Moira>>z I, myself, prefer to hear stories about passing large and firm dumps, or "panbusters" as they are sometimes called. I also prefer to dump the same as well, and the bigger the better (lengthwise), as I feel so much lighter after having done so, especially if I do it in a public restroom and leave it for others to see!

Hi All Following my last post about my friends and I dumping in the toilets blocks i thought you might like to hear of some other escapades. This one was really funny but in hindsight quite dangerous - but like i said before - boys will be boys. The same group of friends (5 of us) we out one day and went for a walk along the railway line close to here. There is a bridge that goes over a main road and the track goes over the road but sort of open between the sleepers above these big steel rods that stretch from one side of the road to the other. The top is protected by steel barriers so you cant see anyone up there from the road. It would be impossible to fall between the sleepers because they are closer than normal. Anyway, we come across the bridge and then the idea hits. We all sit down with our butts between the sleepers so our asses are pointing directly down towards the road. If only you could have seen the view from below. We all decided to shit and see if we could get a car below us. Its amazing what kind of a mess a turd falling 30-40 feet into the windsreen of car going 45mph can make!!! even better when they put on the wipers and smear it from side to side!!! Well that was one hell of afunny day!! Like i said - dangerous in hindsight - i mean could have caused an accident - but i guess as teenagers those are things furtherest from your mind Take care guys

Note to Alex: Thies new automatically flushing toilets are almost always equipped with a button to flush them manually. Just look near the sensor, whish is a dark glass or plastic window behind the toilet. sometimes its mounted in the wall like a light switch. There shoulld be a small button there nearby to push and make the toilet flush, so you can flush the last bits of T.P. Love your stories.

Poop Loggy Logg
Anecdotes: 1. When I first started college I went out with a girl (medium height, long brown hair, very nice round bottom in tight pants) and we came back to my dorm room with a six-pack. After downing a few beers, she announced that she had to pee. Well sir, she went into the bathroom, which was very nearby (in my dorm, everything was very near by if you get me.) I could clearly hear her unzip and drop her pants and plop her butt on the bowl...and then I heard the loudest, most amazing stream of female urine I have ever heard. It went on and on...pouring straight into the bowl...louder and longer than my own manly eliminations. I know she knew I could hear her...she came out with kind of an uncomfortable look on her face (but not too

2. Was out drinking with a female friend who rarely drank; she was not especially conservative, but fairly reserved...cute as hell too. Anyway, she got hammered on mixed drinks. So we're walking her home, trying to keep her from wandering into the street, when all of a sudden she stood still and went "nnggggeeeeeeeeoooohhhh! I peed my pants! Don't tell anyone!". Sure enough, there was a big dark patch on the back of her jeans. It was all down the insides of her legs and her seat was soaked. That's my only direct experience with female pants'wetting :(

Robbie-- I feel for you. Just wanted you to know that you are not the only person your age who has chronic constipation problems. It is a fairly commom occurance with boys and teenage males. Most guys get over it as they get older and have better eating and bathroom habits. I had the same kind of problems as a teenager and they have continued into adulthood. Ther are other guys on this board who have posted details of their continuing bouts of constipation as teenagers. Have you tried fiber? It works for most people. Get your mom to get you some Metamucil or Citrucel and take it daily. Drink at least 8 full glasses of water a day, too. This solves the problem for most people and usually results in regular huge, soft poops that really empty you out good. Try this approach if you haven't tried it before. You may be one of the unlucky people like me (and Thom and Carlos) that have to deal with chronic constipation as a lifelong problem. Some people with underlying colon motility problems are just not helped by increasing intake of fiber and water. If that is the case, you will just have to develop a strategy for ensuring that you have some kind of bowel movement on a regular basis. I notice that your mom has to give you enemas. I can empathize with your embarrasment. How often are you having to have one? What kind is she using? Is it producing a good dump? You may want to consideer using a suppository instead. That's what I do. A number of other readers have reported good results with them as well. Start with the glycerin type. If that doesn't work, try the dulcolax ones. I can assure you they work. You should be able to administer these to yourself and that has got to be a lot less embarrasing than having your mom give you an enema. Be sure and follow the directions carefully about how far to insert it, etc. Buzzy's latest post describes how the dulcolax suppository works in detail. Four days is a long time to go without pooping. You need to use a suppository as soon as possible. If not, you probably need to ask your mom to help with an enema. At least you know that will give you relief. Let us know how you make out. Buzzy-- great description of how a dulcolax suppository works. Couldn't have said it better myself. The dump you describe is just like the ones I have. At the end, the bowl is filled with hard lumps, a long log or two and a big pile of soft shit that sticks up above the water line. It's amazing how all of that can come out of you and you don't even have to strain or push very hard. The laxative in the suppository causes your colon to contract and push for you. All you have to do is relax as much as possible and wait until it is over. It usually takes about 15 or 20 minutes (sometimes longer if I am really constipated) for everything to come out of me. Keep those superb posts coming.

