I have a very interesting pee story to tell: My friend and I were going grocery shopping one Saturday afternoon and I had overslept. When I noticed the time I ran out of bed grabbed a banana for breakfast and threw clothes on. I completely forgot about emptying my bladder before leaving the house like I usually do. We got to the store and I really had to pee by this time so I told my friend we better find a bathroom now or I'll have an accident right here in the produce section. We found a clerk to ask and he said the restrooms were in the storage room area....I ran as fast as I could but when I got there the sign on the door said out of order. This was a mens and womens room. I told my friend I just can't hold it so I found an empty orange crate in the corner and told my friend to stand gaurd. She said "Leslie You're Nuts!" I had to there was no other way. I pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees stuck my bum in the crate and peed away. I must have gone for a minute at least. I grabbed some tissues from my purse to wipe my bum and quicky pulled my pants up and ran out. What a relief!!!!

I have lots of stories although I really have never had many accidents myself I always find somewhere to go altough it isn't always too appropriate. But here's a story about my sister. It was funny as hell when it happened. My sister was fairly young about 6 but still knew better. She has this habit i think is really stupid and has always done it. She can hold her bladder for the entire day (i.e. go b/f bed then next day not until b/f bed again) she waits until she cannot wait one more minute to go. Well anyway back to the story. We had gotten home from school this day and as far as i can tell she was attempting to call one of her friends. (i was not in the room). I heard her screaming and bawling (she does that a lot so i didn't think too much) so i made my way out to see what was going on. Upon my entry to the kitchen (where she was) she was standing on a stool which she needed to reach the phone her pants were completely and utterly drenched. Not only the croch and behind but down both legs and there was a river, a flooded river of yellow filling the kitchen floor. That was more pee than i had ever seen in my entire life! As she stands crying in the middle of her creation she tells me not to tell Dad. Ha as if he wasn't going to notice that! She had to be put in the tub to be cleaned off and as for the kitchen we had to move the fridge across the kitchen to get the mess up from underneath it. And boy was it ever a mess. Apparently as she had been dialing the phone she just lost it all. Luckily she wasn't speaking with anyone or i probably would have peed myself laughing so hard. Damn it was funny. Btw i don't think she was punished for it i know she didn't have to clean the floor just herself. Keep up the good work. I love all your stories! Question can anyone else hold it that long? Kara

I liked Janine's story, too. I've seen several women on the toilet...but haven't ever seen a bunch of women sitting there pooping and farting. Somehow women don't look like they smell. I can only imagine what a turnon it would be to watch women doing their duty and smelling their bottoms as they plop into the bowl!

Hi all!! Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been kinda busy and I'm not quite caught up on all the latest posts. I still have plenty of good pooping stories, so stay tuned! Love you all!!! By the way, today at work, i took a 12 minute poop. It was quite hard, about 3 logs and 2 chunks. The restroom was quite busy, mostly all of the stalls were full of women pooping! Gotta go! Bye!

Last night I had to take my 3-year old son out. He is just getting potty trained. We were at a local high school. He had to go pee, so I sat him down on the toilet and he quickly did his thing (he does not do stand-up pee-pees yet). I got home and told my wife that he used the big potty. I was pretty proud, as was he. My wife asked if he actually sat on the potty, and of course I said yes. She exploded at me and said that no one actually sits on them and it is common sense not to do that and so on. Well, that was news to me. I am 33 and I have never know ANY guy to NOT sit on the seat when necessary. She equally emphatically stated that she does not know ANY woman who actually ever sits on the toilet in a public restroom (except my mother, which totally grossed her out when she found out). So we are at a standstill. This seems to be a big deal to both of us - she wants to protect him from disease and sickness, and I want to do what seems natural, plus I don't want ! him to be embarassed when he is older and no one else does that. The survey did not mention the results of this question. So, I would like to know what people's preferences are. I have looked at some of the posts but have not figured out that answer. Do most women squat above the seat? Do most men sit on the seat? Please let me know!

