anna marie
When i saw karens post about doing a #2 when pregnant it reminded me of this.When i was 6 or 7 months pregnant with my first i was at the beach with a girlfriend and as we were leaving i also had the sudden and very urgent need to poop and the only place was a little wooded area next to the parking lot so i asked my friend to come stand guard.When we behind this sort of low hedge i started to undue my one piece bathing suit and then relized i might shit on it so took it off and handed it to my friend and as soon as i tried to squat i relized it was impossible in my condtion so ijust sort of stuck my big ass straight out and pushed and shot out a big load of loose poop all over the hedge as my friend was doing her best to ignor me and watch for anyone in the area.I was really embaresed to do this with my friend standing next to me even though she turned her back i knew she heard the farts and smelled it all.As i was finishing up and wipeing my self with kleenex my friend said hurry up and i thought someone was comeing but she said now you made me have to do it and she pulled down her shorts and bikini bottom and i watched a long sort of thick turd drop on th ground and then an even bigger one but no gas at all.we have never spoke of this again but we feel much closer to each other after buddy dumping.

BUZZY, Hmmm...I'm a young and yes you can say, attractive black female.:-) And honestly, my poops are nothing to get excited about because they are often small and solid. I wish that I had some exciting poops to tell you about but I don't. Maybe in the future.;-)

Gina, MSW
In answer to Tree Whizzer about "appropriate punishments for children who have accidents, I have a simple answer. I don't believe that any punishment is appropriate regarddless of the age of the child or whether it was a genuine accident or a child doing it on purpose. Incidentally, most child rearing experts will tell you it is extremely rare that a child will soil themselves on purpose. I do believe that after a certain age (say 8 or 9) that the child should be made responsible for cleaning up the mess themselves, but this shouldn't be made out to be a punishment. Rather, it should simply be made clear to child that she is now old enough to be fully responsible for her own bodily functions and cleaning up the mess is what must be done when bowel movements are done in the pants. That is quite an unpleasant chore and the child will easily learn that its simply easier just to go in the toilet than in her pants. Other than insisting the child clean it up, however, NO PUNISHMENT should be given.

Another story; Last summer i was biking and i had the feeling something was coming on.So i went into a gas station and went in to get the key to the men's room. A woman was behind the counter counting money from the register and said she had to look for the key.After 5 mins. of looking for the key, she finally found it.I said to her "i was getting nervous you weren't going to find it,I've been biking for a while trying to find a bathroom!" She was nice looking and said " Here's the key,hold on a second,i want to see if ther's toilet tissue in there" so we went to the men's room and sure enough,ther wasn't any. At this point, i had to go pretty bad so i said " can you get some from the ladie's room?"The women's room was right next to the men's room with the bowls back to back up against the wall.So she come back and hands me the tissue and I said" thanks a lot I really need this" She smiled and said"I know what you mean,have a good time and bring back the key when you're done" I just smiled and went into the toilet.It was small with a sink and a bowl up against the wall.Boy ,was it HOT in there,but it was clean,so i got totally undressed cause it was so hot in there!As i'm undressing,i hear the door from the women's room open up and i hear someone go in.Then i notice the sound of rattling keys like on a keyring and i realize it was the woman attendent going into the bathroom! So i sat on the bowl to see if i could hear anything.I heard her pull down her pants and sit on the bowl.I could't believe it!Then I heard her pee.she peed like a racehorse.I was loving it!!Then I heard a long fart and more peeing and then silence.So i had to poo pretty bad so i sat foward on the bowl and i had a feeling she was listening to me,so i was turned on by the thought of this and decide to give her a show! So i pushed and this long fart came out.I knew she could hear it.Then i leaned foward and let the poo flow.It was soft and ther was gas in the middle of it al.It was pretty noisy! Then i groaned with relief and sat back to see if anything was going on and i heard her grunting and i heard a fart from her side,so i pushed out a long fart of my own followed by more loose poop and gas and then i felt done and let out this AHHHHHHHH sigh of relief.I leaned back to see if i could hear any thing but didn't.I guess she trid to poop but didn't.So i wiped my butt and got off thinking of her enjoying my dump and got dressed and went in to return the key .She was in there and said" feel better? bet you had to go pretty bad" i said " the best thingsin life are free" and smiled and said nothing else. I hoped she enjoyed it as i'm sure she did! I went back to that gas stationbut didn't see her again. TOO BAD .In a weird way,It was pretty cool.I'll look for her this summer!!! true story!!SEE YA!

