Doug, you reminded me of a story. I was at a state campgound/park, and they had a very small man-made lake for swimming, because the main water body in the park was a river, which fed the lake. Near us one day was a large group of children aging 0-12 or so, and a few parents. I wasn't swimming, just wading, when one of the girls, maybe age 3-4, announced that she needed to go pee. The bathrooms were a bit of a walk and they were dirty anyway, so her mom told her just to go in the lake. She squatted down in maybe 2 ft of water, and peed for a while (through her swimsuit). The people with her were watching and making jokes because she looked like she was concentrating so hard. They even took a picture! After 2-3 minutes, she stood up. Her mom said, "oh, no, honey, you aren't done yet!" (I dind't see if she was still peeing when she got up.) She squatted down for a couple more minutes before getting up. I thought that was gross and disrespectful of them, because the lake was rea! lly small and did not have a very good water flow going through it. I stopped swimming. What are your thoughts on this?

Hi everybody. This is my first post, I've been reading the posts on this forum for quite a while but haven't had the nerve to put any of my own stories up. By the way, I'm 20 years old. I've got a few stories you people might like to hear, but I'm pressed for time right now so I'll get around to that some other day... Lester - I almost split my sides laughing at your story, I hope I'm never in a situation like that but if I was I'd probably do the same thing, though I'd be *very* careful where I threw it. You never know who might be standing below! Not only that, but imagine if your g'friends parents found out about it - then you'd be known as the guy who "picks his poop out of the toilet and throws it out the window" - something that I sure wouldn't want to known for! Melissa, and all the other folks who like to "hold it in", I think it's very unwise to hold a poop for as long as you can, not only does increase the chance of embaressing accidents, but for many people like myself, it can cause major problems with constipation. I have the same problem if I hold a pee too long, when I do that and I finally get to a bathroom (or bush, tree, I'm not fussy about where I go #1) I really feel like I have to go but I can't, and it often takes several minutes to get the chore done, and it's an agonizing feeling. That's why I always try to answer a call of nature, be it #1 or #2, as soon as possible, it's better safe than sorry. As for my attitudes toward holding your poop at a party, I think I'd have to side with most of the people here who agree with holding it in. Bathroom habits are a very "taboo" subject in our society, and it's easy to see why anyone would be embaressed about pooping in an area where other people are around to hear, and perhaps smell, what you're up to. I'm shy about even asking where a bathroom is, in someone elses house. I usually don't have a problem with it, as I have a lot of trouble with constipation and I usually can hold it in for a while, but if I did have to go I think I'd much rather use someones washroom than have an accident. Or if there were bushes or woods outside I might opt to use those. Here's a tip to all you people who get embaressed about the "sound effects" that you generate during a poop: try laying a few layers of toilet paper in the water before you sit down, this can greatly reduce the noise level, especially if you tend to produce small turds which mak! e a rather loud splash. I've had some rather unpleasant bathroom experiences over the years, but I'll talk about those some other day. In closing, let me say that this is a great forum. It provides us with an opportunity to openly discuss an area of our lives that we otherwise tend to keep to ourselves and be embaressed about, and this forum gives us an real opportunity to openly share our views on a subject that is otherwise private and shameful. I will say that I don't always like the subject matter of the posts, some of them I find disagree with my moral standards. Like the subject of guys/girls using the washroom in front of your girlfriends/boyfriends. I don't have a girlfriend but if I did I'd be extremely cautious about this, because I consider "watching each other on the toilet" to be a form of sexual foreplay, and that's something you want to stay away from if you don't believe in sex before marriage. Not only that, but if I were to watch someone on the toilet (or vice versa) and anyone found out, my family members would think it was perverted and send me for counselling or something. But if you don'! t care about what other people think, or you have different feelings about morality than I do then, well, have fun. I'll post again sometime later. In the meantime, I'd like to hear anyones stories of experiences they've had with outhouses. As primitive as they may sound today, a few of them still exist, like on some low-budget campgrounds and at some peoples vacation cottages. I know someone who has an old outhouse (not in use anymore) built right onto their back porch, where the smell would have once wafted into kitchen less than 15 feet away, something that I couldn't have put up with. Anyway, I'm sure some of you people have some interesting outhouse stories, and I look forward to hearing them. Good luck to all you people, and thanks to the people who run this site, for giving us a chance to express ourselves.

