I'm sorry if that was a little bit overboard Moira(UK), but I figured she'd enjoy it too, because she has enjoyed it before. And I'm also sorry that it sounded like I purposely set her up, because that's not how I wanted it to sound. Hey PPP, I like your brief story about purposely pooping in your pants and I'll admit, it does turn me on. If you have any other stories of when you used to poop your pants, please tell me. By the way, are you male or female? Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

Jasmine.......I'm still here, just been not much to write about the last few weeks. I did have quite a good shit this morning though, it actually came on while I was here reading through the last few days of posts!!!! This happens a lot as I often read these posts in the morning and I'm usually a morning shitter. Anyway, I started to get that lovely full feeling in my rectum and very full it felt too. I went into the bathroom, stood in front of the toilet and pulled my jeans and undies down to my ankles. I sat down, holding my dick down with my hand. I always point it down into the bowl with my hand so as to prevent it touching the inside of the bowl. I relaxed my bladder and let a nice strong stream of wee flow into the bowl. This went for about thirty seconds or so before coming to the usual dribbly end. I sat there for a few moments, just savouring the feeling of my poos gently pushing against my anus. I love the build up just before I push out my poo, it almost feels as good as when they actually slide out. I gave a little push, grunting a bit at the same time. A loud fart came out followed by the tip of the big turd as it started on it's way out. I could feel it getting bigger as it slowly slid out of me, a really big nobbly one this was!!! After another push and a bit more grunting, I could feel it taper off and speed up. It fell into the toilet with a loud "PLOP!" and splashed me right up the anus and a bit on my balls and even the tip of my dick. I love it when I get a good splash!!! I could feel more there wanting to come out, so gave another push and a grunt. This time, a smaller turd came out quite quickly and landed with a little "plop" giving me a little splash on the buttocks. I felt empty but very satisfied and my anus was tingling nicely from stretching to let out the poos, this did get me very aroused!!! I looked into the bowl and saw the two turds lying there side by side, the big one about ten inches long and two wide and the smaller about six inches long and about an inch and a half wide. They were both nobbly and had sesame seeds in them too, I'd been to McDonald's yesterday and those seedy buns do it to me every time. Those greaseball cheeseburgers always seem to make for good shitting too!!!! I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and got to work on my bum, first wiping off all the water that had splashed onto me. I got some more paper and went to work on my anus, it only needed to be wiped twice as the poos were quite firm. I then got a bit more paper so I could wipe the last drops of wee of the tip of my dick. Next thing I pulled up my undies and then my jeans, turning around so I could push the button and watch all the shit and paper getting flushed down the toilet, so it could begin it's journey to the ocean.......

To SANDRA-Nice story about pooping in the phone booth,although i would not want to go in there to make a phone call! TO JANINE-I loved the graphic discription of the pooing in the ladies room,keep those stories coming as i'm sure you're doing a great service for most of us on this forum.I would have love to have been a fly on the wall for that one!!TO DANIEL(UK)-i was in the boy scouts when i was a kid and we didn't have any bathrooms or outhouses when we went on camoing trips. We just pooped in the woods or wherever.It was fun cause sometimes we did it in groups of 3 or 4 of us.One time there were 3 of us on a hike and one guy said he had to take a dump and we both said "so do we"So we pulled down our pants and faced our butts towards each other and 2 of us farted real loud and pooped.One of the guys was done in a few seconds,cause he had loose poops come out real fast.Me and my friend did these long firm poos that came out slow,but then halfway through,mine came out softer a! nd faster.Then we all compared our poops.I guess we were about 10-11 at the time.The one guy just had a pile of loose mush.Me and my other buddy had these long sausages and mine had some soft poop on top of the long one.We di this a few times.Speaking of poop,i gotta go now.I feel my anus starting to pucker out to explode some stuff.Gotta go..BYE

Donny, sorry it took so long to respond. As far as wiping bottoms goes, I usually am just happy if they do (I'd rather them wipe themselves than me do it for them). But with the older ones, I usually tell them to wipe front to back from behind. I have told them to lean forward before. One girl in particular. She started to cry because she had cramps (she told me her ???? hurt) but she couldn't push it out. It seemed to help. She passed a huge corn cob. She wiped herself. Most of the kids are taught to wipe at home I think. I don't have to say anything often to the ones that are close to being completely potty trained. When they have accidents I wipe for them. A couple will help but most I tell to "Touch your toes" and clean them up that way. Hope this is of interest to you. Bye, Rae.

