Someone I know (but won't identify, because, among other reasons, she has a gun!) and I were talking on the phone several years ago, and she suddenly told me to hold on because she had to flush the toilet. I hadn't, until then, been aware that she was talking to me from the john. "Oh, I do it all the time, " she informed me. "Just a couple of days ago, this man calls me up trying to sell me something that I wasn't interested in buying. When the phone rang, I thought it might have been you or someone else I know, so I just answered it and took it to the bathroom with me. . ." (at this time, the person I'm taling about had a wall phone with the works in the base, so all she could take with her was the receiver) ". . .Well, he gave me this long sales pitch, and I told him that I wasn't interested. After he spent some more time trying to convince me, he finally gave up, thanked me, and hung up. But he found he couldn't break the connection! 'Lady,' he informed me, 'you're going to have to hang up your phone so we can disconnect and I can call my next customer!' and that's when I told him that he was just going to have to wait, because I was on the toilet and he'd just have to wait for me to finish before I could get up to hang up!" "You DIDN'T!" I gasped. Gun Lady shot back, "I sure DID! And he acted really embarrassed." "Wouldn't you have been embarrassed, too, if it had turned out that you had the runs and ended up going 'Boop! Boop! Booooooooooooooooooooop!" "Why should I be embarrassed!?! I wish that I HAD had the runs, because it would have served him right! I'm so tired of these $!#&*! phone solicitors calling me all the time!"

I have a great outdoors poop story from when I was about 10. I was in my room playing when I got this sudden urge to poop...we only had one bathroom in the house at the time and it was occupied. I could not ignore this urge any longer so I went out to the back yard and found a nice big tree and squatted down and pooped. I let out 2 med-sized logs and one small log. Boy was that a relief...there wasn't any toilet paper out there so I used leaves. This was summertime so there were plenty of the nice soft green leaves around. Great posts everyone...keep them coming!!!!!

To pee accident girl: PLEASE tell stories of times you've peed on floors. Those stories are the best. I'll post some I've seen too if you post yours.

Hi every one. I had been away for a few days and Just last night I had a dream I was at school(school is now over for the summer)and I had a urge to poop towards the end of the day, it was only about 20 minutes before the end of the day and I asked my teacher(one i had 1st semister) and I go to the bathroom and all these kids from my career and tech center class come in, there were girls in there too. So then I sat down and pulled my tommy hilfigure shorts down and then I remembered the stall door was open. Then I woke up and was surprised I didn't have to poop bad. tonight I took chocolate ex lax. any one take it? want to get info on it.

Hello all. This is my first post here but I've been reading this site for quite some time. I'm a 19 y.o. female and I get really turned on by both men and women taking long, hard poops. I don't have much time right now, but I'll post 2 quick stories. The first is about my first pooping experience with my first boyfriend. We were both 15 and we were messing around at my house after school one Friday afternoon/evening. We ate frozen pizza when we got home and about a couple of hours later I felt the urge to take a big poop. I knew it was gonna be nasty cuz I hadn't gone the day before. So, I finished kissing my boyfriend (sorry! hope that doesn't violate the ethics or anything) and told him I needed to go to the bathroom. I instantly noticed he was turned on, but he played cool and just said "OK" and i pretende not to notice. I went around the corner to the bathroom and stood for a moment fixing my hair in front of the mirror. Then, I heard my boyfriend sneaking up to the door and I could hear him lie down and I guess watch through the crack between the door and the floor. I was amazed! (but turned on!) Anyway, I decided instead of opening the door and yelling at him to give him a show. I stood a minute or two in front of the mirror, humming to myself and then decided to do the deed. I pulled my jean shorts and purple undies all the way to my ankles (where I'm sure he could see them). Then, I sat on the toilet. I waited a moment and started peeing. I peed a lot! (at least 45 seconds!) and then stopped. I could hear him shuffling around but not leaving. I waited 5 minutes, silently pushing and trying to get the poop out silently. It didn't work. I grunted uuuh. uuuh UUUUUUHHHH. The tip began to push out slowly. Then, a long soft slow fart and the poop came crawling out. Uhhhhh uuuuuuuuuh. I picked my feet up on tippy toes and pushed with all of my might. A HUGE log fell with a tremendous splash into the bowl. But I was not done yet! I pooped 3 more logs out. I could still feel more. I grunted like the world was going to end. Then, my boyfriend did something I'll never forget. He got up and walked away and then came back like he was just coming around the bathroom for the first time. He knocked on the door and asked if I was alright. (I had been in there for 15 minutes!) I said I was pooping and that it was taking a long time and asked if he would come in. He said sure and came in. He was incredibly turned on and rubbed my ???? while I grunted out the last 4 poops. When I was done, I stood up and admired my creation in the toilet: 7 pieces of poop: 3 small ones, 3 big ones and one huge one! I flushed the toilet but it didn't go down. It did go down the second try, though. Then, my boyfriend wiped my butt. It was highly erotic and we had great sex shortly after that. (Sorry!!! But pooping is a big turn on for me!!!) :-) OOps, sorry for the long story. I'll tell more later if yo! u guys want me to. I love you all! Janine

