Last week, while I was at work I felt very full, maybe kind of bloated as well. I kept passing massive loud farts. Luckily, the girl who normally works with me had called in sick. These reeked. I knew I needed a poo soon, but I still had the rest of a two and a half hour shift ahead of me before I could go anywhere. I continued passing this foul smelling gas for the remainder of the shift with not incidences. So, then I went down to the loo. It's nice to work in the same building you live in. I sat down expecting an awesome explosion. This didn't happen, instead I managed to pass a couple of sickly looking yellowish pellets. After showering and getting dressed I felt no erge to go at all. So, I went to class, figured everything would be fine. At the end of my first class the full feeling had returned and I felt a little sick. I had a bunch of homework to do so I tried to ignore it. I went to the library and set up to do some major Calculus, went I felt my bowels suddenly fill. I slammed my book shut and made a beline for the nearest bathroom. My butt felt like it was bulging with poo. I ran to the last stall, my favorite stall on the whole campus, and exploded chunklets and a little brown mush, the consistancy of pudding into the toilet. I sat there doubled over until the wave ended. I knew it was a wave because I still felt full. At this point I heard someone else hurry in the door as fast as I had. She went into the stall next to mine and I listened to her push out a soft motion. My second wave hit as she was washing her hands. Normally I would have held it the two minutes until she left, but I just didn't care and I squirted the toilet again. The wave ended and I was beginning to feel a little better. The woman who'd been in the stall beside me told me she hoped I felt better soon. This is the first time I've ever gotten a comment from a stranger on my pooping. After a third violent wave I felt a lot better. I felt empty. ! That, to me is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. bye, now, Rae

Coolguy 3:16
Hey, Ya'll wassup?? Ok, A story, as promised, 2 years ago I was shopping with my (Ex) Girlfriend, we were walking through all the stores when we stopped off at a Baskin Robbins 31 to get some Ice Cream(Before she found out she was LI) and after we left she was blowing off some major gas , I said something like "Uh, We are in public, A very large public", she responded"I know, I cant help it, I have to use the ladies, besides you do it all the time", I said "Uh, Ok, good point gas away"As we were headed toward the restrooms the mens is in a different location than the ladies, she farted, pretty wet, had matter to it, and since we were closest to the mens, she made a run for it, and I followed, she went into a stall, I helped by keeping watch, at one point an old guy came in and she was gooseing it out the back door pretty loudly and he said, "hmm, pretty noisy fella in there huh???" I said, "You dont know the half of it dude" only to be kicked from under the door of her stall!!! As she finished she asked if i wanted to see what she did, I said "What, the smelly, wet load you did, or the marks on your panties??"(Sarcasticly)Only to get kicked again!! she flushed and we left, she said I acted like a 7 year old about the whole thing(After all I was only 13-14)later she showed me the panties!They were pretty messy to say the least! BTW: Glad you finnally changed the chick on the pot and the real photos are better than the drawings too, try to change it more often too! Thanx -The 16th chapter of the 3rd book of Coolguy-!heh heh

For the last few days there hasn't been school and I drank alot of liquids, this means more time In the bathroom peeing. So Any way today I went to the mall and peed about 2 times. The first time I went In the restroom It was dirty, water, trash on the floor. Then a few hours later way after lunch I had to pee again, so I decided to go in the stall to pee Instead of a urinal for some reason. At this time there was a man moping the floor and Im In the middle of pissing bad, this man mops In the next stall to me and It taps my foot. Also at the mall I was In Spencers(Gifts)and there was a T-shirt which had a list of the types of poop, Like Mexican poop, Corn poop, Ghost poop, etc. I thought this was strange to see this because I usally see that on the net.

Also, in a recent post I liked the phrase "trouser trumpet." While passing gas is not actually a toilet act, it is very closely linked and I would love to hear people's polite terms for windbreaking. My family has always beeen taught "butt burps."Personally, I think the best picture was the last one, but it is nice to be greeted with a different pic when I pull up my favorite site.