Chris C.
Just a quick reply in regards to how to wipe... Like some others, I generally stand up to wipe, but allow me to share some details on it. For instance, if I take a messy dump (ie: requires alot of wiping), what I generally do is wipe once after only lifting my butt off the bowl slightly. If it is REALLY messy, then I'll do it again. Then for the remaining wipes, I stand up, but tend to stick my butt out behind me thereby opening the area a bit wider. If it's a clean dump, I may just stand up for the first (and possibly only) wipe. The other night, we dined with a friend and when we got home, I pretty much had the loose shits for about 10 minutes (this is quite unusual for me). Anyhow, in that case, I barely stood to wipe as it was really wet and burned. And while we're on the subject, why are some dumps so neat and clean and others almost impossible to wipe clean? Just curious!

To Janine, your recent story was terrific, just what i like to read, it was a real turn-on. Usually takes me 10 to 15 minutes to go, most times in the morning at work. I go to a restroom away from my office, my building has several, that way no knows me. I certainly would avoid going if I noticed my boss in there. Recently, at an airport I needed a good poop after my flight. The restroom had six stalls, I took one in the middle. I was seated and peeing when the stalls on either side were taken. They both quickly seated the guy to might right began peeing while the one on the right let out a huge fart followed by an expolsion of poop and several plops. Then the guy on the left farted rather long tapering to a hissing sound and a loud slash. Nothing was happening with me so I leanded forward an pushed, lifting my rear off the seat. That got things moving, I farted loudly immediately followed by four poos slashing into the bowl. I relaxed and farted a couple more times this time followed by some semi-watery poos. The guys on either side of me were finishing up now, but both were grunting while I was relieving myself. They both wiped eight to ten times. I did the same, approximate time 20 minutes.

Bill A
Buzzy, great story of your Dulcolax experience. Look forward to your reciprocal story of the one you gave the nurse when she was binded up! Would like to hear more Dulcolax related experiences from others as well!

My name is Shakira. I am 14y/o. Reya and I are school pals. She is a junior. I am a freshman. I took a laxative, senna pod tea this morning. Coming home on the subway with Reya, I got a mild cramp and it built up quickly. We got off at a major transfer point. We found a womens bathroom. It was old, dimly lit with no doors. I threw my school bookbag to Reya. I put paper on the porcelain toilet bowl rim. The seat was gone. I lifted my uniform skirt, pulled my black tights and white panties to my thighs. A wave of water and my undigested lunch came out of me. Boy, was I glad. I even peed. Reya handed me toilet paper. I was glad she was with me.

Last week I pooed in my school uniform,desperate as I was it all just gushed out as I sat in the middle of class.I am 15 years old and sat in poo filled pants in class. mega embarassing or what?

Not to be rude or nuthin' but what happened to the Daily Dump? This forum kicks ass and there are a lot of nice people here. Those who regularly have accidents -- there IS help available. Just ask your doctors and don't be ashamed. You aren't ashamed here, right? Anyways, I'm sorry about your frequent problems and I'm sorry that noone else has said it here yet (at least not that I know of).

Monday, June 14, 1999

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, but I've been catching up on the old posts and it's great reading! I will write soon and tell you about the experiences I used to have in Scouts when doing a shit outdoors, usually it in the morning, and it was done by everyone, sometimes in view of others. Many of the boys held it in for days and got so constipated that the scout leader always brought ex-lax for this purpose! I'll write more on this later. Nicky, I'm still hoping that you'll post soon. Knowing we live in the same city is kind of nice. Eric, I would have loved seeing you dump too. You must be such good friends to let Steph see you that way and not to get all hung up and embarassed! I always think when I'm dumping my morning logs "it would be great to be doing this with someone". Any of you guys have experiences of dumping with a friend, outside or on the toilet, or experiences from Scout days? If you went camping with Scouts, what sort of latrine arrangements were there, or did you just have a designated area where you simply squatted down? Well, that's about all for today, but it's great to be able to talk about this with all of you, and I'll write more soon. See ya, Daniel

The Crank
When I was 4,I had a lived in an apartment which had a squatting toilet.I know my sister used to carry me to the toilet and let me watch her doing a BM.I watched her as she strained large turd out from her anus,all this while talking to me.She was 7 at that time.I don't know why she did that.She always did have large bowel movement even now(she is now 20,and I'm 16,soon to be 17).I remembered once when she was 14,she passed out a very large turd which she forgot to flush.I found it by accident when I needed a pee.I peed on the turd and flushed it off.My mum would scream if she sees turds in the bowl. I miss those squatting toilets.You do not get as much joy in deficating in a bowl as with the squatting ones.God knows why everyone wants to "upgrade"to a toilet bowl. Buzzy,this might interest you.I read bike magazines in the toilet.I don't bike now as I have sold my bike to pay for my fees in a film making course. One more thing.Watch Hong Kong films if you want to see woman seating on the toilet.Some have extremely vivid scenes of them grunting.So far,I have watched 5 such films already.

