cute Linda
First i wnat to thank everyone who sent their sypathy to me. Thanks it means a lot that you care. Anyway I don't know if you guys read or rather I posted it in the past but I live with my cousin instead of my family. Well it's hard to explain but well my cousin is my legal gaurdian and well my family lives far off. My family moved away a few years ago but I was still in school so they let me stay to finish..and they made my cousin my legal guradian. Anyway after school was out I didn't wnat to go. To tell the truth my cousin was more a parents that my real mom and dad. He always took care of me and my parents were always too busy for me so I was always at my cousins house all the time and he took care of me. My family didn't take it too well at first that i trusted and loved my cousin more than them but that's the way it was. Then later they realized that they weren't around much so it was finally decided that I could stay here with him till I wanted to go back home. I'm still here mind you and I don't think I'll be going back..even though I do see them every once and a while when they come down here. Anyway enough of that. Today... we were in the pool having fun..when the portable phone rang. My cousin got out to get it..he brought it outside just in case anyone called while we were outside. Anyway when he left i grabbed my bottom and crossed my legs. See I had to poop since this morning and i had to go so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd! I was bouncing up and down and felt my poophole opening. I screammed oh no..yeah my cousin heard and as he saw my blushing face he knew. he hung up and said..gotta go don't you? I nodded. he said well you picked a bad time to wait..that was you aunt and uncle..when they left a few minutes ago..they locked us out. I felt like crying..but then i felt the poop poking out and I started shaking as I forgot about that and tried really hard to shut my tushie tight. My cosuin picked me up out of the pool and took me behind the bushes..which was good cause i proabably shoudln't have walked anyway. He Took me behind the bushes and said go ahead and go here. I looked back and him and put my hands back on my tushie and told him what i had to doo. he saw me with my legs crossed and thought I had to pee. he thought for a moment then ran off and came back with a bag. He squatted down behind me and said to go. I felt very embarssed but then I though hey it's okay it's just him..and well it's beter than...then I felt it poke out more. I quickly took down the bottom half of my swim suit and placed my tushie over the bag and relaxed. i gacve out a small ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh as I felt it come out slowly. Then i thought ack my cousin is watching this awfully huge poop come out of me..and that brought things to a stop. It just wouldn't come out and I was dying..I got ???? cramps big time. I finnally gave a push..and it started to come out again..then my cosuin said hey don't worry if you like I can look away aor close my eyes. he always knows..but I said in a soft voice it's okay. After that it came out on it's own. I could heard the cracling as it came out slowly...opening my poor tushie wider. It felt so good as every inch slid out.I would let out little ooooohs or ahhhhhhhh it just felt so good. it would stop ir get stuck,,and all i would have to do it give a tiny grunt and wouls start to move again. but really it must have looked like I was growing a tail. Geez...I just squatted there for man it seemed like 10 minutes till my tushies closed. My boby was shaking as this nice cool feeling came over me. I did a few more poops then feel soooooooooooooooo much better. you know the nice light awwww I just lost 5 tons feeling. hee hee. Anyway my cousin went off to get something for me to wipe with and while he was gone i did a quick and happy pee on the grass. Anyway i wiped and pulled up my swimsuit.I had this funny feeling the whole time I pooped. The idea that ! cosuins was watching this giant poop come out of me gave me a naughty feeling but I kinda liked it. Is that strange? Anyway.... My cousin said poor thing..I have no idea how you held that..he gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead..feel better he said. i asked him..turning a bit red ..was it that bad? He said with wide eyes..yes.... you must have had that one backed up to your eyeballs. I laughed... and well he said here. I picked up the bag i poooed in and it was a bit full and boy was it heavy!! Whew..anyway we went back into the pool and we continued to play till my auntie and uncle came home and let us in. Anywya my cosuin when he carried me back in said..yeah you even feel lighter. silly boy. Sigh Oh well that's my story for today. xoxo linda