I everyone: A week ago me and my friends went into the bathroom becuase they needed to pee. I stood there doing nothing. Well while the urinal was occupied my two friends got in an argument. Friend 1: "Your mama." Friend 2: "F**k you!" A toilet flushes. A teacher walks out of the stall and come over to wash his hands. The boys are nervous. The teacher leaves. Of course everyone finishes their business and leaves. The teacher didn't say anything to the two boys. I don't think the teachers really care anymore since they aren't really making a difference in their language. I don't cus. I don't know why people do. It's so stupid. Does anyone go to Jackson Middle School in Jackson Missouri?

Legal Smartass
Legal Eagle: Uh... The same rules do apply on both restrooms. If a woman can sue for doorless stalls, a man can do just the same. It really is the same story there. If it isn't where you live, file a petition to require either non-segregated restrooms or equally maintained and equipped restrooms at all businesses and gov't offices in your area. The same issues arose about 30-some-odd years ago involving segregated "white" and "colored" restrooms, as you can tell non-segregated restrooms seem to dominate.

Hey gang! Back from spring break last week and took a lunch break dump again in my favorite bathroom at school. First thing I did was to check all 3 stalls-first stall had a long circular tube of shit in the bowl-kind of like an upside down U. Looked a little bit like a horseshoe. Very unique looking anyway. The second stall had a big soft mound in it. It looked like a 2 pound hershey kiss, it even had a little curl at the top. I don't know who did that one, but it must have been a big blast. Then stall 3--amazing! More poop! Everyone must have really saved it up over spring break! Stall 3 had a huge array of mini logs and pieces. I counted 11 of them, and there might have been more buried under the toilet paper. Looked like a pretty good explosion. Ofcourse, while I'm in there, no one comes in to dump. But I decided to go in my favorite stall, the 2nd one, and I thought maybe I could dump a log on top of the hershey kiss, because I had sweet and sour pork the night before and I thought it might produce a nice turd. So I sat down, and about 2 seconds later, this poop came shooting out of my butt. I wasn't even ready for it, I don't know where it came from-I thought I was going to release a nice fart, and instead I got a rocket poop. Not even that big, about 6 inches--it just shot out and embedded itself in the side of the hershey kiss. It hooked up a little bit and the other end was sticking up out of the water. So then it looked a little like a teapot, and my contribution was the handle! Very unusual sculpture anyway--I don't think that toilet would have flushed very well after that. I didn't even have any more poop come out at all--that shit was over way too quickly. But it is nice that some guys are finally starting to leave their poops on display for viewing. Nicky, I won't start a debate on whether buddy dumping is a sexual or recreational sport. There seem to be plenty of posts from both viewpoints. I also don't really think California is that 'live and let live'--I just think we might be perceived that way compared to other states like Iowa or Kansas or other such places. Then again, all the farmland in those states might be more condusive to buddy dumping. I don't know. At any rate, I have not been in a situation where the subject (or opportunity) has come up. However, at the gym last night, my friend Chad and I always work out, and then Chad likes to sit in the sauna (in the men's locker room--only guys). So I sit in there with him, altho I don't really see the point of getting hot and sweaty working out, and then going into a sauna and sweating more. But we do it anyway. So we are the only two sitting in there and he is talking, and all of a sudden he just lets a ripe bubbly fart out. He had a towel around himself, but he lifted himself up off the bench to do it, and it was a good one. Now, I suppose I could have said something like, 'Wow, you sound like you need to drop a big load--mind if I watch?' but I restrained myself, and just said 'Thanks for sharing!' He laughed and said 'Your welcome' and went back to talking. For the record, I didn't find that his ripe fart mixed well with the sauna heat. Fairly unpleasant actually--I don't recommend it! I don't know if I would want to buddy dump with Chad--it might be fun, but I've snuck a peek at him in the shower, and he has so much hair on his ass I don't think the view would be very good. I have a squeaky clean hairless butthole, and with a mirror I can see really good detail of it opening and closing. But Chad has so much hair that I don't think you would be able to see it. I guess it might be fun watching a turd break through the forest...I hope my butthole stays hairless for a long time, because I don't want to have to start shaving down there--that would be dangerous I would think. Plus, I have never heard of butthole hair-removal cream, but I do think it would be a great invention! Later! Ty

