Had to do another poo in the bus shelter yesterday. This was while waiting for my bus on my way to work. I'd been waiting 10 minutes and I felt cramps. I squatted down - the glass shelter had about 2 feet of metal at the bottom which protected me from view of the traffic. As a turd started to come out, a woman suddenly appeared in the bus shelter without warning! I continued pooing. I'm not sure whether she was simply oblivious to what I was doing (I suppose I could have been looking for something on the floor), or pretended not to notice. Anyway, this poo didn't want to stop and there I was crouched down with a woman standing in front of me. Finally I finished, adjusted my clothing and stood up. I saw 2 turds on the floor - one was a foot long and the other was thinner and about 8 inches long. The woman never said a word!

To Tiny Girl. Welcome to this forum, I think it is the first time that I see you here. To answer your question, poop is like everything else in nature and is subject to what is known as the Coriolis Force. In the northern hemishpere, things swirl around in a counterclockwise motion, where as they swirl around in a clockwise motion in the southern hemisphere. Do not ask me about the equator, I don't know... You may want to experiement pooping in the southern hemisphere one day ! Regards. Philippe.

I'm glad I found this site -- and here I thought that I was the only one who had this fascination with pooping! I love to poop. I usually go once every 2-3 days and drop 3-4 good size poops that really smell stinky! While I sit on the toilet, I usually read magazines, or just think if I don't have anything to read. To Tiny Girl: The way the water swirls around the toilet really depends on where in the world you are at. I've learned that here in the United States, the water in the toilet or even the water in the bath tub or sink swirls clockwise However, in the southern hemisphere, the water swirls counter-clockwise. This has to do with the rotation of the earth. (I used to watch Mr. Wizard's world when I was 10 years old -- I'm 25 now.)

A few months ago I was at a friend's house. We got Mexican food for dinner. As soon as I finsihed I could hear my stomach grumbling. Mallory was farting a lot and said her stomach hurt too. Suddenl;y I felt as if i had to diarrhea, but i prayed and the urge went away. After a while she walked me home, (we live about two miles apart). As soon as we got through the dorr diarrhea hit me like a stack of bricks. I told her bye and ran like hell to the pot where I shitted out all the stuff in me. There something terribly wrong with that food! Also, I have a question for Reya. What grade are you in?

Last year I took part in a half marathon, the start was about 3 miles out of town in a small country lane. Parking was in a field just off the road. The toilet facilities were a couple of Portaloos. (UK) Judging by the queues they were totally inadequate for the number of competitors. About half an hour before the start time, I felt the need to go, and looking at the queues I decided to make my own arrangements. I stuffed a toilet roll under my tracksuit and jogged down the road, after about half a mile I came to some bushes just off the road, I climbed over the fence and found a place behind a bush I pulled down my shorts and let a couple of soft turds go. I was just wiping when I heard someone coming down the road. I looked round the bush, it was a woman in her thirties, tall with an athletic figure. She climbed over the fence as I had done and made her way across to the bushes, she stopped at a bush just in front of me, she turned to face the road and with her back to me pulled down her shorts she leaned forward and bent her legs slightly giving me the most beautiful view of an arse I will ever see. She opened her legs slightly and started to pee, after a few seconds she stopped but instead of pulling up her shorts she hesitated then she pulled her arse cheeks apart. I could see her tight little arse hole opening, then a brown turd started to emerge, it was about an inch in diameter, hard and lumpy but it got softer as it emerged, when it was about four inches long, it tapered off and dropped to the ground. Another smaller turd came before she wiped and pulled up her shorts and made her way back to the road. I quickly dressed and set off back to the car park.

the girl with the weak bladder
jim-I'm only 15 years old but I think I do have the same experiences as you... although I am not shy of using publis toilets or anyting, I often hold onto my pee rather than going to the toilet because it is not convenient or for whatever reason. At school, I often let out a little spirt which I cannot avoid if I am running or doing some such activity. the urge also comes on very quickly, for example I will be running along wuite happily when all of a sudden I am busting for the loo and have to stop, cross my legs and bend over. If I keep running, I pee my pants until I stop running, which is very embarrassing, or if I just stop and not cross legs and that, I do a spurt which I can get under control after a second or two. I am very ineterested that someone else has the same little problem as me, and I would also like to hear of other people with this problem or a similar one.

