Several years ago I parked my car in a parking lot and had to poo badly. I looked around and I didn't see anyone. I kept the car door open, hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties and squatted. I pooed a massive turd that seemed to take forever to come out. I wiped with a kleenex and adjusted myself. My turd was over a foot long! By the way, my friends at work and myself all go to the ladies room at lunchtime where it's a good place to chat. We leave the stall doors open even if one of us is pooing and making noises. Is this common?

Sunday, April 25, 1999

Hi all. Have been away in the US of late. Survived tex-mex food for the best part of a week without any ill effects, too. Must note that, whereas I rarely if ever produce floaters on my british diet, they were all I produced when there. Due to the fatty red meat diet I presume (I usually eat white meat/v***). Also pleasing from my point was that my travel constipation didnt develop for one of the few times ever. And, on the way back, for the first time ever, heard two guys in adjacent stalls holding a conversation while one (or both?) were stinking up a Chicago airport washroom. As with other posters here, I thought this was quite a novelty for guys. Perhaps our male 'barriers' are coming down.

Lorna: When I was a young kid I remember that I often had skid marks in my underwear. Probably from insufficient care wiping, that then later caused an 'itch' and a requirement to sneak a hand behind (outside my trousers) to relieve the itch through a quick rub. Also, in those days, my family's personal hygene was probably not the greatest (parents' quite poor and who were brought up in immediate post-war years of rationing probably played a part) so changing underwear/bathing (no showers in my early years either) was twice a week maximum. So this gave time for skids to accumulate. (uugghh, as I look back from these more hygenic 90's - I change/shower most every day when possible, and careful wiping). To the young ladies who were punished for messing themselves when young, my heart goes out to them. I hope you can come to terms with the traumas and accept that your parents were from an era with different values (see my own comments above). Just don't pass on this behavior.

in reply to karen's accident when she had an accident while drunk.I was in las vegas with my girlfriend 3 weeks ago and both of us had been drinking all day. after going back to our room to crash,sandy went to use the bathroom and was in there for some time.I wanted to make sure she was okay, after opening the door i found her sleeping on the toilet with her clothes scattered about,her panties were a mess and it was apperant that she had an accident,there was even poop on the floor.I got her off the toilet and put her to bed, i then cleaned her off with a wash cloth and toilet paper. i told her what had happened the next morning,she was embarresed and vowed not to drink that much anymore.oh well that's it for now

I'm a 30 years old french guy, 2 years ago in spain i drove with my girlfriend on an highway.Suddendly eveything was blocked, we stays for 4 hours in the car with an incredible heat, she really need to pooped before we arrive on this accident (a truck in fire)when she sees the traffic jam she starts to cry and say to me it was impossible to her to wait. It was impossible to go out because we were near the seas and there were no bottom to go afetr one and a half hour of suffering and desesperating she says to me "what a shame, what a shame" she were pooped in her black panties a big and beautiful shit she cried a lot i said to het it diesn't matter i waS in fact very excited. She was on her knees in the seat she didn't want to seat because the poop will be scratched on the pantie she pulled the panty off it was beautiful a very beautiful brown piece of shit in the panty. For this event i think very often of this moment. Have tyou similar experiences. Sorry for my english i do my best. Pierre

Thom, BrentC, Dan How are th dumps going these days. I am as plugged as ever. Thom, thanks for telling me about your farting experiences. As to your question about suppositories, I actually have been considering trying one. Are they as addictive as enemas if over-used? That is my main concern. Would you ever use one in a public place? BrentC, thanks for telling me about your farting, also. Wow, I thought I was the only one who looked for a back corner to fart to let loose a rank fart. We have a lot in common The longer it has been since my last impacted dump, the more gas pressure I experience. Some times it feels like I have balloon up my ass. Both of you guys frequently blow out hard cannon balls when expelling a dry fart! I used to wonder if I was the only guy who did that. Have you ever felt like you were about to take a humongous dump only to sit, grunt, groan, and start farting and farting and farting .... and realize that the whole thing was a mass of air. Finally you manage two or three marbles and no more? Such a disappointment if you have a good magazine and your heart was set on getting some real relief. Do either of you find suppositories help you follow through with the urge and make you shit at times like this? BrentC tell me about your office dump.... I gotta hear about it now! Carlos

