I was entering the bathroom at my job a couple of days ago and as the door was closeing behind me my friend susan walked in behind me.We said a casual hello and then went in to stalls next to each other,i was thinking to my self oh great i'm probaly not going to be able to poop with her here so i pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees sat and started to pee and at the same time susan was doing the same thing but then she did a loud fart and started to make straining noises..well that was all the encouragement i needed and started to poop away,i let out a hard turd then some semi soft stuff along with some more gas as my neighbor kept pace and said to me that she didn't think she would go with someone else around but it just all started out as soon as she sat down..All i know is that i wouldn't want to be the next person that walked in here because the smell was really gross between the two of us that day.

I found the site by accident and thought i would tell you about something that happend about 15 years ago.I was walking with my sister Patrica in a small wooded area when she said she had to do #2 bad and she just walked over off the road a little and droped her jeans and panties,now you have to understand that she was always very shy about going to the bathroom with anyone around even to just pee so i know she reallyyyyyy had to go.She turned her back away from me so i couldn't see too much just her bush and some of the shit as it hit the ground but mostly i looked the other way to try and watch for anyone else,she did a sizable pile with a couple of farts then peed a river,i handed her some tissues to clean her ass with and when she finished i squated a has a nice piss, unlike my sister i have done this in front of her many times as she stood watch for me and whenever i would fart or shit she would say oh thats gross or ugh how i was glad my little sis finaly ! had to do it while i was around,but i was polite and didn't make any remarks as i'm sure she would have.

After reading some of the old posts i would like to offer a comment on females dumping. I am 24 years old and have only seen two other women pooping,one was my sister and the other a very close friend who will remain nameless. My friend who has a large round backside never seemed to stink up the bathroom like my sister who has a very small boyish type backside,could it be that a large bottom seals in the odor while your going and the only way for it to escape is from the space between the bottom of the seat and the top of the bowl? And on the other hand my sister who just sat on the very edge when going would let the odor escape much easier? I think it makes sense since when my sister poops it stinks from when she starts out and my friend only has a slight odor until she stands to wipe. Just a thought

I am 26 years old and have been interested in the toilet habits of others for as long as i can remember. Last month an old girlfriend of mine by the name of wendy who i hadn't seen in quite a few years came to visit for a few days,we stayed up late the night she got in for some girltalk and the next morning i was up early to go take care of some things to get them out of the way.My a.m. routine is to take a dump then shower but when i tried nothing would come out but some farts so i got off the bowl and into the shower and as i was finishing up i felt it was time to poop and sat on the toilet naked and continued drying my self with my towel and started a nice soft dump with quite alot of gas"my favorite kind of dump" i never push just let it take it's time,a few seconds later wendy walked in the half open door and said oops,i see you beat me to it and turned to walk out but i said it's ok stay we'll talk and she sat on the sink top as i finished my dump that had become quite stinky by now and when i was ready i leaned to the side and whiped my butt as wendy watched with some interest,in this situation i would normaly not flush and let the other person dump on top of my load but since i was on my period i knew the bowl would have some blood in it and felt to embarresed so i flushed and walked over to the sink as my friend lifted her robe and sat her bubble butt on the seat(she was naked under the robe)she released a long fart and looked very relived and started to pee as i got a sanitary pad from under the sink and stuck it my panties and pulled them up.I asked her if she wanted some privacy and she said no,what for and her face got red as she started to strain and lean forward to push out what sounded like a hard one and a few seconds later i heard it plop into the water followed quickly by another and a few more farts and as i was rubing on my ban she stood to wipe and i watched out of the corner of my eye and got a very nice view.Over the next few days this routine was repeated a couple of more times and has left me with some good memories.

Stinky Sally
What I want to know is why sometimes when I do my little poops they come out with no real smell at all and other times when I press out a big slighty mush one they stink to high heavens and my house guests go into the bathroom and coment on the rank odor and stench that smells as if I opened up a can of sulfer or something in there. I can't help it or determine when I have normal little plops in the pot or let fly with a "Big Stinky Sally", which is what my boyfriend calls me when I stink up the pot. I am about 5'5" and 117lbs. and I have long brown hair and green eyes. I have a small but really round and bubble-ly butt. Sometimes when I sit on the pot I can tell when I have gas in the pot and it wavers up to my nose that it is really stinky, and other times it is like not even smelling at all. Why is this?

Despite what they say, I like the diarrhea and loose poop stories in detail. so please keep them up and for those who dont like them, just dont read them.

