Nicky F., it's great to hear from you at last! I hope you and Josh are having a great time shitting outside as I write this (Monday morning). I too am going away this summer, for most of August, and will have many posts to read when I get back. To answer some of your questions. I'm nearly 24 y/o, went to uni in America, then another year at the uni just down the road from here, which is why I've settled in this old city (that and my work). I read Arts and Music, and work both in performing arts and as an arts manager. Would love to tell you more, but this isn't the right place! Working in the arts is not an easy life, but I get paid to do what I enjoy! As for William's underwear, we'll never know, will we? Like I said, my friend Tom never actually saw William's undies, just told me what his mates said they saw. Just imagine seeing him sit down and grunt and push out a big one! He was actually here last weekend for a big swimming event at W. College (open to the public) but I missed it. Nicky, great to hear that you were in Scouts too. I imagine we could sit and talk for hours about Scout experiences. As for my friend Paul from my earlier post, he did let me watch him do a couple more dumps, including one at his house sitting on the toilet; he rose up on his tippy-toes, held his penis and balls out of the way, and let me look bewteen his legs as it slowly came out while he screwed up his face and strained. He didn't have much interest in watching me, but we did do one dump together outside. Boy do I miss those days. I would to buddy-dump out of doors (or in!) with a friend. I haven't asked any of my young circle of friends; I! think they'd all say it's too wierd, although I nearly got to watch my friend Michael (18 y/o) but It's, shall we say, a specialist subject, so it's good to be among friends on this forum. Nicky, what do you hope to read eventually? And what A-levels are you planning? It's excellent that you're such close friends with Josh that you feel entirely comfortable shitting in each others' presence. Tell us a Scout story and then I'll share some of my best ones. Any of you ladies out there like to see guys dumping or have stories about guys dumping? Love to hear about it. And Melissa, it sound to me like your problem is constipation. Just drink a glass of water in the morning and one before each meal and eat more whole grains and veg. and you'll be able to sit down and it will come right out nice and easily. Talk to all of you later. Nicky, my thoughts are with you for the rest of the GCSE's. Write soon! Daniel.

Hi sorry I haven't posted in a while but I've been busy with school and other s***. :-) Kara, you're a 14 yo female with brown hair and brown eyes, just like me!!! I liked reading your story. Janine, I usually poop one or two times a day, usually in the late morning, around lunchtime, and then again around 6 or 7 in the evening. I also go number two in the morning especially if I ate a lot the night before. I go poopies at school if I have to, maybe once or twice a week. I've also gone at the mall or library or wherever I hang out after school. My school has lockable stalls and toilet paper. I've read a lot of schools don't, so maybe that's why a lot of girls decided to go number two at the mall. When I'm at school, I don't have a lot of time to hang out in the stall, so I can go in about 3 minutes, but when I'm on my own time I like to sit for 10-20 minutes reading a book or magazine or just daydreaming. Love, Torie

Hi all, Whoever said this site has a laxitive effect, must be right! I was reading the posts this morning, when I felt a strong urge to poop. Finally, I could resist it no longer, so i logged off (pun intended) and went to the bathroom. Sitting down, a long quiet fart escaped, and I felt the load move down into my rectum. Releasing my anus, It slid effortlessly out and Ker-Plop! fell inot the bowl. Feeling more coming, I sat for a minute then pushing only a little, I felt more poop pass and plop into the bowl. The feeling of it sliding out is a most pleasant one. I don't get an erection from it, but I certainly enjoy the feeling. More little ones, then I raised one cheek and wiped carefully several times. I check the paper aftert the second or third wipe just to make sure. A final flush as I stood up. I saw he thisk 2" or so brown logs swirling on their way out. My belly felt so light after! Good day to all

PR Guy
Hey, Bryian, the movie you were mentioning was "Pirates of Silicon Valley", about the beginnings of the personal computer industry. The two guys in the public restroom (who bought the tie from the man on the toilet) were Paul Allen and Bill Gates--the two founders of Microsoft. That scene (about 1981 in real life) was about the fact that they had to put on a good showing for IBM to sell them "DOS"--and B. Gates forgot his tie! Good movie. Anyway, it's been 3 1/2 months since I started my new job at an office--and the company keeps hiring more and more. Thus, the men's room (and I can only presume the women's as well) is continuously overcrowded. For each floor of the building, there is one men's and one women's room. That's two toilets and two urinals per floor for guys and (I assume) 4 toilets for women. Well, it seems that every time I go to use the restroom (I usually only have to pee at work; a BM usually waits until after work) it is always occupied to capacity. The really disgusting thing about it is the smell! It is enough to knock people over! Phew! anyway, I can only hope that someday the company will decide to lease more office space. Steph- your "Buddy dump" with Eric was a wonderful story! You must truly be rewarded to have friends like that. Keep up the good stories.