Thom, BrentC, Dan, and all constipated buddies I forgot to tell you about my dump yesterday. It had been several days since I had gone, and my pants were feeling tight, but I did not even have the urge. So I tried my navel pressure technique (which I know you probably think is a little over the edge). While standing up, I put my middle finger in my navel and apply firm pressue. At the same time I push with my colon muscles like I am trying to shit. What do you know! I felt an imediate cramp in my lower bowel, and I started feeling a mild urge to shit. After about a half hour I knew I could finally shit. I sat and started to pass a hard mass and then a couple of cannonballs then my colon stopped and I couldn't get the rest of the shit moving. So I did the navel pressue thing again while sitting and straining. I felt a sharp pain in my dry colon, then an urge to shit. Things started moving again. I farted a long dry, hissing fart and passed an impacted log which dropped with a good butt splash. Would you guys at least try the navel method? It is all natural simulation and it is based on the idea of accupressure. Actually, accupressure books say to press just below the navel, but I find it works better directly in the navel and maybe rock some too (by the way, I'm an innie... how about you guys?) Some times a sharp fingernail helps. But you have to be pushing with your ass when you do this to get the right stimulation. I know this sounds like a crazy way to relive your constipated bowels, but I swear by it. Seriously... try it and let me know if it helps. Anything to help a constipated buddy unplug his puckering, flexing, costive ass. Carlos

I recently had the opportunity to see a guy I briefly dated going Dumpy and best of all it was outside! His name is Brent and he is 23 and very hot. He's a real, Yale preppie type with curly, blond hair, and little wire glasses. He's also into several sports and very in shape. We had been dating since January and had not been "intimate" yet (This was Easter Week). In fact, we had never seen each other undressed as this had been mostly a long distance relationship. This made my experience all the better as it was my first look at his body AND he 's never seen me. That gave me a feeling of power that I enjoyed. Anyway, here's what happened. Brent came down to my school for the weekend (we're both grad students at different schools) and we decided to take a hike in a nearby park. As we hiked along, Brent suddenly got "the call" in a big way. He cramping up and was desperate for a public john. Unfortunately, we were 2 miles from one. He finally conceded that it had to be then and there. As it is early spring, the land was all swampy mush except for the trail which ahd those wood chips on it. Brent really couldn't retreat off the trail too much without wading in swamp water. He was nervous as hell and told me he was very embarassed. We had passed other people on the trail and he was afraid of having an audience. He asked me to be the "lookout" and warn him if anyone approached. He also asked me not to look at him as he was very embarassed. I promised with the intent of breaking the promise! I was only about 10 feet from him. He was absorbed in his own project and I got to steal glances as he struggled to get his jeans and boxers over his hiking boots without taking the boots off. He succeeded at this and hung them on a tree. I caught a few peeks of his smooth, bubble butt. He caught me and begged me not to watch. He squatted saying "I can't believe I'm doing this" and I turned around in time to see a thick stream of pee shoot out of him. His eyes were closed so I looked for about 30 seconds and saw what was coming out the back. The he opened his eyes and turned bright red and yelled again for me to turn away. His pecker was beginning to stiffen and he was humiliated.I noticed each time he pushed, his dick would contract. I turned away and he continued. I snuck another peek and his eyes were closed again (He explained later that closing his eyes helped him block out what was happening).Another load popped out and suddenly, I spotted a group of people heading our way about 30 feet away! I had been so busy watching him, I forgot to be lookout. It was a family with kids and there was no time for poor Brent to do anything but run for cover into the trees. I followed him and we left his jeans and boxers on the tree. Now the poor guy is squatting with me in the trees, bare-assed with a poopy butt. He did his best to pull his shirt down over himself. The family paused to ponder his pants and the mother said "leave them there" and they moved on. I asked Brent if he had to go anymore and he said no, but he needed a wipe. I had kleenex with me and I offered them to him. He asked me to go get his pants while he wiped. But I had no intentions of doing this. I reached under his shirt and bagan massaging his hard weiner and I asked him if I could watch. He said ok finally and he was VERY red as he lifted the shirt and reached under and wiped. He said again "I can't believe I'm doing this".His hard pecker was bouncing and I could see the kleenex was very brown. When he was done, I jerked him off. Then I went back and got his pants, watched him dress, sne we continued our hike. When the hike was over, however, Brent said he felt "funny" knowing that I had seen all of this and he "took a rain check" on our dinner plans, dropping me off at my apartment. He decided to return to his own school early. He avoided me for week and then broke up with me citing our hiking incident. I felt bad, but what a hot experience I had with him. It was probably the most erotic one I've ever had!

