hello everyone.I want to share with you all a story that happened to me my senior year in highschool.I was in german class when we had a festival for oktoberfest and we had just eaten some German chocolate cake.Now as I have said before sweets can sometimes give me really bad diarrhea.I had a big piece and thought nothing of it-This was before I had figured out that these kinds of rich foods can do real funny things to my stomach.Well I felt a bad cramp and knew that a bout with Diarrhea was comming.I kept my cool and got up and asked my teacher'Darf Ich zum toillete gehen?' which literally means may I go to the toilet.I didnt say any thing about the 'durch fleissen' that was brewing inside of me.He allowed me to and gave me the key to use the restroom down the hall.Well after walking quite quickly to the girls bathroom,I had found that a janitor was cleaning it and said that it was momentarly out of order.I paniced because I was really about to explode!I ran to the girls locker room to use the bathroom there and the damn door was locked.Why in the hell do they lock doors in school bathrooms anyway-I still wonder that.Any way I was getting desprate.A small shot of liquid squirted into my panties.I gained control and started to really think about the situation.The locker room was empty,as P.E. class was in the gym or something so I made up my mind that I had to do something and now!I grabbed one of those big school garrbage cans,pulled my pants down,And exploded into that poor garbadge can.Some of the diarrhea splashed onto my butt,the back of my legs,and even a little on my back,But I didnt worry about that now.I dont mean to be crudel,but when I get the runs I get the pure liquid kind that sounds like a whipped cream bottle squirting.well,after the long steady stream let up,I let out a few big,real weird sounding farts and pushed the can back to where it was.I filled the bottom of the plastic bag in the can and had splattered the poop all over the insides of the can.I had to wipe and clean myself with a towel on the bench.The smell was horrible and I quicly left.The next wave hit on the way back as I stopped at the bathroom the janitor had just fineshed soon as I got my pants down I again exploded before I could sit and sprayed the toilet and the wall.What a mess I left in there too,but oh well,I couldnt help it.Everything that I had eaten the past day or so had liquified after I ate that cake and just shot out of me uncontrolably.When I was finally finished I went home.That was one of my worst days.Thanks-Ill write again soon.

I had the same thought as Graham did when I read Lynn's post. Not only would it have been easier for her to use the tub sitting or squatting, but also she would not then have needed to REMOVE both pants AND panties! I'm surprised she had time to do that if she was so desperate.

Hi,all.To RACHEL M-GReat story!! Loved it,also HELGA-Another good one!Are you sure no one saw you pooping out the car door?!That must have been some view!To DAVID-sure,i do that sitting the other way thing on the bowl a lot especially when i really gotta go.I used to watch this nurse friend of mine do that a lot.I would get behind her and watch the show and she would look between her legs to see too.She would start out with hard balls and then long turds with hissing gas and then mush and squigglies.It was great to watch.As a matter of fact David,I'm getting the urge to poop right now as i usually do when i read this forum.I'm going to go poo now,hold on ..................I sat on the bowl facing the tank and watched.It was over pretty quick.Passed a little gas and then did 4 six inch turds that broke off as it was coming out my anus otherwise it would have been one long poop.Felt great and it came out fast.sounded like thhhhhhhhh- plop thhhhhhhh-plop-thhhhhhhhhhhhhhplop.It wa! s great to watch from that position.I could see it breaking apart as it was coming out Thanks david for resurrecting an old idea!!Any other vegitarians out there enjoying doing these huge poops? i do! Let's hear from you !BYE

Hi every one I just have a very short post. Well it all began a few days ago when I ate alot of junk food all day long like chips and soda and then I was out side with my friend and my stomache started hurting really bad so I when in side and walked quickly to the toilet I closed the bathroom dorr shot down my pants and briefs and then exploded whith a messy poo, I mean I really exploded it was actualy pretty bad diarrhea, but now my system is back to normal thank god because I hate diarrhea. I'm sorry if this post affended every one. Keep up the good posts. The ones that interest me the most are the stories with girls haveing to take a huge dump/ diarrhea and barely making it to the toilet.

I can't pee at a public urinal if someone else is in the room. I have to either leave and come back later or sit in a stall (with the door closed). Is there anything I can do to overcome this psychological problem?

