To the anonymous poster (19 going 20) answering my previous post, thank you for your comments. It is very useful to read your views and I'd certainly be interested in any further experiences from you or anyone else. My eldest son has rarely had anything more than slight skid marks and is usually totally clean. Both boys mainly have white underwear. I would be reluctant to give him dark pants because that would only hide the problem, not solve it. Except when he messes his pants badly, it doesn't usually show through to the back as there is a double thickness at the area which gets dirty. I will try to establish when he does it, but I think it can be at any time. I do wonder whether you may be correct in thinking that sometimes he just can't be bothered. I have spoken to a couple of other mothers at the school, both of whom say that their sons often have brown stains, although I have yet to pluck up the courage to ask them whether they think it is inefficient wiping of bottoms or actual messing in pants that causes the problems. Both also have daughters who rarely mess themselves, although one did say that her daughter wets herself occasionally. Thinking back to my schooldays, I can only recall one girl who used to poo her panties, but many who often had yellow stains! Anybody else care to recall the state of their friends pants/panties?

I was at the local community pool the other day with my 6 year old daughter when the sudden urge to do a #2 became quite urgent,since i didn't want to leave her by herself even for a few moments i took her by the hand and off we went to find the ladies room.The only one is inside the locker area and much to my dismay the toilet stalls had no doors and the room was quite full of other girls and women in various states of undress or going potty,Well i didn't have much choice so i walked into the last stall as far away from the main area as possible and started to pull down my one piece suit down past my knees and oh i forgot to say, i am seven months pregnant so i felt kind of embarresed to be just about naked with my big ???? and breasts hanging out and i hadn't even started to go yet!Well by now my little girl has totaly lost interest in mommy's problem and is playing with the sink and a teenage girl has sat on the bowl in the next stall and is peeing and pooping her little heart out as i let go a fart that echoed quite loudly followed by a lot of liquid poop and plenty more gas.I did feel alot better when i started to go as far as other people being around since i was hearing some others makeing the same noises but i was stinking them all out by far and then to further humiliate me the stall is so narrow that the only way i can clean my very pregnant backside is to point it out the stall so i had enough room to move my arm and the tp is the kind that comes off the roll 1 or 2 sheets at a time and while i was so engaged another women about my age 35 turned the corner and walked over to the sink and started to wash her hands a had a full view of my wide ass as i finished up.I think i will avoid the pool for a few months.

my husband and i were driving home from a weekend trip to the beach.we'd been driving for about four hours and it was getting late. we still had about two hours worth of driving to do before we got home. by this time, i really needed to pee, but i knew we needed to get home so my husband could get some sleep before he had to go to work the next day, so i didn't say anything. we drove for about another hour. by this time i had to go so bad i could barely stand it, and i had to tell him. he asked me what i wanted to do, because by this time we were on back roads and there weren't any resturants, or rest stops. also, because it was so dark where we were, neither of us wanted me to get out of the car and go in the woods (i am very shy and was scared if i went on the side of the road someone would drive by and see me) . he pulled over and began looking for a cup while i tried to sit on my foot. he couldn't find anything, and by this time i was breaking out into a cold sweat. he rushed to look in the trunk. and while he did so i pulled up my skirt and took off my panties just in case. after what felt like an eternity, he came back with an empty two-liter bottle. it was hard to situate it so my pee stream went in, but i was so desperate i had to just go an let some pee run down the side. the bottle was almost half-way filled up when i finished. my husband gave me a napkin which i wiped with then tossed out the window. i put my clothes back on as he disposed of the bottle then we went home. i cold tell how turned on he was b watching me, and we had great sex that night.

