Hi guys! I've been away for the last week with two of my closest "peeps," Alex and Jodi. The place at which we stayed, north of where we live, was beautiful, with a large bathroom. We didn't "buddy dump," per se, but we're now comfortable enough with going in front of each other; two people were able to use the bathroom at the same time for different purposes, i.e. Jodi taking a wizz while I brushed my teeth or Alex coming in to take a dump while I was in the shower. Overall, a great week, bathroom and otherwiseI have a lot of responses to the latest posts. Jeff A., I'm the reason why the sun shines? Thanks, how sweet :) I am a realist and aware of all the crap (no pun intended) going on in the world. I like to channel POSITIVE energy, looking at things with an optimistic perspective. If there wasn't so much hatred and negativity in this world, there would be fewer wars and less violence and tension overall. Melissa, I'm three years older than you and also have a history of constipation. Have you tried putting your head between your legs while pushing? It really works for me. Timber, that was cool of your friend to check out your hindquarters to make sure it was clean. I usually know if my butt is clean after there is little or no stuff left on the paper, but I did ask Alex (my friend) to look at my butt cheeks one time after I took a very messy dump. Amy, to answer your question, the girl in the jail cell with the two guys should be allowed to relieve herself in private, or if that's not possible, at least in an all-female area. Likewise for the two males, either in private or in the presence of (only) males. The Girl With the Weak Bladder, I have squirted "leakage" into my panties several times, both before and after I peed into the toilet. Dave, would I dump at the party? If I felt the urge while peeing and knew it wouldn't be that smelly, I'd go. I agree with Timber that I would be nervous about taking a really smelly one at a private house with so many people present, but, as Nicola said, it's better than going in your pants. Janine, I usually take around 10 minutes to take a dump, and I almost always pee while doing so. Although I prefer going to the bathroom at home or in another private bathroom, I have no qualms about using stalls provided that they have lockable doors and toilet paper. I carry TP with me when I go hiking or camping, "just in case." Welcome back to Cute Linda!!! I hope you are able to let your poop out without too much difficulty. Helga, I do have softer than usual movements when I change my diet. I'm a vegetarian and love Indian and other Asian foods, but they're not part of my "everyday" diet. I tend to take runnier, and larger, than usual dumps after eating that kind of food. Drew, thanks for your kind words to Eric and me. Nyad, I hope you're back to "normal" as far as taking dumps go. Hi to everyone else on here, keep those posts coming!!! Peace and love to all, Steph

Hi people.....I have a new toy which will take the concept of Buzzy's mirror a little further, a video camera!!!! I'll let you know how it goes when I next go for a poo!!! Tony UK.......I'm glad you liked my last post, I know that you and most people here like all the details. I always try and post when the memory of my latest shit is fresh in my mind!!! Anyway, have to go now so I can learn how to use this video camera!!! Till next time......bye!!!!

Hi. I thought I should confess to an embarrassing episode earlier this evening. I needed a dump just before going off out for a bike ride, and my husband was in the shower, so I used the downstairs loo. I had just finished when there was a knock at the front door which is right next to the loo, so I quickly pulled up my shorts and flushed. I answered the door and it was a friend of my husband's, so I let him in to wait. As I did so I realised that the smell of my poos had followed me out, and was probably very obvious to him, along with the fact that the loo tank could be heard filling up. I nipped back in there to wash, and to spray some air freshener, and would you believe it, the pan was clogged, so I gave it another flush - without success. At that point I gave up and went out for my ride. I am glad to say they had both gone by the time I got back.... and so had the blockage!

When I was a child of about 7, it was wednesday, and our day to go to church as a school. I had slept in and was rushed out by my parents straight after breakfast. It wasn't until I was sitting in the church that I realised I was in desperate need for a dump! I was too shy to get up and walk past all the other children, so I tried to hold on and keepm it in......BAD IDEA! As I sat, I shit and it oozed out and virtually filled my short trouser legs. I 3was totally horrified but tried to look normal. I lifted my head to see the other children both beside and in front of me all looking back with their face screwed up or holding their I just looked over my shoulder my shoulder and held my nose as well!! I HAVE NEVER LIVED AWORST MOMENT IN MY LIFE SINCE!!

