Hi guys! Nyad, I'm so happy you were able to go in front of your boyfriend- I'm sure he was, also :) What you wrote was beautiful; I'm sure you and Torie, along with others on here, could possibly be close friends of mine if we had the chance to meet. This leads me into one of the most special (if you want to call it that) dumps I've taken in my life. My best friends Alex and Eric (they are sister-brother) and I went out to the movies last night and we came back to my house afterwards. I had to pee and poop pretty badly afterwards and I think I've mentioned before that I'd let Eric watch me go. He is not a boyfriend, but a very close friend of the opposite sex just the same. I told both of them I had to go and then asked Eric if he wanted to watch me. He blushed and Alex told him "go ahead, here's your chance..." Alex decided to sit out on this one so Eric and I went into my bathroom. I shut the door and then pulled down my jeans and panties and then sat down. Eric was standing by the bathroom door about six feet away, his face still as red as a lobster. I told him he could come closer if he'd like. I started to pee and he told me how much he loves the sound of my pee. Veteran readers, and those who have read the archives, know that I've been cool about letting him listen to me pee from the other side of the door. He did come a little closer to me and still seemed embarrassed but happy at the same time. I started to defecate into the toilet, it was a gassy, and smelly, one. I let out three logs, one large and two small, as well as a puddle of yellowish pee. I got up to wipe myself; I showed him how a girl wipes her vagina before wiping the butt. I wiped my bum five times. I then invited him to look into the toilet to look. He was clearly happy to see a girls' "doing." He then told me he had to go. I asked him what he had to do. "Both," he said. He flushed the toilet and then pulled down his clothes to go. This is the first time I've seen someone of the opposite sex go, so I was as happy to see him as he was to see me. He held his penis into the toilet and peed and then started to poop. He seemed a little nervous and quite honestly, I was also excited and nervous about watching him go. I didn't hear him let anything out, but he did claim to push a couple of times. He got up a couple of minutes later and told me to have a look. There were a couple of hard poops in the bowl and his pee was clearer than mine. He only had to wipe twice. We both washed our hands and came out to my living room. Alex was very happy that both of us were able to go in front of each other. This was NOT sexual in any way, but just two close friends of the opposite sex watching how the other-half does it. I'm sure he'll add his two cents' worth on this... Peace and love to all, Steph

Hi everyone.I have been ayway at my Granparents house,so I havent been able to post.Anyway,early last week I was kind of iregular and didnt poop for two days.This is odd for me because usually after I drink my Protein Fruit shake in the morning I have a movement.So I went to my Granparents house [its in the woods] on Tuesday.They are pretty old so I go and help my Grandma in her small vegetable garden.Well on thursday morning[I hadnt pooped all week mind you] I ate a huge breakfast.I went to the horse stable right afterwords to do a little morning riding.Well,shortly into my journey I had to poop really badly.I was on a dirt road in the woods,So I thought I would do the nature thing.I pulled my shorts and panties down and squatted next to a tree.I began to pass a really long soft log with a hissing fart.As the first piece broke off,more just kept right on comming.i was forming a huge pile of light brown poop there on the ground.I must have squatted there for at least 10 minut! es pooping.The last of the poop was in smaller snake like logs that topped off the pile.It looked like an elephant had been there!I saw corn bits and alot of fiber in it.It relly felt good to poop outside especialy the really big piles.I cleaned myself in the near by lake.What a wonderful experience,Ill have to do it again real soon.Thank you for reading-Ill post again later.

TO REYA Reya, I am really curious how old you are. please tell me.

To Rae: You might tell us how you teach those kids to wipe their bottoms. I work in a school and I've wiped a lot of bottoms. Some kids get very messy especially if they pinch off a turd before it is completely out. Or else they have a clingon, in which case you just have to wait until it drops into the toilet or clean it off with toilet paper. Do you teach them to lean forward to make the turds come out easier? Some kids love to sit on the toilet especially if the seat if comfortable. We have special seats that are contoured with a small opening. In the preschool room at our school there is one bathroom with five toilets out in the open. The kids come and go and there is always at least one adult helping in there. There is one small urinal for the boys to use but the girls always want to try it too.

