BrentC, Thom, Dan, and all my constipated buddies: Damn it's great to hear from all of you. I ahven't posted in a long time myself. It's also nice to know that their are other guys like me who frequently are constipated. Metimucil and the other fiber supplements make me bloated with gas and often more constipated than ever. I do better with a good diet and exercise, but that by no means cures the problem. Mostly I shit hard cannonballs. Last night's shit was a little different. I had not shit for several days and was feeling very full and heavy. Finally I started to feel a dull urge. I got a magazine and hit the porcelan throne. After a great deal of effort and sweating I heaved out a stonelike log which scratched and scraped and stopped several times on the way out. It fell in the water with a massive ker-splash and wet my ass and balls. I could still feel a lot more up there, so I sat grunting and straining and farting. I started pushing out thick clay-like logs and even though they were softer, they were just as difficult to pass. I had to groan to keep the movement going and it felt like my intestines were being wrung out, but the shit was incredibly slow exiting. I had to use BrentC's technique of leaning forward until my pecks (which are pretty well defined, incidentally, were resting on my knees. I massaged my buns to help relax and stimulate my backside. Hey guys - I need all the help I can get. BrentC - How much do you usually fart? Have you ever had the experience of "blowing" a cannonball out with a big fart? The enema experience was pretty cool. I would like to hear about your buddy dump at work. Dan- Hey man I want to hear about your ordeals. Every detail is appreciated because I usually find myself identifying with various experinences and trying new techniques. Speaking of techiques for helping you shit, I have several I can share later. More later, Carlos

Hello.all,Was away for a few days.We had some real nice weather here in the northeast.A few days ago,I went biking up to a place known around here as bethpage state park.I've been doing it for years.When I got up that a.m. I felt a slight urge to poop but it went away.So i packed my backpack and headed out .I always bring toilet paper with me and a mirror( read my earlier posts about the mirror!) I was really looking forward to this especially since i knew i would have to poop outside in the woods.When i bike it sometimes really gets things going in my ????.So for about 2 hours I'm biking like crazy and i stop at this 7-11 and have a slurpee.I love em. Well this got my intestines going and i had to go.It wasn't too urgent,but i figure i better start looking for a place to unload . So i go deep into the woods off the bikepath and i find this great place.So i get off the bike and bring the backpack with me. Now i find the spot and I totally undress.(i love pooping nude outside,feels great) Then I got the mirror out and put it in a spot where i could see well.TO BOBBY- yes i had to pee real bad too,so I squatted down and just relaxed my anus and this small,tight fart ripped out, announcing the start of my B.M. I looked at the mirror and saw my asshole open up and this poo start coming out,so i let it out very slow and then i started to pee. I'm peeing like crazy and at this point, the poop is 8-10 inches hanging out my ass,so i just let it hang there as i pissed like crazy.It felt soooo good.Then my bladder was empty and I looked at this turd hanging out my puckered,red anus. So i let it come out more and it fell on the ground.It was a big one.About 11" long and the first part was knobby and then it got smooth and softer.So I stood up and walked around a bit.I knew i wasn't finished.Then i felt part 2 starting to fill my rectum.So I squatted down right next to the 11" turd and relaxed my anus once more and another fart came out.This one was loud. Then,as i watched in the mirror,My asshole open up and this soft mushy poop flew out and kept coming out I didn't feel like i had to go that much,but sometime thats when i go a lot! Does anyone else feel that way? As i'm pooping i shift over to the 11" turd and poop the soft stuff over the top of it sort of like a poop sundae!Thn I pissed some more and farted and then this hershey poop came out and squrted all over the ground.That was a great poop! then i sat there pushing my asshole in and out and looking at it in the mirrorWOW!Then I got off in a big way and wiped and got dressed and looked at the pile of poop on the ground.This 11" turd covered with soft poop and another pile of soft poop and hershey poop about 8" away from the other pile What a load !! Hope some other people can tellme their outdoor poop stories soon.I'll have more to come!! BYE

Dan, welcome to the site. I too get the cloggage from time to time. I use glycerin suppositories and they work well for me. You should try one sometime, very easy to use. We use to use them back in college. It was certainly a topic of dicussion in the dorm. Lots of consitpated men. Let us know what you use.

