Re: Lorna
Hi Lorna, I am just about out of my teens, 19 going 20, I got heavy skid marks in my underwear when I was younger and sometimes still do. I know some people who are 15 / 16 at the moment and a couple of them mark there underwear. When I was in my early teens and at school there were a few kids that seem to always have dirty underwear. One kid always wore white underwear and almost everytime we had to get changed for p.e or games you could see stains visible from the back of his pants but he always tried to sit down when he got changed so people wouldn't see, his close friends, which I was one, knew about his staining from when he had stayed over and things, his problem was waiting too long before going to the toilet. When I had stains in my pants it was usually because I had tried to hold my poop in for too long as I didn't like using school or public toilets and some poop leaked out, it could be possible that your son doesn't like using public or school toilets and therefore that is why he is having his accidents. Is he normally away from home when he messes himself ? You said that your son didn't seem bothered about messing himself, but I think he is probably embarrassed about it, otherwise he probably wouldn't try to hide his dirty underwear. Also he might change his dirty underwear rather than leaving them on if he wasn't bothered about it because he wouldn't mind other people finding out, if he changed his pants mid way through the day people, you, are going to know he's messed himself. It could of course be, that he is just being lazy and finds using the toilet tierdsome and doesn't bother with cleaning himself properly, does he wear dark of light underwear ? he may be confident that people can not tell from the outside of his underwear that he has made them dirty. I would imagine that if he has been messing for quite some time some of his friends must have noticed. Did his older brother have any problems like this ? and does he tease him. If he doesn't want his friends to find out about the state of his underwear maybe you could invite some of his friends over to stay for a night every so often, he would have to try and keep his pants clean then or his friends would most probably find out. In conclusion I wouldn't worry about his skid marks I expect most of his friends have them but his messing could be a problem but I would imagine he will grow out of that. A friend of mine, she is 18 has quite bad poop marks in her knickers, I know because she is very open about everything and has a habit of leaving her dirty clothes all over the floor, your son may be like her and doesn't really care. Anyway, hope you solve the problem and keep us posted about any advancments. Hope my experiences and information helps. I'll wait for some more posts, if you want to here any more of my experiences and about my friends just ask, it may help.

Saturday, April 17, 1999

Ross D
I was wondering what the source was for the story about Deborah Norville having a poop accident while on the air? I never saw this mentioned in any interview or story about her. Can anyone confirm the date and network or station on which this happened? Does anyone else know of confirmed incidents involving celebrities or newspeople while on live TV?

I've pooped in a "Ghost Flusher". The big problem I had was a wet butt. The toilet kept flushing while I was still on the toilet. I uusally sit with my elbows on my knees. I did this and FLUSH! I wipe my butt while still seated and Flush!

This may sound like a dumb question, but I'm actually quite serious. If a person has severe constipation and chooses not to treat the problem, what will happen? I realize the person will experience a lot of pain and discomfort, but eventually the waste has to go somewhere. Will it back up and start poisoning his system, or will the colon or rectum actually burst from the pressure or will the feces just eventually get propelled from the anus? In other words, can not treating constipation actually lead to a much more serious problem or even death? Whenever I've been severely constipated, I always did something to try to solve the problem (laxative, fruits, enemas, whatever) and eventually the problem resolved itself and I "went" whether I wanted to or not. But I was wondering what would happen if a person had the problem and for whatever reason -- financial, ignorance, whatever -- just chose not to treat the problem, what would happen? I've never heard of anyone actually ! dying from constipation, but I'm wondering if that might not happen if the colon either bursts or backs up too far... A second, related question for the people who post here -- what's the longest anyone has gone without pooping at all while on a normal diet? I had a friend once who went on a liquid starvation diet for 10 days and didn't poop at all during that time -- but that's a clearly unusual case. I'm talking about a situation where you continue to eat a normal diet of food. The longest I think I've gone is 4 or 5 days when I was traveling, and it was getting pretty painful near the end. What's the longest anyone else has gone without pooping?