Hi everyone. I posted regularly a while back but haven't for some time since I've been studying abroad in Belgium (I'm an American). I am a close friend of Alex, Eric, Laura, and Steph, other posters on here who I've known since high school. A college roommate, Christine, also has posted on here. For those who don't know me, I'm a 21 year old female college student who's lactose intolerant. Lactose Intolerance, or "LI" for short, means one cannot digest lactose products, notably milk and other dairy products, without severe intestinal upset, aka diarrhea. I haven't had a chance to read all the back postings but would love to hear from anyone else who's LI. To the Girl With the Weak Bladder, or anybody else who has problems with their bladders and/or bowels, please get checked up by a doctor. Since I have bowel problems, I have seen a gastrointerologist (GI) doctor; there are urologists for those with urinary problems. Sorry, I don't know much about the latter, since I've always been "normal" about peeing. Unfortunately, or fortunately in my case :-), I did not have any unusual toilet experiences while I was in Europe, but I'm now feeling a sudden urge to crap building up (no, I'm not kidding), so I better sign off for now. One last note, my friend Steph told me that she and another friend, Eric, buddy dumped in front of each other. I think that's great. I'll read and post some more later on. Love, Jodi

Heather, Re: your scatological flirtation with Steve. Is there a MRS. Steve in the picture? If so, I would use the bathroom with the door (and CLOSE it) from now on. I hope that Steve is single, because it sounds like you just might have found a soulmate!

Q. What is the grandest pee in the world?
A. A pee in the Stanley cup!

Saturday, June 05, 1999

Pete, Please stop by the courtesy phone.

I'm in a hurry and cannot write long but wanted to see my letter,and to say thank you to Buzzy, Traveler and all especially to Steph.I love your writing as well as Tories and Alex's I guess because you sound like your my age and I feel if we all lived in the same place we might be friends. I also wanted to say I don't judge you Susan nor I'm sure does any of us,keep writing huh,and to the girl with the weak bladder,I'm not informed enough to offer any sure med.advice just to say go often.I read where there is/are persons called administrators.I don't suppose you can offer advise but do you offer knowledge about such problems,just curious.

I am curious as to what other girls find is the best position for holding it. I was taught to cross my legs. I was also taught that if I had to go (like when laughing) if I was in public, I should as best as possible keep decorum and keep my legs crossed rather than say squat. What do you find is best. Were you taught anything at home wither to avoid accidents or how to deal with them? I was taught to wet rather than to pull down and expose myself and would probably still prefer that. What do my girlfriends have to say? Would you wet or reveal, were you told to do one or the other?

Just wondering how many people remember getting enemas from your mom or relative when you were young.Did you hate them like I used to?Relate some of your events.

Girl with the weak bladder: Yes, our problem can be quite inconvenient at times, although it's never bothered me enough to consider any sort of protection. After all, everyone, young or old, pees themselves at some time or other. Just the other day, I'd been shopping and was wearing quite close-fitting light grey jogging bottoms, which tend to show even little spurts quite readily. I felt one of those sharp urges coming on, but thankfully managed to hold it in (with some effort)! I walked to this secluded spot I know just outside of the built-up area, where there are a lot of trees, as I knew after that first urge that I wouldn't make it home without peeing myself. I was still dry by the time I made it to my chosen spot, but then what happens? I couldn't undo the knot in the drawstring round my waist. And as you know, you always involuntarily relax your bladder muscles that little bit when you think you're almost there. By the time I got the knot loosened, my pants were quite wet and there was a damp patch of about 1 inch diameter on my jogging bottoms. I think I managed to hide it for most of the time with a carrier bag Have you or anyone else ever peed themselves through fear? A few weeks ago, we had a really warm day, and I went out for a walk. I was wearing just a tee shirt and light blue lycra cycle shorts to keep cool. Just as I turned a corner, I was confronted with this snarling German Shepherd dog, which I think must have been tethered but managed to escape from its collar. I just stood stock still, and my heart was pounding. Suddenly, something distracted the dog's attention and it turned and ran. My relief was so great, I just stood there and wet my pants, I couldn't hold it. Luckily, it was getting quite dark by now, so I got home without being noticed, but what an experience!