Guess who.
I had an interesting experience yesterday that I thought I would share with you all. Yesterday was quite a nice day so a group of friends decided to go out and we ended up at a beach, but due to one thing and another people had to go and it was just me and a friend called claire left on the beach so we decided to do some sum bathing. We were both wearing jeans, Claire said, would you mind if I take my jeans off so I can tan my legs. I didn't mind so she took them off and revealed her white knickers which were pee stained, her knickers usually are skidmarked or pee stained as I have seen from her bedroom floor when I have been round and on the odd occasion she had slept round my place, quite unusal for a 19 year old girl but she is quite open about it and admits to having accidents sometimes, but never while I have been about until yesterday. We had just been lying on the beach for some time when Claire farted, I looked across and she seemed to be sleeping, so I left her, about 10mins later she woke up and said, I need the toilet quickly, there were no toilets on the beach but stood up to try and find a suitable place for Claire to go to the toilet. As she bent down to pick up her jeans to put on I heard a crackling sound and saw a brown lump appearing in Claires knickers, she had shit herself, too late she said and flicked the poo out of her knickers into the sand and covered it over, I asked her if she wanted to go home and she said no she would carry on sun bathing. You could now also see a skidmarks in her knickers as well a pee stains. She said why don't you take your jeans off so you can tan your legs a bit, so I thought why not, nobody will see me hear, so I did. I was wearing a pair of light blue briefs which were only cheap and didn't have double lining so didn't offer much protection. I was worried that Claire might see stains showing through my underwear as I hadn't put on a clean pair that morning as my underwear was still in the wash so I had just picked up my yesterday's pair from my floor and I didn't really examine them. Claire never said anything to me about them so they must have been ok as she has noticed marks in them before when I just got changed once, they were only visable for a matter of seconds. Anyway I must go, but I thought I would tell you about this as it was the first time anybody of this age has shit themselves in front of me. Anybody have any similar stories to share, I would be most interested. By the way, when I get drunk I don't wet myself but sometimes I drip a little more into my pants than normal and if I do a a number 2 my wiping is normally very poor.

To Peggy and Karen: When my wife was a student, about 10 years ago, she and some of her friends used to party a lot and drink a lot. She thinks women wetting themselves when drunk is pretty common. She remembers this happening several times to some of her friends. She told me it happened twice to herself. She doesn't know why this happens and why men seem to be different with respect to that from women. She told me two times it happened to her, it just happened, like if she had no total control over her body. After the second accident she started paying attention to the amount of alcohol she took.

