My name is Althea 40 y/o. I look like a large teenager. I used to take my health for granted, including my bowel movements. I quit the smoking and drinking and went to eating healthy and exercise. I lift weights, run, mountain bike and play basketball. I was sluggish and constipated from years of junk food. One day I walked into the w/c stall at the city gym. My teammate, Jumel was bent over after passing 2 6 inch italian sausages. When she pulled up her white Calvin Klein briefs and blue Adidas shorts, I asked her how did she do that. She said she eats healthy, roughage and purge herself every 30 days. Friday, I bought sienna pod tea and drank a boiled 1/2 gallon. I kept plenty of t.p.. I did not have to work the weekend, so I could be near a toilet. After 3 hours, I felt a churning sensation in my stomach, then excruciating cramps and a heaving sensation. Great! It was working! I was ready! I rushed to the bathroom, quickly lifting my gray skirt, white half slip and tugging my green cotton hanes for her bikini briefs. I had taken off my black panty hose when I came home. When my smooth black butt hit the seat, my lower intestine and rectum open up like Niagara Falls. First, brown gold medal shaped pieces of doo-doo fell out me followed by water and brown sediment. I sat thru this self induced diarreah all night and day. When I was a college cheerleader, I had diarreah in class and had to run out. When I sat on the toilet, it would not stop. It was like this tonight. One piece of doo-doo hung in my rectum hole as water squished out. When I pushed hard, it dislodged with a plop and a wet, noisy fart. I thought my rectum fell out. That piece was a combination of many years of undigested meals. This went on all day Saturday. I wanted to be clean. Cleaned out I was. I feel light. I have detoxified now for six weeks and I am better for it. The 20 somethings can't keep up with my on the court.

HEY, all been reading all the posts.I love the stories about going outdoors.Keep then coming!COOL GUY 3:16-I'm a guy,but i'm glad you enjoyed the outdoor poo story.I'll have more to come.DAZZ- great stories,great descriptions too! Where's PLUNGER and NICKY? I love your female pooping stories! I had something interesting happen the other day.I was driving on the NY thruway early a.m.and had to poop.So i pulled into the rest area to go.I got to the mens room and walked in and there was a line waiting to use the toilets! I couln't believe it! There were 10-12 bowls and they were all full.Must be the a.m. poop rush.I'm standing there waiting to go and boy, the sounds in there were unbelieveable!There was some serious pooping going on!I was standing there listening to the grunting and groaning and shitting and I couln't wait to go myself!I had to wait about 3-4 minsand I had to go bad.Finally I went into a stall and pulled my pants down and sat down.The guy next to me was really letting go, pooping and groaning.So I let out a big fart and went " ahhhhhhhh" as I hear pooping all over the room.It was so cool in a strange way.Then i started pooping.It was soft and a bit on the loose side,but it felt great coming out! Then i sat there listening to the symphony of poop! ing as i waited for another urge from my rectum.I'm a heterosexual guy,but,i dug sittig there pooing with all those other guys.I don't know why but i really enjoyed it! Then I felt I had to poop more so i pushed a bit and this loose poop flew out as i was pissing and exploded with a sea of farts.In the next stall,the guy aws exploding at the same exact time! Then we both groaned with relief.I was done then,but i sat there for another 5 mins just listening to the serious pooing.It was great in a strange sort of way.The guy in the next stallcommented" boy, i'm glad i'm not the only one that had to shit bad" I just said " I know what you mean" and laughed.Then I pushed my anus out a few times and farted and wiped myself and left.It was a strange,but great visit.I'll have to go ther again when i reall gotta go bad and let it all hang out .Anybody else ever have this happen to them? I don't know why i enjoyed it, but i did!! BYE

Hi Tony, it was a year or so ago when the incident you want me to describe occured but it happened a bit like this.

