To KEVIN L-That was a cool story.I had something like that happen to me.Some years ago I used to go over this girl's house to give her piano lessons.Both she and her roomate uaed to get this exotic coffees to drink and they would always want to turn me on to them.I would go over there in the teach her and the batthroom was right off the kitchen.We would drink the coffee and she would always have to poo after.So she would say"OOH gotta go " and go to the bathroom and close the door almost all the way,but not quite.She said" let's keep talking" as she was sitting down to go .Of course this excited me greatly.Where i was sitting,i didn't see anything,but i heard everything!Now this girl was not interested in me or any other man.She was gay and really loved her roomate and a great person to know. A super human being with a great sense of humor.I think she liked pooing and talking to me, why i don't know,but it was great!!She would go in,sit on the bowl and fart a bit and keep talking to me and start pooping.I could hear it crackling out her asshole and sometimes,it would be soft and gassy and she would say"this is a serious dump" as she was grunting>I heard her do some serious pooping!!One day she asked me "doesn't the coffee make you go?"I said i go before i got there,but from that moment on ,i would wait to go over there,just to see what would happen.So one a.m. we wrer drinking coffee and she had to go and she went in and was doing a good one and i felt the coffe doing it's thing to my bowels. So when she comes out I said" well it's my turn" and she said" be my guest,and enjoy!"I went in sat on the bowl and relaxed my anus and farted and started pooping and it was soft and pretty noisy.I didn't have to push much cause to coffee was doing it for me.She said " i guess from the sounds of it,you like my coffee" and laughed.Now we never saw each other at all, but we would do this quite a bit and i was really turned on by this . One time she pooped and i was talking to her and told her to move 'em out cause i had to dump too.So she wiped and opened the door and she didn't flush this one time.Now i don't know if it was an oversight or what and i went in and just before i sat down i saw what she did>Ther was one poop wrapped around the bowl and this mush poop on top of it and I said "Boy nice poop,Lee" and she seemed really embarrased.Then i pooped on top of it and said " I'll just go on top of it and you'll save a flush" she said" i hope we don't stuff up the bowl" But it all went down which i was relieved cause we both did pretty good loads. This went on for a few years when i would see her maybe every month to two apart. It was great and that's as far as it went,but i think she enjoyed it too>I think,one a.m. as she was pooing,i think she was getting off>she would stop talking and this was after she was done pooping and groan and hold her breath.I loved that,but i only heard that once or twice.She got a day job now and i don't teach her anymore,but i talk to her every few months.She keeps saying she wents to start the piano lessons again but she's too busy.Too bad,had a great time and loved it,and i think she did too .She would always comment when i was pooping"Wow sounded like you really had to go!"That would really turn me on and want to go more for her.I know it sounds weird,but it was super!!BYE

Hey everybody, I just thought that I would hop on here and give you my story that happend to me today. I was at home and alone when the urge to go #2 struck me. At first it wasn't that bad, and then it passed. You know, went away and I didn't have to go anymore. I did however go and pee, because I was going to town to my friends house. He is the same age as me, 20 and we both go to school together. I went over to his house and his mom was there. She invited me in and told me that my friend wasn't there. I sat down and talked to her for a second. Then the urge hit me again, but really bad this time. Like I needed to go right then and there. I told her that I had to go to the bathroom. She told me to go to the one in her bedroom, the master bathroom. It was nice, nice and big, I guess the bedroom and bathroom was all together in the respect that there was a dividing wall, but no real door there. I sat down on the toilet. I farted pretty loud after about a minute. "uhhh" I exhaled. I thought no one was around. But I looked in the wall mirror and I could see that she was in the other room looking at me. She came into the bathroom and anounced that there was no paper in there and that she would go and get me some. Redfaced, I told her thank you as nicely as I could. I sat there totaly embarassed as she went to get the paper. I pressed out some more gas and then another fart echoed in the bowl. She sat the paper down by me on the toilet and started moving and cleaning things in the bathroom. I guess she wasn't the least bit uncomfortable with me sitting there in her bathroom trying to poop away and her there, but it was a little strange for me. She hummed while she worked, then she must have noticed my discomfort with her presence. She said for me not to pay any attention to her and just go about doing my business. So I pressed out another soft fart and she just grined and kept working in the bathroom and moving things around and cleaning. I worked the poop down to my butt hole and then started to press out the firm terds. First a couple of balls fell, which pliped in the watter like little marbles. Then a longer log which cracked and crumbled and slid out like a lazy snake out of my butt. This splashed and made a big noise in the pot. She turned around and said "there now". I said "yea, I feel better" I told her that I wasn't done. I pushed and pushed a litte more and another fat but softer turd pass out of my butt. "Ahh!" She just sat and watched while I wiped my bum. She even comented on the size of my shlong. "My my, I see we have big stock holder here. Very nice" I wonder why she is single, she is quite the charming conversationist. I blushed and just flushed my pot and gathered together my pants and underware and told her that I would be back later to see my friend. It is cool, his mom and I have a open relationship, like I would with my mom, only different of course! Well, see you later everyone.