Hey Alex once again thanks for caring and tell your friend Steph thanks for me also. You said that you have come close to having accidents in your pants before.....can you tell me about the closest know the worst and the closest you came to it happening. I know what it's like..I posted one time that I was as always holding in my poop cause I couldn't go at school and in the post i said i was but a few feet from the potty when I had to stand there and try to keep my tushies shut and I couldn't move.. ACk it almost came out. Sigh but I was saved..I won't ruin it for you..just do a little looking in the old posts under linda and you'll find know it cause alot of the i's aren't capitalized. heh well thanks again

Oh one more thing..if I might answer your question.. I wipe between my legs first them my tushie when I poop. I wipe the once and my tushie well since it always come sout hard and dry no more than 3 or 4 times.And i always wipe my tushie to the back and the other the other way.

A friend of mine who works in the pharamaceutical industry told me that research has shown that the average bowel movement produces 150 grams of shit. So it's easy to work out that the average person produces 1 kg of shit per week or a tonne every thousand days which is about three years. You can do the sum on a daily basis for any city that you know the population of and it's pretty horrific. No wonder sewage treatment is literally big business! Then you can add the 1.5 liters of piss that the average person produces per day and produce some equally hair-raising figures!

To Holly; Thanks for your story....but I just want to know, did you get embarrassed, or does pooping in your pants sort of turn you on? I'm a 17 y/o guy, and my ex-girlfriend (she is 16)used to pee her pants sometimes. She used to say it was an accident, but she would always giggle and smile while she did it....i think she liked to do it. After a while, she woudle let me watch her pee. and sometimes she would laugh and say she was going to poop her panties, but she never did in front of me. I'm sure she wanted to! So, did you like doing it?? Would you do it again? Please tell......and what do you look like?

David>> Your story about seeing who could pee the furtherest reminded me of an incident years ago that happened to me...If you are peeing on a fence, make sure that before you do, that the fence does NOT have an electric charger on it...The shock that a person receives from finding out too late is not worth the experience of relieving one's self, as I know from personal experience, IT HURTS!!!

Melissa the one thing I liked was that you were curious about how people use to behave when they are strainig. I have myself often wondered how people look like when they are sitting on the toilet. Now I wonder Melissa where do you live? I live in Sweden

I went to use the mens room at a mall and as I was going in, a teenage boy and his sister (I assumed) entered at the same time. She was not that young, maybe 9-10 years old. So I guessed she wanted to go with her brother and see the mens room, which was fancy, huge, with 10 urinals and 8 toilets. There were several boys and men using the urinals but no one was taking a dump. She stopped for a minute and watched the boys urinating and looked all around the restroom. They then entered one stall and I entered the one next to it. The girl pulled down her shorts and sat on the toilet and started urinating into the bowl. She really had to go! Then there was a pause and a sigh, and she started dropping chunks. She giggled each time a chunk fell into the bowl. I counted 6 chunks which sounded sizeable. I could tell she was pushing hard and taking her time. She groaned a few times and it smelled. Then she got up and her bottom stuck to the seat! Her brother announced: "My turn" and pulled down his shorts and sat on the toilet. He started tinkling. At the same time her pulled off some toilet paper and began wiping the girl's bottom. He asked her if she felt better and she said "Yes" He emptied his bowels also with one big crackling "Flooomp!" and then began wiping himself. He got up and I could tell they were both looking into the toilet as he fastened his shorts. The whole job took about 20 minutes and then they exited the stall and washed their hands. They forgot to flush! I exited my own stall and looked into the toilet they had just used. It was full with shit and paper above the water line. I moved the paper to the side to get a better look at the turds. The girls chunks were at the bottom and her brothers huge turd was sitting on top. I flushed the toilet and watched everything go down. I thought it was cute to see a boy and his younger sister go to the bathroom together.

