Jeff A.
Caleb: Sorry for the late response, I've been really busy lately. It sounds like you and I have had real similar experiences. As to your question, the girls always watched me poop, because it was more embarrassing for me. I'm sure it was even something exciting to them as well, because every now and then they'd leave the door open so I could see them, and then threatened to tell on me if I watched. They liked watching the punishments too. Your experiences sound terrible, and I hope you're making it ok through life. You've sure as hell earned the right to it. I definitely understand that feeling of school humiliation, having gone through a similar experience which you read in my last post. I'm very glad to hear about your relationship. An older woman will be very helpful to you during this time, and I know you two can make the best out of a bad situation. Now is the time to start having some fun!!!

Hi, I was wondering If any one has done what Im about to talk about,especialy the other guys. Have you ever had to shit and you shit standing up? Why did you do it? for pleasure(see your shit plop into the water), the bathroom was unsanitary etc.? I just tryed it tonight. I did it for pleasure so i could hear and see my shit plop and fall. Just the other day I had to shit so bad!!It felt like it took for ever and when I was done it seemed like i had shitted 5 pounds.the other day i was going to my sisters house and i saw this guy standing off in the grass, right be side the highway and it looked like he was peeing. here's some stories that happened to me a few years ago. I was at this camp for 5 days(over night and it was from school in 6th grade). I didn't have to poop for 5 days. I finally pooped on the last day. I think i pooped there. one time when i was 8 or 9 I saw a couple of friends sitting on the toilet pooping. there ages were 4,5,5.

David, squeezing doesn't stop any excess dripping for me. I usually shake and slide my foreskin back and forth a couple of times to force those extra drops out. If I'm wearing something light I'll wipe with toilet paper so as not to cause spotting. But sometimes nothing helps and there is a leak after I push it back in and zip up.

I remembered an interesting poo story that happened to me a few years ago. My husband and I had been invited to a dinner party at his boss's home. It was a fancy affair - large house, gowns for the women, etc. During the evening I needed to poo so I went to the bathroom and there was quite a line. While I was waiting on the line, the hostess (who seemed a little drunk) came up to me and said "we'll be here all day - come with me." I figured that as it was her house, she was taking me to a private bathroom. We ended up in her large garden and I was desperate for a poo - where was the bathroom? It was very dark and nobody was outside. Suddenly the hostess said, "let's go here." She pulled up her gown and squatted. I noticed she had thick, black pubic hair. She started to pee. I was amazed. I told her I had to poo and she said "be my guest!" So I pulled up my gown, squatted and started doing this huge poo. Then the hostess farted and she also started to poo. What a sight - these ! 2 women with ball gowns hiked to their waists farting and pooing in this large garden. We actually pooed for a long time and stayed squatting while we chatted - it was nice.

The Crank
To Thomas:I'm not sure about the titles as I watch them when they are shown on TV,not caring what the hell I'm watching.Anyway,I'll tell you sopme of the scenes.There's one where the wife is on the toilet and her husband in the bathtub.Newspapers are on her lab,so you know what's she doing.There's another really hot one.This movie is about a series of ghost stories and shows a lady entering a cubicle,placing toilet paper on the seat,lifting her very short skirt and pulling her panties down,all these shown vividly.When she sits down,the camara is placed directly in front.You get to see her panties around her knees. Well,even if I knew the titles,I don't think you can find te movies at all. Okay,bye.

I heard about a cab driver once who was a really old man who drank coffee continuously. He always had to go pee so he drilled a hole in the floor of his cab and put a garden hose with a funnel on it that stuck through the hole. This way he could piss without even having to stop. It seems that this setup would be perfect while racing down the street when it is pouring rain because nobody would ever notice.

