Reading about people having to do a motion in their underpants because of lack of toilets or somewhere private to be able to pull their panties down reminds me of a similar event a few years ago now. I had been visiting friends and had left late so the train home was the last one. As I walked to the station I felt a jobbie come down but thought, "Ill do it in the ladies toilet at the station", but as I got there the last train arrived so I couldn't go there. The train had no toilet and as the journey progressed I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on till I got off. I knew I would go in my panties so I got up and walked to the door and stood. The train thankfully was almost empty. Feeling the turd pressing urgently against my ring I took a deep breath and bore down doing it into my knickers. I could hear the crackling then squashing sound.As is usual for me it was a big long easy formed jobbie and I felt it push the seat of my panties away then fold over and squash up in my knickers. Luckily these were thick cotton briefs with tight leg elastics so there were no leaks, and yes Trevor, I was wearing a pleated skirt. I only dribbled a little amount of wee wee which was soaked up by the double gusset. I stood for the next four stops with the big soft load of squashed poo slowly cooling in the seat of my knickers and I could feel it drooping down, but thankfully it was solid enough so nothing leaked out. It was a strange sensation when I walked home with this load in my underpants. When I got in I went straight to the shower and got clean then washed out the soiled panties. I must say it did look a bit funny when I stepped out of my skirt and saw this great dark bulge drooping down in the seat of my pale blue knickers before I stepped out of them. I agree with Trevor that, had I been wearing trousers or jeans I would have been a mess and I also can see how a man gets into a far worse state in either a wetting or soiling accident. There are a lot of advantages in wearing a skirt I can say! Have a good poo y'all! Helen

Happy Camper
To Ella: I wish we could get together. We would be the perfect match. I never close the door when I use the bathroom and I enjoy it when my wife comes in while I am pooping. Also our bathroom opens to the bedroom, so many times we can hold a conversation while she is lying in bed and I am on the toilet. But on the other hand, she just doesn't seem comfortable pooping in front of me. She does it occassionaly, but not enought to suit my needs. After many years of marriage, she finally has gotten to the point where she never closes the door to pee. I would love to poop for you. Pooping is certainly an event worth sharing with someone who has the same interest. I have been a reader of this site for about two years now. I don't post too much anymore, cause I just don't have that many new stories to share.

Love turds
Bold statements of love need never be made in the bathroom or any other similarly equipped room - commodes do not bode well for trying to woo male suitors, but such was the folly of a lonely and decrepit woman. In the good company of friends she sat in her hosts facilities pondering the sweetly romantic visions of a possible rendevouz between wiping, her business, more wiping and apparently even more wiping. SO much, in truth, that the toilet became befouled and unmanageable, forcing this poor woman to lift her overly endowed behind from a once comfortable and un-sullied throne. Rushing to alert the host of the curdling mess that awaited his plunger and manly skill, the poor toilet-stricken visitor boldly declared that she could never un-foul such a horrid mess - demanding that the host depart his other guest's reverie to undo what hath been done. And I, hoping to impart goodwill in these otherwise festive procedings, took to arms (and plunger) to set free the evil business which had been brought into our host's home. But this deed had its repercussions - for the lonely and decrepit maid had other designs upon her rescuer. Evil designs too sickly for this storyteller to finish adequately. Okay enough - What kind of sick stupid wench walks into someone elses house, takes a dump, plugs the toilet, refuses to clean it up, and then THEN tries to put moves on the guy who plunges her turds!!!???

For the love of GOD and all that is CLEAN, if you witness the deed, take heed and PLUNGE DAMMIT PLUNGE!!!!!

Hello Everyone, have not posted for awhile but always enjoy the stories. Chris C. I like your stories a lot and I agree with you that i wish this forum had been available when I was in highschool/college. I enjoy hearing the dorm/locker room stories. Keep them coming guys! Would love to hear more of your stories Chris. I have had constipation problems too. I have tried metamucil and citracell etc. and it seems to make it worse. Lots of gas and very difficult dumps. I follow the directions and drink lots of water. My doctor says I just have a predispostion for constipation and to not to let it go on for too long. I try to watch my diet and eat the right stuff. When it gets difficult I use a suppository or an enema. You mentioned in the past that you are open about your constipation problems with your partner. That is neat. I have had friends along the way who know that I am constipated and what I do for it. It is nice to that honesty and freedom with other people. Nicky, I love your stories because they express that freedom and lack of modesty. They are great. I find it interesting that you are also a suppository user. I was about your age when I started using them. I like going to the bathroom in public bathrooms, with or without doors on the stalls. I have to grunt and strain a lot to make things happen. Sometimes there are other guys in the same condtion. Nice to know that I am not alone in being constipate. I remember hearing a lot of constipated guys when i was in high school and college. Today, I have tried to go without any success. Lots of straining and grunting. It has been a few days so will probably use a suppository later. Have not seen recent posts from: Brent C., Carlos, Craig, Fernando, Keith, Drew, Aaron. How are you guys doing? I am a fine one to complain about others posting as I do not do it frequently, but check in and let us know how you are. Thanks to all who contribute! Thom