Outstanding Steph it does help to have personal warmth like friendship or love I think."looked radient" Wow, now thats just so wonderful coming from you Eric,congratulations.By the way Torie we I mean wookie and I did talk,he is just so laid back for someone studing medicine,he wanted me to know that "everything I do bodily he considers perfect" and I seemed so curious and after the sniffing episodes that not to worry just enjoy,he asked if i liked it,which I did,and said as far as he was concerned I was in control.Is this a great bedside manner or what.I have seen him only urinating and he had some trouble standing except that one time after I went,so he sat and peed and poofed a fart slightly with very little smell so no I've not seen him have a bm yet.I want him to go in front of me when he wants to.He and I are very considerate about each other,as it should be.I don't think age makes that much difference when people share a common interest,so keep up the swimming and biki! ng ,both are just great ways to have aheathy body,fun and you'll develope really the body you want!

It's been a long time scince I last posted here. It had something kinda strange happen to me last week. I walked into the boys room unziped my jeans, pulled my dick out and began to pee. I looked at the urinal and was wondering why the stream wasn't going tnto the urinal. I soon saw that my shirt was between my dick and the urinal! little bit of a mess however al I needed to do was move the shirt and finish peeing, then rinse out the front of the shirt. Any of you guys ever have that happen?

I wonder how many women use the urinal if they use the mens room? The film "The Full Monty" shows a woman using a "pee against the wall" urinal, so maybe this has prompted some women to try what they might have initially thought impossible. I have not seen so many recently, but over the years I have seen quite a few Gents toilets which only have urinals and no "seating" facilities. Only once have I actually known a woman use one of these. I was in France and I saw a couple approach a street pissoir. The man looked inside, saw it was unoccupied, stood back to allow his female companion to enter and guarded the entrance while she was inside. As I needed to pee, and was curious, I waited for her to come out then went in. Inside was just a wall to pee against with a gutter running along its base. There was still a yellow "stream" in the gutter, slowing trickling down the drain. So obviously the woman had peed in the urinal. This made me wonder how she had done it, at that time I thought that women had to either sit or squat to pee. When I returned home, I mentioned it to my then girlfriend and she told me it was impossible, that women cannot pee against a wall, and that there must have been some other explanation for what I saw.

