Hello everybody - Many thanks to Diskputers and everybody else who made sure I understood the difference between straining and pushing. I just have to share this one with you all. Working at my summer job in the mall this weekend I had to pee really badly by the time my break rolled around. At the same time thought, well we are in no hurry, so perhaps I'll give it a little extra time and maybe a poopie might like the opportunity to come out. I found a free stall and sat down. I had not even started to pee when I heard someone rush in, straight to the stall next to mine and slam the door shut. There was a furious rustle of clothing followed by a loud clank as whoever it was plonked down on the seat. I started to pee and almost simultaneously a loud splashing from the next stall announced my neighbor was doing the same. It didn't take me long to finish but the stream next door was still going strong with no end in sight. I still didn't pay much attention and having finished my pee I leaned forward and settled down to see if I could do a poo. Meanwhile, next door, the splashing eventually died away to a last few drops followed by a huge sigh. I heard the toilet roll being pulled, the tearing of toilet paper and the sound of rubbing. Then the toilet flushed, but instead of leaving there was a shuffling of feet followed by long silence. As I was listening intently trying to figure out what was going on I heard a muted Oooh! followed by the unmistakable faint crackle of oozing poo. This probably lasted a good ten seconds ending in a loud exhale and perhaps two or three minutes of complete silence. By this time I had already concluded that I had no poo of my own ready to come out but nevertheless I was glued to the toilet listening to the woman next door. Then once more an Ooooh!, the crackle of soft poo being squeezed out and a deep exhale to end another effort. This happened at least twice more until eventually I heard the toilet roll being pulled and paper being torn off. I think she must have wiped her bum at least four times before she flushed the toilet. For some reason I was still so intrigued that I made no move to leave. Again there was a shuffling of feet followed by a long silence, only this time I heard her distinctly say to herself "How much more shit is there?…..Ooooooh! come on! Come on!. She was obviously pushing real hard and I actually felt happy for her as the crackling sounds told me she was pooping some more. Just like the last time the strain ended in a loud exhale and a couple of minutes silence. I think this happened twice more and then again a loud Ooooh! to start the straining again but this time she was really loud and followed it literally with a shout "Oh Shit…Yes!" There was a loud groan followed by a long deep gassy evacuation and a final sigh of relief. It wasn't so much the noises that intrigued me although I do like to listen, it was the fact that she did a pee, wiped herself, and then flushed the toilet before starting her poo. Not only that, she flushed and wiped half way through her poo. This is a new one for me - I would be really interested to know if any one out there also flushes in the middle. Please let me know - I love hearing from you all - take care.

Awesome story Peter! I generally am very selective about what I eat if I know I am going to be in a situation where I may not be able to shit. Especially if I haven't gone that day or recently. Forgive the pun, but sounds like you really got the shit knocked out of you! Glad you won the game! And to Daniel (UK) and others, it is interesting how we suspect that most people would think us wierd about how open we are about shitting. I would be inclined to believe that MOST people ARE interested in the topic, but afraid to admit. After all, that was the case with me (and many others who have posted here). Just wish I could be with Tom Cruise when he takes a dump...