Jeff, personally I think it's silly to worry about germs on public toilet seats. I see ass gaskets in many restrooms and I know many women won't sit on a public seat. But your chances of catching something are nil. You are far more likely to catch a cold virus out of the air, or get sick from contaminated food. The only way you might get sick from a toilet seat is if you have an open sore on your butt which then contacts fecal germs that may be on the seat. In the schools where I work I wipe the toilet seats on a regular basis, and even apply a coat of wax occassionally just to keep them shiny and inviting. It's just more pleasant to sit on a shiny white seat. Years ago many public seats were black - most people like white seats much better, they look better and you can tell immediately if it is clean. Teenage girls normally have no fears about sitting - it is mainly the middle aged and older women that have developed this fear.

The men's room at the lake has one of those long trough type urinals. I was the third one peeing at the trough when I heard someone behind me say, "Just wait here for me," and stepped into one of the stalls. This little kid goes to the end of the trough and is looking at all the men peeing. I looked towards the kid and I saw it was a little girl! She was wide eyed with wonder watching three men pee.

Chris C.
Lots of great posts! In response to: Sitting on a Public Toilet, Rob - Cross Country & Derek - I'm a male in my 20's. As for sitting on a public toilet, if it is clean, I sit on it. If it's clean but looks old, I may also put down TP on the seat. If it's dirty I find another toilet. If there is no other toilet, and I HAVE to shit, then I squat and pray. This actually happened a week ago. I was at a restaurant with my partner and a friend. I had been really gassy, so I kept passing farts (it was loud in the place so they were not audible). Well I went to fart once and got a surprise (unwelcome). I quickly excused my self to the bathroom. Upon arrival, I found one dirty toilet and by now I seriously needed to shit (and clean my underwear - it was only a little). I undid my pants, dropped them, then carefully edged near the seat (not sitting on it) and proceeded to blast out some mushy liquid shit, two rounds of it! Normally, this would have been a 15 minute sit, but under the circumstances, I made it about 1 or 2 minutes. I then grabbed wads of TP and wiped this mess off my ass. It was actually kinda disgusting, but oh well. It also stunk to the heavens. Some of ths shit landed on the seat (which was dirty anyhow). I wiped some of it off best I could. So I finish and flush. As I exit the stall, some young guy walks in, pees and leaves (quickly). Probably overcome by the smell. Response to Rob who shit your pants after running, looking back on the episode, don't you wish you couldn't have showed your friend your mess now? I agree, it would not have been the best thing to do then. And finally, to Derek. EVERYONE (almost) has had some sort of accident, (like the one I described) or maybe worse! It's normal, it just happens. Don't worry about it. Your friend probably would not have been too upset if he knew. Enjoy the great posts, keep it up! And happy dumps!

I haven't written lately due to a hectic schedule,I just finished having a visit to the toilet and poofed out some very large turds as I have been a little constipated due to my period,it was quite a relief to get them out,yes they were stinky,beining in me for two whole days,but while I sat I remembered what happen at the place I'm working which is a restaurant,sidewalk cafe and bar.It's a very genial and trendy place near the Ocean with lots of tourists and big tippers.I had just served my station,the cafe area when this lady in this gorgeous taffeta dress ask to see the ladies room,I was going to take my break and said I would show her the way.She I knew had to be anxious because she hurried me along,once there I took one stall because I needed to pee,and she was next door,I tried to fart quietly when I heard this sound like a tire blowout,I thought that couldnot be a fart,then oh,oh,uuggh,yes,yeess. I thought either she's having s*x or that she must be in pain and genty asked if she was alright,she I swear said I've got a whopper shit in me and it's stuck,I didn't exactly comment because I was finished and the smell from her gas was gagging me whew!I wiped my cunny and went to wash when I heard it drop because I heard a splash and she grunted aahh,I found out later it got caught and the manager had to go in with a plunger and all the waitresses were giggling about it.

I was in the supermarket and there were these two guys talking. The one, a tall black haired guys was balancing an 8-roll package of toilet paper around like a basketball as they talked. Kind of wondered if he was asking his buddy to stop by and have a cigar and a shit at his place. Something kind of romantic about it.