No, I don't really like the new picture either. For a nice change of pace, how about a photo of a guy for a short time. From the postings, I'm sure there are plenty who would like to see that -- at least for a while. Comments?

I don't like the new picture at all. I agree that it is pretty perverted. I also do not think it is fair that woman are always pictured up top. Some woman that come here would like to see men (me included). I think tht the pictures should alternate between men and woman.

Nothing interesting to report today, but I'm glad that Tony(UK) can relate to my story. It kinda makes me feel good. That really interested me with the story you told me about your mom's accident. I'm really glad I got on in time to see it and not have to scroll down too much. LOL I'll make sure to report anything that happens to me or someone else around me soon. P.S.- I love that new picture! I agree with you again Tony(UK), because I think she has to be passing a pretty damn big jobbie. That turns me on just as much as you! Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

mr. brown said recently he enjoyed a well-dressed woman on the toilet, stinking, with dress up, panties and hose down. I think this is one of life's pleasures, and I would love to talk to a man bare-bottomed letting it out or myself bare-bottomed having someone talk to me. I enjoy smelling on the toilet and find it very natural and human. I only wish I could sit and allow the logs to fall from my posterior with a gorgeous man admiring me. Happy eliminations to all!

The Crank
Dave-NY:How many ex-girlfriends do you have?It seems everytime you post,you have one great experience with one of your girlfriends.Oh boy.You're a lucky guy man.

Monday, April 05, 1999

22 y.o. Male
Response to Jane's post: I can understand her thinking. I agree with her. I don't use public bathroom for dumping even if there is a door. I always use the one with a door just to pee.

WOW! Theresa, your mum was certainly a sport allowing you to watch when she did a good motion. I certainly wish mine had been so accomodating!!! I also love your description of your brown knickers hiding the effects of your having a small accident in them and your buddy dumping club with other girls. From reading this website I understand that buddy dumping either in the toilets or outdoors is quite a common practice with women and girls and I have noticed in resturants pubs etc that women will often go off to the toilet together and be quite open about it, coming back giggling while men, if they do go togther, do their business as quickly as they can and return. It has to be said , from personal experience, that womens toilets are usually a lot more clean and pleasent places than mens. The absence of the urinals meaning that the horrible smell of piss is absent as are the wet floors etc. I do however wonder if the women are having a buddy dump together. On that subject, Smiley Boy beautifully illustrates the sense in men sitting to pee and not using a urinal. I started to sit to pee after having such an accident in my pants during my teens as a soft but formed poo came out as I stood peeing. That accident wasnt as bad as Smiley Boy's but it made me adopt the habit that a lot of the male readers and others I know now have of sitting to pee as such a nasty accident just couldn't then happen. I also hate the nasty pissy smell of urinals and would be happy to see them as extinct as the dodo.

I love the new picture. I bet that, her being an Afro American, Afro Carribean, or African woman she is doing a really big jobbie. (Its a pity you have to blur the important part of the photo- no doubt for legal reasons- as it would be great to be able to see down the pan and look at her poo). I have had the pleasure of following quite a few Afro Carribean women into the toilet after they have had a motion and have been delighted to see the lovely big long fat turds they pass, 16 inches not being uncommon. Is it their diet being different to white people's or is it some difference in their large intestines, do black people have longer or fatter bowels as I believe Japanese people do, though I havent been able to prove this empirically as I have never seen a Jap's poo, can any reader enlighten me on these points?

Over the time I have been reading this web site I have noticed some differences between American and UK readers, not just the words such as POOP for POO, "take" a dump instead of "Do" a jobbie, "movement" Vs "motion" , and that "fanny" in the States means Arse (sorry "ASS"), while in the UK it means Vagina so be careful Yanks about commenting that a British Bird has a nice "fanny", it may get you a very sore face! I also perceive that doorless stalls, (ref Jane), are quite common in the USA but I can say that these would not be tolerated in the UK. Even coprophiliacs like myself want to control who is allowed to watch when we do a motion. The only places in the UK with no doors on the cubicles (stalls) are prisons and police cells, some junior schools, (though from memory these had little half doors to allow the teacher to see if a child needed assistance), and mental hospitals as some of the inmates needed to be watched even at such a personal moment for their own safety, un! less of course the doors have been removed by vandals, as was the case in one school I used to attend. Another difference seems to be that Brits will pull their pants (underpants) down to their knees or only down as far as the tops of their thighs but Yanks seem to like to lower them to round their ankles. Again, most Brits will wait till the whole motion has been done before wiping then pulling the flush, yet a lot of Americans seem to flush the toilet while they still have turds to pass. Finally, no disrespect, but we in the UK seem to be a lot cleaner about causing skid marks in our (under)pants than in the USA if these pages are to be believed.