A workmate of mine in my day job, (in an office), had recently got married and had a spare TV set and video from his single days which he wanted to sell and I went to his house at lunchtime to see it and buy it for the kids to use. We had a bite to eat there and afterwards I felt I needed a motion. I didnt want to risk holding it in till I got back to work so I used his toilet. As is normal for me I sat on the pan with my panties at my knees (black full briefs as I recall) and did a wee wee then felt the poo push against my sphincter. I held back for a few moments then let it go and it started to slowly slide out. It was my usual type of big fat smooth jobbie, nice and solid but easy and with a crackling sound it gently emerged from my back passage with only a slight push from myself to help it on its way until it slid into the pan with a "floomp!". I wiped my bum and looked down the pan, satisfied at the big curved toffee brown jobbie lying there. I pulled the flush 3 times but it stayed put so I left it as I always do in such cases as trying to push it over the bend with a toilet brush would only make a horrible mess. (For US readers, very few UK toilets have a plunger to hand and I doubt if I would use that either for the same reasons). On coming out I told my colleague that I had done a number two but it wouldn't flush away. Now he must have been listening to me as he said, "I thought you had only had a wee wee", but he then went into the toilet to have a look. I heard him pull the flush too but then come out and say "Yes, you sure did a whopper there. I didnt think a slim girl like you could do something that big! My wife does big turds but she's quite ????" I also observed that he was turned on . I just giggled and said that I had always passed large motions since I was a kid. We then went back to work and left the matter at that.

Also Tony, I loved your description of the bloke next door to you in the bedsits doing a big jobbie. I have occasionally done one that long, 18 inches is my record, but that is usually if I have been a little bit constipated during my period or the likes and miss a day then I will do two mega jobbies the following day, but I am normally regular doing my daily easy 12 incher after lunch most days, sometimes in the evening after dinner or in the ladies toilet at the pub were I work some evenings. Some of the regular customers have obviously noted this especially when I do the Sunday lunchtime session. I heard one of the lads saying to his mate when I came back from the loo "Oh here's Nellie now, she's been "bombing" again" and when one girl remarked about a big jobbie in one of the pans in the ladies toilet her boyfriend said, "Oh that would be one of Helen's "jumbos". Honestly, I dont mind. By the way, as part of my duties is to clean the toilets after the session ends (this pub closes after the luchtime sesson on Sundays), I have to get rid of it then and usually throw a couple of buckets of water down the pan which shifts it.

Alex, I havent yet come across automatically flushing toilets in the UK yet, (except the superloos refered to in an earlier post were they flush when you close the door on leaving). I dont like the idea as I too like to inspect my motions having been taught to do so by my mum when a kid. I assume when you get up off the seat you trigger the flush. If you put the seat up and sat directly on the rim of the toilet pan, (using an "ass gasket" if you wish), then this would not happen and you could then inspect your jobbie at leisure, putting the seat down and then actuating the flush when YOU wanted to.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

wow, Pureimagination2u, your post surprised me! My parents would punish me far worse than karen's mother, my 3rd grade sister had an accident once and she got severely punished. I think that if I ever did, I would be in MAJOR trouble. I remember getting grounded with no dessert, TV, or computer and bedtime at 6:00 for pooping in my pants once when I was 3.

Hi guys. Re my peeing outside with Steph this past weekend, it was, as my friend would say, "awesome!" I don't know if I'll make it a "habit" to go outside, but at least I know I'm able to do so if I'm really desperate. I was in the college library when the urge to pee arose. There were some renovations in the upstairs bathroom there (the facilities on that floor have been closed since the fall), so I'd figure I'd check it out. The bathroom was completely revamped, new lighting, stall doors, etc. There are 4 "regular" and 1 "handicapped" stalls, all of which were empty when I came in. I took the last "regular" stall next to the larger handicapped stall and, you know the drill, pulled down my slacks and underpants and sat down to pee. As soon as I was finished, I pulled some TP off the dispenser and got up to wipe my vagina. It was at that point the toilet automatically flushed. I've read about "infrared" detected flushing in mens' room urinals, but never in an actual toilet. I cleaned around my "private parts" and, after pulling up my clothes, then tried to get the toilet to flush. Since my pee (and a "gasket," something most bathrooms at my school do not have, but I always use when available) had already flushed, all that was left was a couple of sheets of clear-pee stained paper. I first put my hands over the detector and pulled them away and nothing happened. I sat down on the toilet for a few seconds and got up, still nothing. I sat on the toilet again for 15 seconds (yes, I timed it), and, as soon as I lifted my bum off the seat, the toilet flushed, splattering trinkles of water onto my khaki-colored slacks. Has anyone else seen these type of toilets? I can imagine they must be confusing at first. I will try pooping in the same toilet when I'm in the area and have the "urge." I'll be disappointed because the toilet will flush as soon as I get up, and I won't get to see my "creations" [something I always like to do :)]. I'll make sure, when I have to sit down again after wiping to get the toilet to flush again, to do so with my naked butt, before pulling up my clothes. I like the idea that these toilets help keep the bathrooms "sanitary," but that they will (probably) prevent me from looking at my poops. Oh well... Luv, Alex :)

Coolguy 3:16
D*mn ,me and Buzzy Need to hook up, I would have loved to seee her and what she did while hiking!!!!Sounds Great!!!I dont have enough time for a story today, but this week, promise!!!