Tiny Girl
Hmmm... I was quite constipated this morning and I felt really silly because this could have been avoided, had I gone ahead and pooped last night when I first felt the urge. But nooooooooo, I decided to wait. Anyway, when I got up this morning, I went to poop and I had to strain and strain because this poop just did not want to come out! I even thought about some of the posters here who have said that they often insert soap into their anuses to make the poop slide out easier. But I was determined to handle this the old fashion way. I leaned forward and backward, straining all along (and also turning red in the face). Then finally, I was able to push the hard turd out. It hit the water so hard that it splashed on my behind...which felt good by the way. It also hit the water so hard that it became a phantom poo (sort of) because when I looked in the drain, I could only see the corner of it. As usual, when wiping, the paper was pretty clean (it almost always is). Then I flushed the toilet and although I would have loved to see my poop swirl around and go down the hole, I didn't get to see instead, I stood and watched the paper swirl and go down (and round the bend) Dazz would say it. ;-)

To Eric and caleb.Enjoyed your post on enemas.My mom gave them to me from 5 till13 quitee often.She had my aunt help some times and once a neighbor lady helped her because I would fight them so much.She always used soapy water and thebag.How about yours?

Last night, I had Chinese food from a local take-out. Every time I eat chinese food, it makes my bowel movement stink 10 times more than usual. Anyway, this morning I had an urge to poop, but it wasn't that dire, so I left the house and did some errands. While leaving the post office, I had an urge to fart. I was in my car at the time and the noxious gas nearly did me in. It was very bad. I got home and finally had the chance to sit on the toilet. A fat greasy turd came out along with a horrid odor. What is it about certain foods that make your poop stink more than usual. I've only noticed it with chines food and eggs. Is this something that affects the majority of the population or is my digestive tract one of a kind?

Caleb, your story about going in front of girls brought back memories. When I was a teenager us kids always used the bathroom together. After school when my sister always had friends over I would go into the bathroom and go while they were in there. I could tell they enjoyed it whether I was standing or sitting. They always got a look when I pulled down my pants and my shirt didn't quite cover my dick. Eventually they lost any inhibitions they had and went to the bathroom in front of me.

Caleb, your story about going in front of girls brought back memories. When I was a teenager us kids always used the bathroom together. After school when my sister always had friends over I would go into the bathroom and go while they were in there. I could tell they enjoyed it whether I was standing or sitting. They always got a look when I pulled down my pants and my shirt didn't quite cover my dick. Eventually they lost any inhibitions they had and went to the bathroom in front of me.

To The Crank, Please tell us the names of the Hong Kong films you've seen....Thomas

I've never written anything on here, but i've been reading it for the past month or so. It's nice to know that other people are as curious about this subject as I am. I am a sixteen year old male and i've had this curiosity about going to the bathroom ever since I was little. I don't have that many stories to tell, but I have a few. The most vivid of which happened when I was about five or so. I was at my grandmothers like I always was after school. (My mother works untill 11:30 almost every night.) My grandma had decided to go out and pull some weeds or somthing like that. I helped her for a while, but then I realized that I really needed to poop! So I told my grandma that I was going to go inside for a few minutes. But apparently, she had accedentally locked us out! I went back outside and told her that the door was locked. But she said that she did'nt have a key, and she suggested that I knock so my grandfather would open the door. I went back and knocked, and knocked, and knocked for a little while. But eventually, I gave up and sat on the step that led to the door. I could tell that I was really in trouble when I went back outside and coulden't find my grandma. So I went back and sat on the same step and tried to hold it in. But that proved to be difficult because of the fact that a little bit of it was already sticking out of my butt-hole. So I gave up and squatted on the step, and pooped in my shorts until ther was a very noticeable bulge in the rear-end area of my shorts. I sat there untill my grandmother came in and discovered I had pooped in my pants. Somehow we got in the house and she cleaned me up in the living room. She took my shorts of of me and put them in the wash. That's the only story I can think of that has happened to me. But I might be able to think of some more. I'm looking foward to posting in the future. Later! P.S. I really think that picture should be changed!