Hi. Steph, I think you'll be proud of me. I was at home where I am now and felt like going number two. I went into the bathroom and pulled down my shorts and panties. After peeing I started to push but only a little poop came out and it was sticking out of my butt. I tried your method of pushing into my ???? and putting my head between my knees and letting out a BIG GRUNT! Rrrrr, the poopie came out slow but it did fall out of my a** and into the toilet bowl. I felt more in me, so I put my head back between my knees and rrrr a smaller and softer poopie came right out. The bathroom started to smell after that second one. I was done but like I said before I like reading on the toilet so I finished reading an article in one of my magazines before wiping my vagina and then my butt three times. I always look at the toilet paper and stop wiping when there's no more s*** on there. Melissa, sorry I didn't answer your question in my last post. I've never been humiliated by someone saying "Torie's going poopies" or that kind of stuff. I love you and Steph and everyone else, boys and girls, on here. Torie

Hey everyone! Amanda I really enjoyed your story about how you found out boy are different from girls. I love all your stories. They're great keep it up. I have peed (not pooped very much) outside many many times. Lately I've been perfecting my stand-up tecnique. I'm pretty good at it I never end up peeing down my leg. But I only do that around home or a secluded place free of people because i don't really like exposing myself. Otherwise squatting is fine for me. Since we're in a drought warning so why waste the water of an unnessecary flush when it's just as easy to step outside and pee. This does bring a story to mind. A month or so ago i was with my grandma and sister. At a car repair shop picking up her car which had been in an accident (no pun intended) When we got there my grandma discovered she didn't have her insurance papers (somehtign like that)so we had to drive back to her house about 45 min to an hour away and drive back. When we returned to the repair shop i felt! the need to pee and as i felt this shop would be an embarrassing experience of trying to find a bathroom. Well actually i knew where it was (i had been observing the action earlier) but it not really for public use. Also being with my grandma wasn't helping she'd embarass me to death. My other grandma would not make me feel so embarrassed. So after we had gone outside to look at her car she had to return to the building ot pay etc. so my sister headed back with her. I hung back and went around to the bcak of the row of cars. There was a very short and i mean short line of hedges and the road only a few feet away. Road was concering me less than my grandmother or the people in the shop. As i was wearing a dress i squatted and pulled my panties aside and peed a hard stream for 20-30 seconds. Only a couple cars passed an i could care less about them i doubt they saw much if anything at all and besides they would know who i was anyway. Well needless to say i felt relieved and i did kinda enjoy it. I refuse to be in discomfort or even wet myself when there is another option that is so easy. Well that's it for now but I'm gald you're all here or else i'd never have anyone to enjoy my experiences with. I think everyone esle in my family just thinks of going to the bathroom as just do it and get it done. Where as i think if you're gonna have to do it why not enjoy it. I do wish there was someone though. Besides i have no one in my family near my age (except my sister she's no fun) no cousins or anything(there's only 2 of em' 4 and 1 1/2) so whatever i enjoy myself alone.

I like all the recent stories, and Melissa and some of the other girls, I'm sorry about some of your accidents, but needless to say, they turned me on, each in their own way. I had a pretty weird poop today. it was really dark brown, and it came out in a bunch of hard balls, and took a tremendous amount of pushing to get out. It was definitely one of the more interesting poops I've taken in a while. Well, gotta go now, but catch ya all later!! Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

Traveler, you description if the space shuttle toilets was pretty accurate except for one thing: the shredded fecal matter isn't actually dumped into space (doing so would create a large amount of debris in low earth orbit that could damage orbiting satellites (especially if it stuck to the solar panels! Yuck (o= ). What happens is, the fecal mater stays on the inside of the vessel where the slinger is located, but after the user is done, that part of the commode is sealed off from the rest of the crew module and the inside exposed to the vacuum of space; this dehydrates the fecal matter and kills the E. coli bacteria in the feces (remember, some poor soul has to empty out the space turds after the orbiter lands!) Although this is complicated, it is a great improvement over the method used on the Gemini and Apollo spaceflights: poop into a plastic bag, make sure a log doesn't escape, and PRAY PRAY PRAY that you don't end up with diarrhea!! This particular method was so unpleasane that one astronaut went to the moon and back without ever taking a dump... although I'll bet he broke several 100m dash records sprinting for the toilet after he was brought back on board the aircraft carrier heehee! Hi Steph and Cute Linda, glad to see ya again. Later!