Anne the bus driver mentions a male driver being taken short and how she helped him clean up and loaned her trousers and panties for him to wear afterwards. Its good to read of decent types who help a mate in such a situation where others would just laugh. One point however, she asks why didnt he use the open Ladies Toilet next to the closed Gents? I would have done so in such an emergency especially as it was early morning and there were no others about. However, it is actually a criminal offence for a man(except plumbers, cleaners etc ), to be in a Ladies toilet in the UK even if the purpose is totally innocent. (not the other way around though, women can use the Gents toilets if they need). I can see the point to protect women from sexual molestation in their most vulnerable situation but I have read of a case were a man who was a harmless simpleton was fined as a result. The scenario was that this bloke, aged about 25 but with a mental age of about 6 and totally harmless went into the Ladies Toiet for a dump, closing the door of the cubicle. He couldn't read of course and these toilets had the words "Ladies" and "Gentlemen" outside not the more easily understood outlines of skirt wearing woman and trousered man. Anyway, after he had done his business a woman going in saw him come out of the cubicle and reported it to the police. He was charged and found guilty although many locals in the area, who knew him to be a harmless cretin, wrote to the Court in his behalf. No doubt if Unisex toilets come to Britain this law will be dropped, but they would then have to bring back the toilet attendant to ensure propriety and certainly the smelly open urinals would have to be abolished at long last and replaced with more WC pans with doors as I dont see women tolerating the nasty smell, the wet floors or seeing blokes standing with their dongs hanging out.

Finally, Dave (NY)and his tale of his girlfriend doing a solid motion in her panties reminds me of when a similar accident happened to my mum. I was about 10 and we were at the coast on holiday. She was wearing a black one piece bathing costume (it was the early 1960s)a bit like a modern "body" or "teddie" I suppose the top of it like a bra, the bottom like a pair of full briefs although the top and bottom were joined. To get it off it was necessary of course to slip off the entire garment. We were sunbthing when mum farted a couple of times, then said, "I'd better go to the toilet, I need a motion". As usual this aroused my interest ans she must have seen the bulge in the front of my bathing trunks, (which despite the name trunks were just like girls briefs in appearence), but didnt make any comment. As it was just the two of us and she didnt want to leave me alone I tagged along to go to the mens toilet next to the ladies. Now the toilets were at the top of the beach and as we were about half way there the stopped in front of me and obviously thoght she only needed to fart but as she did she went "OH NO! ITS COMING OUT!" and I could see a bulge start to form in the seat of her costume. It was one of her usual big solid jobbies and it pushed down the material at the back . She waddled off to the toilet and came out about ten minutes later, without the bulge in the seat but she said we should both go into the sea to rinse out her costume as she waded through the water, adding that had she been wearing one of the (in those days) new two piece costumes she could have gone in the sea, slipped down the panties section and done the jobbie there. Boldly I asked how she had got rid of the jobbie in her costume, but rather than get annoyed she just replied that it had been a firm poo and didnt squash too much so she just turned the costume out over the toilet and it fell into the pan with a "ploonk!" Has anyone else any stories about their mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend, or other female doing a solid poo like this in their panties and actually seeing it happen?