I've been reading the entries on this site for some time and quite frankly, I enjoy some of them. I thought I'd share an incident from a few weeks ago and see if anyone has had a similar event. I was at a party and the lot of us were getting quite tipsy from drinking. The lady I was with at the time and I each experienced the need to relieve ourselves at the same time. There was only one lavoratory at this party, so we both ventured in to it. She quickly dropped her pants and slid her panties down and sat on the toilet. I thought I could wait until she finished, but when I heard the tinkling she created, I realized I couldn't wait any more. I am not so crude as to piss in a sink, so we thought I'd just aim at the little triangle formed between her legs and the front of the toilet. I don't know if I could hit that target sober to be honest with you, but needless to say, she got peed on in the process. It was quite funny at the time (you had to be there). We decided that it must have been because we were drunk, otherwise it would be no fun to be pissed on, so we made a point of doing it again a couple of nights later sober to see if it was fun or not. This time I laid down in the bathtub and she squatted over me and urinated in my belly button (immediately before we took a shower together. It wasn't quite as funny as at the party, but it wasn't as bad as you would think either. I never thought I'd enjoy being pissed on, but I guess in the proper circumstance, one can enjoy just about anything.

David W.
I've been reading a book by Ralph Nader called Winning The Insurance Game. In it he has an HMO horror story about a family with a 6 year old boy who had some kind of problem (they didn't say what) that caused him to urinate a lot more than normal. Up to 50 times a day! Their HMO doctor tried to treat it but with no success. They needed some kind of urologic specialist and more advanced testing. Believe it or not the HMO wouldn't authorize it at first and then wanted to schedule the tests several weeks later! The parents went outside the HMO and paid a specialist to resolve the problem which he did fairly quickly for about $3500. Do you think the HMO would re-imburse them? Hell no. I don't see how some of them people can sleep at night pulling shit like that.

Saturday, April 24, 1999

Anna Marie, I like your story! It turned me on a ton. I just hope that when my future wife has to poop, she'll share it with me like that, especially when she's pregnant. Tony(UK), my ex-g/f's turd was huge! It was almost 3 inches I'm guessing, and it was really compacted, and it hurt her quite a bit! I just can't believe how much it could hurt her, but it did, and I felt really bad for her afterwards. Well, happy motions to all! Dave-NY

I love peeing stories! I would like to hear from anyone with peeing experiences as there have not been many in a long time. Today, I was travelling home from school and I knew I had to pee desperately. I was squirming around and finding it hard to hold it, but figured I could make it home? Just before my stop I got up and walked to the front of the bus to get off. All of a sudden I started pissing myself. It tooka while to soak through my panties but it started to run down my leg and onto the floor. As I ran off the bus the driver said "are you OK" I couldn't talk as I had started crying but I ran home and got to the toilet. I even still had more to go when I got there. My mum was a bit angry but she says it happens to her sometimes. I know she wears special panty liners for people who have bladder problems...but she doesn't discuss this with me

also, I was in a supermarket once and there was this lady standing there picking out groceries when she sneezed. She crossed her legs with a look of desperation and said "oh my god" in a whisper. I had to walk past her though I wanted to see what happened next. I heard her say to her kids "we have to go now" and leave. when I went back to where she had been later, there were a few spots of moisture on the floor, I don't know if they were from her or not but I think they were. They seemed to be yellowish.

