Jeff A.
I feel ambitious posting 2 days in a row! This one I feel is important though. Caleb: I found your story to be quite disturbing because it parallels my own, and brought back some evil memories. Not your fault, that's just life. I never got an enema in my life, but quite often received bare-butt whippings in front of neighbor girls, and was forced to go to the bathroom with the door open. This was also a punishment. I don't know what was worse, or more humiliating. Unfortunately for me, CSD (Children's Services Division) were never involved. I was in a care situation when my parents couldn't take care of me for awhile. The woman who did these things to me (and worse) had a daughter who was close to my age, and she and her friends were allowed to see me in these situations. I would urinate sitting down so I could hide myself a little better from everyone's view. I dreaded coming home from school, because I knew it would all start in again. It reminds me of your own story about the girls promising not to look, and then looking. They all looked at me too. What was worse, is the fact that they were given permission to do so. I definitely know the feeling. It's a real helpless feeling. It creates problems that stay with you for life. Fortunately, some therapy helped. I found out through about a thousand dollars worth of sessions, that my pooping pre-occupation (which was the hardest thing in my life to reveal) is not at all unusual given my situation. So hang in there!!! You've got a friend here. -J.

Hello guys! Reading your various posts gives me the impression that most of you are aged 10 - 25, which makes me feel old at 61, but what of it! We all do the same things in the toilet in one form or another. Last year I was on an organised bike ride and took the wrong turning at an intersection and found myself separated from the other cyclists. As it turned out I was glad I had taken the wrong turning as I felt painfully full and had to pee urgently. So I put down my bike, pulled down the front of my cycling knicks and peed by the side of the road for what seemed like an eternity. However at the end of this, although I did feel more relieved, there was obviously more to come, and that could only be from the anus. I am not used to shitting in the open, but managed to find some bushes, pulled down my knicks to the knees and squatted. Immediately there emerged a long soft snake, dark brown, which piled up on the ground. If I could estimate its length I would say it would have been about 2 feet if laid out straight. Of course I had no paper to wipe with, but fortunately there was plenty of long grass, which I used as best I could. After that I felt so much better and was glad ! to catch up with the others. I agree with most of you that peeing and shitting outdoors are highly satisfying (especially in the middle of a bike ride) :)

Hi Steph! This teacher was cool for letting Elayne go to the bathroom because some of our teachers don't let anyone out for any reason. Elayne would have had an embarrassing accident in her panties if she was in a classroom with one of the "bad" teachers. I heard the wet poopees coming out of her butt when we went earlier so I knew her diarrhea was wicked bad. You only had diarrhea two or three times all through school? That's good. I'm only in eighth grade but though I rarely have diarrhea usually end up taking a runny s*** at least once every grade. Steph, I know you've posted for a long time and I'm sure you wrote this before but I have a question. When I have to go to the bathroom at school, I'd say 70% of the time it's just for a pee and the other 30% it's for both. How often did you have to go poopees when you were in school? Thanks and I love you. Torie

To Party Pooper. A bedpan is a flat receptacle usually oval in shape (imagine a toilet seat with a base to it). It is normally only a few inches deep and is designed to be used by someone too ill or injured to get out of bed to use a comode (seat with a bucket built in to receive the urine or motion) or go to a proper toilet. The bedpan is slid under the sitting(or even recumbent) patient's buttocks and they do their business into it. Now this is okey if one is either doing only a small motion or a small amount of soft or loose stool but if passing a large solid jobbie it will very quickly press against the bottom of the bedpan making it difficult to pass then start to squash up, not a pleasent sensation nor what most of us who write to this site like to happen when we do a motion. I would imagine that someone having a bad attack of diarrhea could soon fill the bedpan to overflowing, again an unpleasent result. In the old days bedpans were made of stainless steel or enameled steel, imagine this cold against your bum cheeks! There are plastic (PVC) versions, but nowadays, especially in hospitals, disposable cardboard bedpans are used once then incinerated for hygiene reasons. It is possible for a fit person to squat over the bedpan dropping the turd unsquashed into it but I doubt if many hospital patients could do this and imagine the row from the nurses if you missed and wet or messed the bed! The chamber pot is a better option as this is like a larger version of a child's potty and is deeper and can thus accomodate larger turds. All in all, while these are useful to bedridden patients, it is far better both from the comfort and satisfaction aspects to use a proper toilet pan although a decent commode will do as long as the bucket is deep enough to handle the jobbies passed without squashing. On a similar aspect, once when playing hockey against another school when I was at Secondary (High) School, the toilets in the changing rooms were out of order so we were told to use the Girls Toilets in the adjoining Junior (Grade) School. Now these were okey if only a wee wee was needed but a couple of us needed a motion. The toilet pans were scaled down versions for young kids so when I did a big long fat 12 incher there was no "Kur-sploonk!" or any sound and half of the turd was sticking up out of the water nearly to the rim of the toilet pan. Naturally it wouldn't flush away! One of the other girls did a smaller jobbie, about 7 inches, but even this one stuck in the smaller toilet pan when it would have flushed away in a full sized adult toilet. Finally, a woman CAN pee into the type of urinal which stands off from the wall. Its okey if you have to use the Gents Toilets in an emergency but I would have to be really desperate.

