Coprologist, flushing the toilet while doing a motion? that would spoil the whole effect! I have never done this and won't. Human excrement smells, it goes with the territory and is caused by chemicals called Indole and Skatole. Obviously sometimes the stink is worse than others, some foods and drinks make it pong terribly and looser stools usually smell far worse than solid ones. The smell of a motion after drinking British "Real Beer" or Bitter is pretty terrible and draught Guinness (stout) is worst of all, I have felt sick using a toilet after a Guinness drinker has had a dump. Each to their own, but I do not pull the flush until the motion is finished and I have wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers (panties), I like to see all I have passed. I have been told that striking a match in the toilet if one has passed a particularly smelly motion will mask the stink, but smoking makes things worse, Jeff A, as the two smells combine to make a worse pong, at least I think so. George and I only do two things in the toilet, pee and poo, no smoking or eating.

On the "blind" topic, I too was puzzled by this correspondence, perhaps the modern phrase of "visually impaired" is more appropriate.

Roger, I have had to use the urinal in gents toilet when I was in my teens, (see very old posts), and I stood with my back to the wall and the front of the urinal between my legs. As I related I also needed a motion at the time and the big fat turd came out and of course stayed behind in the urinal to the great amusement of the teenage boys I was with at the time when they went in and had a good look.

Dave NY, I feel sorry for your girlfriend having a big accident in her panties, although it did give you a buzz. I wonder why she didnt go in the bushes, as you say it was a woody trail. I would have gone in the bushes straight away had I needed so desparately. I cannot help feel that you "set her up" by telling her that your house was near and she should try to hold it in hoping she would do it in her panties as in the event she did. I dont want to criticise your fun but if that was the case its a bit unsporting to my mind. Personally, I feel that all toilet fun should be consensual and of mutual enjoyment.

Janine, I have often sat and had a motion in a cubicle or stall with other women or girls doing the same at each side. This was very common when I was at school. Many of us would need a motion after lunch and it gave many of us a buzz to hear the girl on each side also doing her motion, the "OO! AH! NNN!" straining sounds, and the crackling and "Ker-splonks!" as her jobbies dropped into the toilet pan. Often we would talk to each other, such as "That sounded like a big one Cathy?" or "I bet you feel lighter after that Moira" and we would often leave the toilet unflushed to look at what each other had done and compare results. Nowadays I have often sat in a Ladies toilet and heard the women on either side doing their motions and if I know the person we will talk quite happily. I have had interesting discussion on some legal technicalities with other female lawyers while we have been sitting on the toilet doing our motions, and just look at the scenes in the unisex toilets on t he TV program Ally Mac Beal where the lawyers of either gender often chat while using the toilet.

Ryan, I find it strange that you dont seem to find other peoples turds in the toilets. In public, shop, pub, works, toilets etc here in the UK its almost the rule not the exception and I have so often buddy dumped on top of some previous user's jobbie. When I was at school this was commonplace in the Girls' Toilets and my brother told me that this was the same in the Boys' Toilets.

Sandra, while I admire your boldness, if you did this in the UK you could get into a lot of trouble legally and I dont think people would fail to notice and someone would be bound to complain. Like most people I have had to have the odd emergency dump when I have been too far from a convenient toilet but luckily I have always found somewhere secluded to do it, behind a wall or building,in amongst some trees or bushes etc. I think Id rather have a big accident in my knickers, distasteful as this may be, than hang my arse over a gutter and poo in full view. Ironically enough, its only in the last 150 years or so that British people have been so private and public toilets have been provided. In the 18th century and before people did just piss and shit in the streets, and as water was drawn from wells etc its no surprise that illnesses such as cholera and dysentery were so common. There were men who went around with buckets and a cape and who, for payment, provided these comforts for the privacy of people, rather like a mobile public toilet. A story is told that a nobleman in the 16th century needed to shit and called on the services of such a person, the cape didnt cover him so he said "Hide my face, for they shall never gaze upon mine arse again!" Love to all. Moira

To JANINE: I don't have a story but my bm's usually take 5-10 minutes.