My friend carla and i were at my kitchen table when i heard her release a rather loud fart,she let out a little laugh and we carried on with our little talk when she did another little pop-pop-pop type of fart the kind i due when i am trying to hold it in so i figued that was the case with her too.A couple minutes later she said I've gotta take a shit kind of bad and i said mind some company i might have to go too and she said sure why not,we had seen each oyher peeing before but nothing else.I sat on the tub rim as she took her jeans and light green jockey for girls panties down just past her knees and even before her ass hit the seat she let out a couple of farts and when she sat down started to pee and grunted out a poop that was kind of hard as her face was red and she strained quite alot and after about a minute i heard that all familiar plop and saw a look of relief on her face.By now the shit smell was kind of intense even with the vent fan going and we weren't talking ! vey much as she was concetrating on the major shit was was takeing as i could hear a long one crackiling out followed by a fart and yet another poop and as she reached around to wipe said to me sorry about the smell and i said wait till i get finished.I thought she would flush but didn't so i got a good look at her major load as i was pulling my pants and undies down to sit,3 turds about 6in long and some small stuff and when she cauht me looking said good one huh!but by now my butt was opening up and i let out a loud fart and a quick load of mushy stuff and some more burnt rubber smelling farts(which i seem to only do when on my period)I thouht i would feel embaresed about doing it but it made me feel closer to carla as a friend now that we shared this together.We talked some more as i finished my shit and we even joked about my new partily shaved bush and how you couls see my pull string(tampon string)Before this i had only taken a shit with my sister in the bathroom and she infront of me so this was a very new experence for me.

Hi guys. Here's an update on those new toilets in the ladies' room at the college library [I assume the mens' room urinals and stalls have also been renovated, but how am I to know :) ]. I felt a dump building up in me this morning during an 11:00 class (I only peed after I woke up). I really had an urge to poo after class left out just before noon. A classmate of mine, Danni (short for Danielle) made the short walk over to the library. When we got to the library, I told Danni I needed to use the toilet; "me too, the new library bathrooms are a lot cleaner than in the other building." Danni and I walked upstairs and went into the bathroom. "Alex, do you mind chatting in the bathroom,or do you like your privacy?" I told her I didn't mind chatting at all (some people don't like dealing with anyone else when doing their business, and it was nice of her to ask). I took the last "regular" (of 3 regular and 1 handicapped) and Danni sat next to me in the middle regular stall. I should first say that when Danni and I entered our respective stalls, the toilets flushed as if on cue. I heard her put down her backpack and take a gasket from the wall dispenser- I did likewise. Danni and I started peeing at the same time, I didn't know yet if she also had to poop. We both finished peeing and, about 20 seconds later, I began to push out my first poop. The two of us were talking when Danni said "wait a sec, Alex, I've gotta push." She let out a grunt and I heard a couple of soft "plops" into the toilet; she than began talking again as if nothing had happened. We both dropped a couple of more loads into our toilets while continuing our chat; the room began to stink from both of our doings. "I hope you don't mind my smell, Alex." I told her not to worry and that I was pooping also. I got up to wipe my vagina and butt, and the toilet did not automatically flush. Good, I thought, I get to look at my "creation," two large and a couple of smaller jobbies of softer-than-average (for me) consistency. I grabbed a small wad to wipe around my vagina and then tore off a larger wad to wipe my butt. I wiped my butt three times, btw. Just as I wiped my butt for the last time, I heard Danni get off the toilet and the toilet flush on her. She began to wipe herself and told me "I hope the toilet flushes on me automatically after I'm finished wiping." I knew enough to sit back down on the toilet for a couple of seconds and then get up again to flush the paper. I left the stall and began to wash my hands. I heard Danni wipe four or five times (assuming the first wipe was for her vagina); she then came out about 15 seconds later, still with no flush. "How did you get these toilets to flush, Alex?," she asked. She then told me that although she has peed in here before, this was the first time she had to do "both," and she wanted the paper to flush. I told her she had to sit back down on the toilet for about 10 seconds and then get up again. I then volunteered to show her (with my pants on, of course); this also gave me a chance to glance at her soiled paper- not as exciting as looking at poop, but something just the same. "Oh, would you? thanks." I peeked at her "tan stained" paper and then sat down, with my jeans on, for about 10 seconds. The toilet flushed as soon as I got up. She thanked me again and, as we washed our hands, told me she didn't feel right about leaving her "shitty" paper in the bowl. I told her I agreed and we then left the bathroom, hung out in the library for a little while longer, then parted our ways. Love always, Alex :)

Hugh G.
My turn-of-the-century elementary school (primary school, grammar school) burned down a few years ago, but I sometimes visit the lot where it once stood. I'm always reminded of the funniest bathroom experience of my life.