Chris C.
Been a while since I posted, but lots of new and good reading to review since I was gone! Great to see all the new people. I read an entry (from another Chris) about irregularity. I was having a real problem with being constipated for awhile. I used Citrucil for aboyt a month, once in the morning. It really helped. I've been going daily every day for about 2 weeks since I stopped taking it. But there are other factors: I drink alot of water, and yes diet is important. Stress can also cause constipation. Several years ago I had the problem and my boyfriend (now ex) gave me some Ex-Lax to take. Never again! I was waking up the next morning (it was a weekend). I had the usual morning gas which I usually just pass - SURPRISE for me! I went to squeeze the air out and started to shit!! And since I sleep in the buff, this was not a good thing. I made a mad dash for the bathroom and blasted! So did Ex-Lax do it's job? Yes, I think I shit that bad about 2 or 3 more times. Be careful with drugs to help you crap - try you to use natural stuff. Otherwise, hope you all enjoy a great dump and an even better wipe!

To ANITA-Any green tea will help the odor somewhat,but never totally.I eat a lot of sushi and have green tea a lot.I would guess this green tea plus probably has some cloriphill[ sp] in it and that would cut down on the odor.To TRAVELMAN-I used to go on the road a lot a few years ago and i used to do the same thing![esp. at airports] That was the best.I would go in and wait til i had to poop bad and do it with a bunch of other guys pooping like crazy at the same time.Ther is [at least for me] a great sensation with pooing at the same time as someone else esp. when you both gotta go bad!Sometimes i miss those days.I should try that again sometime!To JEFF A-great post I wish I could have seen a cute 16 year old girl poo like a truck driver.That must have been super!Speaking of poo,I gotta go right now.My rectum is full hold on ............................ Been eating a lot of watermelom in this hot weather in the N.E. and when i poop,it's over in about 10 secs. No gas in the beginning just these turds that come out very quick followed by a long wet fart and more loose turds with watermelom seeds in it,but it feels good just the same esp.when i had it till i really gotta poo bad.Anybody else have this experience with watermolon? BYE

TO THE BLIND PERSON: Three things. One, how did you look at your messed pants if you are blind, two, hwo do you read these stories if you are blind, and three, how do you type if you are blind? I am not trying to be rude, I am just curiouse.

Steph: I hope you know what a gift you gave Eric! I can't imagine anything more womderful than the opportunity, having been invited to watch you. I can imagine the inteisity fof his thoughts, seeing you before him, pulling down your panties, sitting....hearing your pee his into the bowl, hearing your logs drop and watching you as you forced them out....All the while knowing that you WANTED him there! I wish you both all the best.

to the person who talked about their diarreah accident they had when they were 7 or 8. First, in your post you said you were blind, then you went on to say you were "looking" at your soiled undies. Maybe I do not know what blind means but I did think it meant that one cannot see anything

When I took a job cleaning school bathrooms I was surprised at the number of girls that use the boys bathrooms. They have this curiousity about the urinals and usually want to use them. After school, the crowd thins out and anyone staying after school can use the bathrooms freely. So one day I had just finished cleaning the girls bathroom and the floor was wet. A group of girls came up to me to pee and I recommended that they use the boys bathroom. They giggled and went into the boys. Two of them ran up to the urinals and used them by pulling down their shorts, facing the urinal and opening their vagina with their fingers! Instead of wiping when they finished, they jiggled and let it drip for a minute! They didn't flush so I got to look at their pee later on. They washed their hands and smiled at me on the way out, saying thanks, and skipped away to where ever they were headed. I know for sure they really enjoyed using the boys bathroom!