I did something quite fun last night. Since summer is here and I am out of school I can hold my poop longer. Well I had been holding for about 6 days and really had to do bad. But I am embarrased about doing BM's when other people are around the house. I usually wait untill everyone's gone or asleep. Well last night was the 7 night to hold and I needed to let it out immediately. I decided I wanted to poop on my lego pad thing. So I layed it by the wall as I pulled my shorts and underwear down and layed a big pile. Man how it stunk. After about 5 minutes of pushing making sure I got it all I took some TP and wiped 3 times. Then I studied it. A small variety of it was really hard but then it got really mushy as I rubbed my finger up the big pile. My turds are usually between light and dark brown. It was so large I had to break it in pieces to get it down the toilet. So now I am going to try it again. This time I'm going to poop in the different method because the last time laft ! quite a mess on the lego pad thing. Well HAPPY POOPING EVERYONE.

My friend Shakira entered the girls bathroom with me today. She reached for the aerosol bomb mounted on the wall. I told her that was not for me. I don't stink. She said she did. I went to my stall, lifted my gray skirt and lowered my green and white striped panties to my thighs. I released gas, a handful of loose jobbie and a 10 second piss. I farted some more and a little more loose jobbie came out. Shakira's purple cotton briefs and her skirt were at her shins. She plopped and farted twice. All the time she sprayed the stall with the talcum bomb. It smelled sweet. I finished and wiped and left her there. I could not hear anymore from her, after.

Wanted to say congrats to NYAD-Glad you and the wookie got together for your poo.I'm sure he loved it! It only gets better from here on.Before you know it,you'll be buddy pooping and all that fun stuff.Enjoy!To Althea_WHy don't you tell all of us about your purges in detail.We would love to read about it!To HEATHER-That steve is a lucky guy,I'd love to be him!If you enjoyed doing it and sounded like he did too, go over and do it again!Good story,if it happens again, tell us about it!To SANDRA-I enjoy your stories about your openess to poo anywhere,just don't get busted by police!I'm sure that guy in the next stall really enjoyed you pooing next to him while he pooed too.That must have sounded great!Someone asked about pooing in a public toilet is different than going at home(MATT?)Well at least for me it is,but it depends on who is pooing next to you and how much they are letting go.I know when i'm in a stall and someone comes in to the next stall and i see they are going to poop,as they are dropping their shorts,i push out a few farts and poops just before they sit down and this seems to relax them of their inhabitions and they usually really let go and i let the rest of my poop slide out of me at the same tim. it's great when you both are farting and pooping at the same time.I kinda dig that As a matter of fact,2 days ago i was biking in a real nice park here in N.Y. i had to go.Now lately,when i gotta go,i have a hard time holding it with all the exercising and veg***s i'm eating.So i found a restroom and locked up my bike and at this point, i really had to dump bad!Had these wicked cramps.As i was walking to the restroom ther was a guy who walked on front of me and headed for the stall.He was i guess about 55 or so.I went in to one stall and he went into the one beside me.I wiped down the bowl to make sure it was clean and sat down with a hissing fart and a long poopcrackled out.Meanwhile,this guy was still preparing the bowl to sit down and at this point i was pooing and farting like crazy.Then as he sat down,i held of my pooing for the moment and he right away let out this long fart that must have lasted 10-15 seconds and then ther was silence for about another 15 seconds and then i heard another small fart followed by the sound of a poop coming out with a lot of gas with it.It souned like a real long one with a lot of farting along with it.At this point i had another urge to push and all this mushy poop came flying out along with some hissing gas at the same time he was letting go.Then he said"Good thing for bathrooms for us huh?"I said " yea.i had to practally had to run in here" he laughed and i passed some gas and some mucus and i kmew i was done and as i'm wiping, he is farting and farting.This guy must have a terrible diet i'm thinking to myself.Then i pulled up my shorts and said " have a great day" he said "i will now" and I said "the best things in life are free" He said " you bet! and i walked to my bike and he was still in the restroom so i never saw him.even when i was washing my hands he was still pooping!Like i said before,it all depends on how i poop in a public toilet by the other people and what they do.Sometimes,it can be fun and sometimes it can be a real drag,so i just wing it!!More stories later BYE