Jill and Martin. I really loved reading about Gerri Halliwell's (ex Ginger Spice) comments about enjoying having a good poo every morning or being grumpy. As she is one of my fantasy pooing girls I can imagine her sitting there on the pan with the black briefs she wore under her Union Jack miniskirt at one of the Spice Girls concerts down at her knees as a big,fat, long, easy formed jobbie of about 12 inches in length slides out between her ???? buttocks and lands in the pan with a loud "Kur-sploonk!" I also often think about Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry doing a nice big jobbie. It seems to me that many younger women like to talk about their bowel movements. Its said that another pretty ???? redhead, Sarah Ferguson , Duchess of York, also had a similarly frank conversation about her number twos on TV , and this didn't go down well with the Queen or the "establishment". (tight arsed shower of snobs that they are!)

Rick, I work with a few Afro Carribean (black) people two of whom are women and I have found that these two black girls pass some real whoppers which often get stuck in the toilet. Their jobbies are long and fat but smooth and easy, big curved sausages and listening to them perform their turds seem to come out easily with a gentle "UH AH! to help them on their way then a quiet "Floomp!" as they slide into the water. The black men do similarly big easy motions so is this down to a healthier ethnic diet or some phsyical difference in the bowels of negriods over caucasians? Can someone with medical knowledge perhaps explain. If its diet then I think I'll start eating Afro meals!

Tree Whizzer. Im not a parent so I wont have to put up with accidents in kids but do not approve of the fascist approach. If its a genuine accident at whatever age then the no fuss approach is best. There are some cases were a child does soil on purpose to gain attention over say a more favoured sibling, but if this is the case it is probably better to seek expert advice. Again accidents can be a result of the child not wanting to use the toilet at school because of bullies, or perhaps a teacher who wont allow them to leave the class to use the toilet. Such matters are best addressed with the school head etc. Sometimes repeated accidents have a physical cause, weak sphincter, some food allergy causing chronic diarrhea, or even the "spurious diarrhea" mentioned by Nicola as a result of fecal impaction. While the odd isolated accident is better ignored repeated events of this nature need some investigation. All these possibilities should be examined with the help of medical and other advisors if repeated accidents happen in a previously clean person. As has been said, few parents rub a kid's face in its vomit if it throws up so why do so in its shitty knickers if is fills its pants?

Monday, April 19, 1999

Tiny Girl......Yes, I certainly do get a great buzz from watching my poops flush away. Good to hear you do too, it is good fun watching the poo and paper swirl around the bowl and get pushed down down the S bend!!! My favourite toilet would have to be a public toilet down the coast about 50 miles from my home. It is my favourite partly because of the location, at a lookout that overlooks a large section of coast. The main reason I like it so much though is because it's always very clean, has lots of soft but strong toilet paper and above all, is the seat is higher than most toilets I've come across. I am a bit long legged, so like to sit up on a nice high toilet. The bowls themselves are stainless steel and the water level is even lower than the usual toilets here are, ensuring a lovely splash on the bum for me each time I drop a shit. Whenever I go for a drive down the coast, I nearly always need to shit just before I get to this lookout, so it's a good chance to visit my favourite toilet!!!!

Now to my latest shit. This morning, I did what had to be the quickest shit I've ever done!!!! I was just watching TV, when I suddenly felt a strong urge to shit. I was still naked as I'd been to lazy to get dressed, so I went into the bathroom and sat down on the pot. As soon as I sat down, I just relaxed my anus without having to push and two shits came out "plop..PLOP!!!!!". A small one first, then a much larger one, but they both came out in less than two seconds!!!! Then I did a little bit of dribbly wee (I'd only had a wee ten minutes before). I looked in the bowl and there was a small turd about two inches long and an inch wide plus the big one which was carrot shaped, smooth, about nine inches long and two wide at the thickest end. I was still amazed how quickly they had slipped out while looking at them!!! I then wiped only twice, not much poo on the paper and then the pee off the end of my dick. I then stood up and as usual, got great pleasure out of watching th e poo and paper swirl down the S bend, all being pushed down forcefully by the powerful flush to eventually end up floating somewhere off Bondi Beach!!!!!