The boys' bathroom had a hole in the floor where an extra commode had been removed. There were always stories of a kid who got sucked down the hole, but for the older boys, there was always a dare to urinate down the hole. Any boy who did this would earn the respect of his peers forever. One day during lunch, I went to the bathroom and another lad was there. He dared me to piss in the hole, and I obliged. Mind you, the noise from the lunchroom drowned out most others, since the lunchroom was below this floor, but off to the side a few feet. I zipped my zipper back up and returned to the lunchroom. Lunch ended about five minutes later, so we lined up to get back to class. Our teacher, Miss Almanza, was wearing a pretty blue silk blouse that day. I could immediately see that the blue silk was dark on e of her shoulders, indicating that it was wet. Could it be...?

Yes, indeed, the boys' bathroom was above the teachers' lounge, and Miss Almanza was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't know if whe knew the actual source of the water, since she didn't mention it the rest of the day. She might have thought it was a leaking pipe, but I knew better, and had trouble restraining my laughter for the remaining three hours of the day. Rection.

Buzzy - your posts would have to be the most enthusiastic on this site. Love reading them so keep them coming! Someone commented recently on the varying qualities of toilet paper. I used to run hotels for a job and so have quite a bit of experience in this department. It soon became obvious that using cheaper brands of tp was a false economy as people tend to need to use more. I found that by spending a bit more on quality the expenditure hardly changed - and I am talking about a lot of paper and toilets. The only problem was that if it was too good the paper would tend to go missing. But a good hotelier should always think of the guests - nothing worse than a 'break through' while wiping! It's a pity more public toilets don't have the same policy as some of the brands used have no absorbency at all and no matter how hard you wipe - always skid marks. By the way - the womens restrooms were always the messiest.

Greetings to all, now Ive got a bot of time to write. To Buzzy and the diarrhea fans. George, myself, our friend Tony, (who we see from time to time these days), and from what I guess quite a few readers DONT like diarrhea stories, but if that's your bag, fair enough. I would however contend Buzzy's remark that "most people do soft BMs and enjoy them". Its a question of definition. George and I dont always do HARD motions, that is ,lumpy, compacted turds which take quite a bit of strain to pass. What we tend to do is FIRM well formed motions which come out with a bit of effort. If one considers the human intestines, the large bowel is a wide convoluted tube which absorbs water and the fluids from the digestive process amongst other functions and renders the feces solid. It can therefore be considered that the normal condition of the stools passed by homo sapiens is solid formed balls or cylinders and loose, watery , motions are a deviation from this. In contrast the cow has no colon as we know it but a very long small intesine and passes loose, watery stools, the typical puddles of cowshit which result in the cowpats seen in fields. In my experience most people consider diarrhea as "being sick" as they would vomiting, sometimes the two go together, and the runs are often accompanied by pains in the belly. Again, secer diarrhea causes dehydration as the body loses the fluids which are reclaimed by the bowel when the motions are solid. To my mind, and that of many others, passing the loose or watery stools of diarrhea is an unpleasent sensation and what is passed is evil smelling and to me disgusting to look at or hear being passed. Against this a good, healthy solid motion is pleasing to pass, usually not particularly bad smelling, and interesting and pleasing to look at and to hear the sound effects. Many people feel satisfied in many ways after passing a nice solid jobbie but few that I know enjoy squirting out a watery load of diarrhea. Finally on this topic, I am always a bit suspicious of the messages with no name or tag, such as the one recently asking for more diarrhea stories. I can understand that many correspondents to sites such as this wont want to use their own names but why not use a nom de plume, or handle or tag. It might be of interest for the moderator to have a poll on the "Which do you prefer Firm Vs Loose " question if this was possible. George and I loved the stroies of Pete, Sandra and Dee. Those are the sorts of Toilet Tales we love to read, keep them up!. Dee, try using moist wipes such as the Hakle Moists available here in the UK. A packet can be fitted in your handbag (purse), and are very good to clean up after a sticky motion, and good too at period time.