Hey all , thanks for the response Tony (UK). You are very knowledgeable on SA habits , for a Rooinek I suppose (HA-HA). Yes to a large extend Biltong & DroŽwors often lead to constipation as a result of slower indigestion processes. However one gets thirsty from the salt content and lots of liquids make up for that - just to a certain extend. Black people are more comfortable , probably because of traditional habits , to go in public. Also the population / infra-structure ratio is of such a nature that public facilities is inadequate. Having said that you will often see black women squat behind bus halt for a fast pee ; usually unnoticed as they perfected the blouse up /panties aside routine. And yes the jobbies of the African people seem to be bigger/better shaped compared to the Euro counter-parts. The less complicated diet of cooked meat / mealies / porridge does contribute and as a matter of fact in general they are out of everyday activities more active than whites which ! traditionally became lazy .

My nature of work is as such that outdoors is a given. I like having to go urgently for a #2 alongside big roads. The exitement seem to improve the bowel movement! I usually start to push only gently and try to hold back the turd (DROL here in S.A.) as to feel the monster pressing to the side walls of my ass-ring. That is very stimulating to an extend and helps the pressure to built up for the rest . Did anyone else have the same experience?My movement is not loud ,rather crackling and fast with occasional hard pieces. I really fart a lot during night time - thereby entertaining the wife's tolerance.Movements came usually early morning. I am 25 for anyone interested. The stories of particular situations will come ....Happy Grunts.

Poop Loggy Logg
Hi all...I have a short report about restroom quality in airports based on a recent trip I took. Washington Dulles: Very clean and modern, automatic flush

Washington National: Also very clean. Had ass gaskets, which I found unnecessary.

Columbus, Ohio: Smelly, not well kept, but did have auto flush. Smell could have been due to the fact that there was a guy in the next stall dropping anchor. The floor was kinda dirty.

Upon returning from said trip a couple of days ago, I dropped one of my all-time largest turds in the airport bathroom: very mushy and chocolate brown. Then when I got home, the next day, I extruded a 12 incher that looked much like the horn on a steer. It was firm and knobbly on one end, then became more soft and mushy, shading to a light brown, at the other. About midway there was a weird discoloration, like a piece of undigested food. Very pleasant passage.

An anecdote: My wife, the doctor, had to see a young mother and her little boy (about 4 or 5). Apparently the boy had broken his arm and while he was in a cast he had to have someone else wipe his butt. After the cast came off he refused to wipe and said that he had "forgotten how". So his mom had been wiping for him and she was getting exasperated with it. How could you forget how to wipe your butt?! I think the kid was just being passive-aggressive.

Has anyone ever crapped and pissed their pants at the same time. It has happened to me on occasion and it is not fun. I would to hear some stories. Either post a response or email me. Please! Thanks

Wow! My dream gf the other day asked me out to a movie yesterday! She said it's cuz she had a good time the other day!! whoa, I can't believe that she did this!! She also said it's cuz we shared something a little intimate(her wetting her pants) Cool! Maybe 7th and 8th graders can get along!

Hey tiny girl! I've never clogged the toilet before either. I think it seems kind of hard to clog a toilet. I don't think I've even seen my dad clog our toilet and he's a big guy. We must have a good toilet or something......but I don't no if that's the case because I do remember my uncle clogging it at one point. Oh well....who knows!

