"after some audible straining a loud 'plop' cut the quiet night air like a knife" to brandon: powerful imagery, my friend. that is the power poop.

Tiny Girl
All day, I sort of had a feeling that my poop would be runny, and my feeling was confirmed when I went to the bathroom a few hours ago and let out a very lose poop. It all shot out and splattered in the inside of the bowl and some of it even splashed back on my butt. Needless to say, it was quite disgusting.

To Reya: What was wrong with the pizza?

A few years ago my Girl Scout troop went tent camping up in the mountains. We had to supply and cook our own food, and let me tell you, fourth graders are not very good cooks. The first night was okay, because we just had sandwhiches for lunch and dinner. But on the second night we made tacos. We didn't cook the meat all the way, but none of us, or our leaders, knew this. I had 3 tacos and some milk. By 8 that night my stomach hurt awfully and my insides erupted. Some of the other girls were complaining of abdominal pain also. There was a rule that we had to use the 'buddy system,' never go anywhere without at least one other girl, and I didn't want another girl to hear me pooping, so I just lay in my sleeping bag, farting up a storm. Finally there was a liquid fart, (not intentional) and suddenly a whole river of diarrhea burst out of me. The other girls could smell it, and they all started to sing out: "Louise pooped herself! Louise needs diapers!" and one girl ale! rted one of the leaders, who was discusted with me. They put my sleeping bag out side of the tent and rinsed it off in a nearby river. Not only was I completely humiliated, but there was still more shit in me. I finally asked the nicest girl in our troop, Linda, if she would accompany me to the potty. SHe said okay. SO off to teh bathroom we went. I flew onto a toileet and shit erupted from mr for about 20 minutes, and being only 10, I figured that was it. So we walked back to the tent, everyone still teasing me, the leaders discussing whether or not they should send me home, when I let out what I thought was an SBD fart. Well, it was atually a liquid fart, and there was a shit stain on the back off my white pants. I was so humiliated! The leaders called my parents and told them that I was sick and they would have to drive up to the camp site to 'collect' me. My parents were furious taht i had ruined my expensive new sleeping bag, and idn't want to haul a diarrhea covered sleeping bag back home with us in a car, so we stuffed it into a trash can and I awas later forced to pay them back the money, ($100!) that it had cost them. I quit Girl Scouts after that. Linda later informed me that 5 other girls had shitted their little hearts out that night also, but none had been sent home. Luckily only Linda and one other girl from the troop went to my school, and neither told anyone about it. That is my most embarrassing pooping experience ever. Make that my most embarassing experience, period.

Hugh G.
In elementary (primary, grammar) school, eating lunch in the classroom instead of the crap-a-teria was a special treat for good behavior. Some students would walk to the cafeteria and get their lunches, while the others who brought lunch from home would stay behind. One day, the cafeteria was serving school hamburgers. If you've ever had one, this will help your understanding of the rest of this story. These hamburgers are kept frozen in case the US is ever invaded by foreign powers, but served to schoolchildren after about a year. Well, we couldn't eat in the classroom anymore because some cretin put his hamburger in the commode, which was shared by six classrooms. The bad part was the damned thing wouldn't flush! Eventually the crusty, dried-out buns dissolved and flushed away, but that left the meat patty floating like a rubber raft in a swimming pool. The meat patties must include some sort of filler; there's no way ground beef could ever be that rubbery without fillers. After two days of filtering turds and wads of toilet paper on the way down, the janitor put on a rubber glove and retrieved the meat patty. It didn't even break. Rection.

This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. No one knows except for me and the people who witnessed the event. I think I will feel batter about it admitting the incident. Here goes: I was 12 years old and my family was hiking at a local wild life preserve near our home. We brought only chicken sandwhiches with us. Chicken always gives me diarrhea for some reason, but I hadnt noticed the pattern yet at the time being. So we ate our chicken sandwhiches after having been hiking for two hours, and about 30 minutes later my stomach started to rumble. I thought it was just gas so I farted a few times, not knowing that a big wet fart was about to come. I had been farting for a while, when all of the sudden one of the farts turned out to be a gushing flood of runny diarrhea. There was shit all over me! My parents looked at mein discust and my father scolded me. There were no bathrooms, so I had to go into the woods, where I shitted out a big smelly pile of diarrhea. I thought that I was done when we started walking again, but i wasn't. I farted once, then let out a river of wet poop. Green too. I started to cry, and my parents grounded me for a month. I was so embarassed and frightened by my own functions that I began to vomit. It was really a nasty mess. Luckily, there was no one around but us. I didn't eat for two days because I felt so sick.

Drew, everytime I wonder about you and Nick, you post. It's like you are reading my mind. Sorry Nick didn't stay to talk while you did your thing. Maybe next time. I wish I had some great story to tell you but I usually wind up alone when it's time plus I dont' know anyone right now I'd like to share with. Although there are a few people I'd like to catch on the can! Jason, loved you story. It would be a dream come true for me. I'd love to share that experience on a regular basis.