"When I found out that boys are different from girls" It happened when I was 8 years old. My best friend John and I were playing tag outside the back of my house. We both had to "wee" as we called it, but both the bathrooms in my house were being used by my parents. So we walked behind the bushes. Our conversation went approximately like this: John said, "You go first." and when I pulled down my jeans and panties, he said, "What happened to your pee-pee?" I said, "What pee-pee?" John said, "The one that people wee from! You don't have one." "But what's a pee-pee?" I said. He took out his penis and showed it to me. And he asked, "But if you don't have a pee-pee, where does your wee come from?" "I don't know," I said, "I never looked. But I don't have what you have." John said, "Can I watch you wee? Maybe I could see where it comes from. It looks like there's a slit down there. Can I touch it? "OK." "It's soft and squishy like my pee-pee." He put his hand in. "There's a hole there. If I spread the skin there I can see it better." So he did. "O.K.," he said, "Now wee." I urinated and John saw it come out. He laughed and put his finger in the hole. I peed some more and he giggled loudly when his hand got wet. "Now I'll wee." he said. I looked at his penis as he peed and I was amazed. That's how I found out the difference between boys and girls.

>> I heard about a cab driver once who was a really old man who drank coffee continuously. He always had to go pee so he drilled a hole in the floor of his cab and put a garden hose with a funnel on it that stuck through the hole. This way he could piss without even having to stop. A "pilot relief tube" used to be (and maybe still is) a standard feature of military aircraft. While in Girl Scouts we took a ride on a troop carrier prop plane I noticed several devices clipped to the sides of the plane. Each was a funnel and hose going through the floor of the plane. I've always wondered what it would be like to pee in the funnel...and I've wondered if women on such a plane used it.

My best friend Stephanie likes to engage in peeing-for-distance contests with me in my backyard. At first I was a bit doubtful that she had any chance of beating me. She is a girl, and I thought it was easier to pee farther with a penis. I was wrong. The rules were the we could stand in any position we want. We also had to go to the bathroom before the contest to make sure we did not have any extra. Then we had to drink the exact same amount of water (12 liters)and then pee. Boy, it was a good contest: First, I peed standing straight up. I stood four feet away and my pee hit the fence. I stopped and held the rest in. Then Stephanie went. she stood TEN feet away from the fence bending backwards so her private parts were pointing forward. Her urine reached the fence with tremendous force. She was eventually able to stand 21 feet away and reach it while I could only do 9.

Sorry, Mel!!

Renee-Anne, Your post inspired me to report my incident. I had almost the same experience as you. I was on vaction at a beautiful city in the USA. I had a wonderful dinner at one of the finest of restaurants. During that dinner I had plenty of wine and an entire bottle of bottled water (San Pellegrino). At the end of the dinner I began to need to wee every 15 minutes or so from all the fluid. It was not long to my hotel so I paid and left the restaurant. I made the fatal mistake of waitomg for a bus which would have cut the walk in half. I suddenly (this was the surprise - where did this come from?) realized that I needed to poo. I walked toward the hotel but it became increasingly obvious that I was not going to make it. Finally I came upon a movie theater. I walked up and bought a ticket to the next show which was about an hour away. As I bought my ticket all hell broke loose and a deluge of runny messy poop gushed out of my buns. Since it was not the nice firm logs, I felt it dribble down my legs. I asked the ticket lady (lovely oriental woman) if I could use their toilet. She had to let me in. I walked upstairs (!) to the toilets and felt my poop dribble down my legs. Terrible feeling. I got into a stall and let what was left to poop. My briefs and pants were covered with shit. I scraped what I could with toilet paper and (aughhhhh!) had to put my shorts and pants back on. I walked quickly out of the theater and to my hotel hoping no one would notice me from behind. There I walked up the stairs instead of sharing an elevator with someone. I dumped the briefs and pants and took a nice shower. I threw the briefs and slacks out the next morning. Never has this happened to me before. Never do I hope to see it happen again. Winnie (male - mid-50's)