Derek F: as a father of a 16-year old son, I should respond to your post. I certainly do not inspect the underwear of my son's friends and would have no idea whether it were clean or dirty. The only way I would know if he or she had an accident would be if there were a puddle or mess somewhere on the floor of the house. In that case I would talk to my son, not to his friend as this would, I am sure, cause real embarrasement. I would expect one of them, at least, to clear up the mess, but would certainly not communicate with their parents. Dazz, your explicit post tells me that you must be the opposite to me in a number of ways. I used to hold my dick down when sitting on the toilet, to prevent the pee flowing between the seat and the bowl and running down outside, but the toilets I use now have seats flush with the top of the bowl, so that there is no longer that risk. For some reason I find I enjoy a pee (when sitting down) better if I leave my dick to its own devices. Also unlike you I hate splashes, partly because of the work involved in cleaning up the mess and the thought that the second and subsequent splashes are with dirty water. In fact at one time I used to line the bowl with paper to prevent splashes. Nowadays I eat more fruit and vegetables, so that my shit is much softer, often mushy, and does not usually splash. However I often wish when reading the posts on this site that I could produce a good hard log occasionally. I notice that you wiped your dick; I do that at night for the sake of my wife, but in the daytime I just give my foreskin a squeeze. I used to shake it, but now find squeezing better. I ofter wonder how many men squeeze and how many shake; not the sort of thing you can ask the man in the street!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

I was sittin here lookin at all the posts and was gettin ready to go take a real good dump....Its been building up for quite a while and it feels like its gonna be a very healthy dump at that...I just got back from eatin at Ryans so it should be a good one...I also have to pee really bad too....Well, I just got back from takin my dump and it was very nice...2 nice size logs and a couple smaller ones.... I love taken dumps out doors, don't get to do it too often but it is really nice to go outside, nothing like a good dump out in the woods......I love watchin other guys take a dump also, it really turns me on....Me and and ex-bf always took our dumps right behind one another...he was 20y/o and was slim but he did take a nice healthy dump when he had to go...until next time...I love reading everyones posts and hearing all about the young guys taking their dumps....keep up the good posts...Later...

Derek F well lets see what would i do. The majority of people here like poo - so for a start - i dont think anyone would tell there parents or force them home!! I would perhaps discreetly confront them so as not to embarress them and tell them that i can find a change for them here!!! No need to leave at all!! A friend of mine works in a hardware store selling all kinds of home hardware etc - including toilets. He told me the other day they have literally 100's of new toilets all piled on top of each other waiting for people to buy them. Naturally there not connected or anything just a toilet bowl. Well apparently - some person unknown had been cut short and they found this huge turd in one of the toilets sitting on the ground!!! Go figure!!! Who would have done it in a crowded hardware store - must have been quick!!!

Derek F
Hello, me again, I am having a bad week this week, I must tell you that I normally only have an accident or sort of accident about once or twice a month although I do have skidmarks most of the time, but this month, what with not being at home as much and the nice wheather I seem to be having a few extra. I am at the moment sitting in a pair of y-fronts that my nan bought me for Christmas but there is poo in them from earlier this evening. I went round to a friends house to do a school project, and when we finished working on that we were playing on the computer but Matt's mum said that it was such a nice evening we should go out. We decided to go and play some football in the near by playing field. So we went back to my house to get my ball and so I could get changed into my short. Just before we went out both me and matt went to the toilet as i knew that if I didn't go I would probably need to go as soon as I got to the playing field. On the way to the playing field I farted a few times and I started to feel a very very slight need for the toilet. We played football for a while I whilst I was running I knew I would need the toilet quite soon. I told matt that I ought to go now but he convinced me to stay for a few more penalty practice shots. When I was in goal I really felt the urge to go so I told matt we should wrap up the practice and go home but I left it too late, I crouched down and let my hard poo slowly into my pants. Matt asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was just waiting whilst I waited for him to get over to me. As we walked off matt looked at me in a stange way, he said to me that he could smell somthing and had I farted, I said that I hadn't and it was probably a smell from the sewage works. When i got home matt went on to his house so I put the football away and headed into the house. When I got into the house my mum stopped me and started talking when she stopped and said, I think you better go to the toilet and then we will finish this conversation. I don't think she knew I had done a poo in my pants but just smelt somthing and guessed that I needed to go. It was a good job I had my black shorts on. I am still waiting for replies by the way, please post, I am sure that there are plenty of 15, 16, or 17 teen year old's who read these posts and have encountered similar experiences.