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Legal Eagle
Attn: Karen: Did you know it was ILLEGAL for a womens restroom to not have locking stall doors? Every stall must have a door. Unlike mens restrooms, which have no such rules. Contact a lawyer immediatly, you seem to have a good case. The doors will be mounted in 23 hours, and you can again poop with dignaty.

Several years ago I parked my car in a parking lot and had to poo badly. I looked around and I didn't see anyone. I kept the car door open, hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties and squatted. I pooed a massive turd that seemed to take forever to come out. I wiped with a kleenex and adjusted myself. My turd was over a foot long! By the way, my friends at work and myself all go to the ladies room at lunchtime where it's a good place to chat. We leave the stall doors open even if one of us is pooing and making noises. Is this common?

I recently went to the Dentist and the nurse excused herself to go to the bathroom After she came out I made and excuse to go in It reaked still Who said pretty blondes dont poop

Further to "Some Guy" on the Gerri Halliwell bowel movement scenario, Id love to see this exercise of "Girl Power". This morning, before writing this I did a nice big fat jobbie at 6.05 hours British Summer Time. It came out nice and smooth and easy with a loud "Kur-sploonk!" When I looked in the pan it was a nice big light brown 12 incher and 2 inches thick. slightly curved. I thought, "I bet that's the type of motion Gerri Halliwell does" so I dedicated it to her. Cheers "Ginger" hope you have a nice big easy one like that this morning love.

Dave NY, I hope your interesting experience brings you and your girlfriend back together again, but tell me, how big was her jobbie? I assume it was a hard constipated lumpy turd.

Yesterday on the train coming back fom work there was a large girl of about 25 I'd guess sitting opposite me. She was quite an attractive brunette and reasonably ????. She got up to go to the toilet asking me to mind her seat and was away for five minutes. I just "knew" she had done a motion, so when she came back I went to the toilet myself. It was the old style train toilet pan, not the modern suction or trap door type, so when I lifted the lid I saw her big fat jobbie stuck there and the smell of a freshly laid solid poo hung in the air. It was a very dark brown almost black, lumpy turd, about 14 inches long I'd guess and 2 and a half inches fat at its thickest part, shaped like a big log with about 4 inches sticking up out of the water. As I came out a bloke came in and, thinking I had done it, said, "Cor mate, I bet you feel better for that!" I replied, "Yes, its a weight off my mind!" When I retured to my seat I could see by the look in the big girl's face that she knew that I had seen her motion but of course she didn't say anything to me nor I to her.