This past weekend I went to an Ani Difranco concert. It was awesome. In between the opening band and Ani I had to go pee, so I went to stand in line. After standing in line for 20 minutes I decieded "screw it" and went to the mens bathroom... I figured that there was like a 6-1 female-male ratio anyway...and probably like a 10-1 gay-straight ratio, so who really cares...and besides that there was no line for the mens bathroom... I got like one weird look, but everyone else just acted like it was normal.

Monday, June 28, 1999

Harry, as I have said before, you have my sympathy having such uptight parents. There is absolutely no way I would have spoilt a good motion becasue it was going to be big, anything but! Am I right that your parents only did little turds, even loose ones themselves, they sound the type who would deliberatly take laxatives if they didnt have a loose motion every day first thing in the morning. Thankfully, my mother didn't have these repressive attitudes. As I have said in several old posts (look them up if you are interested) I reckon she enjoyed doing a nice big motion herself and as far as she was comfortable with, tacitly condoned my fixation with such matters. In sure she was well aware I listened to the sound effects when she did a motion and that she was quite happy that when her big turds sometimes stuck in the toilet pan I saw them. She often spoke to me about such matters, but as I have said, stopped short of ever inviting me to accomany her into the toilet to watch. ! Such things just would never have happened in the 1950's and 1960's when I was a growing up, and I would never have asked her.

On the matter of sound effects, THANKS A BUNCH Charlie with your telling people to put toilet paper in the pan :-( That's right, be a spoilsport! Personally, Im quite delighted to give a virtuoso performance and anyone listening is more than welcome, as they are to see what I have done.

Nicola, I would also be only too happy to be "groom of the stool" to Sarah Ferguson. You ask why, well like you I think she is attractive, I like red-heads, and she is ????. Also I did read that when she was married Prince Andrew she became friends with Pamela Stephenson the wife of Billy Connolly, and both of them are well know for their toilet humour.(Billy Connolly has made the word "jobbie" known to people outside of Scotland). Indeed there was a report in one newspaper that Sarah had been ticked off by the Queen for making unsavoury jokes on this subject. Anyway I can imagine as groom to the stool accompanying her to the toilet rendering any assistance she wanted then along with her inspecting and commenting on the big fat jobbie she had passed, praising her for her efforts. Likewise I would offer the same service to Geri Halliwell although I am a bit disappointed to find that she is not a real red head but blonde, (a lovely girl none the less). Geri said in an interview that she doesnt feel happy unless she has a nice big motion every day. I would be delighted to help her in this regard. The third woman I would love to accompany to the toilet for her motion would be Agnetha the blonde girl from ABBA. There was a film about Australian Drag artists who impersonate the girls from and one of the side plots concerned the story that one of them had used the backstage toilet after Agnetha and saw the turd she had dropped stuck in the pan.

Finally, to all of you who complain that your mum (mom) is too nosey about your BMs, there are two solutions, One is to embarras her in return by asking her, especially in company, if SHE has had a motion. This may make her get the message. The less confrontational approach is simply to lie and say you "do it at school" . Most people have a pattern and all you need say is that you do your daily motion in the Girls or Boys toilets at school after lunch, or break. This should usually satisfy all but the most control freak nosey parent. No wonder so many who post here have problems with their BMs if this is how their mothers treat them in this regard.