I see in yesterday's Guardian (Saturday - UK) Geri Halliwell was quoted as saying: "You know how important it is to go in the morning. I get grumpy if I don't". The report then goes on to say that, much as it is nice to know she has perfect bowels - her singing still stinks! I just thought this forum likes to hear snippets like this. Any other celebrities with "perfect bowels"? Jill (who isn't a morning person).

Paul D.
I sometimes find it to be a great experience when I'm in a stall in a crowded mensroom with other guys relieving themselves leisurely as they please. It's like there's a certain sense of virility involved when a guy farts a loud windy one while taking a dump or a piss, knowing that he's in the presence of others but really doesn't care; or when you can hear a guy's turds splashing into the toliet like their passing concrete stones. It's just a manly type of experience when guy pisses in the toliet and it's really loud, like a waterfall. Think of it as a command performance...a guy walks into the stall, sits down and commences to fart big logs in the toliet for up to a half-hour(while amusing himself with some form of literature). Then, when he's done, he rolls off huge amounts of TP (signaling that he was REALLY packing a load), wipes himself clean and zips up. He flushes the toilet, which seems to command a cheering ovation by everyone else in the room. The guy then cuts a couple of encore farts in post-dump satisfaction as he walks out the door. It's such a masculine event for all men.

This is in response to Pat about being constiptated for too long. What can happen is the possibility of an impacted bowel which can lead to colostomy (removal of parts of the intestine and having a "shit bag" attached to the outside). When I was in 1st/2nd grade, I had that problem. I didn't know what was going on. I had a hard time taking a dump by my folks took me to the doctor and started off with an enema which took most of an evening before I cleared into the toilet. It was one hell of a mess of what I remember. Afterward, over the next year, I had to take some stool softening medicine which helped. I took a good several years before my lower digestive tract functioned normally such as muscles push the shit out naturally rather than me pushing and straining it out if you get the "drift". Now, I do enjoy the "feel" when I sit on the toilet and hold it for a few seconds and then letting go and letting nature takes its course from there.

Veronica, well, again, I am just shaking my head at the disciplinary actions some parents take. Just as my response to Karen explained, I just can't believe that this type of discipline can be the most effective way to shape a childs future for the better. My god, what your mother did was even more severe than any of the other examples that I have heard. How could she?? Jeez, what would a parent expect to accomplish by this type of reprimand and action? In the majority of cases, an accident is an accident; something that we don't want to do but could not help doing! So tell me how discipline could help at all? It's not something like stealing or having bad manners, etc., where one makes a concious decision to act in a certain way. Does a parent yell and scream and take strict disciplanary measures when a child vomits all over the floor? No--that, in most cases, as far as children go, is an involuntary act and shitting ones pants would be akin to this. I know people who housebreak their dogs by rubbing the puppy's nose in the mess for a few seconds and verbally reprimanding the animal. I read where this isn't even an effective way to train a dog. So, Veronica, what your mom did to you was dicipline not even fit for a dog--god, how cruel! ...I felt so much pain as I read your story, Veronica... best wishes to you in the future...

A while back, a gentleman posted about JC Penney's mens restrooms. I think I was in the same store yesterday. I had gone shoppingwithmy sister, and we stopped to use the ladies restroom in Penneys. I finished up first, and waited outside the ladies restroom, near the water fountain, and of course, the mens restroom door. Well, curiosity got thee better of me, as I watched the door open and close several times. The had 2 entry doors. unlike the ladies room, with only one. But when guys were coming in and going out at the same time, both doors were open at the same time. I was SHOCKED ! saw clearly all three stalls, all doorless ! and all occupied ! I did not see any actuual "private" parts of the guys. But just the thought of using a restroom like that, makes me cringe. One man had a tie and dress shirt on, so I imagine he worked in the store. Everyone had their pants up high, but how do they wipe their asses witout an audience? And the bathroom odors, just simmered out everytime the doors were opened.! Please explain how you guys can use a stall withhout a door. Thanks D.J.

