i am a new poster here. i love the posts from the girls who describe their toilet visits in detail. i recently had a great experience with a girl whom i had known for a couple of weeks. one evening i went outside for a smoke and sat on a chair which happened to positioned directly beneath the toilet window which was open at the time. i had only taken a couple of drags when the toilet light came on and since cathy was the only other person at home with me, it was obviously her. since i live on an acerage you could hear a pin drop thus i could hear everthing in great detail. i heard the shuffling noise of her skirt being raised and the slipping and slapping of her panties being pulled down and the clatter of the toilet seat as she sat down. a hissing fart commenced proceedings followed by her peeing which trickled on for about 15 seconds. after some audible straining a loud 'plop' cut the quiet night air like a knife. she then continued with a barrage of pebble like turds plop ploop,plipping in quick succession. i believe i counted about 15 to 20 of them with the finale being a resounding 'kerslunk' . she then let go a long droning fart accompanied by big exasperated sigh of relief. by this time i had already finished my smoke and thinking the show was over, i went back inside. no sooner had i walked inside i heard cathy say "could you get me some toilet paper please brandon". remembering i had none i grabbed a box of tissues and as i headed toward the toilet i noticed the door was half open. i hesitated for a second and she being totally uninhibited said "its okay you can come in sweetie". i stepped in and there she was sitting slumped forward on the toilet with her panties mid thigh and her feet pidgeon-toed either side of the toilet. now i dont like the smell of shit but her powerful perfume created an intoxicating aroma. a smile creeped across her pretty face as i handed her the box still speechless to which she thanked me in a strained voice and a deep sounding 'plunk'. i was really embarrased now and went to leave but she asked me stay and keep her company, explaining to me that she had been quite constipated and would sitting on the toilet for a long time to fully relieve herself. she let out loud squeaky sounding fart to which she apologised then a 'plop,ploop......faloomp' echoed from the toilet bowl. she continued to make dainty grunting sounds trying to catch her breath so that she could have a conversation with me and concentrate on the job she had at hand. after bombing and gassing the porcelain another half-dozen times, she sat on the toilet with a look of total contentment, telling me that she felt so relieved,and wanted to stay seated to indulge in her feeling of emptiness. so i left her alone to finish up whilst i tried to contain an eminent explosion in the front of my pants. about half an hour had elapsed when she flushed and came out looking very amorous so i took the bull by the horns and a shared a magic night of lovemaking with her. in some respect we both perceived what had transpired as being quite erotic and acted as a springboard to the following events. anyway you look at it we both felt great relief. keep the good work up ladies and look forward to reading more of your posts

Response to Jason: I know what you mean about men's restrooms where there is no privacy and no doors or walls around the toilets. In New York City, that's the exact kind of set-up they have in one of the most popular public parks. If you have to answer nature's call in Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village, the men's rest room features five toilets right next to each other in a small room adjacent to another room with about 8 urinals. There's absolutely no privacy. The toilets are about a foot and a half apart, and sometimes it's a full house. Some of the guys don't look too comfortable in a wide-open setting like this, and some won't stay. But plenty do. I wonder if there are similar public restrooms in other major cities.

I had a rather unusual dump yesterday, that I thought I should report. It was on the train home, mid afternoon, and I could feel there was going to be a lot. What was unusual is that it was firmer than normal, and it came out as a whole load of short poos - none longer than six inches. There were loads of them though - they just kept coming: poo - pause - poo - pause etc. and all fairly thick (2 inches at least). By the time I had finished there was quite a panful! I can't work out what it was I ate that caused this change. Oh and by the way - it all flushed away successfully, while we were stood at a station!

All the posts about using suppositories reminds me of something I read on another web site. A female posted that she uses a suppository to "time" her bowel movement. Meaning that, if she had to get up earlier than usual in the morning and wanted to be sure she had her normal morning poop (but she wasn't getting the urge because it was too early in the morning) then she would use a suppository to get things started. Or if she hadn't gone during the day (missed her morning poop), then in the evening she would insert a suppository to produce a BM before she went to bed instead of letting herself get too constipated and uncomfortable. I think this is a good idea. From what I've read, it seems that suppositories are safe and non-addictive. I think it would be better to use a suppository to get things moving, rather than waiting until you are really plugged up with a hard, dry stool in your rectum. I'm going to use a suppository the next time I feel like I need to get rid of some poop, but don't really have the urge to go. This usually happens when I do a small poop in the morning, then by the time I get home from work I feel like I could use another BM. I usually can't produce one in the evening....but it would sure feel good if I could!! Does anyone else use suppositories in this casual-like manner?? Or do you think you should only use a suppository when very constipated? Now...I'm off to the store for a jar of suppositories...just like the ones my mother used to keep in the bathroom cabinet :-]