Hello everyone.I am glad to have recived goog feedback from my out door pooping story.I have always been real casual about talking about pooping.I really dont like the old saying 'girls dont poop or fart' and how we are never suposed to admit that we do.Today before ballet,I finished off my protein breakfast shake and felt the need.I like to sit there and wait until I really have to go-sitting in a wooden chair works real good for me.I always like to wait to make sure that I will not leave any feces in my colin after I am done.Well,I knew I was ready shortly after because I felt the pressure,and I began to fart contiuosly.I ran upstairs into the bathroom [I always leave the door open when my boyfreind isnt there],pulled down my shorts and panties,sat on the toilet,and a big soft loog shot out of me.I got the goose bumps right ayway.I farted loudly,and a really long snakey musy turd crakled out of me and broke into four sections as it hit the water.I looked and the first log was pretty big and had to of been oroung a foot long.The snakey turds were at the bottom of the toilet.whew did stink up the bathroom with this one!I wiped,and it took me three flushes to completely remove all of the feces.I opened the window and closed the door once I was done in there.I always take several flushes to completely empty the bow-and Im talking abot the regular toilets.I stop mine up alot,and usually have to end up shoving the poo down with a plunger.I really hate those water conservation toilets-Those never ever flush for me unless I have diarrhea or something.I used to stop up the toilet when I lived at home-It was totaly embarassing because I was the only one who would regularly.My boyfreind never has any problem flushig his eeither.Oh well-I guess that is one reson why I have liked to poop out side.If I lived in the country I would never poop in a toilet-I would just use it for pee.I would like to go in my back yard some time.I would hate to have to clean up my mess though.well its worth thinking about.Thanks for reading,annd Ill be posting again soon.

I had to stay at work late tonite to finish some work on some computers. I had to take a dump very badly. I walked into the bathroom and saw my boss' head in the stall as he was finshed and I could not quite make a quick exit so I went and pretended to blow my nose. I am pertty selective who I shit around and my boss is not one of them. My preference is to crap around people younger than I preferably college or HS age kids. I ended up taking a dump at the mall instead. Before I walked to the bathroom tonite at work, I saw the door open to area where my boss is at which is normally closed. I had a hunch that he might be in there which he was and I should use a different bathroom such as the one upstairs. I don't know why but I prefer to be very modest with those who are older but not with younger poeple and depending who they are.

Tuesday, June 08, 1999

Hi,all.Some great stories lately[Esp the ladies!] To HELGA-good one about having to poo outside while riding.It always feels so good to poop outside when you gotta go bad and you can find a nice private spot and make a big pile!I wonder if the horse enjoyed the view?To RYAN-What is a lego pad thing?I'm assuming it was a big pad of paper.That must have been a drag cleaning it up afterwards.That's why i love pooping outside.No fuss, no muss you just dump and go!But RYAN,you gave me an idea and as i'm reading this forum i'm feeling the urge to poo and i've gotten out the bedpan and i'm sitting on it right now.I have it on the chair in front of the monitor.It feels nice sitting here passing some gas and feeling my rectum start to fill up.The bedpan is going to be easier to clean up.It feels like it's going to be a nice easy,soft poop.I'm relaxing my anus and passing some hissing gas.Oh, here come the poo-ooooooohhhhhhhhh i can see it between my legs.It's long and soft and it's curling around the bedpan and it's still coming out my ass and i'm not pushing aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.It feels so nice sitting here writing as i'm going.WOW it looks like a 9-10 inch soft sausage.That felt good.Now i'm sitting here waiting for the next cramp.You guys should try this, it's fum!This forum always make me wanna poop.I always read this in the a.m. just as i'm getting the feeling of dull cramps.Speaking of cramps, i gotta poo again-OOOOHHHHHHHAAHHHHHH.Oh I'm doing a bunch of mush and passing some more gas,AHHHHH. let's look to see what i did ,i feel like i'm done.No i want to push a little more-- just some mucus that's hanging out my anus and it won't come off.I guess i'll have to wipe it off.hold on--- WOW the big sausage is wrapped around the pan and there is a big pile of soft poop in the middle with some squgglies and mucus on top and i feel totally empty and ready for the day.Now all i have to do is rinse the bedpan with water and empty it into the toilet.I like to keep the cleanup to a minimum.I'm going to go take a shower now.That was great,i'll have to do that more often. i hope you all enjoyed that half as much as i.Now i can go biking and enjoy the day.BYE

On urinating before sex: Sex tends to put pressure on the bladder. For my wife, it will turn a slight urge to go into a gotta go NOW. Personally, it's not that sort of an issue, but I find a full bladder gives me a hair trigger, that's hardly fair to her.