To Tony(UK): I agree with you that the picture needs to be changed!! I also want to tell you that I have swallowed something, a button and I did search for it in my poop. To find it i would look at my poop after i finished poop, and play with it, dig through it till it was found. It took a few days for it to pass. To Rural: I think that Is common for that to happen, poop after breakfast, especialy while on vacation. I know when i was younger and i would go away, it seemed like my grandma would poop right after breakfast. Some how that would get me neverous and i would have to poop too. I guess this is because we would go out and i would just get nevrous. To Ryan: cool story!! I've had dreams latly about poop and stuff the first one was that i was in school(12 grader in the fall)and i asked my 10th period teacher if i could use the bathroom, she let me and then all these kids from my one class were in there, girls too. Then 2 nights later i had one that i went to pee at school and there were a bunch of guys sitting on the toilet, some i knew others i didn't know. I peeked In through the cracks. All your storys sound cool and i like them. Keep them coming. I prefer my feet flat on the floor. Your picture was a little hard to understand. The other day i went to pee and i had a ice cube in my mouth and it fell into the toilet by accident. Yesterday I was watching a movie on AMC(early 1980's movie) and this kids nick name was Big M. Another boy said is that short for BM? Get it? I like every ones post, keep them coming especialy other kids/teens. I really enjoy the kids and teens stories. Sorry for the long post today. Bryian

Jeff A.--I don't smoke, either, but I remember when I was a college freshman (Fall of '71), and three of my friends and I were sitting around in our dorm talking about this and that. One of them told about going to use the pot earlier that day, and her business started coming out--but then stopped. It wouldn't continue forward, and it wouldn't back up. It was just stuck halfway in and halfway out--and she was VERY uncomfortable! She strained until she was red-faced but without results. A friend offered her a laxative, but it was slow-working, and she wanted more immediate results, so she asked the friend to bring her a cigarette and the means to light it. She began smoking, and she got so relaxed that, pretty soon, that log just slid on out and landed with a big SPLASH! She was a chain-smoker, anyway--smoking anytime she wanted to mellow out--so I guess it had to do with being relaxed.

I've just finished taking the survey. I tried to take it once, and my computer froze up before I had the chance to submit it. This time, I got all the way through it. It's interesting to do such an intense study of my bathroom habits--and to compare them with what has been tabulated as the average at this point. It only confirmed what I already know--that I'm a pretty healthy go-er for a middle-aged, overweight woman.

Derek F
Hi everybody, some great post have been comming. I enjoy the posts from the girls with the weak bladders, I sometimes get a little wet when I am running and I badly need the toilet. I am actually writing about what happened to me last weekend when I was staying at my friends house, it was very embarrising. I went round his house on friday and we were going to a theme park on saturday so I was staying friday night as well. I didn't want to take too much stuff as I was cycling over so I just took my pj's and pair of shorts and t-shirt and two pairs of socks with me. Me and my friend paul stayed up most of friday night talking and then early saturday morning we left for the theme park with pauls parents, it was about a two hr drive to the theme park and I fell alsleep. When I woke up I felt the need for a poo so I asked his parents how long it would be before we got there and they said it would be about half an hour. I could also feel the need for a wee but I didn't want to ask paul's parents to stop so i just held it. I was wearing my shorts which were the sports white sort, kind of shiney, if you wear coloured underwear you can see them through these shorts but I mainly wear white underwear as I was this weekend. As we got in sight of the theme park I couldn't hold it all any longer and I let a small lump of poo out into my underwear and as I did it a little squirt of wee leaked into my underwear leaving a small wet spot on my shorts. When I got out of the car I thought that pauls parents might notice the poo through my shorts but nothing was said. When we were getting our tickets a little more poo came out into my pants but not the whole load but a bit more wee squirted out and made the wet spot even bigger. Once we were in the gates paul's mum said right lets all go to the toilet and then you two can go off on your own until lunch. I wondered if pauls mum had noticed my wet spot. Anyway we went off by ourselfs until lunch and then we went off in the afternoon by our selfs before we had to go home. The last ride we went on me and paul both got soaked by jets of water and my shorts were clinging to me as was my t-shirt, pauls parents made us wait until we were dry before we could get in the car. I thought on the way home that I was lucky that no one had noticed my little accident and that my underwear wasn't visible but when we got home paul's mum and I were in the kitchen on our own and she asked me if I was feeling ok, so I said I was, she said she thought that I had a little accident and would I like to borrow a pair of pauls underwear. I told her that I hadn't had an accident and my underwear was clean, I am 16 and I certainly couldn't admit having an accident, being confronted about it was embarrising enough. She said ok then and nothing else was said. Sunday morning when I got up I put on my underwear and short again and headed down for breakfast, after breakfast I needed a poo again quite urgently but paul's sister was having a shower, they only have one bathroom so I had to wait. While I was waiting me and paul went into the lounge and watched tv with his parents so we led on the floor and while I was led there I couldn't hold my poo and a long hard poo started comming out into my underwear, luckily I had already had a wee so I didn't wet myself, I knew pauls parents would smell something and probably see it so I quickly and carefully got up as I was pooing and said I was going to the toilet. As I got to the toilet pauls sister came out so i could just go straight in and empty my pants. As I came out pauls mum stopped me and said are you are sure that you are ok, so I said yes why? she said that she thought I looked a bit pale and had left the lounge very quickly, she then said that paul sometimes has accidents and it is nothing to be worried about but I told her that I just made it to the toilet, I suspected she knew I had done a poo in my pants but I think I got away with it except from the embarrisment from pauls mum. I have been round to pauls again this week after school and whilst I was changing out of my uniform in to my jeans pauls mum came in and saw my underwear, I hoped they looked clean this time. Does anyone else have any clothes which give you away if you have an accident, please post.