Sandra,I may have come on too strong sorry,You are right of course. I have a question that I need help with and was wondering if others would kindly respond.After the incident the other day at my boyfriends.He asked me something,he is really a nice and very kind person.He's big and blonde with killer eyes from Calif.If you saw him you would say " yeah he surfs" well he sails,but he's not dumb,actually he is pre-med.He would make a great long distance swimmer except the thought of hair shaving for less resistance spooks him.My best friend calls him the wolfman because he is hairy I think of him as my big wookiee,you know like the star-wars character,funny and big.I'm getting to it,he asked me when we were close if he could watch me poop.He said he found it hard to imagine something so big coming out of a place so small.Ididn't know what to say and said maybe and wouldn't he find me gross afterwards?He said no,and then no pressure ok.So i wanted to know from those who have done it what they thought.I know he admires me and I'm not ashamed only I just like wanted some insight and all.I haven't told anyone not even my best friend Bibi,I assumed only married couples did it if i thought about it at all.We have been together 2yrs.6mons.and 23days.If you guys don't want to answer I'll understand.Thanks

me and chris have been pooping in front of each other for months now, but over the weekend we decided to go to the park for a walk so i stopped for some fast food first hoping to see an outside dump. we had walked about a half mile down the trail when chris said she needed to poop. we walked off the trail so no one could see, i knew she didnt care if i watched when she asked if i would hold her up, she said that it was hard squating without falling back. so she pulled down her shorts and panties and we both squated down me holding her arms so she wouldnt fall back, in just seconds a long turd started coming out, it was on the ground before it broke off, she grunted a little and one more small turd came out, she then cleaned her self and we finished the walk. one more great time!

Add to the "squat toilet" posting In some of the countries of the former Soviet Union, so called squat toilets are more common. The mens seldom have doors for privacy although I understand that the ladies usually have some form of modesty screen. In shower rooms associatged with public pools, the squat toilets lack either doors or partitions. They are not separated from the gang showers normally found in locker rooms. Generally the person using these toilets undresses before using the toilet and the mandatory shower prior to using the pool.

Hi I was wondering If any one on here likes the band/group Sugar Ray? Does any one have their CD "Sugar Ray 14:59? Inside where It says the song titles there Is this extra junk like airplane safty(Info when you take off...what to do in a crash etc.). At the top it has the no symbol and inside it has a dog pooping. Then on the other sign it has another no symbol and there Is a toliet that is on fire inside the no symbol.

thomas c.
my story go back about two years ago. i had been vacationing in colorado with my wife & another couple and we had a great time but all the excitement of the trip got the better of me. one day before we were to return home i had gotten a bad case of constipation but didn't say anything about it to my wife until after we were back home. by now i was locked up tighter then a drum" an enema was out of the question as i had recevied plenty of them from my mom when i was a kid & hated them, so instead i took a big dose of milk of magnesia. when it finally kicked in i went in the bathroom & sat on the toilet & a big huge turd started to come down but wouldn't come out i was in agony. my wife heard me groaning & ask was i ok" it was then i had to put my embarrassment aside & told her i was constipated. to make a long story short" i had to have my wife give me an enema after all & boy what a relief it was. she had me lay down in the bathtub for the enema & when that turd along with others came out i felt like a million dollars.

Squat toilets Several posters have asked about fixtures that are variously referred to as Eastern or squat toilet. There is a book about them entitled "Goin Abroad". I've encountered them in eastern and southern Europe. In Southern France and in Italy it is common to find them at rest stops on the highway and in public facilities like swimming pools. Generally, but not always they are in stalls with doors (unless the doors are missing) similar to those used for traditional toilets. I have also seen them in hostels where they may or may not have doors on the stalls for privacy.