Anybody on here have any suggestions about using college dorm bathrooms? I'm going to be having to use them next year and would like some suggestions.

No SHit!
Last night I had the worst diarrhea. I had been eating tons of crap all day, (not poop, junk food) and it had finally hit home. I woke up at about 4 a.m. with the worst stomach ache I have had my entire life. I was sure I had ruptured my apendix some how. I ran to the bathroom, sat down on the pot, and shit spewed out like I'd had an enema or something! I got up for a minute, and then sat down and relased more shit. I then went back to my room, only a few minuted later to need to shit more. I went back to my room AGAIN, and my stomach still hurt like hell, but no more diarrhea would come out. The next morning, (today) I woke up and felt the urge to shit more, but none would come out. My stomach feels better now, but I know that I'll never eat that much again!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but there haven't been any interesting stories to respond to. I've had some huge compacted motions recently that needed a lot of pushing and groaning. If anyone wants to respond or reflect on that, feel free to at any time. Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

I fell upon this site and learned about many women having constipation problems. I am often constipated too. When I am constipated, ever now and then I suddenly get that feeling of "I could go right now", if only I could. This feeling typically only lasts for a couple of minutes and often it comes when there are no restrooms around. When that happens to me, I push the "plug" into my panties at that very same moment. It is really not such a big deal. I admit it is sometimes somewhat embarrassing (you have to clean up soon after) but it avoids me from having to take medicines. I think I have done this a dozen times or so in the past ten years.

Sunday, April 18, 1999

I had an interesting shit at the gym the other day. It was what you might call a semi-buddy dump. I get up at 7 in the morning every weekday morning and go to the gym to lift weights. It's not a good idea to lift weights while having an imminent turd in you. I usually shit while I'm there every morning, since it's my time to go. Anyway, the other day, a college-age guy that is usually there every morning at about the same that I am was in the weight room while I was. We hardly ever talk--we usually speak to each other once and then that's it. Anyway, on this day I started feeling a shit coming on pretty strong. For some reason or another, I noticed this guy that day acting kind of strange. He would do a set of weight lifts, and then he would get up and pace around the room. I noticed that after a while, right after I started feeling my shit coming on, he started walking toward the locker room. I thought, jackpot! I waited for him to get inside the locker room, and then I ran toward it trying to catch up with him so I could shit with him. I casually walked in and noticed that in the nearer stall to the door (there are 2 stalls there), he had walked in but had not shut the door. I could hear him tearing off toilet paper (probably wiping the seat). I immediately entered the other stall and tried to shut the door. Both stall doors, apparently, cannot be locked (something's wrong with the locks on them). Anyway, it's not too bad, though, because it's a pretty private bathroom, and if someone does come in, they can easily see someone's feet and so you won't have any problems with privacy. After I entered my stall, I waited for him to sit down. He never did, though, and I heard him say "damn." Then he walked out. I figured he got pissed off about the door not locking. So he went back to the weight room and lifted some more weights. I also went back without shitting, hoping he would change his mind. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later, he started to go back. As soon as he entered the lockerroom, I sprinted back there again and entered the lockerroom myself. He must have had to go pretty bad, because I could see that he had just entered the stall again and had just turned around to assume position to sit down. He didn't bother trying to shut the door this time--he pulled down his shorts and underwear and sat down. Then I walked into the bathroom and I guess he heard me coming, because then he shut the door without locking it. I walked into the stall very quickly and sat down fast so as to pretend that I needed to go really really bad. We both enjoyed a good shit for about five minutes. I could hear his turds falling in. No farting that I could hear--he took it slow and easy, and I did the same. We never said anything to each other, but I know I enjoyed it immensely. He grunted a few times during the shit. It greatly aroused me (BTW I'm straight, but shitting with other guys just turns me on some! how), and I almost came close to having an orgasm. But I was able to fend that off. Anyway, I finished first and left before he finished. A minute later he came back into the weightroom and exercised some more. He acted like he felt much better. As I said before, we didn't say anything to each other, but I think we both enjoyed it. Anyway, the next day I went back and he was there, but he never did go back to the bathroom that day. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

No Shit!
to Pat: I have gone seven days without shitting, when I was at camp, and I was eating completely normal food and everything.