i like to read this page when i really have a heavy load in my intestines, and all of these stories help to build the anticipation and the joy of the huge-ass poop that's gonna creep out of my anus in just a bit.

can i just be one of the many to say that i love he fact that so many endearing, well-versed, interesting, free women post here. i want to go out with and get to know each and everyone of you!

when i was in college, i had a hard time pooping in our coed dorm bathrooms, i felt embarrased of all my groaning and splashing and stinking. yet, i know that, of course, those of the opposite sex poop just like i do. what the heck, i shouldn't feel embarrassed. anyone want to share their own feelings on this subject?

Tuesday, May 04, 1999

I was reading the newspaper when my wife asked me to bring her a roll of toilet paper.As i entered the bathroom my wife sat on the commode,it really smelled in there as she announced she hadn't gone in three days. this was in the morning and she was naked . she comtinued grunting and farted afew times followed by a loud splash.we were having a conversation as i sat on the bath tub about a foot away.she then started rocking back and forth,a piece was caught finally it broke off,she then got up and wiped herself four times,each time looking at the paper before dropping it in the toilet.the toilet was filled, i couldn't believe a small woman like debbie could poop so much.I know it sounds weird but this whole thing turned me on.

Roommate plugged up... I thought I would write about a recent experience I had with my roommates sister....She was staying with us for a few days between spring break...I kept hearing her in the bathroom sorta moaning and farting...Didn't think much about it until she ask me if I had anything for constipation. I said that I usually kept some suppositories in the cabinet and said I would look for her...She said she had not had a BM in four days and really need help soon....I didn't have any....I told her that I had an enema bag that she could use if she wanted to take and enema for relief....She said she wasn;t sure if she could give herself one and ask if I would mind helping...I said I would... Anyway...I got the bag out filled it was warm water and mixed in a little ivory soap and soda...She layed on the bed and I slowly gave her about a quart and one half...I talked her into holding it for about 5 minutes....When she went to the bathroom she ask me to come alone and hold her hand she said she was scared( couldn't understand why)... Well...I have never seen so much poop in my life....She filled the bowl and shit for 15 minutes.....After all that she said she felt so much better and I could certainly understand why.....I was the first enema I have ever given to a women ....Anyone else out there with an enema story??

When I was in high school, 2 years ago, some of the junior (s0on-to-be senior)kids did a trip to the beach just before the start of our last year. There was a lot of goofing around, and more than a little secret drinking, and anyway, my boyfriend dared me to go into the guys bathroom, walk all the way across, and out the other end. I said ok, but sort of disguised myself, putting on his baseball cap, sweatshirt, shorts, and sunglasses, so maybe it wasn't that obvious right away that I was a girl. I didn't figure on seeing much anyway, maybe some guys with their backs to me at the urinals or whatever. What my bf didn't tell me was that the boys bathroom at the beach didn't have any doors on the stalls. So I walk in AND WHAT A SHOCK...I see six toilets, with six teenage guys sitting down doing their business - and a couple standing around waiting. I looked around for as long as I dared. Some of the boys were barechested, with their swimshorts pulled down to the floor, one guy was standing up wiping himself totally exposed in front. What was really weird was that I recognized some of the guys from my class! I got out of there pretty fast before no one really noticed me- then I yelled at my bf for not telling me how open the bathroooms were -- how can you guys deal with that?

