After reading rachel's post it made me remember something that happend about ten years ago. I was 13 or 14 and my sister is 3 years older,I had to piss really bad and i ran in the front door and when i got to the bathroom the door was closed, i yelled i gota pee real bad and my sisters voice replyed sorry, but you'll have to hold it i'm in the middle of pooping,and as soon as i knew it was my sister on the pot and not my brother i went in and walked by her took off my pants and panties got into the tub spread my legs and pissed a yellow river and my sister said oh you wern't kidding were you! She pulled some paper off the roll and handed it to me and i wiped my vagina as she was letting out some killer deadly farts,we had seen each other on the pot many times before both #1 and #2 but this was the first time i saw her finish up and wipe her ass and it didn't seem to bother her one bit,well thats the story of the worse piss i ever had to take. Lynn

Rick>>> I have to agree with what the others say about your little peephole activities, it just isn't right to do this without permission. However, you don't seem to have trouble charming the ladies and getting them back to your place, so why don't you simply ask them if you can watch? You might be surprised and find they don't mind at all, they might even enjoy it. Also, imagine how much better it would be being in the bathroom with a woman while she grunts out her shits!!!! And she would obviously see how turned on you are and might even use her free hands to "help you out"........give it a go, the worst a girl can say is "no"!!!! But if she says "yes", just imagine the possibilities!!!!!!

Daniel (UK). As I am a Lesbian and have been so since puberty Im not into men, but I have buddy dumped both indoors and out with a male cousin.

When I was in my teens I was staying over for a few days once with my aunt and my cousin Colin who was 16 like myself at the time. Now I knew that Colin did some real whoppers being quite a ???? lad and I had previously seen his 12 inch + panbusters stuck in the toilet. Now as luck would have it we were both needing a motion at the same time and we agreed to go into the toilet together. We both went in and I let him go first. He undid his trousers and pulled down his white Y-Front briefs (that's what boys wore back in those days before more comfortable and attractive Calvin Klein and other unisex briefs became common as they are now). He already had an erection forming as he sat on the pan and with a lot of "EH!s and UH!s and NNN!" he started to pass a big fat lumpy 12 incher which made a resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!" as it fell into the pan. he then did his wee wee with a little difficulty, wiped his bum and pulled up his underpants, the front still bulging. "You next Lauren" h! e said and I lifted my skirt, pulled my navy blue knickers (briefs) down did a wee wee then again with some "AH!s and OH!s" did my own big jobbie of about the same size as Colin's which made a dull tud as it hit his turd which was floating in the pan beneath my bum. Having been into defecation since I was a kid I was also turned on by this.

A few months later we were out at a picnic together and Colin whispered to me that , if we both needed a motion we could go and do it together. Sure enough we both did and went off into the nearby woods holding a toilet roll. we found a secluded spot and squatted down together, Colin with his jeans and a similar pair of white Y fronts at his knees, myself with skirt up and this time a pair of pink panties. We both strained and passed our jobbies, Colin doing a 12 inch curved sausage, very fat and mostly smooth, myself two turds a fat nobbly 10 inch carrot and a 5 inch cylinder which was a bit smoother. I was again turned on by this and Colin was also very obviously aroused but we didn't do anything as I even then just was not into men and he knew and respected it, even if some of my other relatives called me "Lauren the Lesa" and "Our Queer Cousin". Im glad my parents, after their initial shock, were supportive and accept Donna as my lover and partner.

Rick, your peephole wouldn't bother me, even Donna would just ignore it but some people would be very upset. It's like hidden cameras in toilets or used to get upskirt photos of women, its illegal in the UK and I'd guess in the USA too. Over here in Britain it would get your name onto the sex offenders register. My advice, block it up and find someone who will accomdate your fetish, lots of women are quite happy to let a man watch them doing a poo. Otherwise just stick to listening to the sound effects which wont get you into trouble as it cannot be proved. Its up to you, but I think many people here have warned you that it might result in legal troubles for you if discovered.

Nathan P.
Anybody here have any stories about "squatting" toilets like they have in Japan? I've been wondering how they actually work when you use them, especially if you aren't used to them.