Ryan (JC Penney's)
Hey Guys !!! Sorry I haven't been around much, but you know retailing, hours are brutal :-( . Anyway, you may recall, we were promised that our stall doors would be replaced last year !! We are STILL waiting! LOL! Thursday morning, things were slow, so after eating raison bran for breakfast, about 9:45 a.m. "IT WAS TIME" !!! I like to hit the john before the store opens, once the customers start invading the bathroom, I can never get a seat! So in I go, and the assistant store manager was in the center stall. He is a pretty nice guy,but I swear, someething died up his ass. I thought i was going to puke, the stench was sooooooo strong. I didn't want to embarrass him, but it was putrid ! In fact, after i left the mens room, i could STILL smell his stench near the elevators. Couple of teenagers were giggling, obviouly because of the smell. Anyway i went into the third stall, the farthest over, and sat down and did my business. Meanwhile a third guy (maintence guy) came in and sat in the first stall. I started wiping, and ran out of paper (at 9:50 a.m. mind you ) so I asked Mr. _'_____ for some tissue. He said "sure, but I can't get up at the moment" and laughed. So I peered over the partition, and he had pulled a bunch of tissue off the holder for me. I thanked him, and nearly gagged, from getting so close to him. What do people eat, that make them stink sooooooooo bad? I finished up, and ran out ASAP !! (Without washing my hands, but I do not handle food) Good to see you guys, I will try to stop in more often !!!

cute linda
I'm back guys. Yup Linda with her nice cousin. Sorry for being gone so long. But I'm back. miss me? Anything cool happen while i was gone? No.. oh well. hmm okay first things first . I have lots to tel you and well I'll send them later.. but first Melissa I know how you feel That happens to me alot. I don't feel so bad anymore. It happens a lot to me that I rush off to the potty about ready to poop myself and the minute I pull my pampies down and sit.. it decides you know what.. i really don't wnat to come out. man i have to grab the seat and pull and grunt with all my might to get it out. How do you deal with it? I never can.Well anyway nice to know I'm not the only one. okay now..hey JW how are you..sorry for being gone so long..but I'm back.

Well it's happened again, I just came here a few minutes ago to read the latest posts when I felt a big shit aching to be let out. Now that I am back, you can read all about it!!!! I got up from the computer and walked over to the bathroom (it's only about twelve feet away from the living room where I have the computer). I walked in and pulled my jeans and panties down and then sat on the toilet, doing the usual thing with pointing my dick into the bowl with my hand. Normally I pee first, but I didn't feel the need to as I'd just been for a wee a not long before, so just pushed and grunted a little to get the turd out. The tip of it started to slowly poke out of my anus as I pushed a bit more, it felt really big and nobbly too!!! Sliding out more now, it kept on coming. This was going to be a big one!!!! It sped up as it tapered off and fell into the bowl with a "FLOOMP!". That felt great and yet again got me very aroused!!!! I looked between my legs past my erection and saw this huge shit lying at the bottom of the bowl, the other end of it disappearing around the S bend so I couldn't tell how big it was. The part I could see was ten inches long and two wide, so I reckon it must have been at least an honest one footer!!!! I then grabbed some toilet paper and wiped standing up as I sometimes do, I only needed to wipe once as there was no poo on the paper at all when I looked at it. I flushed the toilet and as usual got great satisfaction out of seeing the poos flush down the bend. By the way, nearly all my turds are sinkers, I rarely get floaters. This does seem to keep the smell down as the poos stay underwater and are not exposed to the air. I only get to smell my poos as they are slowly sliding out of me and hanging in the air. I do have to agree with Moira that a good firm poo does not smell offensive in any way, but smells natural and healthy. I do love the smell of a well formed shit from a woman, In the past I've always gone into the bathroom to have a smell after one of my girlfriends has done a poo in there and listened outside while she's in there trickling and plopping and sighing. I'll never forget the first time many years ago when I listened to my first girlfriend doing a poo. I stood outside the door after she went in and heard her sit on the toilet (she was wearing nothing but a skimpy t shirt at the time). First came a very long and strong sounding pee, this went on for nearly a minute so it seemed before it started to slow down and come to a dribbly end. A few moments of silence and then all of a sudden was a huge "PLOP!" immediately followed by a big sigh of relief. I was extrememly aroused by this time and feeling light headed and kind of dizzy. Another smaller plop and then another, I remember wishing so bad that I could be in there to see what was happening!!! She then tore off some toilet paper and started wiping, doing that at least half a dozen times. I heard the toilet flush and her washing her hands, I slipped back into the bedroom so she would not suspect anything when she came back in. When she did come back in, I told her I needed to wee, so went into the batroom and shut the door behind me. I sat on the toilet and could feel the warmth of her lovely bum still on the seat. I sat there peeing and smelling the aroma of her shit, it did smell quite good in it's own way!!!! When I finished up and went back into the bedroom, my girlfriend looked rather embarrassed, she would have known that I would have been able to smell what she'd just done!!!! I've listened to and smelled other girlfriends since then but there is nothing quite like the first time ;-)