Hi guys. Janine, thanks for answering my questions. I'll be the first to admit that, in spite the fact that I love to poop and find no "shame" in doing so, I would be uneasy about having to go at a crowded party, mainly out of fear that I would be "hogging" the bathroom. With that having been said, that girl shouldn't made the snide remark about "she must be actually taking a poop." We all have to poop, and you and her, and I'm sure others at the party that night, had to poop as well. Cute Linda, I agree with my friend Steph that your sisters are jerks for walking in on you and that your cousin seems like a very loving person. Renee-Anne, sorry to hear about your accident. I haven't, knock-on-wood, actually gone in my pants, but have come pretty close on a couple of occasions. Melissa, as you may know, I'm Steph's best friend and we often "buddy dump" together. I agree with her that you definitely did not "ask for it" when you had that accident. A couple of questions for you, if I may. When wiping (after a poop), do you wipe your vagina before your butt, or vice versa? Do you wipe your butt from bottom to top, or top to bottom? And how many times do you "normally" wipe? I am as interested in peoples' wiping habits, especially girls around my age (late teens/early 20s), as I am with the actual "going" itself. Though I'm not constipated as often as you or Steph, I can vouch that her "methods" really work when I am. Thanks and lots of love, Alex :)

Hi Melissa! I'm happy to read that you were able to dump without a problem. One of my biggest peeves is when I push and just the tip sticks out, so I know exactly what you mean. Another suggestion besides the "tippy-toes" method I wrote about yesterday. You can try pumping your lower abdomen; I find that the pressure does help ease things. I agree with you that putting the head between the knees is not the most comfortable or relaxing position, but it does help get the job done. I'd love to hear which method, the head between the knees, standing on tippy-toes, or pumping your abdomen, or a combination of any of those, is the most helpful for you. You are a cool friend and I'm happy to help you out in any way I can. Love, Steph

Cute Linda
To poor girl..thanks for understabding...but still you have no idea since you're not tiny like me and pooping poopies that shoudl be done by larger about 8 times my size. Hope you felt better after that i know I always did..also Meliisa I tried doing it your way tonight HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?! I sat there with this huge LONG poop coming otu soooooooooooooo felt good but I was dying!!!!!! I was dying for a poop and it was taking so long after a while I just gave up and pushed it out!! Maybe I'm doing it wrong..could you give me some pointers or maybe give me a story of when you did your biggest baddest poop when you were a young girl? Thanks

Oh dear Melissa that was awful what happened to you. It wasn't your fault after all you didn't do it cause you wnated to get to work on time...Poor thing.. I've come close to doing that and I posted it a while back. I can't ewar pantyhose..I hate them.. I have to wear them as part of my uniform at school and well the bunch up tight on me.. the make my butt itch..and the make my pampies go into my tushie. Plus somethmes they almost make me have an accident like in the stry i talked about. I've even torn then trying to take them off in time. Sigh.Anyway..yeah they did stuf like that to me all the time. Sometimes they'd sit there and stare as i sat there asking them to go away crying as this awful poop was trying to break out of me and my mom. Oh. She never understood I need to be she would sit there and oh.. sometimes my cousin saved me by giving her excuses to leave and the minute she did and my cousin locked the door PLOP!! SPLASH!! KAPLUNK!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Anyway yeah I love my cousin to death.. he unlike my family never forced me to poop or made me feel uncomfy. I mean he treated pooping like well in was a natural normal thing and I could go when I wanted to. I mean my mom forced potty training on me and well it turned out bad. I could pee in the potty but not poop I could only go in my diapers..and my mom forced my cousin to make me. he didn't but he tried and well he was nice and kind and well I finally did..I did post that mind you. Anyway i had a hiding place in my cosuins room I would go to poop in my daiper. Heh Say Melissa was potyy training bad for you? Did you have a place to hide when you still pooped in your daiper? Heh well I do like talking to you..I trust you cause you know exactly how I feel. Thanks for wanting to talk to me XOXO linda