I had a dump tonight, but it was really weird, because one turd sank and the other floated. Normally they either all sink or all float. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

People you won't believe this! There is this girl I really like in my eight grade math class but I thought she didn't like me 'cuz I only a seventh grader. But we are both really smart at our algebra so we finished it up and we were doing some puzzle things my math teacher gave us, like little logic puzzles. We were cranking and high-fiving and stuff and laughing like crazy. We stayed after class because after math school was out and she and i were both still laughing like crazy and she wet_her_pants!! The girl of my dreams! I can't seem to get over this because it seems so unlike her but at any rate I guess I'm happy that we did anything together.

Some movies I have seen with guys on the toilet are Henry Fool, Weird Science, Nightmare on Elm St Part 4, Spring Break, Kiss Me Guido, Lethel Weapon 2 ( Danny Glover), Airborn ( not much to see though), Brothers McMullen (interesting dialog but not much to see) and Once Upon A Time in America (long version). Anyone think of any others?

Hi guys. I hope everyone had a nice holiday... Tammy, your post was interesting. Did you and your friends have a chance to wipe soon afterwards? Before I swim, I make it a point to wipe thoroughly (as I always do) and shower after pooping. I hope to read more of your posts, hopefully about going in the toilet :)

Private Hillary Harriet, welcome to the group! I'd love to read more about your "experiences." A couple of questions. How old are you? (you said you're in "school," but didn't say which grade). What are your "normal" pooping habits, such as how long do you take to go, what size are your jobbies, is there a strong odor, and how many times you need to wipe before getting clean? Speaking of wiping, do you wipe your vagina before your butt (assuming you, as most people I've read about, also pee when pooping)? As for feeling the "urge" while posting and/or thinking about this stuff, it has happened to me plenty of times. Please continue posting; I'm looking forward to hearing from you. [P.S., I'll check out the "I have to poop" forum; I browsed several sites and groups before finding this one, and most of them were disgusting. I love going to the bathroom, buddy dumping with my friends, and reading about this stuff. I'm not into the "extreme fetishes," such as SM, etc.]

Nicky, I agree 100% with your comments about "Toilet Games" with close friends of the same sex as NOT necessarily being a homosexual act. If two gay or lesbian partners decide to "buddy dump" together, all power to them, but it is possible for a couple or a group of all male or all female friends to go in front of each other and have it be intimate and NON-sexual at the same time.

Sorry, I have nothing out of the ordinary to write about (me) at this time. I'm peeing and pooping pretty "normally," but Steph and I will be going hiking this weekend. She said she wants to show me how she pees in the woods. We'll be sure to tell you how everything went :) Love always, Alex :)

Hi there at the toilet! After a period with nothing spectacular happening in my life as regards this forum's field of interest, I witnessed an incident last wednesday which not to post would deserve punishment. I wrote it down in a longer story, which represents the sort of wiriting known as „faction", i. e. it's basically a true story, but I tried to tell it in an narrative, entertaining way. The events, the two ladies' characters (though not their names, which I have changed), the gist of their cubicle dialogue, and, above all, the sound effects I overheard, are genuine. Recollecting them, I may have added a few strokes of the imaginative brush to the picture, but I did this only to enhance the impression which the tale of this remarkable incident is designed to convey to the reader. Anyway, enjoy the following story if you like to, and good poops to you all, Andre. (to the moderator: the following story could very well be placed in a linked too big to fit" page„)

Rhonda, Your post gave no details of how you may have attempted to hold your pooh in. Also I was wondering if you had had a case of the runs at the time and thats why you couldn't hold it in.