Hey Fred_LimpBizkit ~ thanx for the song. The story was cool too

Sunday, June 27, 1999

Yes! I saw that episode of Sex in the City. Hell I recorded it just for that reason. YES, she does fart during the episode. She farts at the beginning while she and her boyfriend are in bed. It's a squeeker though.

Was at this beach yesterday where i go and sunbathe and there is no one around.I bike there and it is right down at the water's edge and you can only reach it by walking or biking,it's great.Anyway, i'm lying there and i start to get cramps and i gotta dump.About an hour before, i was getting cramps when i was biking there,but it subsided.Now it came back real strong,so i dug a hole and i'm right on the water and i strip down and squat over the hole looking out at the water and there's boats out in the waterbut they're pretty far out although if they had field glasses or binoculars,they could probably see me,but i didn't care cause i had to poo.As soon as i squatted down,the poo started coming out.i was looking between my legs to see it.It was maybe an inch thick( i rarly do very wide ones unless they are slightly hard) but boy was it long! It was into the bottom of the hole i dug and still coming out my asshole.Boy did it feel good.I had a big erection throughout the dump.My anus contracts a bit when i get an erection,so the poops are a bit narrower and longer.Then the poo dropped into the hole and i looked at it.It was a long coiled sausage wrapped all around the bottom of the hole.Then i got up and walked around for about 4-5 mins til i got another cramp and went over and squatted over the hole and released some soft poo and some farting and then some mucus.I t was a nice load.I pushed out my anus for a bit and got off and wiped my butt and buried the poop in the hole.I love pooing outside,i should bring the videocamera with me when i poo outside,maybe next time.keep up the great stories everyoneBYE

Edward Hyde
As some members of this group are obviously very learned in matters relating to all aspects of the toilet, perhaps someone could tell me how to remove poop stain from a loo brush with white bristles. I have tried soaking it in biological washing powder in the hope that the enzymes would digest the poop but the colour persists. All ideas welcome except "throw it away and buy a new one". I do like its design.

I hope this is not irrelevant to the group but if it is, no doubt the moderators will excise it. Horse piss was a big problem in cities before the motor car became commonplace. There was a special name for it; can anyone tell me what it was?

Larry the Lumberjack
When I was at school there was a legendary figure whose identity was never revealed. We only knew him as the Phantom Logger, so called because his turds were like tree-trunks. In the lads' bogs from time to time there would appear a turd that was so big it would usually be sticking out the top of the water and go all the way round the U-bend. Someone had to take a photograph of one, it was so big it looked like a whale had dumped it. These things were often up to ten inches wide. We looked everywhere, for people with a big arse, who walked with a limp as if their ring had been seriously warped, we even listened out for agonised screaming coming from the stalls. But we never found out who it was. The truth is out there.....

Doh..I am a 19 year old female. A few days ago..I accidently did #2 in my pants. Me and my sister Keri were at our OTHER sister Lisas house and she got pop and chicken burgers. A few minutes later my stomach was rumbling. I fluffed it away a few times and they were loud/odorless ones unlike the ones that I usually get when I have to do #2 like that. I didnt think that anything that bad was going to happen so I ignored it and it went away. After awhile it came back again and I wanted to go home to do it and we live on the other side of the town from my sisters. So I asked Keri if we could leave and after a few minutes of begging she said yes. On the way home a few times I almost did it but squished my bum in to stop it. By the time we could see the apartment I really thought I would do #2 and had to stand there squishing my bum in but it went away thank god. As soon as we got in I went straight to the bathroom but then it all flowed out into my pants. What a mess!! I felt sick to my stomach seeing the number 2 there. I never thought I would do that when I am 19 years old but I did. Now I know that no matter where I am I should do #2 if I have to.