STL - Susan
Sparky - You asked about a women having both holes expelling when she was only expecting to pee? Well, last night one of my girl friends was over at the house. We had been out at the STL Gay Pride Day activities and came back to the house to get mellow. Anyway, after a quick dinner, the two of us and my husband went out to enjoy our hot tub. We have written before about using an old time chamber pot on the deck to pee in, mainly to save the trip all the way back inside just to do #1! So here we were soaking and drinking and of course the need to pee arrived. First I climbed out squatted over my pot, did my pee, dripped, then climbed back into the hot tub. Next Bob climbed out, got down on his knees and took his piss. Finally Debbie said she too had to pee. She stepped out and squatted down over the pot and began pissing really hard. Then he cryed out, "Oh no"We both watched as she stayed over the pot trying to keep hide her massive poop! Debbie said she was so sorry but it just came out! Being the gentlemen, Bob walked back into the house and grabbed a roll of tp. I stayed and chatted with Debbie during the wait. When Bob came back, Debbie raised off the pot enough to wipe her butt, dropping the shitty paper into the pot each of the three times. When she finished, she climbed back into our hot tub and said she was sorry for making such a mess! We both laughed and told her no "big" deal. I gave her a big kiss and told her not to worry, that Bob wouldn't mind emptying the pot later. We all stayed out in our hot tub for another few hours which required us each to use this pot several more times. Of course each trip presented us with the wonderful sight and smell of Debbie's poop. You just gotta love using a pot as your toilet!

Bob>> I would say, to answer your question about the size of the toilet opening, it varies from toilet to toilet depending on the make and model...I have seen some with real small passages, like the one that we had in my parent's house. It couldn't have been more than a 2 1/2 inch passageway through it...I hated that toilet because when I was in my teens I had the tendancy to produce some real whopper turds and even though I pinched off small pieces with my anus, it generally meant a good ten minutes of nothing but total concentration on making sure that I didn't pass something that would clog the toilet...As many of the long time readers here know what I have said about my parents saying, "Proper people do not pass large turds in one piece", because we would get in trouble if we clogged the toilet.

As for my dumps of late have been uneventful, just a few minutes ago I passed one of my "quarterly whoppers"...I felt it moving down into my back passage, so I got up and went into the bathroom, closed the door, and once dropping my shorts I was wearing sat down...I peed first and then felt it start moving out of me. I knew it was going to be a big one, so I sat straight up and let it go...The first came out within a minute, but there was no sound as it hit the water being the length was about 15 inches. There was a pause, and then I felt another movement coming down and it came out as easy as the first one did. It was about 10 inches long. I waited a couple minutes more, but nothing else felt like it was moving, so I wiped and got up and took a look. I got the plunger out in case I needed it, and sure enough I did...It took two flushes plus the plunger to send the mass on its way to the the sewer treatment plant...

Edward Hyde, why not pour some bleach into the container holding the toilet brush? I find this both removes any brown stains from the bristles and will combat nasty smells. The thicker bleaches with a syrup type consistency such as Domestos Thick sold here in England are quite good for this.

Melissa, I was a bit unsympathetic at first when I read about your mega accident in your panties as I thought you had enough opportunity to use a toilet and relieve yourself before going to work. Having read your latest post about your mother's obsession about "regularity" and giving you and your sister laxatives if you didnt have a BM every day I can now feel a lot more sympathy for you. I would agree that your toilet problems stem from this treatment. I assume you are in your teens, I am in my twenties and just recently married, but when I was a kid all this nonsense had ended. I do know that this idea of needing to do a daily motion, and taking laxatives if you didnt, was very common indeed in Britain (and no doubt the former British Empire), from Victorian times till the 1960s but thankfully had died out from when I was born in the Mid 1970's. I didnt think that this outdated attitude persisted in the USA, although I do have to say, for all its leading edge hi tech, the US seems to be a bit behind the UK in many attitudes to personal and moral matters. Anyway, its your body,take control, do what you wish, dont take laxatives unless prescribed by an MD, and do your BM when and where you want. The only laxative I have ever taken for rather severe impacted constipation was the gentle lubricant Liquid Parafin (known as Mineral Oil in the USA). This doesnt make the stools loose thankfully, but lubricates the "poop chute" and I was able to pass several big solid balls and a large fat log afterwards with tremendous "Ker-spuloonk!" sound effects to the great amusement of my young brother.