Hi! I am new here. I mostly enjoy hearing (and if I ever get the chnce) seeing guys in the bathroom. My house has the perfect set-up for this. My brother and I have rooms right next to each other. In between the two bedrooms is a bathroom (toilet, sink, shower) that my brother and I share as our own bathroom. When we have friends over they usually use this bathroom also. I do sometimes choose to use another bathroom in the house when my brother has friends over.....I usually have to actually because it seems that their is always someone in there. By the way...I am 16 and my brother is 17. Now that it is summer my brother always has friends over swimming and just hangin out and stuff. One of his friends spends like 20 mins. to take a dump. He isn't usually shy about it either......except on a couple of occasions when I had a bunch of friends over he would go to the downstairs bathroom. Most of his friends take like 10 to 15 mins. My brother on the other hand takes 20 to half hour....which is really bad for me when i wanna shower. Well Anyways, I like stories about 14 to 20 yr old guys ....if anyone has them...please share =)

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Graaham, If a guy stands to pee in a chamber pot, wouldn't he spatter all over the place or as I have noticed that some guys can't even hit the large opening of a urinal, let alone a small opening of the pot. There must have been a lot of wet areas near chamber pots. Itwould makemore senceto get nearer the pot.

Hi everyone, it's a short post today, tell you why later. But first to Kara. I loved your shopping story and how your aunt told your mom all the details about your poop and you were embarrassed in case anyone else heard. Let me tell you about Melanie, my little sister and what she did to me. This was around six years ago when I was about 12 and Melanie must have been 8. It was a Saturday morning and Melanie and I were alone in the house. I had been sitting on the toilet for quite a while and a large poo poo was very very slowly coming out. The next thing I hear is a knock on the door and it's Melanie telling me "There is someone outside looking for you". "Who is it?" I asked. "I don't know" came the helpful reply. "But they want to see you" insisted Melanie. "Melanie!, I can't get up I'm in the middle of doing a big poo poo, tell them to come back later!". I heard Melanie run back toward the front door and then to my absolute amazement I heard her scream at the top of her voice - "Melissa's doing a poo poo and it's only half way out - she want's you to come back later". I couldn't believe it, she had shouted loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear and as I later discovered, several of my friends as well. Apparently she had shouted from the doorway because my friends were out on the sidewalk at the end of the driveway. Melanie just happened to be in the front yard when they came by so that's where they waited. Aren't little sisters wonderful? I wonder if this only happens to teenagers. Torie, Shakira and Rachel, you are all around 13 or 14 (I think) - do you have any stories like this? And finally to everyone, and specially Dave in NY. You all know I have a habit of holding my poo until the last minute……Well the inevitable happened this morning…..A terrible accident. I don't have time to describe it now, I'll see if I can fit it in tomorrow. All my love to everyone.

Amy- Please let us know what you end up doing after you are finished with this camp. I'd be kind of interested to know how it worked out for you. Good luck.

Do you know of any one who was desparate for a shit in the woods and wiped with poison ivy?

Re chamber pots. My understanding is that in the good ol' bad ol' days the chamber pot was generally kept for "number ones". But people would have been fairly uninhibited about using it. I went to the Castle Museum in York when I was a kid, and in there they had a two-handled chamber pot, with the words "pass it over to me" on the rim - I think it was late Victorian Sunderland ware from the north-east of England. In those days toilet training was rather more rigid than it is now, and children were encouraged to do their poo poos in the morning after breakfast. I'd guess that habit stuck with people, and it would mean that other than in bad cases of diarrhoea grown-ups would not use the chamber pot for that. Bear in mind also that the demise of the chamber pot is actually fairly recent over here: there were still villages in Oxfordshire which relied on outhouses (and presumably chamber pots) up until the mid-1980s.

kathy M
I remember the first time someone saw me going #2 and how embaresing it was to me. When i was around 13 years old i was home sitting on the Bowl in the middle of a stinky one when i heard my mom say i think she's in the bathroom,and before i could do anything the door opens and my friend sheryl just walked right in on me and said hey kath,what ya doing!And i remember i felt my face getting hot and knew it must have turned red enough for sheryl to notice when she said hey you don't have to be embaresed we all do it you know. I yelled at least close the door!Sheryl just stood in front of the miror over the sink and brushed her hair while i finished my business and i remember the most humiliating part was when i had to wipe my butt. A note to the girl with the leaking pee problem,if it's not to bad a maxi can catch and hold it. Bye for Now Kathy