Tiny Girl
I want to hear more about toilet clogging incidents...and how you all deal with these situations.

Hi guys! Tree Whizzer, I agree with Gina M.S.W. that the only "punishment" a child should get is that s/he should clean up the soiled pants. I've left pee droplets in my panties and "farted" a speck of diahrrea when I was out about a year ago; other than that, I've never had an accident since I was potty trained. My parents taught me how important it is to wipe myself after going to the bathroom, and I always have. I'm now 21, and am still at home when not in school, but in retrospect, I don't think my parents would have punished me if I had the misfortune of having an accident. Reya, I think it's so cool that you and your male cousin are close enough to buddy dump together! Peace and love to all, Steph

I just got back from a trip to Shanghai, China, and I figured I would post a report on what toilets there are like. There is an extreme variety. Most new toilets are similar in design to US types, although without the low water usage that US law mandates. I also encountered one that was backwards compared to anything I have seen before. The shit flows forward from the bottom of the pan instead of backwards. Extremely low water level, barely covering the hole. It looked like it would plug if you looked at it wrong, but it never caused any trouble.

More obnoxious are the ones encountered in many public places (including in some where you must pay admission to the area in which they are found) that are merely a trench through which water flows peroidically. The mens room has two trenches, one at the edge and elsewhere one that you can straddle. The one meant for straddling has partitions but doors are unheard of. Presumably the women's has only the straddling trench. In general, they reek since the periodic flow isn't often enough. Once I used one of this kind on a boat, since the river was right there there was plenty of water (yes--the results were presumably dumped right back into the river) and the water flowed about every 45 seconds. As far as I could tell, this was a unisex toilet. (However, there were only two spaces, and they had partial front partitions. A man standing at the urinal version would be totally in the open but only visible from behind.) I observed a man coming out, so I knew men used it. I never observed any other facility on the boat, and didn't think to ask my wife about it. While this design stinks, it's at least not a cleanliness problem. The only point of contact is between your footgear and the flat areas beside the trench. Unless someone has been totally careless, it will be clean anyway. Your ass never touches anything. Also, it's very unlikely to plug. However, it's not exactly comfortable with jeans on--the bunched-up material is between your calf and thigh no matter what you do with it. You have something of a chance to observe what others have done. If you go in quickly behind someone, their droppings are likely still sitting there, and when the flusher triggers, you get to see anything done upstream of you come dashing by. Of course you bring your own TP.

Near where we were staying (relatives, not a hotel), there was a drainage canal and across from it a poor bit of town. In that area, individual dwellings lacked indoor plumbing of any kind. You used the stinky public toilets. (Which are at least common in most parts of town!), although men seemed to prefer the canal. (Observed, 7 men peeing, 0 women.) They did this despite the fact that they were likely to be observed in the act and couldn't determine if there were witnesses. (two 20+ story apartment blocks could see that piece of the canal, and there were a couple more such structures that at least some floors probably could see it.)

One other tidbit: The plane appeared to use *NO* water in it's attempt at a flush. It had a *POWERFUL* suction, enough that you could feel the airflow in the room, but if there was something not covering the hole, it just sat there. Once I saw three small logs in a ring around the hole. This wasn't some ancient piece of junk, but a MD-11 (descendant of a DC-10). It's possible the tank ran dry or something, but it worked the same way both coming and going.

Hello, I just took the survey and found it very facinating. I read some earlier stories here was surprised to find so many women with similiar feelings about bodily functions.I am college student and swim on teams and will become a swim instructor soon.Many other female swimmers often have to do it openly on front of other females because of the way the facilities are built.It's really no big deal though at first you feel very shy about it.After a while that goes away because we see every thing else, I mean we see each other naked.Often I am in the same room with twentfive other women doing our business on the pot.There is often alot of noise because sounds echoes.Many have to pee alot.Often a partner willstand and talk when your pooping and farting and otherwise just getting rid of all their turds and yes you get use to the sounds and smells.I am not trying to be gross but woman do fart in the showers.I never thought about it and assumed everyone did.I often have large one's when I am dong no.2 because you dont want any heavy feeling when in the pool,but you won't belive the accidents that happen.Some are funny but mostly everyone is sympathetic,after all Hero was a woman.So long.

Carlos, I to use the glycerin suppositories, I find they work great. I asked a friend who's in med school...he said that the glycerin ones are not addictive as they simply are lubricant. The others, like Dulcolax he said can be. I do find them to be effective on the dry days....they do make me produce one on those days too. I even use them on days that I'm not completely constipated, but feel the need to have a good bm. Be sure to insert it as far as you can or else it'll feel like it needs to come out right away and it does work better if inserted highly. Give one a try.