Hi guys. Jeff A., great to hear from you again, and thanks for your words of encouragement to Steph. Thanks also to Torie for supporting Steph and my brother. As has been stated by both of them, Eric and Steph are very close to each other, as both of them are to me. I've nothing else special to write about, so it's so long for now. Hugs and Kisses, Alex :)

what's the stanley cup???

The Girl With The Weak Bladder
Pee Accident Girl: I loved your story. Because I also have many accidents, it is very good to be able to read that other people have the same kinds of incidents as me! Keep the peeing stories coming!!!

Congratulations to Steph and Eric! I know how much this experience meant to you both, and I have say Steph, you are courageous to have asked Eric to watch you. You are truly a wonderful woman! Eric, I salute you! I have never gotten the courage to tell any female I enjoyed listening to her pee. Being so close to Steph, must have made it seem even harder to do that. Keep up the great postings!

pee accident girl
hey all, i have yet another embarrassing pee storiei was at a park near my house because no one was ever there and i was using a urinal, like i said i like it, anyway i was peeing through a litlle divice caled the "pee shotter" that i bought online at [click on technique page]. its a little piece of plastic shaped like a small penis with a little piece of plastic at the end that you put on your vagina right under the pee hole. anyway i was having the best time of my life when i heard the door to the chalet open, i still really had to go.. but i tried to stop i zipped my pants left the pee shooter on my vagina cuz i didn't want the person to see it in my hand. anyway i sat on the bench very casually and too my suprise it was someone i knew but not well enough to remember. probally someone i had seen once or twice before, he didn't seem to notice me but he knew by the look on my face that i had did something wrong anyway he went into the washroom and did his bisness [i watched i loved too c a man use a urinal!!! , so much!!!!!!!!!] anyway when he was done a really had to pee A LOT! he left and i went back to the urinal. while i was peeing i heard someone out side the washroom so i quikly zipped up and left the washroom... outside of the door was the man i had seen before he scared me so much i peed my pants. he asked me what i was doing there and i couldn't think of anything so i said "peeing" he gave me a weird look and walked away.. it was ssssooo embarrassing!

