One of the best constipation incidents I ever had was in my late teens when was about 20. I had been taking pain killers for a bad back and the codiene in these does inhibit the activity of the bowels and can cause constipation, this is how kaolin and morphine anti diarrhea medicine works, as the kaolin ( china clay) binds the stools and the morphine slows down the bowels allowing more water to be absorbed.

Anyway, I hadn't had a dump for 4 days and my ???? was a bit swollen. It was Saturday and mum had gone out with Philomena who was then 16, leaving Veronica, then 18, and myself in the house. I had taken some liquid parafin as a lubricant but when I went to the toilet all I could pass with a lot of straining and pain was two hard balls the size of hens eggs with loud "plonk!" plunk!" sounds. Veronica asked if I was okey and I said I was having a bit of difficulty doing a poo. She knew I had been bunged up and offered to massage my ????, so I stripped off and lay on my bed and she gently but firmly rubbed and gently pushed at my abdomen with her hands. After about 5 minutes of this she then suggested I had a warm bath to help relax my ????. I did this and after sitting in the warm water up to my waist I felt things starting to move. Veronica accompanied me to the toilet and, after a wee wee I felt the big load coming down my back passage. With an "NNNN! and UH!" I pressed down and "PLONK! PLOOMP! "KUPLONK!" it started to come out in hard balls. "PLOONK! PLUNK! KAPLOOMP!" I felt as if I was passing a bag of potatoes and had a lot of sympathy with the turtles shown on nature programs laying eggs on the beach. My sister gently rubbed my ???? and encouraged me to do a good motion. I felt that there was a lot more to come down and sure enough it started to get easier after I got my breath back and I then passed a long fat carrot shaped jobbie of about 10 inches long and 2 inches fat which made a great "KUR-SPUL-LOOMP!" making all the fat balls bob about in the pan. A lot of gas was also passed, loud very smelly farts to the great amusement of Veronica and myself. Finally I knew I still had some poo to pass and a big easy formed long fat sausage of about 12 inches long slid out with ease. After the hard lumps I had previously been passing it just oozed out of my back passage, nice and smooth, soft but solid and formed and landed on top of the other turds with a gentle "floomp!". It was a big curved jobbie. Finished, I did another wee wee. Both my sister and I looked at the total content of my motion in the pan, hard balls, firm carrot shaped turd all floating and the big curved easy sausage having sunk below the others in the bottom of the pan. My ???? had now gone down and I no longer looked in early pregnancy. I felt a lot better after dumping that load and it took 4 flushes to get it all to clear the pan. I did put some vaseline on my ring as it was a bit sore and throbbing after passing that lot.

Jim , I have often done a motion where one turd floated and the other sunk. Usually this happens when the first jobbie is a hard lumpy one and the following one is softer and smoother. The hard nobbly turd has less water in it and is less dense so floats but the fat easy one which comes out after it while nice and formed and solid sinks being denser.

Dazz, I love your descriptions especially of the lovely big 16 incher you did. Both Steve and I contgratulate you on that one and I bet it felt really good doing it and afterwards. UK toilet dont have as powerful a flush in most cases as yours in OZ and what you did would almost certainly block a British pan. I find it totally gross that others would do theirs on the floor , why not do it properly down the toilet pan in the normal way. I enjoy toilet activities but clean ones, not making a mess like that.

On the matter of smelly urinals in the gents, I havent often used a gents toilet, except in an emergency, but most in the UK dont have individual flushes above them but have a timer or flush when the cistern fills up. This is usually too infrequent (to save water no doubt) so urine accumulates and stinks, especially in warm weather. Also men dont aim well, and pee on the floor making nasty smelly puddles of piss. Frankly these items are beyone redemption and besides many men have a nervious stricture and cant pee if someone is watching so use the cubicle in privacy instead. Let's make gents toilets cleaner places for Y2K and scrap urinals and replace them with more WC pans in stalls with doors, thus making the toilets unisex.