I posted before about using a squat-type toilet in Vietnam. The one I used was at least private, but at our regular dumping station in our army company area we had two separate "latrines" available. The main one had regular flush toilets, about 10 or 12 in a row spaced a couple feet apart, no partitions of any kind. Several feet across from the line of toilets, against the other wall, was a long trough-type urinal the length of the building. It was very typical to be taking a dump with as many as 3 to 6 other soldiers at the same time, while others were whizzing in the urinal across from you. With no stalls or dividers, there was no point in being shy. Farts, grunts, wiping, it all had to be done right out in the open. The sinks and showers were in a separate building. The military employed Vietnamese civilian women for cleaning workers ("hooch maids"). Of course these women worked during regular daytime hours. Usually they'd be cleaning the latrines in mid-morning. I recall several times sitting there taking a nice leisurely dump, usually alone, but a couple times with other guys, when all of a sudden, in comes "mama san" with a bucket and mop, pours water on the floor and starts cleaning away, acting oblivious to the fact we're shitting away right next to her! This was how I learned parts of the rest of the world have a much more open attitude about normal bodily functions than Americans. During really hot weather sometimes water had to be rationed and was turned off for 3 or 4 hours during the day. The flush toilets were not usable then and were closed. This was when our other latrine came in handy. It was basically a two-seater outhouse. The stinky shit and piss was deposited into half-barrels that were under the seats. This waste was disposed of in the traditional military manner -- by burning!! I don't recall if the Vietnamese cleaning ladies had to take care of this burning duty or if soldiers did it. I had a high enough rank by this time (sergeant) that there were enough privates around to handle the "shit-burning" detail. More later

Jim , Coprologist, David, Gomer and Buzzy. Lots of blokes have a problem peeing at a urinal. Nowadays I dont, I use a cubicle (stall) . I dont see why this worrys you all though. Like my mate George who often posts here I think that urinals should be abolished (and replaced by more WC pans in stalls) as I find them to be dirty and smelly and there is both the possibilty of being splattered with piss and having to stand in a puddle of someone else's urine. Also I like to control who sees me pee or defecate. Another point is that if you sit to pee then the near accident that Buzzy had just cant happen . Lots of men have stood peeing and a soft or loose stool has come out in their underpants, but if sitting on the toilet then it will just go down the pan in the normal manner. I use a cubicle (stall) all the time now and sit to pee. Also with modern men's underpants being indentical to women's panties and knickers with no fly and elastic round the leg openings its a lot easier to pull them down in a cubicle behind a bolted door than fumble with my cock and possibly pee myself. Finally, when doing either type of toilet function one is at the most vulnerable and many blokes have been mugged while standing to pee. A cubicle with a bolted door at least gives some security.

David, the word "jobbie" was originally Scots and has been made famous by Billy Connolly the Commedian who refers to such matters in some of his monologues and songs. My mum and other kids mothers would use this word as when I went to the toilet mum would ask "Are you needing a wee wee or a jobbie?" or "have you done a jobbie today?" She would also apply this to herself as "That's better, I just did a nice big jobbie" (As I usually listened to her doing so when at home I knew this and sometimes was even lucky and saw it if it was so big that it stuck in the toilet pan). She also used the expression to "do ( or have) a motion" as in "I had a good motion, two big easy jobbies". The other expressions used were "number two", and "Poo". "Big jobs" I have found to be more of an English than Scots expression. BM is a more American usage and means simply "BOWEL MOVEMENT" as often used on this website e.g. "Julie the Cheerleader had an enormous solid BM in the Girls' restroom at High! School..."