My cousin Lorrie Lorrie squatted on the ground, over the grass and weeds. I stood in front of her feeling a little foolish. She grimaced in pain and let out a long slow moan. "It's not coming out", she said to me. Out of sheer curiosity I walked behind her and kneeled behind her ass. Nothing. She moaned again. "Ooooooooohhhhhhhh". I knew she was straining her bowels. Slowly I could see her anus distend fully. A large turd, almost two inches in diameter was poking out. I could only see half an inch of the turd itself but I knew for sure that it would be huge. Lorrie groaned some more. 'Ahhhhhhhhh Ooooooohhhhhh Oooooaaahhhhh it hurts." I couldn't see her face but I was almost sure she might be crying some. She sounded like she was in tremendous pain. Judging again by the painfully distended ass hole (more than 2 inches to accommodate her turd) I had no doubt she was in agony. "It's hard and dry.." she cried to me. I said nothing and kept watching as she grunted and strained. Slowly more of the monster turn emerged out of her anus. Its was huge. Accompanied with it was a strong foul smelling stench. Her giant turd kept on emerging out of her ass, slowly and inch by inch. It was still one whole piece and had begun curling on the grass. Lorrie had become even more vocal about it now. "Ooooohhhhhhhhh this hurts so much, I'm going to die....Aaaagggrrrrhhhhh..." She grunted and wailed in pain, sometimes even relief when she felt her colossal turd slip a a little out of her bowels. "It's so f***ing huge, Lorrie," I said to her. Just then she strained once more and finally released the giant poop. Lorrie didn't move, she let out one smelly wet fart and still remained squatting over the giant log. "Are you all right," I asked. "There's more coming," she said and began straining again. I couldn't believe it. Lorrie was just a mere 100 pounds, I couldn't even fathom that a small frame like hers could hold so much poop. Her sphincter distended even more this time and a rounded turd (darker this time) poked out. "Ahhhhhhhhhooooooo.... it's sooooooo BIG and HARD... ooooo". "Calm down, Lorrie," I said to her and moved closer, despite the stench to get a fuller look. This one looked incredibly fat, it's daimeter was surely larger than the last. "Oooooooeeeeeeeeee Ahhhhhhhehheeeeeee" Lorrie strained and strained, her turd moved very slowly, I knew it was huge, Lorries said it was also hard, I was trying to imagine that in my mind... She finally expelled the dark turd over the previous one. This one was about 6 inches but incredibly THICK. The last one was a footer. Her poop laid there curled and heaped, Lorrie let out another fart out of her violated was followed by a brief spray of liquid poop. She still remained squatting. I knew there was more. "What in god's name did you have for lunch , Lorrie?" I saw her bum hole open wider and wider. She strained till yet another huge lump slowly made its way out of her bowels. This one was like a ball. Her anus was the widest I had seen it yet, when the ball was halfway out. The rest of this amazing piece of poop followed rather quickly and landed on her heap which was high enough to touch her ass. "Done?" I asked. Lorries sighed in relief and nodded. She wiped her ass with some Kleenex and pulled her panties up. We made our way back to the cottage without saying anymore about it.

I have another little story for you. When I was younger 7 maybe. I went shopping with with my mother and my Aunt. When i was in a changing room trying on and interminable amount of clothing i had a really bad urge to poop. When i told my mother this she seemed indifferent to the matter and told me after i had tried on all the clothes. Well this seemed very unreasonable because i had to go very very badly. I did manage to try all teh clothes on and get out of there. By then my stomach was cramping up terribly and I could hardly walk. So my aunt took me to the bathroom. Upon entering i let out a good couple minutes of soft gassy poop and them some watery stuff. After I finished we went back to shopping where my anut gave my mom a description of what i had done in the bathroom. I sure hope no one was listening. Well not 20 minutes later i felt it again so this time my anut took me to the bathroom ASAP. Where i had mostly the real soft little squiggles with a bit of watery stuff. We went back to shopping again and i was fine. We ate, i was fine. We were nearing the end of our shopping trip and the feeling came back only worse. The cramps came suddenly and hard and they seemed to be crushing my my bladder which was having those pulsating spasms and i needed that bathroom quick. I made it there but not without much agony. I went, the same little soft peices. Soon after i finished we left and went home. I was fine the rest of the day and to this day that has never happened again. Kara

To Girl with the Weak Bladder: I often leak. Let me give you some examples of situations in which I end up regularly: - I am desperate in front of my back door. I am desperately trying to find my key which I cannot find. I leak some and, because of that I get even more nervous, still don't find my keys and leak some more. Eventually I give up and pretend like nothing is happening. With my legs just slightly spread I pee through my panties and in the mean time try to find my keys in my purse.
- In house I wait too long, i.e. continue what I am doing and eventually end up running to the toilet while some pee squirts into my pantees. I can still pull them down before peeing on the toilet but they are quite wet already. A couple of times I found the toilet occupied and ended up peeing through my panties in front of the toilet.
- A couple of times I peed through my panties while laughing.
- I am, desperate to pee, parking my car. I get out of my car and notice I cannot walk anymore without leaking. I either end up making it to a toilet but with a wet crotch or end up stopping somewhere to empty my bladder through my panties.