BrentC, Thom, Nathan P, Robbie, Me, and all you other constipated men. Damn, this site is registering some of the best, most candid posts imaginable. It really creates comradery to know there are other guys out there that share your same bathroom experiences all the time, much in the same way a buddy dump does. Nathan P: if you are worried about taking constipated dumps while at school, lighten up my friend. While I was in college I took countless dumps with another guy listening in the adjacent stall and nobody makes more noise than I do. I always have to grunt and groan it out and I fart a lot. My shit is the noisiest kind because it comes out in splashy cannonballs. Once you have done it a time or two, you will quickly get over you inhibitions - trust me. In fact, in a school situation is one of the best places to meet up with other guys like us. I used take my dumps in a library bathroom that did not have any doors and had mirrors across from the toilets. It was wild. And most guys would come in, see the situation and go ahead and dump. When a guy is dumping in the open like that, he usually looses his inhibitions and is comfortable groaning and straining. In fact, conversations often started spontaneously and Some guys would talk about their progress or lack of progress. Just don't be shy. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you are moving your plugged up bowels. Robbie: I was frequently constipated as a teen. Warning - don't become dependant on enemas, or you will lose the ability to move your bowel naturally. There was a period that I became dependent, and its hell getting back to normal. I have some suggestions. Do you ever just go and plan to sit for a half hour? Sometimes your colon will eventually get the message. Also, it helps to rock while you push with your abdominal muscles and groan. The groaning really does help - I cannot tell you why exactly - it just helps to put your bowels in the mood to start things moving. Massaging your stomach, especially on the left side can provide some stimulus. Fingering your asshole while pushing outward will make it dialate and help things along. Finally - I never get any takers on this one, but it really works - Try massaging you navel with your middle finger while you strain to move your bowels. This only works if the hard mass is already in the colon, although it can be far up and this will still help. I know this sounds bizzare, but it is and accupressure technique and I swear by it. Please at least try some of these things and let me know the result. I know some of you wonder why I will go though some of these gyrations just to shit. It is simple: I have chronic constipation problems and I know how to move my bowels by natural methods. I tried enemas and that was one of the worst things I could have done. I decided that I would do whatever it takes to make things happen without becoming addicted to other means. BrentC and Thom: I would not rule out a suppository, as from what you guys are saying they are not as habit forming as enemas. In fact, I was in the drug store today checking out what was available. I would probably only use it as a last resort, but I am thinking about giving it a whirl. BrentC, my dumps really are not pure torture. In fact, I would say it is quite the opposite. There is nothing like that feeling when you have been siting there farting when finally you feel that familiar cramp that tells you something is finally starting to happen. Someday when we buddy dump, will talk each other through it, play by play. I am curious... with your using the Dulcolax... how often do you rely on them? Have you ever tried massaging your hole to help give you the urge? You asked if I ever had that bloated feeling with foul gas after eating Tex-Mex while constipated. The answer is a ringing yeah boy. Sometimes the cheese makes things more costive and difficult, but the chemisry gives me one fart after another. Like you, I look for corners to hide in for a good long fart. Please tell me about your buddy dump at work. I live all the minute details Carlos

Last week I returned from a four-day and miserably constipating trip to Las Vegas to visit a friend. (I live in Michigan.) The long plane ride and drier weather out there had a definite affect on my bowels. Prior to this trip, it had been a long time since I suffered from any traveler's constipation. I know that the dry air on a plane can be dehydrating, so I was careful to drink plenty of water. My friend doesn't like to drink alcohol, so I only had one glass of wine during my four days out there. Also, I made an effort to eat plenty of salads, v*****s, and fruits. Still I had dry, small, and difficult stools while I was there. A few times I would try to go a second time that day, I felt like I needed to but I just couldn't go. It felt like my intestines were full the entire time I was out there, but I could only pass small ribbon turds! It was very frustrating! I should say that I normally poop easy to pass stools every morning while at home. I was so glad to get home from my trip and get my pooping schedule back to normal. I took a good 2qt enema when I got home to clean everything out. I never mentioned my bowel problem to my friend, as I just didn't feel comfortable enough with him to talk about it. But, next time I'll travel prepared... with my enema bulb syringe and a jar of suppositories so that I can use whichever is more convenient. I hate being constipated and never try to hold it in when I feel the urge to go. When I gotta go...I GOTTA GO! Do others travel with their necessities for treating constipation (just in case), or do you just hope that you stay regular during your trip and if you do get constipated then go to a drug store?? I'm interested to find out how others travel....Let me know! Thanks.

Big B
There is this girl in my school who really really has problems. She is young and atractive but she thinks young atractive girls don't take a dump. Now I don't care how young or atractive you are when ya' gotta go ya' gotta go. So if you're a young atractive girl or know someone who is would you please tell about your bm so I can show her. Thank you.