(To veronica) I am the same way about public bathrooms! I am in se3venth grade, and have only shitted once at school so far, and it was just one hard little ball of shit. It seems that my body works with my mind so that i won't have to shit in public! When I went to camp last year for a week i did not shit once, and I wasn't constipated or anything! the only time I have shitted in public, (not at school) was diarrhea. My worst diarrhea in public experience was about a year ago, when I was going to ice skaiting lessons and I got the urge to shit. i went in the bathroom and discovered that it was diarrhea. I couldn't take my lesson, but i couldn't leave either, because I didn't want to shit in the car! i am sure my mother and sister knew, because I lied ans said I had a headache to my sister, but she walked into the pot to take a piss, and I am sure she could smell it! has anything like this ever happened to anyone, where you had diarrhea and you were somewhere where you had to do something, but you couldn't because you knew you would have to shit, and you knew if you left you would shit yourself in the car?

To the powers that be at The Toilet: I was wondering, do you have people check all of the posts submitted, or do you have a computer check for certain words that indicate that the post is sexual/fetish stuff or what? I am very curios, so please tell me!

Don't want to divulge all of our security measures, but each one has to be read manually.

Sonia the Shitter
today i was at a concert and i had bad diarrhea and i shit myself right at the concert! i was very sick and i felt like puking but instead i pooped more nad i was so embarrassed i think the band smelt my shit from stage and oh god i am gonna take a shit now BBBLLLLLLLOOPPPPPPPP! (shits badly)

Hi guys! Bill, thanks for your response. Alex and I are the closest of friends, as you probably know, and we love watching each other of our own accord. Intimate, but not *sexual*, as you also know. Yes, Alex stared intently and made some comment about my "yellowish" pee (I take multi-vitamins, hence the color). My pee came out fairly straight, so did Alex's, although her pee had a *clearer* constitution. Pat, I've only taken a laxative once in my life (at the suggestion of my aunt), and it sucked! I posted about this a LONG time ago. I think 4 or 5 days is the longest I've gone without taking a dump- I sometimes wait 2 or 3 days between going. If you like Indian or other "spicy" food, and don't eat it all the time, you can be sure your intestines will "loosen up." Trust me, it works! :) Sandra, I'm a year younger than you are, and don't have nearly as much pubic hair as you described. I have seen 3 other female friends about our age, and they also don't have as much as you described. We're all "built" differently, I guess. Voyeur, there's nothing wrong with fantasizing about women going to the bathroom, as long as you don't do anything devious to try to watch them. There were a couple of posters a while back who literally tried to unlock the doors of bathrooms in which females were doing their *business*, that's illegal and immoral. It would be great if you could find a girlfriend (if you don't already have one) who shares your interests in this stuff- it could make for a lot of great "buddy dumping" (and buddy peeing). Peace and love to all, Steph

Tree Whizzer
Hi all, sorry I haven't posted in so long. After sreading about Veronica's mother and how she dealed with accidents, I would like to conduct an informal poll: what do the posters consider to be acceptable as far as punsihemnt goes (be it for an innocent accident or just plain laziness) and what would be abusive? I would be interested in hearing opinions on hte subject.