Hugh G.
I remember reading an article about some really unique bathrooms. I think they are in a diner in Philadelphia, but I don't recall. The bathrooms are small, with only a crapper and a sink in each. Both are equipped with doors that have full-length windows. Anybody who wants to look inside can do so, or so it seems. The window in the door is made from special glass. When an electrical charge is applied to the glass, the crystals in the glass align properly, allowing a viewer to look through it like regular glass. When the charge is removed, the crystals lose their alignment, making the glass translucent. Then, a viewer can see light through the glass, but not any images. When approaching the bathrooms, the user can see through the glass and determine that the bathroom is empty. Then, one can enter and lock the door. Locking the door disconnects the electricity in the glass, making it opaque and giving the user privacy while emptying their bowels. Neato, huh? The problem is sometimes people forget to lock the door, and the entire dining room can watch them straining away. In a hilarious incident, a couple slipped in there for some quick fellating. A crowd gathered to watch (they forgot to lock the door), and gave them a round of applause when they emerged. I hope they washed their hands afterward. Rection.

>> women's room have these funny looking porcelain fixtures that look like tiny urinals... They are urinals, for women. They used to be quite common. Until 1970 or so it was standard for Shell gas stations to have one sit down toilet and one urinal in both the men's and women's rooms. The women's urinal was long narrow, widening at the far end, so a woman could stand in front, or over, depending on her stream. That was back when women peed standing up when it suited them. It was easy with the stockings and open crotch girdles of the time. The acceptance of pantyhose in the mid 1960s made standing urination difficult for some women. By the mid 1970s, when women's toilets were remodeled the urinals were typically removed because they were no longer popular. I saw and used them many times, in airports (San Franciso Airport used to have them), hotels (the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, and a couple of places in Reno), gas stations (Shell and others), and office buildings (especially government buildings, for some reason). I worked for Tacoma County, Washington, and even in 1980 the women's rooms on each floor of the County headquarters had urinals. When I worked for Tacoma (and ever since, actually), I slit the crotch of my pantyhose, so I never had to pull them down, just spread a bit. I have good distance and aim, though some women don't. A few co-workers saw me using the toilets and I explained how it works and they adopted the same technique...but today I bet few women even know they can do it! Also, many women are used to pooping whenever they get the urge during a pee, since they are sitting anyway. If a woman stands once in a while, she can forget to keep it tight and let something go. It happened to my girlfriend! I didn't poop at the wrong time, but one time in a hurry I put on new pantyhose without slitting the crotch, and in an airport I stepped up to the toilet, lifted my skirt, and instead of seeing a stream I felt a flood into my shoe and onto the floor! Oops! I stand to pee whenever I'm not home or in a hotel room, but it sure was easier when female-style urinals were available. When I'm in other countries (I travel a lot in my job) I find urinals to use, either because women's toilets have them, or because they are unisex/shared toilets (parts of Italy, France & Belgium). I love it! -- Donna

I was talking about this to a close friend I met online. I was wondering If Any one on here especialy the other teenagers and young children(Im a teen) and older adults had this happen to them a children. I was wondering as a young child have you ever swallowed a foriegn object, like a penny dime button etc. Or some thing that size? Did your parents have to examine your bowel movements to make sure it came out ok? Did It come out ok? Did you flush it or pick it out? If your parents were not home when you had your BM Did you save it, by not flushing so they could see It? How did you swallow it? How old were you when you swallowed the object? Please tell the whole story about things like this. Im realy Intrested In this. Does any one else like this part of the topic about swallowing foriegn objects that were not ment to be swallowed. -Bryian