I don't really care about it. I wear a skirt most of the time so, once I am finished peeing my situation is no longer visible. Only a couple of times I ended up in a very embarrassing situation:
- I once peed through my panties on the carpet at some friends place.
- I peed through my panties in a crowded street with severeal people watching it happen.

Amy-I use my chamber pots at home whenever I choose. I have one out on our deck and use it when I'm out using the hot tub or working in my flower beds. I do this because it saves times by not having to run all the way back into the house and I enjoy using my toilet outdoors! I also have another chamber pot down stairs where I do my pottery. Several evenings a week I head down stairs to make pots and while there I use that chamber pot, again, instead of running all the way back upstairs. You ask about using your in a cabin, in front of two boys. I tell you that if you squat down over the pot and keep your legs together and keeping your side to the guys in the cabin. Doing this you can still do your business and not expose yourself to anyone else. Yes, they will be able to hear you, but you will hear them too when they use it. Just treat using the chamber pot as part of a normal way of life and don't make a big deal out of it!

Grand Master Pee
Some advice to Amy... I don't know how your room is set up, or it might be easier to give you some advice. Do you want privacy? If your reading this forum, you actually might be interested in seeing the guys pee (if not poop) and you can make a deal with them that they can watch you pee if you can watch them. (They will be sooo happy to get to see a girl pee, probably, I would!!). Or you can say that you'll let them watch you pee if they will give you your privacy when you have to go #2. If you want privacy, and are too embarrassed to make a deal with the guys, you should take the blanket off your bed and wrap yourself in it (Make sort of a blanket pyramid with you in the middle and your head poking out the top). Then you can do whatever you want without them seeing. BTW, Amy, please let us know how old all of you are and how things work out. Thanks, and good luck sweetie !!! Grand Master Pee

To DOUG - In answer to your question, I would just sit there and finish pooping, no matter how long it would take and no matter who or how many people were outside waiting. In fact, I have had an experience just like that, but I'll save it for later. I gotta go eat dinner now. Bye all!!

In responce to the question posted earlier, about if I were at a party, and hosting, or just a guest, if I had the urge would I go? That really depends on a lot of things. One thing would be what kind of bathroom and where it was at. If we were having a party at a large center or complex and there were out of the way public bathrooms with many stalls then I would probably just go ahead and heave out a load there in the bathroom, do the paperwork, and go back to the party. If we were having a party at someones house with only one, semi-privite bathroom in a central location then I would probably mesh my buns together and hold it until I got home, for fear that someone else would need to go while I was in there or have to go and smell what I had produced, leaving them with some really interesting conversation material. Another deciding factor would be how much or how bad I had to go. If I thought I had to do a really stinky really big load then I would try to wait until I got home to go, but if I only have to plip out a teany tiny terdlet then I would drop my little marble and be done with it and not have a problem with it. What factors would the rest of you decide on?

I really can relate to Melissa's story of having to go really bad and having to go with her friend. My friends have seen me go before, and I find that sometimes that it is a comfort to have them with me, just even for moral support as I poop, I also like the added security aswell. The good thing about a good friend is that they can look out for you if you have to go outside, as I have had to do a few times before. I have even had a friend inspect my hindquarters before for cleanlyness after a poop once. Keep the good posts coming!

Amy, I see you've posted twice about chamberpots, so here's an answer. They vary in height. If you're lucky, your room will have one that's big enough to sit on, although it will probably be a lot lower than the toilets you're used to. Just sit down, or squat over it if it's small, and do your business. It might help if you put a little water in it ahead of time, to cut down on the stink. I don't know if the Victorians did that, but it makes sense to me. I think people used to use them at night, mainly to urinate. As for the two boys in the room, sounds like a fun camp! You and your roomies will have to have an open, frank talk about this, the sooner the better. If you agree that it's cool to go in front of one another, go ahead. But if anyone, including you, feels they want privacy, everyone should respect that. Say, UK friends: any idea what the Victorians would have done behind closed doors?