Best wishes and nice big fat solid jobbies to all Theresa

Samuel it sounds like she's a real keeper. My girlfriend said she had to pee so bad she couldn't walk from where we were sitting in my car. So at her request I picked her up and carried her into the house and to the toilet where she pissed like a racehorse starting just a little too soon and flooding her jeans.

Hi , I enjoy visiting this site . In S.Africa the subject of sharing toilet habits is very rare / private. However , I have some nice outdoor experiences I will share later. I read a lot of people struggling with constipation. I found sitting at office to be contributing a lot to the situation. Carrots does help and plain ordenary exercise like walking , taking lots of liquids also will make the pot a more familiar place to visit. With us in a small town , especially women don't really grunt and perform on the pot because they are not outward keen to share / image is important I suppose. Men on the other hand explode to create suffocating bombs without holding back - even amongs each other. To the grunts

Andre, I have never read a more imaginative, fabulous pooping story than yours. To think that it is partly based on truth is utterly amazing. It is difficult to think of a grown woman needing such "help" in relieving herself. It reminds me of a computer class I took when I was just out of college. I was sitting in the back of the room next to a woman I had come to know. She whispered to me that she needed to use the ladies room but was too emberassed to get up by herself and leave; she asked if I would get up with her. I should have told her to either get up and go or hold it; it would have been interesting to see what she did; I imagine that she would have sat there in discomfort holding her bladder (my guess) or bowells until the break. The teacher was notorious for long lectures with no break (two hours - very difficult early in the morning). Flu

A teacher said to the class: "If anyone has to go to the bathroom, raise your hand." One of the kids replied: "How is that going to help?"

No Shit!
My sister recently broke her arm, and has a cast all the way up to her shoulder. She is right handed, so she has trouble going to the can. Last night I woke up and had to pee badly, and her piss was all over the toilet seat! I got it all over my poor little bum and had to wipe myself thouroughly. Something similar to this also happened to me a few months ago when I was hiking up in the mountains. I went to the porta-potty tp pee, and I didn't realize it until too late, but there was disgusting diarrhea all over the seat!!! I had already gotten all over me. All day I had to walk around like that and no one would talk to me has anything like that ever happened to anyone before? Okay, well I am going to tell you all what happened the next few days of my trip: Well, the next day my family drove to Arizona, and that night we went to a minor league baseball game. As soon as we got there I had to shit, so i went to the huge bathroom that was there and shitted out green diarrhea for quite a while. FInally I thought i was done unloading, so I went back out to the seats where I instantly had to make another BM, but I didn't want anyone to know so I held it for 2 hours, and i finally went to the bathroom my mom and sister could hear my flatulent farts and they could hear my diarrhea slapping the toilet. After about 30 min. I came out of the potty, and then as soon as we got home from the game I had to shit more! I sat in the hotel loo for about another 30 min., and my parents asked if I was having diarrhea, and I said no, but of corse they wouldn't believe me. That night I heard them discussing what would happen if I had diarrhea ain the car tomorrow. After everyone was asleep I went back to the shitter and shitted my brains out once ! more. The next day I was fine. More recently, (a month ago) I was at my grandmother's house, and I was having extreme diarrhea. I went into the bathroom, shitted for a while then came out, then shitted again for a while for about 3 hours. My sister was also having the runs, and we were both feeling very sick. The next day on the way I took a wet shit in my panties, which my family could smell, but they figured it must be coming from outside. One time about a year ago, a boy at school took a shit in his pants and never even wiped his ass all day! It was hilarious, because the scienece teacher kept looking for a dead rat or something, and saying to him, "gee I'm sorry ricardo, the dead animal seems to be near your desk. would you like to move?" of course he didn't because then the teacher would know that he was the cource of the stench. If anyone wants to hear more of my shitting experiences, just say so.