Girl With The Weak Bladder
Donny: Thankyou for your advice. I might try some of those pads...although my squirts are not enough to run down my legs, my panties usually get a pretty good soaking, but they usually soak it up... I think I drink a lot and have a small bladder, which is why I often get a sudden strong urge to go to the toilet... It is not very good...especially if I am sitting down in class....I don't tend to notice that I need to go when I am sitting, then when I get up it starts to come out and I have to RUN!!!

I thought of a possibly good way to poop. Along time ago I posted about the similarities between football and the process of a bowel movement. When football players are on scrimage awaiting the snap they freeze in 3 point formation (the feet and one hand form the points). I wonder how well this method would work out in the woods? I read about a yound lady at a rock consert in your posts. She pulled her panties to her knees drew her skirt around her crotch the shat with deep consentration on her face. She ought to try the 3 point formation using her free hand to keep her skirt out of the line of excretment.

FOOTBALL-PLAYER-FASHION I thought of a possibly good way to poop. Along time ago I posted about the similarities between football and the process of a bowel movement. When football players are on scrimage awaiting the snap they freeze in 3 point formation (the feet and one hand form the points). I wonder how well this method would work out in the woods? I read about a yound lady at a rock consert in your posts. She pulled her panties to her knees drew her skirt around her crotch the shat with deep consentration on her face. She ought to try the 3 point formation using her free hand to keep her skirt out of the line of excretment.

PS. Again, nothing to do with children (I'm still single), but my earliest memory of my own childhood is of when I was about 18 months old - probably summer 1967. It was a bright sunny day, and it was just after lunch. Mum had the radio on - BBC Radio 4. Dad was home (he was on the road in those days). And I was sitting plastic potty on the kitchen floor, with a handful of Smarties (M & M's) to occupy me. I remember that I shuffled around the kitchen, which made a noise on the lino tiles we had. I'm fairly certain I'd already done a wee wee and it would have splashed up warm round my bottom. But soon enough I was doing what my mum called "poopong". Mum didn't dance or anything for me - I think I might have got a "good boy" - but then I always got something in advance: Smarties or sultanas or chocolate buttons. I've had a thing about potties ever since!

Nathan P.
Just had a really cool but strange BM. I had just been reading some old posts when I felt the urge coming on. It was about 6 or 7 inches long and about 2 inches thick. It was chunky and grainy. The really strange part is that it came out shaped sort of like a sock, with a bend toward one end (the first end to come out). It was a surprisingly easy BM for me, especially since I'm often constipated. Keep the posts coming, even the diarrhea ones!

Thursday, June 03, 1999

Bridget, your story about your boyfriend's shit in the old posts page 53 is just about the hottest story I've ever read! I hope you're both still together and that he still lets you watch him. You're so lucky. I hope you'll post soon and share more stories about his dumping habits. Nicky from Winchester, I'm still hoping you'll post when all that "exam hell" is behind you. We live in the same city, an unbelievable coincidence! I've just settled in Winchester after leaving uni. Maybe we'll meet up one day; you and your mates sound cool. That's all from me today, I'll write you all a longer message soon. See ya! Daniel

Poop Loggy Logg
Bazza's story reminds me of that old Monty Python sketch called "Marathon for the Incontinent" with a large group of runners running down the road but heading off into the woods about every 100 feet, then emerging pulling their shorts up.

My main toilet is a really cool looking Kohler one-piece elongated, blue job that I installed just a few years ago. I love it and other people who use it love it too. It is low flow using 1.5 gallons per flush. Most of the water flushes through four large holes under the front rim so the water doesn't swirl around at all. The water in the bowl is triangular in shape, about 8" by 6" If you are a boy and stand up to pee you have a choice of tinkling into the water or peeing on the large porcelain surface around the water. It looks a lot like a urinal in that respect with the seat up. The seat is very comfortable contoured plastic called The French Curve. It's the most comfortable seat on the market. I shopped around a lot before I decided on this toilet. It was pretty spendy at $500 but worth it.