Larry the Lumberjack, do you mean that the big turds you saw in the toilets at school were 10 inches LONG not WIDE. Even an elephant couldnt pass one that thick. If you mean that the CIRCUMFERENCE of the jobbie was 10 inches (around) rather than its diameter( across) this would give a thickness of over 3 inches (using the pi calculations well known to Math students). Now a turd that was big enough to stick up out of the toilet pan and disappear round the hidden bend and be over 3 inches in cross section, that's what I call a whopper! Now I do some nice big panbusters myself, my usual jobbie will be about 12 to 14 inches long and from 2 to 2 and a half inches thick and normally takes a good few flushes to go away, (in some toilets it gets stuck). I have occasionally done one that is 3 inches thick and recently posted about such a motion, but then it will be a lot shorter like a beer can in size and this only happens if I get really constipated and it all becomes compacted in my back passage. This doesnt happen too often as I live a very energetic life style taking lots of exercise, (I am a coach / assistant manager at a Sports Centre and Gym) and play lots of sports such as Field Hockey and Netball, I also go when I need, or as soon as is practical afterwards, and dont try to hold it in unless there is absolutely no alternative. My normal motions are long, fat firm but reasonably easy to pass with just a moderate effort.

Bob, as to what size of turd will flush away, that's dependent on too many factors such as the design of the toilet pan, the solidity of the turd, (is it a straight rigid log or a softer curved sausage shaped jobbie), the power of the flush. Now I have found that some of the bigger older style toilet pans with a powerful flush will remove one of my big turds after two or three flushes, but the more modern syphonic type pans with the small exit hole and the gentle flush just cant cope and my torpedo is left stuck in the pan. This doesnt bother me, as Ive said before anyone who wants to see it is welcome, Im rather proud of my efforts! Our toilet at home usually takes 4 flushes to get one of my big jobbies to go away, to my husband's interest and amusement. As a rule of thumb, or a rule of Log if you prefer, most modern toilets in the UK can handle solid jobbies up to about 8 inches long with no difficulty but turds of 12 inches long or longer defeat all but the older style larger pans with a powerful flush. The observations of others on this would be of interest.

Joanna, although I will always try to do a motion when I feel the need to go, but I too have done it in my knickers when there has been no alternative. I have posted in the past about the time when playing Field Hockey at school in my teens I couldn't leave the game at a crucial point and did a big number two in my navy blue knickers. Luckily it was a solid turd and the elastic in the leg openings of my knickers kept it all in. I didn't get any mockery from the other girls, only sympathy and indeed their thanks for staying in the game for the sake of the team to my own discomfort. On a more recent occasion I was walking home from work one evening when I felt the need to do a motion. There was no toilet nearby, and as I walked I knew I wouldn't make it. What the hell I thought just do it. I was wearing a pair of the large full size cotton briefs I normally wear with strong elastic in the leg openings , and no tights (pantyhose) so I just took a deep breath and did it in my knickers. It was a large firm turd and it all dropped into the seat of my panties which kept it all safely contained. As I was wearing a loose pleated knee length skirt nothing could be seen. When I got home I stepped out of my skirt and saw the bulge drooping down in the seat of my knickers. As you said Joanna, it didnt make too much mess, so I emptied my panties out over the toilet pan, washed them and had a shower. Its not something I would want to make a habit of, but accidents happen to all of us from time to time, that's life, its society's attitude that's the problem. Its a lot less hassle though if it happens on the way home, or when alone than if in company, or on the way to work or school or to visit someone or in company, and a solid accident is far less traumatic than a loose watery diarrhea accident. Again to a woman wearing a skirt, its less obvious (if solid) than for a man wearing trousers as he will suffer more squashing from the extra resistance of his trousers! and the effects of his accident will be more visible.