Thursday, April 08, 1999

Don't know who all has read the premise behind the gallery It is after a political point concerning the fact that society is the opposite of the photo. The "about the gallery" has been added to the FAQ for this forum as people are more likely to read that than any other supporting material.

I don't know what it is about library toilets - maybe it's the availability of reading material or something, but every time I have to use the library loo, most of the stalls are full - so I try not to go unless I really have to - and the entire place smells of poop. The one time I clearly recall needing to use the library loo was when I was coming down with stomach flu and didn't know it at the time. Browsing in the shelves, I felt a cramp, then another, but nothing I didn't think I could hold. Then the farts started coming, silent but stinky, and I figured a toilet might be a good idea. It was good that I headed off right then, because as soon as I got into the LAST open stall, I had this massive, agonising cramp, and managed to wrench down my panties in the nick of time before my guts exploded, yellow-brown and watery, all over the inside of the toilet. I remember being surprised to have diarrhea, but very relieved that it was in the toilet instead of my panties. Of course, it was only the beginning of an extremely long and painful weekend...

Rhonda the Pooh Master
Today I was on the bus to school, when I had to make a BM urgently! We weren't even to the third bus-stop yet, when I lat out a liquid fart. Luckily, it was an SBD liquid fart, so no one knew it was me. I was coughing and gagging innocently along with everyone else. Just when I thought I was safe, I let out another fartm which was NOT silent, but certainly deadly! EVERYONE knew it was me, and to make matters even worse, the pooh started to slide out of my butt! I was wearing daisy dukes, and the pooh slid right out of my shorts and panties too!!! The bus driver pulled over and let me go finish my BM at a liquior store, as everyone else got off the bus. The poor driver had to scoop up my poop, but I was worse off than him! My new nick name is Shittella, and everyone who even speaks to me any more calls me by it!

Following Theresa (UK)'s County Show story, it would be interesting to hear what other people have done when there were no facilities but the crowds were too dense to permit any "undressing". More stories please ...

My mom tells me that in the fifties in the UK women/girls NEVER went out in pants (trousers); indeed few did so in the early sixties. Theresa's story helps us to see why this was the case; and to wonder why things ever changed. At a Country Show today a 10 year old (and her mom) would almost certainly be wearing pants or jeans, so they could not do what Theresa and her mom did. No wonder there is such demand that more restrooms be provided these days.

Private Hillary Harriet
Hi. This is my first time at this site. I will be posting the latest news on my shitting experiences from now on. I used to go to a forum called "I have to POOP!" but I like this one better. Today my friend Dana had to take a shit really bad, so I went with her to the bathroom, (this was at school). Well, I had been waiting for about 10 minutes, and she still wasn't done. I called to her asking if she was okay, and Dana said she was having really bad diarrhea. So I waited for a few more minutes, but I was already really late for my next class, so I asked her if I could leave, and she said okay. Dana didn't get to class til 30 min. later!

Wanna know something really weird? RIght after I started to send in my first post I had to shit really bad! isn' that a weird coincidence?

THERESA: I am a single Dad. I am very greatful when I see a baby changing station in the men's room. I have had to change my sons several times on really dirty mens room floors. I have even on a few occasions used the women's room when it was a single seater arrangement.

Coolguy 3:16
Hey, How is everyone??? Well, I did a No-No today, Actually, its just risky I went to Taco-Bell and had two Baja Chicken Gorditas w/ 3 packs of Fire Sauce each, and by the time we left my stomach was churning notifing me this may be a mushy dump, so I have to go find out right now, Sorry I dont have time to do a real long one like normal, but nature is calling with a bullhorn and I dont wanna mess my boxers, tell ya all about it l8er!, Cya -JCA 3:16- BTW are there any foods in peticular that give any of you chix the runs or mushes??? GOTTA GO!!