To Jilly: I used to be a more active forum member than I am know and post quite frequent stories, in particular about my wife...and, perhaps because I got lazy and partly because I got so accustomed to my wife's pooping sessions that it became second nature to me and no longfer worth reporting. However, I still check stories of others everyday. I especially like the quatuor Alex, Jodi, Steph and Laurie because their stories are well written and because they buddy dump. Usually, I print out most of them and you know what ? I also printed yours. Somehow, I am aroused by stories of women having diarrhea. I find it more eventful and entertaining that constipations stories or some KER-PLONGs here and there (although I enjoy it too...) . Perhaps also, the fact that I have a musical inclination partly explains it too. So, you walked into that old ladies room (how many stalls were there ?) and you saw a pair of black high-heel shows in a stall, facing away from the toilet (erotic and mibd stimulating, isn'it ?). So, you took the stall next to her (I can imagine the irritation of the troubled lady next to you, knowing that she is in an administrative position of autority, knowing that a student is next to her and hears (and almost sees everything..)). So, you then sat, bent down to have a clear view of the bottom parts of your neighbour. You did not see her head (hopefully not, because she could have spotted you too !). How high was the partition wall ? Keep your stories coming...I enjoyed that one ! Philippe

I work in Real Estate and I was showing a house to a handsome young man in his twenties. I am a somewhat atractive 24y/o blonde myself so I thought that I would procede to flirt with my new client when I was showing him this house. We had small talk and I flirted with him. It was about 1:30PM and I had just had lunch earlier. All of a sudden this really great urge to poop hit me out of no where. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my skirt and sat upon the toilet. Just as I honked out a really loud and smelly poot the guy came in behind me and looked up with a startled and embarassed look on his face. "Excuse me" he said "I thought you were showing me rooms, sorry" He was polite about it and left the bathroom. I was startled but not really all that embarassed. I sat there on the pot and rid myself of a good ten pounds (the easy way). After I came back he appoligized and we viewed the rest of the house. He ended up buying the house and we had lunch together one d! ay. For a joke he went into the master bathroom and held his nose and said that his agent Julia had been in there. We laugh about it now. He is a really sweet guy, and if he asks me over for lunch again, then I will go. Hopefull we can get off on the right foot this time.

I was at the ferry terminal yesterday. I went in the men's room to piss. There were five sit down toilets, 4 with no doors and partitions. I used the urinals. I don't mind being exposed to take a shit. But, I do mind facing the nation!

Mike/Jason, I have never had a problem sitting in a doorless stall to take a dump, bit I think I would not like the idea of taking a crap totally exposed to everyone else. Good thing I am not in the military! At least the stalls give some feeling of privacy (even without doors). But I know that if I had to go really bad, I would use a totally opened one. It would be better than messing my pants.

sandra, your story is awesome!

Well I hope you enjoy this, because this is how it went. I entered the bathroom tonight with the utmost urgency. I had this strong urge to relieve myself. As I sat down on the toliet, I passed a huge and smelly bout of gas. I began pushing and straining to release this huge bm from my body. I could feel my rectum stretch as it opened . I pooped out a large brown fecal material. It was about 10 inches long and huge to small at the end, it got skinnier. I went to wipe my butt and had to poop more, so I dropped another small poop. Well if you were here you could have washed my butt and even taken my temperature. I bet you would have liked that! Well i need to find something to do tonight. Hope you liked this as I am new at this.

Swimming is one of the top sports for developing good pulmonary+ cardiovascular rates and all athelets consider theirs the ultimate in everything,in the last few years many females in swimming also are considering how our bodies look.I have noticed not just a few want a good-looking butt from swimming as wellasperformance.Thankfully swimming can help in toning and strengthing the gluts(ass) as well as the hamstrings,since they both help streamline the lower body form.I consume up to 4,000 calories a day without any real weight gain, the average is 2,000 to 2,500 and some athletes especially males take in 7,000 a day.This of course leads to sometimes poofing out large amounts of excrement.I don't know much about turd size as I usually with few exceptions only see my own.Which I have not ever measured but seem to be thick and long and I poof out alot when I have bowel movements.I am small breasted,narrow waisted with hips not terrible wide with round very firm butt muscles as are my hamstrings,calfs and I am sixtyseven tall.Do other women or athletes (males too)you know shit a lot? Just curious.Thanks