STL_BOB - Well it finally happened after over 15 years of donating platelets to the Red Cross. For those of you that don't know about this process, they place you in a chair and put one needle in your left arm to draw the blood out and another needle in our right hand to return your blood back to you after the spin-out the platelets. Anyway, the usual process is to hit the toilet before getting hooked up. This is most important since I donate a double dose each time, it can take up to 90 minutes with me being all hooked up in this setup. Anyway, this time I got to there late and they rushed me in. After I was all hooked up I remembered that I didn't get to go pee. I did ok for about the first 45 minutes but then the pressure got to bad that thought I would just die! Finally after another 10 minutes I told one of the nurses that I just had to pee and that was that. She looked at the monitor and told me I still have about 15-20 to good before she could unhook me! It told her that I had to go and either she unhooked me or I would pee my pants! She looked around and said she could get me a cup to pee in. With that I said yes, just do it! She pulled a screen over to the side of the chair I was in, and presented me with 32oz 7-11 cup. I still had control of my fingers so I unzipped myself, pulled out my dick, aimed it to the side and slipped the cup up under it and pissed away!!!!She stood just at the edge of the screen acting like she wasn't watching, but I saw here eyes widen! I peed for every, and when I was done, she quickly stepped in, took the cup from me. I used both hands to put my dick back into my pants and zip up. She said she was glad that I finally got to empty my bladder and that she didn't have to stop the platelet donation cycle! She took my pee cup to the toilet and emptyed it and then returned to move the screen. I had to laugh because she told me I wasn't the first that had to use a cup to go pee! I saw several people looking at me but I didn't care! Nothing else was said me having to pee and I completed the process and left. I'm sure next time I will get there in time to use the toilet before the put me in the chair.

David W.
To Ryan, nobody in their right mind would even think about purposely shitting or wetting themselves in school. At least not in my day. There was no such thing as political correctness and we would NEVER live such a thing down. It was bad enough just pooping in the toilets because the stalls didn't have doors on them. The teachers knew we hated it and would let us go #2 during class. You just hoped that your timing was good, meaning that no classes were going or coming back from recess. The first thing we would do when recess started was go into the bathroom. The first couple of kids would check all the stalls to see if anyone was there. If there was then everybody would try to crowd around the front to tease the poor kid trying to dump. Those with a bad view would go into the adjacent stall and stand on the toilet paper rack for a balcony view.

Thursday, June 10, 1999

Toledo (formerly Tree Whizzer)
To The Girl With The Weak Bladder and Pee Accident Girl: Don't feel so bad. One particularly obscure footnote in space history is as follows: Moments after Apollo 11 Lunar Module Pilot Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, Jr. stepped onto Mare Tranquilitatis (Sea of Tranquility) he pissed in his pressure suit! Luckily, the garment's designers had built it anticipating 6 & 7 hour moonwalks in which astronauts wouldn't have any other bathroom facilities to use (aside from re-erntering the lunar lander, sealing the forward hatch, pressurizing the cabin, doffing the space suit, taking off the undergarments, and finding a waste disposal bag, re-donning the space suit, depressurizing the cabin, re-opening the hatch, and continuing with the mission... not too practical heehee). So they equipped each suit with a condom catheter in one of 3 sizes; small, medium, and large (redesignated at the astronauts' request to extra large, immense, and unbelievable) hooked up to a hose which was in turn hooked up to a small triangular bag inside the boot of the garment! . Unfortunatelyfor Aldrin, Murphy's Law kicked in and his bag broke on one of his first steps; thus he spent his 2-hour moonwalk squishing around on the lunar plain. Hope ya enjoyed!