Last night me a Several freinds went to the local lake. We went to the non maintained Side. Anyway we were fishing when I got the Sudden Erge to take a dump. So I told them that I had to use the Bathroom, And my GF was with us also. So Anyway I went looking for a bathroom but there was not one is site. So I kinda wondered around for a bit. When It hit me, that I really needed to go. So I found a area that was not enhabited, Pulled do my pants, then My underware. Squated, and began to poop. I thought it would never End, I just kept grunting and out they came. So after about 10 min of squating. I tried to find something the wipe with. And there were only leaves, I did not want to wipe with thos for fear that I may get something on my butt. So I just waited till we went to the other Side of the lake. My Friend Tood Descided that he needed to go use the toilet. So We Stoped at a Rest area walked in, and found that there were no toilet stalls, AT ALL I Was not about to do what I needed to Do infront of him without a stall. So I walked to the Urinal And Started to act like I needed to Pee, When I looked over and he was on the toilet. So that kinda broke the ice, So I went over to The Toilet next ot him, Pulled down my pants, Grunted a few times, Like I was pooping, and then I FIANALLY go to Wipe my 18 year old butt. i finished FIrst Pulled up my pants, and Started to walk out, When I was hit by the smell coming from todd. He was in there for about 10 Min after I was done, Then we left. Has anyone else had an experiance like this?

I had decided to act clinical about it but wookiee just laughed and said,alright he'd play doctor and I'd need and appointment as he was a busy man.He asked to choose my clothes,the place mine and saturday.All that day i felt nervous and convinced myself I would chicken out.We ate out with friends and went to a carnival lasting until ten then to my place which is normal.Things are laxed around here now.Soon he held me close and asked if I had to go.I said I did need to,but told him to come in after I said to.I went in fooled aroundandwashed up looked at myself,I'm wearing a blouse,shorts and sandles.He knocked and i opened it he was smiling and asked me what i usually did next,soi lifted the lid and with my back to him tugged my shorts and panties to my knees and sat,he asked could i stand and when i did he squatted on the tile by my side and said please sit,I tried not to fart and waited,he was caressing my crack and making me sleepy when it happened,I made a growling fart sound and peed uncontrollable,I looked at wookiee to say sorry and saw his eyes were closed,he was smiling,and then looked up at me so lovingly that i just relaxed and started to have the most incredible shitturd ever it just about eased out my opening and dropped safely in the water,another was coming when he raised me up by my waist and watched.There wasn't any more and bent like that he wiped me clean with the tissue.Blood was rushing to my head and when he stood and said let's look,which we did,it was fat and so long it had curled its way up the front of the bowl.I asked him about the smell and he said shit was supposed to smell but mine had a nice stink, then he peed over it and said he was going to mark his territory,I flushed and he walked me to the bedroom and pulled my clothes off and held me.We cuddled and I fell asleep in his arms.The next day we went boating wookiee hasn't said a word about it but has made me the whole focus of his attention I'll always remember thi! s. to those who have done it you were right it takes the right person,to Traveler and Buzzy you're wicked.

Wednesday, June 02, 1999

Hi guys! Torie, I love ya too, you're the greatest :) Nyad, to answer your question about taking a dump in front of your boyfriend, only *you* can decide if you're comfortable enough to do it. You mentioned before that you let your boyfriend sniff you when you two are intimate- I think that's so cool. There are only two males in front of whom I'd go to the bathroom, my boyfriend, who has no interest in buddy dumping, and another close friend. The latter person and I have discussed going in front of each other- stay tuned Bev, much of the third world has a shortage of TP, so many people have no choice than to clean themselves with their hands. I would assume they wash up (or at least wet their hands down with water, assuming soap isn't available) after doing that. To Reya and Shitterella, a change in diet can wreak havoc on your bowels, as I can attest :) Peace and love to all, Steph