Was just reading the posts and wanted to respond: To BRENTC and ME -I myself has been pretty lucky and have only been binded up a few times in my live.It's really a terrible feeling!When i was about 26 I couldn't go for 3 days and at that time,I was seeing this nurse that i was having these terrific BM adventures with( check my old posts for some details!)Anyway, she told me about dulcolax and said i should try them.So the next day i went over to her place and she took one out and said she should put it in because it is supposed to be in contact with the wall of your rectum so that ti can induce peristalsis in the rectum and get things going.She said any other way is incorrect and will not get the right results.So she got KY and lubed my anus and put this rocket looking pill in and pushed it up against the back of my rectum and slowly took her finger out and told me to lie down on my back and wait until i REALLY had to go.I laid down and at first i felt this wet,burning feeling in my butt.Then,after about 10-15 mins i really had to go!So I went to the bowl and she said she wanted to come with me and watch the results.We had seen each other quite a few times by now so this was another show for us! She made me sit on the bowl with me facing the tank with my legs spread apart and my butt facing her so she could see it all.Then i started pushing and at first this wet sounding gas came out and boy,did it burn.She said to relax my anus and not to push and let things happen.Then i got this huge cramp and farted and my anus opened up and these hard balls started coming out.I wasn't pushing much at all and it felt great. i was moaning in relief and she was rubbing my ???? and watching my puckered asshole open up once again and after the balls were out,this l-o-n-g log stared to slowly come out and she said"Wow,you're doing a big one,just relax and don't push and let it all out.Boy! it's halfway in the bowl and it's still coming out your ass!"I could tell she was enjoying the show but not half as much i i felt.It felt soooo good.Then this big turd stopped coming out and then i told her i felt like i had to push.So i pushed and the rest of this turd came out and plopped into the bowl.I looked between my legs and saw this poop about 12-15 " long and it looked like a hillshire farm kielbasa!!WOW Then i had to go again.This time a few balls came out followed by a loud fart and then the cumulation of 3 days of poop stared coming out in an seemingly endless torrent of mush and farts and i groaned in relief and she groaned in approval!Then took a break for a bit and we just talked and looked in the bowl in amazement.This big turd was wrapped around the bowl and in the middle was this pile above the water line that looked like melted chocolate with some balls in it. Then i had to push and out came this loose poop with some more gas.Then i felt like i was pissing out my ass( I couln't pee because i was a bit excited and had quite an erection) Some mucus came out and my asshole felt sore and felt like it was hanging out halfway to the bowl!!I asked her to see if everything was OK and she said"Your anus looks a bit sore and swollen out a bit, but after that,you're OK!"I felt like doing a commercial for DULCOLAX suppositories.Boy do they work great!!I think, afew years later,i used them again with the same excellent results but you have to use them in the right way.Read the intstructions and insert them the right way and they will make your day!!I highly recommend them!!By the way, i used them on the nurse when she was binded up with the same great results.BOY what a great show that was!! Another story for another time!!Hope i was a help for the binded folks.Try dulcolax suppositories,they really work!!BYE

I already knew that some bathroom things turned me on. But since reading the postings here, I began to wonder if some additional things that seemed boring (but that I had read about here) would be interesting. The other day I went to the dentist for a cleaning. His cramped office is in the converted basement of a home. The waiting room is quite small, and has a one-toilet bathroom off of it. I was looking at some magazines while waiting when a woman who was done with her visit came out. Although I had my back to her, from the corner of my eye I think she was older, like in her late fifties or early sixties. Someone I wouldn't be attracted to. But I wanted to listen to see what I could hear. I think the naughtiness of it turned me on. I shouldn't be doing this. Anyway, I could hear that she sat down on the toilet after quietly undoing her garments. I couldn't tell what she was wearing. She immediately began to pee, but it wasn't what I think to be typical girl pee. It didn't make that hissing sound. Just a straight stream of urine hitting the water. She must have been at a different angle than the women who hiss. I was hoping she would poop, but she didn't. Then she took some tp off the roll and wiped herself, and was done. Bu the time she came out, I was in my chair on the other side of the waiting room, reading a magazine. I didn't look up.