I was reading some of the recent letters on parental punishments for accidents. I don't know why it is, but it certainly is true that many parents go ballistic when it comes to their children having accidents. My mom was no exception and I was often punished for the accidents I had. My mom's favorite method of punishment was usually to make me sit on the toilet (usually for an hour and sometimes even longer), all the while screaming at me, telling me that I should be ashamed of myself, that I was disgusting and that she was going to make me sit there until I went in the toilet. The worst, though, was that she would take my panties and then stick my nose directly into the mess. She would hold the back of my head with one hand and then the mess with the other hand and hold my nose there for a long, long time. She didn't stick it into the mess like she was suffocating me, but many times it did go in there enough that my nose came out with poop on it. At first, she'd just stick it in a minute of so (like when I was 5 or 6 years old), but for the accidents I had when I was older (I was still doing it when I was 13 because I wouldn't go in the school toilets), she'd hold my nose in the poop for like 15 minutes or even longer. She'd yell, "Smell it!, Smell it! -- Smell this disgusting mess you made." I have to say that it did smell awful. It smells bad enough when its in your pants, it semlls 20 times worse when your nose is stuck directly in it. Admittedly, I should not have been going in my panties at age 13, but that still doesn't excuse what my mother did to me. It did absolutely nothing to help me get over my fear of having bowel movements in public bathrooms. In fact, I still have trouble with that and I'm 30 years old now. I only stopped having accidents then because I became better able to hold it in when I had to go and eventually, I was able to train myself to always go poops first thing when I wake up in the morning. In fact, I've been working at this same job for 7 years and only 3 times have I done poops at work. I think if parents were a lot more sympathetic or at least backed off on the cruel and demeaning punishments, thier children woule be a lot better off.

Carlos, great to hear from you again. We have a lot in common. As you may remember, I work out a lot. I think my pecs are one of my best assets, too. I'll try to respond to your questions. Yes, I fart a lot. The longer I have been constipated, the more gas I have and the worse it smells. It comes out in loud, long bursts while I strain on the pot. During the day, I can feel it rumbling in my lower abdomen, needing to get out. I find myself sneaking off to deserted parts of the office to pass it. One of the benefits of the enema that I recently had to resort to was the fact that it helped me get rid of so much gas. Gushes of water would be followed by huge farts and finally by forcefully ejected cannonballs. When it was over, I felt so much better. Do enemas affect you the same way? In response to another question of yours, I have had the experience on many occasions of blowing out a big cannonball with a fart. I guess the gas pressure got great enough to eject the cannonball. ! I promise I will post soon about the guy I dumped with at work. It is a story all its own. Carlos, I get to Dalls a lot. I would still like to meet you sometime. Any ideas? "me"-- I am a long time suppository user. I started in college as well. As regular readers know, glycerine doesn't work well for me and I use Dulcolax. Have you tried those? How do they work for you? There was only one other guy in my dorm that I know of that used suppositories and he was the one who introduced me to them after an especially embarrasing incident with an oral laxative about which I previously posted. What type of discussions did the guys in your dorm have about suppositories? How many guys used them? What kind did they use? Did you ever borrow a suppository from another guy? Did you ever do any suppository buddy dumps with another guy? Tell us about all those constipated men in your dorm. Dan-- over the years I have tried a number of laxatives. I only use suppositories and the occasional ene! ma now. I hate the cramping and the unpredictability of laxatives. Because my bowels are so slow, it takes forever for a laxative to start and finish working, if they work at all. The strongest laxative I ever took was Golitely, which is available in the US only by prescription. I got really plugged up and had to drink 4 liters of the stuff. It basically washes you out completely from one end to the other. Not fun. I also had a bad experience with oral dulcolax in college which was the subject of a post on page 90. I have shared my experiences with constipation with a number of friends. If you spend a lot of time with someone, they eventually figure out you have a problem, even if it is just noticing things like laxatives and suppositories around the house. Most people are cool with it, but some are grossed out. I have several friends who are doctors and nurses and they are very supportive. When I shared my problem with one of my closest friends, an RN, he admitted that he had! the same problems and occasionally has to use a laxative or enema. We now actually joke about being constipated and talk about our poops or lack thereof. Sometimes the first thing he will ask me about when I see him is when my last poop was. Carlos, Thom, Fernando, me, Dan and all you other constipated guys, keep those posts coming. Later.