This is my first time posting at The Toilet. I am so happy that I have found this place! Finally a website that puts the internet into good use. Anyway, on to my first posting... My dumps this week have been very satisfying. For the most part, I have been staying away from red meat, although I did have a small portion of Beef Wellington last Thursday. Needless to say, my sittings on Friday were a little frustrating; I was finding my pushing efforts premature and producing only painful farts. Later that day, however, I was rewarded for my efforts with a nine inch prize - oh how I rejoiced at the sight of my brown baby! How ironic that I can only enjoy it for a few moments before it must be flushed into extinction. I do, however, occasionally save my turds (if they are really spectacular) using a mid-class sealant, found in most hobby shops. By reapplying every year, I can save my turds indefinately. I keep them in a little glass case in my living room. It's funny... at first, most people are confused or disgusted by my collection, however, after looking at them objectively and really absorbing the beauty of my little friends, they grow to like t! hem - even love them and come back to see what has been added! It's really a conversation starter.

Anyway, I know that I am writing a lot for my first entry, but I have a lot to catch you all up on! For this week, I'll finish up with a story about my step sister, Angela, who was visiting from Vermont with my Dad (I live in New Jersey). The first night they were in town we went out for seafood and my sister ate her shrimp with the shells on! I thought this was very strange and looked forward to seeing how this would make havoc with her anal crafts. Anyway, sure enough the next morning my sister is yelling from the bathroom that she needs help. Being the most experienced in the family, I immediately grabbed my toolbox and entered the bathroom. After bending over and spreading her cheeks with her hands, I could see that there was an entire shrimp shell that had been lodged across the diameter of her sphincter. We had a real situation on our hands; The poop was just peeking out around the shell, but the shell was not close to moving. One would think that it would have buckled under the pressure of mighty crap cake, but the shell was caught under the lip of the outer sphincter rim and would not be released with normal techique. I had experienced a similar situation once before with my violin teacher's son and a stuck pistachio, and therefore knew what to do. Out of my toolbox, I pulled my pocket vice and my needle nose pliers. I had to be very careful not to break the shell and possibly lodge a shard into the inner wall of her poop chute. To accomplish this, I had to widen her hole enough to pull the shell out in one piece. Using the pocket vice, I carefully inserted the ends into her asshole and slowly started to widen the tool. She was hurting a little, but I applied a homemade mixture of baking soda and mayonaise to help sooth the pain. When I had her anus about 1.5 inches wide, I was able to use the pliers to remove the obstruction. Immediately, she put out at least seven seperate chocolately pieces - each one more beautiful than ! the last. We flushed 5 and saved the last two for my collection. In gratitude, later that day, I gave her with one of my collection favorites: A turd from May of '88 after I had a hearty green been salad AND whole corn fritters! It was definately one of my more colorful specimines and I wanted her to have it. Anyway, that's enough for now. Until next time, --RJ

Monday, June 21, 1999

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just had my cousin (he's a male) come down to spend the week with me. While he was with us he only had one dump which took about 7 minutes to finish. I didn't here anything plus he has no interest in this subject. But Friday night I had a big dump. I had been holding it for about 6 days and really needed to go. My friend Alex was spending the night with me and my cousin. It was about 11:00 and everyone was asleep but us. I announced that I needed to take a dump. They said then go. So I did as said. When I sat I pushed a little and then a huge turd was coming. I put my finger behind my anus to see how big it was. Oh was it ever big. I kept pushing as it slowly came out. Finally after one more push I heard a big splash. AHHHHHHHHHHH. Then a dozen little turds came out. All in all it took about 10 minutes. The big turd was about 5in. long and 4in. wide. The color was a light brown w/ gray. I really like it when I have really hard to push out d! umps. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something when I was finished. Any boys that are between Ages 8-20 have stories about really hard to push out dumps at school? Whenever I was at school and would take a dump it would always come out as 1 8in. turd along with a 1in. broken off piece. The color would be normal brown. Well time to say goodbye.