Denise The Shit Freak
Normally I talk about my shitting experiences, but I am going to tell you all about some things that happened to me as a child that were peeing incidents. I was in first grade and my class was playing dodge ball. I was extremely claustrophobic, and was always afraid to go to the bathroom unless one of my friends held open the door the entire time. Well, I sat down on my pink jacket and let out a bit of pee, and then I stood up and a bit more pee trickled down. I don't remeber being embarassed, as a girl named Hahn had had a full blown piss right in her seat the week before, and I don't think anyone but the teacher noticed. Finally, I asked my friend Kaitlin if she would hold the door open for me while I pissed, and she said alright. The other time I was in seventh grade spending the night at my friend's house. I had forgotten my sleeping bag, so we were both in her bed. I was dreaming that i was in the shower, and when I awoke I was pissing right in her bed! She was not awake, so I tried to soak up the pee unsuccessfully, and then got out my deoderant and spread it all over the sheets to cover up the pee smell. Then I got a cup of water and 'accidently on purpose' spilt it on her bed saying, "Oh shit! Tina, I spilled some water on your bed!" so that she would not be suspicious of me. I wonder if she knew that I had pissed in her bed?

I hadnt gone for about a week and my stomach was really killing me. I didnt say anything to anyone because i was embarrassed at the time. It was hard to walk. I could feel the shit but my anus was shut tight. So i figured take some laxatives. Well i did but it turns out i took to much, wayyyyy to much. I was walking down the street to hours later on my way back from the grocery store and i got a huge cramp. I hadnt thought the laxative would have worked that fast. Suddenly i had to go, and really really bad. I knew i wasnt going to make it home. I was atleast a 1/2 hour away. So i panicked and started to run. bad move. all of a sudden i doubled over and shit a lot. It was wet and slimy. It wouldnt stop either. I just stood there doubled over on the sidewalk crapping my intestines out like no tomorrow. Then i started to pee too. it was the pooping mothion that made it happen. So everyone looked at me in awe as i pooped. Then i walked home slowly the poop squee! ging trough my underwear. Has anyone ever pooped and peed at the same time. If so email me a please and i want details

Hi, all! I haven't posted here in awhile. I guess a discussion of one of my most recent dumps is overdue. Well last night (Friday), me and two of my friends ate at a Ft. Worth Pancho's Mexican Buffet. I had chicken & beef enchilladas, 2 burritos, red chili stew, and beans, and a few other food items. When I got home about midnight, I felt the urge to shit, so I sat down, farted, and plopped out a few small greenish chunks. I still felt like I had to go more. So I pushed and pushed, and managed a few wet farts, including one gassy explosion, but it was mostly the old "Here I sit brokenhearted" scenerio. So I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and then went to my room and put on a Yes CD that came out in '91. When track 10 qued up, I felt a big pain in my gut. It was one of those "Waiting and holding it is not an option" pains, meaning getting to the toilet was mandatory. So I sat down again farted loudly, and out came numerous green logs. I forgot to mention that during my first toilet visit where I couldn't get much going, I felt real sweaty, which I always do when a big dump in the near future is eminent. Does anyone else experience that? But once I took the big shit, the hot, sweaty feeling went away. I did have to make a few more trips to the can. My most recent one a coupla hours ago. I shitted quite a bit more logs out. I feel somewhat better, but I don't think I'll be eating much today.

Now if you'll all bare with me I'm gonna bring up some perfectly useless toilet time questions, for the sake of pondering and maybe discussion. It's well known that Monica Lewinsky loves to eat her share of food. Anyone have an idea on how often she's backed up a toilet with her "motions"? It's also well known that Bill Clinton loves his fast food, and lots of it. I wonder how many times maintenance has had to come up to unclog the Presidential throne as a result? And has the White House set the example by installing low-flow toilets? In that case, maintenance is probably there several times every day. And finally, a little more about me. I hate enemas. I don't like the thought of anything being shoved up my ass. It's quite painful. Drinking a big jug of prune juice is my preferred way of eliminating constipation problems. Trust me! It works! Later all! Mike Bacon.