St. Louis - Bob Had a great weekend again! Visited my wife's aunt again and the three of us went jeep riding again. Just as always, after drinking our beers, we had to stop to pee. My wife and her aunt climbed out on their side and I on the drivers. As quickly as I exited, I got down on my knees and saw them both squating with their bare asses shining. My wife's piss stream was small and neatly formed, but her aunt's was very full and quite spreadout! The peeing noise was outstanding and I loved it all. As their stream began to slow I stood, unzipped and did my own pissing. Although this show was great, the second time we stopped, everything was the same except as I watched her aunt piss, I saw her asshole open! She pooped out a nice turd about 7-8"! I heard her tell my wife that she had pooped and needed some tissue! When I heard that, I stood and reached in for my wife's purse! I knew she had some tisues in there and I pulled them out. I wanted to carry them around the jeep to her, but she told my wife to get them from me! Of course, I looked back under the jeep and watched her wipe herself clean. I hope the next person that came along enjoyed seeing her poop as much as I did!

Tuesday, June 01, 1999

Tiny Girl
EVERYONE, Thanks for answering my question, and Hugh had a very detailed answer, so thanks! :-) Nathan, I had totally forgotten to answer my own question, so here goes...:-) the water in my toilet tends to swirl counterclockwise. And for those of you who stated that the swirling water depends on the jets, well, you are very right. I once believed the Coriolis Force theory, but I recently took a geology class in college and learned that that force has nothing to do with toilets at all. The force is strong, but not that strong. Anyway, thanks again for answering, you guys.

To P.S.: Hey, I'm not a parent but I do work at a day care, specificly with two year olds. And we are potty-training most of them. I have found that most of the kids have an easier time peeing in the potty than pooping. That seemed odd to me at first. When they do either in the potty, I praise them, or sing, or "dance" until they smile. When they smile, that means that it was a positive experience. We then award a sticker and tell them to go show everyone the sticker and tell them how they got it. Some of the kids seem competitive for the stickers. I don't think it hurts! About what the poop looks like. Most of the time I am surprized how much little kids poop. As much as I do. It seems like little people should make little poops. As with everyone, it varies what it looks like, some have very firm BM's and others do not. Any color imaginable. If you want anything more specific just ask.

I am 16 in 11th grade. I go to this exclusive girls school. We wear these short gray skirts and white shirts. Some girls wear their skirts tight as a bass drum. So tight they have to pull them down to sit on the toilet. I wear mine loose so I can lift up and sit easy. Under the stall doors, I see the panties of different brands and colors around shins and ankles. I have an arsenal of panties in colors and brands. I have a few slips for longer skirts and dresses. These girls come from wealthy families. Literally, they think their shit don't stink. But, they are the ones who make the most noise and stink. I was washing my hands after taking an afternoon piss in the 5th floor toilet. There was a girl from my Engliish in the next stall. Her light green cotton panties were at her ankles. Plop, fart six times. She repeatedly wiped her behind with a scrubbing motion. She flushed and stepped out. Her name is Courtney. Her father is an investment firm CEO. She was putting her shirt in her waistband. She said what a stomachache she had.

Last week I had to stay in London so I booked in to a rather smart Hotel, I had to get to my room quickly as I was dying for a poo, I dashed in to the bathroom, pulled down my panties and sat only to find I was on a bidet, the toilet was on my left I just managed to move to the toilet before the poop started to emerge from my bum. The bidet was a wonderful experience after the poo. Has this happened to you, did you poop in the bidet or move just in time.

We were watching the Indy 500 today on TV and this brought back an item in my mind. Being from Indiana and at one time attending this yearly event, the bathrooms were something less than desired. For the men's bathroom, you have large trough's to piss in and individual stalls to crap in but NO doors. I remember going in to take a leak and 9 out of 10 shitters were occupied and were occupied by people of all ages. Kids are usually shy about using public bathrooms but not this time. I saw quite a few kids taking a crap which was unusal.
As for toilets in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, I remember there was a Simpsons a few years ago where Bart made a call to someone in Australia to find out which way the water swirled and it lead up to a trip to Australia. THe toilet in the US Embassy was rigged up to swirl counter-clockwise. It was a pretty humerous show.
Here in Colorado Springs where I live, out park system is pretty good and there are small parks in many neighborhoods and almost each one has a bathroom. There is one park where you walk in and there is a sit down john and then a concrete wall and then a urinal. I sometimes enjoy using it.