This is a great site!!! Here's an episode I witnessed a few years ago. I live over by the country side, in a house with a terrace that overlooks a grove. I was enjoying in the sun on a typical sunday afternoon. That was when I saw this lady who looked around thirty, approaching one of the trees in the grove. She looked around anxiously, leaving me wondering as to what she was doing there. She continued looking in all directions, and her hand was now clutching her stomach. Thats when I realized what was going on. She probably needed a pee or poop, and was making sure noone watched her go! And then it began. She lifted her skirt to waist level, watched around again, and exposed her (bright yellow)panties. Within seconds, she pulled her panties down until her thighs and squatted on the ground. My eyes were glued. I could see her face strain both in anxiety and pain. A stream of pee shot out for several seconds, till it reduced to a dribble. Before it actually stopped, I thought I saw her ass cheeks widen a bit, and then some really wet shit came out! She continued producing a lot of chunks of brown mass, and they started to pile up. Then, while still in the squatting position, she moved over (I guess to avoid the shit pile from touching her ass) to another place about a foot away from her shit pile. This new position was wonderful, 'cause she gave me a partial view of her vagina!! And then the saga continued - she kept grunting and pushing, and more and more chunks of loose wet shit was emerging from her asshole. I was enjoying every bit of this, and was standing in such a way that the parapet wall hid me well, and made sure she didn't notice me peeking. About 5-7 minutes later, her face looked relaxed, and it looked like she was done. She moved over once more, and let out some more pee followed by some really watery brown poop. Then she plucked a few leaves off the tree nearby, and wiped her ass and vagina clean. Having done her job, she pulled her (bright yellow) panties from her upper thighs back in place, adjusted them and got her skirt back down. She then walked away, all the time looking around to see if anybody was watching. I guess it was purely my luck that she didn't look up! Anyways, people, happy posting, and hope you enjoyed it.

To PR Guy and Harry and Ryan: Yep thats the movie i was talking about it. i looked it up in the tv guide and when i posted here i didn't want to look it up again To Peter: I like your story. To Doug: To anwser your question. If I was at at party and i went to pee and had an urge to poop. I would do it only if i was at a family members house cause i know i can poop upstairs, i feel more comfortable doing it. If I was at a party with non family members i would try and hold it. To Tony: I like the story about your cousin pooping out a big load. Gotta go now. -Bryian

The Crank
You guys heard of Vitagen?Oh boy.One hell of a drink.Drink more than 3 bottles and you can forget about sitting anywhere else except the toilet.A doctor used to recommend this drink to soften my stool when I was young.It sure did,and please,don't overdo it.I'm speaking from personal experience.Actually,overdose of that drink is hazarous to your health too.

Hey guys! What's new? sorry i haven't posted much, but I got home from College (US) a few days ago and haven't had much time, and now i'm leaving for my summer job! (I'll keep an eye out, don't worry!) So I can't post much now! But I'll post when I gte back, I promise! In response to whomever asked what I would do if I went to pee at a party and felt the need to sh*t, I would go ofcourse! I actually had that happen to me once, when was younger at a "fancy" dinner party with my parents. But I'll post about that later! Bye for now, have a great summer! :-)

Jeff A.
I don't think that Doug meant anything bad by starting his post with a sentence like "The Shame of going number two." I think he was just referring to the possible embarassment one would feel by doing a #2 at someone else's party. I also think it was a catchy sentence to open a topic. I rather liked it. I don't think it was a weird or stupid question either. It's a good question. He was referring to a social gathering. If it were me, I think I would hold it, unless I couldn't. If I couldn't, then, oh well...