False Alarm, thank goodness the BM i talked of an hour ago wasnt runny, but was HUMONGOUS I went last night, but just tonight i just gave a small heave and the monster just came out wo/ strain, it was about1.5 thick all the way and a 9 incher and an 11 incher, It felt great, exept it clogged the toilet, so i had to plunge, I'll give you guyz a story tommorow, Its late, Im tired, G-night!-Coolguy 3:16-

Here is an interesting question. What kind of toilet experiences have you had either as a baby sitter or as a "sitee" ? One time, I baby sat my co-workers kids and they seemed very open on their toilet habits. At the time, I was 25 years old and the ages of the kids were 6, 13 and 16. I was the first one up to shower and dress and the kids got up after me. I happened to be upstairs when I saw the door partially open and the seeing the 16 yr old's butt on the toilet. He finished up and the rest of us was outside of the bathroom chatting and then the 13 year old went in, dropped drawers and proceeded to put on an orchestra with farting and shit plopping into the toilet. He did not even bother shutting the door. Their father was pretty open as well. We get back from dinner during a business trip and I go into his room to discuss the plans for the next day and he would go into the bathroom to dump and the door is half way open.

I actually have 3 ex-g/f's, but only one with really funky motions all the time, and that's the one I usually talk about. Right now, I'm in a relationship which, unlike the others, I'm hoping to make last for a long time to come, hopefully to the point of marriage and children. We both love each other dearly, but I still can't get her to loosen up about going to the bathroom like the first ex. I'll work on her a little longer, but I need some advice. Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

pr guy
I recently finished college and got a job as a computer programmer. In the cubicle behind mine (my office reminds me of the comic strip Dilbert) is this woman who occasionally lets loose a loud but very brief fart. She doesn't mean to, it just sort of "slips out." It seems to happen at least once a day. I'm sure others notice but everyone is just too nice to say something. Anyway, there are many new employees at my work location, and I'm certain the restrooms (one Men's and one Women's on each floor) are too small for the number of people working here. The men's room has two toilet stalls and two urinals. One of the toilet stalls is extremely narrow--doing a bm there is like backing a large ship into the Panama Canal--and the other toilet stall--designed for disabled persons--is huge. I went in the other day to take a leak and both toilet stalls were occupied. The smell nearly literally knocked me over! They need to ventilate that restroom better.

Hi everyone though i haven't posted much lately,recently I had quite a session.As I was hurring towards the ladies room my highschool intern stooped and asked of me some needed topic and usually very alert and professionial instead I just stammered something, because at that moment the urge to excuse myself to have a bowelmovement was urgent.I soon reached the ladies room only to find all the stalls occupied,behind me came my intern herself needing to go I guess.I could feel the hardened beginning of my poop at the enterance of my butthole only kept there by clenching my cheeks, Then finally someone finished and I hurried in the stall.I undressed and sat when Gale the intern began a conversation in the next stall.I said yessss to something as I pushed out a very large firm turd and some gas at the same time,I could hear Gale peeing and farting as she continued a running conversation about something, as I felt the next turd buildup and begin to exit I gave a loud grunt because this one seemed wider as it pushed out my butt,This is where it get funny Gale I guess thought I had agreed to whatever she had said and asked what? When the turd had just left me and I let go one enormously loud fart.She was silent for just one minute before farting herself, I began peeing and started to wipe my vagina and then my asshole very throughly.The room was very pungent with shit smells at this point.In the bowl was two very large turds one about eight and the other about ten inches long and about two inches wide in it's middle section, my bombs were lightbrown in color.I finishrd up and went to the washbasin to clean my hands and gale was there doing the same,I mentioned i was sorry if I seemed abrupt before she said she had to go to and understood.We both smiled and left.

On the subject of UK toilets, I believe that they are slightly different in construction to those in the USA. I have never been to the US, so I may be wrong about US toilets. I believe that US toilets normally have quite a large surface area of water and that this is not very far below the seat. UK toilets are slightly different. Most UK toilets only have quite a small area of water which is at the back and quite a long drop from the seat. The rear inner surface of the toilet is normally almost verical with the front surface sloping down into the water. This means that jobbies fall straight into the water, but (for some people) it is possible to wee against the porcelain slope at the front of the toilet rather directly into the water.

On the subject of urinals, the type of urinal which I prefer is the type there is a long vertical wall to wee against with a channel, containing the drain, in the floor running along the base of the wall. I think that these are nicer to use than the individual wall mounted basin type which are becoming far more common. As for flushing, nearly all of the urinals in the UK are automatic flush (normally on a timed basis by water dripping into the cistern which flushes the urinals when it fills). I think that I have only seen manually flushed urinals a couple of times here in the UK. If urinals are properly maintained and cleaned, and if people wee in them not onto the floor, then they should not smell.