Tim (US)
I'm glad I found this web page. As I've always had an interest in other peoples BM's and toilet habits. I've also noticed a lot of posts concerning constipation and the use of suppositories and enemas. What I'm curious about, do most people insert the own suppositories and take their own enemas, or do they normally prefer to have their spouse or someone they're living with or close to give it to them. I occasionally am bothered with constipation. The most effective treatment I found was a glycerine suppository. Never inserted one myself. I just drop my pants, turn over and let my wife give it to me. It seems much easier that way. Then she'll stay with me, making sure I keep it in as long as possible. All the while rubbing my stomach if I feel crampy. When it's time to get to the toilet, she'll go into the bathroom with me and sits on the edge of the tub while I'm pooping. Most of the time the suppository cleans me out real good. And I'm alright for maybe a month or so. But once in a great while, it doesn't work too well. Or I might feel like I got to go more but I can't. Or maybe she won't be satisfied with the results. Then she'll go to the drug store and get a Fleet Enema for me. And we repeat the procedure. This time with the enema. I think it's special when someone cares enough to become that intimately involved like that with someone else's bodily functions.

Joe B.
Like several others who post here, I usually get constipated when i'm traveling. Frequently, I cant poop at all without some kind of help when I'm traveling. I hate laxatives and they are too unpredictable to use on the road with a busy schedule anyway. I've tried taking a suppository every morning as soon as i get up. I usually have some sort of bm from it within an hour and suppositories keep me from getting badly constipated. The disadva My prefered method is to take an enema. In the last few years i've always packed my enema bag if i'll be gone more than one night. Enemas provide safe, totally effective immediate relief, and one or two, two quart enemas clean the entire colon, rather than just emptying the rectum. The totally clean feeling after an enema is great.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Some years ago I was walking in the park when I felt like I needed to poo. I noticed that there were public bathrooms nearby and went into the ladies bathroom. When I walked in I noticed just 2 stalls (both without doors) - one toilet had been smashed by vandals and the other had a homeless woman sleeping on it with her panties down by her ankles! I really didn't know what to do as I really needed to poo and I saw the men's room was locked. Then another homeless woman came in and quickly hopped on to the sink. She immediately started pooing in the sink! She said "go on the floor honey, i'm gonna be a while." So I went into the corner, pulled up my skirt, squatted and started pooing on the floor. I pooed 3 large logs. I also started to pee. The smell from everyone was disgusting. While I was pooing, a couple of teenage girls came in and immediately went out in horror. Then another woman came in and went over and peed over the broken toilet. What a scene! I didn't even have anything to wipe myself with.

Today, I was in my second road race in a week. It was all women-800+ of us. Last night we had a pasta, salad and gatorade party. We gorged ourselves. This morning our stomachs told the story. Some girls had their usual morning bowel movements, some had pre-race jitters diarreah. I had a combination of both. The race was staged at an elementary school. The toilets were at a premium and there was an endless line. The custodian opened more toilets on upper floors. But, it was not enough. Some girls invaded the boys room and even straddled the urinals. I had to take a shit and all most of the lines were for the same at the girls bathroom. Some of the white girls were straining, farting and passing some big ones. So, I took an open boys stall.Some girls were shy to show their pussies. I was not I lowered my blue reebok shorts and my white, red and black striped Jockey elance briefs to my ankles. As soon as that, brown water exploded from my black behind. More and more. There were p! ieces of macaroni and vegetables in the water. I felt it and I saw it by putting my head between my legs. A Puerto Rican girl in her early 20's entered the next stall. As I looked at the bottom of the divider she dropped her yellow Adidas nylon running shorts and green FOL briefs to her ankles. Her stomach was running out water like a fire hydrant. She asked me if I had diarreah. I said yes and it was brutal. We commented on what we ate last night. We were worried, because it was 8:15AM and the race was 9. She and I put pressure on our lower tracts to expel the water and gas. By 8:35AM we were through. Her stall had no paper. After, I wiped myself good, I got up without pulling up my running clothes, my soft haired pussy exposed, I gave my instant friend paper. I pulled up and so did she. She commented on the food that came out of our stomachs. We made it to the start line and ran good times, feeling much lighter.

Statistics Lover
To Jill: I would guess it's not a question of WHAT you ate that caused your unusual poo, but rather how much. :-) This sounds like a poo for the record books. Can you give us an idea of just how big (number of pieces, total length, size of pile, etc.)? BTW, I have to say that I really enjoy and look forward to your posts.

Hey Jilly, Thank thank you very much for your storie! Now I have a quickie for you. I work in a building which also houses a television station. On any given eveing while sitting up front you can see the TV news people scatter around like roaches scattering when the lights go on. Would you believe how many of the female on camera gals have to hit the can when the time is getting closer for them to hit the air! One night one female reporter was running up and down the hall a little faster than usual. Soon it was her turn to go on camera. Then when her segment was done, she ran past me and I told her now that her spot was done she can relax a bit. She grinned back and said, "yeah and now I can go pee!" It's funny after she said that to me every time I see her she gives me a sly grin. To think that pretty thing is married!