Nicola and Jill. I just loved your postings about finding big whoppers down the pans in the ladies toilets where you work. I know that old women do tend to get a bit bunged up from my own experiences. My Gran used to pass some really big logs when she visited when I was a kid. Id listen as I did when my mum or any other woman visitor performed . Gran would go "NNN! NN! UH!" there would be some "KER-SPLOONKS!" and "KUPLONKS!" from the hard balls she did to start with then "Floomp!" from the really big long jobbie she usually did afterwards which almost always got stuck in the pan. Very similar to those that Jill and Nicola described. I also must congratulate Nicola's lucky husband on having such a dear wife who rubs his ???? when he is constipated. It nice to hear of a couple who are so intimately involved with each other and share all their personal functions like this. Praise also to Jill for doing the "two big poos" which got jammed together in the bottom of the pan. This often happened to my mum's jobbies when I was kid when singly they would have flushed away but two good sized turds would jam in the bottom of the toilet bowl and thus I would see them when I went in after she had come out. I can almost visualise Jill's jobbies , two big fat smooth fudge coloured turds, one larger than the other. Its good to read of a woman who is so frank as to say how she found it a satisfying experience. Im sure many women do so but are too coy to admit it. Why however be embarrassed that one of your husband's friends saw your jobbies? Many men are turned on by seeing a woman's motion when it is a nice big solid one, and perhaps he was too. Only the very prudish are put off by such things. I certainly wouldn't have been, even if it was a bit smelly. I can also confirm for Nicola that as a lad I too joined in similar competitions with other boys in my class to see who could either do the biggest single jobbie or the greatest amount of solid turds at one sitting. The rules were strict and one lad got quite a lot of mockery and scorn when he buddy dumped his rather average motion on top of a real whopper his teenage sister had done when we were at his house and then claimed it was his. Unfortunately one of the other lads had been in for a pee before him and had seen it already lying in the bottom of the pan and blew his story. After that we would only accept witnessed efforts. A recent posting where a reader told of a woman teacher doing a motion in the toilet stall (cubicle) next to his reminds me of the time when I was about 10 and we were doing a school playlet as part of an Xmas Festivity. This was in a local church hall and the caretaker had only opened the Ladies Toilet not the Gents no doubt to save cleaning and heating as both genders could use this one. I went for a pee during the break and noticed Mrs Henderson, a ???? teacher aged about 50 I suppose, come in after me and go into the adjoining cubicle. Now although I only needed a pee I sat on the pan and listened as she did her wee wee then with a lot of "NNs and EHs" passed a single log fat jobbie. As the toilets had the old style high pans with a long drop to the water there was a resounding "KUR-SPULL-LOOMP!" as it fell into the pan. She wiped her bum and pulled up her knickers, ( large pink briefs as I recall from looking up her skirt during the play), pulled the flush and went out. I immediatelly went into that cubicle and saw this great fat log the size and shape of a beer can which had jammed solid. As I came out after having a good look one of the girls in my class went into that toilet and seeing it thought it was mine. I didnt enlighten her and she did mention it to some of her mates as one rather bold girl did ask me about it afterwards. Jill, dont answer this if you dont want to, but have you ever had a solid number two accident in your panties? I cant remember you ever posting about such, although many of the other women who write here have told of such happenings.

i recently visited this webpage and found it fascinating,ive always had a thing about being able to watch females pooing but the chance very rarely comes up, but ive some tales to tell i like to take my dumps outside if im away from home its cleaner than most public toilets, i thought it was quite funny last year ,i was on holiday in whitby,i was on a country lane bursting for a poo went into some bushes and what did i find but two freshly laid turds,you could see the feetmarks imprinted in the ground and it looked like they had done the buisness one behind the other,so needless to say when i left then there were three, i called at the spot the day after someone had left a fourth. hope this story is of interest, i was suprised reading the other stories how many females like to talk about there turd experiences, yours sincerly, mc

Kevin L
My sister-in -law was visiting for a few days and I came home for lunch as I always do and Sally was lying on the couch reading a book. The bathroom is only about 10 feet from the couch. I quickly told her I needed to go to the bathroom, as I entered she called out there is know toilet paper in there and I paused for a second then replied go upstairs in the closet and please get me a roll, which she did. As she went up stairs I quickly sat down and started to unleased the beast, first peeing then the first turd which was good sized and fairly smelly. I saved the next one for when Sally handed me the roll of toilet paper. As soon as she opened the door and handed me the roll I let it drop with a loud Kerplunk, there was no way she could not hear it splash. She then started conversation with me about what she was going to do that day while I let another on splash down. I sat there for five minutes talking to her before wiping and I have to admit I was mildly excited. Does anyone! else have stories about talking to someone of the opposite sex while pooing that was not your spouse? I find it rather exciting. Talk to you soon, Kevin L