Saturday, April 10, 1999

Hugh G.
A popular, though untrue, story in the US purports to the origins of the word "crap". Specifically, it comes from American soldiers stationed in England. Many of them had never seen a toilet before, and noticed the name Crapper on the toilets. Not understanding the significance of the name (it's the name of the manufacturer, taken from the founder's name, Thomas Crapper), they thought "crapper" was simply the name of a piece of furniture, therefore it's used for crap. Of course the word "crap" predates the first World War, but it's an amusing story.

My question is this: is there still a plumbing fixture manufacturer in the UK named Crapper? I was in London in 1991, and I recall the name on the hotel room's crapper was Ideal Standard. The handle had to be pumped several times, since the linkage inside the tank was complicated, compared to the simple rubber flapper and nylon chain one would see in the US. It reminded me of American toilets from the 1950's, which employed a stopper that moves only vertically. It is connected to a two-part linkage, which is threaded through an eyelet, then connected to the flush handle. The linkage has a tendency to bind, holding the stopper up, so the water runs constantly. I looked for crappers named Crapper, but found none. Rection.

I was a girl scout. 10 years old. I ate a lot at a park picnic. Now I had to rest my bowels. My friend joined me in the bathroom. The stalls had no doors. I was afraid of bumps on my behind. I lifted up the seat, cliimbed on the seat, after I unhitched my military style belt, dropped my loose green shorts and white Carter's panties. I dropped five pieces of doo-doo. ????, ????, ???? and a loose. After silence of 6 minutes, I peed and dropped a solid with a gas fart. I smelled the salads and relishes. Then my friend was turned on by the quantity of my doo-doo, wanted to also. I wiped good with 2 handfuls of paper, courtesy of the park. I flushed. One of solids was still in the water. I flushed again. It went down with a good fight. Then my friend was intrepid. She put down the seat. She pulled down her black shorts and pink panties and methodically sat on the toilet. With her legs spread wide, she quietly pressed out a 14 inch crap 2 inches in diameter, with a long piss and a gas fart. While all this was going on, I was giving her tp. She smiled and then wiped her vagina then her rectum. Then she methodically pulled up her panties and shorts. I am 16, I'm amazed anyone could defecate that much. Mine now comes out in little handfuls.

Brent C
Thom, its great to see you back. I've been lurking but not posting the past few months. Whatever happened to Carlos and Fernando? I loved your posts. Thom, I agreee with you about Metamucil and Citrucel. It just doesn't work on me. Every so often, I try it in the hope that it will help my chronic constipation. Every time it just makes the problem worse. The bloating and the gas are awful. My doctor says that there are a few people with chronic constipation who are made worse by fiber. You and I appear to be among them. My poops are as difficult as ever, frequently requiring a dulcolax suppository to accomplish. At your suggestion, I tried the glycerine ones again several times, but they just don't work for me very well. I need the extra stimulation of the bisacodyl in the dulcolax. Even then, I have to lean forward on the pot until my pecs touch my knees and push, grunt and strain for all its worth. I can usually get out several big logs that fill the toilet, especially if it! s been 3 or 4 days since my last dump.

A couple of months ago, I did have to resort to an enema again. It was my second one. A friend who knows about and understands my constipation problem (he has the same problem sometimes) helped me out. I knew I was not going to be able to go even with a suppository. I was just too plugged up. The enema I had last year had worked very well, so I decided to try it again. It was a little embarrasing to have him administer it, but he was very cool, since he has had to use them himself. I was able to take a whole bag of warm water and hold it for about 5 minutes. When I got on the pot, I exploded. I thought I would never stop shitting. Anyway it worked, and I felt better almost instantly. I don't want to do enemas very often, but it's better than ending up in the hospital like I did last summer. While I was on the toilet, he would come in to the bathroom and ask me how I was doing. I wasn't really embarrased- somehow it just seemed natural to talk about what was happening. I also h! ad a very interesting experience with a guy at my office when we occupied adjoining stalls in the restroom about a month ago. More about that later.