Talking about big solid BMs or motions or jobbies if you prefer, I had a marvelous day of toilet activities passing three separate "good motions" yesterday (Friday). I hadn't had a motion on Thursday, not a concern to me at all, I go when I need. Anyway, I got up at 6.00am and went to the toilet to pee. As I have said I sit to pee so pulled down my grey cotton briefs and sat on the pan. As I sat I felt a motion start to slide down in my back passage. I held it back for a moment or so to savour the feeling as it pressed against my sphincter then took a deep breath and bore down "NNN! AH! UH! OO!" It was a fat one and I felt it slowly slide out then drop into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPUL-LOONK!" It was a fat dark brown cylinder of about 12 inches long and 2 and 1/2 inches thick. Needless to say it stuck in the pan. I left it, had my shower and went to work feeling really good after doing it. I did feel that there was more to come. Later that day after lunch I felt that I needed another motion and went into the toilet at work. No one else was there when I went in so I looked down the toilet pans as I have done since I was a kid at school, and saw that there was a jobbie floating in one, a turd of about 7 inches long. I used this toilet to buddy dump a nice big fat easy curved motion of about 10 inches long which went "Floomp!" .

I thought I had done my motions for the day, but just before turning in for bed I again felt I needed a motion and did a short fat carrot shaped jobbie of about 5 inches long(what we call a "Mick" in Glasgow) on top of the big one I had done that morning (which was till stuck there) with a loud "KU-PLONK!". It took 4 flushes to get the combined load to go away. What is the greatest number of times any reader has done separate SOLID motions (diarrhea does NOT count) in one day? Three sessions would be my record but when we went on holiday when I was a teenager and we were having 3 very large meals every day at a large hotel my mum managed to have 4 good solid but easy motions each day. As the toilet was just off the two bedrooms of our suite I could still enjoy hearing her perform and even saw her turds on a number of occasions, big long easy sausages. By the end of the second week she was doing a motion after breakfast, lunch and evening dinner and before going to bed. Her jo! bbies were about 8 inches long, nice and formed but smooth and easy, light brown and floaters. When we came back off holiday her system reverted after a couple of days to having one motion every day or so passing a couple of firm lumpy jobbies or sometimes one big long panbuster.

Tiny Girl, the way the water swirls in the toilet or down any other drain depends whether you are north or south of the equator. Glad you enjoyed "birthing" your big poo, how large was it and did it make an interesting "kurplonk!"? By the way what DID happen to "Preggy" who used to post here .Has she had here baby and what was it? Hope all went well. Cheers. Tony

David from Austrailia>> To answer your question, BM is short for Bowel Movement... Tiny Girl>> To answer your question about which way does the water go in a toilet, clockwise or counter-clockwise, that depends on the design of the toilet. The jets underneath the rim of the bowl generally point in one direction or the opposite, and depending on which way they point, is the determiner on what way the water goes down the drain, unless you have one of those jet toilets that don't have a directional flow to them...

Hi folks!!! I'd like to ask the parents on this forum to post some potty training stories about their kids (the first time they made poo poo in the potty, the size of the poop, how did you react to it (praise, potty dance etc.)and all other details about potty training that I had forgot to mention. thanx in advance

Tiny girl>>>> I live in Australia and the toilet does not really swirl around in either direction. They actually seem to swirl the water around in the vertical plane, not horizontaly. This means that when I watch my poos swirl around, they actually tumble over each other before disappearing down the S bend. Aussie toilets do have a very low water level compared to U.S. toilets, so this may be why they tumble more than swirl. This may also be why our toilets flush with a bit of a roar instead of the quieter gurgling the American toilets seem to have.

I've also tried rocking back and forth if there's a poo inside me which is reluctant to come out and it does seem to help. I also lean forward more if it's difficult and I think that helps too, along with some grunting and of course a huge sigh when it finally plops in the toilet with a nice ass splashing PLOP!!!! One thing I have found helps with a shit that won't come out is to use a bidet or similar, make sure the water is nice and warm and it seems to relax the muscles of the anus to let it out easier. I don't have a bidet myself but the bath is next to the toilet and what I do is use one of those cheap plastic shower heads that comes with a four foot long hose and just slips over the bath tap (faucet). I can then set the water up to be nice and warm and then just point the shower head at my anus for a few minutes, it does feel nice too and is quite relaxing. Certainly does help a stubborn turd to slip out easier!!!!