Hi everyone.I havent been online for over a week so I havent been here in a while.I have been having some really nice long bowel movements lately.A couple of days ago I began to add mare fluids in my diet and more fiber for an experimental cleansing phase,and my fecal volume has increased.This morning I ate a lage bowl of cream of wheat,two big glasses of orange juice an englis muffin,and a bannana,following my daily morning shake.I was getting ready for an early jog when I felt I needed to poop.I was holding it in as I have explained before,putting on my jogging shorts and top.My farts were stinking up the room-they were the really hot kind that burned.I held it until the pressure was unreal,and quicly went to the toilet.I took my shorts and panties down and passed a massive laod of soft mushy poop.I paused breifley and pooped some more.I stood up and looked into the toilet and saw a load worthy of a cow.I sat back down,peed,and wiped up-it took quite alot of toilet paper due to the mushiness of the stool.Boy did I feel alot lighter!I was ready to jog. For some reason,i have been having bad gass too.During the first day of my new diet I guess my body wasnt used to it and I got diarrhea at work.I instruct young girls in ballet as I have explained before,so you can imagine my embarassment when I had to excuse myself in the middle of a lesson to go blow out.I ran to the restroom and squirted a liquid load as quicly as I could so I could return to class.Im glad that my system has become used to the new diet-exept for the farting.Well,Ill post again soon-I think ill post after my next movement.Thanks for reading!

Hi all! I don't have much time but I wanted to address a couple of things and tell a short story. In my case, I always sit on the toilet, even in public. I only don't sit on it if it is REALLY nasty, and I mean it has to be absolutely disgusting! Anyway, Melissa, I have a story about pooping with a friend. I was a freshman in high school and like you, I went to the mall with this girl Sarah right after school. I hadn't gone in a couple of days so I knew I was do for a poop anytime. We drove to the nearest mall (about 30 minutes away) and about half way there I began to feel the urge that I had to poop. I guess a lot of people go around this time cause Sarah (who was driving) looked over at me and said "I think I have to go poo" I just smiled and waited about 10 minutes before I said "I have to poo too!" I don't like telling people I have to poop right after they tell me they have to poop, I dunno, it just seems sorta fake to me. Anyway, we finally got to the mall and we both went into the public bathrooms. There were 10 stalls in this one, mostly empty, so we chose adjacent stalls. I pulled my khaki shorts and pink panties to my ankles and she pulled her jean shorts and white (from what I could see) panties to just above her ankles. For about a couple of minutes, there was quiet. We both were peeing a little. Then Sarah decided to fill the silence. "how long do you usually take to do a poo?" she asked me. "oh, about teeeeeeen minutes, but today it might take a little looooooooonger cause I haven't gone in awhile" (the "ten" and "longer" were said like that cause I was straining.) "Oh, it usually only takes me like 5 minutes or so." "oh" i replied. After that she was quiet and I could here her exhaling kind of hard in punctuated like gasps. uhhhh uhhh she then made a loud fart and giggled, then i heard crackling and a loud splash into the toilet. Meanwhile, I still had yet to produce my first poop. I strained, pushed, grunted, you name it, and I could just barely feel the tip poking out of my butt. Another teenager came into the stall on the other side of me, and i could see she was wearing sandals with khaki shorts down to her ankles. Like I said! A lot of teenaged girls poop after school. She farted and began grunting softly too! As the poop slowly worked its way out of my butt, it kind of hurt. But fortunately it was coming out! Sarah was done and washing her hands and said she would wait outside. "ok" i replied in a strained voice. It was starting to smell in the bathroom as another teenager filled sarah's stall and started pooping too. I finished up ( 3 hard logs in 15 minutes) and when I came out I saw 7 stalls full (all looked like young girls who were pooping I swear!!) and a teenager filled my stall. I waited long enough to see that she too was gonna take a dump!!! I swear it was bizarre. It was like every teenaged girl in that mall had to poop at that time!! When I came out of the stinky bathroom, Sarah asked if I was OK. I said, "i feel great. sorry i took so long." she shrugged and said she sometimes takes a long time to poop too. We then went off on our shopping. This is a question for all my fellow teenaged girls. what time of day do you poop and how long does it take? I just wanted to see if i was normal, for I usually go sometime after school for about 10-15 minutes. Talk to you all later. Love to all. Janine

The Crank
I remember when I was 4,I really hated to go to the toilet as it looks really disgusting.I would keep from going for many days,maybe a week,I'm not sure.My mum will then have no choice but to give me an enema,which I REALLY hate.After that,I would go in my pants.My mum allowed me to do that.Oh well,it was the only way to make me go.What makes the toilet really gross is not the toilet itself(from my past post,some of you should know that my house had a squatting toilet)but the floor outside the toilet.Very rough,always wet and looks absolutely gross.The cement left ouside the toilet aparrently had dried,causing that cement "formaion".Of course,I knew that only when I got older.To a 4 year old,anything would look disgusting. I just graduated with an O level certificate and I remember in my final year(Secondary 4,or 10th Grade),we were required to do some volunteer work.Well,actually,it wasn't volunteer work.We were forced to do it.I was put in charge of claening the toilets.Guess what I saw.In one particular cubicle,the toilet was filled with little lumps of poo.That was not all.A packet of "Ovalteenies",you know,the ovaltine sweets?Yup,does tiny little brownsweets made from ovalteen powder.Yes,the packet was in the toilet together with the poo.I DID NOT find that very amusing.Whoever did that must be some creep.Apart from that not so amusing incident,the class worked very well together in cleaning the toilets.It was a really touching scene.Even the most notoriours of the class was hard at work.Well,I guess doing hard work like that brings people together. My fetish for woman on the toilet properbly started when I was Primary 1 when this girl always had to do a BM during lesson.She always ask for some toilet paper from the teacher and I would look as she disappeared into the toilet.This started me fantising what she did in there. One more thing.Do you guys think The Crank is a really cool name?