On a recent visit to Sydney I was in one of those large shopping malls that seem to go on for miles. I had been feeling the need to have a dump for the past hour and decided that the time had come. I found the mens room which had about 15 stalls and as I was choosing which one - they were all empty - a couple of guys entered and headed for the urinals. They were both about 20 or so. I went into one of the middle stalls and sat down and began a very pleasurable unloading of the first of three large turds. I heard one of the guys say to his mate that he felt the need "to get rid of a large rat". Funnily enough, out of all the stalls he had to choose from, he chose the one next to mine. I noticed him drop has pants and heard him fart and then grunt. The familiar crackling sound followed and then a loud splash. His mate laughed and commented that he must feel much better, and then said that he was going to join him. So together there were the 3 of us all side by side making a huge array of sounds and with all the various comments. Yes, they included me in there conversation, which ranged from how much better we all felt to tonights league game. Now I am not gay or anything, but there is something about that situation which was quite a turn on. These guys seemed so uninhibited about what they were doing, I nearly mentioned this site, but couldn't quite bring myself to do so. We all finished and said our goodbyes at the hand basins. It was one of the more interesting dumps I have ever had and one I doubt whether I will repeat. Are all you Sydneysiders like that? I shall be back!

CLEANING THE HANDS Matt and others in the same situation. If you get poo on your hands and are in the woods use dirt to clean your hands. Just rub your hands thourly with dirt, and possibly do it again. You probably will get most of the filth and smell off. When I work on the bicycle I rub my hands in dirt to get the grease off. I imagine getting grease off is much harder than getting poop off. Matt if you did that you would not have needed to use your shirt!

Hugh G.
Motion detectors are great for flushing urinals, but don't make sense to me for a commode. I've seen crappers equipped with these devices only at airports and in one particular office building. On a urinal, the user has no manual override option; the urinal will only flush when the motion detector tells it to. The toilets, though, have such a manual override (at least the ones I've seen), employing a small pushbutton switch near the sensor. This activates a solenoid valve, flushing the toilet in the normal way. I suppose this was added for the sake of people who like to flush several times while sitting down, or for unusual circumstances like vomiting, or so the janitors have an easier time cleaning the toilet. I'd never flush the toilet while seated, only because I want to be prepared to jump out of the path of the rushing water if it's clogged. I worked in a factory where sixty men shared a bathroom equuippe with two commodes and two urinals. The urinals were equipped with the old-style flush valves, requiring the user to hold the handle to hold the valve open. The toilets were the gravity-flush variety most Americans would have in their homes. Needless to say, both were often clogged, and the bathroom smelled like Calcutta in July most of the time. Rection.

A parents view: I'm the mother of two teenage sons, the youngest of whom has had a problem for a number of years. He is now 14 and has marked his pants from about the age of 7. I never made a big deal of it, just encouraged him to be more careful with wiping. Since the age of 10 he has got progressively worse, sometimes messing his pants several times a week. I could live with his accidents (his father does it in his pants occasionally, so I've got used to it), but I do get really uptight when he apparently doesn't bother to change his dirty pants, or if he does, hiding them in his room. It really doesn't seem to bother him, although I shudder to think what his schoolfriends must think if they see it. Has anybody here gone through this as a teenager and could you put forward a kids point of view, as an adult looking back?

I pooped big time on the train coming home. Something I ate in the morning during work didn't agree with me, but I would have probably made it home without too much discomfort except - - The f%^king train car I managed to get a seat in had the heat on. So it was about 80 inside the car. I got on the train, vaguely noticing the heat. And I noticed that there were seats available (not normal at 4:30 in the afternoon). I had been seated maybe 5 minutes when I decided that it would have been a good idea to have stopped for one more good shit at the office. But I still thought I'd make it home ok. Then the train started a 2 mph crawl towards the next station, cause of "track problems up ahead". And everybody (by then the car was f???ing packed) started to groan. And somebody farted (not me) (silently). So I figured I could get away with farting too. And I felt better. 10 minutes later I just did it. Quietly. But without warning, and so quickly I coudn't stop. Fortunately, the train was so full that no one could tell where the smell came from. I don't think. Anyway, by the time I got to my stop, the train was empty enough so I could get off without passing too many people, so I didn't feel too uncomfortable. By then I had gotten used to the feeling. But I wasn't done yet. I got off the train, and went to cleanup in the bathroom. Of course, the men's room was Occupied. So I had to stand there for another 5 minutes inches away from relief. And loaded my pants yet some more. It started to leak down my legs before I got into the men's room. I threw my underpants away (not down the bowl!). Walked out as quietly as I could. Got in my car, found a big pile of newspapers in the trunk, put them on the seat, opened All the Windows, and drove home. Oh Yeah, when I came out of the men's room, some girl went in there behind me. Then I noticed the women's room was Occupied. I remember that it was Not Occupied during my endless wait for the men's room 10 minutes ago. Do men and women normally use each other's rooms in California? I really need to know this. Many times, but never this anxiously, have I considered sneaking into the women's room. But there are too many cops around the station (the bathrooms are too close to the ticket agent's booth). It would be one thing to shit my pants. And another to get arrested after having done so. But I feel so stupid waiting in line when women use the men's so casually. What the f&*k?