Adam from Canada has been ages since I wrote, but I had a good poo tonight. It came out really hard and I had to move around a bit to get it out. It was comma shaped and was about 6 inces long and 4 inches wide. It also stunk quite a bit. I have been pooping every other day and now that I am not at school, I poop any time of the day. I have also increased my fiber in take, which helps too. Has anyone heard of cinommin scent spray? I am using it and it has a strong smell. I also like violet spray.

Friday, June 18, 1999

Jeff: I have to say that when I have to poop in a public toilet I always definately sit-down. It's far from natural (imo) to do it half-squatting/hovering over the bowl. If it's an asian style squat type toilet, that's a different story. If the seat had piss/shit on it, I simply wouldn't use that toilet. In any case, most viruses (for example AIDS) can only live for a matter of seconds (ie less than 1 minute) outside of the human body. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that any type of disease etc could be picked up from sitting on a toilet seat. It's simply a misconception some people have. My advice- You teach your kid whatever you feel is ok, and let your wife teach what she thinks is ok. When he's old enough, he'll make up his own mind how he wants to use the toilet ;)

Girl With The Weak Bladder
Kara: I have a friend who can hold onto her pee from one night until the next night. One time at school camp she had a bit of an accident because she needed to go *right that minute* but the problem was that one of the other people in our room was already in the shower... so she had to cross her legs and run around but she eventually wet her pants quite a bit much to her embarrassment.

TO MR.J-I too an a musician(there's probably a lot of musicians posting on this site!)I've met a few musicians that are into pooping!Anyway,yes i had a similar experience some years ago when i was on the road.I was getting dressed in a dressing room and i had to pee pretty bad.So i went to the bathroom to pee and it was a big bathroom with no urinals,just toilets.About 6 stalls.So i went into one to pee and a woman rushed in and went into the stall and i kmew who she was. She said "hi Buzzy I hope you don't mind, but i gotta take a wicked dump"I said"Hey karen knock yuorself out" as i was peeing like a racehorse.She quickly sat down and farted a long fart and said "I'm so embarrased but at least you are a friend " and she started pushing and i could hear the crackling sound of a poo ouzzing out her anus.I was so turned on,but a had to keep my cool so i went outside the stall to wash my hands,but kept listening to karen pooping and i was loving it.When i heard her start to wipe! ,i left the bathroom.Then i saw her come in the dressing room and she said"god,that felt great.I hope i didn't gross you out" I said " Hey we all gotta go right?' Hey i enjoyed the show myself,I'd give it an 85 cause you could dance to it!"She smacked me on the butt and laughed and said" How would you feel if the roles were reversed"I said" I guess i understand your point,but i'd still go if i had to go bad like you just did. Hey it's a co-ed bathroom,what are you gonna do"But i never pooed in there.That was the first time i heard a woman pooping in a restroom,and i loved it.Sometimes, i would go in there just to see if any women were pooping,but i was out of luck.I love uni-sex toilets,i wish there were more of them around!! This forum is lately been like a strong cup of coffee to me.I only read this in the a.m. and after about 15 mins.of reading and posting i always got to poop.When i read this site at any other time, it's not quite the same. Anyone else feel this way?It's so great after years of feeling alone for the most part and to discover all of you that enjoy it too is really super!See you all later,i got cramps and my rectum is full of what feels like a soft,mushy one.... gotta go!BYE