Hi wassup i have never posted before and don't really know what to write, I often look @ this site and am amazed at the close group of people in it, obvisously Sephiroth is not really my name but i will stick with it for now, i have alawly been interested in sites such as these (not nessarly toilet tales and the such but sites describing intresting topics, not sick sites) I have not ever had an accident and have been regarded as a person ho can really hold his bladder. it is 1:49 am EST and I am getting tired well please keep those female stories up, lately they have been dying down hopefully not, thank you. Laterz all, Sephiroth

Me and my friend,Will were at the mall with my parents. When we got there, he said he had to take a poop. I told him I had to take one too. So we ran to the restroom as fast as we can. When we got to the restroom, all three of the toliets were taken. We waited about a minute, then a man can out of one. Will tooked that one. At the time he went in, my poop was starting to come out of my butt. "Oh No"! Finally, a man came out of the last stall. "Yes"! I quickly ran in there. I had to poop so bad that I didn't even lock the door. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. At the same time I pulled my pants down, a bunch of fart noises came out of me. I sighed with relief. Will was laughing at my noises, but I didn't care. Then in the restroom, some man went to the sink to wash his hands. After he washed them, he went to the dryer. When he pressed the dryer button, cold air hit my butt and everyone elses that was sitting on the toliet. In the stall in between me and Will, there was a man reading a newspaper. When the cold air hit his butt, he farted so loud that I'm sure you could here outside the restroom door. Will and I were both laughing out loud. We couldn't help ourselves. After that, we both decided to come out of the stall. We looked at each other and started laughing again. Everybody was looking at us funny, but we didn't care. It was hilarious.

I think the new pic at the top of the page is perverted....I don't like it at all what does everyone else think of it? I would like your opinions

Hi im new here to this site though I come here often to read what people write, I am 16 years old American though of irish and german heritage have blonde hair and blue eyes and i go on vacation alot so i have tan skin, I alawys get a thrill from going to the bathroom in places where it would piss people off or make people discusted. Like last week I really had to o to the bath room both to take a piss an to take a dump i was on the celebrity cruse line ship mercury with my friends Jess and Kristen who also had to really go to the bathroom we were locked out of our room and the front desk kept on saying they would have it in a few minutes, we had our bathing suits on so we went to the pool and got in i immidedly took a piss an i guess my other two friends did too but i still ha to take a crap so i swam for about 3 more minutes and then i could not hold it any longer ( my crap is usally a dark brown mud and when i take a crap 2 a day it is usally alot despite my weight of 108 pounds) so anyway i could not hold it any longer so i just let it out first came a few small farts and then a huge cloud of brown mist exploded into the water followed by a bunch of light bron chunks after that i noted tat my friend Krieted also light wait about 104 pounds was taking a dump on the oppiset side of the pool i went over to her after she was dont to see about 5 or 6 large logs despite her weight, we said nothing and got out of the pool which was starting to look really nasty and went to the front desk which had our key and went to bed, the next morning at 8 o clock we went down to the pool to see a guy cleaning it out he looked tired and we asked him if he was ok, he smiled and said someo! ne had crapped in the pool we smiled and walkked away. Lot of love Tammy :)


I like the new picture at the top of the site. It's pretty cool. Perhaps once a month or quarter, you could put a new one up. I think it's great, even classy, was surprised that someone posted that it was perverted. I mean...wake up...this site is all about something that many think is perverted. I think I smell a prude! Wake up and smell the coffee Mister/Miss whomever, if you think the picture is perverted then perhaps you shouldn't even be visiting this site.

Yea! New picture! I liked the other one better, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth. :) It would be cool to have an archive of all of the old pictures.

Wow! I decided to post here due to an interesting poop. I had to poop really bad and I let out a really nice log, maybe 7 inches. Only problem is I still had to poop really bad and I knew there was still at least one more log in there. So just before i came on to post, I took my own home made laxative that works every time: simple hand soap in water. Hope it kicks in soon. And not too soon, the bathroom is luckily 4 feet from my computer.