Hi, all-To JASMINE- I hope to hear from you soon with some great stories.I would love it as i'm sure other guys would too!! Let's hear from you!! To SANDRA-I also love your poop stories when you're pooing with other women in the ladie's room!!I don't think men do that.Why, i don't know.One time, i was in a men's room just starting to poo and another guy came rushing in to the next stall groaning and sat down and really let go just as i'm farting and poopingand he said" boy,i didn't think i was going to make it " and he laughed.Then he said " sounds like you had to go bad too" I said "I know what you mean,I gotta go too" and with that,i farted some more and pushed out this long poop and as it's crackling out the guy asks me what time it was.So i grunted out "It's 9:30 "In a wierd way it turned me on,pooping at the exact same time as this guy,but ti never happened again.I"m glad to hear about women doing this.More stories would be great!!!

Had a good poop this a.m. Got up at about 5 am with cramps and i hadn't gone since sat. am.I sat on the bowl and let out this long fart.It must have lasted 10 seconds.It was one of those dry sounding ones.Then i kept farting with each one getting shorter and shorter.Then i felt my asshole start to pucker out and i'm pushing and pushing.Then this wet fart comes out followed by this big ball and then a long,soft poop came out and it kept on coming and coming.I feld my rectum go into a slight spasm as more poop ooozed out my anus.Then i took a break and looked in the bowl.Someone was talking about poop sculptures, well, this was one of those.It was this bunch of poop in the middle of the bowl coming slightly above the water line.It was some load!!Then i had to poo more.So i sat foreward and just relaxed my anus ,didn't have to push and more soft poo flew out. This was softer followed by a big fart.Then i felt done. The poo was now above the water line with a bit of a curl on the top covered my the last of the mushy poop.It felt great coming out!!I don't do those too often,butwhen i feel one coming on, i look forward to jumping on the bowl!!Been exersising a lot in the last 2 months and sometimes i skip a day pooping and then i MORE then make up for it with one of these poos.Then sometimes i go 2-3 times in a day, but they're nothing to speak of.Inthis way, exersise is trully good for you !!!Hope you all enjoy the stories .I'll have plenty more!!!BYE

I had the most interesting experience Friday night! I had been out for the evening with several friends, male and female. It got to be quite late, and one of my friends asked if i I would be able to take his girlfriend home, becuse he didnt want to drive drunk, and she lived on my way home. I said sure, and at closing time Kim left with me for her ride home. It was a col night, and a fairly long walk to the car from the bar. As it was 2am there were few people around, and everything was closed. Just before we reached the car, Kim announced she had to pee really bad. Although I was excited, by that asked if she thought she could hold it until she got home. She said "no way" and that she was looking of a place to go. There was an alley close by and I suggested that. She was a little scared and she asked if I would mind standing guard. I said "sure" my heart racing a little. We entered the alley a few feet, and she turned toward me. She asked me to stand between her and the street. She was wearing a short skirt, which she hiked up and quickly pullled down her panty hose and panties. she squatted facing me. Even in thew dime light, I could clearly see the dark triangle of hair between her legs as she squatted. She was totally absorbed in her activity, and paid no attention to me. I saw a few dribbles, then heard a strong hissing sound, as the pee left her body, and splashed on the pavement. She peed strongly, for perhaps 20-30 seconds, and then dribbled to a stop. It was kind of a cool evening, and the hot pee steamed on the pavement. She pulled her panties and panty hose up in one motion, and adjusted her skirt. Before I could say anything, she simply said "thanks, I fel much better". I then took her home. I probably wont mention this to her, but I hope she remembers it. I sure will!