Reya, I often read posts like yours about needing a dump while in the great outdoors. I notice that you Yanks have a reluctance to do it and there have been posts about doing it in plastic bags to bin later and even having an accident in their panties trying to find a toilet rather than do it on the ground! We dont have such problems in the UK. Sure, we dont just shit any old place, but I have not yet read of any requirement to "bag your jobbie" if you go in the woods or countryside here. Okey, only an idiot would do a poo near a stream or watercourse, but in amongst the bushes or behind a wall in the fields is no probelm unless say a whole troop of Boy Scouts or Girl Guides or a lot of people did so in a short length of time. Human dung, as with animal, is biodegradable and the odd turd here and there will soon break down and be absorbed by the ecosystem from the action of flies and other insects, beetles and of course bacteria, and will fertilise the ground. When I was a teenager I sometimes used to do a motion in the woods near my school and some other pupils, especially some of the girls, did likewise. As an experiment I did a jobbie in the woods, (in early May) and then each day observed what happened to it. It was a nice big solid firm turd of about 10 inches long. Each day at lunchtime I went back to look. I had passed it out in the open on top of dry sandy earth. Next day it had dried out a bit, darkened and formed a hard crust but it was obvious that flies had been to it. The following day it had much reduced in size and hard dried to the extent that it had separated into the lumps that had been compacted togther, the following day some of it was missing, I assume Dung Beetles had taken some. By the end of the week only a dark stain on the earth showed that something had been there, so I imagine that, unless in the cold of winter, a human turd will soon be disposed of by nature. Has anyone else made such observations?

I wanted to respond to some of the posts I've been reading lately on this forum. THOM; I can only speak for myself,but when i said i wasn't gay,what i meant was i never was with a man and i really never thought about it in that sense,but i do admit enjoying going to a crowded men's room to poop and listening to other men poop and i'm glad to see that i'm not alone,like i thought i was for years.Some years ago, i was biking in the woods and i went off the path to pee and i saw a guy about 30feet away taking a wicked dump.He didn't see me and for some reason,i was turned on by watching his asshole open up and expell his poops.I never saw a man do this before but for some reason,i enjoyed the view.I didn't want to know him or be with him,i just enjoyed the moment...

TO the guy who talked about black women pooping,( sorry i don't remember your name....RICK?)I've never seen that,but i heard it!! One night,when i was in the south, i met a beautiful black womam and spent the nite with her and we had a great time.The next morning,we ate breakfast and went back to my room.She said on the way back that she had to go,so when we got to the room,she went straight into the toilet.I turned the TV on,but she didn't know about my feddish!!I sneaked to the bathroom door and listened.I heard her pull down her pants and sit down and then she farted a long semi-loud one.Then i heard her pushing and groaning and i could hear the turd crackling out her ass.This went on for i'd guess about 20-25 seconds!It must have been a monster!!Then,she sat there for a minute and then grunted again and farted and then expelled what sounded like a big mushy load of poop.I was SO turned on by this.I was wishing i could see it.When she came out,i made love to her for an h! our!!Then i never saw her again.TOO BAD!!But.if this guy RICK? is right, i would kill to see a black woman poop!!I would love to hear from some black women describing their pooping to me!!This forum has made me feel i'm NOT alone.I really enjoy reading about ANYONE taking a wicked poop.SO keep them coming and i'll keep them coming too!!I've got dozens of stories i could never talk about,until now on this forum!!BYE

Thom, I replied to your earlier post last week stating that I was still around and had posted about a month ago. However, like you, my post must have got lost somewhere. I used a glycerine suppository last night. I wasn't constipated, as I had gone the night before, but just felt the need to take a good shit. The subsequent urge felt good, but the results were not that great; lots of small balls, no real logs. Steve from STL, no news to report on the Nick front. He's either constipated or changed his bowel habits from the evening to the morning. Next time I take a dump when he's over, I may ask him about that! Took a real power dump in the university library last week. I was almost 'touching cloth' when I got to the bathroom. Both stalls were vacant. I needed to go so bad that I couldn't wait to 'share' the experience with someone else, as I normally do. I unloaded a huge pile of soft shit which came above the water line and created quite a stink. I was so relieved when I ! had finished, that my eyes were almost watering! Paul D., liked the way you described the 'masculine event'. That's why many guys take an interest in what other guys are doing.

Several years ago I parked my car in a parking lot and had to poo badly. I looked around and I didn't see anyone. I kept the car door open, hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties and squatted. I pooed a massive turd that seemed to take forever to come out. I wiped with a kleenex and adjusted myself. My turd was over a foot long! By the way, my friends at work and myself all go to the ladies room at lunchtime where it's a good place to chat. We leave the stall doors open even if one of us is pooing and making noises. Is this common?