The other day i was golfing and i had to go to the bathroom. so instead of walking back to the clubhouse i thought it would be easier to just do it in the woods. it was also a very secluded place with alot of trees and shrubbery so there was no apparent problem with it. i had gone in the woods before its no big deal. i walked in to find a good spot to go where no one would see me. just as i was walking in a heard two womne talking. one was going to the bathroom and the other was the lookout i guess. form the sound of things she had to go pretty bad i would say. i heard a strong hiss sound followed by two big plops. then when she was done and wiped then other woman pulled her pants down and started to go. she peed for liek a minute strait then stopped. the girl that just finished had her back to me so i thought i would walk up a littel closer to see if i could see anything. i walked up about 20 feet. i saw her push and groan a little then i saw it start to come out. it was huge. i saw it drop and she sighed for relief. she wiped and left it there. i was extremly turned on by this as you could imagine. i walked up to where one of them had been and there was a turd about 10 inches long and kinda thick. the other girls poo was way bigger maybe 14 inches and 2 and a half around. i was so shocked this came from a woman. i still had to go. i pulled my pants down and took them off because when this happens that im out and NEED to go its usually dirahrea. i shit the nastiest most foul smelling green colored poo all over the ground the smeel was so strong i neary threw up. i had no tiolet paper and needed something badly so i wiped with some of the toilet paper the two girlsa had used. yeah i know its gross but i had to i could walk the rest of the course like that. so i picked up wiped and went back out. i have plenty more stories of the sort to tell if anyones interested. thanks for puting up with my capitalization problem too! . i type way faster without bothering to capitalize

Today was a very bad day because I went to my grandma's house for a week and on the first day i pooped in my pants really badly. my dad usually gives me diapers just for bed and sometimes for long car trips but my grandma bought me adult diapers that I must wear 24/7 the entire week, and maybe longer.

Also, since I hove poop more frequently than pee accidents, i have learned about protection. Lining your briefs with toilet paper means you could poop in your pants if you wanted to. While no matter how much toilet paper I try, piss soaks through every time.

Hi folks, My name is Rick and I have been reading this post for a while now. I just thaught I would like to share a toilet story with you. A girl I dated a few years back was very free spirited and she would leave the bathroom door open when it was just the two of us in the condo. What's more, she wanted me to come in and watch her and talk to her while she did her stuff. One evening, she had a bad ???? ache and I was rubbing her stomach while she was trying to get a bowel movement. She was sitting for about 20 minutes when I heard a gurgle and puuring sound comming from her gut. It got louder and louder. All the sudden, her rear end exploded with the force of the Heroshima bomb. Ker-pow, ker-plunk, ker-chunk, boom, splash, gush! Ahhhhh!, the sigh of relief on her face as she continued to empty her self for a few minutes. She even let me wipe herself up when she was done, and the pile in the bowl was a sight to see. Wow!, what a show that was!

Hugh G.
Reading about Pancho's Mexican Buffet brought back some unpleasant memories. If they are anything like the locations in Austin, Texas, the entire dining room is coated in grease, and the food will warm the seat of your commode quickly. What's with this business of green diarrhea? I've only dropped a green turd once in my life, and it can be attributed to poorly preserved Brussels sprouts that evening.

I've dropped only one interesting turd recently. I'll preface this by saying that I love jalapeno peppers, and would eat them every day if I could. So I work at night, and sometimes pack a dinner with a frozen hamburger, some sliced jalapenos, lettuce, cheese, and mustard, which makes a terrific hamburger. I once worked in a restaurant that served a similar hamburger. Jalapenos used to give me diarrhea every single time, but that seems to have passed, so I ate my dinner undaunted. The next night, I dropped a normal turd, of just the proper consistency, but the heat from the jalapenos made it feel like I was dropping a glowing ember of coal. A quick wipe took care of that, but I could smell dinner again. Rection.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Tiny girl
Hey, You all may think that I am odd, but I have never clogged a toilet with my poops before in my life. Sure, it has been clogged with other things, such as paper, etc. But never poops. Can anyone else say this?