Going through this site I read about a lot of people having the problem of having to poop badly and when they finally are on the toilet not being able to go. With me that is how constipation starts. Ever now and then I feel desperate to go and it is like I could go right then and only then. When I am in that condition I wear panties that are not too tight, a pantyhose and a long lose skirt over them. Then I go out for a long relax evening or afternoon of window shopping. When the urge to go hits me, I stop walking (pretending to watch something), switch my mind to zero and drop it in my panties right there on the spot (despite the feeling of being desperate it still takes pushing to make it happen). Sometimes it takes a couple of walks before it works out but eventually I always manage to get rid of my constipation that way. It is really no big deal and if you don't sit in it it cleans pretty easy too. Are there other people who do that too?

To the person that was asking how females use the space toilet...Are you asking about how the space shuttle toilet works?

To ALEX - In regards to your question, I wipe from bottom to top and after pooping, I usually wipe my butt first then my vagina. I don't know, it's always been most natural to me. Unless, it's really messy, I usually wipe about 4-5 times total, although I don't take huge wads of toilet paper so the toilet doesn't clog up. Anyway, I guess I'll tell a story regarding Doug's question about pooping at a party. As I have mentioned before, I have no serious hangups about it. We all gotta do it, so it doesn't matter to me when or where or how long it takes. It's all natural and should not be held back. Anyway, when I was 17, I was at this party at my friend's house. She had two bathrooms that people were using. One in the basement (where the party was) and one upstairs which was kinda out of the way. I had been there for about an hour and a half and I was sitting with my boyfriend when I felt the urge to poo. I usually go everyday, but I hadn't gone in a couple of days for some reason, so I knew it would be long and it might take a while. I looked over at the basement bathroom and there was quite a line so I went upstairs. There were a couple of girls hanging around outside the door and someone was in the bathroom. It's OK I thought. I don't have to go that badly. So, I waited in line outside. The girls in front of me (who i didn't know that well) were commenting on the girl (i guessed it from their conversation) in the bathroom. "she's been in there ten minutes already!" one said. "how disgusting. She must be actually taking a poop." the other replied. I hate those kinds of people. They were acting like they have never ever taken a poop themselves and they were making it seem like the girl in the bathroom was commiting a sin. She was in there for another 5 minutes and the one girl commented "she's never gonna come out of there!" About 5 minutes later the girl came out and she seemed a little red in the face. One of the girls in front of me went in there and made a face and asked me if I'd like to go first. I replied that I was gonna be a while so she shut the door. They both finished peeing quickly and I finally got to enter the bathroom. It was a fairly small bathroom, just a toilet and a sink but it was decorated nicely. I pulled my jeans and white panties to my ankles and had a seat on the toilet which felt kinda warm. I peed quickly and then kept sitting there. I could hear the party from the basement and then I heard a girl and a guy come up the stairs. "Oh. There's someone in there." I could hear the guy say. "I hope that person doesn't take too long." the girl said. "i really gotta go." If only they knew! I grunted softly and pushed three times. I could feel the poop moving in side of me but it was taking a long time. I kept pushing and it slowly poked out as my hole opened up widely. What felt like a monster turd pushed its way slowly out my butt. It hurt like crazy and I groaned, moaned, strained, whatever just to keep it coming out. Now I know what Linda feels like when she has her big poopies!! I sympathize with her tremendously! Anyway, I pushed out two more rather large painful poops when the girl outside says, "man! the person in there must be taking a dump! I think i'm gonna go in my pants!" I had been in there ten minutes already, and i knew it would still be a little while longer. I pushed and slowly the fourth turd crept out until disaster. It got stuck!! I grunted and pushed, strained, groaned, moaned, put my head between my knees and kept pushing but nothing would make this turd come out. So, I just relaxed as much as i could and to my surprise, the poop started moving!! I couldn't believe it!! Three pieces of poop floated out my butt as quick as could be, although they hurt a little and i didn't have to push that much!! The grand total was 8 hard poops in 20 minutes of work. I wiped my butt and vagina 6 times and flushed the toilet 3 times and left. The girl outside gave me a totally grossed out look and the guy looked rather excited by the whole ordeal. I bet she was disgusted by the smell!! Anyway, I returned to my boyfriend who gave me a quizical look for taking so long!! that's all for now. bye!