Hey everybody, I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you about a strange experience I had when I had to go outside the other day. I am a 19 y/o female, long brown hair, medium build with sexy features (or so I have been told) I was having a normal day, Sunday actually, and I had finished with everything I was doing in the house, so I decided to go for a walk. I usually walk along the dirt road that encloses the property that we have, people live along the ouside of the road, but not the inside, that is our property. Nevertheless, I had walked about a mile or two uphill on the rather warm night and was becoming rather hot, I stoped, but no sooner than I had I had to go number two, and I knew I had to because I usually go a lot (of poop) every two days, and it had been about two, two and a half days since I had gone. I new I better go here. I pulled my skirt down and looked back at the gulley which I was aiming for. *fart* a squeeky fart left me in a torent of gas, a bubbly fart followed it. My little bottom reverbirated with the exhales of gas. The bomb was in the tube and time to push was here. My but filled and my cheeks parted as I crackled out a mega poop. Uuuuhhhff! Uuuuhhhff! Come on! I coaxed the big terd. A good seven inches was hanging out of my little butt when I heard my someone walking down the road in the opposide direction from where I was coming. It was too late to pull out now, I just kept pushing. Finally the big monster let go of my ass and fell with a thud into the gulley and it was quickly followed by a two inch fatty and another soft mush ball. The person met me in the spot where I was pooping, fortunately it was my friend Sandy. She comented on my actions. "Wow Timber, never knew you were the outdoorsy type!" I told her neither did I. I asked her if she had anything to wipe with and she gave me some klenexes from her pocket and I thanked her. We actually talked a while there overlooking my load, then we walked up to her house. I told her how she found me. She said my wet with sweat little ass was shining like crazy in the pail moonlight, we just laughed. I think she said something about her having to go, maybe she will go outside sometime, I will tell you if she ever does.

Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm eighteen years old. My boyfriend introduced me to the forum after he showed me a copy of the survey that he had filled out and mailed in. I couldn't believe so many people could even discuss their toilet experiences, I thought I was unique or even strange until I read that there are so many folks who have so many interesting stories just relieving themselves. I can now admit that I have two big problems when I'm doing a poo. By the way I have no problems at all taking a pee. My first problem is that I feel terribly uncomfortable doing a poo in a public toilet if anyone else is there. Judging by your posts, I'm not alone with this problem - that's good to know. My second problem is different and I haven't seen anyone else mention it. I think it might have something to do with my fear of pooping when anyone else is around, but on the other hand I still suffer from this problem when I am alone at home. It may also have something to do with the fact that I am chronically constipated and on average I only manage two poops a week. Anyway what often happens is that when I feel the need for a poop coming on, it starts just as a gentle pressure in my bum. Just as a habit I always squeeze my bum hole really tight just to make sure I hold it in until I can get to the toilet. When I do get to the toilet and settle down on the seat the first thing I do is completely relax to wait for my poo to start coming out. The trouble is that as soon as I relax my hole the pressure goes away and I no longer need to go. This can happen two or three times in a row before eventually I get the pleasure and relief I am looking for. Also it's extremely frustrating spending so much time sitting on the toilet for no reward. My problem has also led to other difficulties that I will put in another posting.

Mr. J
I had an interesting experience last night. I was working a show ( I'm a musician) and the stars were assigned to the mens dressing room and the band was assigned to the womens. Before the show, I neded to pee, so I went to our dressing room. There was this young girl, sort of a roadie sitting on one of the toilets! I startled her, but she was cool and said it was alright, I could go ahead and use the other toilet. She talked to me all the while and she quickly finished up her business. I think she might have been pooping before I came in! She washed her hands and left. Somehow this sort of turned me on! Anybody ever have something like this happen to you, and how did it make you feel?

to kara: cool story...have any more?