Jeff A.
Happy Camper: I myself have lost 38 lbs in less than 3 months. I used to have similar symptoms, but now I'm daily agian. I suspect that you may be cutting out a lot of fat in your diet as well, which may account for the irregularity. A high protein diet usually is for a reason, such as body building, or endurance training. This formula works great for me, but I don't offer it as solid advice: 60% Protein, 30 % Carbo's, and 10% Fat. I'm lifting again myself, sneakin' up on age 44, and feeling so good I'm kicking holes in the universe and screamin' out the other side!!! I think your Basal Metabolism is just going through a new period of adjustment. Try to drink at least 64 oz. of water everyday. The water will flush you out, and break down those debilitating fat cells. Most important: take care of yourself, and don't go too hard. Marie: I found your story to be very interesting. I don't believe I've ever read a woman's point of view on a scenario like yours ever in this forum. I am wondering though, why did Brent take his pants completely off? I'd never take my pants all the way off. I've shit in the woods before, and never have felt the need to go completely buck. It's too bad that he felt the need to pull away from you like he did. You sound absolutely wonderful. If it were me, and I caught you looking at me, my biggest concern would be that you were grossed out by the whole thing. But then again, if you were, you wouldn't be watching. It's just so natural and beautiful, it's a damn shame that we all can't run out in the street and tell someone else, how great it is just to watch another human being poop! There's so much excitement in seeing the "forbidden" act that it makes a genuine recipe for fun!!!! I'd sure as hell NEVER break a dinner date with a LADY like you! Anyway, I sure hope you ! find a partner who likes to be watched and watch. It's been my favorite sport for as long as I can remember. Your story was really, really fun. Here's one of my favorite recipes: 2 pints of crazed and deliberate curiousity. 1 cup of childish, yet absolutely wild "Show me yours and I'll show you mine." 1 tbsp of mutual attraction, and respect. 1 cup of "let's not plan this, but make it look like an accident" (in other words, I'd sure like to get caught on the pot!) 1 pint of experimentation. Bring to a boil, and then simmer on low for 20-30m minutes. Kitchen Hints: Be honest. Talk about it. Bring it up with your "new" partner/date. Slowly, very, very slowly, but surely. Test the water, if it's too cold then don't jump in. More than likely, the water won't be too cold. If it is, then deal with that as it comes. Anyway, that's part of my recipe. It's been pretty damned successful for a long, long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye, JA

Re: Lorna
Hi Lorna, I hope you are getting to the bottom of your sons dirty underwear problem. One of my friends I mentioned earlier in another post who suffers with skidmarks said that she sometimes get them from actually doing a solid motion in her panties and then brushing them out, but mosntly they just appear. I mentioned your sons problem to her and she said that her younger brothers underpants are the same, he is nine, she said that he messes himself sometimes and when he does he doen't change his underwear unless someone notices and asks him to change. She said it is also not uncommon to see him with a small wet patch at the front of his trousers were he needs the toilet but doesn't want to go. She said that it is easy to see from his dirty underwear if he has messed himself and tried to clear his mess up a little bit or if it is just skidmarks. She showed me some of his dirty washing from the hamper, I don't know what state your sons undies are like but she showed me a red pair of pants with crusty 3d stains which he had obviously messed and another blue pair which had some marks a couple inches long which were looking green, but I would imagine that was the blue and brown mixing to produce green looking skidmarks. She was going to find out for me if he got any teasing from his friends for having dirty underwear but she hasn't got back to me yet, so I will post that info later for you.

Monday, April 26, 1999

Some Guy
Legal Eagle and Legal Smartass: What about school bathrooms? I would say most high school boys' bathrooms have no doors on some stalls. Jill: It's easy to think women don't take dumps because women are so secretive about their bathroom habits, at least in the US. In the movie "Carpool" the girl even goes as far to say, and I quote, "Girls don't fart." Indeed, the times I have heard a female fart are few and far between and restricted to those which I didn't want to hear. I have heard a woman pee once, though. She was a beautiful blond woman who was at my dad(attourney)'s apartment he was living in at the time. She was his client and asked him where the bathroom was. Luckily, he pointed her to the one adjacent to the room I was in. If she went to the other bathroom she would have seen his embarrassingly messy bedroom. I pretended to do something else as I listened in. She was no racehorce, but she peed and it drove me crazy. Keep the great posts coming, Karen, Lisa, Homer, and all the others!

One day last week I was just about to leave the ladies room at work when my boss walked in. She started telling me some office gossip and went into a stall and carried on talking with the door open (which is what most of us do). What she had to say was pretty intersesting so I stood in front of her as she talked. I heard her pee folowed by a hissing fart and then a crackling sound. She was pooing, which many of us do in front of each other. I couldn't help glancing down between her legs which were wide open and saw a turd dropping slowly from her bottom - it looked very large. It made a loud splash once it fell and my boss continued talking without missing a beat. She dropped a few more smaller turds which I didn't see before wiping herself. I was surprised she looked at the toilet paper while I was there - kind of a gross thing to do! The other women don't do that. By the way, my husband says that men would never poo in front of each other! That poo I did in the parking lot a! few years ago was not my first in a public place. If I can't find a bathroom I'll go anywhere - alleyways, between parked cars in the name it. I try not to let people see me, but if they do then I don't get worked up about it.