Hi everyone! Steph, loved your last post about peeing in the woods, wish I could have been there to join you!!! Very enjoyable reading. Anyway, I do seem to have been shitting alot lately. I normally only poo once a day, but a few days ago was three times in one day (recent post describes this) and yesterday I shit twice. I was chatting to someone on ICQ (about going to the toilet of course!!!) when I felt a shit moving on down inside me wanting to come out. So I told my chat partner I had to go shit (she wanted a full report on it too when I got back!!!) and went off to the toilet. I was only wearing a t shirt, so I sat straight down on the toilet and did a bit of a wee wee. Then I started to push and a turd started to open up my anus and slide on out. It wasn't that big and slid out in a few seconds. I felt empty then, so looked in the bowl to see a six inch long and one inch wide poo, not very big at all but quite greasy. When I do a greasy shit, they smell quite strong but mostly I do harder ones that don't have much of a smell. I seem to be doing really greasy shits lately, don't know why. I wiped my ass like at least a dozen times and then of course the drops of pee off my cock. I stood up and watched everything disappear down the bowl as I flushed it. I do get great satisfaction out of that too, but nowhere near as much as actually pushing out a shit!!!!

I went back to the computer and told my ICQ chat partner all about it. We chatted about it for about ten minutes, when I felt another shit coming on. This one felt bigger too, so I excused myself and went back to the toilet and sat down. No pee at first this time, just pushed and grunted a little as the shit started to poke out of my ass. This one was much bigger than the last and was hard, not greasy. It needed lots of pushing and grunting and all that pushing made me do a little dribbly wee as the turd continued to slowly slide out. It took a while too, must have taken nearly a minute for it to slide out and it felt so good passing through my anus!!!! It finally fell out of me and landed with a "FLOOMP" in the water. I looked in the bowl and there it was, a good solid 12 inch long and 2 inch wide turd, all knobbly and rounded at both ends, so I couldn't tell which end came out of me first!!!! There was more to come, so I pushed and grunted some more and three little hard one inch balls came out, each one needing some effort and grunting. Each one landed in the toilet with a good "PLOP" and splashed my bum nicely too. I love it when I get a good splash!!!! All empty now as I wiped myself but the turds were so hard that there was not much poo on the paper so I only wiped twice and also my cock again. I flushed the toilet and let out a little fart as I watched it all go down the S bend!!!! Unfortunately there was nothing solid to back it up as I would have loved to have shit some more but I guess you have to be happy with what you get given!!!! Again I went back to the computer and told my chat partner all about it!!!!! May all your turds feel good!!!!

Based on the recent posts, it seems like the guys do get constipated as often as the girls. I think there was some discussion awhile back that females tend to get plugged up more often, especially during their period time. I rarely ever miss my daily poop. The last time that I was constipated was over a year ago when I was sick with a high fever for two days and I must have gotten a bit dehydrated. I was constipated for not quite two days. On the afternoon of the second day, I finally managed to squeeze out a very small, dry piece of ca-ca. I was glad to at least get something out! Then I remembered that excessive amounts of vitamin C can cause diarrhea, so I took about six 500mill. tablets throughout that evening and did have a decent, but still not a full movement the next day. I was living with my boyfriend at the time and was too embarrased to ask him to go to the store for a laxative. I didn't own an enema syringe at the time, and there were no suppositories or other laxatives in the house. I live alone now and I like to take an enema every once in awhile to keep my little butt cleaned out and keep things moving. When my poop starts getting too dry and pastey and difficult to evacuate completely (from eating too much junk and fast food), then it's enema time. I don't like to wait until I'm so constipated that I'm grunting and straining with all my might to pass a log. I've had problems with hemmoroids in the past, but thankfully they seem to have subsided lately. Why do some people wait so long before treating their constipation?? I don't think it's healthy to carry all that waste inside. It just gets drier and harder to pass the longer you wait to get it out. If you don't like enemas (they do seem messy at times), then try using a glycerin suppository to get things moving. ***To Carlos and others who find themselves frequently constipated >> pay more attention to what you eat...try more fruits, v, and whole grains. Unless that is, you enjoy being constipated??? (Well, enough of my preaching!) Tony from UK: I agree with you that it seems the US writers like to write about diarrhea. The thought of runny, smelly, messy shit squirting into someone's pants or down their leg doesn't turn me on at all. each their own fantasies and turn-on's. I'm not knocking anyone here. I do enjoy most of the stories I read here. Thanks everyone...and pleasurable poops to you all!