Response to Jason: I know what you mean about men's restrooms where there is no privacy and no doors or walls around the toilets. In New York City, that's the exact kind of set-up they have in one of the most popular public parks. If you have to answer nature's call in Washington Square Park in the heart of Greenwich Village, the men's rest room features five toilets right next to each other in a small room adjacent to another room with about 8 urinals. There's absolutely no privacy. The toilets are about a foot and a half apart, and sometimes it's a full house. Some of the guys don't look too comfortable in a wide-open setting like this, and some won't stay. But plenty do. I wonder if there are similar public restrooms in other major cities.

Steve from STL and Thom, I think I came the closest I ever will to taking a dump in front of my friend Nick. We were working at the school this morning and Nick said he really needed to spring a leak. I went along with him but didn't tell him I was desperate to take a dump. The nearest bathroom was a small one, just one urinal and one stall. Nick immediately went to the urinal and I entered the stall which was right next to it. He probably thought I was going to take a piss in there. However, I announced "I need to take a dump. I don't think I can hold it till later." Nick seemed very surprised and replied "oh, shit!" I sat down and pushed out a long soft log, just as I had expected.(I hadn't gone since Wednesday night, so I knew this was going to be a big one!) I wasn't expecting the loud fart which followed and said "excuse me" to Nick, who started to laugh. He was just a couple of feet away taking a very long piss. When he finished he said that he would wait for me outside. I said he could wait there, but he left anyway. Either he wanted to give me some privacy or perhaps I was starting to stink the place up, although I don't think this was a particularly smelly dump. I hadn't finished and shitted a good number of small chunks. Then I wiped and left, leaving behind some pretty good skidmarks. When I met Nick outside, I said to him "I really needed that. That was a big one" and once again he laughed. Hopefully my openness will make him more open about taking a shit in the future. A couple of years ago, we both took a shit in that very same stall. We were working late at the school and Nick said he had to hit the bathroom. I knew what he meant by that and I told him I had a key to one just down the hall. I let him in and announced that I also had to go. He entered the stall and I said to him, "you don't mind if I wait here, do you?" (after all we had taken dumps at each other's homes on numerous occasions) and he surprised me by telling me to wait outside. I did, but with the door half open. I still heard nothing. As soon as he flushed, I went back in and as he was washing his hands I entered the stall, where there was a faint odour. "Where shall I wait" he asked me and I said just to stay in the bathroom. He waited over by the door while I took an unspectacular shit without any sound effects! We continued our conversation all the time I was seated. The one this morning will be more memorable as he was standing just a couple of feet away and heard virtually everything! I hope he does the same someday!

Today I go tmy period for the first time and as I was wiping my ass after a shit I noticed how weird it looked with blood and pooh together in harmony on the same pice of toilet paper.

Last night, my friend Norma ran in a local road race. There was a line of porta potties and a fast moving line of mostly girls to use them. Norma and I were on this line. She had to evacuate her bowels or she could not run. I had to pee. We each took an adjacent porta potty. I lowered my new green New Balance running shorts and then stretched my white hanes her way bikini over the shorts just above my knees and sat on the surprisingly clean seat. When I take a pee, I pee hard. I let out a 60 second clear stream. I was drinking water all day and yesterday. I could near Norma doing the same next door. Only I could hear, pieces of doo-doo leaving her rectum and hitting the shallow water bottom along with her piss. I sat and listened as she allowed more loose pieces of doo-doo to slide out. Then I heard her go for the paper. I went for mine. The Parks Dep't was generous with the paper. When we stepped out, she said the gallons of water she had drink in recent days was alleviating the binding in her stomach.