To follow up on the question about which way the toilets swirls.....There Is an episode on the long running t.v. show called the Simpsons(it's a cartoon...for you people who live in UK etc.) that talks about which way the toilet water moves when you flush it. On this episode Bart calls some boy in Austrila and he ask's him to flush your toilet cause bart wants to know which way it flushes. I don't remember too much about this episode cause it's been a while since i've seen this.(BTW) Simpsons can be seen Sunday at 8pm est/7pm C .

I have been purging myself once a month. Doing so, has opened up my lower intestinal tract. At first, after the drinking the purgative, of course my bowels are loose and watery. It stays this way for most of the day. After 72 hours, my doo-doo is firm. I feel better for it.

I was at my friends house the other day looking for my friend Stacey, I was told that she had gone to town to go pick her sister up from a baseball game. I had to go to the bathroom but I was a little shy to do it. I didn't have to pee, because I did that before I went over to her house. Only her father was home and I was a little embarassed to have to go poop and leave him all alone in the kithcen. The small bathroom/laundry room combo was just off of the kitchen, so I went in there and I thought that way I could still talk to Steve (Stacey's dad.) The room had no door, just hanging beads like a gypseys room would have and there were only like ten strands there, so there wasn't really that much of a barier. I told Steve I had to go to the bathroom. We talked a little bit, but he seemed a little surprised at the silence, he asked if I was still in there and I told him I had to poop, he said "Oh, sorry Heather, I thought you had to pee or I wouldn't have asked." He was a little embarassed. I just sat a while and then he initiated a little conversation. "How is school Heather, are you glad you are almost out?" (Mine and Stacey's senior year!) I answered with a loud fart and a straining voice - "Yea, the work is geting easier too!" He kept talking to me, I could tell that he was actually liking talking to me while I was sitting on the pot. I tapered off with the farts and hisses and started to let go with the solid material. "plunk, plunk, ploop, poomp, ploomp,. . . . . uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . Crackle Crackle cracKle SLIIIIIIDE KEEERRPLOOMP! Ahhhhhhhhh!" I was releved with what seemed like two weeks worth of poop out of me, it was really only about four or five days, I did have quite a bit to eat though. I looked around for some TP but could find none. I asked Steve to come to the door (the beads) and push me thru a roll, he did, and he caught a glimps of my round and sexy ass thru the blinders as he pushed it. "Sniff Sniff!" He took quite a few snifs of my powerfull farts when he brought me the paper. When I left the bathroom I looked at Steve and he had a really strong erection at the sight of me after seeing me on the toilet with my pants down. I may go over and poop again at Stacey's just to give Steve a thrill!

Hugh - Know where i can get one of those good ole shitt'rs? Modern toilets are sooo crappy. Should'a seen the way it reacted when my son came into the world- stuck the first dirty pampers in it and it floated straight to the surface and wouldnt go down. And after eating pizza - it's hopeless to think it'll flush down what ya put in after that.

Ok, since my public poo in the park (and other places) I have been branded an exhibitionist. Well last night I discovered that while I can poo in front of anyone, I have a hangup with pooing noises...when men are present! My husband and I were at a bar with friends when I needed to poo. I went to the ladies room and noticed that the mens room was closed due to a flood and a sign told the men to use the ladies room. As I was going into the ladies room, a man also came in. I went into on stall and he went into the adjacent one. Now, in the ladies room at work. we all poo and chat with the stall doors open, making noises, so having a man in the next stall should be OK, right? Wrong! Yes, this is the lady who pooed in a park the other week and a bus shelter the other day. I felt awkward about farting so I waited for him to pee. Unfortunately I heard the rustle of clothing, so I guessed he was going to poo as well. I still couldn't start - I knew I was going to make loud noises! As soon as I heard his fart and the first crackle of poo, I made my move. I farted - and what a racket! My poos came out KER-SPLOOSH and his came out too, KER-SPLASH! Now I didn't feel so bad as his noises were masking mine! I actually finished first, wiped, adjusted my clothing and left. I still wasn't sure why I didn't want to make any noises, though.