Melissa, sorry about your accident. But, I have to tell you, that was one of the most detailed, well written stories I've read here at "the Toilet". I think you're an excellent writer! - Greg

Coprologist, your postings here, although infrequent, are always worth the wait. You sent me to the dictionary to see if the word "easement" (as in "Hall of Easement") has anything to do with the other use of the term, "an interest in land owned by another that entitles its holder to a specific use or enjoyment." Examples would be a strip of land under a utility line or a path across a private field. Indeed it does. The first meaning of "easement," from the 14th century, is "an act or means of easing or relieving (as from discomfort)," thus the Hall of Easement. I rather like it. It's far less euphemistic than "bathroom" or "water closet." "Pardon me while I retire to the hall of easement for a proper motion." As for the Groom of Stool, I'd choose to be assigned to the Dutchess of York. Fergie might have me for the job, but, alas, the Palace would no doubt disqualify me on grounds of wrong gender. Imagine being asked, "Please state your occupation."

I think it's quite normal for women to go to the bathroom in front of each other but i guess it's just your upbringing.I am one of five sister and except for Helen who was so shy that she never totaly undressed in front of the rest of us and would lock the bathroom door and when she was ever caught on the toilet would put her hand over her pubic hair.But the rest of us saw each other peeing and pooping almost every day and it was no big deal and never a sexual thing.I've heard them all fart as they have heard me and it was allways just a big goof that we mostly got a laugh over except for the occasional bomb!I have seen a few co-workers on the toilet and some act silly and try to cover up but most don't seem to mind and as far as myself it doesn't bother me at all to get caught on the toilet by another women,it's just part of life. Marion

Hi guys! Melissa, I love you too, and am sorry to hear about your accident. No, I don't think you "asked for it," and know it was very humiliating, regardless of circumstance. One question for you that I omitted from my last post. Do you stand on "tippy-toes" when trying to strain? I find that also helps. Please let me know how you make out. Sandra, I look at the toilet paper after I wipe, and so don't my friends (2 female and 1 male whom I've observed). IMHO, that's the only way I know when to stop wiping- if there's nothing on the paper, that's the time to stop. Cute Linda, I am sorry to hear about your sisters' barging in on and humiliating you when you're trying to poop. Their treatment was CRUEL and ABUSIVE (*shouting* intentional). I'm glad you have a person, your cousin, who's able to comfort you and make you feel at ease when you have trouble pooping. I hope you now keep the door locked when you have to go :) Peace and love to all, Steph

The Space Toilet, for those who asked... (This is from reading and photos I've seen. I haven't traveled out there, not yet!) The one used aboard the U.S. space shuttles is designed to deal with weightlessness and the scarcity of water on the craft. Imagine trying to use a regular toilet in space and having the feces and urine floating all about!! The device looks a bit like the inside of a porta-potty. The user places his or feet in loops and grasps handles to stay in place. The seat looks something like that of a regular toilet, except that there is only a small opening - maybe 3 or 4 inches in diameter - for the user's anus. Solid wastes are sucked into the bowl (chamber) and held there. (I'll get to liquid in a moment.) When the user is finished, s/he operates a handle sending the waste into a "slinger," a device that shreds it into tiny pieces. Then it is ejected into space, where the pieces freeze instantly. Urine is another story. To keep it from floating around in little droplets, the user puts on a collecting device connected to a long flexible tube. At the user's end, there's a choice of two attachments. For males, it's a tube in which they place the penis. For females, it looks something like the upholstery attachment of a vacuum cleaner and it snugs up around the female labia. There's an illustrated children's book (title? sorry) with a cutaway view of the space shuttle showing a female astronaut using the space toilet while wearing the urine collector. As to what the Russians might use aboard MIR, I couldn't say.