Saturday, May 08, 1999

To RICK- Great story about watching girls in your bathroom thru the mirror!! I would have went nutz!!especially with the black girls! I wish more black girls would post here.I,for one would love to hear their poo stories and i'm sure i'm not alone..... There was someone on the forum that mentioned about reading these posts and having to take a dump and letting it build up while reading theposts.I do that a lot! like they said ,it really gets thing going.I have to go now and i'm letting it build up and i haven't gone in 2 days.I love reading this forum as my rectum fills up and i pass some gas sitting here with just an undershirt on.The cramps are getting strong and my asshole is starting to pucker.I'm going to go take what feels like a nice multi-textured dump as i sit here and rub my ????.OOOOH I gotta go shit..........................................That was a nice one.No gas at first,just a long hard at first log started coming out with hardly any pushing.Then it got softer and came out quickly followed by a loud fart.It was wrapped around the bowl like a sausage,about 10" Felt good comin' out!Then i farted for a few seconds and felt the next wave of digested food slide down towards my already open anus.Another long.soft turd oozed out and went on for what seemed like forever!As it's coming out, gas is coming out at the same time.I love that feeling.Then at the end,my rectum exploded with mush and farts. It was at this point i ejaculated at the same time the poop was still coming out.It was wild. it's like in between the spasms,I would for a second,stop pooping and poop and stop etc.DoesANYONE ELSE GET THIS EXPERIENCE?I got that a lot.Then i sat there and pushed out my anus and some mucus came out and that's how i know i'm done and my rectum is empty and boy,did that feel good! I looked in the bowl and saw the sausage turd and what looked like another long soft turd and at the end of that poop a bunch of mush and then some 7-8" squigglies i guess about 3 or 4 of those. The second soft one looked like it would have been over a foot long if it wasn't broken up by the following musy poop.That was the one that felt like it went on and on! What a great dump!!!Hope you all enjoyed that as much as i did.i love telling you all .Girls, keep the stuff coming .Especially the buddy pooping together!!BYE

Regarding Rick's posting of 5-8, I, too, have a fascination with pooping women, though I've never had the good fortune of a two-way mirror in the bathroom. I find it quite ironic that a woman, who smells so good, is so shapely and feminine, can stink up an entire room when she's on the toilet (i.e sugar and spice theory). Somehow, a man has trouble conceiving that. My girlfriend is Irish and has alabaster-white skin along with a shapely bottom. She lets me watch her pee, but I've yet to watch the poop slide from between those white cheeks; I haven't gotten up the nerve to ask yet! A "buddy poop" is the answer. To DorothyJo and her recent posting about the infamous mens' room at Pennys, did it occur to you that these guys might get off by shitting while you watch? I would love the oppor- tunity to sit on the comode and let a movement slide out while you are in full sight of my white cheeks. As Mr. Brown said a while back, it's most erotic with your pants at the top of your thighs- only your white bottom visible with more than a barely perceptible odor while in conversation with a women. Does anyone else have a fetish concerning the bare female bottom? Happy grunts and pushes to the ladys.

I have submitted several post, some have made it on here and some have not. As I have mentioned before, I developed my fetish for seeing ladied poop when I was just out of college. I had purchased my first home, a 1 bed 1 bath condo. This place had a real neat set up in that there was a second door leading to the bathroom from the walk in bedroom closet. The bathroom was small, only about 6 by 6 feet. On the bathroom side of that closet door, I installed a two way mirror and on the other end, I cut a small 3 by 3 inch peep hole in the door. Man did I have a blast the 7 years I lived there. I entertained so many chicks, most of whom were black and I got to see every one of them piss and shit. You see, the women took so long in the bathroom doing their business, that gave me a plenty of time to sneak the 6 feet from the hall back to the bedroom closet. I kept the closet light turned out so the freaks could not see through to the other side of the mirror. Man, I saw honeys sittin' with their legs spread open dumping big loads, you know, all that fast food and booze and weed will do it. The mirror was at head level when they sat on the toilet, so I had a perfect head on view of all the action, shitting, pissing, douching, tampon changing, etc. Well folks, you know how life is, ya' get older, richer, and you have to move on to bigger diggs. I guess I'll have to buy 3 more of those 2-way mirrors.

Well lets say that the "skillet" comparison poses a serious occupational hazard.

well people, i have a story, but have refrained from telling it due to its graphic nature, but i have now decided after reading all of your to give the tell all tale of "THE DAY I MADE ART WITH A FART" as the story goes i , being a bit of a drinker, and a fan of fine thai food, find myself with the most inconsistant turds, some time soft sometimes hard, sometimes smelly sometimes not, and sometimes they can't even be called turd, more like soup. so any way, after a long night of drinking bourbon, and finishing off a few old style lites, i awoke with a horrible trembling. i was shaking all over and something didn't feel quite right, i ws cramping in my lower belly, and my colon a shockwave of terrifying convulsions, the only problem was i was staying the evening with a new girlfriend, and after all i never shit on the first date. i looked over and saw her beautiful face gently sleeping, and i know i had no choice but to relieve myself as soon as possible, as i entered the washroom much to my surprise i saw something toilet tissue???? what the hell? what if i get a rash from using this stuff?, i didn't have time for that though, as my colon with out consent had pledged a full force attack on my sphincter. my ass was not prepared nor was i for what was about to happen. it ws a wonderful movement, pleasurable and desirable, after i thanked my ass for not making a mess i looked once again at the BLUE TOILET TISSUE. should i just hop in the shower to cleanse my self, call it a phobia, but why blue???? well i faced my fears, and wiped my but with floral smelling blue toilet paper. i waited, and waited, and nothing strange happened, then i final goodbye with a kiss of pee, since i was so dehydrated i imediatly noticed the foull smell and uncanny consistancy of my pee, it was bright yellow, and thick as milk, after tapping three times i grabed my undies and stood, and for what was about to happen i was absolutly unprepared. i stood. and turned, and my eyes fell out of my head on to the floor!! oh the beauty, oh the beauty!!!, after pacing around the room for mins, debating on waking up my new girfriend to share in my heavenly glory, and i had a moment of silence and stared. this is what i saw.......two perfect blue squares with 2 paralell brown strips on both of the, to the top left 1 brown arch, to the bottom right, 1 light green arch, all in the middle of a translucen tyellow background. this my friend was art picasso, dali, and monet would have been proud, since that day i have tried to recreate this wonder of butt. without success, that day someone was looking out for me. thank you turd fairy, for a turd i will never forget.