WARNING!!!!......WARNING!!!!.......RED ALERT!!!!.....The rest of this post is about diarrhea, so anyone who doesn't like that sort of thing please read no further!!!!! LOL This shower head thingy comes in handy with cases of the runs too, I've actually had the water running over my anus as the shit flows out, sort of like water cooling and means you don't need to wipe with paper as that can irritate the skin especially after a few visits to the can!!!! I discovered the benefits of a water cooled anus once when I was very sick. I was having a real bad dose of runs among other things and it was just brown liquid with no solid stuff at all. I was in the shower when another attack hit me. I figured I may as well do it in the shower as it was just liquid and I would not have made it out of the showr to the toilet anyway. I squatted down over the shower drain so it would not spend any time on the floor and let it all out. The shower water was running down my back and between my butt cheeks, cooling my anus down as the runny shit flowed out making it a painless experience. So now when I get the runs, I just set up the shower hose in the bath and let the water cool me down as I spray paint the toilet bowl brown!!!!!

Hello all i just have to say something that i really hate the dreams that you have when you think that you are urinating and you almost end up by wetting the bed. LOVE PEACH AND HARMONY TO YOU ALL

Nathan P.
Tiny Girl: Both of the toilets in my house swirl clockwise when they are flushed. Since you're asking us about this, which way does the water swirl in your toilet(s)?

Hi. I came across this page quite by accident while searching for something else. I had no idea there was a site devoted to this topic! I thought I was odd for thinking there was something fascinating about bathroom experiences. I'll tell more about my own experiences later perhaps, but for now I have a question for everyone. My boyfriend is Indian and mentioned to me that there in India, they don't really use toilet paper. They wash themselves with their hands. I was quite shocked when he asked if I would start doing that since I'm not used to the habit. I just wanted to know if anyone else did that. I'd love to hear if it's really better than using toilet paper. Thanks :)

Saturday, May 29, 1999

To HELGA-A very funny story with the garbage can.I laughed out loud!!Keep them coming!!To NYAD-I've read some of your posts and it seems to me you enjoy pooping.If your boyfriend wants to see you poo,by all means do it for him.I'm sure he is way past the point of being turned off by you or losing respect for you.From my own experience,I've felt so much closer to her by sharing the experience and the girl seemed to love the fact that you love to watch her poo and they get into it more and in a way, the relationship deepens.Go for it and enjoy.I'm sure HE WILL!!!He'll want to do it for you too ( if you want!)

Had a weird poo this a.m. Was standing at the bowl peeing for about a minute and out of the blue i got these heavy cramps and had to stop peeing and quickly sit down.As i was sitting down,this hissing fart came out followed by a long,very soft poop.It was over in 3 seconds.I sat there for a bit,pushing my anus out,but that was it.I almost pooped on the floor.That would have been gross because i'd have to clean it up! Thank god for good rectal control.Has anyone else have this happen to them.That was the first time that happened to me.I've been noticing since i've gone vegitarian,when i get the urge i gotta go right away and sometimes that is a drag,but boy,it is some pooing i'm doin'See ya!!BYE

Tiny Girl
Hi! When you guys flush your toilets, which direction does the water swirl when your poops are swirling round and round? Clockwise or counterclockwise?

Tiny Girl
Hey you guys! Tonight, I had a poop that just did not want to slide out of me. It was like giving birth and I had to do alot of pushing. But also, I found that rocking back and forth, while pushing, seemed to help it slide out a little more easily. Anyone else ever have to do that?

Over the weekend, I put too much hot mustard sauce and I was sorry for it Monday at school. My stomach made a watery, blurting noise that could be heard by everyone. Holding my stomach, I bolted out out of class, raced thru the hallway to the girls toilet. Once inside, I threw my uniform skirt to the floor, shoved down my panty hose and gray Elizabeth Ashley panties. Repeated cascades of brown water, brown peas and collard greens hit the toilet water. After 10 minutes, I tried to get up only more kept coming. Once you sit on the toilet with a running stomach, it is hard to stop. 15 minutes later, I was finshed. My ass was watery and sore. I had to wipe good. A girl named Jane came in to see if I was hurting. I told her no. It was an adjustment to my Spanish diet. We are Colombian.