Saturday, June 12, 1999

On Blindness: In America, at least "blind" means vision that is worse than 20:200 after correction. It does not neccessarily mean that the person can't see anything, although being able to see what was in one's underwear seems like more vision than I would expect of a blind person. Back in college I knew a blind person who could actually read, albeit with great difficulty. He had to hold the paper perhaps 1 inch from his eye and very slowly move it along--it took effort to make out each letter and trying to follow lines or the like was a real nightmare (I never saw him read more than a word or two, at perhaps 30 seconds per word.) By daylight, he could normally see where the sidewalks were, but in general objects on the sidewalk were not visible to him. (So he wouldn't wander into traffic but might bang into a signpost if not using a cain or his dog.) As for using a computer--there have been screen-reading programs out for many years now. It's slow and awkward, but it does work.

Yesterday I was shopping during my lunch break and was walking on a busy street when I needed to poo. Now that summer's here, I wear stockings instead of panty hose and I hardly ever wear panties - this makes for easy public pooing. I went over to a payphone and pretended to make a call, planning to poo on the sidewalk standing up which I do often. I parted my legs slightly and let go. I could feel a turd slowly coming out but it was massive and wouldn't come out while I was standing. I knew I needed to squat and was cramping. Next to the phone was a mailbox so I went over between the phone and mailbox and squatted with my bottom hanging over the curb - I had hiked my skirt up just enough to go although my stocking tops were visible. I pushed and the turd started to make it's way out. I also started to pee. It's amazing how nobody seemed to notice, then a woman came over and asked me if I was OK. I replied that I was and she volunteered to shield me from the passersby and said! she'd been in a similar situation. The turd was still coming out. Finally, it dropped into the gutter and I stood up. I thanked the woman and looked down at the turd. It was about 15 inches long and the thickness of my wrist. I then went back to work where I did another huge the ladies' room (with the stall door open, of course!). Next time I'll tell you about pooing in a store changing room!