Hi everyone! This is my first post. I guess I've been 'lurking' for a while reading posts. I enjoy these stories. Now i feel it is time to contribute myself. but first a little about me I am a 14 y/o f brown eyes and brown hair. Now as i recall I was about 7-8 at the time this occured. My family and some adult friends went to see a play. This was a formal thing so i was wearing a dress. After we had driven for a number of hours we reached the place where the play was and somehow I ended up apart from my parents and was with one of the family friends when she suggested going to the bathroom before the play. I had to go but the urge wasn't very strong at the time so i decided to wait til I reached my mother so she could take me to the bathroom. Not a good Idea! When we rejoined her she had just gone to the bathroom and we needed to go take our seats. I was becoming alarmed but thought i could wait for a while at least. Well during the play I was about to brust and was squirming all around. It was dark pitch dark thank god no one noticed. I knew i had to do something quick. Since going to a bathroom was not an option at that time. So i lifted my dress up somehow pulled my underware aside stuck my butt over the back of the seat and peed. Now i somehow only let enough pee out to let my bladder relax. There was an intermission soon after i had done this and still havign to go pretty bad I rushed off to find a bathroom and there i there I peed for at least a minute. Finally i was empty and i could watch the play in peace. Sorry so long. Did ya like it? Kara

I was at work the other day, when I felt the urge. I work on a large site, so there are a vast amount of toilets to choose from. The training centre is the best, because of the sound effects, but is not well populated, so I have found another place that gets plenty of custom. I walked in, and of the 4 cubicles, 2 were occupied. I went into the next vacant one, unfastened and pulled my trousers down, and then my underpants, giving a twang of elastic as I started pulling them down, and then at the end. I farted, and then proceeded to squeeze. I managed about 6, each one dropping with a distinct "plop".

hearing an occasional "plop" from each of the other cubicles. I finally had a pee, letting it spash into the water, and then wiped. One of the other occupants then left, but one was still ther after I pulled the chain and washed my hands. Time taken, about 10 minutes.

I mentioned, in an earilier post that I knew that from my bedroom, I could clearly hear everything that goes on in the bathroom. I used to like to listen to my girlfriend when she stayed with me. Today I realized halfway through a good hard pee that the two guys in my bedroom could hear me. Since one of them seems so excited about pee all the time, I bet he enjoyed that.

pissing dog
Hello to all! I found a way to piss if you are wearing a loose dress/skirt, no panties, open sandals, and it is raining hard. While you are walking, spread your legs a bit, lean to one side, and let loose. Your piss will flow down your leg and on to the sidewalk. Because it is raining, no one will notice. Just remember to wash your leg when you get home!

I go to a Community College and all of the hallways are outside. The bathrooms are seperate from the buildings and I went in there one time and saw that one of the stalls was closed. I heard some guy in there taking a really hard dump. I heard an occasional squeaky fart and he whispered "Oh God" and I heard some loud splashes.

HARRY/JEFF A - I'm a male smoker and I have to have my first one of the morning while sitting on the can. The combination of the smokes and coffee get me morning movement off to a quick start. I take my time, especially with my morning load. It's my wake-up time and sitting on the can with my smokes, coffee and reading material are critical to starting the day off right. BJ - I'm a 'stander' when I wipe, but only at home. I do lean over a bit to clean up better, but I just find sitting down while wiping is a little uncomfortable. I do sit while I wipe in public, though. BUZZY/TRAVELMAN - I will sit in stalls too when between flights. It's a secure place to be away from all those strangers, yet at the same time I can sit there listening to other men doing their deeds. For some reasion I find it exciting to listen/smell other men doing the same thing when I am. This is truly a great board. I could never image talking to my buddies about this stuff! But here I can. All of your have expressed yourselfs in some great posts. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh G.
Despite living in a region where water is cheap and plentiful, I like to do my part to conserve water. The houses are old here, and many have the downspouts connected to the sanitary sewer, a practice that's not allowed now. I imagine all these downspout connections will have to be removed one day. In the meantime, however, I have a rectangular aluminum downspout that disappears into a round terra cotta sewer pipe at ground level. This is terrific; I can urinate on the downspout, and the urine will tricke into the terra cotta (clay) pipe. I used to do this when I returned home from work at 4:00 a.m., when the street is deserted. I still do, but I no longer have that job, so I get home from work earlier. Also, I have installed motion detector lights, which light up and guide the way when someone climbs the concrete steps leading to the house. I can avoid the lights when coming from the house, not the street, but only if I stand really still. Inevitably, a passing car tripped the light while I was using the downspout urinal, shining a 150-watt light on me and my weiner, and on the neighbors sitting on their porch across the street, thus putting on sort of a vaudeville show for them. I've found that an embarrassing situation is best ignored, as if it didn't happen, so I finished up and went back inside. Of course, I could hear teenage female giggling for a time afterward, coming from that porch. Rection.