I thought I'd relate an interesting incident that happened recently. I attended a dinner party with several friends from my college days. The group of us were gathered in the living room, which was adjacent to the bathroom. As we were gathered in the living room after having dinner, one of the girls, Rhonda, got up to use the bathroom. As we would all come to find out, the proximity of the bathroom to the living room would allow all of us to hear in great detail Rhonda's trip to the toilet. After Rhonda had entered the bathroom and closed the door, the sound of Rhonda lowering the toilet seat was clearly audible -but none of the group seemed to notice. There was silence in the bathroom for several seconds, then Rhonda released a very audible and loud fart. Several people seemed to be caught by surprise by the sound -judging from the startled looks upon their faces. Rhonda then began to urinate very loudly and forcefully. Rhonda then released another loud fart, which was followed by audible grunts from her. At this point, conversation among those of us gathered in the room stopped. Everyone seemed to be at a loss for words, as Rhonda continued to grunt and fart in the bathroom. Soon after Rhonda finished her BM and flushed. When she exited the bathroom, everyone behaved as if nothing unusual had happened during her absence. It's unclear as to whether Rhonda was aware we were privy to her performance -but she certainly left no doubt as to what had gone on in the bathroom while she was on the toilet. I'm not sure what anyone thought about what they were heard coming from the bathroom - but it certainly was the highlight of the evening for me! Jack

Derek. F
Hi, I am a new poster, William showed me this site and he is kindly letting me use his computer otherwise I wouldn't be able to post. I thought this event was relavent to some recent posts.

I have recently been to stay with some friends who I met on holiday, Paul (16) and Emma (14), there parents have a good solution to there accidents they have. They are both responsible for cleaning there underwear so half the time, if they have an accident there parents don't even find out. Pauls parents are really easy going, and I think this is an integral part of this reaction to accidents. They just say," if you're not going to use the toilet when you need to, fine, just as long as you clean your own underwear." They are both really open people and if they have an accident they don't try to hide it. They have a rota system where Paul cleans the underwear one saturday and emma the next. Paul who is just 16 doesn't seem to have any accidents any more but is very slack about going to the toilet, unlike emma who still has the occasional accident. When I was there we had a game of monopoly that lasted for ages, about half way through emma, who was lead on her front, let of a loud fart, then she said, I just shit myself but it's ok because it's solid and anyway it's paul's turn to wash my knickers tomorrow. At the end of the day when we went to bed, we were all sharing there caravan in there driveway, so we all went to get ready for bed, I just wear my boxers and t-shirt in bed which is fine, but to my suprise so did emma, she wore her knickers and t-shirt to bed even though she had an accident in them, she just pulled the poo out of her knickers with a bit of toilet paper and put it in the porta potty leaving a stain visable from outside her knickers. Paul did wear PJ's and once he was changed he picked up his briefs and started examining the inside of them, not bad he said, only a couple inches. The next morning I could see he was referring to the size of stain in the seat of his underwear.

While I was staying paul had to do the washing of underwear and he had a good method of getting them clean, he just brushed off any solid bits and then uses a vanish stick on the seat of emma's knickers and his briefs and also on the front of his briefs and then put them in the washing machine, he said they always come out clean that way, so there's a tip for anybody who gets bad stains, use vanish on the spot. I didn't know that Paul or Emma had these accidents until I went to stay with them. Paul is comming to stay with me next weekend so maybe I will be able to write more then. Any comments on these parenting or cleaning tecniques, I would be interested to know and any other similar experiences, maybe I will be able to show paul your reponses next weekend.