Academy award winning posts!!! That's what a lot of these are. I was thinking about 2 old stories that I read in here, and decided to backtrack them. From the woman's perspective, the most exciting story that I've ever read in here came from a woman named Joanne, and can be found on old posts page 53. After all that has been contributed, I still like it the best. She talked about watching some young red haired girl in a bathroom stall, and it was glorious! Some stories in here should be singled out as library archives. Now for the Men's side, I think one of the most exciting stories in here came from a guy named Craig, who told of a Texas rest stop on old posts page 62. It had a real dark, and intimate feel to it. Of course, there are many more equally wonderful stories in here, but those two I seem to favor. And I'm not sure if it's Ryan or not, but someone who posted about doorless stalls at J.C. Penney's. Is that you Ryan? Where I work, the men's room also has doorless stalls. It's funny, I don't mind using them, but ALL of our cleaning people are women who don't always knock before they enter. They just push their mop buckets on in through the door, yell "Housekeeping!" and take a good look around. Once I put a sign up over the urinals especially for them that read "please don't eat the big white mints." Bye all!

The Girl With The Weak Bladder
Maria: Thanks for reassuring me! I have also had the accident type where I am busting, make it to the front door, then can't find the key. And the one you mentioned about finding the toilet occupied reminded me of something that happened about 6 months ago. I had been holding for an hour or more and then decided I *HAD TO GO* right then. I rushed to the toilet, unzipping my pants (I always wear pants, never a skirt) as I ran. But when I got there I found that my brother was in there pooping. I shouted to him to hurry, I was desperate, and he said he wouldn't be long. And he only took about 20 or 30 seconds, but I didn't make it. it started to come out before he came out of the toilet, so I stood there crossing my legs and trying to stop the flow. Luckily, not too much came out before I got to the toilet and got my pants down, and I don't think he noticed. These accidents do bother me a little bit coz I always wear pants which are more likely to get wet! To Donny: thanks for your description of those exercises-I will search for the Kegel exercises.

To MILISSA-Another great story in the ladies room.Love your graphics!TO TONY- You must have loved that view of lorrie's anus expelling all that poop.That must have been some sight!How old was she ?Why did she do it in frontof you?ToRYAN- That videotape thing sounds interesting.I never did that myself.How did you videtape it? DId someone else help you?I videtaped this nurse pooping outdoors a few times and every now and then,i watch it.When this nurse friend moved away,we used to send audiotapes of each other pooping.They were great.I used to put the microphone on the saet behind my ass and poop away.You could hear everything on tape and my nurse friend did the same.Boy,if she had videotaped ,that would have been great.So ryan,tell me how you taped yourself,Maybe i'll try it!!OOOOOH i gotta go poo now,my rectum is full! BYE

hi everyone. Okay first well I feel silly saying this cause one your a boy and too cause I seem to be the only one but I'd hold off the poop and finish peeing. Well only at school and maybe sometimes in a public potty.Sorry but well I need privacy of sight and sound to poop. yeah i do... and I have. When i'm peeing and I feel the poop coming on I usually get mad and tell it what's on my mind along the line sof Oh sure come out easy here where i can't! Then I sqeeze my tushie as tight as it can..and it can mind you. and do my pee wipe between my legs..pull up my pampies and get out of there and hold it till i can. I have come REALLY close to pooping in my pampies as many of you who have read my old posts know but I have yet to really do it..and now that summer is here I don't have to worry..poop feeling comes on and I run..well as good as i can to the potty get bare tushied and have a seat as i get ready to have a battle of wills with my poop. And i always win. but I fel bad now cause I seem to be the only one. Anyway Melissa.. wow you had it bad that one time when you were small you were about my age when that I'm scared. Well I'll play it safe and not wait that long I guess. You see i can't go in front of anyone but my cousin..why well i don't really know.. he did potty train me so i guess in my head I feel like well he's seen my poop in the potty since well i first did so it's kinda natural to go in front of him even though he's a boy. But I can't go infront of my own mom, sisters and no way in front of my dad. When i try even my body feels the same way i do cause I have tried to at least poop infront of my baby sisters and well my poop hole won't open it says NO!! So I sit there and suffer, and it won't open no mater how BAD I have to go. I might be able to go in front of you though Melissa..if we were in a place that had two potty and no stals or dorrs. I guess I'd get comfortable cause well you know what I go through and cause of that well my shyness would go a way a bit enough for me to poop.. heh and it may scare you just how much I poop. It scares me sometime. heh. Oh also melissa if you want to know just how bad I have it or how close I've come to pooping in my pants read some of my old may have to go back to page 100 in the old posts to find them but they are there. They are under the name Linda but I changed my name to cute linda cause one I am.... and two someone else was using Linda and it wasn't me. Didn't want people to get mixed up. As for the thing about someone seeing the poop come out of you.. it's um happen to me alot but I'll tell that next time right now all this talk of pooping as put my ???? in the mood so I'm of wish me luck Melissa..oh and hey the rest of you keep post your stories no matter what they are of okay? Bye. XOXO Linda