Hi I am just back from a short holiday, and I seem to have missed so much! Someone was musing about the subject of celebrities (Bill & Monica) blocking the loo. This reminds me of something I saw in Viz magazine a few years ago. This is a British humorous comic with a lot of toilet humour, and my husband occasionally gets a copy. There was a spoof competition called "Whose Twos?" (or was it whose poos?). There were pictures of six celebrities, and six piles of poo, and the reader was asked to match them. Nice idea - I wonder if anyone ever tried that for real! On the subject of euphemisms for breaking wind; when I was at boarding school we used to use the expression "Chasing the Bunny"! Someone wrote a tale of woe under the heading "Love turds". I have to say that I have been that "sick wench" in the past. Having sat my "well endowed behind" on my hosts loo, I managed to block the pan - but at least I did try to flush; and it was rather embarrassing!

To Theresa- Thanks for answering my post a while back, your comments about rocking back and ofrth get a hard poop out were interesting. The only other person who ever told me about doing that was an old girlfirend of mine who said she always four that method helpful. Personally I don't, the only thing that really works for me is to grab my ankles and pull up on them as hard as I can while bearing down. I really enjoyed your constipation story of Saturday. I'd like to ask what posture you find most helpful when really straining hard? Do you lean forward? Where do you like to place your hands? My Mom would always push on the inside of her thigh, like she was trying to spread her legs apart. I had another girlfriend who once mentioned she liked to have a towel bar in front of the toilet so she hold on to it wneh she had to force herself to go. Have you ever helped your sisters with their constipation? --JW

Hi guys! Theresa (UK), I liked your post about your sister helping you go. It was awesome of her to help you "relax" and finally *let it all out.* I hope and pray you never have to go through that again, though :) To "No Shit!" please do post more of your stories on here. Andre, I loved reading your story about the two women; the way you embellished (in a positive way) the story was great! As promised, I'll tell you about the hiking trip Alex and I went on yesterday. We met at a state forest about midway between our two colleges. As we began walking, I made it a point to drink three 20 oz bottles of water in a relatively short period of time [you will see why in the next paragraph :) ] I felt an urge to pee about 30 minutes later and lead Alex into a wooded area off the path. I pulled down my jeans and panties and then spread my legs apart. I'd normally squat down to pee, but since I had to go pretty badly by that point, decided to stand and "spray." Alex watched in awe and excitement as about 1/2 minutes' worth of continuous pee sprayed back out of my vagina. Alex gave me a handi-wipe to clean my vagina and another one to clean my hands afterwards. I threw both of them into the puddle of piss that I just left on the ground [I normally don't litter, but the wipes are biodegradable...] I pulled my clothes back on and we continued walking. Another half-hour went by at which point Alex needed to take a wizz. I asked her if she wanted to walk back to the toilets (about 3/4 mile away) or if she wanted to try going in the woods. She said she wanted to try going in the woods if I promised to "help" her. Of course I said sure and we retreated to a secluded area off the path [It wasn't that busy in the park in spite of the Spring weather, but we wanted some privacy just in case...]. Alex pulled down her clothes and asked me if she should stand or squat. I asked her how she'd feel more comfortable. She decided to squat slightly and began to pee for about 10-15 seconds or so and then let out a NASTY fart before asking me for some wipes. She wiped her vagina and her hands and then pulled up her clothes. I told her how proud of her I was that she was able to pee outside. I spent the night with her at her dorm room. Unfortunately, we were unable to "buddy dump" [that will come after school is out, though :) ] since she doesn't have a private bathroom, but we had an awesome time nonetheless (we did dump together in neighboring stalls this morning before I went back to my college, though). Peace and love to all, Steph

Theresa, thanks for your recent post in which you comment on my situation. I have obviously given a lot of thought to things over the years and would accept your contention that my mum probably was aware of my interest in defecation and in her doing a motion and tolerated and accomodated this as far as was decently possible while not openly being seen to accept or actively support it. Certainly there were signs that she tacitly condoned this, such as telling me that she was "going for a MOTION" not merely "going to the toilet" and commenting afterwards about what she had done such as "Oh that's better, I got rid of a really big jobbie" where most women in thise days would have said nothing. I feel that there were times when she intentionally "forgot" to pull the flush so I could see the big jobbies she had done. I have also come to the conclusion that she probably enjoyed doing a nice big poo herself and was proud of what she had done, but of course the behavioural conventions of the time (1950 and 60s) and religious moral principles, as you remark, prevented her from being too open about this . The modus vivendi she arrived at suited us both well and I thank her for it. I wont ever raise the subject with her, some questions are better left unasked.