On a couple of things. Someone here asked about toilet configurations during scouts. My experience was it depended where we camped at. When we went to Brown County in Indiana, the camp site had an outhouse where you mainly took a shit at. Most times, people pissed on a tree. For Summer Camp which was at camp Ransburg near Bloomington IN, each camp site had a pair of sit down toilets with no walls or partitions. There was a flushable john in the commons area where the mess hall, trading post was located at. The toilet got a lot of traffic around meal time and when I was there, there were many times I walk in there and there was someone taking a shit and other times, someone would come in while I was on the can. I look back and kind of enjoyed that. In over 20 years, we gotten more privacy conscience where there are hardly any facilities that are "open".
Dumping at work. Another person mentioned here that they go to another part of the building to take a dump, I do the same at my office. I go either upstairs, or way down the hall to take a dump. A friend of mine use to work at Golden Rule Insurance in Indianapolis and he usually went to the other end of the building to take a crap especially one wing where very few men worked at which meant more privacy due to infrequent traffic.

To DAZZ-Sounds a lot like me in the a.m.except,by the time i have to poop,i've usually peed,cause i pee as soon as i get up.I uaually poop about 20 min after i get up in the a.m.Great discription!TO DAVE-Real nice men's room story,don't you love pooing at the same time as the other stalls?Sometime,i find it quite exiting,and i think the other guys in the stalls do too.To BILL A-Boy,the suppository story was quite an old post,yes,it felt great.Yes,i gave my nurse friend one about a week after she gve it to me.I went over there one a.m. after not seeing for for about a week and she say"i havent gone in 4 days and i think i need a dulcolax,would you put in in for me " She didn't have to ask twice for i was excited at the prospect!So she stripped down and squatted down and i first put some K-Y on her anus so it would slip in better( K-Y is water soluable and cleans up much better than vasoline)I pushed it up into her rectum and put it up against her rectal wall which was full of poo balls and felt rather hard.Then we sat arourd and had some coffee and first i had to take a wicked dump.So she followed me into the toilet and i sat down and farted and she watched as a long,soft poo came out my asshole and she was loving it,and then,just as i'm pooing some mush,she says"OOOOH i gotta go now can we switch positions?"So i wiped my butt even though i felt i wasn't done and she quickly sat on the toilet.I asked her to sit backwards so i could see everything better.Guys,try this way to see one poop you can see EVERYTHING better.Then she started to push and she farted and some of the dulcolax was bubbling out as she farted.Then her anus stasted to push out ,and boy could this woman's anus push out.It must have pushed out i'd say and inch or more!Then these balls came out.There must have been 8-10 of these.Then she took a breather and said" i'm now getting these deep cramps across the left side of my ???? and i can feel it all moving down" I would love to hear her describe how her body felt as she was pooping.Then she said,"I want to push now,can I ?"Then she pushed and a hissing fart announced a real long turd which came out slowly and was in the water as it was still thickly exiting her anus,and she is groaning and moanig the whole time.Then the turd fellinto the bowl.It must have been 12-15 inches WOW I said " that was a monster that must have felt great" she said " my anus is tingling after that one.OOOH i gotta push out some more" and with that this small fart followed by a seemingly endless bunch of soft,carvel-like poo came out and it kept coming and coming and at this point so was my nurse!!She was filling up the bowl and i said 'Hold it a minute i think i better flush" and i flushed and it BARELY made it down.No sooner did i flush she started to poop all the inner-most part of her intestines.All this mush and squgglies and gas came out at the same time and she started filling up the bowl again!!I couldn't believe how much she was going.This nurse could poop!i tell you!I said to her" boy i wish you could have done this outdoors so we could see how much you pooped!" but it was the middle of winter so forget about that.At this piont she was just about done and she just sat there pushing out her huge anus and getting off and at this point,so did I.She must have pooped about 5 lbs or so.I had a lot of fun with her.We really explored each other's bodies and had a wonderful friendship.Oh yes, and we NEVER had sex at all!!Hoped you enjoyed the story Bill.REad one of my old posts about pooing in the woosd with my nurse friend.Now i gotta poo.My asshole is calling to me to let it open.More stuff later-Gotta go!BYE