Lisa D.
I haven't posted in quite awile due to nothing noteworty occuring until yesterday and i couldn't wait to let you all know. I was at the unemployment office yesterday ( my company went out of business 2 weeks ago)and as i was about ready to leave I did one of those find a toilet kind of soon farts and i know my system very well so off to the ladies room i went,it was small just two stall and a sink and the only stall with a door was occupied my someone in the middle of a case of the shits big time and since i knew i couldn't hold out much longer i went into the doorless one and it was discusting,the inside of the bowl was ok but the seat had some poop and piss on it so i took som tp and lifted it up then undid my pants and pulled them and my panties down by by knees and sort of squated over the bowl,and after a semi long fart my shit started out slow and thick"i just hoped to hit the target"as the women next to me gave encouragment by her noisy bm my shit just hung in mid air adding to the odor of the room and a few seconds later a women i had been talking to in line came in with her daughter about 8 or 9 i guess and when she saw me said oh ah sorry and the little girl said mommy is the lady makeing a poop,i knew my face was red and she said sorry again and all i could think to say was it's ok i'm not shy and hey we all do it right?About this time the women in the next stall finished up "she was a tall girl in her late teens"She went directly to the sink without even a glance in my direction and hurried from the room as the young mother was going into the other stall she told her daughter to come over by mommy and leave the lady alone and i heard her start to pee a long hard stream and she let out a long hi pitched fart as my first poop splashed into the bowl and the second started out much easier followed up by some loud gas,As i was cleaning my butt my friend next door was doing a loud loose sounding shit that musr have felt wonderfull to get rid of and as i washed my hands i noticed that she didn' close the stall door and the little girl was standing next to the opening and talking to her mom,i said goodbye and belive it or not she replied with a smile yeah it was nice pooping with you! later, Lisa D.

I loved Sandra's post about having a poo everyday at work with a coworker. I have always fantasized about this....meeting a friend in the loo every morning at work, perhaps sharing the paper, commenting on each other's odors and noises, farts grunts etc. I have a good friend at work and I would love to have a daily dump with him. I once asked him if he ever took a shit at work and he said that he never does because he religiously goes at home as soon as he gets up. I was disappointed.

Mr. Hankey
Doing the deed the “right way” - A few of my friends and I seem to have differing opinions on exactly which techniques of taking a crap are “legal”. Some of these styles are addressed in the Toilet Survey, while others are not (I would be curious to see some of the statistics from that survey). Here are some of my insights to the issues. When in public washrooms, I feel its necessary to line the toilet seats with a few strips of toilet paper. Some of my friends feel lining the seat is not required, while others like to perform aerial acts (they will either situate their ass over the toilet or just bend over in hopes of landing one in the john). When wiping, no one seems to agree. I like to use 4-5 squares of two-ply TP when I’m at home, but when I’m in a public place with that paper-like-single-sheet stuff I use up to 10 equivalent square lengths. I just don’t like to take chances, the last thing I want is a brown tattoo on my fingers. I’ve been told that 5 sheets is “just waaaaaaaay too much”, I have a friends who use 3 squares, something I just can’t imagine doing. On the other hand, I have friend who uses !2! squares which _really_ scares me! I’ve also noticed that there are many different folding techniques; I’ll fold my 4-5 squares in half, then in half again before I wipe. Where as one of my friends just bunches up the paper and wipes. But what really freaks me out is a few of my friends do a “wipe-fold-wipe”! These guys actually wipe and go back for one, two or three more wipes using the same USED TP!!! I sure hope no one out there does a “double wipe” or “wipe-FLIP-wipe”. Back to the stand/sit issue…while wiping I usually stay seated and pitch forward before wiping. Others will stay seated without bending forward or some will half stand and half sit but one guy stands straight up and wipes (this must be kinda funny to see in a public restroom, seeing some guy pop his head up and down between wipes). Something that I’ve never personally experienced is the Ring-Of-Fire. I’ve been told that the Ring-Of-Fire usually happens after eating spicy food. Its supposed to be an overwhelming “hot” sensation around the anus, like someone has a lighter to your ass – doesn’t sound like fun. Does anyone know exactly how long it takes for something you digest to appear out the other end? Well...When you've got to go, you've got to go...

We had been out with some friends. I got pretty drunk that evening and the next morning I did remember that I before leaving the pub I had felt the urge to go. On the way to my boyfriend's car I dropped a big load of mushy poop in my panties. I only realized what I had done when I felt the poop spreading throughout my panties. Before we reached the car some of the poop which my panties could not hold fell from under by skirt on the ground. My boyfriend was furious because he had to find something to protect the seat of his car. Did other people have accidents while being drunk?