I enjoy being bare-bottomed and pooping. It's very erotic but it stinks as you all know. I enjoy stinking at home or in school (I'm a junior in hs. but if you are over at a friend's house or at a party and have to poop, it's real embarrassing to smell the place up. I read the other day about some stuff called green tea plus. It's supposed to take the smell out of poop when you add it to your food or drink it. Does anyone know anything about it? Stinking is part of a good, erotic bm, but there are some times it would be nice to pass a log without the odor!

A qustion to the women: If you visit a public restroom, which turns out to be very dirty, do any of you let go directly on the floor?

Pee accident girl, I was really interested to read your story about using a urinal. Both you and Graham seem to have sparked off some interest here in a subject which is rarely mentioned. Being from a family with only brothers and male cousins I too used to think that girls had to sit or squat to pee until one day a little girl we were playing with peed against the wall with all us boys. However she didn't use a device, just dropped her pants, stood with her legs apart and went like that. The stream seemed to come straight out forwards without any assistance and I don't remember her touching anything down there. I had almost forgotten the incident until after a football game at high school when a couple of the girls ended up in the boys bathroom. We were all a bit the worse for wear and one of the girls was so desperate to go that she pulled up her skirt and stood using a urinal in line with the rest of us and made a pretty good job of it. She said that she had always secretly wanted to try it but had never had the opportunity before. Then the other girl tried facing but ended up turning around and backing up to it. After that, sessions after football games became a pretty regular thing - for all I know they are still doing it somewhere ! It's easy for men because we can just aim where we want to but I suppose that some girls are built differently to others. Pee accident girl can you pee standing up facing a urinal without a device or do you always have to use a pee shooter. Also have you always tried different ways of peeing since you were young or is it something that you have just discovered. All the little girls that I knew never seemed to have much control and usually had to be held in the air when they were away from regular facilities.

Hi. Janine, I liked your story. Welcome to the group and I hope to read more of your pooping stories. Nyad, thanks for answering me; we seem to have a lot in common. By the end of school today, I really had a strong urge to go number two. As you know I don't have a problem with pooing at school when I have to go but figured I'd wait until I got home since I was leaving school anyway. I got home and went into my bathroom. I pulled down my pair of black stonewashed jeans and blue cotton panties and sat on the toilet. I peed out the spring water I had for lunch and than began to push. I knew I was constipated because even though I felt like I had to go poopees nothing was coming out of my butt. I really pushed hard making "grrrr" sounds that's how hard I had to go. After about thirty seconds of this, putting my hands under my hips and straining every bone in my body [talk about a workout :-)], the first hard poops dropped out of my bumhole. I pushed a few more times, each time tightening up everything in order to let it out. I then farted and let out a softer piece. I was done so I got up and looked in the toilet. There were six little poopees about one inch long laying at the bottom of the toilet and then a larger three piece one in the middle. I wiped my vagina once like I always do and then wiped my bum. Since it was pretty hard there was almost no s*** left on the paper after the third wipe; sometimes I have to wipe between five and ten times. There was no smell. Like I said before I can (and usually do) really stink up a bathroom when going number two. Love Torie

pee accident girl
hey all, here a pee accident that acctually happend today [june 9th 1999]. it was @ school. i was in class and we were watching a "sexual education" video and i really had too pee!but the nurse said i couldn't leave! apparently it was a special one about the stuff we didn't know [well i wasn't paying attention anyway] well it was a special sex ed class because it was after school and it lasted three hours!! anyway it had only been ten minutes so i was REALLY scared that i was going too pee myself!! anyway i acctually made it 2 1/2 hours but trust me i RRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! had too pee right then!!more then ever b4 ! seriously like more then all of the stories i have writen! anyway i had to go up too the blackboard and like point out shit about some organs or something. now remember how i said i have too pee more when i'm standing up......?? ok well anyway i got up and i clenched my lags together as hard as i could! when i got up someone said ! i REALLY funny thing and i laughed histaracly!! and then i just lost it!! pee was everywhere on the floor. the whole class stoped laughing and at first they just stared in disgust and then they all laughed i was SSSSSOOOOOOOOO humiliated!!!!!

the girl with the weak bladder: i really would like to talk to me please email me or give me your email address... and do u like peeing yourself [in privite], watching people pee themselfs, using urinals, watching people use urinals, peeing on floors or anything like that please tell me..