Hello Dave. I have been away with my hubby for a week or so, we had a chance of a holiday so have been away from a computer. Pat's question about chronic constipation raises a few points. Im not a doctor, just somebody who has a bit of knowledge of physiology and anatomy. Usually most people "go" with or without laxatives, enemas, suppositories etc, after about 5 days or so, but there are some, usually for some pathological condition or taking drugs,medications etc where the situation continues for longer than this. Five days is the record for myself and I passed 3 big logs and lots of hard lumps, this was when my period coincided with being laid up in bed with a bad chest cold and taking a cough medicine which surpressed bowel activities. Now what can happen in people who are constipated for more than a few days is that ironically diarrhea occurs. What happens is that the plug of hard stool in the lower colon causes the more liquid feces from the small intestine to build up and the water is not absorbed. Now sometimes this watery poo lubricates the colon and the hard lump comes out followed by a large wave of diarrhea, but sometimes the watery stool just leaks round the solid turds and the person thinks they have diarrhea and may take imodium or kaolin and morphine and actually make matters worse. In such cases or fecal impaction a colon washout or stimulant enema is often used or a powerful purgative such as the saline Picolax (picosulf- Sodium Picosulfate) is given to wash out the bowel. There have been a few cases of the bowel being damaged by fecal impaction but rupture is very rare. The more usual damage is either fissure or haemorroids when passing a fat and very hard turd, although both Elvis and King George II of England died from heart and circulatory problems from straining to pass a very large stool while seated on the toilet. Some people have a condition called Hirsprungs Disease or megacolon where the nerve endings which sense the presence of a stool in the rectum and give the feeling of needing a motion are absent so the rectum and lower bowel gets full up and loaded with stool which becomes larger and harder and more compacted as more water is absorbed. Eventually it either comes out under the pressure, sometimes involuntarily and the person has a big accident in their underpants or the "spurious diarrhea" mentioned above occurs.

A lot of nonsense however was preached by the manufacturers of laxatives in Victorian and Edwardian times right up to the 1950s about self poisoning and "auto intoxication" from feces retained in constipation which to them was not having a soft to loose stool first thing in the morning every day. Lots of quackery was written and constipation was blamed for everything from madness to impotence, facial spots,and lots of other ailments. Only masturbation was treated with more severity. There was even a surgeon, Sir Arbuthnot Lane , who removed perfectly healthy colons from people (colectomy) sentencing them to a life of permanent diarrhea, to cure the so called "curse of constipation" Children suffered by being given a dose of purgative every week and ironically, the abuse of un-needed laxatives actually caused chronic constipation in many people by making them dependent on usuing purgatives of increasingly greater strength and dosage to achieve a bowel movement. Thankfully modern doctors take the view that people's bowel habits vary from two or more a day to one a week. heathy balanced diet, exercise and sufficient fluid to drink is the best way to ensure regular healthy motions. As a rule of thumb if you dont have a bowel movement every day but when you do go you produce a motion of sufficient size which is to you comfortable to pass and you do not suffer any other pain or symptoms then dont worry about it. Constipation is only a problem if it is very painful, causes fissure or haemorroids etc. However, if you suddenly become constipated when you didnt used to be and the stools have a strange shape when passed then it may be wise to consult a physician.

Helen, I loved your posts. Seems like you have the handle on it with diet and exercise helping to ensure regular motions. I also tend to pass a large daily motion though I think my jobbies might be a bit firmer than yours , being a bit lumpier and nobbily though still not too difficult to pass and mine also tend to make more of a sound , a loud "kur-sploonk!" when I do them though this may be down to the toilet pans I use.

Tony, I agree with you that US readers seem to write a lot more than us in the UK about diarrhea. It happens, so do car accidents, heart attacks, war, but I for one do not like to write in detail about unpleasent matters. To me a good solid jobbie, whether done by myself or someone else is a pleasent matter, diarrhea is a total turn off! Veronica, Im not surprised you have problems into adult life if your mother behaved in such a fascist manner when you had an accident in your panties, especially at the tender age of 5 or 6.