I also loved your graphic description of the time you were constipated and your sister helped you pass your very substantial motion. Your narrative was so detailed that I almost felt that I was in there with you at the time, indeed I felt that I was doing it myself. It made a pleasant change from the recent, and in my opinion, too many stories about diarrhea. I notice that these are virtually all from US writers, by and large British posters to this webpage dont like to write about the hated "runs". Sure no doubt all of us suffer from this illness from time to time, I get the odd attack, usually if I have had had too much to drink the night before, but you wont get me posting about the squitters unless it is incidental to passing a decent solid motion afterwards.

Your remarks about dirty smelly urinals in Gents Toilets is 100% correct. Perhaps if these had an individual user operated flush then some of the objections would be satisfied but in the UK as you say , they have a central flush usually auotomated which doesnt operate often enough to wash out the piss from the urinal and its drains and in hot weather it is FOUL!!! In the UK there is even a device called a "Cistermiser" which restricts the operation of the flush in urinals in public, works, school, pub, etc mens toilets. As I understand it, this is a valve and operates, allowing water to flush out the urinals when someone washes their hands as this causes the pressure on one side of the valve to drop and actuates the unit. Now, this would be great if men always washed their hands after having a pee, but many alas dont even do so after having a poo. Thus the valve doesnt get operated often enough and smelly urinals occur. Personally, I detest Urinals for their smell, mess and lack of privacy, ( I have a bit of a nervous stricture like a lot of blokes), and I like to be in control of who can watch me pee or do a motion. Like you, my friend George, and others who have written here, I would like to see urinals removed from Gents toilets and more WC pans substituted. Its interesting that in many new offices the Ladies and gents toilets are identical with no urinals. In my place of work , where we moved to a new building recently, the ladies and gents toilets are the same, 3 cubciles with WCs (and doors) and as these are back to back with a thin wall I can often hear if one of the women is doing a motion through the wall, another plus point for these new toilets. The absence of the urinals means that the gents toilets dont have that horrible pissy smell or wet floors. Most of the lads aim straight if they stand to pee, as they would no doubt do at home in their own toilet, and there is a mop in a bucket with disinfectant to wipe over the floor if someone should miss and pee on the tiles. Hopefully, this is the shape of UK communal toilets to come.

Bacon, I agree that Monica Lewinsky is a pretty and ???? girl and if she eats a lot I imagine she passes some nice big solid logs. I wonder if she ever did clog the bog at the White House. Come to that, did Bill ever accompany her to the john and hold her hand and give her words of encouragement as she had a big dump? The defecationary habits of celebreties have interested me since childhood, not men in my case , but various female pop and film stars, VIPs etc. I often imagine them sitting on the pan with their panties at their knees doing a nice big solid jobbie. One of my favourite fantasy shitters is Sarah Fergusson the Duchess of York. Fergie has been reported as having a lavatorial sense of humour herself and I can imagine this pretty and ???? redhead clogging up one of the royal toilets by passing a huge fat log then some liveried palace servant having to get rid of it. Another famous woman I imagine doing a motion is Agnetha Falskog, the pretty blonde singer from pop group ABBA . I can imagine Kate Winslett launching her own "titanic" and it sinking in a similar manner in the toilet pan beneath her ample buttocks. Ginger Spice - Gerri Halliwell is another woman I often imagine giving a "girl power" performance as "Top of the PLOPS!" in the toilet. Have any other readers, US or UK got a wish list of celebs they would like to see doing a motion?

SA Joe, nice to read someone from South Africa. I can well understand that the repressive morality of the Dutch Reform Church would give people a very prudish attitude to defecation and other natural functions. By the way, does the diet of Biltong, Milktert, Kuiksisters and other Boer food have any interesting effects on the bowel movements compared to the English (Roinek) diets and did you ever observe whether the blacks did larger stools than the whites?