To JANINE and HELGA-love the stories,keep them up!I love the graphic discribtions, it leaves a lot to the imagination!To CINQUAIN-Great story!I too talk to people on the toilet,I do it almost all the time.Check one of my old posts on how i got rid of these pesky folks.If one of them called me while i was on the bowl and they wouldn't hang up right away,i would just poop and fart and made sure they heard it,and they would usually hang up pronto!Sometime they didn't.This one time ,a woman called from a bank or something and she would not hang up,so i told her to hold on while i answered another call.Then when i came back she was still on!Meanwhile i was pooping and farting from the time she called! When i came back on i knew she was still there and i pooped some more and grunted in relief.I think she was liking it somehow because for the next 3 days,she called at almost the same time in the morning.She got me pooping 2 out of the 3 days and i have to admit,i really liked giving this woman a show!There's this one girl who is an old friend who calls once in a while in the morning and we blab for quite a bit.I always have to poop,so i let her talk while i let out some hissing gas and start to drop the turds in the bowl.Then this one time,as i was on hold and i was pooing at the time,she came back on and i was pushing out a long gassy poop,I haerd her pass some gas and i could hear her pushing and the turds splashing in the bowl.At this point, icouldn't believe what i was hearing and i had to push some poops out too.So here we are,pooping on the phone at the same time!It was great.Then we were talking and i could hear her pushing as she was talking to me and i know she heard me!But no one admitted what they were doing!I would love to poop over the phone with some of you all too!.So the next time a pesky saleperson calls, get rid of them that way!( or make a new friend!)BYE

The Girl With The Weak Bladder
Pee Accident Girl: I wish we were allowed to swap email addresses on here but unfortunately the moderstor doesn't let us...oh well I squirt in my panties about once a day, sometimes more than once only shows through about once every couple of weeks or so Please keep your stories coming, I love them. I also pee my pants in private coz I like it. I have another embarrassing story to share with everyone. Last week, I was at my part time job, which is working as a night packer in a supermarket. It is very quiet at night like this. I had been holding onto a bit pee for quite some time, I was actually going to go and relieve myself in a short time as I k new I would not be able to hold on much longer and I was already needing to cross and uncross my legs sometimes. Suddenly, my boss came around the corner to tell me what to do. ecause it was so quiet he gave me a fright which made me start to wet my pants a bit. It took me a few seconds to regain my composure, and those few seconds meant the pee started to run down my legs... I was very embarrassed and he asked me if I was OK because I had a weird look on my face, but luckily he didn't see the pee... After he left I quickly went to the bathroom and put my pants under the hand drier, and did the rest of my pee. that was very embarrassing! everyone, keep the pee stories coming!

Hi people.The funniest thing happened last night that I thought I would share with you all here in this forum.I was out with my boyfreind a a real nice restaurant[I wont say the name because I dont want to violate the script rules here] when I had to pee before our main dish was served.I went into the restroom and sat down to do my thing.Suddenly,a woman came busting through the door and ran to a stall.she was having a hard time with her dress,and I heard her fart itnto her panties-it sounded very wet.When she finally got her dress down and sat down I heard a gush of poop come out of her mixed in with some really nasty runny farts.Well,as I fineshed my pee she was still going strong.Boy,I was about to gag in there.I walked out of the stall to wash my hands,when I looked over and saw that she had left her stall door open.There she was-pooping her guts out in plain veiw!I had seen her in the restaurant earlier whith an attractive guy-i guess it was her husband.She looked like she was around thirty or so and was dressed very classy.Seeing her poop there was really funny,but when you have the runs,you dont really care about glamour or at least I know I dont!I washed and dried my hands trying not to laugh out loud because god knows Ive been in her situation before.I glanced over again as I was leanig to see if she had closed the stall and it was still opened!I think she was finishing becase the flow iinto the toilet had dwindled down to a trikle and a few wet farts.As I was walking out anouther woman was comming in and I guess she got a wiff of the air in there and got a strange look on her face.I put my hand over my mouth because I was cracking up by now.I told my boy freind about it when I got back to the table and we both were laughing.I saw the woman walk by on the way back to her table with a brown wet spot on the back of her dress that shee was casualy trying to cover up.Oh was I about to die!I really did feel sorry for her thugh because Im sure she was mortified,and when you get sick,you really dont have any control over the situatiion if you know what I mean.The woman and her boy freind quickly left after she sat down.My boy freind and I joked about it for the rest of the night.Like I say-and have posted stories about before,Those things happen to the best of us so all we can do is just laugh about it.I hope the woman dosnt ever come to this site and reads this-That would be terrible!Anyway,thanks for reading and Ill post again soon.