Hi. Doug, I usually know before I sit on the toilet whether I have to just pee or do both numbers. I agree with Nicola that if you're already on the toilet and feel poopies straining your butt, it's best to let them out. I think it would be easier for a male standing up to pee to hold in the poop if he was embarrassed about going, but since females like myself have to sit to pee, I think it would be harder to hold it in. Nicola, I also agree with you that everyone has to go to the bathroom, and I am very proud of all the s*** I take otherwise I wouldn't be posting here :-)! Nyad, I have a story that I hope you'll like. It was very hot today where I live so I went over to a friend's house to swim. After I started swimming, the chlorine gave me stomach cramps and I felt like going number two. I went inside and took down my one piece bathing suit and sat down. I didn't have to pee (very rare) so I let out two soft poopies. I wiped my bum many times because I didn't want to get any stains on the back of my bathing suit. After washing my hands I put my bathing suit back on and went back to swim. Love, Torie

Hello everyone. I going for a record to see how long I can hold my turds. So far I have been holding it since Sunday and am still going strong. To Daniel (UK)I am 13 y/o male and have had the love of poop since I was born. I only took a crap in front of one of my friends twice. He doesn't come over much these days due to me ignoring him a lot. Thought he does come once in a while. How old are you?

To Ryan: I rarely post here, but in response to your question, I have videotaped myself doing a BM several times. I usually do it when no one else is at home, and I keep the tape hidden in my room. It's a lot of fun, isn't it? I also would share it with you guys if I had a video connection for my computer, but anyway I don't think it would be possible in this forum. From the posts of yours that I've read, (Ryan) I think we have a lot in common, although perhaps you're a few years younger than me (I just turned 17). Anyway, I might start posting more often if and when I feel up to it, now that school's over.

Mr. J
I have been having these horrific bowel movements lately. I go about every other day now, and when I have to go, I have to go NOW! My bm's are huge and somewhat on the mushy side, but are still formed and HUGE, 15-20" or more. This is a change for me, as I used to have more "normal" bm's, usually every day. Does anybody have any idea why my bm's have become like this? Is it my age (47) or my diet? I have sort of been on this high protein diet for a couple of months now.

I had two really good motions today, one this morning and another this afternoon, not just my usual one per. Maybe it's because of the whole grain stuff lately. The jobbies were nice, long, solid ones, too. The best part was that I hardly pushed at all. In fact, when things were getting started and it felt like the moment to push, I deliberately didn't. Instead, I just let nature take its course. I've read that defecation is supposed to be a reflex action, like coughing and eye blinking (except that we can control it better). If your intestines are in proper shape and you eat well, the presence of feces in the rectum is supposed to stimulate wave-like contractions (as happens farther up the line), and send your jobbies on their way without much effort on your part. My reward for not pushing is that just before I expelled anything, an indescribably good feeling of slight muscle tension spread through my pelvic area. It felt so good! Amy, about the girl and two guys in the prison... Is that reading a preparation for your camp? It would all depend on how well they know one another and how open she is about her natural functions. Although we've never been together in close quarters with open toilet facilities, I have some female friends who - I'm pretty sure - would just go when they had to and carry on a conversation in the meantime as if they were eating dinner with me. And I would do the same in front of them. Then I have some others who would be much more shy about it.

To Ryan - Yes, I have also videotaped myself taking a dump. It's awesome to watch. I did this for the 1st time years ago in college and have kept the tape ever since. Various angles from close up to far away to actually watching it come out. Alot of fun! Usually tape the flush too!