Sex in the City Fan
Does anyone here watch the HBO series "Sex in the City"? It's very funny, and very human. A few weeks ago, there was an episode on and I missed the beginning of it. I turned it on near the end just in time to hear Carrie say that her date had gotten mad at her because she farted while having sex. Did anyone see this episode? I was wondering if they actually showed Carrie farting, so that you could actually hear her fart. Has anyone ever heard a woman fart on a TV program?

i guess this is strange but i had to go really bad one day. i was at the door of my home waiting for someone to open it. i could not wait any longer so i dashed to the trash can to find an empty plastic bag. upon finding one i ripped to the backyard clenching my cheeks needless to say i released to big monsters in a red plastic bag. ever since then i try to make it indoors....ladies i love your stories..

Hey Guys, Ryan from JC Penney's here. Funny sighting yesterday. They are powerwashing the outside of the building, I guess some of the wrkers decided to take their coffee break in the bathroom, I went into the mens bathroom about 2 pm and found all three stalls occupied, with 2 other guys waiting in the wings. The funny part was the three guys. They were all smoking either cigars or cigarettes, cups of coffee perched on the toilet tissue holders, reading newspapers, and one of the guys ws having a conversation on his cell phone ! The 2 guys waiting were laughing, but were rushing them nevertheless. Man , the place stunk, between all the smoke and shit going down. Then we all got a good laugh , when the guy on the first toilet reached into his pocket and pulled out a packaged wet-nap, opened it up, and wiped his ass with it. He seemed to b a bit bashful about using the wet-nap, and said, this was the first time he crapped without a door for privacy. At that point I kinda moved away from the stall area to let him finish wiping. It was funny sight ! P.S. The 50 year old building looks great !!!

Dave-NY if you were planning to hold 3 days of digested food in your body, why didn't you also expect that it would come out when you least expected it. You should have been wearing something with elastic legs. I wouldn't think boxers could hold any poo at all, wouldn't it all fall out as soon as you stood up?

Hi everyone. To Jason - I know exactly how you feel. My mom is really great but on some things she has really strange views - and pooping is one of them. Her rule is - you eat three times a day - you need to poop once a day. When I was small she used to constantly ask me if I had done a #2 that day. If I said no she would immediately reach for the laxative and sure enough next morning I would have to sit on the toilet and poop. This went on until I was about 10 years old or so and it began to really irritate me. Of course, years before I had just simply learned to lie and avoid the indignity of the laxative, but I do wonder if the way she treated me is part of the reason for the pooping problems I have today. Incidentally my sister Melanie who's now 14 had the same treatment but she is not the rebel that I am and I think she has fallen to our mom's rule and dutifully tries to do a daily poop. Every single morning, at least when we were at school, I would hear her straining and pushing in the bathroom. I'm also now beginning to wonder if my mom's tolerant attitude to all the accidents I had when I was younger was because she felt, "Well, Melissa at least did a #2 - even if it was in her pants". Now to Cute Linda - we started talking earlier in the week about how you couldn't poop in front of anyone except your cousin. What I didn't know was how your sisters had treated you when you were younger - you were mistreated like me only in a different way. I was forced to poop and so I learned to hold it in out of sheer rebellion. You were humiliated by others in a private and personal moment and so you can't poop in front of others now. Now I'm beginning to understand more clearly why perhaps you thought you might just have enough self confidence to do a poop if I was there with you. Let's keep talking on this one. To Steph. Hi Steph - This morning I had to do my first poo since my big accident and I followed your advice. As soon as I sat on the toilet I bent over all the way until my head was between my knees. It wasn't the most comfortable or relaxing position but it did seem to help a lot with both of my two big big problems. First, quite often nothing happens when I sit on the toilet, and second, once I've started to go and the tip is peeking out an inch or so, my poo stops coming out. This morning it started to come out almost straight away and once its nose was out it kept coming, very slowly as always, but it didn't stop. Steph - I love you and I really appreciate your help and again I promise to let you know how it all works out. And finally to Sandra. Sandra just out of interest, do you find stockings easier to handle in the bathroom? I occasionally wear panty hose - say if my skirt is very short - but I've found they are a real nuisance - taking them down, pulling them up and getting them straight again. I am trying thigh highs but they never really stay put unless they are very high inde! ed and the elastic leaves marks in my legs that I don't care for. Mostly I wear stockings and a garter belt because they are easier to handle in the bathroom and they are so much cooler in the summer. Has anyone else thought the same ? Lots of love to all my friends.