I've just come across this site by accident (no pun intended). It particularly fascinates me as I've always had a horror of public toilets. I don't know whether this is perhaps due to a forgotten bad experience when very young, but as far back as I can remember, I'd rather wet myself than even consider visiting a public loo, and this continues to the very present day. I'm in my late twenties now and, maybe because of always leaving it till the last minute to visit the toilet, I do still have lots of small accidents. Could this be because periods of desperation weaken the bladder muscles? I find that the urge to pee comes on quite quickly, and it's often difficult to stop the initial spurt. Sporting activities make me specially prone to weeing myself - I'd often have damp shorts in the gym at school or on the football pitch. I'd be interested to read about other contributor's similar experiences. Jim

Basil should know that the Diary of Elizabeth Pepys is a modern work of fiction, but the full Diary of Samuel Pepys does contain some accounts of shitting, including in a chimney, but less full than at this site. Medieval French fabliaux also treat shitting as being terribly funny.

Stinky Sarahs panties
I thought I would share my experience of about six months ago with you. I was in town having a few drinks with ex my girlfriend. We were on our way home, when my ex girlfriend suddenly said that she needed the toilet quite desperately. We were passing the train station, which has a toilet. She began running towards the toilet. Unfortunately they were just closing the toilet. The floor was very wet as it had been raining. She slipped and fell on her back and lay there in a bemused and helpless heap on the floor. She then let out a massive fart and began to soil her white panties. A large brown patch began to appear in her panties. She started sobbing at this point and began pissing her panties as well. A mixture of mess and wee then started seeping out through her underwear. The station bar was just emptying at this point and I did't want anyone to see my girlfriend in this state of distress. I didn't know what to do - so I covered her with my jacket. I then helped her up and noticed that the mens room was still open. I took her inside the toilets and lay her down on the floor. I pulled her dirtied knickers down. I grabbed some paper towels and wet them under the tap and starting cleaning her. I then put her panties in the garbage. Eventually after about half an hour she was clean and felt much better. We then managed to catch the train. At the end of the journey we got of the train and started to walk home. On the way home we passed a group of lads who seemed to be playing with something - kicking and throwing something in the air. As we got closer we noticed that it was my girlfriends smelly panties, which someone had retrieved from the garbage!

Hello, friends! After reading the great posts on this site over the last week or so, I have become fascinated with the various terminologies used. I should add that I am aged 61, spent the first 26 years of my life in England, and then migrated to Australia where I have remained since. My mother brought me up using the term "big jobs", and I notice some of you use the term "jobbies" - is that the modern version? I also read the post of the English person who wrote about the familiar question from mum "Did you do anything today?". The English are well known for a preoccupation with constipation. Then, when I brought up my own children, I encouraged my wife to use the same expression, which she did. This unfortunately made my children subject to some ridicule at school in Australia, where they were told that "poo" was the word to use. Then we have the expression "going for a B.M.", which I have never seen or heard before but understand that it is used by our friends in America. I should love to know what the letters stand for. Anything to do with "bum" by any chance? Gomer, your problem is shared by many others; more and more men seem to be using the stalls in preference to urinals, presumably for that reason. I used to be pee-shy, but with some mental effort, have managed to overcome it. You may find the article on the site worth reading.

My worst running stomach was in eighth grade. It was after lunch. I raised my hand to answer when I felt a strong bowel movement coming on. I left the classroom normally. I took off my uniform jacket dropped my gray pants and white briefs. My bowels let out thick and muddy brown. I finished and returned to class. I had to cut out, again. This time I released a flood of brown water. Good thing I left my jacket upstairs. I could not afford any extra steps. Gas and water kept evacuating. My friend entered the boys room. I told him to whisper to the teacher I had diarrhea. It was the mustard and peppers on the hot dogs at lunch.

Summer's coming, so for those headed to far off spots, it's Traveler's annual guide to using squat toilets. Nathan P. asks how to use them. Rural has the right idea. The trick is to put your feet flat on the floor or footrests - try not to rest on the ball of the foot or, worse yet, on the toes. That's very uncomfortable and unnatural. Also, let your thighs rest comfortably against the calves, with your underwear and pants just above the knees. *Tip of the day*: roll your pants legs up a few inches before dropping your pants. That way you'll avoid any water that may be on the footrests. You ladies wearing a dress or skirt, of course, will have it hiked up to the waist and gathered. If the position I've described is hard for you, get into shape before your trip by praticing it each day. (You don't have to actually do a #1 or #2, just practice the position.) How clean these toilets are depends on where you are and, as with anywhere, whether they're public or private. When you get used to it, you can do a very satisfying motion. Lastly - flushing: depending on the design, these things can spray a lot of water, especially the kind with an overhead tank and chain flush. With these, be prepared to move back quickly, unless you want a soaking. Remember, most of the world defecates this way, so enjoy!!