Hey Karen, I do like your story, and I do sympathize for you, because I definitely wouldn't like my belly showing at any time during a pregnancy. But it did turn me on a little bit hearing you say that stuff. Both about your pregnancy, and about your liquid shit. LOL Happy motions to all! Dave-NY P.S.- I'll try to get a few more stories goin' with my ex-g/f. :)

Mary - You can buy bottles suitable for peeing in an automobile. They even have a funnel attachment for women, to solve your problem of some pee going down the outside of the bottle. In the Far East they market as "EZP" (try saying it and you'll work out why!) but in Britain they are just formally known as "portable urinals"; not sure about anywhere else. Alternatively, if you're concerned about other people spotting a device like this in your automobile, you could consider the more innocent-looking MacDonald's (large) cup. I saw a TV documentary about private detectives who have to sit for hours in automobiles watching peoples' houses, and one detective said she always kept a MacDonald's cup with her in case she needed to pee.

Sandra I have the same problem, to much hair I have put a mirror in my pruse to make sure I am clean. It is a real pain. But I want to make sure I am clean I tryed the razor thing, very hard to do alone.I have so much hair that it run's from my belly button down and all around the bottom. The only thing that makes its not worth worthing about is the men I have dated LOVE it. The man I am with now it drives him crazy. So try to stop thinking about it and have some fun with it.

College Guy
You want to know about college bathrooms? Ask around in a local college town. They will tell you that guys are quite open about their habits. I shit at least twice a day, and admit it. Urinating is also quite open. People don't close the stall door when peeing. Need more answers, I am sure I can help.

anyone have more diarrhea stories?

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

Some Guy
Hey MARTIN... I'll tell you what I want- what I really, really want: to see Geri taking a big dump. That would be great. To JILL: I don't know about perfect bowels,... in fact Janet Jackson has the opposite. She said somewhere that she takes coffee enemas for depression. I love her, but as Chris Rock said, "You got to be pretty depressed to put some latte up your ass."

In the "Parade" magazine section of this Sunday's newspaper, there was an article on constipation...I read it with great interest...Among other things that cause constipation, if a person is diabetic, sometimes the lower bowel muscles become semi-paralyzed and/or sluggish, thus causing constipation if and when the water in the solid waste material is absorbed to be passed through the kidneys to flush excess sugars from the system...Thus it is recommended that a person drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day to cut down on the water absorption from the large intestine...The drinking of pop, juices, sport drinks, alcohol, etc., is not recommended because of the above reason...If you do get the newspaper in your area, I would encourage you all to read the article in "Parade"...

HI,had an interesting dump yesterday a.m.The day before,I had a huge ceasar salad that had the works on it.I got up and was watching tv and got a big cramp and felt my rectum filling up,so i went to the bowl and took off my undershirt.I knew this was going to be good so i took the mirror with me.(since i've been posting,any time i feel a good poo coming on, i bring the mirror to see the poop as it exits my anus) So i sat down and placed the mirror where i could see my asshole and I relaxed and did a real long,loud fart.boy,that felt good!Then i pushed my penis down inthe bowl and pissed.While I peed i laid another long fart and felt like i had to push.My asshole exploded with this leafy looking poop.I saw my anus open up and expel this stuff. Then i sat there pushing,watching my anus push out.Then i felt another cramp and pushed but nothing happened.So i started to massage my ???? from right to left(since this is the way your intestines go i find it helps to get things going,at least for me it works great--anybody else do this?) Well,then i felt it coming on again and pushed.I saw my asshole open up again and this long,skinny poo come out and as it came out,it got thicker and then exploded into the bowl,then i farted again and this big,partially digested leaf came slowly out my asshole and kept coming out and then it just hung there for a bit.I just sat there looking at this leaf hanging out my ass.I pused my anus in and out but it still hung there.Then i massaged my ???? again and about 2-3 min went by and i felt another wave of poop coming down.This time i didn't push.I looked at my asshole and it opened up like a cave and all this leafy stuff flew out along with farts and mushy poop.It felt sooooooogoood.then i sat there and farted some more and then i masturbated and got off in a big way( partiailly missed the bowl,a drag)Anybody else do this kind of pooping after caesar salad?I get a lot of gas too,i farted as much as i pooped!!LOVE ALLTHE POSTS<KEEP THEM COMING!! BYE