Hi everyone,Sandra the park/dump sounded like you're trying to be caught,please watch out if you are in the U.S.this could be extremely dangerous leading to "rape" or being caught by the Police who could treat you,likewise horribly! Stef,Alex,Anita,Jill,Nicola,Torie,Rebecca and all clue her in.Rick cut the crap that behavior is terrible,if you want to see a woman shitting ask a friend,we all can may have some exhibitionist/voyeur actions but that is truly being a sickie.ReneeAnne,giggle,I would rather not have that pill after all poofing out excrement for the most part is fun and by the comments of others,myself included quite sexy.I am an athlete and I think I'm very healthy,my boyfriend likes my ass and wants to touch and see it and even he has smelled it when we are intimate,and I like his small cute buns too ,I'm not an expert but if I didn't use it to shit he might not apperciate it.Of course he loves me for other stuff too.Rebecca,I hope you get better soon,That really has happened to me and others sometimes before a meet.Once I had to change suits at the start of a swim meet with another university we were competing with because I had soiled myself out of nervousness.I was in the free style event and suddenly I farted and had to leave the pool thank God I brought another suit,Bibi and I had a laugh about that one.I had the best time and wone the event for my school.Love

Hey guys. For those of you who like horse and cow crap, here's a story for you. Well I was in third grade and these ranchers came out to show us some horses. Well it was pretty boring to me. Anyway at the end of the whole thing we were all getting ready to go inside when I horse squatted a little and let out at least 50+ balls. It was a big pile too. It was so big a kid could be buried in that crap.

Another story was just last year when the 6th grade was going to the Flickerwood Arena. They were going to show different kinds of horses. And they even had classes on how to clean, ride, saddle, etc. a horse. This was also boring. But when walking to each class we encountered lots of horse crap. I almost picked a piece up to take home. But I didn't. Too many people were watching.\

This is a regular post. When I was in 2nd grade I went to the bathroom alot. Anyway one day when I went in there one of my older friends went inside the stall to take a dump. I was watching from the crack. He peed and pooped. I saw the log he dropped. I was only 1 though.

Another day was when I was in 2nd grade. It was the begining of the year. I had to pee and I went into the stall. Someone really was constipated. The turds were so big. I peed on them some more. There was also this kid that always pooped everytime the teacher would let the class take a bathroom break. He also always went into the stall without a lock on it. The door had a hole in it too. Anyway his pattern was do #1 then #2. When he dumped he made lots of loud splashes. I loved to stay in there when he was pooping but the teacher would always come to tell him to hurry.

For my last post before I stay goodnight will be a funny story. My and this kid that was in my class. His name is Jesse James. He claims he is related to theeee JESSE JAMES. Most people believe him. Anyway we were talking as he was waiting for the occupied stall to open. When he entered he turned to the position to poop. As he pooped he was silent as there was more talking in the boys room. Then he yelled out "THERE"S NO TOILET PAPER. I'VE GOT A CRAPPY A** AND NO TP". Everyone laughed and he came out saying "Oh well".

I hope you enjoyed these stories. One more thing, anybody else got any stories about animal crap of any kind? If you live on a farm with lots of horses and cows, maybe you could put a site up with pictures of animal crap or catch a picture of them taking a crap. Well see ya all.

Here's something that happend to me when i was around 15 years old (ten years ago)I was in the park with my first real boyfriend Mitch when i suddenly felt a strong urge to have a BM and i knew that i couldn't make it home and that the bathroom in the park was closed for repairs.So i told mitch i have to find a place to go to the bathroom kind of quick, we found a place behind some big rocks off the path and i told mitch to stand guard for me and he walked a few feet to the side as i started to undue by jeans,i remember that i told him to turn his back and he promised he wouldn't peek "after all i hadn't even been naked in front of him so i sure wasn't going to do this infront of him" As my pants and undies cleared my crack the first poop was on it's way out along with one of those farts that sort of hisses,i was bent over trying to push it out and when it fell another one came right out and then some small pieces,i can still remember how good it felt when i was done.I cleaner my self with some kleenex and got dressed and mitch swears he didn't peek but he probaly did.

For Alex: I agree about the guy with the peephole, that's just not right. And I find it much more exciting for you to tell us about what you do in there, than if I were to walk in on you. Besides, what would anyopne actually see? Anyway, I'm interested in wiping too. I usually lift my right cheek and wipe from bottom to top with the paper folded over my finger. If It was a really messy one, I'll use several wipes, and sometimes on the last oone or two I push the paper unside my hole a little just to make sure its all gone. Tell me, do women have the "last drop" problem like guys? You know no matter how much we shake or dance the last drop ends up in our pants? Have a nice day.