Well this is wonderful - I'm not the only one who rushes off to the bathroom anticipating a long awaited relief and some wonderful sensations only to be disappointed.

To Peep Frog: Believe me you are not alone - see if you can find my posting of June 15th - I have this happen all the time only much worse. I only poop about every four days or so, maybe even five days if things are really slow. So you can imagine the feeling I get when I do need to go. But what so often happens is that say after three days maybe, I start getting that full feeling in my bum, letting me know that a big poo is building up. The trouble is this often turns into a real need to go and I have to squeeze my bum hole very hard to keep it in while I find a toilet. So I'll rush to the bathroom, get my panties down, sit on the toilet, all the while feeling that my poo is going to come out no matter how hard I squeeze . It's such a wonderful feeling once I'm settled on the toilet to just relax my bum completely in anticipation of a nice long slow poop, and what happens. My poo changes its mind, the pressure disappears and I'm left disappointed. The problem is that this can happen several times over two or three days until eventually I'll relax my hole and at last feel my poo very slowly start to poke its nose out. Then a whole series of other problems can start which I'll put in another posting.

To Cute Linda: Oh kindred spirit - it's so good to hear from you. "How do I deal with it?" you ask. It's very difficult. The thing is, I know this is likely to happen. So basically I've got myself into a contest of wills with my poo. "If you don't want to play fair with me then I'm not playing fair with you" is my attitude. So what I do is, just hold it, and hold it and hold it until either I feel like letting it out or I know from the sheer pressure that it's about to come out no matter what I do. So I guess that's how I deal with it, I let it come out on my terms.

To both of you fellow sufferers - let me know if you come up with any ways to deal with it - how about experimenting with holding it in like me - please please please let me know - I love you both. Oh by the way, I don't like pushing it out at all. I absolutely love to be totally relaxed and enjoy the wonderful sensations of feeling my hole being opened very wide and very slowly just by my poo poo alone.

I once went on a weekend trip to atlantic city with a friend of mine from work named Loretta,we had a real good time playing the slots and by the time we got back to our hotel room we were both quite tipsy. As soon as we walked in the door Loretta said i"ve gotta dump,bad and went straight to yhe bathroom and didn't bother to close the door,She yanked dpwn her black dungerees and little blue panties and as she sat i heard a loud long fart (i was standing in the doorway)the fart was followed by a grunt as the smell started to rise,and then a small plop followed quickly by another and a Oh thank god!And all of this made me feel i just had to do it too even though a few minutes ago i had no such urge.Loretta sat a few more minutes and we chatted away as she lifted up to wipe and as she did i had allready started to unbutton my pants and she got the message and stepped aside and i sat before she had a chance to flush i glanced at what she had done,3 medium sized fat turds floating in pee.My bm was not as noisy as her's but it was alot more smelly as they allways are when i drink alcohol of any type,and as i pushed out a good healthy doody Loretta spoke to me and we laughed and later i realized besides my husband and two sisters this was the only time i had shit with someone in the bathroom in my entire life.I pooped out a long one and 3 little poops an! d wi[ed my butt and moist black curly bush in full view of my friend and wasn't in the least bit embarresed.