Happy Camper
About one month ago I started a high protein diet (also referred to as Power Zones). I can eat a lot of protein, but have to really limit my intake of carbs, starches, etc. The diet is really working well, as I have lost 15 pounds in one month. But my pooping habits have really changed. I use to take a big dump daily like clockwork. It was always one large piece of poo that just dropped out without any effort. Now I sometimes go 4 or 5 days without pooping. I feel no constipation pains or anything like that. It's just that there is no urge to go. Can someone explain this? Maybe COPROLOGIST has knowelege of this. Thanks.

To Karen: I am a female Airforce NCO. When on TDY we tend to drink a lot in the NCO club. Once, being drunk, I peed through my panties on the floor (I was wearing a skirt). I don't remember a lot of details. My colleagues told me the next day that suddenly while standing in a small group I started peeing. It seems I only realized I had wet myself when the people around me made aware of it. Later on the evening my colleagues, challenging me I would not dare to do so, made me wet myself a second time. Eventually a female colleague took me to my room and took care of me. No need to explain how embarrassed I was the next day. I am cautious to drink less since this incident.

This goes back to when I was in the army reserves in Canada. At the base we were training at, all they had were portable toilets. One moring I was heading over to take a dump, and one of the best looking women there at the time came out of the one I was heading for. I entered the portable and looked down into the hole. She had left a gigantic, long piece of poo down there. It was so bizarre, like as if I didn't think women did that. I mean, this thing was huge. And the really crazy thing about it was that, because she was so good looking, the fact that her cute little ass did this somehow turned me on.

Sorry that myself and Moira havent posted for a while but I have been jet setting both to the USA and Europe on business and Moira has been deeply involved in along court case.

Lots of differing posts over the last few weeks. I notice that USA posters, as has been commented on by others, tend to relate stories about "mushy poops" or "explosive diarrhea" while we Brits tend to avoid such matters. Both Moira and I find graphic descriptions of loose stools or full blown diarrhea distasteful, but each to their own as no doubt there are those , not the writers to this webpage but the narrow minded Moral Majority types, who consider this page and the topic of defecation as distasteful whatever the nature and solidity of the stools produced. We wont post in detail about the hated runs or squitters, but if that's your scene, so be it. Moira and I tend to ignore those postings when we read this page.

I was in the USA travelling coast to coast and for the first time I used a doorless American toilet when I did a number two. Thanks to this webpage I had been forewarned as it would have been a shock if I had come upon a doorless stall unexpectedly. I really needed a big one and couldn't hold it in till I got back to my hotel so I used the Mens' toilet in a shopping mall. It was clean and hygenic, no smell from the individual urinals which had hand operated flushes on each,(although I dont use urinals myself), no puddles of piss on the floor, very neat, but NO DOORS ON THE STALLS. As I entered there were two blokes in the first two stalls, happily seated with their trousers (pants) and underpants round their knees and the other blokes using the urinals or washing their hands just weren't the slighest bit interested in them or the sitters in the others in the toilet. They may as well have been reading the papers, so I went into the next stall, nice and clean with soft toilet paper and the "ass gaskets" and undoing my belt unzipped my jeans and pulled these and my pale blue Sloggi panties down to the top of my thighs and sat down. Blokes went past, not paying me the slighest notice as I did my pee then with a quiet "NNN...NNN..AH!" passed two nice fat solid jobbies "Kur-sploonk! Ker-splonk!" a fat ten incher and another fat 7 inch log. I wiped my bum (ass) hitched up my panties and jeans and flushed the toilet, the 7 incher went but the 10 inch log stuck so I left it. That was my first experience of using a doorless toilet and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I can only assume it is due to what you are used to. In the UK such toilets are virtually unknown except in jails, mental hospitals, the forces, and in schools or public toilets were vandals have removed the doors. Consequently, Brits will avoid such toilets and if in one other users would almost certainly make some ribbald comment to the person sitting there. In a way its the same with unisex pub! lic, works etc toilets, unknown for the most part in the UK and here would meet with great resistance, but perfectly common and acceptable in Europe.