i seem too pee myself A LOT like i peed my self twice this week, in public. [i pee myself more in privite because i enjoy it] i don't usally pee myself this much but usally do it once every two weeks! i have sort of the same probalem as "the girl with the weak bladder" i don't even feel that i have to go when i'm sitting down but about 5 minutes after i stand up it startes coming out! its horrible!! anyway here is a couple of things that have been the worst. that the most embarrassing pee stories of all!!!!!!!!! here's the first one: in this storie i acctually peed myself twice!!! I was in 6th grade. we were going camping overnight and we were just about to leave. i had been sitting for about 45 minutes listening to my teacher talk about the rules and stuff [i wasn't paying attention]. then we all got on the bus i was sitting next to one of the really popular kids that i always wanted to be friends with! it was about 3-4 minutes into the bus ride and there was no turning back and NO going to the washroom! i started too have too pee a bit and i got a little scared because it was a 2 hour and a half ride! about 3-4 minutes later i REALLY and i mean REALLY had too pee!! the popular kid [jessica] didn't seem to notice my squrming [what a relife!] about 10 minutes later i had too pee more then ever!! then we suddenly hit a bump! i thought that was it for me! but luckly it was just squirts [..lots of squrits!]but not enough to show in the front just undernieeth my the separation of my ass and my vagina. but it was acctually good because i was relived [sort of]. about 35 minutes later i had too pee again this time a lot and i mean a lot more then before! i crossed my legs and started to squirm [a lot] jessica [thats the popular kid if you remember] noticed and i could tell by look on her face that she knew i had too pee! now lets just put it this way jessica did not like me she started talking to one of her friends then the friend told a joke jessica pretended to find it HILARIOUS! she was "fake" laughing so hard she leaned back and elbowed me right in the bladder and then quikly moved away! i was able to hold it after what she did for about 30-40 seconds but then that was it! pee was everywhere!!!she stood up quickly and gave me a pissed off look and then when no one was looking she gave me a evil grin! i was so embarressed and pissed off!! EVERYONE was laughing. even my two best friends started to giggle when they thought i wasn't looking. well luckly i was relived! [i guess] anyway the next day at the camp site we all went on a LLOOOONNNNGGG hike [about an hour] to a plce where we set up a camp fire. we sat down and all had some water to because we had been walking for so long i didn't drink much because i had remembered the bus ride! anyway we sat and sang songs and stuff for about an hour then it was time to head back. about 10 minutes down the trail i had too pee a lot! even more then on the bus! i was suprised because i acctually made it back to the camp site. but when we got there boy did i have too pee i was on my way too the woods when my teacher said kim kim where are u going i said "the washroom" she said oh know tomorrow morning dear its time to sleep! i had no choice so i went to bed. in the tent everyone was sleeping so i fell asleep....and yes i wet my bed infact so much that it soaked through my friends sleeping bag too! i'm bugged about to today even but its not as embarrassing! this is the second one: this one happend at home. i was with my mom and her friends my mom wanted me too stay and listen i really had too pee though but she wouldn't let me leave! so i waited then my mom had to leave and get something! and i peed all over the couch!! I hoped u liked my embarrassing moments. if u have any embarressing PEE [i don't like poo ones] stories please email them too me i would really like to hear them!! also if u enjoy peeing yourself [in privite or public], watching people pee themselfs, using urinals [women], watching people use urinals, peeing on floors etc... please email me... we have a lot in commun! if it doesn't gt posted my email address is

Roger, I believe that urinating before and after sex helps to wash out any bacteria that could get into the urethra and make their way inside the bladder, thus helping to prevent urinary tract infections. Washing the genital area before sex also helps reduce this chance (or so I've heard).

Monday, June 07, 1999

George (Scotland) please stop by the courtesy phone.

Eric M (Alex's brother, Steph's friend)
Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while but I do check the latest posts periodically. I'm an 18 (19 in September) year old male who just finished his first year in college, more about that in a couple of paragraphs.. I am posting with the first initial of my last name since there is at least one other Eric who also posts on here. As Steph mentioned, she and I did go in front of each other for the first time yesterday. She and I are extremely close to each other. Steph is the best friend anyone, male or female, could ask for, intelligent, health conscious, caring about others, a great sense of humor, and yes, very attractive, brown hair and eyes and a great smile :-) Sorry if I'm going off track, but although our relationship is not sexual in any way, we love each other dearly.. I was excited, and very nervous, about watching her go. I don't know why, but I've had a fetish about listening to her pee (not so much about crapping, though) for a long time, especially since she and Alex showed me this site. She has always encouraged me to listen to her from the other side of the door when she had to go at my house or when I was over at her's. Listening to her pee from two feet away got me very "excited;" I won't elaborate since that would violate the site's guidelines, but use your imagination... I loved it when she showed me how she wiped herself, especially the way she wipes after peeing, since we boys don't do that. Watching her go accelerated my urge to go; she looked "radiant" as she watched me on the toilet. Overall, a very exciting and memorable evening... I posted in the archives a while back that I was nervous about going in the dorms. I started going with no problems out of necessity more than anything else. I do find that I spend more time on the toilet at home or in another private bathroom than on a dorm toilet. I'll try to post more often as time and interest allows. Later. Eric M.

