gas and was immediately taken upstairs to the bathroom to be made to go to the toilet, when I had been properly just a few hours previously. I can remember sitting on the toilet straining and pushing furiously, trying to satisfy my mother, only to pass the piece of soap back out and into the toilet. Much to mothers annoyance. Another piece was soon pushed back up. I am now wondering, has anyone else on this list had this done to them or anything similar to relieve constipation. I know this method of getting someone to go to the toilet was quite popular in the early 60's and I had several friends at school who also had this done to them.

Hi all, especially Nicola whose posts are always enjoyable to read. On the subject of laxatives, I have to disagree with the use of oral ones particularly liquid paraffin (mineral oil) which I believe coats the entire digestive tract preventing nutrients from being absorbed by the small intestine. However, suppositories and micro-enemas only affect the lower bowel and give almost immediate relief. Nicola, I would imagine that in the rare event of one of your "coke can" blockages, one or two glycerin suppositories inserted high into the rectum would have been more effective than either mineral oil or vaseline, and a small enema (Micralax) would have been even more effective. Talking to friends in the medical/nursing field, women definitely seem to be able to produce much wider jobbies than men, and I am convinced this has something to do with the differences in pelvic floor anatomy, females having a wider pelvic floor which enables the anus to expand more. Also the prostate restricts the size of the male rectum. I have found that my own motions are thinner if I am passing a motion whilst having an erection! I'd love to know if anyone else out there agrees with me.

Hi. I've posted several times before, but so little and rarely that I doubt anyone would remember me. I'm a 21 year old man who's been very interested in women's bathroom habits for as long as I remember. It'd be a dream come true if I could meet a woman who shared my interest, but being that out interest/fetish is rare (I wonder how rare it really is?), most likely my dreams will remain just that: dreams. How would you approach someone and tell them of your fetish? Has anyone actually taken the plunge and told a girlfriend or boyfriend of a bathroom fetish? I think my ex-girlfriend knew of my interest, and she'd ocassionally go in front of me, but I'm not sure how accepting she would've been if I told her it turned me on when she used the bathroom. I know some of you will say if a person isn't understanding of your fetishes, they're not worth it, but that's not very realistic. We happen to be interested in peeing and shitting, which not many peole share an interest in, but what if you met someone who had a sexual fetish for, ummm, vacuum cleaners or something? To them it may be normal, but to us it may be weird and a turn off. What's people's thoughts on this?

Does anybody know how you use a bedpan because I am going to use one soom and I would just like to know. Pleas Post on this.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Melissa, please DONT cut down on your descriptions. Your postings are well written and, unlike some other posters I wont mention by name, yours are properly punctuated, grammatically well composed and easy to read. Unfortunately, some of those while of interesting content are vitually unreadable,almost needing to be decoded first, so stay with it Melissa. Let's face it most of us who read this page like to read all the details. A short, terse posting like the following fictional example wouldn't interest many people...." I went to the toilet and after straining for a moment did a big poo that went KURPLONK!" So stick with the details as long as they are relevant. Mineral Oil is very gentle, in the recommended doses it doesnt cause watery loose stools, just lubricates the colon so the turds come out nice and solid. It can however leak through the sphincter slightly and as it picks up the colour of the feces, make a brown stain in the seat of one's panties,(this has happened to me causing a small round brown stain in the seat of my white cotton knickers) like a wet fart would do, although the jobbie I passed all came away as a nice big solid lump. Laxatives are not as yet advertised on British TV although we are very up front about other personal topics such as Sanitary Towels, Tampons, Babies Disposable Nappies (Diapers) etc. The closest we come to adverts on this matter are those for breakfast cereals such as All Bran which is promoted on its being a natural way to "regularity". Chemical Laxatives are NOT as yet advertised on the Television although they still are, as they always have been, in magazines and newspapers. Personally, ! I feel Laxatives should NOT be advertised on TV given the abuse of same by teenage girls with anorexia. Some pharmacists and other shops over here will not sell these to teenagers only supplying these medicines to them against a Doctor's prescription for this reason. Coprologist, I'm surprised that the weight of stool passed by the average person is only 150 grams, that's only about 5 ounces. Im sure some of the turds I have passed have weighed a lot more than that, it has certainly felt, and sounded, a lot heavier but I have never weighed one. Even if I put it in a plastic bag , I would be reluctant to place it on my kitchen scales. As you have knowledge of such matters could you estimate the weight of one of my typical turds, say 12 inches (30cm) long, 2 inches (5cm) wide, sinks usually, solid and formed and a bit lumpy and compacted at the start which might be 2.5 inches (6.25 cm) wide then tapering down to 2 inches for most of its length then ending the last inch (2.5cm) tapering to rounded point. I suppose you would need to know the specific density of human feces, but if you have enough data to estimate this (in grams if you insist) Im sure others would also like to know. Maybe you could draw up a table or ready reckoner to enable pe! ople to calculate the weight of their (solid) turds.

Hi everyone, it's Melissa. Jason - I've never had anyone ask me how I wipe before - you caught me off guard with that one. O.K. here goes: Usually, but not always, I will pee before I poop and I find it more comfortable to wipe in front as soon as I have finished peeing. That way I don't have to sit there while I'm waiting for my poo to come out and feel all wet. If I've done my normal firm poop I wipe my butt first from bottom to top and then from top to bottom and that's it. If I'm a little messy then I just keep wiping until I can't get any cleaner. By the way I'm glad Steph looks after you - she's just wonderful isn't she. Steph: Yes I've tried the tippy toes, but I find my feet ache after a while so I've given up on that one. Can you explain the "Pumping" though - is this sort of like gentle pushes one after the other? Please let me know, and again I really do love all the help you have given - thanks so much . Cute Linda: No, I didn't have a hiding place, I guess I didn't really need one because my mother was strangely tolerant of my accidents when I was younger. The interesting thing is that as I got into the habit of holding it in, I had to find somewhere private and unseen where I could stand with my legs crossed while I fought back the urge to poop. This usually ended up being in my bedroom or behind one of the larger trees in our back yard. I'm sure if my mom ever caught me holding it in she would have had a hissy fit on the spot. Nicola: Yes, I'm just 18 and it was so nice to hear your support. Thanks for your advice on not taking laxatives. I think you are right about the US having some strange fixations on toilet issues. Our television over here is flooded with ads for laxatives. There is one where a couple are sitting in their living room relaxing and the wife turns to the husband and in a loud voice exclaims "Clarence, I know just what is wrong with you - you're constipated!". Then it goes on to talk about freedom and relief and all kinds of stuff, I just find this ad embarrassing and confusing. But I will think about the mineral oil though because it looks like it doesn't force you to poop, it just lets a normal poop come out more easily. Janine: I'm glad you found that if you relax it can sometimes be helpful in getting things moving. And yes it can hurt just a little if it's a really large poop. Try relaxing and let it come out really slowly - I would love to know if you get more pleasure this way. I get really great sensations when it comes out naturally without forcing it. Please let me know. Greg: Many thanks - I think I'm far too detailed and far to wordy at times. I really appreciate your comments. I was going to cut back on the descriptions big time - perhaps I should rethink that. My love to all of you.

Yea do any guys have this problem somtimes when i poo it gets stuck on the hairs of my butt. what should i do

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