Hey guys. I don't see too many people my age posting here. I'm going to be 16 in June. I've always had a hard time crapping. There must me something wrong with me but my doctor can't figure it out. I'm always constipated....for as long as I can remember. Eventually my Mom has to give me an enema....somethimes two or three times. It's so damn embarrasing....but I can't help it. At christmas break I went to a friends house in Michigan. We stayed there just over a week and I couldn't go to the bathroom the whole time. I was so scared that I'd get I do sometimes..I throw up and stuff.... I made it home OK; and finally managed to go...Today is my fourth day without pooping....I could barely eat dinner tonight. Are there any teens out there that can talk to me? Thanks.

Was taking a perfectly normal sort of dump in a dorm bathroom today when I heard footsteps, really fast and urgent. The door next to mine slammed shut, and I thought it was probably someone who badly needed a shit. But instead, the girl in the next cubicle almost immediately started to pee real hard. I was still expecting her to trickle off, and start to dump, but she just kept peeing hard, on and on for what seemed an impossible length of time. (I must confess I was a little jealous.) Finally, the stream slowed and stopped, then she flushed, washed her hands and left, at a more normal pace and obviously much relieved. I wondered what she'd been doing, and why she'd been holding in so much for so long...

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Airplane toilets are amazing. They have those tiny holes at the bottom which will suck down just about anything you put in them! Paper towels, toddler diapers, maxi pads... anything, sucks down those. But even more amazing is that noise. It sounds like someone opened the plane door and everythings getting sucked out of the plane.

Hi, love all the girls posting on the forum lately! I really liked GAIL'S story and TANYA'S was super!!Keep 'em coming!! Hey,GEORGE& MOITRA(?)-Not everyone has hard BM's seems to me most people do soft BM's and enjoy it, and from what i read, you are in a minority, so relax and don't read 'em. We love 'em. HAVE SOME BRAN!!! Had another interesting poo thia am Sat on the bowl, pushed and nothing came out at first. so i sat there for about 3 mins pushing.I felt my anus really pushed out but no poo was coming out. I felt like i really had to go.It was weird.Then i just sat back and relaxed and all of a sudden,quite invollentary like my asshole had a mind of it's own spewed forth this huge colum of poo that sounded like ppfffffffiiiiiiittttt and i wasn't pushing at all.i was exhaling as it flew out.It wasn't dierrehia but it was soft and no gas at all. Then i was done .It was a big pile in the middle of the bowl.Did anyone else have this happen when your asshole takes over and you have nothing to do with what comes out?I also feel better when Ifart in a Bm.At least for me, the gassier the BM the better it feels,It's just more relieving!! Girls, keep the stories coming!!BYE

This is a great site - I've always had an interest in women pooping. It started when I was 10. I went to a private primary school which was in a big house so the bathrooms were just like in a normal house. One day my teacher sent me to stand outside the classroom beacause I'd been talking in class. While I was outside I saw the kindergarten teacher Mrs. Humphries (quite an attractive woman) come out of her class and go into the bathroom. I saw that that there was a keyhole in the door so I tiptoed over and looked through it. What a sight I saw! There was Mrs. Humphries sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles and her skirt hiked up to her waist. I could clearly see her vagina (my first!) and (like women did in the sixties) she wore stockings and a girdle. Normally this sight would be enough, but then I heard a loud, deep "ker-splosh" like the sound of a rock thrown into a pond. I couldn't believe she was pooping just feet away from me! I heard several more splashes then I watched her wipe her bottom. While she pulled her skirt down I rushed away from the door. When she came out she said hello to me, not knowing that I'd just watched her pooping! Incidentally, during the eighties the toilets on British Inter City trains had a foot high louvred panel at the bottom of the doors. The louvres were often pried apart and if you bent down you could clearly see people on the toilet. I watched many a woman pee and poop. They've now replaced them with a mesh grille which you can't peek through.