To Milissa- Loved the story in the ladies room with your friend algela.One question,when you were letting this monster come out,could your friend see it coming out your anus?That must have been some sight!Yes, i too like to just let my anus relex and let the turds slide out on their own.I usually never have to push hard at all since my BM's are firm but a bit on the soft side and they come out nice and easy.More stuff Milissa!!TO SANDRA-LOve the garden story!Could you see the poo coming out the hostess' butt?Could she see it coming out of yours?I love your stories,keep them coming!Some one mentioned using those sprays in the toilet after pooping.I FOR ONE FIND THEY DO ZIPPO!!Scent doesent hide stink!!Use matches.They have sulfur which gets rid of the stink instantly along with flushing as the poo falls into the bowl.Screw those sprays!!Speaking of poos, i gotta poo right now and it feels like a good one.Hold on a few...................Ahhhh That was a nice one.I sat down on the bowl and waited for a cramp and then relaxed my swollen anus and some hissing gas came out.I love to fart before i poo,it feels great.Then without pushing my anus opened up and this nice firm poo started sliding out into the bowl.It was in the water and still coming out my asshole.I opened my legs to take a look and i held it for a few seconds to see this long ,smooth poo hanging out my anus stretching into the water of the bowl.I held it there till i got another cramp and then it fell into the toilet with a soft swwwwwoosh.Then i tightened my asshole and then got another cramp and opened it up again and this soft stuffslid out my backside along with some gas in between.Then i pushed out my asshole for a minute pushing out come mucus and one last long fart.Then i pushed out my anus again and wiped it clean and looked in to see what i did.There was one real long sausage all the way around the bowl and in the middle was a pile of soft BM amd some mucus on top.THat was a great! poo!someone asked about camping stories.I'll post some of my own when i was in the boy scouts and i always have stories about pooing outdoors!!Have a nice weekend all!!BYE

I just want to say one thing to Melissa Thank you very much!

Nicky F.
Hi everyone - it's me - Nicky - again at last. No really good stories at present - but GCSE's - the end is in sight. Hello Daniel from Winchester. I have been following your posts - and I thought the one about you and Paul was really cool. Was it a one-off, or are there some more. I actually don't mind exams. - quite enjoy them in fact! - but it does mean not doing much else for a while! When I was still at prep. school (4/5 years ago) and our IT (ICT now!) dept. went on the Internet, out IT master drilled into us about caution on the net - and told us that if we were in a chat room or anything, the cool guy we might be talking to could be himself, or our best friend's Dad or anyone. So, I don't actually live in Winchester, although it is the big town that we go to for big town stuff. The family are less keen on Portsmouth. However, to narrow it down - but not too much (yet anyway), suffice it to say that my school is in the East of Hampshire, and we live just over the border in West Sussex. So, not TOO far from W. Btw - I think I did post last year that I did not attend 'The' Winchester College. Going back to one of your first posts - I think your pal at Eton is having you on a bit - I would not think Prince William's name tags would mention 'Prince of Wales' - that is his father. I would imagine they would say "William Windsor", or ......(initials) Windsor. Anyway - I am well known for being a pedantic sort of person. I used to camp with the Scouts too - have had some cool shit sessions with some of the others too. Funny how there is always one really uptight guy in any patrol/troop (very anal retentive!?!?!) I'm afraid we were a bit unkind once - but I'll post the gory details after exams. and before I go away. Anyway, you and I must swap Scout camp shit events soon! What university did you go to? What did you read? I'm hoping for Magdelen at Oxford - but there are a few bridges to cross yet. Anyway, it is a beautiful Saturday with no revision for Monday, and I am going to find Josh and find somewhere nice to empty my bowels with him as we can both relax for the day, and I can feel the beginnings of a very comfortable shit inside me. So you can think of me/us, not too far down the road from where you are, fertilising the fields with our waste products! Anyway, you never know - you and me, we may be able to establish each other's credentials and meet up sometime. I guess you are how old? 22/23?? To everyone else - keep the stories coming Ryan - although I sense some exaggeration in some of them!!. Derek F. - why don't you drop your clothes before you shit (when you can). Donít you ever go outdoors? You should - it is really really cool, and you could have great times with Paul and Emma. I think your survey of underpants result was consistent with mine, especially bearing in mind the time difference. Cool - it bears me out in what I said about teenagers and their skidmarks. Although, I would think that at a mixed school, or before going out with girls, cleaner pants might be found? However, I know what it is like - when a shit starts moving there is not much that will stop it (not for long anyway). Which is the reason I started going outdoors from about 7 years old. Well, that and the fact that I find it generally pleasanter (pleasanter?? - yeah! well, a more pleasant experience. As I said, I gotta think about going, so I'll sign off now. I am reading regularly even if I haven't time to post much. Hardly had time to shit some days - anyway, today is going to be big, soft and smelly if that fart is anything to go by. Josh just phoned - he's on his way round. Nicky F.

New Guy
Does anyone have any suggestions on making your poop or farts smell better? I've been really inconsistent about my diet and eating very irregularly. Sometimes its top ramen and sometimes its a big juicy steak. I tend to eat whenever I get done with my work and ususally I end up treating myself to someplace nice. I don't know if its the pressure and the stress, but my movements have really been kinda insignificant and not having much solidity. Also my farts have been pretty smelly lately and usually I don't have much of a smell. Does anyone here do or eat anything special to improve the quality of their poop and their quality of their poop sessions?