When me and my brother's were in grade school and anyone of us had an accident pooping in their underpants or if our underpants were too badly shit stained my mom always figured there was something wrong with our bowels and we were always given a very big soapy enema before bed that same evening. Mom was a nurse and used a regular hospital white enamel enema can with an orange hose and a black rectal tip. It always felt kind of nice when she slid the vaseline coated tip up our butts (a chilly sensation in our anus and rectum) but then when the enema was started it was just five long minutes of a big stomach ache & terrible urges to defecate. The bm's after this type of enema were always very big and messy and explosive and really stunk up the bathroom. All in all I sorta loved and hated them cause there were just as many strangely exciting feelings as bad ones, like when the bad diarrhea came as it always did about halfway through the bm.

No SHit!
No time for a story just now, but i was wondering if I poop very little or the rest of you people poop a lot. I only poop once every four days, and am not constipated or anything. Is this odd?

Today a girl in my English class had a VERY bad shitting experience! We were doing SAT testing, and during the tests you aren't allowed to get up or leave the room no matter what. Well, the girl raised her hand anyway and begged the teacher to let her go to the can, but the teacher said no. SHe sat there for another minute, looking like sh ewas in great pain, and then this awful stench filled the room, and as the girl bent down to get something out of her back pack everyone could see the mushy brown lump forming in the seat of her pants. When she realized that everyone knew, she burst into tears, and the teacher finally said she could be excused. Nevertheless, she came back and everyone was laughing. Even our strict teacher looked a bit amused. I doubt that she will be at school on monday.

Sorry It's been a few days, but I just wanted to tell Steph: WOW what a peeing experience on your hike with Alex! Standing up, too! that is really cool. Most women wont try that, I gues because they end up dribbling down their leg. I'd love to know what Alex's reaction was. Did she stare? What did she say when you began "spraying"? Was It a single poweerful stream, or did it kind of divide and go in all directions. Thanks for the really, really great story.

There haven't been many posts lately about toilet paper quality. Obviously if you only shit at home, there are no problems, you select what you find best to wipe your anus with. But in public toilets there is such a variety of types of TP, and what amazes me is how much of them are totally unsuited for their purpose. The worst kind is the very hard shiny type that has no absorbancy and you rely on the creases in the paper to remove the shit from your poop chute. It is so hard that if you are at all subject to hemorrhoids, it can make you bleed. Moreover, if you wipe with that sort of TP you ALWAYS end up with skidmarks in your pants. Then there is the soft paper that is so soft that even when you use 4 or 5 layers, you still push your fingers through the paper and end up with shit under your finger nails. Then there is the friable kind that as you wipe leaves fibers of paper behind that you have to remove with your fingers unless you want to get dingleberries. The best kind is both soft and strong and you only need two layers for a good wipe. I was in a public toilet the other day where the roll of paper had stops on it so that you could not pull off more than two sheets at a time, unless you carefully unwound it without letting the roll rotate. Clearly designed to stop people fooling around with long strips of TP. Then there is the type of TP dispenser that contains a huge roll of TP, but the friction between the layers is so strong, that the paper will not hang down, and you have to push your hand into the dispenser and grope around for ages trying to find the end of the roll. The persons who design TP dispensers and order TP for supplying to public toilets should be COMPELLED to use their own products!