Doug, If I were at a party and I had to shit, I wold just dump.

Hi folks! It's been a brutal last 4 weeks, I had to sell some stock in my business to leverage myself. Anyhow, to answer Doug's question, I hold it at parties. Yep, that's right, I cannot let all those chicks hear my ass exploding and stuff like that. One time I had to dump real bad at a party at someone's small apartment, so I waited until I left. I jumped in the car, got 1 mile down the highway, pulled over, pulled my pants and drawers down, and unloded a wicked log jam. Ahhh! Oh yeah, one time I was with a great looking dark skinned chick, and we were crusin' down the highway at 12:00 midnight and my but began to vibrate. Ut ohh. I new the big one was hauling ass towards my anal opening. Now I am one of those dudes that cannot stand those nasty gas station bathrooms. I new I could not pull off the highway because she would think I was really neardy or something, so I thaught of another one of my engenious ideas. I went ahead and pulled into the next gas station. I got out of the car,! pretended to hop around the corner to the mens room door. I stood at the door for a minute, and then hopped back to the car. Notice I said hop because my ass cheeks were very tightly together, I think you call that the Texas Two Step. I got back to the car and made up a bullshit story about the men's room door being locked and out of order and I was too much of a gentelman to us the womens loo. Now me a gentelman, come on folks!, but she brought it.(the men's room door was really wide open and there was excrement all over the toilet seat) She suggested I go back in the woods and I said, good idea honey! I must have been back in the woods behind that gas station for 15 minutes sqeezing out that foot long sub. After I finished, I took some leaves and wiped my rear end. I then proceeded to cover it up with grass and twigs. I emerged from the woods, got back in the car, and my girl hugged me and said, "sweety, you are so brave going back there in those dark woods, you know what I will do to you when we get to the beach motel". Well dudes, all's well that ends well, and I must say, that night ended very well.

Steve from STL, Thom and everyone else who follows my stories about Nick; I have a cool one to tell today. Nick, his girlfriend and a couple of other friends have been helping me look for a new home, so we have been visiting various new developments and looking over the model homes. As we were entering one today, Nick said that he had to go to the bathroom. I assumed he meant for a piss, but was being polite in the company of females. I talked to the saleswoman for a couple of minutes while Nick went to look over the upstairs. When I went upstairs, I couldn't find him until the closed bathroom door opened and he came out. I asked him if he had been and he said no. I said that I had to go as well as I really did need to piss and still thought that was what he wanted to do. His girlfriend asked him as we were leaving the house if he had been and he said he didn't go because the saleswoman was downstairs, but he would go as soon as we found a model home without anyone else in it. It was now dawning on me that he wanted to shit! Finally, just about eight months to the day since he last dumped at my place, he is in my company needing to shit! Of course I'm wondering what happened to those couple of hundred hours or more that we have been in each other's company since last October and never the slightest hint that he needed to go. However, we got back in the car and drove to another development, the last one on our agenda. Nick said he better find a bathroom soon, otherwise he would have to squat in a field (just as you would do, Nicky, right!) As luck would have it all the model homes were closed. It would have been great if Nick had gone in one of the homes; no doubt he would have made us all wait downstairs! We then drove back to his place and he suggested we stop at the McDonalds drive through. I suggested we order inside so that we could both use the bathroom. This whole experience had excited me so much that I actually needed to shit as well now. Nick said he wasn't going to use their bathroom and would go at home. I told him they are usually pretty clean but he wasn't interested. When we got back to his place, I expected him to rush straight to the bathroom, but we all went into the back yard to eat our food. His urge to go had obviously waned, but I knew he was still carrying a heavy load. Eating the hamburger must have brought the desire back again, so as soon as he finished, he grabbed his drink and uttered the words I have waited eight months to hear, "I'm going to hit the bathroom." I told him I was wondering when he was going to go and that I would be next. About fifteen seconds later, I made some excuse to the others and went inside. I went to the downstairs bathroom, but it was empty; he had gone upstairs for some privacy as his dad was sitting in the adjoining kitchen. I chatted to him for a few minutes and then went outside. It was a good fifteen minutes before Nick returned. He appeared with a huge grin saying, "Do I look any different?" I said "I bet you lost a few pounds" and he replied "probably quite a few." He had obviously dumped a huge load. I told him it was my turn now and he said to use the downstairs bathroom. I told him his dad was downstairs and straight away he knew what I meant, but then remembered he had gone upstairs to watch television. This was when Nick realized that I was going to dump as well. I took a fairly decent dump; a long soft log not particularly thick, but much more than I had expected. I particularly liked sitting on the padded toilet seat and found it very comfortable. I finished up and went back outside and Nick gave me a huge grin, the implication being 'I know what you've just done.' I had been a good ten minutes. "I like your toilet seat, it took me by surprise as I sat down. Very comfortable." Nick laughed, then I said "so comfortable that I could sit there for a long time." He grinned and said "sometimes you have to!" and began to make farting noises, which of course I then imagined had been happening for real a few minutes earlier. "Did you go upstairs" I innocently asked him and he replied that he had. On my way to the bathroom, I made a quick visit to the upstairs one, but there was no smell and the bowl was clean. I had to use the toilet brush after I had finished to get rid of a couple of minor skidmarks. So all in all, a pretty cool experience for once; could have been much better if he had actually taken the dump somewhere else, but unluckily we were less than ten minutes away from his house. After today, I'm going to be even more open with him when I have to go. Sometimes, I'm dying to go as I was when I dumped with him standing nearby a few weeks ago, but didn't make a big deal out of it. Sorry if this post is a little long, but I wanted to get all the details down while they're still fresh in my head.