When you guys are in the bathroom at school and someone is in the stall dumpin. What position are their feet in.

_ / = feet

| | = toilet

    | |
1. _|_|

    | |
2. /|_|
3. Other position

First of all I would like to say to BUZZY: Your welcome. There's nothing like a different method to shoot out some nice sausages. I also get urges when I read posts. Now my question is has anybody (especially you boys that are ages 9-20) ever went to the bathroom at school and dumped in their pants on purpose? I never had the nerve to do this. But have any of you boys done it for fun?

Hi guys! Thanks to everyone for your wonderful responses!!!! :) Jeff A. and Bill, great to hear from you again... Hi also to Torie; your teacher was cool for letting Elayne go to the bathroom when she needed to. I had diarrhea two or three times during the twelve years I was in school and I was lucky enough to have teachers who let me run to the bathroom. Nyad, you're the best! I hope your wookie is able to take a nice healthy dump in front of you. I know it's his decision whether (or not) to go in front of you; I hope it will be a "yes!" :) Yes, Eric did write that I looked "radiant;" I was as excited and turned on by watching him as he was watching me. As mentioned before, he and I have the closest platonic (non-sexual between two people of the opposite sex) friendship two people could have, although a lot of innocent flirting does go on... Roger, I don't think there's any health reason for a woman, or man, to urinate before having sex. I think it's practical more than anything. One wants to be relaxed, and that usually means an empty bladder and bowel, during the act of passion. Peace and love to all, Steph

to he or she that asked: the Stanley Cup is the trophey given to the finest ice hockey team in Canada and USA. (NHL) the last two teams are currently playing for the Cup now. shame the Cup didn't make it's way back to Canada this year tho. :(

Party Pooper
Can some one please explain to me what a bed pan looks like? How do you have a bowel movement in one in a hospital bed i.e. what position would you be in, etc. I've always had a curiosity about bed pans. I just can't imagine going to the bathroom in one. It turns me on just thinking about it! If I was in the hospital and had to use one I think I'd be so turned on by the whole thing it would be very uncomfortable, if you know what I mean.

I remember an accident that happened to me in grade school when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was the beginning of gym class and we were doing a jumping rope exercise. Because I am blind, I had an aid to help me incase I needed assistance. So there I was jumping away when I got a major cramp in my stomach. The next thing I remember is sitting in a small bathroom off the side of the locker room. I was sitting on the toilet with my pants around my ankles looking down at my underwear which were filled with runny mushy poop. No more diarrhea was coming out of me in the toilet... I had done it all in my underpants. I was very upset and the smell was awful! I guess my aid must have said something quietly to the gym teacher who helped me to the bathroom. The gym teacher was very sympathetic though and told me to give him the dirty underwear and suggested that I where my gym shorts under my regular shorts for the rest of the day. I didn't get teased by the other kids abou! t it, although I don't know if they even knew what had happened. I didn't return to the gym class afterwards and my aid never said anything to me about it.