Hi guys! Torie, yes I had diarrhea only a few times while AI was at school (K-12). My guess would be that I had to pee (only) about 85% of the time and do *both* the other 15%. I never had a problem taking a dump at school when I had to; it's just that I rarely felt the urge to do so. I know exactly what you went through when taking that dump the other afternoon. Did you lean forward (and/or do you normally lean forward) when trying to push? I find that putting my head almost between my knees helps when I really have to push. I'd be glad to give you some more pointers if you'd like. I'm glad you were able to go number two; all that straining was worth it. I love ya too!!!! :) Bill, thanks again for your comments. Eric was very happy about the whole thing, especially since I wanted him there. We did have a "deal," if you want to call it that, of "I'll show mine if you show yours," but I wasn't expecting him to go in front of me immediately afterwards. I was as awarded as he was. Caleb, I agree with Jeff A. that your story was very disturbing. Your mother clearly has psychological problems with men; I don't know what happened to her to cause her to act that way toward you, but there's no excuse for what happened. Jeff A., you are one of the coolest people on here and I'm sorry to hear what happened to you when you were younger. I'm a feminist and am quite aware of male violence toward women [though, fortunately, have never been a victim]; the couple of posts I've just read (Caleb/Jeff A.) are indicative of the comparatively rare, but nonetheless serious, problem of female violence/abuse towards men. Peace and love to everyone, Steph

For women who try to urinate while standing at a urinal... wouldn't it be a bit easier to turn, facing away from the urinal, bend over, and aim for it backwards? That would seem to replicate the usual squirting action better.

Stinks in the bathroom are easy to minimize. As soon as the first few turds have emerged from your poop chute, FLUSH the toilet. Resume your BM, flushing after every few turds. By frequent flushing, no smell builds up, and you do not leave skidmarks in the bottom of the toilet. Much better than deodorant aerosol sprays.

Torie, from reading your posts, it doesn't seem like you usually have a problem with constipation. But in a recent post you say "nothing was coming out," "I really pushed hard making 'grrrr' sounds" and "six little poopies laying at the bottom of the toilet." There's a connection in that, you know. I can't recall any of us talking about it here, but it's the thing about "floaters and sinkers." Supposedly, if your turds float, you have enough fiber in your diet. And if they sink, you don't. Anyone else ever hear that? Your "sinkers" might explain why they were so small and you had such a hard time geting them out. I don't know about others, but I love a motion that's so effortless that it's almost automatic - it just feels great! But if I have to strain (which I don't very often, luckily), then it spoils the good feeling for me. Travelman - welcome! We have similar handles here, but it looks like you travel a lot. I don't travel often, but when I do, it tends to be ! a long trip, sometimes to places with exotic facilities. I really appreciate this group - love to all!

Jeff A. Thanks for understanding my situation. I am wondering in your case why this woman did this to you? What was her STATED reason? My mother claimed that the doctor said I needed enemas. How old were you before this stopped? When you say the girls were given permission did the woman actually say "go ahead and look"? Did you have to leave the door open all the time in the bathroom, or only when you were punished? I too have had therapy but still deal with the whole pooping thing. What kind of therapy did you have? Sorry for all the questions. I've never discussed this with anyone else who had the same experience for.

Jeff A. - interesting story about the 16 year old. Never being a smoker (and never will be), I am amazed at the number of people who regularly smoke on the bowl while dropping a load - this especially seems to be more so with women. Does anyone have a theory on this, and why it is so common? Is it just force of habit or stimulating in any way? This is probably one of those things that only a smoker would understand - would any women like to share their thoughts and experiences on this?