Rachel (US)
Hi! I've been coming here for a long time but have never had anything interesting to post. I'm a 13 y.o. female. I'll start off by telling you about an experience that happened yesterday. I was at a local city park w/ my mom, sister, and dog. It has a big playground and a beach/shoreline, which wasn't lifegaurded because it was about 8:00 p.m. We were talking to this other lady whose dog was also swimming. Her daughter, who looked about 3-4, came over from the playground. Her mom asked her why. " Do you have to go to the bathroom? Do you have to go pee-pee?" Apparantly the answer was yes, so her mom took her maybe 30-40 yards away, right along the shore. There were some short weeds, but not nearly enough to provide cover (keep in mind this was a busy lake and a beautiful night). She was wearing a swimsuit that her mom pulled off (it was a 1 piece). She squatted down and peed for no longer than 15 seconds. I couldn't see much. Her mom then put her swimsuit back on and they cam! e back over. There were outhouses, but they were a ways awayand possibly quite dirty. That's all for today. Hopefully I'll think of some past experiences to post soon!

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

I've just been reading this book about this girl who goes to jail and is in a cell with two boys and she needs to use the bathroom. Anybody got any thoughts on this. Was there a toilet in her cell and how did she manage to use it. Please post your thoughts.

I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THE SHAME OF GOING #2 Men and women, suppose you were hosted at a party, you go to the bathroom to pee. While you are peeing you get the urge to defecate. How many of would go and how many of you would squeeze your bun, hold on till you got home? This would be a good survey question!

I was wondering about people who have used chamberpots because I am going on a school camp where we relive victorian times and I found out that if we are to truly relive the times we might have to use chamber pots. So does anyone know how to use them or if you get pivacy because I'm in a room with 2 boys. Please Post!!!!!!!!

Melissa, Pushing and straining are two different things. Pushing very hard is straining. Most people need to push to get their poop out. You strain when you're constipated. When your poop is nice and easy, you just push hard enough to make it come out.