Sunday, May 02, 1999

When I go to the bathroom in the park I see in the women's room these funny looking porcelain fixtures that look like tiny urinals. Can anyone tell me what they are used for or were used for? There are almost 20 toilet bowls about eight of them are these funny fixtures. Older women or plumbers would know.

When I am constipated, I go to the local bodega and for a buck I buy a bottle of citrate of magnesia and in 30 minutes to 6 hours watch out. It comes in a little green bottle in lemon or a clear bottle in cherry. I drink it at night, so it will work while I am sleeping and evacuate before morning. The last thing I need is a self induced diarrhea at work. When I was a little girl, my mother would give me citrate or an enema. I was used to sit on the toilet and cry in the middle of the night as I evacuated my gripping constipated bowels. I could go for astonishingly long periods without a bowel movement. Rarely, did I ever at school except in "emergencies". I would urinate, but go home to evacuate my bowels. I made a few jobbies at school in third, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth. By 9th and 10th they became a daily. In 11th, twice a day, morning and afternoon during gym and volleyball. I used to smoke Marlboros in the bathroom. My bowel movements smelled so bad. One morning, I! had a tough bowel movement. Stool hung out of my rectum. It was 10 inches when it came out. It went straight down in the water and stuck upward like a sunken battleship smoke stack.

I got quite a shock when I walked into the loo at work today. Someone had left a very large one in the pan - and I mean large! Perhaps it had not been deliberately left - I just can't imagine it flushing. I didn't linger long, but it was rather hard and knobbly in appearance - rather like a log of wood, with a sort of irregular thickness, as though whoever did it must have had problems. It was also quite dark like mahogany, whereas my poos are usually smooth and fudge coloured. I went into another cubicle to do my business, but while I was in there, someone else came in and saw the monster - I heard a little gasp, and she moved on quickly!

I had a rather embarrassing experience this evening as it happens. Having had a very large and satisfying session, I found that it wouldn't flush. There were two big poos, and they had jammed together in the bottom of the pan, causing a blockage. I was in a hurry to get out to play tennis, so I left the loo to refill while I changed. Unbeknown to me, while I was changing a (male) friend of my husband's went in there, and as I came downstairs he gave me a funny look. I whispered to my husband what had happened and he grinned broadly - not that you couldn't help noticing the smell!

Once I was at a concert and I shit myself. I had been eating crap all day and it finally caught up with me when I started jumping and dancing. I shit all over myself, and the people near me who weren't totally wasted were looking ready to puke. Anything like this ever happened to anyone?

Shy Guy

About women wetting themselves when drunk: I have a rather weak bladder. Often I urgently need to find a restroom and often my panties get wet because of some leakage before being able to go. A couple of months ago I got pretty drunk at a wedding party. When leaving I could hardly still walk and my husband had to help me. While leaving he said he was go going to take me to the ladies room first such that he could drive home without having to find a place for me to pee (he is well aware of my peeing problem). In front of the ladies room he said: "Here we are at the ladies room." He said I acted like if was hypnotized while peeing right there in front of the ladies room through my panties on the floor. The next day I did not remember anything of all this.

I was in the weirdest restroom , last night. It was in a diner. I walked in. There were 2 urinals and one stall with a door. I noticed there was another door oppisite the main entry door, so curiosity got the better of me, since there was so much clatter and chatter coming from the other side of it. Well, it was the KITCHEN ! and when that door opened, EVERYBODY in the kitchen had a FULL SHOW of whe ever was urinating at the urinals, and could definatly hear you fart in the stall. I went into the stall to pee, and when i came out, a busboy came in thru the kitchen door. I saw waitresses' walking around glancing in, and one lady pulled the door closed, while the busboy was standing at the urinal ! She had to have seen him ! Is this an outrage? Taking it one step further, I pretended to be confused, and walked out the kitchen door. There was no marking on the other side, that said "MEN" so anybody could walk thru anytime !! I found this very humiliating ! I wont go back there.