Some time ago, a poster to this group expressed the opinion that the term “crap” as an expression for faeces was derived from the renowned Victorian manufacturer of sanitaryware, Thomas Crapper, whose name can still be seen around the bowls of old toilets in England. Well, I have found conclusive proof that this is not so, as well as much other interesting information about toilet habits of many years ago, in the Diary of Elizabeth Pepys, wife of the much more famous Samuel. She was writing in the mid 1600s and she uses “crap” and “crapping” several times in describing Samuel’s disgusting habits. She also comments on the foul state of London’s streets at the time, and says in effect, “something must be done about it!”. It was to be 200 years before the Victorians built the first proper drains…..Another fascinating point is that they used to keep a special pot full of piss to use as bleach in the weekly wash. She complains that Sam will keep crapping in the pot she is keeping ! for the washing!!! Any one know anymore sources for the history of toilet habits? A facinating subject which you don’t see much about.

I have recently taken to sitting on the toilet the "wrong" way round, ie the same way as if I were peeing standing up. This enables me to see everything that I am doing by looking between my legs. It is also more like a squatting position which I find the most natural in which to poop. Does anybody else here do the same thing?

I take many shits I eat lot fiber it make me shit

man reading all this shit made me have to take a shit

Let's have more diarrhea stories! Helga, loved your description. I'm glad you feel better now, but your story was very nice. Rick, keep 'em coming dude!! Whoever doesn't like...dont read!

Nathan P.
Rick: I'd have to agree with Jill and Ross about your little peephole. It's very clever and I'm sure you find it entertaining. There does, however, have to be a point where other people's right to privacy must outweigh your desire for entertainment. If someone asked me to watch me use the restroom, I'd probably let them. If someone watched me without my consent and I caught them, I'd definitely sue them. My advice to you: Get a new door.

Jeff A.
It's been a long time since I've written and it's nice to see some old favorites posting again. Jill and Ross: I agree with you both 100%!!! I also think the 2-way mirror thing is way out of bounds! Cops do that shit for cryin' out loud! It's not exciting, but creepy. I find many posts on here to be exciting and fun but not these. Rick: your references to women are the worst. I have lots of respect for women, especially the ones that post here, and I would never describe a lady using words like 'hootie', or 'pussy' or refer to her with such backporch etiquette. As far as your judging their bathroom performances via peephole or 2 way mirror is extremely limp. Sandra: I loved your story about the park-poo. I saw the exact same thing in the Boston Commons not too long ago. A black woman was taking a huge one, I swear it must've hung out by about 12" before it broke off, and as big around as a cucumber! It was a real eye-popper. I was with a friend, and he went "Whoa, look at that! I don't believe it!" When I looked, she was just pumping it out, and another one started. It was pretty good sized too. It made quite a pile. She was with a man, and he seemed to be drunk, because there was an empty wine bottle next to him, and he was lying on a blanket. I think she was drunk too, because she looked like she might fall over during her job. She yelled at him to give her some paper towels that were around somewhere. This was right out in the open too! I couldn't believe it. My question is, how much in view were you? You just mentioned a grassy part. I sure hope your husband doesn't get disgusted. If it were me, I'd ask to marry you all over again! Rebecca: I loved your recent story too! Keep em' coming! I'm on the same wavelength as you. Bye all!

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Ross, I agree 100% with what you wrote to Rick, especially about the difference between CONSENTUAL bathroom sharing (which I do with a couple of friends) and voyeurism. This is almost as bad as the guy who used to "accidentially" walk in on unsuspecting girls using the bathroom. I would be as equally upset if a female OR male did either (watch me through a mirror or walk in on me) without my knowledge or consent. Renee-Anne, I am a pooping kind of girl (not to be confused with THE "pooping girl," whatever happened to her anyway?) so no, I would never take a pill to stop me from going if one was available. Hi to Blake and Bridget, please post some more of your stories when you have the time. Torie, thanks for answering my friend's questions about wiping, etc. I find one's wiping habits to be as fascinating as the actual act itself. I have nothing eventful to report at this time, just pooping and peeing once daily and peeing 4-5 times daily, as usual. Love always, Alex :)