Hi Guys - havent posted in a while either and thought its time i contributed too. There seems to be a lot of new post altely which is good to see. Good to see a post from Chris - another aussie - yes im here too!!! Thought i'd tell you about some of the things we probably all got up to as teenagers. There was a group of 5 of us and a warm summers night went cruising in the car. Not far from here is a huge manmade lake now used for swimming and of course has a toilet block and changeroom attached. This was a classic brick structure but had no roof - so the top was open to the sky. The outside walls being about 8 foot tall. There were 3 cubicles (no doors) and a urinal in front. On of the guys says he's gonna drop a load but wants to do it from the top of the biulding just to see what sort of splat he can make on the concrete floor. These toilets were disgusting anyway - there were plenty of turds around anyway!! You have to remember it was nighttime and this place was well and truly deserted. So he strips off his pants and underwear and we heave him up the wall. He scoots along the top of the brick wall and postions himself across one of the cubicles with a leg on either side. From below ! we could all see exactly what he had for dinner so to speak (well the best you could in dim light). so he stands there lets out a few groans and farts and suddenly this huge turd comes flying from out of nowhere and goes SPLATT!!!! on the concrete floor below. Well the rest of us nearly cacked ourselves laughing. Well this was so much fun that boys being boys - we all took our turn to see who could create the biggest splatt on the concrete below. I cant remember but im sure i didnt win!!! I often thing back to those days and now find it quite a turnon and only wish that i could turn back the clock!!! see you guys soon

todays was rather normal bathroom wise so i guess ill tell you about one if my past experiences. when i was 15 (last year!)i was at a friends house and we decided to take a walk in the woods. there were 5 of us and 2 were girls. so we were walkin in the woods and i had the urge to crap. now this is a usual thing that hapens when i walk alot or ski or something. so i knew i could hold it. we kept on walking adn eventually my friend said he had to take a piss. he went and i heard a couple giggles from the girls. we kept on walkin and now my bowels were really starting to give me the message. so i tild everyone i had to shit and walk off a little not really out of site but far enough. i shit about a 7 incher and then the messy stuff came it was soft and stinky. when i was finally done i wiped with some paper i had in my wallet pulled my pants up and went back to the group. then i heard my girlfriend say she had to poo too. i was shocked cuz i always thought she ould have held it until we got back or gone in her panties. so sje asked me to go with her where i went. when we were there she oulled her pants down. now this alone was quiet a thrill for me i had never seen her in anything less than a bathing suit and now she was gonna show it all and go to the bathroom. she asked me to hold her hand. so i went over to her and her it she was trembling. i told her dont worry about a thing and that it was gonna be okay. she start to squat and pee a strong stream. then i heard her push and breath hard. it was stuck in there i asked her when the last time she went to the bathroom was she said 4 DAYS ago! she asked me what i thought we could do. i could tell she was in pain. i told her not to push just to sit down and i would try to help if i could. she sat down i rubbed her stomach, nothing! i told her to sqaut again and push she started to push and it moved a little the bug fat head wad out a little. i told her to push again. she did nothing happened. i told her to push as hard as she could and she did the poo started to come out then stopped again. now i was getting mad and she was in terrible pain i could tell. i told her to push oine more time she did and i grabbed it with my fingertips and pulled. she was crying by now so i pulled for all i was worth. i got a little out and then it all came out. logs after logs just came pouring out all over my hands and the ground they were rock hard too. she told he she felt way better but thought there was more. now look at our dilemma we are in the woods not alone and have no toilet paper or water. i wiped her sore butt with my shirt and then threw it in the woods. i asked her if she could pee on my hands to get some poo off of them. she did it and we were fine. even though the experience was totally embarrassing it brought us closer together which is cool that could happen from her shitting all ove me.

Helen, thanks for your thoughts and I again commend you for your open minded attitudes. I wish I had been the bloke who's toilet you blocked and I can imagine how he was turned on. Can you give further details of this incident if you dont mind my asking? Like you I think that Karen M's mum acted like a Nazi towards her daughter when she had an accident in her panties. I wont go on about this as there was quite a correspondence about it some months back, (see old posts). On the couple of occasions I had an accident in my underpants as a kid my mum didnt make a nasty scene about it, after all she too had done it in her pants, (and in her swimming costume as I have previously written). SA Joe. I did spend a few months in SA in the 1980s in business. Sorry my spelling of the Afrikaans isn't perfect.Hope to hear more from you. Although I have always been far more turned on by women and girls doing a motion than by other males, there have been a few memorable times that another male doing a good big jobbie has interested me. One of these was a boy in my class at school called Steve, he wasn't a fat bloke, indeed rather thin and weedy but for some reason he only had a motion about twice a week and passed some really long fat turds in the boys toilet at school which often got stuck in the pan. I would go into the toilet if he had been and have a look at the big long fat jobbie he had passed. I dont know if he was aware of my interest, I didnt ever say anything to him. I might have had this been at Primary (Grade) School but this was at Secondary (High) School and we were both about 15 at the time and he might have thought any discussion about such things to be some sort of homosexual advance, (Im not, nor was he).