Hi Bill, thanks for the tip about the button by the sensor. I'll have to investigate the next time I'm in the library. Glad you like my stories, much obliged :). Love, Alex

Hi all of you folks out there.

On the "mushy/ watery Vs Firm stools" I am very emphatically in the good solid formed jobbie camp. Even the best digestive systems go wrong from time to time and we can all get the runs, or pass loose motions that come out as a load of mush but I certainly dont like this nor do I wish to post about it. Thankfully, its doesnt happen all that often to me, my turds are normally firm to easy, well formed, and solid.

George's mention of some of the lads in his school sharing their dumping sessions is similar to my own experiences at school both Primary (Grade) and Secondary (High). Some of the girls would also listen to each other doing a motion or even accompany one and other into the cubicle, (stall) to watch. Buddy dumping, although I didnt know of that term until reading this page, was quite a common event and we would also have competitions to see who did the biggest single jobbie or dropped the largest load. The first of these is simple enough to understand, but the rules for the second were that it had to be solid turds, either balls or formed turds. Soft mush, or a load of little bits didnt count nor did the runs. One girl, a ???? lass called Eileen, often passed a load of hard balls the size of goose eggs. It was as though she was dropping a bag of potatoes down the pan with the loud "KUPLOONK! KAPLOINK! KERPLONK!" sounds. One time she did so many that they had piled up in the bo! ttom of the pan and stuck togther and blocked the pan. I usually won the longest fattest jobbie competition with long fat panbusters which I still do. I must also say that some of the women in my (field) hockey and netball teams also have the same interest although we dont have competitions some of us do buddy dump.

At the Sports Centre where I am an assistant manager and do some coaching these days one of my duties is to check the ladies toilets. Yesterday there was a whopper in one of the pans in a ladies changing (locker) room toilet. I estimate it was 16 inches long and 2 and a half fat. At least half of it stuck up out of the water. Now this was after an Womens Old Age Pensioners group who book that hall for there "health and beauty club" session. One of the old dears must have been constipated and the exercise, as is often the case, helped get things moving. It was a firm jobbie, all knobbly and with compacted boluses at the start but smoother at the end. I had to throw 5 buckets of water down the pan and keep pulling the flush to get it to go away. The other lot who often leave panbusters in the ladies toilets are the girls from a local sixth form college who use our facilities as their Gyms . These teenagers, in the 16 to 18 age group, sure do some whoppers so its good to see that the tradition continues. They too must buddy dump as I have often seen two big jobbies in the one pan but as one will be light and smooth but the other darker brown and knobbly I imagine two different girls have done them. As regards the mens toilets, I have seen a few big ones there but not as many. I dont usually have to inspect these as the male staff do this.

My husband did a real whopper a few days ago. I was washing my hair when he came in to do a jobbie. I heard him strain and pass a couple of hard balls "Ploonk! Plonk!" I asked if he was constipated and he said yes so, wrapiing a towel round my hair, dressed only in my pink panties I gently rubbed his ???? and pushed gently. After a few minutes he said he felt it coming down and with the crackling sound slowly a big fat jobbie started to slide out between his buttocks. Giving him words of encouragement I saw this fat log as it grew in size before plunging into the toilet with a loud "KUR-SPLOOMP!" It was nice big 12 incher, as big as one of my own and about ten mintes later with him watching me I buddy dumped a similar sized though easier jobbie of my own on top of his. Its nice that we can share and enjoy this most intimate of functions as we do others as husband and wife.

Best wishes and lots of luck to all here.