Hi i will settle the question about toliets with doorless stalls for our British friends. In the u.s.a. most men's restrooms have doors on the stalls. The exception is in high schools and public parks. The reason for doorless stalls in high schools is so curb smoking, or so i was told. The public park doorless stalls are to stop sex in the bathrooms. Simply as that. Just a note about toliets in other countries. If you are afraid of toliets in the u.s.a. it's much worse in Asia. When i was in India i did not see a toliet for 2 weeks!!!! Just squat and shit where ever is reasonable!!!! Have fun everyone :)

Steve J.
Tammy: That was one bad-ass, nasty trick to play on a cruise ship - I'm proud of you!! I would have paid to see the expressions of shock and disgust on other passengers faces when they saw the pool the way you left it. I hope you had a really shitty cruise. :-)

Holidays from school, and parents back to normal habits(!) after Easter, gives me time perhaps to post a few responses to people over the next couple of weeks. Ryan - I’ve been meaning to reply to yours - keep them coming. Buzzy too, and William - I’ll be in touch very soon. Not a lot to report on the home front - I am still a regular bowel evacuator, and with the warmer drier weather, doing more outdoors too - certainly more enjoyment doing them outdoors. Hi Tyler! - enjoyed your post from way back last month. Over here there are schools and parts of society where homophobia is rampant too - but an all boy public (=private in the UK) boarding school tends to accept homo-, hetero- and even asexuality in its stride. Also buddy dumping, and - shall we say ‘Toilet Games’ are not equated with homosexuality at all. Life at our school is more like this Forum - for those who enjoy the subject, the toilet is a recreational thing!! Try and approach it in a non-sexual way?? Do it outdoors, in the country, with one of your friends. Make sure you get caught short and have to go? See what happens. After all, you must pee together from time to time? I’m not too sure that Hugh Grant or George Michael would agree about California being liberal in a live and let live sense. In Europe (West anyway), the US Police entrapment activities are against the law, and no conviction could be obtained in a UK court. At least I think that is so - I do know that entrapment is not allowed. Perhaps Moira could fill in the complete legal position. Prince William - who is about the same age as me(!) - goes to what is generally regarded here as THE boarding school - Eton! (Sorry Wykehamists and Harrovians - I’m sure you disagree!!). However I couldn’t begin to speculate on his toilet habits - he may be a confirmed buddy dumper or a totally shy and introverted in the matter. Anyone at Eton read this? Able to post to it? Seen HRH on the bog??!! Btw Plunger - your v.recent post about the phenomenon of the mysterious faecal matter appearing (like rain from a clear blue sky), this is something I have discussed at length on this forum, recently - well, February/early March) with William (who - like me - also ‘enjoys’(??!) this condition!! Nicky F

Wednesday, April 07, 1999

this is my first time posting this site, after reading it almost daily. its really neat! would like to see more title photos of men, maybe those models, even some sports/military poopers. anyway, around where i live, most of the mens rooms (not single user) around here do have doors on the stalls, especially at my schools, elementary through high school and the theme park i work at (these are well-funded places). #2 is/was unpopular, due to the lack of cleeanliness plus the lack of passing time between classes in hs. a lot of boys do #1 in the stalls (and pee on the seats) because the urinals stick out (like tubs) and have no dividers, very poor design! sometimes they even lock the bathroom next to the cafeteria, especially when i have to poop, making me wait till i get home. i am brave, since i prefer public facilities, with the longer bowls and open front toilet seats, so i can fit my dick in without it touching the seat when i pee and poop simultaneously. would like to "buddy dump" if only once at school. i have pooped in places where they don't have doors on stalls, such as a fairgounds or an older arena/stadium or park, but have never been to a bathroom with absolutely NO privacy, like an army latrine. i would love to visit and poop in a place like that, like REAL MEN do. have visited bases and armories but the mens toilets had doors on stalls. would also like to know if there are any movies/tv/photos/net sites with men pooping. especially military ones where they poop even (together) have seen real army latrines, but nobody was actually relieving themselves (full metal jacket, stripes, no time for sergeants)

Chris C.
Hey Everyone! Was reading the post from Coolguy about farting in public. Curious how many of us do it. I do. I mean I'm not so defiant that I just doing standing next to someone, but certainly if no one is in ear shot I do. Granted, they often stink, so I can only imagine what someone thinks when they walk through my remains. I believe it is better to release the gas then hold it in. I think people would be less uptight if they would just fart more often. As for the photo, how about a guy next time? I have a tasteful photo I can send if you accept entries. And finally, I was having trouble with constipation and I hate when I can't take a crap. Anyhow, I started taking Citrcell (Spelling?) a few weeks ago and have been going almost daily since. Aside from working, it also disso,ves and taste better then say, Metamucil. I only take it once a day, and only fill the dosing cup about 1/2 way. I never believe in taking as much as the bottle says, always start with less. And one more thing, it's great to read from the High School/College guys. I only wish this forum existed a few years ago when I was in college. My days dumping in the dorms were full of exciting stories. It seems when we're younger we can really shit alot. Thanks, chat with ya later!