Jill, I didn't get the Guardian yesterday, can you supply the publisher, ISBN Number and cost of this book if you have them in that article as Im sure many readers would love to buy it.

Finally it interests me that many blokes who post here would love to watch Sarah Ferguson , the Duchess of York doing a motion. I can see that she is an attractive woman, unlike a lot of people, I like her and feel she was hard done by at the hands of our out of date and stuffy royal family. Being a natural ginger ( red head) myself (with freckles), I have some empathy with her. Anyway, what other famous women would readers like to accompany to the toilet when they do a number two?

Hi Melissa, yes my mother was also fairly definite in the bathroom department. She didn't ask me if I pooped everyday, but we lived in such a tiny apartment that she could always hear what I was doing in the bathroom from anywhere in the apartment. There was no fan or vent in there, and the window was always locked tight (we lived in the city); so she could usually smell it too. That was how she informally kept track of it. If I hadn't gone for a few days she'd ask my about if I'd gone at school or not. If I hadn't I'd have to eat some fiber bars or take fiber supplements. By the time I got to be a teenager I was starting to be more and more embarrassed at having mom keep track of my bm's but she never really relented, and I was often grounded for various reasons, so couldn't go elsewhere besides school. Like you, I started to lie when necessary. It was bad enough to hear comments like, "Wow, you really stunk it up, Jay!" when I'd come out of the bathroom. So now I'm 19, and very self-conscious about cleanliness, not having a noticeably smelly butt, and not "stinking up" anyone's bathroom. I am just mortified when anyone (other than mom) can smell what I did. I'm not exactly thrilled about mom smelling it either, but that's at least an embarrassment I'm used to.

Nicky F
To Edward Hyde: Re - bog brush bristles! Speaking from considerable (16 year old) experience: DOMESTOS - bleaches anything. Trust me - I'm a teenager!!

Melissa Saw your post and mine is similar except my mom would always give me an enema when she thoughti hadnt pooped.This happened until I was 15.Does anyone else have thiis happen?

Melissa - yes I do find stockings easier to deal with in the bathroom. In the summer I don't wear panties, so going to the bathroom simply requires lifting up my skirt and sitting down. It also makes it easier to poo in public (if I have to!). I usually pretend to be looking at something in the window and the poo falls to the floor. I'm afraid I can't do this in the winter as I wear pantyhose and panties. Very few women wear stockings for some reason - it's interesting that you do. Joanna - I've pooed in my panties many times but have quite a task cleaning myself up when I get home. You should try my stockings-no panties-poo on the ground trick! The other day I saw a man doing a poo while crouching between 2 subway cars as it came into the station. At first I thought he was exposing himself as I saw his penis, but then I saw the soft poos falling from his bottom. I got on the train and when it carried on going I could see him still crouched between the cars. He looked disheveled so I figure he was homeless or something. It seemed very dangerous - I would have pooed on the platform behind something!

Eric M.
Hi. Bryian, thank you for liking my stories. Krista, I'm an 18 year old male and I like to take 10-15 minutes to poop, even though I can do it in less time, say if I'm in a stall at college (I'm now out of school for the summer). How long do you take to poop? I am interested in girls' habits the same way you are in guys'. I liked your question, since most of the latest postings have been about girls' motions [which is fine by me :-)] but I think the girls have just as much right to know about what we (guys) do in the bathroom. Later, Eric M.

holly i am 13 and last year i was sitting on a bench in the mall in my city. and all of a sudden i had to poop. i stood up and ran to the ladies room. about half way there i pooped in my panies. they got so full they riped .and i ran out of the mall with every body laughing at me and my shorts dripping with wet poop.

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