1997, park toilet was upgraded from a one toilet, two urinal to a 2 toilet one urinal structure. There are doors on the toilet stalls. Before there were none. On busy days, there was a line for the sit down. I used to go after lunch, my heaviest meal. I'm 18. I was sitting pretty on the toilet 10 years ago. My jeans and yellow briefs were down to my ankles and my legs opened wide for comfort and leverage. In the bowl was my 12 inch long 2 inch wide jobbie. A 10 y/o wanted to make jobbie also. He could not wait. He went to a urinal, lowered his jeans and white FOL's and released for smelly gray logs. I wiped once and got out of there. He long ran out. I watched him return to take off his messy briefs and sock and dump them in the toilet and leave.

Response to the question below: The toilets are close. Maybe 5 feet apart across and the one next to you is only about 18 inches.

My boyfriend Adam lets me watch when he takes a dump. At first he was really embarassed about it. Gradually however, he has become comfortable with my being there for it. We are both college students and we share an apartment. For a few months I have been working on him to let another girl also be present when he poops. He finally agreed and it happened yesterday! My girlfriend Jodi is very assertive and outspoken. When I asked her about watching Adam dump, she said "I want him naked too". Adam needed LOTS of convincing and a few beers to relax him. He also needed some ex-lax and a 24 hour No pooping period to get him ready. I also had to agree fulfill a few of HIS fantasies as payback, but they are not on the topic of this forum. Anyway, last night after dinner, Adam really had to go. He hadn't gone since the night before and he had taken ex-lax at 10am. Jodi arrived and we had a few beers. Then she said "ok let's see the shit show. I gotta study tonight". Adam was nervous as hell as we headed for the bathroom. Per our agreement, he stripped everything off and Jodi slapped his bare ass as he slipped off his boxers. By the way, Adam has wavy dark hair that goes to his collar, and side burns. He wears wire rimmed glasses and has a very handsome face. He is skinny and short though with no body hair except on his crotch and legs. When Jodi slapped him he blew a fart! He blushed but Jodi said "that's nothing compared to what you're gonna do"! He cupped his hands over his dick and sat down on the toliet. Jodi and I sat on the edge of the bathtub which is directly across from the toliet and only about 3 feet away. Adam couldn't make eye contact and he just sat there. He blew a few more farts and suddenly let loose pissing and shitting all at the same time. Right then Jodi told him to take his hand away from his dick. He did which was a mistake because his pissing dick arched up and he pissed on the floor and his feet. I told him to raise his ass enough to let us see what was coming out and he did this in time for us to see some loose shit sliding out. Jodi asked "are you embarassed yet Adam?" Adam was very embarassed and said nothing and didn't look at us. He sat there a long time after he was done just doing nothing. He asked if we would leave while he wiped up but I said no and handed him the role of toliet paper. His face was bright red as he lifted his little ass off the toliet seat and wiped. I made him show us the dirty paper and he was dying. He took 7 wipes and then flushed before he stood up. Then Jodi grabbed his clothes and ran out of the room. He came out in a towel and fianlly got his stuff back but we watched him dress. We had a few more beers and then when Jodi was leaving, she made Adam pull down his pants so she could check his undies for a poop stain to see how well he wiped! Adam says I OWE him BIG!