I had an interesting experience recently which you may enjoy. I was doing some work at a customer's factory. I was there most of the day and had lunch at the canteen. Afterwards I went to the men's toilet. A youngish man in his early twenties went into the cubicle (stall) next to mine. He was quite slim, I'd say about 9 stone (126 pounds). I only needed to pee but I listened as he farted a loud squeaky fart then took a deep breath and strained. "NN! AH! UH! PLUNK! UH! AH! NN! PLOONK!" he had obviously passed two hard balls and I wondered if that was all he was going to pass. As if to answer I heard him again breath in and go "NNN! NNNN! UH! AH! NNN!" and heard the familiar crackling sound then KERSPLOONK!.......KUR-SPUL-OONK!...KERSPLONK!" as three big solid jobbies dropped into the pan. I then heard him do his pee, no doubt the collection of big turds in his back passage had stopped him urinating, an experience I often have myself. He must have looked down the pan at his efforts as I heard him say "Wow! Nice big ones!" to himself.! Now he DIDNT pull the flush so I guess he wanted his turds to be seen. I waited till I heard him wash his hands and leave the toilet and quickly went into his cubicle. In the pan were 2 small balls the size of a golf and (billiard)pool ball but there were 3 big fat jobbies the largest 9 inches long the other two 6 inches and 5 inches each. I imagine he was either constipated or had been holding it in on purpose for a few days. David, nice to hear from an older person. Im in my forties and I get the feeling that most contributers are either of that age group or late teens and early twenties. I wish more people in the 50+ or even older catagories would write in with their experiences or were people of that age group too inhibited about defecation owing to the way they were brought up? Oldies, please write in Im sure lot's of us would love to read yout toilet tales! David W. I DO know of a case when a pupil did intentionally soil themselves to get out of punishment. When I was in Secondary (High) School we had a Maths Lesson and one day we had homework (assignments) to hand in. Now the teacher (male) in question was quite harsh and gave physical punishment (the cane- now banned in British State Schools) to those who defaulted. I knew this particular girl hadn't done the homework and she was quite worried about it. Just as we got into class she stood up and said she had to go to the toilet urgently. The teacher asked for her homework first but she then stood and we heard a fart and a squelching sound as she did a motion in her knickers (panties). When the other pupils worked out what had happened there was an uproar and it took the teacher a few minutes to restore order and send the girl to the toilets with another girl. Needless to say the question of her homework assignment was forgotten. Many of us felt sorry for her thinking that fear had loosened her bowels but I later found out from a mutual friend that her motion had been solid and formed but she had considered it the lesser of two evils to have the discomfort and shame of shitting her knickers than the pain of being caned. Im glad that such barbaric punishments are now banned in British Schools so modern pupils will not be faced with such a nasty scenario. Moderator, any chance of a change of picture at the top of the page. The afro girl at the top must be finished by now? By the way have any of you out there ever swallowed something and had to search for it in your turds? How did you go about finding it?

I had a big breakfast this morning before i went to work (i'm a waitress). While working I had several cups of coffee which caused me to have to take a dump. I usually try to wait until I get home, but this morning I could not. I went to the ladies room and much to my embarassment it was very loud. Several of my customers were looking at me funny when I came out.

I have known MaryJess for about five years now,we are both 23 yo and work together.A couple of days ago it was my turn to drive so when i got to her apartment i let myself in as i usually do and yelled out i'm here are you ready? And MJ said back here i'm in the bathroom.I walked into the bedroom and when she heard me comeing closer she said you don't want to come in here it stinks,so i sat on the side of her bed to wait and noticed that since the bathroom door was open i could see her sitting on the bowl by looking at the full length mirror.I had seen my friend in her bra and panties a few times and once while i was waiting for her to dress she removed her towel and i saw her in the buff which was no big deal but now she was sitting on the bowl nude and was in the middle of a hard shit since i could hear her straining and see her shifting around on the bowl and even heard a plop or two. MJ spoke to me all thru her bm and i don't know if she knew i could see her or not but i'm sure she knew i could hear it since when she let out some loud gas she said excuse me.A few minutes later she got up to wipe and i saw her use alot of tp like i do,wash her hands and she then walked out in the nude to dress and said to me i hope you don't have to go,you dont want to go in there,and i took her word for it.

Was just remembering an experience on a winter vacation from a few years ago. My wife and I and another couple went to Florida together for a week. They had business for a couple days and we visited relatives, then we met at Daytona Beach for a couple days of sun and fun. We had camped and traveled together before and had visited several nudist resorts, so we weren't shy about sharing a hotel room to save a little expense. We never buddy dumped, but in most motels and hotels you can pretty much tell what's going on behind the not-so-soundproof bathroom doors. This one morning we all went for midmorning breakfast at a nearby IHOP restaurant, spending a leisurely hour and a half, then walked back to our hotel to get ready to spend the day on the beach. Interestingly enough, we all had to take a dump at the same time! We took turns based basically on who felt they could hold it the longest. The other wife went first, then me, then my wife, then the other gentleman. Needless to say, the fan in that bathroom was working overtime to deal with the smell from all four people. And it was failing miserably! The four of us really stunk up the place and of course it spread into the whole room. We all quickly got our swim suits on and and got out of there fast. We were short of towels, but the maid was just cleaning the room next door, so I stopped and asked her to leave some extras, but told her she might not want to go in there right away!