Buzzy's post about scout camp brought back some memories of scout jamboree weekends with hundreds of scouts in one place. We could piss anywhere (usually up against a tree someplace), but the scoutmasters made it clear that you were only supposed to shit in a trench that got dug for that purpose. It was behind a blanket hung up as a curtain, but without much privacy. Having led a sheltered life up to that time, I remember how scary (and exciting) it was to squat over that trench (and pray I didn't fall in), and to look down at the astonishing contents. An amazing assortment of different shades of brown, and different consistencies, from hard well-formed stools to long coils to mushy puddles. We were supposed to throw some dirt in the trench after each use, but most guys didn't do a very good job of it, and the flies were unbelievable (every time a "bomb" hit, the flies would go buzzing up in a cloud!) This was many years ago, and I suspect that jamborees nowadays are more like! ly to have porta-potties than trenches. Modern scouts just don't know what they're missing!

Janine, super story!! At least your supervisor tried to even things out by taking her own dump, but I can sympathize about how you were embarrassed. Since you asked us all, I'm usually a quick dumper. I take about 30 sec's to a minute to get settled in and relax. Then I try to push just as little as possible to get things started - but for me it's best when I don't have to push at all. Those are often the dumps that feel the best! I usually do one large poo and maybe a small one or two. All of that normally takes about 2 min. With 5 or 6 wipes, the whole thing usually takes 3 - 5 min. Some people linger to read, but I've never liked to read on the can.

STL-Bob - I tryed posting a few days ago but my message never made it! Ok, have any of you encountered a house that the folks don't want the toilet flushed at night, because the noise might wake others up? My wife and I spent two nights at one of her aunts last weekend and heard several people use the only toilet in this house during the night, many of them pooping, and no one flushed the toilet all night! I discovered this the next morning when I went in to do my morning poop and the toilet was FULL of many long, snaking turds! I had to flush three times for everything to go down, before I could do my poop. After I finished I went into the kitchen and met up with the aunt! After a little chatting, I told her about the unflushed toilet and she told me that their practice was not to flush the toilet during the night. She then said that this was not usually a problem, but went they had company it did sometimes mount up! Anyway, just had to ask if others have encounted this practice?

Jeff A: Thanks man! It does help to know that you understand. It must have been awful having the girls in the bathroom watching you go. Did they watch you poop or just pee? In my case there were times when the girls would be in the bathroom when I was letting out the enema. I recall once that they (my sisters) had two friends over and they were all doing their hair in the bathroom and I had to go in with no clothes on at all and evacuate the enema. I was 15 and the girls ranged from 13-17 and they all made fun of the smell. One of the girls was in my English class. This was the worst event other than losing it on the kitchen floor and I had to sit near that girl everyday in school knowing that she had been there and seen me naked and pooping. I felt like worthless trash. I do date an older woman now who gives me enemas and she treats me with the care, and love, and respect that my mother should of given me. My sisters have apologized to me and this has helped.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

To the Anonymous poster, Thanks on that page 120. The program that runs the selector is going to have to be checked to find out why it can't calculate the letter combination for 120.

Derek F
Parents, I was just wondering, if your sixteen or seventeen year old son or daughter had friends round and you thought one of them had an accident or if they were staying for a couple days and you thought one was wearing dirty underwear, would you, a) confront them about it and tell them they must change or go home.
b) Give them the opportunity to confess and if they say they haven't done anything leave them alone.
c) As above but if they don't confess tell them they must change or go home.
d) Do nothing a leave them alone.
e) do nothing and tell there parents
f) do a b or c and tell there parents.
I was just interested what other parents might do because of my experience. Please reply, nobody seems to reply to any of my posts, even if I ask questions directly, is it because I am only 16 or don't you like my experiences.

Great story Janine! Love to hear more.

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