The other memory is of about 25 years or so ago when I lived in a bed sit. (For Americans this is a large house converted into individual rooms let out to rent with shared facilities such as toilet, kitchen, laundry room etc. These are normally in the poorer areas and let to the less wealthy). One of my fellow residents was a divorced man in his fifties called Fred. Now I had tow rooms as did he, a sitting room with small galley kitchen and a bedroom which by good luck was through the wall from the toilet. Thus I could hear all the other tenants doing their motions. Obviously I was more interested in listening to the two women tenants and enjoyed hearing their "Ker-splonks!" and "Kuplonks!" when they did their jobbies and sometimes seeing what they had done and I will post about these at some time. The particular incident with Fred happened one weekend. I got reasonably well with him to talk to and he had said that he had been a bit constipated but this didnt bother him. Like me he never used laxatives. That Saturday morning I had gone to post a letter and met him on his way back home from the local store where he had bought his newspapers and his cigarettes. Normally he liked to stop and talk but this time he excused himself after a short chat and said he needed the toilet and could feel a big load coming down and as if to prove this he farted loudly with a powerful smell. We both went into the house, he going straight to the toilet while I went into my room and through to the bedroom and put my ear to the thin wall. I heard Fred enter the toilet and bolt the door undo his belt and pull down his trousers and his white cotton Y Front briefs and sit on the pan. He did a pee then I heard him grunt and go "NNN! NNN! UH! OH!" and heard the crackling sound which seemed to go on and on so I guessed it was a big one. Eventually he went "AHHHHH! and I heard a "flump!". After wiping his bum he pulled the flush 3 times before I heard him say "Oh sod it!" and come out. I left it a few minutes then went in myself. The smell of a good solid motion hung in the air and when I looked down the pan I gasped. In the botton of the toilet was a long fat turd. It must have been about 15 inches or so in length and 2 and a half inches fat all nobbly and lumpy to begin with then smooth and curved with the rounded end and the last 5 inches sticking up out of the water. This gave me almost as much of a buzz and seeing one done by some woman. Later that day I saw Fred again and he apologised for doing a turd that stuck in the toilet but I said I didnt mind, (if only he had known!), and that I hoped he felt a lot better. He agreed, saying it was like a big brown snake and it just kept coming out of his bum and that he hadn't been for 4 days.

Hi again! This one will be brief as I still feel drowsy from the Contac cold capsule I took today.

No real interesting poops to report since last time, but I will share my pissing experience from yesterday. Well yesterday I ran a couple of automotive related errands after getting off work. The first one I took my truck to the car wash to get it cleaned, waxed, and clearcoat-protected. While the attendants were drying my truck, and doing my tires, windows, and interior, I hopped on over to the convenience store next door, and bought two bottles of Deja Blue water. Both were 32 oz each. After they finished my truck, I drove to my Ford dealer over in Ft. Worth to get my oil change, and other details involved in the 24K scheduled maintenance. While I was waiting the 2 hour period in the customer lounge, I took my asthma and cholestoral medication, and drank the full 64 oz of bottled water. Well I think I had to make about 10 to 15 trips to the men's room, and each time it was quite a piss! "People's Court" featuring Ed Koch was on the lounge TV, and they were interesting cases. Judge Judy was also interesting, and not wanting to miss too many moments, I held it each time, as long as I could. Post-water consumption pisses signal you with great urgency, and the pain signal I feel at the end of my urethra is a sting like no other need-to-piss sting. I think I pissed a full 40 seconds each time I went, and it felt like flowing water, as the pain in my dick gradually went away, and the relief felt good. Of course the piss was practically clear and devoid of color.

Before I go, thanks to everyone for responding to my recent post. Maybe Monica and Bill did keep maintenance quite busy with their toilet trips, especially if low-flows were recently installed. Btw, it's been said that Lyndon Johnson used to hold meetings while sitting on the john. Hugh G., I'm not sure what kind of effect jalapenos have on my poop habbits, and Pancho's must really be bad in Austin, with many customers getting the shits after eating there. But, aside from the wet farts I did while trying to shit, I havent had diarrhea in quite a while. Again, it was solid green logs when [finally!] the waves started.