Sandra: I am male, but I wanted to respond to your "bush" problem, because it is the pain in the neck for me too. Unless I do a hard-formed dump, some of the bowel movement sticks to the hair around my hole. When I am in Eurpoe or Asia, there is no problems because there is usually a hose attached to the toilet, and I can clean up by spraying water. If you only have toilet paper, the cleaning up process really sucks. Like you, I try to moisten the toilet paper, but even then, it takes a lot of paper. You go on to say you have used all the usual methods to get rid of your bush: does this include a razor blade? I would never use a razor in areas I can't see like near my anus. Also, you sound embarrassed by your bush. I don't know why. It is a pain to keep clean but I otherwise like my bush and like women with big bushes as well.

Hi Everyone, and Hi to Carlos, BrentC. "Me" and Dan. Have really enjoyed you posts. I submitted a post last week but it didn't get on. I think it got lost in the shuffle as there were a few days when there were no new posts. Don't think that there was anything in it that was not appropriate. Actually almost everything I said or asked was in Brent C.'s post. Dan I also use gylcerine suppositories for constipation. I like them because they are easy to use and they work for me. I also use an enema when things get really difficult. "Me" I echo Brent C. and his questions and comments about using suppositories in college. I was in college when I bought my first suppositories. I didn't tell anyone that I was constipated but I would hear other guys in the stalls taking very constipated dumps. Later on when I moved off campus and was sharing an apartment with 2 other guys they knew that I got constipated. Carlos I have also farted out hard cannonballs. I have to strain to go and usually after a lot of straining and grunting I will shoot out a cannonball with a long fart. Carlos, I know that you don't use laxatives but have you ever tried a suppository. Do not remember you ever mentioning them. I use them because once I get a dump started I can usually get relief, but sometimes I can not get on started with out using a suppository. I save the enema for the big cleanout. Be worth a trip to Dallas to take a long dump with you and Brent C. Dan and "Me" hope to hear more of your stories. There have been numerous comments about our interest in going to the bathroom and sexuality, especially if we happen to find ourselves interested in the bathroom habits of someone who is the same sex ( the I am not gay disclaimers). I say Relax!! Lets enjoy what we enjoy and not over analyze it or label it. There is a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) thread of sexuality running through many of the stories. I was and am so happy at finding this forum! and learning that I am not alone in this interest. It has allowed me to enjoy this without feeling guilty or in some way inferior or strange etc. Keep the stories coming. Thanks Thom

Well, I just had another pretty interesting experience with my ex-g/f after not having seen her for a few months. We decided to take a break from seeing each other, all for the best, and then about 4 months later, she called me back and was almost crying, saying she needed me to come over to her house. When I got over there, she opened the door, and her belly was so bloated, it looked like she had gotten pregnant! So, naturally curious, I had to ask. "Are you pregnant?", I asked. She told me, "No, I haven't had a shit in about 6 days!" I could easily tell she was in a lot of pain, and I supported her around the waist, and helped her to the bathroom, all the while with her crying with pain. We got in there, and I told her to sit down. She claimed she couldn't move that much, mostly because it hurt so much. I then helped her pull her pants and panties down, and she spread her legs and I slowly, softly rested her butt on the seat, and she was still crying in pain. I told her to just simply relax a little bit, and she said she was in a ton of pain. I just couldn't stand seeing her hurting so much, just from a shit that wouldn't come out. I told her to push hard, and I'd do what I could to help. She pushed, and I rubbed her belly, but absolutely nothing happened. Then without warning, she pushed again, and right while I was trying to grab it to get it out. It all just plopped out, right onto my hands, and she just gasped and started crying on my shoulder. Damn, I couldn't believe how much pain it could cause her! Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

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