I was at my friend house after school and we were in her kitchen talking when she said she had to go to the bathroom and i just followed her in and sat on the hamper and we kept talking she pulled down her jeans and panties and sat on the bowl,i thought she just had to pee but she said to me i think i'm going to have diarrhea are you sure you want to stay it might be smelly and i said if you don't mind i will and we can talk and about a second later i heard her poops come out and she was right it did stink but no more then my poops do,then it sounded like water comeing out and a lot of farts and when she finished i even saw her wipe her butt and i saw brown water and little poops in the bowl,i then pulled down my pants and panties and sat down i peed and id a fart but couldn't make anything else come out. Now we do it in front of each other all the time and it's nice to have company when you go.

It still amazes me how many guys who write here seem to express surprise that women go to the toilet at all, and are disbelieving that a woman can produce a big smelly dump. It's as if you are all conditioned to think of us as "sugar and spice". Well I have news for you guys: not only do we enjoy a good poo - some of us re actually rather good at it! I have an example from the other day. I was in a pub in the early evening with some friends for a meal. It was mixed company, and we were stood around near the bar after the meal, and I broke wind silently. It was a rather smelly one as I was getting the urge to go for a poo, and the smell was difficult to ignore. So would you believe it? All the guys started accusing each other of doing it! It was as if I couldn't possibly have done anything like that. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or insulted, but I did confess after a while To Tony(UK): That has happened to me a number of times. I usually check that the train loo flushes before using it if I need a poo, but even so it is not foolproof, and the flush turns out to be insufficient for the task. You are not the only guy who sneaks into the loo after a woman has left - I have noticed guys doing that countless times, but never a word is said. If you travel between London and the South Coast, you might have seen me!

I guess you would call this an awkward bathroom experience. I am 19 and trying to find myself,at this stage of my life I have been trying different things sexualy and on a recent trip to New York City i visited a health club that was mostly patronized by Gay females,I just wanted to see what it would be like. When i finished in the gym i went to the locker room with a girl i met named cindy who is also 19 and bi-sexual,the toilet stalls had no doors and were mostly all in use and almost everyone in the place was bare-ass naked so i to striped down to my birthday suit and stuffed my things in the locker and went to pee,i felt kind of funny knowing that all these women were looking at me but it was also a turn on,i did my pee and a small fart which i almost allways do when i pee didnt even wipe since i was heading to the shower and it was just one big room like my High School and some of the women were openly touching themselves and geting off and nobody paid attention. When i finished i towled off and now had to take a shit"I hadn't in 3 days"and i told my new friend and she asked if she could watch and i said sure,i wrapped the towel around my head and sat my big round but firm ass on the shitter and pushed just a little and took a real nice soft stinky dump and heard others doing the same with alot of those echoing toilet bowl farts,it took about 5-6 mins and the other girl watched as i stood to wipe my bottom,I thought it was a great experience of which i have told no one except you guys.

Tyler, that was a really cool post about "poop sculptures"! I would love to hear anymore stories like this that anyone has! =)

Hello again. I have shared a few post with you and by now, you can tell I have an excruciating fetish with women and their dumps. I like to see all women but it seems that is is the ladies of color that turn me on the most. My fetish goes back to my first job out of college at a small office with mostly women.I worked as a file clerk in an old converted apartment building. This was the ideal setup to ease drop on the ladies doing their stuff because the two single unixes toilets had very thin and hollow walls. What's more, there was a closet on both sides of each toilet. I made it a point to get in early in the morning because I knew that is the time ladies do their jobbies. When I saw a lidy go in the toilet, I just acted like i was getting some office supplies out of one of the closets and I would put my ear to the wall. Some times I heard nothing much more than a tickle. Other times, it sounded like the "D" day invasion of Normandy, and it was the black ladies letting out most of the cannon fire. Ahh, and the smell, the wonderful aroma of female dung, pleasure to the nostrils. There was this older black cleaning lady of a pretty hefty build who would often come in on weekends to clean the office and she would use the toilet in there as well. I happened to be in a back room when she came in one morning unaware that I was In the office doing some catchup work. I saw her go into the bathroom, the one where I had taken the "toilet out of order sign" off and I took my seat ringside. First I heard grunting and straining, Ohh, Ohh, have mercy, this is the big one, I heard her mumble through the wall. Plow, plow, plow, splash, ker-plunk,oh have mercy, ahhh she continued to mumble. It sounded like it was comming out in buckets of liquid and lard turds. She finished about twenty minutes later and scurried out of the office. I went in to the toilet and smack, I got hit with the funk of the century. Man, if I had struck a match up in there, I be dead right now. I looked into the bowl and it was filled to the rim with brown water. I jiggled the handle and a little water flushed and all the sudden I saw about 4 or 5 good sized corn dogs float to the surface. Can any one tell me what those SISTAS eat!!