Hello Everyone, Great Posts lately. Buzzy, really like your stories.Like you stories too Jason. I like open stalls too. Just a quick word to Robbie and Nathan P. Regarding your problems with constipation. Brent C. goes into more detail in his last post but I would also recomend that you try glycerine suppositories first and if you need something stronger try the Dulcolax suppositories. Use them when you first realize that you are constipated. Don't wait too long. Robbie you could ease the embarrasment of the enemas by suggesting to your Mom that you are old enough to give them to yourself. By not postponing the ineveitable enema by being embarrassed about it you will probably feel much better. I started giving myself enemas when I was your age. The bulb syringe type might be easier for you to use then the waterbottle type. Give it a try and let us know how you are doing. Nathan I started using suppositories in college because of the "being in public" situation. Suppositories are much easier to use in a public setting then the enema and much more predictable than ex-lax or other "by mouth" laxatives. Suppositories are more effective if you use them early on than if you wait until the constipation has gone on for days. My big problem in the college days would be that I would be too busy to take the time to sit on the can and grunt it out, then suddenly I would be in big trouble. Good eating habits and a good bathroom schedule help but these things don't alway go along with the school experience. I would usually put a suppository in after dinner and then go to the Library to study. When it kicked in I would head for the men's room and unload. It felt great to finally go and I usually had some company while I was there. I kinda miss the old school days. Enough for now

Nothing really new with me lately--same normal poops. Nathan--may of us have used suppositories...much easier than an enema and very effective. I've used these in public places, because I get uncomfortable there too...just be careful, you may not be able to have them in school. I suggest using one of them. Like Carlos has said, try the glycerin ones first. Read the directions and be sure to insert it far enough. Good luck.

Thursday, May 06, 1999

I was with my friend marion the other day and she said she had to go potty and we went into th bathroom at a gas station and it was the kind with just a sink and toilet and no toilet stall. Marion pulled her dungerees and underpants down while she was putting toilet paper on the seat and i saw her fat butt,i asked why dont you just squat instead of putting the paper down and she said she had to do pee and poop and when she sat i heard a big fart while she was peeing and she said ah that feels good and we both laughed and a few seconds later i heard her start to strain and she leaned her head down towards her feet and the i heard a plop and it started to smell bad,she pushed some more then she reached between her legs and wiped her vagina and stood up and i saw her wipe her behind with alot of tp and as soon as she flushed i pulled my shorts and underpants down and did a long pee and some farts while marion brushed her hair in the mirror.This was the first time i saw anybody do! #2,we are both 15 years old. Bye

This is for coolguy3:16 and all the other guys on thesite who wear boxers. If a turd slips out doesn't itjustdrop down yourleg? Thereno snug are for it to lay in.

To Jason, How close are the toilets? There is an "all male private club" I go to that has the toilets mostly in the open. many times you can walk past and see guys sitting on the toilet. Sometimes you can hear them too if the music isn't too loud. most of the time they flush so you can't hear them farting.

To Harry: Thanks for answering my question(s). To coolguy 3:16: That was a weird dream and Intresting. To John: Yes there are many guys on here you age, In fact Im 17 and I will be 18 soon. To Jason: I liked your story. To Will: You had a cool story too, In fact Im having that same feeling you did. I have had an urge to poop for 90 minutes to 2 hours. It will get strong and die down. Now Im going to try to go poop. -Bryian

You guys want a real poop and piss story Here it is. Last year A group of 6 of us girls went to mexico for a week and we stayed in this sort of rundown motel at rosarito beach and we all shared one room. and since we all know each other from school (SAN DIEGO STATE)no one was very shy about takeing a dump with the door open or while another girl was in the bathroom and some of the time one or more of us would be naked (changeing out of our bathing suits)and it was no big deal.One morning Lizzie who is a very cute tan surfer girl type was on the bowl takeing a very noisy smelly shit while i took a shower and jody was washing her hair in the sink and when liz finished.jody who's sort of chubby but has a killer figure anyway sat to do her morning routine and as i got out of the shower i saw her drop her drawers and sit her ample heart shaped ass on the toilet and start to do some diahrea that stunk kind of bad and she just said, sorry guy's. Every day we saw each other shit and no one was embaresed and i actualy think it made us feel closer.