Theresa, I enjoyed your post, I think your Mum has the right idea. How can kids learn to use the toilet if they never see their parents us it. In my case I was an only child and seeing Mom or Dad on the tiolet was strictly frowned upon. I do remember being made to "try" for a BM everyday before to play. I was expected to sit on the potty and "bear down" to force a movement. What about you Theresa, were you expected to sit every day? What if anything did your Mum teach you about getting big, hard ones out?-- JW

Theresa, I enjoyed your post, I think your Mum has the right idea. How can kids learn to use the toilet if they never see their parents us it. In my case I was an only child and seeing Mom or Dad on the tiolet was strictly frowned upon. I do remember being made to "try" for a BM everyday before to play. I was expected to sit on the potty and "bear down" to force a movement. What about you Theresa, were you expected to sit every day? What if anything did your Mum teach you about getting big, hard ones out?-- JW

I just read back on some old posts, and I remembered an experience that I had with my ex-g/f earlier in the year. I was over at her house and she was talking to me about school, and how much she hated her teachers, when all of a sudden she ran into the toilet, and I followed her in of course. LOL She said, "Oh God, I really gotta go." I was about to walk out and wait for her in her room when I looked back at her, and saw her closing her eyes really tightly, scrunching up her face, and turning red in the face. When I asked her if she was alright, she said "NO, OH GOD IT HURTS!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Then when I was about to ask her if she needed some help, she screamed, "OH, IT HURTS, I WON'T COME OUT!! HELP ME PLEASE!!" I realized she was really having trouble getting this one out, and she was crying and screaming at the same time she was hurting so much. I tried to help her out, but she just couldn't get it out, no matter what she tried. She stepped off the toilet and went with me to her room, still in some pain from her effort, and about an hour later, she ran back into the bathroom, and she asked me to come with her, and she started to grunt and strain as hard as she could, and she was again saying, "OH IT HURTS!!!" Then, all of a sudden, she groaned and this monster jobbie shot out of her swollen red anus and into the toilet pan with a resounding KURRSPPPLLLLOOONNNKK!! She was in a lot of pain for the rest of the day. Happy motions to all!! Dave-NY

I have just read Saturdays posts, and was reminded about an experience I think a friend had that Theresa expressed having. Theresa mentioned about going to the toilet and then a few hours later having a small accident in her knickers because she thought she didn't need to go but did. I not sure if this actually happended to my friend but I am guessing. I had a few friends over and we were going out in the evening. Anyway Claire asked if she could get changed in my room so I agreed. About 10 mins later I knocked on my door to see if she was almost ready, but there was no answer so I went in and she had gone but she had left her clothes in a heap in the middle of the floor so I thought I would tidy them out of the way. As I started folding up her clothes a pair of white knickers fell on the floor, and I could see a big brown crusty mark in them, anyway I put her clothes in the corner and then she came back in. She said she hadn't finished getting ready and was just about to tidy up her clothes but thanked me for doing it. She looked a bit embaressed and said, I don't suppose you've seen my knickers have you I've lost them. I think she was trying to find out if I had seen them. I just said I thought I saw them when I moved her clothes and then left the room. I can only assume that she had a small accident earlier in the! day.

I'm going to the UK later in the year,and was wondering what their toilets are like?

Sunday, April 04, 1999

The posts about mothers sharing the toilet with their daughters is like my own childhood. Im now 35 and am the eldest of 3 daughters. Mum toilet trained us by taking us to the toilet with her when she needed both a wee wee or a motion and letting us observe her. We were all soon clean and able to go to the toilet on our own with the odd accident. Even after this however she would come into the toilet if we were having a bath or washing our hair and quite openly used to do a wee wee or a number two and likewise had no problem if any of us girls, myself, Veronica, 2 years my junior, or Philomena, a year younger than her, were on the toilet if she wanted to come in to wash. Thus we had an open mind on such matters. It was quite amusing to be in the bath and mum come in hitch up her skirt, pull her knickers (plain white cotton or pastel coloured briefs)down to her knees and do a wee wee then with an "OH! UH! NN! pass her motion which usually consisted of a couple of big firm jobbies say a fat 8 incher and a 6 inch one, "Kursploonk! kerplonk!" She would get up off the pan and didnt mind if I or my sisters had a look at what she had done, commenting "OH, I needed that, two nice big jobbies" and if she came into the toilet when we were doing one she would rub our ???? if it was a difficult motion and again look at what had been passed, making remarks such as "Theresa, I bet you feel a lot better after getting rid of that big fat lump". I feel this was a type of female bonding. There were no boys in your family and I dont know if she would have been as open about such functions with a son. Certainly our dad was a lot more prudish and always locked the toilet door and on the one time he had to retrieve his watch from the toilet when I was doing a motion he was most red faced and embarassed, though it didnt bother me at all.