The other day I was in the ladies room at work standing by the mirror, putting on my makeup - I could see the stalls behind me in the mirror. A woman came in and I saw her enter a stall. Once the door was shut I could see her feet under the door. I heard her pee. Then I noticed she took her panties off. Then she spread her legs incredibly wide so her feet were almost in the adjacent stalls! I heard a gassy fart ("ffthhhh") followed by a loud "ker-splosh" and several smaller splashes. I heard her wipe herself, then she put on her panties and flushed. It must have been a monster turd to warrant such wide leg spreading!

Poop Loggy Logg
BUZZY: Do you think that maybe the reason the shitters were full at the rest stop was because everyone else was sitting there listening to the farts and plops like you? *L*

Hi there I'm Paul Dereks mate. I am staying with him for the weekend as he said in his post, this is a wicked site and as I had access I thought I'd post. This will be a one off post I think unless I can find someway back home to hook up. Me and my sis Emma do crap and piss our cacks loads as Derek said because it is such a pain in the ass (good hey) to go to the toilet every half hour. At school we have to be a bit more careful in case the teachers find out, I pissed myself once at school and my teacher asked me if I was ok and I told him I spilt my drink and he beleived me. When I do crap in the toilet I dont bother using bog roll as it takes to long and there's no point cacks are there to protect other clothes so why not use them, it saves money too. Emma is much worse than me she craps herself all the time and doesn't remove the mess for ages. Hey, Dereks just left the room, I found some dirty boxers and cacks in his bedroom and they looked pretty bad, I reackon he crapped hiself in one pair of Y-fronts they looked mega bad, William agrees that he craps himeself, hopefully I be gone by the time he reads this or I am in mega trouble. BYE BYE

I have just finished reading the old posts and didn't see any situation that matches mine.You see i am a 22 yo female who has an extreme amount of pubic hair,i mean it goes halfway up my butt crack and when i wipe my backside i use a ton of toilet paper!I have tried all the usual things but it just comes back thicker then ever.When i was in my teens it was a big joke with girls who had seen me nude,i mean like my bush is bad enough but from behind you can see the dark curlys sticking out between my cheecks.Am i alone with this or are are other women the same,i've seen a few of my girl friends in the nude or on the toilet and none of then are this hairy down below,when i take a healthy dump i even have to wet the toilet paper to get it all other wise i have skid marks.Belive me i know how the guys feel.

Hey Buzzy, I am right here hon!! Don't worry, I haven't left you, you'll have no such luck as that! I am stuck here, just like a jiggling little tird that no matter how much you wave your but around over the toilet it just wont come off and plop into the pot! Well, that was kind of cool. . . . I made a funny! How is everyone, sorry I haven't been all that active for a while. I have had a very busy week and all and I am tired. I had a good poop at college today. I was in the Library, upstairs and I had a feeling, you know, that full feeling you get after lunch. I didn't see anyone around so I passed some gas. "Errrrp!" An abrupt and loud slicer fart parted my butt cheeks and escaped into the isle while I was pondering which way the bathroom was from there. No sooner than I had broke wind my professer of Psyc, Dr. Foreman came around the corner. He told my that my skirt looked nice and asked what I was hoping to find in the library. I told him that I was just browsing. I thought that he would certinly smell the pungent odor of my ripe fart that had escaped my thong pantie clad butt and lingered thru my thin skirt up to nose level. It almost gaged me, so I know he had to have smelled something. He just smiled and chatted for a few more minutes. Finaly I escaped the conversation and headed to the women's restroom I had spotted while talking to my teacher. "fissss" a SBD fart eased out of my butt just as I entered the bathroom door. It was a one seater and there was only a pot and a sink in the small room. The pitty of the whole thing was that the door would only shut partly to alow you be alone. I didn't mind that. I just pulled down my skirt and panties and disregared the 2" gap between the door and the jam as minimal to the other simi-privite bathroom experiences that I have had with girls. I had gotten seated and relaxed when I heard the first crackle of the brown bomb emerging from my butthole. "I just made it, perfect timing!! " I thought as I relaxed and pushed out the first small terd. I heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom as I gained the strength to push again and force out the remainder of my terds. The familier voice of professer Foreman sounded from just the other side of the door. . ."Maria, I think this is your book that you forgot over there in the isle" "Thank you Dr. Foreman" I said in a loud straining voice just before my butthole relaxed and blew forth the remainder of terds and poop along with a burst of gas that echoed inside the small room. My Professor was privy to the whole comotion with the door opened up a few inches and all the sounds and smells exuding out to him. He just calmly said "See you in class." and walked away. He is so cool under fire. I was a little embarased but I am sure the professor thought nothing of the whole scene. Does anyone else have any stories in which you were surprised by someone you didn't know was there before, while you pooped away? ! Well, I will see you later. I love you all. -Plunger