So sorry I haven't posted in so long but I've been really really busy at work. This story takes me back to the end of July last summer on a day when I had decided to take a trip to the beach to do a little sunbathing. When I finally got there I found the perfect out of the way spot on the beach and began reading my book and relaxing. About a half hour later though I felt a poop needing to come out and I realized I had not had a motion all day, but no needing to go very badly I just continued reading. Another 30 minutes later though I could no longer ignore my urge and I knew that that little poop inside me had become a full-blown load!! One small problem though, my out of the way spot on the beach was nearly half a mile from the beach house where the ladies room was. There was nothing I could do but start walkin', although I hated just leaving my things all alone like that. As I walked the urge got worse and worse until I could barely hold it and had to walk with my butt cheeks tightly clenched. I know I must have looked awful walking like that in a two piece bathing suit. I was beginning to think I would not make it and began contemplating jumping in the water and letting loose there but I thought to myself, what if my poop floats, because I knew there would be so much of it. Wouldn't that be embarrassing. So I ruled out that option and kept walking. It felt like forever but I finally made it. When I went into the ladies room I was horrified at what I saw. The place was crowded, filthy, and to top it all off the only stall with a door on it was the handicapped stall and there was already a five person line waiting to use it. I was disgusted and left immediately. Then I did something I would never normally do and snuck into a crew only area and tried to find a private bathroom in there. Luckily no one was around and I quickly found one. But, no toilet paper!! I knew toilet paper would be a must for the turds I could feel inside me. I then noticed a box of tissue on a nearby table and took about ten of them and rushed inside the bathroom. By that time I was bursting for a BM and I immediately whipped my bathing suit bottom down around my knees and plopped my butt down on the toilet seat with a sigh of relief. With no pushing at all I released a loud echoing fart into the bowl, then I began to hear that familiar crackling sound of a huge jobbie emerging from my anus and I knew the ultimate relief was not far away. I leaned forward, closed my eyes, and relaxed as I dropped three large poops into the bowl below all with loud KERSPLOOONK noises. After that was through I must have peed non-stop for a good 20 seconds. The strong smell of a good bowel movement completely filled the small one-person bathroom. As I got up to wipe myself I saw how badly I really needed to go when I looked down into the toilet and saw the three 5 1/2 inch smooth, light brown logs that were floating in the water. It took all ten tissues to get my sore and fatigued anus clean of the remaining poop; I then pulled up my bathing suit bottom and quickly left. Lucky for me my load flushed without clogging up the toilet but there were still brown streaks left at the bottom of the bowl. When I walked all the way back to my spot it was nice to find that all my things had not been stolen so I decided to just go home. Keep up the great posts everyone!!!!

Bryian>> To answer your question about swallowing foreign objects, you reminded me of a guy I knew that had to do what you asked...Back in the late 1970's when the price of gold was at its highest, in the $800.00+ range, he had to make a trip to the dentist to get a filling put in one of his teeth. Just after the dentist had put a gold filling in, and before it had set properly, the man sneezed and ended up swallowing the filling! Needless to say, because of the price of gold at the time, for 3 days following what had happened, everytime he had to take a crap, he had to go thru the turds until he found the filling! To say the least, it made a new definition for "gold mining"!!!

Three more laps,time was called,I feel great, exhiliarited but I'm off ten seconds,I plann to make it up,thats the last time I eat veggitarian pizza before a swim.There was a kickoff for one of the girls whose leaving.I floated on my back for thirty seconds before pushing up goggles and climbing out, tugging my suit of water and headed for the toilet and showers.I didn't expect to have much but the fullness in my bowels spoke volumes.In the area were six or seven other women moving naked around and two on the pot and another like myself heading for it.As I sat down I saw nobody across from me,so I could concerate,my farts were not so quiet as usual but now had a strong earthy odor and I peed at first before feeling the relief of the long turd of excrement poof out,once twice and one more,my rubbery anus feels tacky and I pee again now comes the careful part, we have this pink toilet paper that slighty rough like cheap paper napkins and you should wipe your cunny and anus softly using it so as not to irritate the delicate area,so blott and wipe.I'v cleaned myself and take a good shower and dress.

Coolguy 3:16
Hey, I had a really wierd dream last night, I dreamt I has at the movie theater and I had to take a crap, so I just let it slide out, it was probably a 10 In log that just slid out into my boxers, I did it and sat back in my chair!!! later I had to do it again about 5 minutes l8er so I remember I stood up and pushed another Big log out and a few juicy Fruits(Squirts) And Then I woke up half expecting to have full boxers, but not so much as a skid!I went back to sleep and had to go this morning, normally I go at night, but I couldnt go last night, so I went this morning, Weird Huh???

Hello! This is my first posting. I eat today new Mc Donalds Mega hamburger and i have four runs to toilet. First poop was very hard, but second is softer and it spray back of the bowl :) and next softer, and softer. Im 17 y.o male student from scandinavia. Are there other same age guys? And how old are other users?

Nathan P.
Been enjoying the posts lately. Robbie: I'm 16 and am usually constipated too, but not as severely as you are. I usually go at least 3 days between poops and it usually hurts like hell when I finally go. I've never had to have an enema, but have thought about giving myself one occasionally to get everything out. Any suggestions on whether or not to do it and how to do so? Also, does anybody have any suggestions about discrete ways to get things moving in public facilities since I will be going to a residential school next year and sometimes have even worse problems in public toilets?

I had a very interesting experience on Sunday last. I went with my son to a pub for Sunday lunch. After lunch I went for a pee. The gents toilets were upstairs. It was a newly refurbished building and the toilets were new, five urinals and three shitting stalls. Two adjacent stalls were occupied. As I peed, a conversation began between the two guys in the stalls. They had obviously both gone for a shit at the same time. It was quite smelly and one of them was grunting away loudly. Then he said out loud "Come on, get a move on" (We often say that to our turds, but not usually out loud!). His friend said "Are you having problems then?" Unfortunately, I did not hear the reply, because the urinal started to flush automatically and the noise drowned their conversation, which carried on for quite some minutes. If my son had not been waiting for me downstairs, I would have gone into the third stall and listened in. As it was I found it quite an exciting experience.