Hi all!!! Ella and Steph, glad to see you guys enjoyed that last post of mine:) To answer your question Steph, I usually do wipe my bum first and then wipe the drops of pee off my cock. I usually wipe off the drops even when I only pee as I usually sit down to pee, especially when I'm at home. I stand to pee in public toilets as they are usually pretty disgusting here unless they are in a restaurant or such.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with a slight urge to shit. It was a bit of a vague urge as it was hard to tell whether it was a shit or just wind. I had to pee anyway, so I got out of bed and grabbed a t shirt to put on as I always sleep naked and it's starting to get cold here in the mornings!!!! I went in to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and started to pee. When that came to a dribbly end, I started to push and let out a big noisy fart. I could now feel that there was definately a shit there, so pushed some more. It was a bit hard to come out and I had to push more and grunt a bit too. It felt like it was a hard little ball as it started to poke out of my bum. All of a sudden, it fell out and landed in the water with a plop, splashing my ass nicely. After that, I pushed out lots of these little hard shits, must have been over a dozen of them!!! Every one of them wet my ass too and some of them wet my dick and my nuts too!!!! I had a look in the bowl when I finished a! nd it was filled with what looked like brown gravel. I wiped my ass and there was no poo on the paper, which usually happens when I do this type of shit. I wiped the pee off my weiner, flushed the toilet and went back to bed.

I was in bed for about half an hour, dozing a bit and listening to the radio when I felt wind pains. I tried pushing the fart out and suddenly felt the need to shit again. So I got up, slipped my t shirt back on and went and sat on the potty. As soon as I sat on the toilet, I let out a huge fart which I'm sure must have been heard through the whole building and then a huge log quickly slid out of me. It only took a few seconds to come out and felt like it was going to split me in half!!!! I could feel it was a really greasy one too and would need lots of wiping to clean up my ass. I looked in the bowl and astounded by the size of this thing. It was about 16 inches long and over 2 inches wide!!!! It felt so good to get rid of that and my anus was tingling like crazy. I grabbed a big wad of toilet paper and wiped, looking at the paper it was smeared heaps with shit. I wiped again and again, losing count of how many times I wiped as it was the greasiest shit I'd ever done and probably the biggest too!!!!!! I stood up when I finished wiping and nervously went to push the flush button. I was sure this was going to clog the toilet as it had that monster turd in it and what seemd to be half a roll of toilet paper!!! I hit the button and the water gushed forth. For a second, the water level rose up and I thought it might overflow, but then all of a sudden it dropped and everything suddenly disappeared down the S bend much to my relief.

The toilets here in Australia do have a powerful flush and I've never blocked one yet, but this came close. Blocked toilets do seem to be a rarity here, but of course some people leave their turds unflushed in public toilets for all to see. Biggest turd I ever saw was this two foot cable that some guy had laid in a public toilet. It was about two inches wide but he had done it on the floor instead of in the bowl!!!!!! It really stunk the place out too and I was sure glad I was only there for a pee and could get out of there quickly!!!!! Some years ago, I was on holidays with some friends and we were staying at this caravan park (trailer park). I went for a shower one evening and there was a bit of a line for them as there were only four shower stalls and the park was pretty full up. I was wondering why only three of the shower stalls were being used and found out when I went to look. Someone had gone and laid a big cable on the floor there too!!!! It stunk too, but there wasn't much we could do about it as no one could find the caretaker and no one else was game to clean it up. Some people can be so gross!!!!! Anyway, I've rambled on for long enough and can feel the urge to shit again. That will make it three times today!!!! I did have a big hot and spicy Indian curry yesterday, so that may explain all these shits!!!! Have a nice poo everyone :-)

Denise the Shit Freak
Oh God! Today I was at the grocery store when I felt a wet dump coming on. All of the sudden I farted, and then there was runny shit filling up my panties! I ran fast as I could to the loo, but it was too late. Now my knickers were covered in green glop! The colour of my diarrhea was almost as repulsive as the stench! Whenever I get he runs I get nausea and vommiting too because the smell makes me feel so sick! SO after I finally finished my shit scene I threw-up all over the floor. I didn' even finish getting my grocereies, i just ran out of the store! As i walked home I felt more wet shit coming on, so I ducked into the woodland area near my home and pulled down my knickers, and BRRRRRPPPP, SPLASH FART, my diarrhea poured forth onto the dirt. By the time I was home, I was sure that that was the last of my runny shit, but hell was I ever wrong! I had the runs for three days after that, the worst diarrhea I've had since middle school, but that's a story for my next! post!