Hey.... What happened to Dazz and Harry? Their posts are always very interesting and detailed.

To Jeff A. - Wow!! That story was pretty cool and similar to what me and my boyfriend had experienced in high school. It's good to know I'm not alone in having done stuff like that. Hello to Torrie and yes, Buzzy, we small to medium-sized girls CAN produce large, smelly poops!! OK, since I know you guys are just dying to hear another story, here goes. The other day I started working for a firm downtown as a clerical assistant. (as you'll remember I'm 19 and this is just a summer job to make some extra cash for college) Anyway, I basically do gopher work and clerical stuff, basically not a lot of skill necessary. Anyway, It was my first day and we get an hour for lunch. I was really hungry so I went to Wendy's and got a quarter pound double stack with bacon and extra large fries!! I knew it would wreak havoc on my system, but I was hungry! So, I went back to work and about an hour later I felt the strong urge in my intestines that told me I really had to take a dump. So, I went to the women's restroom (which I had never been in before) and I found that it had 3 stalls and was fairly small. Much to my dismay, all 3 were occupied!! So, I had a seat on the chair in the room to wait for a stall to become open. After about 5 minutes of waiting I came to the conclusion that all 3 ladies were pooping. (I guess I wasn't the only one to poop after lunch!) I'll give you all a description of what I could hear and see. In stall 1 (furthest to the right, furthest away from the door) looked like a girl wearing tennis shoes with jeans around her ankles (I couldn't see the panties). she was up on her toes and I could hear her give a soft grunt every now and then but nothing major. Stall 2 (in the middle) was having some fun! It was a lady in a black skirt with black high heels and she was having major diarrhea. Liquid shit seemed to be coming continuously from her and she was softly moaning and it was beginning to smell quite strongly in that bathroom. Stall 3 had on brown doc martens and khaki pants and was not making any noise, but she had been in there the whole time. I waited another couple of minutes and by now I really had to take a major dump!!! I thought I was going to poop in my pants!! Luckily, the most unlikely candidate opened up first. The lady in the middle stall (who I recognized as being a secretary she was about 5'4" with brown hair and brown eyes) came out and went to wash her hands. I quickly entered the vacant stall (which reeked to high heaven but was actually quite clean) and shut the door and locked it. I pulled my khaki pants down to my brown shoes along with my blue panties and rested my butt on the warm seat. The lady in stall one was now grunting quite a bit and I heard a lot of plopping. Stall 3 was also finally pushing quite loudly and a lot of farting was coming from in there! Anyway, I began to have what I call "constipated diarrhea." What I mean by that is that it is quite hard to push out but is real wattery and loose and smelly when it comes out. So I sat there grunting uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh and pushing with all my might for 5 minutes but nothing came. The other two ladies finished at the same time and the smell was unbelievable!! As I was letting out a major grunt, one of my supervisors came into the bathroom looking for me. "Janine, is that you? I was wondering where you went." "Yeeeeeeahhhu uhhhhh! In the middle uhhhhhhh stall" "Oh, I'll leave you alone, uh, I need you to file such an such a sheet when you get out." "oooookkkkkk" i grunted back. I was soooo embarrased!! Here was my supervisor, and she had just talked to me while I was taking a major dump!!! So, I grunted and pushed until finally the poop came flowing out of my butt. It was nasty! About five minutes of liquid and loose poopies, one after another, and the toilet was reeking. Some people came in and immediately left when they smelled the stink!! Anyway, I had been on the toilet for about 15 minutes, and was in the process of pooping out mush, when in comes my supervisor again!! She entered the first stall and began pooping, herself, all the while talking to me!!! I was mortified!!! I tried to get out of there as fast as possible, but my body was not cooperating! I couldn't stop pooping! I flushed the toilet a couple of times but my butt kept right on firing! The supervisor finished in about 10 minutes and asked if I was okay. I said yeah, juuuuuust having a major poop session!! "i understand," she said. Then she left. I pooped for another 20 minutes, flushing the toilet 4 times in the process. several people came in to pee, but left quickly when they heard the fireworks I was making! When I finally was done, (about 45 minutes after I first entered the stall) I wiped my butt about 10 times and then my vagina. I washed my hands thoroughly and left. I went back to work a little red faced, but feeling much lighter. gosh! I'm sorry this took so long! (kinda like my pooping that day) I even have a followup for that day if any of you are interested in my stories let me know. Also, if anyone has any experience with pooping and your boss, or whatever ( i remember someone saying it was hard to go while his boss was around) please share. Finally, RYAN - I use position 1 but if it is really hard and i have to push a lot, i use number 2. I love all you guys and your stories. One thing more, I like to know how long you all take to poop, so could you please include the time it took in your stories? Thanks much. Love, Janine