Response to Patty below: We guys often have to cope with no toilet stall doors and sometimes, no stalls at all! At my current University, the pool locker room has just four toilets sitting in the open two facing two. Many of the guys are a bit nervous and self-conscious about crapping there. I am gay and enjoy seeing them so when a cute guy sits on one of these toilets, I go in and sit across from him. From this vantage point I can see and hear everything (the room is brightly lit). I have had conversations with the various guys as we sit there about how embarassed we are, etc... There is one guy there that I've sat with four times now. His name is Eric and he is on the crew team and he always dumps there in the afternoons. He and I have developed a kind of friendship from this. He always sits with his legs apart and I can see pee flowing out of his dick. I can see the shadow of what drops out the back too. He wipes himself by reaching in from the front and lifting his balls out of the way so I can pretty much see everything. The last time, he had the runs and told me he didn't feel like talking. He made lots of noise and used half a role to wipe. he of course has no idea that I'm just there to watch. Last night I sat with a really cute blond swimmer who held his dick down to pee. He blew a huge fart and said "sorry man". He actually stood up to wipe and there was a drop of pee dangling from his sort of big dick. He wiped 4 times and turned around wit his bare butt facing me to flush. He was only wearing swim trunks which were at his ankles. he pulled them up and said "later man" and walked away. I once had a guy introduce himself and shake my hand as we both sat there! He was from South America. His name was Pedro. He was cute. I am one guy who LIKES open toilets. I'd love to hear from other guys who have encountered these situations.

KEVIN L. wants to know if anyone has stories about talking to someone of the opposite sex while pooing, other than a spouse. It happened to me once, while I was in college and home for break. My mom had left to run an errand and a friend of hers (I'll call her "Mrs. Jarrett") came by to see her. I told her that my mom would be back in an hour or two, so she came in to wait for her. For a while we chatted, mostly small talk, about college life, she mentioned how much I'd grown up since the last time she saw me, etc, pretty boring stuff. I felt a bowel movement coming on, so I excused myself and went up to the upstairs bathroom, which was in my bedroom. On the way there, the phone rang and it was a buddy of mine and we talked for a little while. When I was finished, I went into the bathroom, pulled down by pants and shorts and sat down. The door was left partially open, which was (and is) my usual habit. All of a sudden, I hear Mrs. Jarrett coming up the stairs, saying "Jason, are you still here?" So I yell out, "I'm in the bathroom Mrs. Jarrett." I don't know if she heard me or not, but a second later, she pops her head in the bathroom, and sees me sitting there, barefooted, pants and boxer shorts down around my ankles, peeing pretty loudly. She looks a bit startled and says, "oh I'm sorry." I said, that's ok. So she kind of steps out of view, but doesn't leave the bedroom. My peeing goes down to a trickle and then I hear her say, "Are you almost finished?" I say, "Um, no, Mrs. Jarrett..." --like a lot of teen guys, I was usually somewhat constipated and needed time. Well, she STILL doesn't leave, she sort of hangs around outside of view, and starts talking to me about one thing or another. Well, I'm sort of making conversation as best I can while straining on the toilet. Then she asks me if I'm "comfortable" talking to her. I say, "yeah whatever.." , so she takes this as an invitation TO WALK RIGHT IN ON ME! Mind you, she's still chatting away like its perfectly normal for her to be talking to me while I'm having a BM. I start to feel like its going to start coming out any minute and while we're talking, I let out a little gas, not real loud, but loud enough to be embarrassing, followed by some small splashes. No reaction from her. All the while, she's expecting me to converse with her, which is hard to do while concentrating on pooing. During a pause in the conversation, I push out a couple of good sized logs, which land with a loud splash. I sort of exhaled from the strain and she smiled a bit but didn't say anything. The whole scene was super-embarrassing, but also something of a turn-on. When I reached for the toilet paper, she didn't turn away to give me any privacy. When I stood up to wipe myself, there was no way to hide my semi-erect penis, though I tried to cover it up with my shirt. Surprisingly, nothing happened after that, I just pulled up my underwear and jeans and flushed the toilet and we went downstairs like nothing happened. But it definitely provided me with masturbatory fantasies later on -- I wonder if it did for her too? Coincidentally, my girlfriend and I ran into her and her husband a year or so later at a movie and it was a little exciting remembering that she watched me poop. I told my girlfirend this story, but she refused to believe it at first and then later she said it grossed her out.

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