Dazz you are singing my tune! Reading your very detailed account of your doing that nice big fat jobbie I felt as if I was doing it myself!

As you know from old posts I have always enjoyed passing a nice big solid motion myself and hearing others, especially women, doing one, and seeing, if Im lucky, the jobbie they have passed.

I must agree that a healthy solid turd which sinks under the water doesn't make a nasty smell, (usually). Its the softer, looser mushy stools, or diarrhea which smell nasty. I have myself however noticed that constipated motions often give off a slightly acidic vinegar smell. Have any other people noticed this ? Is it due to chemical action of bacteria on the sugars in the stools while in the colon? Perhaps some of the medical types who post here could explain?

Like you Dazz, I too get an erection in such circumstances and also like to look down between my legs to see the big jobbie lying in the pan, however, I get an extra buzz if its a "panbuster" and wont flush away first time .

I can also relate to your "feeling extremely aroused and light headed and kind of dizzy" when you heard the loud "PLOP!" as your girlfriend passed a large solid turd. Ever since I was a kid of as young as 5 or so I can vividly rememember this feeling and a sort of tingling , fluttering feeling, and arousal, when I heard my mum doing a nice big solid jobbie in our toilet at home, hearing the farts, the tinkle of her wee wee, the "plops!" of the smaller turds then the tremendous "KUR-SPLOONK! and "KER-SPLOOSH!" or "FLOOMP!"sounds of her big jobbies. I would also visit the toilet after her and seldom found the smell unpleasent but sometimes I was lucky enough that it would have been too big to flush away and Id see her jobbies. I also listened to girl cousins, aunts,female neigbours etc doing a motion when they visited our house and sometimes saw what they had passed.

I have been lucky enough to see others doing a motion, totally with their knowlege and consent. I met George who often posts here at school and we soon found out that we had this unusual interest in common and happily watched each other and buddy dumped. He also managed to get his two girl cousins Nicola and Debbie to let me watch them, but of course I would no more have asked to watch his Aunt Helen doing a motion than I would have my own mother, although I did often see what his aunt had passed and listened with George when she did a number two.

George's wife Moira has also let me watch and buddy dump with her. Its quite something to watch this ???? redhead sitting on the toilet with her panties at the top of her thighs, going "UH! AH! OO! NNN!" and hearing the "Floomp!" as she passes a big long fat turd. When she has finished we have a good look at it before she tries to flush it away, (often taking 3 or 4 goes before it goes away). Her turds have the distinctive fecal odor of a solid motion but seldom smell bad unless she has been eating strongly flavoured food or eggs. It just doesnt bother Moira to have a friend present, as well as George, when she does a motion, she is a very open minded person. In warm weather she will often sit around the house wearing only her panties, quite a sight as she has a "junoesque" full figure.

Lets have more stories about your passing large ones and hearing or seeing girlfriends doing them. All the best from Tony

George (Scootland-UK): I don't know why I just didn't go outside somewhere and poop. I didn't think of it, I guess. I don't think there was anywhere I could go without being afraid that my grandmother would find me. I remember one time my grandma caught my cousin pooping in the yard and she got punished. So maybe I was afraid of getting punished. But I guess I got punished worse than she did for pooping in my pants, though. cute linda: It's nice to know that you are back. I just started to come here and I find your stories very interesting. You and your cousin have some great stories. And i'm looking fowawrd to hearing the new stories you write. So keep up the good work!

Hey Melissa, I like your stories, and yes, I've had the same problem sometimes. I get the huge urge to poop, and when I sit down it doesn't want to come out. I don't think there's much you can do about it but what you're already doing. Any more female accident stories here to share? I get this strange turn-on by hearing those kinds of stories. Don't even ask me where it came from because I don't know.*shrugs* Well, happy motions to all! Dave-NY

I ran into an unusual situation while ion Europe several weeks ago. Although not a great swimmer, I like to swim and I enjoy the network of public indoor pools in virtually eery community in France. For a small charge out of towners are permitted to use the pool. The drill is pretty much the same at all of the pools. They have a dressing room to change into your "Europen style" bathing suit. Mens swim truncks which are popular in the U.S. are not considered sufficiently sanitary. You are then required to take a shower -- urnials and toilets are provided in the shower room for anyone who wants to use them. Generally the toilets are the squat toilets frequently found in public places in Europe. Usually these do not cause too much trouble as you are undressed already. However in one pool I found squat toilets without doors -- together with an attendant who made it clear that you were to use them prior to entering the pool. A row of a dozen guys facing the showers trying to have a bm even though they didn't think they need to have one.