Derek F
In respone to PPP, When I was younger I didn't wipe my bum after a poo but now I do give a quick wipe but I have never done a poo in my pants of purpose. Sometimes I try and hold my poo to long when I am out and have a little accident but it is not on purpose. I have written about a friend called paul, not the one I wrote about yesterday but the one I have posted about previously from London, he is 17 and he doesn't wipe his bum when he goes to the toilet, by the way, how old are you. At school last week I had a little accident, I was going to write about it yesterday but I thought my post was long enough. It was in my science class, I had just done games and as it had taken so long to get back to the changing rooms and get changed that I didn't get chance to go to the toilet, I needed a wee and a poo, so once the science lesson had started I asked to go to the toilet but my science teacher said that I should have gone before the class and can wait to the end, I think this was because I am not very good at science and don't really like it. About 3/4's of the way through the class when I was doing an experiment I let a little wee leak out, luckily I had my black school trousers on and so it didn't show. About five minutes later my poo started forcing it's way out and a bit broke off into my pants. People around me were saying who's farted and someone said the smell was comming from me, I just laughed and said I may have let a little one out. With 15 mins to go I was worried I would be found out by the end of the class as more wee leaked out. At the end of the lesson the teacher told us to sit down and write our homework down in our diary, as I sat I felt the poo in the pants squash down. As soon as she said we could go I walked out the class so no one would notice my trousers and headed straight to the toilet, to my surprise there was only a small stain in my pants.

Sunday, June 13, 1999

I would like to recount the time I had an accident. It was when I was fourteen years old. My mother had sent me on an errand to a convience store to get some groceries. I had to pee really bad, but I was certain that I could hold it. It was a hot summer day and I had been drinking a lot of Cola. I went around the aisles, collecting the various items on the list. The urge to urinate kept going through my mind, and I was trying to push it away. My bladder muscles were straining. I knew that there was no washroom available at this particular convience store for the use of customers and I wasn't about to ask. I filled up my arms with the half dozen items I needed to buy. My heart was racing. I wanted to quickly purchase the items and get to a washroom to relieve myself. I could barely walk, because it made the urge that much worse. My mind blanked out in nervousness. I almost screamed out the word "no!" My body wanted to have its way. The urge to pee was too great. My bladder let go. It was like I was standing at a urinal, except there was no urinal. The pee drained out into my jeans. It soaked through my underwear and pants and started to make a wet stain. I conciously tried to stop my bladder from draining any further, but it was unstoppable. I lost focus of all my surroundings. The urine continued to flow, and the wet stain was getting rather large. I put all the items down on a shelf beside me as the pee was coming out. It flowed over the sock and running shoe of my right leg and started making a puddle on the tiled floor. Some of it fell inside of my shoe. Darnit, I had peed my pants in the middle of the convience store!! I cursed myself. "I'm a fourteen year old guy, I had no excuse for this to happen." Embarrassed beyond belief, I had to think of a quick exit from the situation. Luckily there were no other customers in the store. Only the clerk at the cash till to face... Forget the grocery items I was supposed to pick up for my mother, they can wait. I had to get out of there immediately. I looked at where the clerk was. Luckily, she was talking on the telephone. I headed directly for the door and left the store. I don't think she saw what had happened. I was worried that she'd think I was shoplifting, because of my hasty departure and call me back into the store, but she didn't. It was the middle of the day and it was a fifteen minute walk through a fairly civilized area to home. I had to cross a major roadway. I don't remember much of the trip home. The wind blowing on my wet jeans got cold quickly. A few people saw me, but they were strangers. I'd definitely say they saw the stain on my crotch and leg area, because I practically bumped into a man in my haste. The neighbors were out in their yard. I knew them quite well. The saw me but said nothing. Once at my house, I fumbled for my keys in my urine-soaked jeans and went in the back door. I quickly ran past my mother and little brother into the washroom. There, I peeled off my smelly jeans and stepped into the shower. The wet denim rubbing with the acidic urine made my thighs itch somewhat. I never discussed what had happened with any of my friends or family members. This had been the first of two times I peed my pants. At the time it was mighty embarrassing. You would think from this humiliating TRUE experience, I should have learned to not let it happened again, but no. I had one more accident, which I write about another time.