Hello here's a story about the s*** I took this morning. It's Sunday so I didn't have to go to school :-) I woke up at around 9:00 with a strong urge to go number two since I hadn't gone in two days. I took one of my magazines off of my desk and went into the bathroom. After closing and locking the door I pulled up my nightgown and down my panties and sat down on the toilet. When I use the bathroom as a "library" that is when I really have to s*** I like to rest the magazine on my lap and flip through the pages as I do my duty. I also had to go number one wicked bad so I peed into the toilet for a lonnng time. I started to go poopees plopping a couple of pieces into the toilet. The bathroom started to reek after that. I sat there reading my magazine and letting out small tinkles of pee as I struggled to push more poo out of my bum. I ended up pushing out a couple of smaller pieces but wanted to finish reading the article so I sat there until I was finished with the magazine. I got up and looked into the toilet there were two pieces about 7 inches long and a two more about 3 or 4 inches and lots of clear pee. I grabbed a little bit of toilet paper to wipe around my vagina and then took more paper to wipe my a**; I ended up wiping five times. I flushed and then washed my hands then left. I have an older brother who is 16 and also likes to read in the bathroom. He saw me coming out with the magazine in my hand and gave me a little smile since he knew what I just did. No we've never watched each other go to the bathroom but we do like to spend a lot of time in there when doing our duty. My brother and I share a bathroom and have smelt each others poop and I have to say that I stink alot more than he does. He is older, bigger and heavier than me but I think my number twos are more intense than his. To suburbman, glad to share my pooping stories with you one question though, what is Biancas? Hi also to Fred_LimpBizkit. Love Torie

Hi folks.I am glad that this page is here!I have always been real interested in poop for some reason,and like outhers I thought that I was alone.It didnt bother me,but I am glad that I now have a place to share my stories with you good folks.I am a ballet instructor about 5 foot7 at 120 pounds[by the way Im 24.] My freinds have always made fun of me because I have a very powerful lower body for a girl.I guess it is from my ballet and gymnastic background.I eat healthy and usually poop once a day , usually I have one big stool of at least 10 inches,and a smaller stool.I have always had what I consider to be big stools-like I say,usually my smallest main stools are about 10 inches in length.I am now getting over my bout with diarrhea, and will be glad to be pooping regular again.Yesterday was horrible-I had to run into the bathroom while my boyfreind was in the shower.I exploded all over the toilet and the wall behind the toilet in the act of sitting down.He was just silent as I was having a fountain of the runs comming out of me.Oh It really sucked! He asked me if I was OK and I said over some bubbley farts that i was kinda sick,But I would be OK.Well thank god thats over with now! I feel good today and will be redy to go back to work next week. I do sometimes look at myself in the mirror when having a movement.I guess it is safe for me to say that here,because I have read of someone else doing the same thing-and I thought that I was the only one in the world who did such things.Any way I like all of youre stories and hope that this page will always be here.i think that as long as people are mature and respect the rights of outhers, reading outher peoples stories and actually watching outhers go poop can be a great experience.I do not like the idea of peep holes either- i think that it is an infringement on the right of privacy to outhers and it really does not settle well with me.Anyway,I hope that everyone has a good time.I will be posting many more stories.Thanks for reading mine.

I haven't posted in a while but I had an experience I just had to share with you today. It has been nearly three years since I have seen a girl wet herself and I really was beginning to miss that. But this morning I got the works! I was at a local Autozone which is in a shopping center which also houses a supermarket (the old ones with no public restrooms), a video store, a small pharmacy, and a Family Dollar store. An attractive young lady about 29 or 30 walked into the Autozone and asked to use the restroom. She said was waiting on a friend who was working at the bank and would not get off for another hour. The parts store clerk apoligized and said, "Sorry, but we have no public restrooms" Karen (I later asked her name) then walked over to the market to ask there. Meanwhile, I went to the market. Karen was walking out as I entered. After about 1/2 hr of shopping I decided to stop by the video rental to see what they had. Here comes Karen again with an almost desperate look on her face. Again she was turned down and she practically waddled her way outside. Had those video store people realized how much trouble she was in, they probably would have made an exception. I followed her out to see if I could help. I told her there was a gas station three blocks away and I would take her. She leaned forward with both hands on the newspaper machine and started to cry and said, "Too late!" I watched as she started to push a stiff turd out into her jeans right between her beautiful cheeks. I felt the excitement build as it spread up her crack and down into her crotch forming a nice lump just below her anus. She was simultaneously emptying her bladder and the pee was running down her left leg into her sock and shoe then out onto the ground forming a puddle. She turned to me and with tears in her eyes, said " I'm sorry to make such a fool of myself in front of you sir, but I have been trying to find a bathroom for over an hour. I guess we had better go to that gas station now." I told her, "No we had better go to my house and get your clothes washed. We can stop at the drive thru and tell your friend I'll take you home." As we got to the car she asked if I shoulkd cover the seat.I told her not to worry, they were plastic but to please open the window. When we got home she shit some more and started to rebuild the now flattened lump in her pants as I unlocked the door. I followed her into the bathroom where she dropped her fully loaded jeans and panties revealing a beautiful ass nearly covered with poop. I took some toilet paper and wiped her as she removed her blouse and bra and climbed into the shower. I asked permission to join her and we stood there and embraced as she thanked me and kissed me for what seems like an eternity. I was so excited, the smell of her poop didn't even phase me. She said she had never made love to a total stranger before (I hadn't either) but after such an emotional meeting under such trying cuircumstances we both felt like we had known each other forever. We made a date to meet again next week. (At the bank)