Ladies: What is the point of urinating before sex? I'm told that is done to prevent yeast infections; does anyone still believe that? Or, is it to prevent an unintended "golden shower"?

who'd take a wizz in the Stanley Cup? please man , it's a bit to noble a trophy to taint with human waist

Hello. Nyad and Steph, it's so cool that both of you were able to go number two in front of your boy friends. I can see how both of them were very happy about it. Steph, your friend went right after you; Nyad, has your friend mentioned anything about pooping in front of you? Though both of you are older than me and in college, I'm only 14, I think of you as online friends and I'm sure we'd get along fine if we met. Nyad, I love biking and though I'm not on a team love swimming so we seem to have a lot in common. Reya you're also very cool, I love the way you describe your trips to the bathroom. I'll tell everyone about the most intense s*** I took over the last week. It was Thursday late in the morning which meant I was in school. There was very strong pressure on my bumhole by the time class ended. I walked to the nearest girls room with my friend Elayne. She and I sat next to each other in different stalls. I pulled down my blue jeans and white panties down to my knees. I looked over at Elayne's stall and all I could see were the bottom of her blue jeans and her sneakers; guess I'm not the only one who doesn't pull down all the way. We both peed at about the same time and she continued to pee for a few seconds after I stopped. I also dropped a load as soon as I started peeing though it wasn't that loud like I said I had to poo wicked bad. Elayne shifted her legs a little bit and began to go number two, it sounded pretty wet. I pushed out a couple of more logs and then got up to wipe my vagina and bum. I wiped my a** seven times that's how gooey my number two was. Just as I flushed the toilet I heard Elayne let out a really wet one it sounded like diarrhea. I then heard her pull paper off her roll. I was washing my hands, I did get some brown on my finger sorry to be so gross so I really had to scrub. Elayne came out and washed at the sink next to mine. I made a sly comment to her about me feeling a lot better after going. "Oh me too" she said. She then told me she has diarrhea and hoped she didn't have to go again until after next class. We then walked down and went to our next class. Luckily, we were in a class where the teacher is cool about letting people go to the bathroom if they need to. Elayne raised her hand about 15 minutes later and asked for a pass. Poor girl; I don't like it when I have diarrhea. Love, Torie

Jeff A.
Steph: I loved your story!!! I sure wish I was one of your close friends. You have an honesty that's refreshing, and sorely missed in this world. I'm very happy for you and your wonderful circle of friends. You are the best as are all your friends!!! Helga: I also loved your account of the outdoor trip. I would have loved to have been a passer-by.

Hi fellow poopers. I've always been an irregular kind of guy, and could go for 3 or even 4 days without the need plop. Even then I would have a long noisey ordeal pushing out what I had to! When it eventually would come out it was always very big, terribly dry and extremely smelly! Maybe I am eating wrong...or perhaps not drinking enough. Does anybody else have similar trouble or anything interesting to share!

To: Eric - I don't remember ever getting an enema from my mother when I was a child; although, I do remember knowing what an enema was when I was young (7 or 8 yrs old). I remember talking about enemas with my friends. Maybe she gave me a few enemas, but I just don't remember. I do remember always getting a suppository whenever I told my mother that "my poop won't come out". It didn't take me long to realize what that statement meant.....I had to return to the toilet with Mom who then reached into the medicine cabinet for the jar of suppositories. She made me bend over with my little hands on the edge of the bathtub while she inserted the clear waxy stick up into my bottom. Then I was told to sit on the toilet and wait until it made me go. The suppository always made me poop. I also remember that as a child I would get so constipated that I would grab onto the rounded bottom part of the toilet and strain and push with all my might to force out a dry, rock-hard stool. Those were the hardest, most constipated poops I can ever remember doing. Telling Mom that I was constipated was always a last resort! I hated being given a suppository, but at least I wasn't facing the big, red enema bag. :-0