Okay, here is my most embarrassing moment from middle school: Well, I was in eighth grade at the time, and it was the night of the big school dance. I was having bad gas, and as I got ready the farts kept flowing. I was finally ready, and thanks to my trusty GasX, the farture had temporarily subsided. When i got to the dance, (I was going stag) everyone kept pointing at me and staring at me, anmd I was not asked to dance once. I made a comment to one of my friends about the smell, and she burst into laughter! i asked what was so hillaroius, and she said that _I_ was the source of the stink, and I should go to the loo to see for myself. So, I walked to the loo and lo and behold, all over the rear of my frilly pink dress was disgusting green diarrhea! I ran hokme crying, and I have not attended a school function since!

Okay, here is my most embarrassing moment from middle school: Well, I was in eighth grade at the time, and it was the night of the big school dance. I was having bad gas, and as I got ready the farts kept flowing. I was finally ready, and thanks to my trusty GasX, the farture had temporarily subsided. When i got to the dance, (I was going stag) everyone kept pointing at me and staring at me, anmd I was not asked to dance once. I made a comment to one of my friends about the smell, and she burst into laughter! i asked what was so hillaroius, and she said that _I_ was the source of the stink, and I should go to the loo to see for myself. So, I walked to the loo and lo and behold, all over the rear of my frilly pink dress was disgusting green diarrhea! I ran hokme crying, and I have not attended a school function since!

No Shit!
I am about to post one of the worst experiences of my life! I have never told anyone that wasn't there, so this i sthe first time I have ever actually admitted his entire story. Well, here goes: Two years ago my family was on a road trip up in a rural area of Nevada. We had been hiking and exploring caves all day long, and we finally ate dinner at a sit-down retsteraunt. i had a baked potatoe and a green salad, which must have been tainted, because literally the second I sat down in the car I farted a liquidic fart, but i assumed that I only needed to pee, which I found odd since I had just used the restroom at the resteraunt. A few minutes later, I began to have really bad gas, and my sister complained of the stench in the car. Finally, after half an hour of driving my bowels couldn't take it anymore. I begged my parents to pull over to the side of the road which they did. I sat on a rock for about 15 minutes, shitting out green diarrhea as i had never shitted before. It was so painful and the smell was so grotesque that i almost threw-up. I finally finished my BM, or so I thought. We were getting back into the little town, when the wet shits hit me again. I asked my parents when we would be back to our motel, and they said only a few more minutes. Well, by the time we go to the motel diarrhea was dribbling out of my shorts and underwear. My dad couldn't get the key to get into the door, so I made a mad dash for the lobby's bathroom. I plunged down onto the toilet seat and had a wet BM for what seemed like an eternity. \ I finally finished. My sister wouldn't stop oking fun at me. I had diarrhea all through the night and the next day, but that is another story which I will post later.

Friday, April 09, 1999

To "Nameless": When I was in junior-high (7th thru 9th grades) and highschool, in the summer time, I would go to summer camp. This particular camp called "Camp Wooten" is located in southeastern Washington State in the United States, has no walls between the stalls in the men's latrine except for a wall between the backs of the toilets, as there were 8 of them, with 4 on each side back to back. The worst (or best--depending on point of view) time to go was immediately right after the evening meal, as it seemed that most everyone had to go then, rather than spacing it out at other times of the day...Fortunately I never had to endure the agony of having to go at that time and having to wait for a toilet to be freed up for the next person waiting in line. I made sure to take a dump during "Free Time" (the hour before the evening meal), as there were very few guys that used the toilets before dinner...

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