This table and the shower table are next but were not completely done at the minute, but 12.2% of females and 14.7% of males ages 10-25 remove their pants/underwear completely when on the toilet. There is however a sharp drop off between the 26-50 age group in both sexes.

Station Agent - N.Y.C.T.A.
TO ANNE: I think that was very nice of you to go that extra way to help a person in distress and you should be commended for your good samaritanism! Judging from your actions on that situation, I think you would be a sure contendor for an "Apple Award" if you were a Bus Operator for the NYCTA. An Apple Award is a an award given to a Bus Operator if a passenger commends him/her as being an exceptional driver, such as being a professional, helpful and informative driver, willingly giving out accurate and detailed route/schedule information, calling out stops, announcing available transfers, etc., going that extra step to ensure the comfort and safety of his/her passengers, or just being entertaining and friendly. The operators awarded are given an apple pin to wear on their uniforms. Of course, whether or not a bus driver will help out another bus driver the way you did in the same situation as you stated is another story . . . ;-) BTW - Last night (after 11:30 PM), after I had alighted from the Lexington Avenue express at Borough Hall, I spotted a narrow stream on the platform. I thought absolutely nothing of it, and absent-mindedly, allowed my eyes to follow the stream to its source . . . the homeless dude was laying on the platform against the wall, attempting to conceal himself and his schlong. The New York City Transit Authority -- can't live with it, can't live without it.

Hello all. Im glad you found my history interesting :). Tony, I have read back through the old posts and although your mother didnt let you accompany her into the toilet and see her actually doing a motion she did go quite a long way by the sound of it to accomodate your interest in such matters. I read that you were brought up in a strict RC family. As may be guessed from the names of myself and my two younger sisters and my reference to a Convent School education I too was brought up as an RC but mum was a more liberal type, she left that church over the ban on contraception in "Humanae Vitae" and became an Anglican (Episcopalian) as I am now myself. Anyway, you are about 10 years older than me and I know that attitudes were a lot more narrow minded in those days about sexual and quasi sexual matters. You said in a previous post that you got a smack when caught looking up your mum's skirt to see her knickers at the age of 7. When my mum saw one of my boy cousins doing this she just laughed and flicked up her skirt to give him ! a better look! No, taking the restrictive attitudes of the 1950s and early 1960s into account, and the strict religious attitudes pre Vatican II, I think your mum went quite far down the road of tolerating your toilet fetish as she could resonably be expected to and I agree with you that, from your postings, she almost certainly was aware of your being into such matters. As I previously said, although my mum didnt mind us girls accompanying her to the toilet she didnt allow visiting boy cousins to do this nor see her naked, in her bra and panties yes, but naked as a jay bird as they say in the USA , no way. BTW, I agree with you about the sense in men sitting to pee especially if your bowels are loaded or you know you are a bit loose and my husband does this unless he has to pee outside or use a urinal if no cubicles are available.

JW, neither myself nor my sisters were forced to perform every day, also we were spared the potty stage of toilet training as my parents bought a clip - on child's seat for the toilet and we had a little step to climb up with, Thus from coming out of nappies (diapers) into proper knickers (panties) we were sat on the toilet by mum, (dad didnt take part in this parental function, he was an "old man" and to him toilet training, particularly as he had daughters, was a woman's work). Mum did teach by example letting us observe her doing a wee wee or a motion so we soon got the idea, also Veronica and Philomena watched me and each other so sibling imitation was part of the process. Mum didnt have a motion every day herself, she went when she needed, sometimes twice a day, more often she had about 5 good motions a week. If any of us were constipated, (more common from puberty onwards I found) , she would rub our ???? and tell us to rock back and forth as this seemed to help get a big hard jobbie to come out. Very rarely, if really bunged up, we would take Liquid Parafin (mineral oil I think its called in the USA)which is a lubricant but doesnt make the stools loose or watery. Usually however as we all ate a healthy diet and were active girls we had a good solid firm motion. Nowadays, at the age of 35, my motions are usually either 2 big fat firm jobbies of say 8 inches and 6 inches long or sometimes it comes out in a oner as a single long fat "panbuster" as I have read such jobbies are called by some readers which sticks in the pan and wont flush away. Steve , my husband, also does them this size, and we share our toilet experiences.