On the Deborah Norville story, I havent heard of this incident or TV personality here in the UK, but we had a case of a female newsreader on the early morning local news. She read the first bulletin at 6.15 am but when she was cued for the second one at 6.45am she wasn't there and the link man had to temporise. At her next slot she was back at her desk and apologised to viewers saying that she had had "a call of nature". I assume she had needed a motion but I dont think she had an accident however. On the same program on another occasion the male presenter had dealt with a difficult item and said , "Im glad to get that out of the way". His young woman colleague replied, "yes its just like having a big poo!" The shocked look on the man's face was classic, but I thought of the female presenter, yes, I bet you have done some big whoppers in your time love!

My cousin and I went mountain biking on a state preserve during spring vacation. He is 16 like me and we grew up close like brother and sister. So close, we have certain feelings for each other. After breakfast, we were biking pretty intense. Anyway, we had to go to the bathroom. Roy said he what he wanted to do could not be done behind a tree. We found a latrine. We knew this from being Boy Scout and Girl Scout. In we went with our bikes. We took our seats on a four place, I on the first seat, he on the fourth. But, I moved next to him so I wouldn't be lonely. We brought toilet paper from home. We loosened our baggy short pants. I pulled down my simple black cotton briefs and he tugged his white Fruit of the Loom briefs. I covered my pussy with my lumberjack wooly in case someone walked in on us. We would like like two boys, because I am a tomboy. We had loose bowel movements from all the bacon and orange juice for breakfast. His stomach was the worst. He could not shut it off for 10 minutes. I had one watery explosion with internal gas cramps. We talked about this and that, while we laid our watery farts. We petted, tickled and held each other's hand. Roy had to hold his hard-on between his legs as he peed. As a girl, my hands remained free. When finished, we passed the tp between us. I wiped myself thru the front, he from the back. We got up to pull up our pants. We gazed at each other's genitals and pubic hair and commented on our development. We pulled up our briefs and shorts. I had to spread my leg so my full cut briefs would not! bind. My cousin had to stuff his hard-on into his briefs. We fastened our pants and rode off

mr. brown
Hello, everyone! And a special hello to Althea. I'd like to know if any you posters out there have had any coed dumping experiences. Of course, if a standard bathroom were to be used, one would hace to buy a portable toilet, as most bathrooms don't have 2 toilets. Let's have some feedback.

I realize this isn't an outdoors forum, but I'd love to hear a few stories about one of the most common bodily function areas - relieving yourself when camping or hiking. I've got a few stories I could share too, of people I've camped with taking a large poop or piss in the woods.

Daddy G
My Friend had a sister last year who was about 12 or 13 at the time and she was complaining of lower abdomen pains or something- but obviously she was to embarrassed to reveal her constipation problem out in the open. I don't know what happened, but eventually she had to be taken to the doctor or something and she, according to my friend, "got over it." Laxatives? Maybe, but i think constapation needs to be treated... one way or another. Thank god i never get it... except once when i was about 9... it sucked.

Anybody see in the paper this week the report of a Radio interview in UK where a DJ was chatting to the ex Spice girl (I can't remember her name - you know - the one who left and went solo) and she was apparently discussing on the air about fact that she loves having a poo each morning otherwise 'she feels so grumpy the rest of the day...'... Having seen her may times in photos and having always been admirer of her nice rounded bottom, the thought of her with those nice ???? cheeks well spread having a good shit was, to put it mildly, an interesting one... anybody else have any comments?

Hello, This is my second posting to this site and I must say, I enjoy reading all of the interesting stories. As I had mentioned in my first post, My girlfriend of a few years back used to get a kick out of me watching her sitting on the toilet doing her stuff. Actually, the two girlfriends I had before that were the same way. On thing that all of these women had in common is that they all were very explosive and put out big turds. They were all in their early to mid twenties and very attractive and black. I have always wondered what types of women are the most smelly and noisy when they make a dump. Is there a pattern? It really has amazed me how such beautiful chicks can pack such a punch. Don't. get me wrong, There is nothing I find more captivating than a woman with loud bowels. I just wonder if the ladies with loud rear horns fit any particular physical or racial pattern.

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