Dear girl with the weak bladder: Do you drink a lot and have a big or small bladder? You could wear the little pads in your underwear such as Depend Shields to soak up those squirts. Do you wear shorts most of the time? Many times I do a squirt or two in my shorts and just let it run down my leg or out onto the ground. I work in a school and many of the kids of all ages wet their pants. It's usually the ones who have had too much water or soda to drink and their bladder suddenly is full. I see many racing to the toilet.

hello,this is my second post,have an interesting story to share. I had been visiting my girlfriend ,we all had spent the afternoon swimming by the pool.I had just finished showering and was toweling off in the bathroom when tammy knocked on the door and asked if she could come in,she had to go real bad.I rapped a towel around my waist as she scurried to the toilet,she peeled off her bathing suit which happened to be a one piece and sat down on the toilet, she said she was constipated and hadn't gone for three days, she let out a few farts followed by a few plops as she continued to giggle the smell permeated throughout the room.she then rubbed her ???? and strained a bit as she passed a rather large turd and apologizing for the smell.I told her not to worry about it as I was turned on by her pooping. she then got up off the toilet looking into the bowl said "boy did I have to go". She then walked over to the cabinet and pulled out some baby wipes and wiped her bum a few times checking the paper each time. tammy then bent over and asked me if she was clean back there,it was and she got dressed and we went out for dinner.looking foward to share more stories in the future.

Phillippe I've been to the equator and if you go 10 feet inthe north direction water swirls clockwise. If yo go 10 feet in the southern direction water flows counter clockwise. At the equator water flows stright down and doesn't swirl at all.

I was in the park today throwing a ball with my little 9 y/o friend. I had to rest my bowels. He followed me into the boys toilet. I unbuttoned my tennis shorts and lowered my white and blue striped briefs to my thighs and released an explosion of water and citrus fruit fiber, the remains of a laxative and food. The kid then joined me on the next bowl lowering his blue gym shorts and white briefs to the same length. His behind was half on the seat and he shitted out numerous pieces of doo-doo. These bathroom has no stalls. I don't mind in the playground, not in a ferry terminal. I guess he did not want to show his penis. So he pulled up as he was sitting.

Finally got to see my girlfriend press out a dump the other day. She sat on the toilet and stunk up the place good, I really like it!! Keep it comming!

To those who are prude about diarrhea: What's so bad about diarrhea? Why not be open to all kinds of shit? Besides, it really adds some nice sound effects to the shitting. Also, it comes out without any straining. So the colon gets cleaned out once in a while. Big deal. Just take care of yourself and you'll be fine.

Monday, May 31, 1999

Hugh G.
On the subject of which direction the toilet water swirls on the way down... It's a common misconception that drains in the Earth's northern hemisphere will circle clockwise, and those in the southern hemisphere will swirl counterclockwise. That is generally true, but there are too many exceptions. As for toilets, that isn't true at all, since the water jets under the rim can direct the water either way. My house is 100 years old, and probably had an outhouse until about 1940. There is an original bathroom in the unfinished basement, complete with an old-fashioned crapper with a tank that hangs on the wall. There is also an old-fashioned clawfoot bathtub. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms, and a bathroom was added sometime in the 1950's. Part of a bedroom was taken for this purpose. Now, the upstairs bathroom was not plumbed correctly, so the toilet barely manages to choke down the crap, while the ancient crapper in the cellar just swallows any piece of shit I put in it. If I feel a good crap coming on, I will go to the toilet downstairs. Using the upstairs toilet may result in needing to flush several times, or I'll hold the flush handle, allowing the tank to drain completely, which gives an extra gurgle down the bowl. In the case of loose diarrhea, the upstairs toilet will get most of it, but leave some fibrous strands of food in the bowl. In answer to the first question, neither toilet swirls the water down in either direction. Lastly, the upstairs toilet makes a great deal of noise as the water rumbles down the pipe. This was a running gag on the US production of "All In The Family", as the Bunker clan lived in an old house, in which the bathroom was taken from a bedroom. Rection.

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