Hi. Steph, I do lean forward when pushing out, but I don't put my head between my knees. I rarely have that much trouble going (I've read some but not all of your old posts and you've mentioned being constipated a lot) but I'll try really leaning forward the next time I have trouble going number two. Traveler, those poopies I left were mostly "sinkers." I really was "grrrring" that's how badly binded up my bumhole was. Most of the time my s*** floats at the top with no problem. I wrote a couple of weeks ago that my mom gave me a suppository laxative last summer when I was binded up for four days; I am usually able to let out floating and stinky poopies once or sometimes twice a day. Janine, great story! I have taken some NASTY poops after eating at Wendy's and other places like that so I know what you're talking about. Love, Torie

Ryan - in answer to your question about anyone who dumped in their pants on purpose, yes I used to. I don't know why I did it, but it never worried me if anyone later saw my pants with poo stains in them. Come to think of it, I'm still not that bothered if anyone sees my dirty pants, although I do try to avoid doing it in them nowadays! Sometimes I used to go to the toilet but not use any paper and either wipe my bottom in my pants or just leave it until my next visit and see how much marking appeared. I was certainly not the only one at school with brown stains in my pants, far from it, but I often wondered whether I was the only one who sometimes did it on purpose.

has anyone ever been bursting to go to the toilet while they were out, walked into the public restroom, done their thing and then realised there was no toilet paper?

I work in the schools during the summer, taking care of the restrooms as usual. There are almost as many kids and adults in the school as during the rest of the year. Summer classes, scouts, various other groups, moms helping/hanging out/picking up kids. I see dozens of young moms using one particular restroom. So, I'll be in there cleaning and listening to them using the toilet. Some of them really have to pee/poop a lot. I'm sure that they hold it a long time in order to do it at the school bathroom. I listen to them talk; they relax and often talk about their bowel movements - one said that whe had not gone in four days and from the sound of it she was releasing a major load. At least 3 long turds plopped into the bowl. It really smelled and she started pulling off wads of toilet paper to wipe her butt and vagina. I counted 17 wipes. She pulled up her short shorts and exited the stall without flushing; I think she just forgot. Quickly she washed her hands and left. I looked in the toilet and moved the toilet paper aside to see what she did, and it was 3 huge turds lodged in the outlet of the bowl soaking in very yellow pee. The smell was horrific and she had gotten some shit on the seat while she was wiping. I flushed it and got a damp cloth to wipe the seat. There were several bad skid marks in the bowl but at least the next girls had a clean seat to sit on, that's the main thing.

Jasmine>> Sorry I haven't posted here of late, there hasn't been much to say, as the past couple of weeks have been more-or-less uneventful with my bowels...Until last night...I got the familiar feeling starting down my back passage at work, and being it was quiet at the time, headed for the guys restroom. I locked the door, unbuttoned my jeans (I wear Levis 501's) and started the process of eliminating the turds that had signaled for their release. I dropped 5 or 6 sausage length and about an 1-1/2 (3cm) diameter size, each with a "plop" plus got my butt wet from the splashes of each hitting the water...This all was overwith in about 2 minutes time. I wiped myself just one time, as the TP came back clean, and then dried myself off from the water splashes...Pulled my jeans back up, buttoned them, flushed and washed my hands...

Jeff A.>> To answer your question about smoking and taking a dump, even though I am a guy, when I first starting smoking several years ago, I do recall it stimulated my bowels into "overdrive" in that I had urgent signals relayed to my brain that I needed a toilet NOW!!! It was almost like taking a laxative, suppository, or having an enema done, as when I did get to a toilet and several large logs would just come out of me real easy like. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way anymore, as I have a feeling that once a person's body becomes accustomed to having the nicotine in their system, it is like any other drug in that the effect eventually wears off... Anyone else care to comment on this, those of you who do smoke?