Sharon, UK toilets vary from "Palaces",in posh resurants, new shopping malls with an attendant on site, posh shops such as Harrods in London (strict dress code for admittance to the store), there the toilet is palatial and one is expected to leave a tip (at least a one pound coin) in the attendant's tray. Just think though, you may be having a wee or even a number two on the same toilet as the likes of Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York), famous film stars etc etc. At the other end of the scale there are some that are filthy "middens", worst are at railway stations, except the pay to use loos at main line terminii such as Euston, Paddington, etc which have attendants, shower facilities etc. You have to pay, at least 20 pence (about 50 cents US) just to get in to have a pee or poo but these loos are clean and safe to use. In other rail and worse still bus and coach stations the toilets are usually unattended and frankly filthy. No toilet paper, cold water only and no soap or towels, pans often dirty and unflushed and the gents toilets are vile stinking abominations floors wet with urine and stinking of ammonia and stale piss. Public Toilets are usually as bad unless very new and having an attendant. Unlike some US toilets British ones nearly always have doors unless vandals have broken them off. These should be lockable but often the locks have been broken off. Apart from the deluxe loos etc I have mentioned, most Public Toilets in the UK are free. Dont expect to find disposable seat covers as in the US (Ass Gaskets), we Brits just dont use these, so bring them with you if you need them. Public, resturant and other communal Unisex toilets are virtually unknown in the UK, facilities are normally segregated. There are however disabled toilets which are unisex and nowadays even men's toilets have nappy (diaper) changing facilities (part of the New Labour political correctness). So Sharon, I advise you to bring some medicated wipes, (lets you wash your hands if no soap as well as wipe yourself if no toilet paper), "Ass Gaskets" if you use these. Have some coins of low denomination such as 20p, 10p, even 50p, to use the pay toilets. On that point there are in some towns what they call "superloos" These look like cylinderical kiosks and are only big enough for one at a time. They are coin operated and the pan is dry with no apparent exit. One sits and pees or shits then when you leave a cleaning cycle occurs, the pan tips up into a container for waste then powerful jets of water with disinfectants and brushes clean the toilet before it can be used by the next person. Be careful though, if you spend longer than 15 minutes in situ a timer opens the door and thus if constipated or having repetative diarrhea you could be left sitting in "heavenly splendour" for all to see with your panties down. (BTW I strongly advise, in the UK dont lower them any further than your knees NOT round your ankles as UK toilets often have wet floors). Finally, the flushes in many UK public toilets are often quite weak so dont be too shocked to see someone else's jobbie stuck in the pan or if your own log wont go away. Just leave it and go on your way relieved. Hotel toilets are usually quite clean though and those at the main airports are passable, especially airside (I advise use the ones associated with pubs, resurtants etc if in the main concourse though).

I like the new picture of the Afro girl, and I dont agree with the nameless person who thinks it perverted. I ask, with that attitude why do you read this website? The girl is doing the what comes naturally. Tony, I have also found that my Afro Carribean friends, female and male, do pass some whoppers and its down to a diet with more fibre and bulk in it. I cant answer your question about Japanese stools though.