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Hi. A man in Massachusetts, where I live, was just charged with using a hidden camera to film his teenage girl babysitters showering and sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom, so yes observing people especially children going to the bathroom without consent can land you in serious trouble! I went in front of my friends at camp and they went in front of me but we all knew about it nothing sneaky. Steph, I liked what you said about everyone here being awesome. I thought I was weird because I like this stuff but its good to know there are other people like me and that I can read and write about one of my favorite things. I love you Torie

hello everyone.I would first like to thank Billy for his response.I have had many experiences with the runs as Whenever I eat sweets I get pure liquid poop for some reason,so I stay away from those foods.I will post some of my other 'Run ins with diarrhea' later.The story Im posting tonight happened about a year ago when I took the French fry dump as I call it.My freind Becky was shopping with me when we got hungry and went to a bar-b-que place to eat.We both ordered salads to start things off.For the main dish I ordered a jumbo turkey sandwich with fries.Becky wasnt as hunrry so she ordered a soup.I quickly scarfed my lunch down and we left.On the way home I had to poop really badly-not the runs,but just a really good poop.I was farting and it really stunkthe car up.Becky was cracking up laughing as I told her to pull over.We stopped in a parking lot as I immediatly flung the door open and stuck my naked butt out the door.The log immediatly started comming out real fast.I had those hissing farts the whole time I was passing the stool.I felt the firm log touch the pavement while it was still comming out of me.Finally it dropped off and I pulled my panties up.I saw my huge log laying there-it was over a foot long by far.when we were leaving Becky saw my turd as we were driving away.She was amazed.'Damn,did that thing rip you a new bum hole' she asked.We were both laughing the wole way home where yes,I did have to wipe.It really hurt to sit down for the rest of the night.Well,I gotta go-thanks for reading.Ill write again soon.

Hi guys! I don't want to add any more "fuel to the fire" to the mirror/peep hole debate, but all I will say is that NOBODY should be unknowingly observed going to the bathroom. I love buddy dumping with Alex and Jodi, and reading all the other bathroom stories; it is an intimate (not necessarily sexual) thing if all parties involved agree to it- it's an INVASION OF PRIVACY if observing is done in secret. Sorry about all the *shouting*, but this is something I feel strongly about. Hi to Jeff A., it's great to see you back again! To Nyad and Sandra, I have peed outdoors, but always out-of-view (except for the time I showed Alex how to pee outside); laws against public exposure vary from place to place. Torie, I loved your last couple of stories about the suppository and your Sunday morning dump. Everyone here is awesome, and I love reading all of the posts. Peace and love, Steph

Anxious I read some Emails at another site the other day which all came under the title, "Taking drugs and shitting your pants". I did not answer any of these although I would like to learn more so I will try to tell my story here. I am the mother of a young teenage daughter. A few weeks ago Viki's college telephoned to ask me to collect her because, as the person put this, Viki had just been ill. When I arrived I was surprised to find that she had messed herself. I have had this happen myself a few times over the years so I could quite understand, but my daughter would give no reason why she had not made it to the bathroom. Anyway, I did not mention this to anyone else because I felt a little bit ashamed. I know that is wrong but it is how I feel. However, I came home from my work early one afternoon and found my daughter in a rather peculiar drowsy sort of mood. I would not have worried too much normally but it was obvious she had also messed her knickers but did not seem to have realised this at first. Since then she has mucked herself in bed and has done it in her clothes three other times. But she refuses to talk about this. Now, as soon as I see her come in and walking in a waddling fashion, I can recognise that familiar smell and I know she has done it again, I mean she has messed herself. I think my daughter has become hooked on some sort of drugs and wonder if this is the real cause of her accidents. If this is true, is it because the drug makes the person not care like someone being drunk or is this a side effect rather like bad nerves? The other thing I have noticed is that although when she became older she insisted on wearing smaller skimpier types of knickers, now she has gone back to the more full schoolgirl sorts of knickers. I can understand that because when I had several days of bad diarrhoea last year I found it best to wear a pair of Terry Towelling pants with more coverage in case I had an accident and messed them. However this makes me feel that Viki now expects to have a just in case attitude and feels she may find she has dirtied herself at any time.