Well I guess that's it for tonight. Take it easy all! Mike Bacon.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Tiny, never clogged the loo myself with poops, but sometimes I see the strangest things in the toilet when I go into public restroom stalls. Sometimes I go in there and there are what's expected (BMs, tp, etc). And sometimes other things (sanitary towels, huggies, "pull-ups", stockings (!), etc.). Once I was at a public pool and found a peculiar thing in the loo that somewhat resembled "pull-ups" but was a dark purple and blue! (If someone knows what that could be...?) Usually in that situation I pull the flush and hope everything works itself out okay (Usually okay, sometimes a nappy needs the flush pulled twice before it goes on its merry way.). In the couple occurances there were huge things in the loo that wouldn't go away, so I found another empty stall to use. Oh well, cya later, Tammy

I've been remembering an incident that happened to me during my first job after leaving college. One day I had to go out with my boss to meet a client. Now, I was nervous of my boss - I'd only been with the firm a matter of a coule of weeks and any way I was a fairly shy 21 year old, very new to big city life. We were not travelling together (I've forgotten why) and he told me to meet him at a pub close to the client's premises. I did so and he bought me a drink. I thought it wise to ask for no more than a half pint of beer. Before we left the pub, I felt thought about relieving myself, but the "big shot" in me (the arrogance of youth) said "No, you can hold it.." If only I'd listened to my body.......

We arrived at the client's premises and waited a few minutes before he could see us - consuming coffee as we waited. Then followed a very long discussion of his needs and desires and the way in which my boss and our firm could help him. My mind began to wander to a rapidly increasing need to pee. Obviously I could have asked to be excused, but somehow I've always found it difficult and embarrassing to ask that question. I still do and at that time, it seemed to me like a sign of weakness. Surely I could wait until we were ready to leave or surely I could wait and dash into a pub as soon as we left? I already knew I couldn't make it back to the office...

I crossed my legs and tried to concentrate. I crossed them the other way. I sat with knees apart and with knees together, varying my position every few minutes as I tried to stave off the agony.

Suddenly my boss got to a point in the discussion where he had to do some fairly detailed calculations and he sat down to do so. As casually as I could I said to the client, "While he's working that out, do you mind if I use your Gents?" I expected some simple explanation of the location, but instead he searched in the top tray of his desk to find a key and then launched into the most complicated set of instructions as to where the toilet was located in this very old building! I stood there totally unable to conceal my desperation and thinking all the time, "I'll piss on the floor any second, I'll never make it."

I was released into the corridor and ran in the direction he had said. Have you ever tried getting a key into a lock when you're seconds away from a major flood? I had to keep stopping in order to squeeze myself and I was almost crying with the effort and the pain. I got inside the room. There was a line of urinals, but on the opposite wall, a very long walk away! I knew I couldn't get there in time. Fortunately the room was empty and so I began to wrestle with my zip. It was at the time when very tight trousers were the order of the day and it was never easy to to piss even under normal circumstances. I spurted a couple of times in my underwear but eventually succeeded in getting my dick out. I half walked, half ran towards the urinals, but by that time, I'd completely lost control and pissed all across the floor. What amazed me was the quantity and pressure and that I still had plenty to release when I finally reached the urinal. Good job no one else came in the ! room, I really made a mess of the floor that day!

Hi all I've only just come across this site, so its a bit of buzz right now. I've always been interested in shitting and toilet habits, but have never come across anything like this. Its awesome. Im a 22 yr old male from Australia, and im really glad to see so many girls out there into pooping and peeing habits. Cool. Well, a story. I was about 10, and out in the woods with about 5 friends. I was desperate for a shit, but had no where to do it, as we where miles from any bathroom. Well, i held off as long as i could, but in the end, i just had to poop. I crouched down, and bang..Out came the stickiest, messiest shit that you'd ever see.(well, i'd ever see anyway) It reeked. Everyone knew that someone had shit themselves, cause it was so obvious. But i dont think anyone knew who. Lucky, as the embarassment would have killed me. Well, i will write again if i have the time, but i'll certainly be back to read up on girls experiences. reya and steph - cool stories and experiences.. thanks Chris Chris

Party Pooper
This is my first time posting to this forum. I've been reading it for about a year and figured it's about time I started contributing. I have a lot of great stories to share. I am a 22-year-old male and have been fascinated with toilet matters since I was a kid. I love all the stories on here and will start posting some of my own very soon.