cute linda
Well Melissa sometimes i have to push and strain to get them out..other wise it won't..but for some reason if I'm finds ways to come out on it's own. It's like while I'm dressed it's about to come all out in my pampies but when I sit bare tushied on the potty it decides not to come out. Sometimes if I have to go bad.. and I mean REALLY REALLY bad I just sit and relax and it come sout but very slow and it's like I'm dying but it feels so good at the same time. ACK! I blush cause well it feels kinda naughty. Did you ever go in front of anyone else besides you're friend? Only person i poop in front of is my cousin... lately I have finally gotten brave enough to where I can pee in front of my sisters and mouther and a few close friend but poop NO WAY> You're brave to do that.. i guess I'm just too embarassed at having people see me strain and all the noises i make when i go and to hear them hear me go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at the end is too much. man in your case i would not have been able to go with my friend there.. was it hard for you I wonder..and are you always so detailed about pooping. i mean it's like you say ever thing from when it starts to come out to the point to where it goes plop in the toilet. still I wish i was as barve as you..but still nice to know someone else has a hard time going me..if you were able to see me poop and then see the poop after i'd feel sorry for me..cause I may even beat you and I'm a tiny little girl. hee hee. uh oh speaking of which i gotta go now. see you later and once again I'm happy to be back. linda

Hi everyone. I just found the site and maybe I am not as strange as I thought. Or maybe I am. Let me know. To Caleb and Jeff A. I am sorry about your experience when you were young. I on the other hand was ( and still am) the opposite. I actually sought out your kind of experience. Getting caught on the toilet,the shower or changeing with my friends sisters. Being in an embarrassing situation like that was always exciting. I just wished it was more often. my first experence was when I was 7 and my sister and her friend, who were both 4 years older than me. I went pee and took a shower while they were both in there. My sister told me they werent looking but I could tell they were. Since then I have sought out thoes experiences. To the pee accident girl. I love your stories. Where are you when I need to pee. I love having girls watching me when I use the urinals. To Donny who works cleaning the school bathrooms, how did you know the way the girls used the urinals? I have never seen a woman use the mens urinals. I would be wonderful to use them next to another woman. I do not care for pooping or peeing in front of men, but I am relaxed doing it in front of women. My pooping story. As a teenager I was going to my moms house to see her but no one was home. I hoped the fence to try to get into the back. I had to poop bad. The back was locked and I couldnt hop the fence again without letting it go. I dug a small hole, pulled down my pants and let it go. It was hard and smelly but not much mess on my bum. Not before or after since have I had to go so bad I couldnt hold it till I got to a restroom. Thanks for listing-M

Greg (from Kansas)
Hey Saundra, loved your story! Just one question what did you to ladies use for toilet paper! Something like that once happened to me except it was in the parking lot of a closed 7-11!

One Saturday morning when I was 19, my 14 y/o boy cousin, Ronnie slept at my house. I woke up early to rest my bowels. As I sat with my night shirt up and my royal blue cotton tricot briefs at my knees the toilet was filled with loose, brown squiggly doo-doo and deep yellow piss. The bathroom smelled from my farts, so I lit up a smoke. Ronnie walked in half asleep in his white briefs and pulls out his penis to piss, not seeing me on the throne. I quickly shoved him to the sink.

Eric M.
Hi, thanks to everyone who responded, all positively, to my dumping experience with Steph. Sorry I've taken so long to answer back, I've been so busy. Drew, about my pooping in the dorm toilets, I have grown more "comfortable," if you want to call it that, with using the stalls when the need came. I have heard others going at the same time as me, but I have no out of the ordinary stories to tell you about while I was going. I've never talked to anyone at school while doing my business. With that out of the way, I do have a story about a male friend, Jonathan. I've mentioned him once or twice, and wrote something about using the bathroom at his house after his (very cute) younger sister took a crap. Anyhow, we were out in public when both of us had to use the bathroom. I had to pee and assumed that's all he had to do. We went in to the bathroom and I stood by the urinal to pee and he went into the stall. I finished peeing when Jonathan told me he needs a "couple of minutes" to finish up. I told him I'd wait outside but he said to hang out and talk to him. I didn't hear him pee into the toilet but I heard him let out a couple of soft sounding turds into the toilet. It stank after that. He took a lot of paper and wiped his butt and then flushed. As he was washing his hands he said he's been having "major stomach cramps." Nothing else was said about it afterwards. I know when we were in high school (graduated last year, 1998) and hung out together w! e always crapped when we got home; both of our houses have two bathrooms. We didn't like to use the stalls at school. I don't know if he has become more "comfortable" with using public stalls or used them because of his stomach cramps. Alex, Steph, and Jodi are away for the week and that's why they haven't written; just thought I'd pass it on. Later, Eric M.