My cousin and I always looked out for each other, even in the school bathroom. One day he was late for dismissal.`One of his friends told me I could find him in the boys toilet. We were in 4th grade. I went in the school and found him on the boys toilet-gray uniform trousers and white FOL's down all the way. He was crying, saying the teacher would not let him go. I could hear his stomach churn as he released his watery diarreah movement. He said he sneaked off the dismissal line and ducked into the boys toilet just in time.I remembered we ate pizzas with everything on it for lunch. I knew I would not be long for me. I gave the boy paper to wipe himself. In the toilet was about 2 gallons of brownish-red water, along with pieces of pepperoni, onions, meatballs, peppers and anchoives. He flushed once and still it all did not go away. He pulled up his clothes and we walked home. On the way home, I felt a pain and I knew I was next. The pizza was working. I felt my panty seat condensing from my gas. It was life or death. We saw an old unused service station with an open bathroom. I did not care if the toilet flushed or not. Breathing heavily, I raised my navy blue jumper and slid my light blue Fruit of the Loom cotton panties to my thighs and exacuated a soft pair of 6 inch yellow pipes. Ploop, splash! Ploop, splash! I felt a cramp, relieved by a fart. My body felt a tingling as my cousin watched over me at the door. There was no paper, so I used a blank sheet of school newspaper. I cleaned rough, but it cleaned. I pulled up my blue FOL's on my yellow skin behind and lammed out of there fast. The next morning we walked past the gas station and looked in side that toilet to find my jobbie dissolved and all the pizza topping floating on the water.

To BigB: I am a young, (13) girl, and I am considered good looking, and I do poop. Please tell this girl that she is a dumb ass and she needs to shut the f?!k up, and/or she needs to film herself for one week, 24 hours a day, and prove that she does not shit.

Last summer I got called into my minimum wage job at jack-in-The-Box on a day I felt really sick. I went any how, becuase I needed the money. About twenty minutes into my shift, I started to feel sick. I finally realized it was diarrhea, and right as I was taking an order I could hold it no longer. I shouted that I needed my co-worker, Lynne, to take over as I dashed to the shitter. I didn't even have time to close the dorr behind me, I just plunked down onto the pot and let the shit erupt from me. After a while I felt better, but I knew that i would only have to go again in a few minutes, which, I did, so i sat on the toilet for over 30 minutes! When i finally came out everyone gave me looks of discust and my boss, who must have been told or heard my shitting extravaganza for himself, told me that i could leave early. I have never been so embarasses my entire life! To make matters worse, I had diarrhea that whole next week too! ANything like this ever happened to an! yone?

Sunday, May 09, 1999 Happy Mother's Day

I am female and and even though I am a heterosexual, I am strangly turned on by other women when they are using the toilet. I can't remember when or how it started, but when I go and use public toilets, I always make sure I take a stall which is next to one being utilized. There is something about the sound of the urine hitting the water, the gasous crackling of stool evacuating the body, and the taboo nature of going the bathroom that I guess turns me on. I am especially turned on by the sound or sight of women (or Men) who are of authority going to the toilet (Freudian maybe?). Here's an example, its so vivid in my mind....I am a college student and I was trying to get a grade changed before the semester ended. To this I had to go to the Registrar's office and have one of the Deans approve the change. Much to my chagrin, there was a huge line to be seen. I had just eaten lunch, which usually signals a pending BM (I'm regular!) Rather than waiting on this line in discomfort, I decided to pass some time on the toilet. When I entered the Womens Room I noticed that one of the stalls was occupied. This is an old school and an old building so the stalls were not so private. Judging from the high heeled shoes (black) and nylons visible under the door, this woman was probably not a student. I entered the stall next to her and lowered my jeans and panties just below knee level before sitting. Whoever it was really was stinking it up! There was quiet from her stall for the first ten seconds followed by a torrent of diarrhea. This watery wave was followed by a soft sigh of relief on her part. While I peed, I decided to lean my head forward and take a peek under the the partition. I couldn't see her head, just up to her arms which were resting across her thighs. She was wearing a long beige skirt which was pulled up above her waist. Her panties were off-white and rolled down along with pantyhose to her upper shin. Her feet were spread wide and were relatively still. For the next five minutes she had intermittent waves of diarrheafollowed by wiping and flushes. Whoever it was seemed to have had some sort of virus. Nonetheless, I finished and left. I went back on line wondering the identity of my toilet neighbor. While waiting on the line for ten minutes ten minutes later, a woman came into the office with the same skirt and shoes I had seen under the stall partition. She was one of the associate deans, a somewhat attractive woman in her mid forties with brown hair and average build. She looked kind of pale and disheveled. As soon as she took her position behind the head desk the line started moving again. She signed off onmy grade change, not knowing I watched her having a diarrhea attack 20 minutes earlier. What a memory! Any one els with stories of seeing bosses, teachers on the toilet?

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