rachel m
i am a 14 year old girl and i have been facsinated with watching other women ever since puberty but this was my best experience: last week i was sitting in my room talking to my 19 year old sister and she said she had to go. i had to go to and when i told her this she said "come with me". i walked with her into the bathroom and she sat down and pulled down her shorts and panties. she let out a few farts then peed a little then i heard the crackle of poop coming. then a splash. i really had to go bad. i said "i can't hold it much more." so she said "come sit on my lap". i was getting aroused by watching her and now thas chance was making me really aroused. i walked over to the toilet pulled down my pants and undies. i had bad gas and began farting loudly. then came a turd. this whole time my sister was also taking a dump. i hope we do more of this kind of stuff. ps-any girls have stories about farting loudly?

Nicky, you must be going mad with GCSE revision about now. My thoughts are with you. I hope it goes well. Once you've got those exams behind you, I hope you'll post again soon; you sound cool and we live in the same city, which is amazing! Lauren, thanks for your story. Ever buddy-dumped with a guy? I'm especially interested in hearing about you guys out there. I haven't buddy-dumped since my experience with Paul (yesterday's post) and some experiences when I was camping in Scouts. I myself did one in the nature reserve in the city where I live (Winchester, Hampshire); I really was caught short and needed to go. But it's much more fun to shit with your mate(s). By the way, my friend who's just left Eton wants to emphasise that, because he wasn't in Prince William's house, he has never actually *seen* a pair of William's underpants, but he definitely knows what's on the name-label. (See my old post). He didn't say if they were briefs or boxers. I just have a feeling William's a boxer kinda guy, what do you think? Gotta run now, see you all later!

Hey all, Heres another Detroit Trip post, Well, our 2nd day in detroit, that night half of us went to a Tigers game, half stayed at the hotel to swim and relax, Me and my friends opted to swim etc, We swam, and had fun for a while,but i was getting bored so I went into the sauna(SP) to go for 2 more cans on my 6 pack, well, my friend Brandon's girlfriend was in there also, just me and her, I came in, we talked a little, found out a little more about each other, when she said, man I gotta crap,I havent went in 5 days, I said something like kewl, i went on the bus, then I guess she fell asleep cuz she wasnt talking, and as I looked over a few minutes later I saw a bulge start to form in her bikini bottoms, It kept growing and growns, she must have had an 18 incher in there, I woke her up told her to check her drawers, she looked and said OH GOD, THE HEAT MUST HAVE LOOSENED MY PROBLEM! she ran out, jump in the pool, and shoved it out, came back in told me the suction would hopefully get it, and we just talked normal for a while, that was funny as hell!!!

Sandra, which part of the country do you live? I can't imagine seeing an adult female doing poo in a park where I live. You consider yourself an exhibitionist? I would think it is a quite a shight to witness a woman emptying her bowel out in public. Do you have a suggestion where I might have a chance to see something like that?

I usually go for a poop most of the time indoors. I love sitting down on the loo and straining out the poop. Although I have done one outdoors which was in a dustbin. My poops never smell though funny that.

Mike (USA)
To Rick: Love the stories, keep 'em coming!

hello,everyone. I just found this site the other day and I think it's great. I've always had an interest in bathroom activity, especially women's. I'm glad to see there are some female posts here. Hope to be able to share some experiences with you all.

Hi Everyone.....Has any one on here seen the movie Election? It was the coolest movie. I recomend it and give it *****(stars). I recomend It especialy for the teens on her. It does contain some xxx material. There is this one part In the movie where 2 girls are kissing(not sure If they are lesbian?) Then The eat all this asparagus and they pee Into cups to see how long it would take till their pee would start smelling.

Sunday, May 23, 1999

To Jill, Ross and anyone else who has a problem with my post but are afraid to speak up. Jill, what about that post a while back where the woman had her boyfriend(s) hold the door open in the crowded hallway, so she could see that poor guy shitting in the bathroom with no stall doors. She then continued to laugh at him everytime she saw him afterwords. I am not her to gain respect from any one, I just want to share insights with other guys as to the intimate bathroom habits of women. If ya don't. like it, don't. read it, simple as that.

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