Theresa, I liked your post about being constipated and your sister helping you. I dont often have this condition, as I have said my motions are usually just right, not hard and lumpy nor loose and mushy but easy, smooth, solid and formed big long jobbies. Likewise with my kids. However on the odd occasion I have been bunged up my daughter Paula has helped me and vice versa.

Tony, your probably right in your analysis of the situation in your youth. I would think your mum did enjoy doing a nice big motion herself and was aware of your interest in such things and went as far as she was prepared to in accomdating this. For my own part in my family defecation was just part of life. Sure I enjoy doing a nice big jobbie, many people do but wont admit it. If either of the kid's walked in to the toilet when I was doing a poo I didnt mind and vice versa, but this was the 1980's and 90's not the 1950's and 60's.

Karen M. I too found this website a great help and I was delighted to find that there are lots of other people out there who are turned on by defecation too. So if it has helped you come to terms with your own feelings, great. I was disgusted by the attitude of your mother to your accident. Sure you did lie to her, but no doubt you were ashamed and frightened. If you hadn't been afraid Im sure you would gave told the truth. I contrast the difference when Paula did a jobbie in her knickers (panties) at about the same age. She came in from school one afternoon and I could see she was crying. When I went to comfort her and ask what was wrong she pulled away from me, very unusual as she was, and is, an affectionate girl. I also smelled the strong pong of poo and guessed what had happened. I asked her and she told me that the girls toilet at school had been locked for painting and she had tried to hold it in till she got home but hadn't made it. Her brother also came over to ask what was wrong but he too was sympathetic and certainly didnt laugh or tease her. I gently took her into the toilet and when she took off her skirt, which hadnt been soiled in any way, I could see the big bulge in her seat of white cotton briefs as the poo had been solid. She stepped out of these and got cleaned in the bath and afterwards changed into clean clothes. I just emptied her soiled knicks into the toilet and washed them in the washing machine making no fuss about it. I told her that anyone could have an accident, I had myself as I have previously related, as had her big brother. These things happen to the best of us. I cringe at the psychological damage some cruel parents and teachers have inflicted on their kids when they have had an accident in their underwear. Yesterday on British TV there was a young man appearing in an interview when at the end of his session he suddenly had to dash out of the studio. The presenter said that he was "taken unwell suddenly" but was alright. I wonder if he had been taken short and filled his underpants?

Jill, I too have from time to time done a big jobbie in a friend's toilet which has got stuck and wont flush. I just leave it and politely tell the friend. I havent yet had an adverse response, usually either amusement or even interest from one male workmate I was visting at the time who when told went straight to the toilet and had a good look, commenting afterwards, "Helen, I didnt think a slim girl like you would do something that big!" I also observed that seeing it had given him a buzz, so Tony, there are plenty of other blokes like you.

Very best wishes, and Karen M, dont let it get you down, you have told people here about your unhappy childhood experience so put it behind you, read this page and enjoy, and I hope you contribute again . :-) Helen.

Karen M, thank you for posting. I'm a male but I found myself with tears running down my cheek as I finished reading your story. I can never understand why a parent would use such unproductive discipline on a child for an accident that every human being on earth has at one time experienced. And lying about it was also completely natural; an action that all of us, I am sure, would have done. Who would want to tell the truth in this situation and risk the humiliation and embarrassment if you thought you could get away with your thought out plan? Even if your mom had experienced a bad bathroom experience as a child, you'd think that all the more she would not want to humiliate her own child in such a degrading disciplinary action that could have a deleterious effect throughout her child's life. I remember an incident in my own life when I was about the same age, the details of which I can't remember for they were not very dramatic, but I had an accident in my pants and after cleaning myself up in the bathroom, I had overlooked some poop that had been left on my dark colored socks. I left the socks on top of the laundry hamper and when my mother found them, she asked me with irritation how poop had gotten on my socks. I shyly shrugged my shoulders, gazing downward and responded that I didn't know. Her irritation suddenly disappeared as she told me "aw, you had an accident, didn't you? ...that's okay, don't be ashamed, everybody has pooped their pants at one time or another." I remember looking at her in amazement and asking "everybody?" She assured me that, yes in fact that everybody shits their pants at some time. I can just imagine that if she had forced me to wear a diaper as a form of discipline that I would have a different view of her now as an adult along with other negative ramifications. Maybe I missed the point of your mother's actions, Karen, but I still don't believe that humiliation is the best form of discipline. Thanks for! sharing the story and I wish I had your writing skills -- nicely told!

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