About 5 years ago I was in a Paris movie theater and had to poo. When I went to the ladies room I was amazed to find no stalls, just a row of 7 or 8 toilets all close to each other with no partitions. I was also surprised that the door of the ladies room opened right on to the hallway so that men waiting to use the men's room could see women sitting on the toilets. When I went in there were a couple of women using the toilets (one woman looked like she was masturbating!!!) and I went to the furthest one. Luckily I'm used to pooing in front of my co-workers back in the States but I wasn't too happy at men watching me from the hallway. As the poo started to come out a middle aged woman came and sat on the toilet next to mine. I was already making splashing noises as she raised her skirt. She pulled her panties down to her knees. She sat down and farted really loudly then did some very loud poos. She finished very quickly as I still hadn't finished my pooing. When she got up I glanced into her bowl and saw one gigantic turd which went from underneath the bend straight up nearly to the rim of the toilet. It stunk! She flushed and left - I noticed that her turd was still there! I finished up and left.

My Social Studies class was doing a study on how to preserve memories and artifacts. We took 3 old pictures each and mounted them on paper. We put one in a dark closet. one in a car window, and we had to carry the third around with us. At the end of 2 week swe took them out and compared them. One boy had an overhead view of a tiolet with the lid cover up. Right where there would be a dump, if there was one, he had taken a scrap of paper and covered the photo. The paper said "censored". It sure was funny. This was the one in a closet, but I would have loved to see him put it in a car window!

Stinky Sally......I've always found the consistency of the poo determines whether it stinks or not. When I have the runs (pretty rare thankfully) it really stinks. Sometimes I do lots of hard little balls of poo. When that happens, it looks like the pot is filled with brown gravel!!!! Those types of poo don't stink at all. My normal poos are large and firm, not too hard but with a little bit of stink. The other week, I was doing big greasy poos and they did stink quite a bit and needed lots of toilet paper to wipe all that greasy shit off my anus!!! So there you have it, firmer means less smell and mushier means more.......that's been my experience anyway!!!!

Totally gross poop experience today. I was in the library, looking up stuff in a section I don't usually go to. The weather having been awfully warm, I'd been drinking a lot of water. The section I was in was pretty empty, and since I don't usually go there, I had a look around. Found a nice, out-of-the-way toilet which happened to be a ladies' one (the male and female toilets are on alternate floors in the building) so I thought I might as well pee instead of holding it in. There was one lady inside drying her hands. I ignored her and went into the cubicle right at the end, closed the door, pulled down my jeans and panties, lined the seat, waited for the lady to leave, then sat down and peed. Around then I realised I needed to poop as well, so I sat there and pushed it out slowly - it was light brown and soft, but well-formed, and floated in a J-shaped curl (I found this out when I stood up to look at it). So I wiped a couple of times, as I usually do, from from to back and then from middle to front - I always pee when taking a dump, and I know where my vagina and urethra are, so I like to dry them off as well. But today, dis-ass-ter. Somehow, a lump of poop had made it a little further forward than usual - how, I'll never know - and my last wipe smeared it all up through my vaginal and urinary openings. I stood there horrified for a moment, looking at the smelly brown squish on the paper, before throwing it in the toilet and wiping again - and again - and again. I even sat on the toilet for a while to wait for a few drops of pee to gather, so that I could wet the paper with something. After half an eternity and an entire roll of toilet paper (I flushed in between every few wipes, so it wouldn't clog up - I've never clogged a toilet with poop, anyway) I finally figured I was done. I still had to see a teacher, but after I did I ran home and took a long shower, in time, I hope, to avoid getting some sort of infection...