Nyad - Go ahead, give that cute "wookiee" bf of yours a thrill. Invite him to watch you doing a pooh. It seems like he asked you politely, and you seem to be into it, at least from your posts you do. A gf of mine once invited me to watch but I didn't and I've regretted it ever since. So don't disappoint him. You may be both find it a bigger turnon than you'd ever imagined!

After a trip to the hospital for surgery my bowels weren't moving for two days. My roomate bought me a large bottle of prune juice. At first the only effect seemed to be the worst gas I've ever had. My roomate asked me not to sit in her easy chair fearing eventually I would do more than fart! The pain killers I was taking caused me to fade in and out. I used a plastic bag from the store over my underwear as a preventative measure. For two more days all I did is fart. I began to think I needed to call the doctor. The fifth day sitting on the couch with visitors present I lifted my rear to accomdate another 'Elephant fart' . . . the sputtering sound indicated a problem. Before I could clamp down a cup or so of crap the consistency of a thick pudding and a couple of large lumps were between my cheeks. How red can a persons face be?

To Gomer No, thee's nothing you can do about not being able to pee at a urinal if someone else is there. I have exactly the same problem. But it is all rigfht once I get started. It's just getting started that is inhibited by other people's presence. So if it looks thought it's going to happen, I go in a stall to pee. Sometimes, I just pretend that I've been, and go out and come back a few minytes later, though if I'm with my wife, I have to explain what the reason is for such a quick second visit.

Hi all...the other day I was studying in the library when the urge hit so I went to the mens room, took the middle stall and did my business. Another guy came in and sat next to me to my right. He lowered his jeans, sat down and let out this hissing fart that must have lasted about twenty seconds followed by a crackling, nice solid log or two. The smell was interesting, sort of fruity and ripe, not particularly offensive. I was wondering if he were alone at home and he had sat down with all that gas if he would have pushed hard and made a huge loud fart but since he was in a public place sitting next to a stranger if he let the fart out nice and slowly to minimize the noise (and perhaps the smell). I'd like to ask other readers if when they're in a public situation do they shit "differently" than if they were at home alone. I know that I tend to sometimes flush (courtesy flush I think it's called) if I'm next to someone and my BM is particularly smelly. Any thoughts??

A while ago, someone asked for stories about talking to someone of the opposite sex (not a spouse) while on the toilet. I had the opposite experience, watching one of my son's friends. It happened one weekend while my 17 year old and his friends were out in the back yard playing basketball. I was in the house, working on cleaning the tile inside the stall shower of the upstairs bathroom. Downstairs I heard the backdoor open and one of the boys bound up the stairs. He must have had to go badly because he rushed into the bathroom and without looking undid his gym shorts and jockstrap in one motion and sat on the toilet. It was my son's best friend Josh, a tall lanky blond boy. He started to urinate hard and let out a loud fart. Then he looked up, noticed me, and froze. "Omigod, I'm sorry" he stammered and turned red. I'm sure he wanted to bolt right out, but his body wouldn't cooperate, as he continued to pee, so he put his hands between his legs to try to cover his penis, which was pointing down in the bowl. I could still see his thick patch of pubic hair which was surprisingly dark. I have to say that this was the first time I had ever seen a male on the toilet, and I was fascinated and (I'm ashamed to say) reluctant to turn away. After a moment I said "I'll get out of your way", but I'll admit I didn't move too quickly. Josh must have been in dire straights, because even though I'm sure he was trying to hold it in, he began to move his bowels, he couldn't hide the embarrasing splashing sounds or the smell that followed. I would have loved to stay and see him wipe himself but I finally left him to complete his business. I was downstairs when I heard the toilet flush and Josh went out back passing me in the kitchen, but averting my gaze. Later, I fixed drinks for the boys, but when Josh saw me, he turned red and stammered some more. It was very cute. Since then I've seen him a couple of times, and I don't think I'll ever forget the image of him sitting on the toilet.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Alright. Enough with the peephole posts. 7 days of flame bait and fallout is most throughly enough.

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