Hugh G.
After working here for over three months, I finally got to crap in the urinal. I wanted to test it and see if it could double as a crapper. I could feel my guts cramp up, like a load of diarrhea is on its way. My office is about 30 yards from the bathroom, so I started a quick march past the drill presses and the grinders on my way to the toilet. The turn-of-the-century building has some really old bathroom fistures, including urinals that resemble lopsided birdbaths. When I got to the bathroom, the cleaning crew was busily cleaning in there. I didn't want to crap in lye toilet cleaner, so I walked a bit further to the foreman's office, which has a private bathroom. That bathroom is equipped the same as the one I left, except it only has one toilet, one urinal, a hot-pink sink, and a locking door. There was that funny-looking urinal, just beckoning. I sat there and shot out my turds and whey. I'll spare you English the tales of diarrhes, but it wasn't quite as watery as I expected. When I got up, all the crap was in the tiny pit at the bottom of the urinal. One flush, and it was gone! Now, that's one po! werful urinal! It seems like a huge waste of water just for a quart (946 mL) of urine, but my theory is correct: these old urinals make fine crappers. I had to go over to the adjacent toilet for some paper. Rection.

Poop Loggy Logg
SHort anecdote: Once on a road trip up to see a friend at Notre Dame U., my wife (girlfriend at the time) developed a urinary tract infection. This is much more common in women due to the shorter urethra, and I have never experienced one, but according to her it was absolutely excruciating. She felt like she had to pee REAL %*^$*&#% BAD all the time due to the tingling in her urethra. It was so bad she had to stay inside in our friend's dorm the whole weekend. On the way home, she had me stop the car so she could get out and pee by the side of a country road. Might not seem like a big deal, but if you knew my's like the Queen stopping the royal carriage during a wedding and dropping a load in Piccadilly Circus. She would never ever do it unless absolutely necessary.

Thursday, April 22, 1999

In the building I work at, weekends are scary. It seems someone, either Friday night or Saturday morning, has to use the toilet on my floor. Now you must have a coded-card to get to the floor, so that's why I'm guessing it is someone from ********. On a couple occasions, before I realized it was a pattern, I would go open the stall door to notice the toilet almost overflowing with excrement. I'm talking terd the size of my arm, wads of toilet paper, and a flourescent urine. I woulnd't have flushed the toilet after dumps like that, b/c the thing would overflow. I'd probably take a picture and send it to someone I didn't like and say "this is what you look like after I eat you up and crap you out". Thank goodness I don't work weekends anymore.

Glad to see i am not alone with the hair problem donna and yes my bf loves my big black bush and i have tried a razzor but its kind of difficult back their and i am way to embaresed to ask anyone to do it for me but i hvae thought about asking my sister since i've done some gross things for her in the past,but let me tell you about the dump i took a little while ago.It was about an hour after i got to work and i started to do a little farting,heade off to the toilet with my dumping buddy tanya (she doesn't know about my hair pboblem)we went stalls next to each other and as i was leting out a loud fart tanya started to pee a loud stream and did a good fart herself and started to push the same time i did we love to talk to each other while we shit and have made it an almost once a day thing we both feel that hearing the other person makes you more relaxed and have a better quality poop.sometimes we can smell the place up quite bad,we have never seen each other on the bowl and have no intrest in it at the moment.and i wouldn't know how to approach the subject anyway.I droped a turd about 8inches long almost in the shape of an "s" and then a couple more much smaller ones and ofcourse used about half a roll of tp on my hairy crack and a wet wipe i keep in my purse,tanya was still finishing up as i washed my hands.

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