Hi, Just today many things about this subject popped in my head. I went to a cookout for fathers day(it was raining,and it became a cook-in). I was at my great Aunts Shore house. It's on the east coast(usa) and the house was probably built in the early 1950's on a plot of land next to a big river.They had an old time toilet that was removed and the plumbing was redone. I hate going to the bathroom there cause you aren't really suposed to flush, unless you do a number 2(poop) because they are on a well and the well is really shallow. It's really strange how they have a shallow well and you aren't supposed to flush, even though there is a river 100 feet from the front door. Any one go through this situation where u live near a body and water and or can't flush because you have a shallow well?

Just tonight i was flipping around the stations and came across this movie on TNT. I forget what it was called and I didn't watch the whole thing. These guys were at Miami Airport and i think their plane just landed? They go to the mens room and change there clothes. The change into the suits(like they were going to a very important meeting). This one guy needs a tie and doesn't have one so he begins looking over the stalls and sees this guy taking a shit, his pants were pulled down right passed his knees and the guy looking for a tie offers to pay atleast $40 for the tie.

Sunday, June 20, 1999

I was just watching Minty a show about two girls one an Australian and one from London. When the one from Australia is in the others house she wacks up and can't find the bathroom so she rings her friend and asks her where it is, she finds it and goes inside. I think that was poor because after all you spend 5 minutes on this girl trying to find the bathroom you could be a bit more elaborate like did she need to use the toilet or did she just want to wash her face, what was the toilet like, how did she use it and in some houses the bathroom an toilet are in seperate rooms more problems. Anyone got any more ideas ??

Peep Frog
Lately I have noticed i will get the urge to poop, then by the time i get to the bathroom i don't have to go anymore, then a few minutes later I get the urge again anf I do poop. Does this ever happen to anyon elese? It happens to me almost every time I have to poop. To Poop Loggy Log: I've seen both Austin Powers movie and I thought the shitting parts were hilarious!

Hello, it's me again. I just have to say thanks to so many of you who have made me feel so much better about myself. To Poop Loggy Logg: Thanks so much for your encouragement, it really meant a lot. I generally do only poop every four days or so. And it's only occasionally hard enough to hurt. My little episode in the mall with Angela was not typical. Almost always my poo poos are large, very long and nicely firm - but not so firm that they hurt my hole when they come out. As I mentioned in one of my posts I don't like squeezing or pushing my poo out, I get the best feelings in my bum hole when I let it come all on its own.

To Tiny Girl: It's so nice to see I'm not alone in holding my poop in if its not convenient to go. Not just for a minute or so while you get to the toilet, but maybe a whole day or even more. I thought this was a very unusual habit until I read your story. It also made me feel less self conscious about having an accident from holding it in - just like I did in the mall two years ago. And guess what, we both had to strain after we held it in.

By the way, I'm really curious about something. Some of you say you strain very hard. I know that occasionally I will strain very hard and this is totally involuntary. I sometimes strain just to get things started and get the tip out, but once it's nose is actually out of my bottom I don't usually strain any more. Sometimes however for some reason I will start straining - again involuntarily - after my poop has come out. It's almost like my bottom thinks there is more to come but in fact it's all gone. By the way these strains can be very intense and they can make me very red in the face and I get very vocal.

Then some of you say you push your poop out. Is this because it won't come out at all unless you do? In other words is pushing a substitute for straining? I love to feel my poop come out all on its own with no help from me. Perhaps that's why it takes me so long to do my poo and perhaps others do not have the patience to wait.

I would be very interested to hear all your points of view on this one. Can any one help me here?

I was wondering about people who have used chamberpots because I am going on a school camp where we relive victorian times and I found out that if we are to truly relive the times we might have to use chamber pots. So does anyone know how to use them or if you get pivacy because I'm in a room with 2 boys. Please Post!!!!!!!!

I just came back from summer camp ith my boyfriend and I had an interesting toilet experiance. Anyone else had an experiance at a camp. Please Post!!!!!!!! Well a group of kids and I went for a hike and when we where half way through this girl went up to the counsellour and asked when we would reach a bathroom. And He said we would have a bathroom stop soon well when we stopped he said all the girls who want to go go there and motined to a tree and nall the boys go there motioning to a bush. Well some went including me and I was glad I did. Because when we reached the top another girl asked where she could go and he handed her a cup and said herte go and she just said that she couldn't go in the cup and that she needed somthing else. So he said that because she would get lost if she went somewhere else and that she would go here or hold it so she dropped her skirk and lost some logs it was sick. Anyone else he said and thats my story.

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