I am writing in regards to the post asking to hear stories about getting an enema from your mother. My mother was a very abusive woman and she hated men. She used to give me enemas on the kitchen table when my sister had her friends over and this was just to humiliate me. She did this until I was 16 at which time social services was called by the neighbor and I went to a foster home. I of course HATED it. There would be teenaged girls in the house and I'd be getting an enema on the kitchen table. I know it was done to humiliate me because she only did it when there was company. Technically the girls were supposed to stay out of the kitchen while this was happening, but they would always peek in and most times they did come in and pretended not to be watching so they were allowed to stay. Once they were in the kitchen making pizza while I was sitting on the chair with just a t-shirt holding my enema. I had to hold it for five minutes and she'd set the stove timer and one of the girls changed the timer for the pizza and I ended up losing it all over the floor. I almost died of embarassment and it was this event that got social services involved.One of the girls making pizza told her mom and the mom called social services. I am very grateful to that girl and her mom for getting me out of this situation. It has left its mark on me and my fetish though. I am now 26 and have not spoken to my so-called mother in ten years.

The Stanley Cup is the trophy of the NHL; National Hockey League. IF you were caught Just think what the hockey champs would do to you!

I had time to kill between flights today, so why should I sit in a lounge when I could be sitting on the can reading my paper? I was relaxed and sat for an hour before my shit dropped out, but I filled my stall with a steady run of loud, messy farts before hand. I listened and smelled to at least a dozen men taking major shits. With the polished tile floor, I was actually able to tell the ways the guys wiped. It seems that these guys didn't care how loud their dumps were since they were amoung total strangers. I jacked off after my dump. I wish I could have left my heavy logs for someone, but those auto-flushers took it away. Business trips can be enjoyable after all!!!!!!

Jeff A.
Janine: I agree with you 100%! pooping is a big turn on for me too. I have a story just like yours. This involves my first real girlfriend who, like me, was 16 at the time. She used to babysit for my neighbor, and that's how I'd spend my Saturday nights. One time I saw her take the kids out into the front yard to play in the sprinkler. I was awed by her 16 year old beauty! I drew a portrait of her from memory, and left it anonymously at the front door, but she knew I could draw, and figured out who it was that left it. She got my number out of the phone book, called me up, and asked me over for popcorn and to help her babysit. Anyway, that's how I got to know her. It was our third babysitting session together on a Saturday night when we first did this. She excused herself to go to the bathroom after we'd been kissing for awhile. The bathroom was upstairs, and I watched her climb the stairs and go into the bathroom, but she didn't shut the door at all. Not even a little! This intrigued me. Then, she called down to me, asking me to bring her a cigarette. I knew she wanted me to watch her, or at least see her on the toilet. The first time we did it, it seemed like some sort of nasty game, but it sure was fun, and we did it many times after. She always took big poops too which amazed me to no end, because she was cute. I, being so young thought that pretty girls would take these petite little craps that amounted to nothing; Boy was I wrong! I brought her the cigarette and some matches, and she was sitting on the toilet with her bell bottom cords pulled up to her knees, and her white cotton panties tangled up with them. This was the first time I'd ever seen her panties believe it or not. She sat upright, with her arms folded across her lower stomach. Her cute round butt and thighs flattened out on the seat really helped the picture a lot. She smiled and said "I hope you don't mind, but I have to go number two really bad." She lit her cigarette and just sat there. It was almost as if she wasn't sure if she wanted to go through with it or not, but then her body got the best of her. She sat while I talked to her, and after about a minute, there was this healthy "Plop!" and she grinned and said "oops. I tried to sneak that one out." It smelled pretty bad in there. (in some of my previous posts, I've mentioned that I'm really turned on by a womans smell. All smells, not just bathroom ones.) After that, she settled in and pooped it all out for me right there in the bathroom. A good full load too. She'd talk a little, and then "Ploop-plup-plop!" and grunt. When she wiped, she showed me the bowl, and there was one long gargantuan turd and several average sized ones that piled on top and stuck up out of the water! The smell was as bad as any one of mine, which made it easy for me to go in front of her too. I didn't that night, but later. We did this ritual many, many times and it's a great memory that I still think about to this day. I also had another girlfriend when I was older who was 26, a little chunky, and absolutely gorgeous! She loved to watch me poop, and loved to poop in front of me. It was like a dream come true. I only mentioned her once a long, long time ago.

Wednesday, June 09, 1999

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