One of the most amusing toilet flushes I have ever seen was on a Stena Sealink ferry going from Fishguard (Wales) to Rosslare (Ireland). The toilets on this particular ship used a vacuum system to get rid of the waste products. To make the flush work, you had to press a button on the wall behind the toilet. This would cause water to come gushing round the bowl (not quite as fast as on a normal toilet). Then came the entertaining bit. There would be a loud sucking noise, and the turd would be sucked down the small hole at the bottom of the bowl at high speed, and disappear with a loud "pop". I was dissapointed when the one on the Dover-Calais ferry was not the same.

Coolguy 3:16
Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!! Will I ever live this one down, answer Yes, D*mn Buzzy Im so sorry, I somehow got the impression you were a SHE, then after the nurse dump story, I thought you were lez, but this takes the cake!!! I cant believe I told a guy I'd like to have been there while HE dropped a load nude!!! Good story anyways! O.K., now that thats cleared up, By The Way, No, Im not Gay,I have a beautiful 16yr old sweetie that shares the same intrests as all of us, which WILL post sometime soon, And If I didnt mention, NO, Im not gay, O.K., A story yesterday me and my G/F ate at Chi Chi's, we had some good mexican food, and after we were about ready to go, She said he had the urge, as did I so she said, "On the way out lets talk" Well, We talked a while, and I brought up the subject on if she knew what Chi Chis meant, she asked "What?" I told her that it means Tit tits(Seariously, thats mexicos little joke on america!) she started laughing real hard, and I laughed too, but all the ! sudden she got real searious, I asked what?, she said I think Im shitting myself, I gotta go!!! so I went to do my thing while she cleaned up, and we left,not a real good one, but It was recent! SORRY BUZZY!AGAIN~! -Coolguy 3:16-

Hi, I am from India, where there are many women who live in the shanties and have to shit besides railway tracks, bushes, open spaces etc. From a young age i was always interested in seeing women squatting and shitting or pissing, and i have seen a lot of them doing so. i was really happy to see a site like this where people share experiences about pooping. I was wondering whether it was sexually OK to be turned on by seeing women using the loo, especially outdoors in a squatting position? Seeing a bare bum of a pretty young woman in a squat position is an extreme turn on for me. What do you women think about this?

I haven't posted for a long time because of work commitments but have been reading all the messages here regularly. Sandy, I was interested to read your recent post regarding your occasional use of enemas for constipation. What type of syringe do you use and what quantity/type of fluid? Ihave often thought of trying this and my new girl friend is also keen. Nicola, where are you? Haven't read a post of yours for ages!

Friday, April 16, 1999

Tiny Girl
Dazz, I actually take satisfaction in flushing my poops too. And I could tell that you do too because I just love your detailed comments about the toilet sucking your poops away down the S bend, etc. In fact, I pooped today at school, which has VERY powerful toilets and after I finished,I found myself standing there watching the poop and lots of paper get sucked away. About 5 seconds later, I heard the excess water gurgle down the drain and that always fascinates me for some reason. So, whenever I have to poop, I always try to use that same toilet, since its the only one in the restroom that seems to flush that way. :-P Does anyone else have any favorite toilets? And if so, why are they your favorites?

ANN many people agree with me that this is rude?? My husband and I had a party at my house with 5 or 6 other couples. One of my good friends husband (he is about 29) excused himself to use the bathroom. After he was gone for 5 minutes it was obvious what he ws doing (taking a dump)....but he spent 25 minutes in the bathroom. I try not to go #2 at other peoples houses because I don't feel comfortable doing it (unless of course I am an overnight guest and then it is necessary). I don't mind people dumping at my house at all...but I think when using someone else's bathroom you should try and hurry....not go beyond like 10 minutes. I dont see how he needed 25 minutes to drop his load. Maybe if he was at home he could relax and take 25 minutes...but I found it rather rude. Does anyone have an opinion on this subject??

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