I remember once I was at a soccer game and had to go, like in a MAJOR WAY, but I couldn't because I still had to goalie for 2 more quarters. My team was majorly behind and it was a championship game...but all I could think about was the tacos I had a few hours earlier and how much I needed to "deliver the daily goods." So I called a time out and ran as fast as I could to the nearest porta-potty...but there was a HUGE line. So I'm thinkin..."what am I going to do now?!" There was no way I could last the rest of the game and be able to concentrate on the other team's goals... I had to get rid of this badly cooked mexican and I had to get rid of it NOW. With 30 seconds left of the timeout I ran around anxiously looking for another porta-potty...but there wasn't one. So with a bad feeling in my stomach I went back to the game. Trying not to think about this big "mess" I was in, I concentrated all of my thoughts onto the other team. It had been almost all of the last quarter and I'! d almost totally forgotten about my "escaping lunch." We were tied and there was only 8 seconds left in the quarter. The guy came up for the kick and I flung myself at the ball...just as I struck the ground with the winning ball in my hands I let it all out. In front of the entire stands of people, and all of my family I had let it all go. Of course it was an accident...but to this day people still bother me about it. We won the game but needless to say nobody carried me on their shoulders.

The Girl With The Weak Bladder
Does anyone here ever experience 'leakage' and not be aware of it? Sometimes when I squirt pee into my panties, I feel it leave and know what I have done. However, other times when I have been really busting but make it to the toilet on time, my panties are all wet and I am not aware that I have squirted. I am worried that there is something wrong with me! Today I had an accident. I was at home and was desperate for a pee but I decided to just hold it coz I was doing something interesting at the time. All, of a sudden, my bladder muscle just let go and I couldn't stop the flood! No matter how much I crossed my legs it kept coming out so I ran to the toilet and just sat down with my panties still on coz I thought it was better to leave them on and pee through them and wash my panties than to pull them down and get pee all over the floor and have to clean that up. Has anyone ever had this experience, where they start peeing on the way to the toilet, and can't pull their panties down, just have to sit and pee in them? I would like to hear from you on that!

Hi everyone. I don't have any stories to tell right now. BRYIAN- the movie you were watching was about Bill Gates. I watched it too. I was going to tell about but you got to it first. Oh well. I was a good movie.

Awhile back there was a discussion here about movies with toilet scenes. Well, last night on TNT (Turner Network Television) they showed a new movie called "Pirates of the Silicon Valley", the story of the personal computer revolution. About an hour into the movie, one of the guys is in a public restroom sitting on the toilet, when another walks in and peeks over the top of the door. The camera then changes to his point of view and we see the guy sitting on the toilet, with his pants down at his ankles. His shirt hid his private parts, but it was the first time I had seen a movie on regular, non-pay, television...

Sorry its been so long guyz! My P.C. Was broken!But Im back now, and I have a few stories, but not for right now, I have to leave to go buy a new CD that I have been waiting for 4ever, Limp Bizkit's Significant Other CD!Cya

To althea: Funny story about you 14 y.o. cousin that came in the bathroom while you were on the toilet. Can we have more detail about the story? To Eric M. I like all your stories!! Especialy the last one about your friend pooping in public.

Hi everybody, I just want to say thanks to some more friends. To Janine: I loved your story - it's amazing you and Sarah both needed to poo at the same time - and all the other girls as well. To answer your question, I often feel a poo asking to come out first thing in the morning. It must be something to do with the sudden physical activity after lying still in bed all night. But usually I will hold it in until the pressure dies away. That leaves the rest of the day and your guess was right. I usually want to go soon after school, say mid to late afternoon. But that's part of my problem - I'm always too busy and I make my poo wait and wait and wait until I'm ready. Oh and by the way - it normally takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes to come out.

To Buzzy: I was so desperate to go, I just hoisted my skirt, almost ripped my panties down (thank goodness I wasn't wearing any panty hose) and almost crashed on to the toilet. Angela came in a little later - I was concentrating so hard on pooping I really didn't have time to worry about her even being there. Until you mentioned it I had not even thought of someone else actually watching my poo coming out of my hole. But you have made me think about it - Umm!, I'm not at all sure about this!. In any case how could anyone see it coming out if you are sat on the toilet? So no, I'm sorry Buzzy, Angela wasn't able to watch it coming out but she did see it lying in the toilet.

To Fred: I really appreciate the "Thanks", but don't be shy, please tell me what you liked.