Hi, love the posts of the girls pooping together!! Keep 'em coming!!I really never did anything quite like that.The closest thing like that happened to me was when i was 17 and i was on the varsity baseball team in H.S.We used to go to this gym on sat.mornings to work out cause the school was closed.This was an OLD gym and everything was in the open,showers and the toilets.The bathroom had 3 bowls right next to each other with NO walls right off the room where the showers were.In fact when you were taking a shower,you could see the bowls and the people using them.In a way, it was interesting to see.Anyway,I usually pooped before i got there, but this one a.m. i was taking a shower after working out and had to poo.I tried to hold it but it was getting too intense.I felt comfortable with all the guys so i went over to the bowl and sat down on the middleone.Now these bowls,like i said were maybe a foot and a half apart from each other,side by side like the military barracks.Ther was a guy on the bowl to my left pooping could hear EVERYTHING.It was weird .Then i sat down and said "HI cliff glad to join you!" He laughed.At the same time i sat down, the assistant coach ran over to sit down on the bowl to my right.He had to go bad .Now cliff and i were nude coming from the shower.The coach had shorts on and he pulled them down and sat down and farted as he was sitting down and exploded and said to us"hope you guys can take this,i gotta really shit" and grunted and started pooping like crazy.Now cliff to my left was farting and letting out the tail end of his poop.I didn't poop yet cause the coach distracted me.I had to poop bad and hearing the coach pooping, i relaxed my asshole and a loud fart came out followed by this long log.meanwhile,the coachwas farting and sounded like he was pissing out his ass and cliff was wiping and trying not to laugh.I was still leaningforeward pushing this long log out my ass and cliff looked back and said "Wow that's almost as long as the one i just did.boy for a skinny guy thats a big log coming out!!" i was a bit embarrased that he could see it coming out my butt.When he got up i could see what he did.One long log about 10" and some soft poop and a few balls.It was a good poop.Then i had to poop some more and this mush flew out and splashed in the bowl with a lot of farts.At this point, the coach was wiping and i glanced over to see what he did.As he was leaning foreward to wipe he pooped some more and i could see it. He didn't have a hairy butt so you could see it all. i really never saw anything like that.It was weird,but interesting.The bowl was full of mush and watery poops and boy did it stink in there.As he is wiping, he says to me" I look foreward to this every day,at my age it's the high point of my day" and he laughed and pulled up his shorts and said "Better finish up,bus leaves in 10 mins"So i squeezed out the tail end with some mucus and a few more farts and wiped and went back to finish my shower.I thought the whole experience was pretty cool.As i was pooping i felt an erection coming on and i had to stop that i would have been mortified.But now, looking back i couln't see anyone else's privates either.Who knows!!I'd do that now and really enjoy it if it ever happened again GIRLS,LOVE THOSE STORIES.Any other guys have stories like this? let's hear 'em!!BYE

Had a nice feeling poop this a.m. Woke up and had some coffee and had to go about 1 min after i finished the coffee.This was the kind i wanted to hold for a bit.So i waited about 15 mins until my rectum really felt full.I knew it was gonna be good by the way my stomach felt.It felt tight and slightly bloated.I went in and was just wearing shorts and took them off and sat on the bowl and announced my coming poo with a loud fart.I usually try not to push and just let it come out by itself.After i farted,i felt the mass of waste bear down on my anus and it opened up and out came and it came out pretty quick,was this knobby at first turd and then got smooth and softer and snaked into the bowl.I looked and it was about 9" long and it was wrapped around the bowl.Then i sat there, waited for another cramp,leaving my asshole open and relaxed.Then, out of nowhere i felt this other mass of poop coming down my rectum.A small,wet fart came out followed by this kind of shredded wheat poo flew out my asshole.It felt so good that i got an erection quickly.When this happens,I don't know about other poeple( maybe you all can tell me if this happens to you)I have to start to push harder because of the erection, my anus seems to close a bit and i really have to comcentrate and push the poo out.It was a lot of shredded wheat poop in the bowl and i had to push again.Long, thin,soft turdscame slowly out my anus with gas along with it.It was at this point I ejaculated.I try to keep my penis pointed in the bowl, but sometimes you miss and you have a mess to clean!Then i was done and sat there and pushed my anus in and out and then i wipe.I always push my anus out to wipe ,I find i can get it cleaner that way.If i can't,I'll go into the shower right away.I hate feeling dirty back there!A great start to the day!!BYE

Friday, April 30, 1999

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