pee acident girl
THIS IS THE STORIE ABOUT THE MOST EMBARRASSING PEE ACCIDENT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [seriously] hi, i'm kim! i always have pee acidents, thats where my nickname is from! anyways last week i was @ a big football game [i'm a high school chearleader] i had too pee REALLY bad! but there were no washrooms not even a porta-potty or even an outhouse NOTHING! the worst thing was that we had only been there 15 min and i had too pee more then ever! not to mention my EXTRAMLY small bladder!!!! i already knew i would probally have an accident! about an hour and a half later i had too pee more then i ever had too pee in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [seriously!] there was still about 20 minutes left in the game! and a really couldn't hold it anymore!! it was time to do the famous piramid! i'm the captian so i go on top! [i'm also afraid of hights which makes me have to pee, i though u people should know] anyways i was @ the top and i had to pee SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly! i couldn't take it!! anymore! [here comes the embarrassing part] after about 30 sec i saw cindy and casedy [the two chearleaders undernieeth me] look up in disgust when i saw there sholders they were all wet! but i had only peed a bit i had not finished yet! but i peed enough to make me feel a bit better. after the game we all got on the bus. now i had too pee again!! and this time worse then b4! all my friends made me drink 2 gallons of water for a great job! [i couldn't say no]. anyway now on the bus i was sitting next to my boyfriend kevin who had just one the game! [remember i still had to pee more then ever b4] keving started to kiss me [a lot] and i got a little horny[which made me have to pee more!!] after he kissed me i calmed down but still had too pee A LOT!! kevin moved closer! and a coulsn't take it anymore! at first just a couple of squrits came out and then i felt better and didn't pay attention to it! we still had 10 minutes to go and i thought we could make it... then all of a sudden we hit a big bump!!........ ........pee was everywhere all over the seat and....all over kevin! i was SSSOOO embarrassed! it took me about 30 sec to realise though.. well i only had to see the look on kevins face!! anyway i hope u liked my little storie and i hope to see more pee accident stories!! .........oh shit i just peed all over the chair!!

hi guys, I am an 18yo. I am totally turned on listening to other guys take a dump.Our stalls at school have doores but it is fun to listen to other guys sitt down,fart,grunt and hear it plop into the water. At our summer baketball league,the school we go to play our games at has 4 staals in the open. i sat next to 2 great looking guys who were shy but I started talking and so did they. I could heard it all,I had lots of gas so I kinda stunk the place out. I can't wait until this week for our next game. All u other teens keep the stories coming. I will let u know if I see anything this week.

Sunday, June 06, 1999

The Girl With The Weak Bladder
Jenn: I find that the best position to hold it is with crossed legs. The reason I have so many accidents is because this position is not always practical, for example if I am running or even walking or sitting on the floor or something. If I am standing and I don't want anyone to see that I really have to go to the toilet, I just clench my legs together and hope for the best. This is when often a little spirt comes out but I would rather do that than show the whole world I am about to wet myself, as that would be quite embarrassing for me. The squirts don't usually show through. If I had to choose between wetting and revealing, I would probably wet although it would depend on the situation and what I was wearing. I was always taught that wetting was no big deal as my mother has a bad bladder and often has little accidents before she can make it to a toilet. Jim: I'm glad you also experience the weakening of the bladder when you are about to get to the toilet, as this happens to me. I guess it's just my bladder anticipating the relief it will get!. A similar thing happened to me as your experience you shared. A sudden urge came on and I knew I had to make a move real quick to the nearest loo. I excused myself from the conversation I was having and walked rather quickly towards the toilet. On the way there, a few drops came out but I was able to get under control. Finally, I got into the toilet stall, and tried to unzip the fly of my pants and of course the damn thing wouldn't come undone! Suddenly. a big squirt came out and I nearly lost control! Luckily my pants were black so they hid the bit that soaked through, and I just didn't sit down for a while, afraid that it would show! I have also peed my pants with fear. I was on a rollercoaster at the time and as we were going up the hill to one of the big drops, I got so scared I peed in my pants. Luckily nothing showed. I hadn't even been aware that I needed to go before that! Well, this post has been a little longer than usual so I hope I don't bore anyone.

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