For Tony's interest, I remember my mum doing a jobbie in her knickers when I was about 10. We were at a local Country Show and the toilets were of the "portapotty" type. This didnt bother us but as usual the organisers hadn't provided sufficient toilets especially for the women. We did wait in the queue (line) but didnt get to the toilets and even the gents had a huge queue. Now us girls just needed a pee so mum , when we had given up and left the line told us to just squat down as if we were watching the show from the grassy bank and pee through the gusset (crotch) of our knickers. This we did and although the gusset of our panties got soaked our skirts and legs didnt get wet and as it was a warm day this soon dried. Mum however said that she needed a motion, but after a few minutes and farting a few times she just said, "oh well its just too bad Im going to have to do it in my knickers" and squatted down.(There were far too many people about for her to slip her knickers down and do it on the grass). Like us she did a wee wee through the gusset but we also heard her go "AH! NN!" and we knew the big jobbie was coming out into her panties as we heard a crackling sound and a sort of squashing noise. This didnt worry mum as she just said "oh that's a relief it was hurting my ???? trying to hold it in" She stood up and her pleated skirt hid the bulge in the seat of her knickers. Now she was also wearing a pair of white full cotton briefs with elastic through the leg openings so no poo leaked out and anyway her jobbie had been a solid one as usual. The smell was strong but as this was an agricultural show this wasnt so noticable with the pong from the animals dung. When we got to the railway station she went into the ladies and we could see the big lumpy bulge in the seat of her knickers as we went into the cubicle with her. She stepped out of the soiled panties which she had to bin, with the load of poo in the seat, in the container for used sanitary towels, and she cleaned herself with a lot of toilet paper. As it was warm weather she was quite comfortable with no knickers under her skirt. Now we girls didnt laugh at her or mock her in any way as she didnt give us a hard time when we had the odd accident in our panties. Likewise we didnt mention this to our dad or anyone at school or whatever and I haven't told anyone else, except my husband Steve, until now. It doesnt matter now as mum has mentioned this incident herself since.

Finally, before writing this I have had a good motion. Today is a Public Holiday in the UK so I got up with Steve and after my morning coffee I felt a motion come down. We went together into the toilet and I did a wee wee then passed 3 good jobbies , nice fat solid turds , a 4 incher, a big 9 inch log and a six inch one "Kaplonk!" Kur-sploonk! Kersploosh!" Steve buddy dumped a single fat easy 12 inch curved sausage shaped jobbie on top of mine with a quiet "flump!"

If readers like to read my experiences both current and past, I'll be happy to post more from time to time. Cheers to you all, thanks to the site Moderator, love and kisses from Theresa.

Tony, I am sure it's different in different places, but my boyfriend works part-time in a gas/petrol station and he often closes having to clean the restrooms/lavoritories before leaving. He's always telling me and sometimes shows me when I am with him at closing, the nasty conditions of the restrooms. I would have to say the woman's room is much nastier than the man's. The men's have more writing on the wall, and the men are definately sloppier in trying to hit the toilet with peeing, but it seems they at least try. Most of the womans nastiness left over is done on purpose. The toilet is nearly always not flushed, sometime just pee, somtimes poo and LOTS of toilet paper to purposly clog up the toilet. Other nasty things sometimes found in the womans that aren't in the men's are pissing in the wastebasket, used tampons and rags not wrapped up so that all afterwords can view it, and even poo on toilet paper that is thrown there instead of into the toilet so that they ! can leave thier mark. True, men are sloppier than woman but sinse they stand to pee, it's easier to miss. Woman are nastier in my opinion.

Ned Flanders

Hugh G.
Nobody likes urinals...I think I know why. I work in a building that's nearly 70 years old, and is equipped with the earliest urinals. These are the freestanding type that look like lopsided birdbaths, and could be used as crappers in a pinch. These evolved into the perfect urinal: the kind that mounts against the wall and extends to the floor. These can be used by young boys easily, as well as adults and the infirm. The drains could even double as floor drains for scrubbing the floor. They're still availible, but quite expensive, so these have been replaced with the hateful wall-mounted type that only extends down to the user's knees. At first, they were the feeding-trough variety, forcing three users to stand abreast and urinate into a common trough. Most wall-mounted urinals don't contain the urine splatter, so it ends up back on the user. Thanks to handicapped-access and water conservation laws, they are worse than ever for the purposes of aiming and splash prevention. The pissy smell can be avoided if everyone aims well, but most importantly, everyone has to FLUSH! Many don't, either because they're lazy, they're afraid of the germs on the flush handle, or think it's unnecessary. This is solved with the advent of motion sensors that flush when the user walks away. I once told someone that the motion sensor is actually a television camera, and there is a fellow earning minimum wage watching a television monitor, watching a parade of men urinating for eight hours a day, then pulling an unseen handle to flush. The poor bastard believed me! Anyway, there is no hint of the usual pissy smell in a men's restroom equipped with such devices. Therefore I advocate a return to the days of full-height urinals, and equip them with the motion-sensor flush valves. Rection.

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