Hello everyone. Great posts! I had a funny dream the other night. I was in the bathroom and I went into the stalls and found mountains of turds in then I picked one up that was sort of a grey color. I broke it in half. I ahd more of a ligter brown inside. Wierd I thought. I know why I had this dream, it's because I am so desperate to find someone else's turd in the toilet. Everytime this year I went to dump the toilet was empty. No dumps except me I think. When I was in 2nd and 3rd grade I would find someone's logs left in the toilet. STORY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day when I was in 2nd grade me and this kid were crawling under the stall because this other kid was taking a big dump. A plop plop here and a plop plop there. I climbed up on this rail that was in the handicapped stall and looked down. He was holding a piece of TP and I saw a turd fall into the water. It stunk real bad too. That's all I can think of right now. Is anybody going to answer my question about feet positions. I prefer flat on floor.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been pretty busy finishing up school, but I do have a good story for all of you, especially the people here that get turned on by accidents. LOL It was just recently, in fact a week ago, that I went with my ex-g/f for a walk on a woodsy trail near my house. We were about a mile from home when she says she has to do a really big poop. I knew that it couldn't possibly be that bad yet, so I told her to keep on walking, and maybe it would go away. So we kept walking, and about 3-5 minutes later she complained to me again that she had to go. I told her to try and hold it in as well as she could since we were about 3/4 mile from my house. About a minute later, she was taking baby steps, and looked really desperate. We kept trying to walk, but about 10 seconds later, she almost doubled over, and I asked her if there was anything I could do for her, and she said, "Help me get my pants down." As soon as I undid the button on her jeans, she said to me, "Wait, damn, it's too late!" And with that she started pushing a really long, hard turd out into her panties and jeans between her beautiful cheeks. I was getting really turned on, but I knew she was feeling terrible. She kept pushing and the load in her pants just kept growing! It kept growing for the next minute and a half, and when she was finished, there was a load so big that it looked like her butt grew out a few inches! I couldn't believe that she could poop that much! She was crying though, and I comforted her a little bit until she stopped crying for the most part, and she walked another 5/8 mile to my house with the huge load squishing around in her pants and panties, running down her pants slightly, making them a dark brown color up at the top. I helped her clean up at home, but not before I put my hand on the load and squished it on her ass a little more. She got turned on by that, and started squishing it around her own ass a bit more until the back of her jeans were totally stained with her poop. It was a real mess afterwards, but it was good to get her cleaned up. Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

I have read alot of the post and found them most intresting. I have some stories to tell. First of all about a year ago. My parents were taking my daughter and I back home from a visit to there house, (they live about two hours from us). We had stoped to eat at Golden Correl about 45 min from ther place. I had eaten and had a stomach ache and had a urge to poop so I went to the ladies restroom and tried to poop but did not succeed. We headed on to my house wich was another 75 min away . Thirty min later I needed to go real bad by then I told my father who was driving to pull over now so I can go to the bathroom . He said there is not restroom here but i will go faster to get you to one. I ended up pooping my pants right then and there it was a mushy mess. We got to a restroom about 5 min after that it took me at lest 30 min to clean up also I had to go some more.

Friday, June 11, 1999

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