Once i was at the golf coure and had to go really bad. i knew i could not hold it so i go to the lockeroom. I the men lockeroom their is only one urinal and three toilets. The stalls have know doors so you always try to get the very last one because it is usually clean and no one pees back their. Its almost like their is a door their so you dont have to worry about people seeing you. So i walked in barelly holding it in and come to find out the last stall was full. so i had to take the the next to the last. the bathroom is often full and the first toilet is used as a urinal. So went the are both full it moves on to the second toilet. Well i was in the second one and just crapping to my hearts in and a man walked in and had to pee and the firt one were full. Evidentally he did not see my feet and walked in my stall with his you p. hanging out in front of my face. He was a little drunk and just about peed on my. I was laughing so hard that i did not notice my erection and peed don in my shorts. I was ery embarresed. I love to poop their though it feels so good to let it out.

This is my first time posting to the site although I have been reading the posts for quite a while.Brent C. and Thom, I especially enjoy your posts as I too suffer from constipation . I would like hear more about your experiences of sharing your problem with your friends and the results of the different laxatives you have tried. No Shit, I would like to hear the rest of your embarrassing diareha story.

Karen M
Hi, 1st time poster. I was amazed when I came across your website. For years I thought I was the only one, intrigued, for lack of a better term, in the area of bathroom habits and such. I purposely read, probably every page here before posting. I was surprised to find a lot of stories, close to what I experienced, though maybe to a different degree. I've never shared these stories with anyone. They've always embarrassed me to the utmost extreme, however I thought that possibly sharing them with a group like this might be theraputic and actually help me come to terms with some things. So, just use that thought process when you read the following and any others I may post in the future. I don't have a lot, but they all haunt me in one way or another. I was in 6th grade, it was the beginning of june. I guess I'd have to have been about 12. I was in class and it had to have been about 2, I remember this because the week before someone snuck into the boys bathroom and started a fire in the trashcan, so they would close the bathrooms 1 hour before school ended. I was always the type to be able to hold it. I think in 12 years of school I possibly only had to go a dozen times or so, and only a couple times in 4 years of high school. So, it was about 2 and I had been fighting back having to go for 1/2 hour. No big deal. Been there, done it, never a problem. Well, after a few minutes I got this large gurgle in my gut and I started getting crampy and hot. You know when you get sweating because you have to go so bad. Still not a problem. In less than an hour I'd be fine. Well, so I was sitting there reading the history or science book and the cramps were getting worse, and I just really started to feel sick. I couldn't tell the teacher. Admitting that I had to go??? I'd die. So I just sucked it up and did make it to the end of class. I remember I had to squeeze my buttock real tight because it was going to take a lot to hold it. When you walked from my school to the houses in the back you had to climb up this hillish area, not too steep but not flat. After that it was a long downhill slide to the road and then the houses. Well, needless to say, walking up the hill, every step helped push what was inside me out. The more I held, or squeezed the more it seemed to inch out. Finally towards the top of the hill I had this unmoveable pressure I thought passing a little gas would help, but it didn't. Instead it produced a large, quick moving nightmare into my pants. Luckily I normally wore baggy pants, dark in color, so it really wasn't noticable.I was freaking out though. The thought of doing this was so humilating. I prayed no one would see and that my mother or brother wouldn't be home when i got there. I continued to walk, paranoid that everyone noticed. The reality is that I was walking so fast, there was no way anyone could have noticed. It was very hot and sticky, and the smell was horrible, but since I had never done this before didn't know what to expect. I guess I didn't even expect such a "mess." I made it down the hill and half way down the street. It was still another 5 minutes til I got home so it wasn't going to be fun. To top it off my cheap shoes had come undone, as they did every day from walking up and down the hill. I stopped and tied them. I remember the squishing in the seat of my pants. So, now I make it home with this mess and I try to sneak in, which is totally unlike me. Normally when I came home I'd tell my mother this or that and she'd check my papers and all. But this time it was straight to the stairs. No hello, no I'm home. Well, I