DAVID - I'm a squeezer too. Before putting my dick back into my underwear, I squeeze then pull my foreskin totally over the head. That prevents any leftovers from sropping into my briefs.

Hi, it's Melissa again. Timber - I liked your story of your outdoors poop with your friend. I have been reading more and more of the posts and at last I've got enough courage to let you all know about some more of my pooping secrets. Just like Timber I found myself doing a massive poop in front of one of my friends. As I said in my last post I am always constipated and on top of that I have a habit of holding it in until I simply can't wait any longer. This almost got me into trouble about two years ago when My friend Angela and I went on a shopping expedition to the local mall after school. I should have known better because I had not done a poo for at least four days and all that day I could sense that "full" feeling in my butt which told me that a visit to the toilet was not far in the future. Anyway even as we drove to the mall I felt the pressure build in my bum hole telling me that a poo wanted to come out. Of course I squeezed hard and forced it back without even breaking into the conversation I was having with Angela. The pressure went away for a while but as we pulled into the parking space it came back, only this time with such intensity that I unintentionally groaned a little as I squeezed my hole shut and tried to cross my legs without being too obvious. Angela, who was getting out of the car turned back and asked "What's the matter, do you need a pee?" I was so embarrassed and without thinking replied , "No I need to poo real bad". "O.K." replied Angela, "Let's go find the rest room". I asked her to wait a minute while I kept squeezing until I felt it was safe to get out of the car. It was quite a walk to the mall entrance and I knew this would be one of the longest walks in my life. I was right, before we even reached the entrance my poo started to push hard again. This time it pushed so hard I was not sure I could hold it. I slowed right down because I couldn't squeeze and walk at the same time. Then to my horror I felt the worst happening. Despite all my efforts my hole started to open and I could feel the tip of my poo start to peek out of my bum. I remember whining to Angela "Oh no, I'm starting to go in my pants!" She reassured me that we were nearly there but all I could think about was would I make it before I had a terrible accident. Eventually we got to the rest room and I barged into the first stall, slamming the door shut behind me and completely forgetting to bolt it.

I lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties, sat on the waiting toilet and immediately did a short but furious pee. Now here is the curious thing I mentioned in my last posting that so often happens when I go to do a poo. As soon as I sat down I just relaxed with the tremendous relief of making the toilet, and what happens, but the unrelenting urge to do a poo just disappeared. So now I'm sitting there with the tip sticking out of my hole and it and it didn't want to move any more. With nothing to do but wait I reached down my legs for my panties to see if I had stained them, and as luck would have it there were no marks at all. Then I heard Angela asking if everything was all right. I told her I was fine. "Is anything happening" came the reply. "No" I answered. I could hear her outside and to my surprise she opened the door and came in. "What do you mean, no, after all that panic, you don't want to go?" She shut the door , bolted it, and looked down at me almost disapprovingly. "But I did want to go; this always happens; when I sit on the toilet it won't come out, I'll have to wait." But even as I finished saying this the pressure started to build in my bum again. "Ooooh! I think I'm starting to go". I could feel the strain building and my hole opening wider as my poo started to force its way out. But the pressure didn't ease up and soon my hole was open so wide it began to hurt. I leaned back on the seat as far as I could, gripping the underside of the bowl, with my legs out straight and squeezed hard to try and shut my bum hole enough to ease the pain. I groaned loudly and I could tell my face was turning red with the strain. At last the spasm ended and I was able to relax once more. I sat upright and gave a deep sigh of relief. "Did you go?" asked Angela. My efforts had not been in vane and I could tell that at least five or six inches were now sticking out of my bum. "It' still hanging" I replied, "There's a lot more to come". Again we both waited and Angela giggled, "I've never seen anyone do a poop before" and she giggled loudly again. Experience had taught me however that probably the most painful and difficult part was over and the best thing to do was just let it take its own time. I shuffled my feet back towards the toilet and leaned as far forward as I could. Almost perched on tiptoes I reached behind and gently eased my butt cheeks apart so that my poo would have the easiest time possible completing its journey. Angela looked on but said nothing. Then almost as if on cue I felt the gentlest of pressures start to play in my lower ????. Very very slowly my poo poo began to move. "Ooooooh, that feels good" I groaned, Ooooooh! "Is it coming out?" asked Angela anxiously. "Yessssss, ahhhhhh, Ohhh" There was a pause "Has it finished?" "There's still more coming out" I returned as I enjoyed the wonderful sensations playing around my hole and even beyond. "Ohhhh, come on, don't stop, please" I moaned as more and more eased slowly out of my hole. Again Angela giggled. "Does it feel that good?" she asked. "Just a minute" I gasped as my hole at last started to close around the tail and finally let go of my load. There was no splash, just a soft whoosh since it was so long it had entered the water long before it was released from my bum. I sighed and sat upright looking up at Angela. She was already holding out an offering of toilet paper, which I took gratefully. But before I wiped I stood up and turned around to see what I had worked so hard to leave behind. We both stared at the single long poop which curled all the way up from the bottom to spiral completely around the large bowl. "Melissa", Angela exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, how could you do something that big, that's impossible". "This one was fairly easy, sometimes it takes much longer" I replied as I bent over and wiped from behind. I dropped the paper into the bowl and Angela handed me a second pad, which I used to wipe again. I took a third pad and wiped between my legs and breathed a long sigh of relief. Angela reached over to flush the toilet and with satisfaction we both watched as the rushing water finally won and took my poop away.

Poop Loggy Logg
Anyone seen the new Austin Powers movie? Lots of fecal humor. I won't spoil it for you...just go see it. To Jeff: I have always sat on the seat without the use of intervening materials. I don't think my hams are that clean to start with, so I'm not worried about touching where others have touched. Although I will definitely wipe off any visible liquid, and if there's anything remotely resembling crap I'll go to the next stall. To Melissa: Don't worry about only pooping twice a week. As long as your poops aren't uncomfortably hard or difficult to squeeze out, you're not constipated. There's no medical necessity to poop a certain number of times per week, so just go with the flow :)

I was a cross-country and track runner back in high school in the 80's, and I often went for long training runs. Oftentimes this was shortly after supper. There were a couple of times I would be running, I'd be a few miles from home, and I had to take a dump right then. I was usually able to either hold it, or knock on a stranger's house and use their bathroom (luckily they always obliged). I lived in a rural area of Tennessee at the time. One time in the summer my parents left me at home by myself for a few days (I was 17). My best friend was driving over to see me later. I went for a 7-mile run, but about 4 miles into it (and 3 miles from home!) it hit me hard. I really didn't want to knock on anyone's door, and I thought I could hold it. By mile 5, I was hurtin' bad. I knew I was at least 12 minutes from home. I was running as fast as I could, which was pretty difficult, and looking for shortcuts. I was probably a quarter mile from home when I lost it. It was a pretty good, loose, runny load. Unfortunately, my friend had already arrived at my house. He's the type of guy that would not forget an experience like that, and I'm sure all my friends would have heard about it - not in a malicious way, but just how teen-age guys are. So I really did not want to see him first. Fortunately, he had let himself into the house. I ran to the door in the basement, but it was locked. Damn. We had a fan in a window, and I managed to set it on the floor and climb in and make it to my room to get some clean clothes and to the bathroom/laundry room to clean my self up and throw my clothes into the washer. He heard the commotion of course and came down. Luckily, by the time he came down, I had staged it as if I had just come home and had to do a dump, saving me from weeks of unmerciless ribbing. A valuable lesson was learned that day about what to do before going for a run!