Whats up everyone??? Heres yet another Detroit story, Ok, on our 1st night in Detroit, We went and got set in our rooms shortly, I had 3 guy roomates all friends, and we all went out in the hall after we were checked in and we saw a room of girls and went in, they were making coffee, and I couldnt believe how many packs they had, the mustve gotten 20 8 cup each packs of coffee, They said after "Lights Out" they'd invite us over for coffee and a small 8 person party, so we agreed and time passes(Mainly the sauna post and some other stuff) and When Lights Out comes around we unbolted our window and snuck over to their room, when we got there half of the coffee was gone, we asked where it went and they had already had 10 cups each, and were already a little tipsy! So we had some coffee with em and watched some TV and stuff and we then played truth or dare, while playing it Carly, one of the girls playing said she had to crap, we said you have to wait til the question is done, so my friend Vince asked her, she said Dare, He said"I Dare you to give me some Nookie(He was only kidding, going for reaction and she crapped Diarrhea in her panties and jetted for the bathroom, he literally scared the crap out of her, we were all really sorry for her, and since we were all cold we headed back as all the boys had on were boxers, and the girls panties and shirt or bra so as we got back we all got in bed (we all slept in the nude, didnt bother us, but we arent gay!)and said nothing else about it until we took turns in the bathroom all night, we all had too much coffee, so since we were sick we could only swim the next day, instaed of activitys, but the other 4 girls were sick also, so it wasnt all bad, we just hung out together, the 8 of us a while, A few similar close calls happened in that day for the 8 of us, and I went into the girls restroom for the first time ever, so it was overall pretty good, Gotta go, Cya, Great posts Torrie! I see you have been reading mine, judt giving ya a little shout out, bye all!

Betsy McCoy - Ross
Anybody else notice on the televisiom commercial for the Whirlpool refrigerator, with the waster filter, and the gal who drinks 8 glasses of water each day. She goes to bed, thae wakes up, having to make a pee-pee. She hops out of her bed, assuming to be alone in bed, no sigh of any husband. Runs into the bathroom , and slams the door shut. Just for a pee-pee in the midddle of the night. IS SHE NUTS ?? i never close the door when i pee-pee during the night.

Re: squat-type toilets. Don't know about Japan, but had an opportunity to use one of these a couple times while serving in the Army in Vietnam. This was nearly 30 years ago so recollection is a little hazy. I was in military police. We had regular flush toilets at our camp, but we had a combined police office in town for awhile that had a squat-type toilet, just a 4-inch hole in the floor with two rectangular footpads on either side. Water flowed about 6 or 8 inches below taking any deposits who knows where. When you dropped your pants and squatted with feet on the footpads, it perfectly lined up your anus with the hole in the floor, but at about a 6 or 8 inch distance, depending on how limber your hips and knees were. I think I only crapped this way twice, preferred to use the regular toilets at base, but sometimes after a meal would be stuck for a 4-hour shift and couldn't wait. I recall it was okay for taking a nice solid dump, would have hated to use it with diarrhea. It was more of a challenge to hit the small hole while peeing standing up.

I was at work typing on the pc and my ???? started to cramp up, but i thought it was only PMS because i had started the day before.I ignored it but i could feel something running down my leg. i looked down and it was diarreah!!! i ran to the womens bathroom, pants mostly down and i was literally holding my bum hole. i got to the nearest stall and i relieved my self. i was hoping that none of my coworkers would come and smell the retchid stench. i was farting, and i had to flush the toilet 5 times before i was done!! i put on a new pad and pulled my panties up. then i could feel it again. my stomach rumbled and there i was again sitting down listining to the diarreah go into the toilet. it was a heavy spray and hit the cheeks of my bum. after about 30 minutes i had pooped my self dry(what i thought was dry)and got back up. i went to flush but got sick on my self. as i was getting sick the diarreah started pouring out onto the door of the stall. then to make matters worse one of my best friends came in and heard me getting sick and came to see if she could help. i just told her id be fine. i went home and was on and off of the toilet about 50 times durring the day. love all ya ~caren

I usually bike back to the dorm when I felt I needed to go bad,instead the elvator stopped on the guys floor,so I just headed for my boyfriends room,he was out and his roommate was there I asked if I could use their bathroom and he said the john was thataway,I rushed in closed the door which wouldn't close all the way,crap, I tugged my shorts and panties down and pulled the seat down too,grroll Men,I had a long silent fart and the turds started to come out, I was peeing and I swear I heard a noise not coming from me I peeked out but didn't see anyone,when a major one began to push and curl out and wouldn't drop,I had to grunt it out and it mad me fart loudly the dropped in the bowl.I then pulled some paper only there was one sheet left,this was not my day when Josh called out my name and said he was sorry and here was some toiletpaper,I stuck my arm out the door and he placed it in my palm ,I kicked the door with my foot and wiped myself clean first my front then behind,It took a lot and the smell was really stinky.I took my time washing my hands because I couldn't face Josh,I am sure he was near all the time.You wouldnot believe thatroom,shorts onthe floor,wet towells and a jockstrap wedged in the doors crack.when I saw Josh he was sitting on his bed pretending to read and I was going to confront him when my boyfriend loomed inthe room, smiled and grabbed me in a hug saying what a surprise,kissed me and said just a sec.dissappearing into the bath a minute later he called Josh to him and said look what youleft!I heard flushing and then the words What A-God-Awful stink.I think I must have turned red because my boyfriend grabbed me and we left.Now when ever I see Josh he smiles at me a lot.Anyone have a day like that?