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Well, I take my hat off to the other Tony who gave the graphic post about seeing his cousin Lorrie doing some really big turds. WOW! When I was about 12 I saw a girl cousin of mine who was about 16 at the time doing a big jobbie in the sand dunes when we had gone to the coast on holiday. She squatted in front of me, quite unconcerned and passed two good fat turds, a 12 incher and a 6 incher, both 2 inches fat and well formed. To me it was quite something seeing them slowly emerge between her ???? buttocks and slide onto the sand. Doug, I too just cant get a handle on your strange question. If you are sitting on the toilet and need a number two, just do it! Wherever it is or whoever this toilet belongs to. I know that people do other things in toilets, but the primary purpose is to either urinate or defecate in comfort and into the equipment designed to receive and dispose of the urine and feces. Often at parties the food and drink make people need to defecate anyway, and Id rather other guests spoke about the smell after me or even that my turd stuck in the pan and they spoke about that than that the topic of conversation was that I had shit my panties. Imagine that as a show stopper at a party! I just can't understand the mind set about NOT doing a number two in such circumstances. Rick, you DIDNT dump in the toilet at the party and "were too much of a gentleman to use the ladies" at the gas station. Really? you were lucky that time! Do you want a medal or something? Just think what a "gentleman" she would have thought you if you hadn't been able to hold it in till you made it to the woods and shit your pants! Sorry folks, get real. In my opinion there will be too many occasions in life were one desparately needs to dump and there is no toilet nearby so if you are actually in one or a convenient toilet is to hand, just do what comes naturally, without fear or favour. Ive heard of being "anally retentive" Risky J, but that is carrying things to the ultimate, preserving your turds in acrylic resin!!! I would have loved to have had a polariod camera when I was a kid (these existed but were rich men's toys not mass market in the 1960s) and would have photographed some of the outstanding jobbies I saw or that I passed myself, but to actually preserve them like this, that's way out in "left field" as you Yanks say. Still, I suppose it does no harm. A program on TV recently about prehistoric creatures featured fossilised turds called "coprolites" , one looked very much like a typical human jobbie, carrot shaped, about 12 inches long and two inches thick and tapered at the end. I wondered if some cavewoman had squatted all those millenia in the past, grunted, and passed this big turd which had then got engulfed in mud and fossilised. Just think, all of you who like to dump in the great outdoors. If you did it in a pit then buried it, it just may ! become pertified and thousands of years from now may be examined by the scientists of the future! Ryan, with the availability of video and digital cameras I assume many people have videod themselves and (hopefully fully informed and consenting ) friends and partners defecating. Likewise making audio recordings of the sound effects. As you say however, these are okey for private and personal use only. Chamber pots. Ive have used one but cant say I liked it. Graham I would NOT advise a man to stand and pee into a chamber pot as he would probably piss on the floor unless his aim was steady. The best thing is to sit on the pot for either function. Chamber pots are better than nothing in an emergency but I would far rather use a proper toilet pan any day.

Amy asks about chamberpots. I used to own one (it was my Grandmother's). I think that they are quite simple for a female to use, just sit on it and do #1 & #2 the same as if you were sitting on the toilet (if the 'pot is similar to the one I owned, men would be advises to stand and pee in it before sitting to do #2). You will find that the sound you make when peeing in a chamberpot is rather different than that made when peeing in a toilet, probably more of a "rattling" rather than a "splashing" sound. If you have to use the 'pot while it is on the floor then you might find it more comfortable to crouch or squat over it rather than actually sitting on it. As for privacy, I am sure that you will not be expected to use a chamberpot in the view of boys (and similarly they will not be expected to use in where you can see them.) One possibility (and I don't really know) is that there might be four-poster beds, which have curtains. If so then the curtains will provide visual privacy, but you will still be able to hear each other using the 'pot (which may or may not be a problem for it, it would be for some people but not others.)

To Amy: I've never used a chamber pot but I've used a bedpan. Neither is as comfortable as a toilet seat but they're fun. I would turn it into a game if I were you especially with those boys. Just sit on it and try to go. That would be fun, absolutely. Some one asked about girls that use boys urinals. Well, at the schools it is usually a girlfriend who gets talked into going into the boys room with her boyfriend. Girls can pee standing in front of a urinal by pulling down their pants and holding open their vagina so that their peepee hole is aiming into the urinal. To the girl with the weak bladder: First I wanted to say that there are exercises you can do to strengthen your bladder muscles. They are kind of hard to explain on here but one of them involves stopping the pee stream while you are going. During the pee you stop 5-6 times by tensing up your bladder muscles. Hold it a few seconds and then let some more out. I've heard women do this a number of times while I was in their restroom cleaning. There are also Kegel exercised you can do, have a doctor explain them or do an internet search for them.