I'll sign myself George Scotland Uk to distinguish myself from the other George or Georges who post here. Im the one who is married to Moira. Jeff, I can only assume that your wife's reaction about sitting on the toilet seat in a public toilet is a peculiarly American attitude. While no one, male or female, will sit on a dirty seat soiled by urine or feces, most people I know of either gender will sit on a seat which is clean to the naked eye, or at most, wipe it first with a piece of toilet paper. Ass Gaskets are not that commom in the UK except in very posh hotels, usually those of American ownership or management. There are several old chestnuts about catching VD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) from toilet seats but most of the doctors I know say that the organisms responsible for such illnesses are very weak and soon die when out of the heat etc of the human body. I would have been glad that your son is taking so easily to using a proper toilet as I know that many parents have great trouble when the transition from potty to real toilet takes place with the child regressing to soiling its panties rather than sit on this big structure. Sometimes the sound of it being flushed frightens the child, sometimes it fears it will fall in and we flushed away along with its BM, so if your kid at the age of 3 is quite happy to use a proper toilet pan, I say rejoice, dont complain. Maybe your wife needs to get out a bit more and be less uptight?

David, I suppose I am closer to Dazz than you although I also do not like water being splashed up onto my bum by a turd falling into the pan. I do however enjoy the "ker-splonks!" of good solid jobbies dropping into the pan, both my own and hearing someone else's. You say you would like to pass a good hard log, well the choice is yours, cut down on the fruit and veg and eat a blander diet. Now I know this will probably bring criticism from the "foodie fascists" who want to turn us all into herbivores with permanent diarrhea and flatulence. Well tough! I eat what I like and like what I eat, as does my wife and many of our friends. Yes, I eat vegetable matter too, only this is first converted into meat by the grazing animal who I in turn eat! I feel that many of these so called healthy diets are a con and that the "healthy" individuals who eat them actually suffer for their faddishness. As you are an adult you can make up your own mind about your diet. Im afraid Im old fashioned and if you come to eat at my home traditional meat meals are the order of the day. On the what to do with my dick I always sit to pee anyway as I prefer to do so, (I wont bore you by repeating my reasons on this, look back at old posts if you wish to find out why). I always dry my cock with toilet paper after urinating as I dont like the feel of a wet cock against my panties and this will also cause a pissy smell, even in someone like myself who has always worn clean knickers every day since childhood. Im afraid a shake or a squeeze ins't enough in my opinion.

Phillip, why didnt you go in the garden when your grandma locked you out? I'd have thought this a lot better than doing a poo in your pants and I would have thought there would have been some bushes to hide you from anyone seeing you. I remember once being locked out when my Aunt Helen, who brought me up, had gone out suddenly and neither of my cousins nor I had a key. We went in the garden behind some bushes. My aunt just laughed when we told her and said, "well that was a lot more sensible than doing it in your knickers!"

I once was Walking into a room of hot guys and as I approched the hotty hottest. I suddenly had to pee so bad I asked where the restroom was and he pointed to it. I ran soooooooo fast Down the hall and plopped dwn on the toilet. Suddenly Mr hotty himself comes in and watches me do my buisness. Then he told me how incredible it was to watch and we are still together to this very day!!!

Reply to Jeff: I think almost all men sit on the seat to poop, and stand to pee. As for women, I think many of them "hover" at least in public toilets, to pee. I don't know if any women poop like that too, maybe one of the ladies can help us guys?

Derek F
David, I would not expect you to inspect your son's friends underwear, but you may notice wet patches, smells and buldges which may give accidents away althought I very rarely get found out when I have an accident.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

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