got 3,4, 5 stairs up and mom comes around the side and stops me, asks me a few questions like How was your day? Where's your brother? Normal questions. Then she must have gotten a smell of me and asked me to check my shoes, since I obviously stepped in something. Hey! Great! She gave me an excuse. I told her I probably did and then walked on my heels the rest of the way up the stairs and into my room. So, I hurry up and get a change of clothes and a plastic bag and go into the bathroom. I take off my pants, and I was really amazed at the mess in there, and on me. It didn't seem fathomable. So I got several washclothes and hopped into the shower and washed up. I know I ruined the washclothes and the bar of soap, but I did get clean. I put the ruined washclothes, bar of soap and my destroyed pair of underwear into the plastic bag. I guess I figured I clould store it in my room until that night and then take it down to a sewer run off and dump it in there, since there was one right around the corner. I took it into my bedroom and hid it under the bed. About 1/2 hour later my mom came in and asked if I did infact have something on the bottom of my shoe. I told her I did and cleaned it. She then asked me to go with my brother to the store to get something to go with dinner. I forget what, though I remember before she left she sniffed again. I never realized the contents of the plastic bag were smellable. Naive, I guess. We went to the store and when we got back my mother was upstairs. She called me up and told me brother to do something with dinner. The little parts of this are foggy but unneeded so it doesn't really matter. I went up and she was sitting on my bed holding the plastic bag. She said she had come up to put my clean laundry on the bed and the smell was so bad she had to check and she found it. Now, my mother wasn't very strict. She did have occasions of flairing up, though did so only very seldomly. I remember I started to cry, and tell her it was an accident. And she just yelled at me for lying to her. The one thing you could do to tick her off was to lie to her. She asked why I didn't go in school, and I told her about the locked bathrooms. When she asked why the teacher wouldn't unlock it I told her I never told the teacher and that is when she got mad. She marched me into the bathroom and filled the sink half way. She removed the wash clothes and panties and put them in the sink and told me to clean them, and not to come out of the bathroom without them being cleaned. Which was impossible since the panties and washclothes were snow white in color. I was so scared that I just jumped to it trying to clean it while she stormed down stairs. I stood there crying, trying to clean these things. I could get the loose debris off, but the ground in stuff just wasn't going to move. Probably about 1/2 hour later I was still scrubbing and my mother came in and closed the door behind her. She had this pharmacy bag and set it down on the floor. I thought she had cooled down, or atleast was hoping that she had but I guess that was another naive thought. She took my hands out of the sink and looked at the stuff in the water, which was still quite "dirty". She got a digusted look then pulled a pack of adult diapers from the bag. (I was quite surprised to find this in others accounts on this board. Since then I thought I was the only one whose parents did this with, and this has been over 10 years since this happened.) She yelled at me to take my pants off. I didn't at first. I was too scared to move, so she ripped them undone and started pulling them off. I was crying so hard, though I could never forget this. It will be with me forever. I was desperately holding on to my underwear but she smacked my hands and then pulled them down. I was quite embarrassed, I never knew why at the time. She sat me down on the side of the tub and I stepped out of the clothes. She ripped open the package of diapers and showed me it. She told me that people who can't control themselves wore these. She then told me to put it on, and helped me. I was flushed with humiliation as she continued to chastiase me. To this day, I swear something bad happened as a child to her that had to do with a bathroom incident. It was the only explanition of her turnabout. I never have asked her about it though. After I had them on, she told me that I was to leave them on like a baby until I learned to speak up and tell people when I needed things rather then trying to keep it to yourself. She sent me to my room where I was told to wear only them, no pants, and to think about what I did and how the unthought choices in life could change you. I did and fell asleep crying. The following morning she came in and asked if I learned my lesson, I had, and she apologized, as did I, and we talked about it though to this day I remain "shy" to this area of my life. Well, Thanks for allowing me to post this. If I didn't bore you too much maybe I will post a few more incidents. Less dramatic though.

Sunday, April 11, 1999

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