Coolguy 3:16
Hey, I have a question, has anyone ELSE here gotten so into something they forgot about their Bathroom Needs, and ended up letting it go????? Well, That what happened to me this weekend I was at a friends house and he just got this CD I really like, so anyways we're listening to the Mad CD(Family Values Tour 98')With Groups like KoRn,Limp Bizkit, Rammstein, and Orgy[Its a musical composition{not the other kind!}]on it! So Anyways I was really getting into One of Limp Bizkit's songs, Jump Around (Its a cover of an old House Of Pain song) And I got so into it that I forgot about having o use the John, well, I got reminded, I felt the log poking out, so i ran for the john, gave a lil shove and out it shot, I had a few boxers skids(Which is extremely rare for me)And Sang the song the whole time i was relieving myself!

Thom, Carlos and "Me"--- Great posts. "Me", I think your friend in med school is right. Glycerin suppositories are not thought of as addictive. Most doctors don't seem to hesitate to recommend them. The dulcolax suppositories I have to use are somewhat addictive since they have a chemical laxative (bisacodyl) in them. I would guess that they are as addictive as regular enemas. Since I have a medical problem with colon motility, I need the laxative ingredient to stimulate movement throughout my lower colon. Its the only way I can have a bm once I get constipated. If you can get by with just the glycerin type, I think it must be a lot healthier. How often do you have to use suppositories? How long to they take to work? Where do you use them? Tell us more about the constipated guys you knew in college and any suppository stories from that time. BTW, when were you in college? Carlos-- Try the glycerin suppositories. Some of your dumps sound like pure torture. The glycerine might help. I wouldn't worry about them being as addictive as enemas. If you have the same problem with your colon as I do (and it sounds to me like you might), the glycerin suppositories may not work. Then you can try dulcolax. They DO work. I worry about all of the straining and grunting you have to do. It isn't healthy. To answer some of your questions, I have used suppositories in semi-public places like dorm bathrooms in college and the restroom at work. Since the dumps they produce are pretty normal, it would be no problem to use one almost anywhere as long as you had privacy when inserting it. No one has mentioned it, but it does help ease insertion if you use a little KY jelly on the tip of the suppository or on your opening before pushing it in. "Me" is right-- you need to push it as high into your rectum as you can for best results. Suppositories do help me follow through when I have an urge but can't produce more than a few dry cannonballs and lots of farts. You should try them-- at least the glycerin kind. I had to use a dulcolax suppository last night. I hadn't pooped in four days. My usually flat lower belly was distended with gas. I was at the gym lifting and started having small but rank farts escape while I pushed on the weights. How embarrasing. Has that ever happened to you, Carlos? It probably had something to do with the fact that I had had Tex-Mex food for three of the fours days I had been constipated. Anyway, I had several errands to run and dinner with a friend. When I finally got home, it was around midnight. I headed to the bathroom and inserted a dulcolax suppository. I went to lie down and wait for it to work. After about 20-25 minutes, I started to get a dull cramping urge to dump. I decided to wait as long as I could, until the urge was so strong I couldn't hold back. That way the suppository would produce a better result. At about 35 minutes, I had to literally run to the bathroom. My colon and rectum was pushing so hard from the dulcolax that I didn't even have to consciously strain very much. Within 30 second of sitting my buns on the pot, my plugged up colon started producing hard cannonballs and lots of gas. After about 10 minutes, I had filled the bowl with the little round turds. I wiped and started to leave, but another wave of urgency hit as I was leaving the bathroom. This time I produced a couple of thick knobby logs. They really dialated me coming out. I groaned involuntarily, but once it started there was no stopping it. Finally, the dump was over and I felt incredible. My belly was flat again and I got a great nights' sleep. Sorry this has been so long-winded. I will get to the buddy dump at work next time, I promise. Carlos, for contact try . I would love to hear from you. Thom, I always love your postings. Wish I could buddy dump with you. I am in California a lot. Maybe it could happen. To all-- keep those posts coming.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Drew, the email on your courtesy phone request came back after about 5 days so here goes, there were no posts on 4-13 during in the 12,13,or 14:00 hours. Sharon, we will get to you as soon as the smtp gets fixed.

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