Steph and Eric M, what a terrific story. I'm glad that you are such close friends and felt comfortable enough to take a dump in the company of one another. Eric, would you please share some of your experiences in the dorm. Did you take any memorable dumps? Did you hear and/or see a lot of other guys going and did you all become quite open about the activity as others in the past have indicated?

I know this has probably been discussed before, but can someone explain to me why some people wipe their butts standing up rather than sitting? I've read stories here from people who stand up to wipe, and I just find it a lot harder to do it that way. When you sit on the bowl, your butt cheeks open up and it's a lot easier to insert the paper into your anus to clean it. I usually stick the paper a good inch inside the hole to clean it out. When you stand up, your butt cheeks close up and it's a lot harder to get in there. Also, if your anus is very messy, standing up causes the butt cheeks to close up over the mess and it smears it around a bit. I think you do less wiping if you wipe while the cheeks are still open and the poop is more localized around the hole. When I try to wipe standing up, I always end up bending over anyway or trying to crouch down, and it's very uncomfortable. It just seems to me a LOT easier to stay seated and wipe. Can someone who wipes standing ! up explain why you do it that way? Is there any difference between men and women on this?

Jeff A.
CALEB: Don't feel bad about asking a lot of questions. There were no stated reasons for the things that happened to me, she just did them. She'd just say that "boys were bad." She did other things to me as well, but that's not for this site. Now that I'm an adult, I realize that she was deeply disturbed. As far as the bathroom door went, I had to leave it open all the time. The girls weren't given permission by word, (I guess I should rephrase myself), they were just allowed in the room to watch. It was almost like she wanted them to see me humiliated. Sometimes they would actually come into the bathroom and watch me while I went, and they were always there whenever I got whipped, which was frequently. There were times when I'd get the strap because I couldn't go. There was nothing worse for me, than being on display like that for all the girls in the neighborhood to watch. That's why your story hit me so hard. I tried talk therapy for awhile, with a great therapist who was helping me to overcome extreme anger. I never finished with the sessions though. It would probably take years. In your case, it must have been a living nightmare to be 16 and have this happen. That's high school age. My heart goes out to ya. I was in grade school at the time. But once when I was 13, my mother stripped me in front of her friend, and her friend's 11 year old daughter, to show her a rash that was spreading on me. I went to school with that girl, and she told everybody all about it, and I was ridiculed beyond belief! I read a great book about Male survivors of incest by women. It's helped me a great deal. I don't know enough about you to recommend anything, but I would check the library, or local book seller under Pshychology. I'm still coming to terms with the things that happened to me, as I'm sure you are too, but I have to get by in the world my own way!!!! This might be more info than you probably wanted, but, like you, I've never met another man ! that this has happened to before. I did learn though, that sometimes people can aquire a fetish over things from their past that were early traumas. Like I said before, you have all of my support, and can talk to me anytime.

But, on a pleasant note, after all of this gore, I'm happy to say, that I get really excited over pooping. I've learned that it's not at all unusual, and it's not sick. In fact, it's extremely healthy. I think everyone who posts here are really honest, and I love y'all t'death!!!. You're all proving that we don't have to live in a world with with a manufactured state of normalcy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with what we like, and I'm finding that many, many others share these likes along with me. I like the guys who like to watch other guys, because they're proving that they're strong enough to admit their likes to us, no matter how foreign it may seem to the rest of the world. I love their posts a lot!!! I've enjoyed pooping in the presence of other men myself. My personal attractions are to the ladies though. Women are the best thing that have ever graced our world, and I can't imagine life without them!!!! STEPH: thanks for your kind support. You're such a sweeth! eart. You're the reason the sun shines. A great big lovin' howdy to ALEX too!!!, and where's my buddy BRIDGET been hidin'? Also, to the ANONYMOUS POSTER: I don't think smoking on the toilet is restricted to women any more than men, it's just a time passer, or a way of relaxing. In the case of my old girlfriend, I believe she thought it would help to mask some of her smell. It was also an excuse for me to come in and see her on the toilet. JANINE: thanks for that beautifully descriptive post of the ladies room action. One thing that has always intrigued me to no end is the ladies room. Thanks for making it so vivid. I think I'm gonna be one of your biggest fans! By the way, it takes me about 5 minutes normally to poop, 10, if I'm drivin' some monster trucks. See ya, J.

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