On the matter of having a motion in a public toilet I did one yesterday in the gents in a hotel back here in the UK and what happened was a re-enactment of my experiences at primary (grade) school as a kid. The toilet had urinals, (again reasonably clean and not smelly, this toilet is cleaned every hour according to the notice on the wall) and three stalls (with doors). I selected the centre stall as I could then hear anyone performing in either of the others. I did my jobbie, a nice easy 12 inch curved motion like a big fat sausage which dropped into the pan with a "KUR-SPLOOMP!" when a bloke entered one of the cubicles next to mine. He bolted the door,unbuckled his belt, unzipped and pulled down his trousers and underpants and sat on the pan and I heard him fart then his pee tinkle then a loud " UH! UH! AH!!PLOP! PLONK! PLOONK!" Now while I prefer to listen to women doing a motion this did turn me on. He was obviously a bit constipated, a fact confirmed when he said "Damn it, come out you bastard" then knowing that there was someone who could hear in the adjoining toilet said, "Sorry mate, Im a bit bunged up. There's a big lump up my arse and it wont come down!" Well turned on I told him it didnt bother me but he should relax and then try rocking back and forth and pushing on his ???? with his hand. He tried this and I could hear him going "OH! AH! NNNN!" and the crackling as his big turd came out. "KUR-SPULOOMP! KERSPLONK! KUPLOONK!" three good big solid jobbies came out in quick sucession followed by a loud fart and a heart felt sigh of "Thats' better!" from the bloke who had done it. He must have then looked down the pan as he said "Bloody hell! Id didnt think it would be that big!" He pulled the flush and went out and, not wanting to embarrass him I waited till he washed his hands and left the toilet. I then went into his cubicle and saw that although the smaller turds had gone the really big one, a fat lumpy straight cylinder of 12 inches long and two inches fat had stuck. Now this conversation with another bloke doing a jobbie reminded me of primary school when I was about 9 when myself and other lads would listen to each other doing a motion in the boys toilet and then leave it unflushed for our mates to inspect and compare results, the object being to see who would do the biggest single jobbie. My two girl cousins Nicola and Debbie told me that some girls did the same and Moira confirms that girls at her school did likewise.

Dave NY's story about his girlfriend doing a really fat (3 inches wow!) turd into his hands reminds me of the time Moira was really bunged up. There was a big one up her back passage but she coudn't shift it, only passing some fat balls with loud "PLOONK! and PLUNK!" sounds when she sat on the pan. I suggested using some KY jelly to lubricate her back passage. She stripped off and I gently inserted my jelly coated finger into her "fudge chute" feeling the fat, hard lumpy turd lodged in her rectum. I pushed some jelly round it, but I assume this, and the presence of my finger in her back passage stimulated Moira's bowel as she gasped "Quick its starting to move" She gave a yelp of pain as her sphincter dilated wide then I saw it, a fat knobbly turd, dark brown, starting to emerge between her lovely ???? buttocks. I told her to stand still and just let it come out and I held out my hands and let it drop onto them. WAS IT BIG! about the size and thickness of a milk bottle and heavy. No wonder it had been so difficult for her to pass. I deduced that it was about 2 or 3 days motions compacted into one really fat jobbie.When she had finished I knew it would only stick in the toilet if I dropped it down the pan, so I put it in a bucket, washed my hands well then later took the manhole cover off the interceptor trap in the garden and emptied Moira's mighty motion straight into the drain , the next flush of the toilet sending it on its way to the main sewer and the River Clyde. Moira was feeling a bit sore in the saddle after passing it, and although she wasn't crying like Dave's G/F she was red in the face but a good cuddle, and some vaseline on her sore ring soon comforted her. Moira is a bit like a taller, ????er, older version of Sarah Fergusson and once went to a fancy dress party as the Duchess of York. (I dont look anything like Prince Andrew!).

Jill, Im well aware not only that women and girls go to the toilet, but that they do larger turds all being equal than many blokes. Experience of seeing my aunt and her daughters and of course my wife Moira dropping some real whoppers is proof enough of that. Next time I go to the south coast, and I see a big jobbie in the toilet pan when going in after a woman, I will wonder if it's yours Jill. It's also interesting that you have noticed other blokes going into the toilet after a woman has come out, no doubt wanting to see if her jobbie has stuck behind. Over the years, and from reading this webpage I have realised that many boys and men are turned on by listening to a woman doing a motion and seeing what she has done. I bet lots of blokes are but would be too embarrassed to mention this to their wife or girlfriend. Another factor may be the pheromones from a woman's vagina which of course will linger in the air of the toilet after she has sat there with her knickers down uri! anting or defecating. All the best from George, and Moira will post when she finishes her case.

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