To Dave: Good to hear it's not just us girls that have this problem and yes as you must already know I have had some accidents and near misses. If you have followed my posts you've probably picked up on the fact that I hold my poop in until I want to let it come out. I remember one occasion about 10 years ago, I must have been somewhere around 8 years old at the time, four of us were playing on the swings and slides in the local park after school. We got into this game to see just how fast the four of us could run up the steps, slide down the shoot and repeat the whole exercise over and over again. I knew I needed to do a poo before we even went to the park but this game was far too important to interrupt. So I kept playing as best I could, but eventually the poo poo inside my bum just started pushing harder and harder to come out. It was no good, I just had to stop and I stood there cross-legged squeezing with all my strength to keep my poo inside. "Melissa - come on" somebody shouted. "O.K" I replied, but I just stood there rooted to the spot with my legs firmly crossed and a look of agony on my face. All three were by now standing and staring at me. "Melissa wants a poo poo, Melissa wants a poo poo", taunted Susan in a sing song voice - I remember being so embarrassed at everyone knowing my secret. By now the strain was unbearable and I could feel my little bum hole beginning to open. I burst into tears. I could feel a large lump very slowly starting to come out even though I was trying as hard as I could to keep it in. It was Valerie who shouted at me "Pull your knickers down" I recall her running towards me as tears streamed down my face. I could already feel the tip of my poo pressing against my panties. It was the strangest feeling because my panties were now trying to slow down my poo poo. "Melissa - just pull your knickers down, just pull them down, you can't poo in your pants!" I was helpless - I could feel my bum hole opening wider and wider and I began to strain because my panties were in the way. I groaned as the straining forced the huge lump slowly out of my hole. "Melissa, no one is looking - just go" I must have realized just what was happening at that point because I recall pulling my panties down and squatting while my three friends looked on in silence. I remember feeling an enormous stiff lump easing its way out of my bum so very slowly - it seemed to go on for ever. The feeling of relief when it finally drooped and let my little hole close was indescribable. I straightened up with my panties still around my ankles and I could feel there was an awful mess around my hole and no way to wipe. Even worse, my friends all peered down at my panties which were so stained I started to cry again. It seemed I stood there for an eternity while my friends stared in disbelief at my dirty panties. I had no choice, I pulled them up and cried even more as the cold wet poo stains pressed against my bum cheeks. I recall Susan (I hated her for the longest time) deliberately wanted to see what had come out of my bum and started giggling as she examined it closely. The nice thing was that Valerie offered to come home with me. We got to my house and I started to cry once more. We found my mom coming from the kitchen, she must have heard my sobbing. Valerie told her I had a big number 2 accident in my pants. Mom didn't seem too angry. She thanked Valerie and suggested she should go straight home. Meanwhile she took me upstairs and started undressing me. "Have you been holding it in again" I remember her asking. I denied it of course but now I'm a lot older I realize I probably didn't fool her.

To Cute Linda: I absolutely agree - it's like when it's supposed to come out , it won't, and when it's not supposed to come out it's determined to do just that. Yes I have pooped in front of some of my other friends - again this was because I was having (or close to having) an accident and just had to go. I'm glad you mentioned the noises. I think we are a little bit alike here. I don't make any noise at home, I'm just too embarrassed to think my mom, dad or little sister will hear me and know what I'm doing. I just sit and bear it and grit my teeth in silence. Sometimes with a particularly difficult poop I loose control and let out a muted grunt or a long sigh of relief. At school and in public rest rooms, particularly if no one else is there, I just act naturally and that's when I get my greatest pleasure from pooping. Here's the amazing thing - since I started posting only a week or so ago I have heard of so many others discuss their pooping problems I've gained ! so much confidence that I have just about lost my inhibitions even in public restrooms. I think when I was in the mall with Angela, I was so desperate to poo, and the fact that my best friend was there gave me such a sense of security that I was able to strain and groan without feeling embarrassed. You asked me if it was hard to go in front of my friend. The truth is I thought my poo was already coming out as I entered the toilet. I really didn't have much thought for Angela because just after she came in I started to strain really badly and my poor tortured poopie hole was all I could think about. So I guess the answer is no. As for the details - you know, I'm a very sensual person and I think it's all the tiny little details that add up to a really pleasurable and satisfying poop.

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