A long time ago a lady was talking about she and a girl friend going to a beach and finding that the bathroom was filthy. As a consequence, they decided to go into the lake and "play with the stones" while they peed. This story was told to me; I was not there. Later I thought this is one of the few times that they would have to think about whether needed to go #1 or #2. The few ladies who stand to pee would have to think about that more often.

Amy - Just squat over the bucket and let it all out. If it's loose/mushy then try and get to a proper toilet. BTW, can we have more stories from/about females with loose/runny/mushy dumps, particularly if they expected a normal dump, or none at all. Mellissa, your right, it was your own fault, and I have no sympathy for you, especially since you had plenty notice. I would have been sympathetic if the urge had come on in the car, of you had diarrhea, but under the circumstances, it was your own fault, and totally avoidable.

Today's copy of "The Guardian" (that's Saturday - UK) has a review of a book called "Merde", by Professor Ralph Lewin. It appears to contain more or less anything you ever wanted to know about the subject of poo, and I am sure it would interest people who read this page! Has anyone seen a copy? Any recommendations?

Hi. FredLimpBizkit, I'm glad you like my stories. I use different terms for the same bathroom things, like pee, number 1, or p*** , or poopies, number 2, or s***. It depends on who I'm around. I'll use the vulgar if I'm around my friends and they're doing the same. Like most of you know p*** and s*** can be used in other ways besides describing going to the bathroom. I do like your stories and other boys stories and I'm sorry if I haven't written that. And, btw, I'm 14, not 13 :-) Alex, thanks for your response. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets stomach cramps in the pool. Love always to you too and to everyone else reading this, Torie

Randi P.
I went to the National Women's Music Festival in Muncie this past week. All lesbian women were there(yes I am) and Lisa Koch in the Comedy Show sang a song called "Stains In My Undies" We thought it was pretty funny. Keep those neat stories coming. Talk to you all later.

Well i just took a huge shit and it was really mushy but still solid and filled up the whole damn bowl. god i hate those. Well heres my childhood story about poop. When i was like 5 or so maybe younger i thought that pooping was bad, therefore, i tried to avoid it as much as possible. i would hold it in for as long as i could which was a really long ass time so then when i would finially poop it would be so big that there would be no way in hell that it would go down the toilet without chopping it up into smaller pieces and then somtimes it still wouldnt go down. I have a question. What is the size of a poop that will still go down the tube...cause mine never do. just wonderin.

Amy - Using a bucket is easy enough, it's just a case of sitting on it (or squatting over it) and doing what you have to do. Just watch your balance!! If you have to #2, make sure you leave enough space not to get splashed, and if your unlucky enough to get diarhea (sp?), you might like to ask if you can use a "normal" toilet. BTW, can we have more stories from females who have pass loose / mushy loads, especially if it was not expected. ie went to pee, ended up "peeing" from both holes.

Saturday, June 26, 1999

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