Regarding my public poo in the park. Of course I don't want to be caught! While I suppose it is exhibitionism, what else was I supposed to do? I'm certainly not going to poo in my panties plus I always hide my private parts from view with my panties. There wasn't a rest room near the place and there were no bushes - believe me, I would have gone in the bushes! My attidude is if I need to poo badly I'm going to do it there and then as discreetly as I can. As for the other 4 times I've pooed in public, well here they are: by the side of my car in a parking lot (I don't think anyone saw me); bus shelter while waiting for a bus (it was at night - I don't think I was seen); doorway in alley (nobody saw me). I also did another poo which was sort of in public. I was standing on a line outside a clothing store which was having a sale. After an hour I needed to poo. I remembered I wasn't wearing any panties, so I tried something I'd seen a woman in a business suit do years before. While standing up, I slightly parted my legs and pooed right there! I felt a long turd slide out slowly and it fell to the floor. The people around me were completely oblivious to what I had done! Luckily it didn't smell as it would have given the game away!

Lynn's post made me wonder about the relative merits, for a woman, of standing in the bath or sitting on the edge of the tub to pee. I would have thought that when having to pee in the bathtub, because someone else is sitting on the toilet, that a woman would sit on the edge rather than standing in the tub.

Im Lauren's partner, the "Mama Cass" lookalike, Ive put Scotland in my "handle" to differentiate me from the other Donna who posted. Rick, really, your peephole, while fun to you could land you in a lot of trouble if someone objected, not only with the Police but they might get their boyfriend or brother or some male relative or friend to beat you up. Personally, it wouldn't bother me too much. Im not into men, but have some close male friends such as George (Moira's husband) who I allow to watch when I do a motion. Other men have seen me when I have done one out of doors. Its really down to an invasion of privacy issue. Seeing someone doing a motion outdoors, or in a doorless toilet, or by accident is fair game, but deiberately making a hole to watch them in a toilet indoors isn't. The consensus of opinion on this website is against and we are all very tolerant and open minded people, not narrow minded moral majority bigots, so if you were caught spying by someone less easy going about such matters you would be IN the shit and NOT enjoying watching it. Stay with listening and only watching those who approve, but its down to you in the end.

Sandra, as you know from past postings I often poo outdoors but off the beaten track, not just adjacent to the pathway in a public park. As others have advised, be careful. The police could possibly arrest you and you could be sexually assaulted by some of the weirdos who often hang out in parks or even just mugged when you are in a very vulnerable position with your pants literally down. Having said that, doing a nice big solid jobbie outdoors is very enjoyable but choose your spot more wisely.

Ryan, Im not into animals dumping, but Lauren and I had a laugh when we went to a zoo recently and saw an elephant doing a motion. It first peed a torrent, and Lauren said this reminded her of me as I pee very strongly, then several big fat balls came out of its rectum and landed in a pile on the ground. Lauren started to giggle as did the kids watching and many of the adults too and she said that it had reminded her of an occasion when I had been very constipated and had passed a load of big fat balls the size of goose eggs.

Bill, women usually dry their labia (piss flaps) after a pee and the double gusset (crotch) of their panties will soak up any urine. Many men also dry the end of their penis after a pee nowadays Im glad to say as it avoids pee stains on their underpants and that horrid pissy smell some blokes still have, yeuch!

Finally, David, I have tried sitting on the pan the wrong way round, (back to front) but found it uncomfortable and had to take my panties off. My toilet pan is shaped a bit like the bows of a boat at the front so I can sit and look down between my legs at the front and see the big fat jobbie as it slides out of me and into the water of the pan below and usually do. Love to all of you, from Donna and Lauren

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

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