Nicky F., I have to go away today on family business so I won't be able to respond to you until after 2 July. I hope you'll still be around! Ryan: You seem like a cool little guy; how old are you anyway? Wish I'd had friends like you when I was a kid! Have you ever pooped together with your young friends? A question for you guys who were in Scouts: what was your preferred method for shitting outside? If we didn't have a trench dug (I never liked those things!), I and many of my young Scout mates (ages 13-18) would simply go up to a tree, pull our trousers and shorts down, and lean our bums against the tree so that our thighs were more or less parallel to the ground. We then rested our hands on our knees; the result was it was much more stable and comfortable than squatting and there was no way the turds could fall anywhere but straight on the ground. You did have to make sure you used one hand to bend your dick straight down, or you'd end up watering your trousers! I saw many guys doing it this way in Scouts; for our patrol/troop it became the preferred way to poop. It was especially good if you wanted to take your time and let your logs come out nice and slow, which a lot of us did. How about some more Scout experiences from you guys? Nicky, looking forward to reading your next post. Hope the rest of your GCSE's go well. Cheers, Daniel

I have video taped myself doing a BM a lot of times. And then I watch them. I have like four or five 2 minute ones on a tape where it's up close to my anus and you can see my turd coming out up close. I wish I could show you guys but I can't. Has anybody else done this?

Doug, what a weird question??? OF COURSE I WOULD DO A N0 2 if I felt it come down as I sat to pee in the toilet I was visiting and I have often done so. What the hell would you expect. With most people once the need motion is that far advanced it would be a very risky business to try to stop it even if it was a nice solid jobbie of the type I normally pass. If it was a loose stool then I dont think the sitter could stop it coming out. Anyway, nice and solid or loose and yeuchy it is a very strange question to ask. What is a toilet for but to carry out the excretory functions. Many people, especially women, will go to the toilet to pee then feel a turd come down into their back passage and just do it. I often have, wherever the toilet in question has been. At parties I have done so and many times my jobbie has been so big that it has got stuck. So what! Luckily the type of people who's parties I attend wouldn't mind, most have found this a good laugh and one bloke I worked with was Im sure positively turned on when he saw my big brown jobbie stuck in the toilet pan. Anyway, whats with all this "SHAME" of doing a Number Two nonsense??? I would have thought that anyone who posts to this website would have been PROUD to do their motions and enjoy this perfectly natural function not ashamed of it. Let's face it, we ALL shit, Presidents, The Queen, Church Leaders, rich, poor, mighty, lowly, pretty and ugly , young and old, smart and thick. So why the shame? I hope this answers your question Doug, but what a strange question to ask! Do you seriously expect people to try to hold it in and shit their panties rather than use a perfectly good and available toilet? I think not!

Risky J. Well, I enjoy doing a nice big solid motion, always have a look at what I have passed , and am quite happy for others to see and admire my jobbies if they want, and I too like to see a nice big one someone else has done. I cannot however imagine preserving a turd in acrylic or whatever you use. I have read about a bloke who took polariod photos of his turds when they were nice big ones and of those other people had done when he saw them, and of course there was the famous "Gilbert and George" exhibition when these two artists showed man sized very realistic paintings of large well formed human turds. To actually preserve a turd however is unusual to say the least! I can well imagine the shock it must be to people to see your "collection" . Still, whatever turns you on. I would be worried about the health risk of fecal mater being stored like this. As regards your helping your sister pass a difficult stool, you were lucky you didnt damage her anal sphincter! I had difficulty passing a very hard fat lump recently which had stuck in my rectum and my husband assisted by GENTLY introducing some vaseline (petroleum jelly) into my back passage with his finger eventually easing the fat turd, (it was the size and thickness of a Coke can) out of my bum with a tremendous KERSPLOONK!, followed by a long fat easy sausage which it had been holding back. I certainly however would not have allowed anyone near my arse with pliers or a vice!!!!As they say on the TV dont try this at home folks!

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