Regarding accidents, I was very glad that the convent school I and my sisters atte nded in my teens had brown knickers as its uniform colour. The Uniform was a yellow blouse, school tie, brown blazer and pleated knee length skirt and matching brown Montfort knickers (briefs). The nuns were strict about this as it was part of their code of "modesty" . Plain white briefs were also permitted but any type of pretty panties were forbidden. The nuns often got a girl to lift her skirt to check compliance with this rule and I knew of girls being punished if caught wearing pink or flowery panties. (To be fair the nuns themselves wore plain white or navy blue briefs under their habits). Anyway, on one occasion I had a wet fart in my knickers as my bowels had been a bit loose. I didnt soil them heavily but if they had been white or light coloured a round brown stain would have been all too evident and would have got me mockery when doing Games later. In the event the wet patch dried and was the same brown colour so no visible sign. On another occasion I did a small jobbie in my pants. I had done a real big 12 inch panbuster in the girls toilet earlier and didnt think I needed any more when I felt something in my back passage an hour or so later. Thinking it was only wind (gas) I pressed down to expel it and to my horror a small fat lump, ( what Scots call a mick), came out into the seat of my knickers. It was solid and as I wasnt sitting at the time it didnt squash but rolled about in the seat of my pants. When I quickly got to the girls toilet and removed it from my knicks and dropped it into the pan I could see that there were some brown skid marks in the seat of my briefs which if they had been white or light coloured would have been very evident, but which hardly showed against the brown material. Funnily enough some of the other kids used to call us convent school girls the "Shitty Knickers" after the colour of our underwear.

One game the girls used to indulge in was to compare the size of the jobbies we did and buddy dump. The latter had a risk to it as the nuns certainly didnt approve of two girls in the same toilet cubicle , ( they probably thought we were lesbians). What we did therefore was to go into the next cubicle or stand outside the door. The girl doing the motion would perform as her friends listened then she would leave the toilet unflushed so we could see her jobbies. Sometimes of course we would do really big ones which stuck anyway. In the warm weather some of us woudl go into the woods near the school and have a buddy dumping sesson in the bushes watching each other doing our motions then comparing results.

My husband, Steve and I watch each other perform. He loves me rubbing his ???? as he does his motion. We dont have kids, we didnt want any, so can be totally unihibited. Steve also does some whoppers and I have to disagree with the theory that women do fatter turds than men as we are the same build but do virtually identical jobbies, (big fat 12 inchers, sometimes longer) only his float and mine sink. To answer Ella, he used to masturbate after doing a big jobbie, lots of men and boys do, and I can personally say so do some girls. Steve will now put such an erection to better use with me when I am present , but still whacks off if he is alone at the time. Steph, Steve always dries his cock after a pee, many blokes do, thankfully, as it avoids nasty pissy smells and stains on their panties. Hope this interests readers. Theresa

To Joanne, I enjoyed your neat post about dumping with your daughter and her friend. That truely is a bonding experience, rest assured your daughter may remember that moment long after you are gone from this earth. Things like that a imprinted in the minds eye forever. I to saw my Mother dump only once, she had a really hard time of it that day. I will never forget how red faced she got as she bore down to go. I think that the day I learned (I was five) just how much effort you sometimes have to put into pushing out a poop. Linda,what's happened to you?--JW

I had a talk with my gf (Jen) and she admitted that she would like to see me taking a dump. I told her I already sort of knew since she liked listening while I was in the bathroom. So she asked, what do you think? And I said, I will only do it when I'm ready and she agreed to that. So at least its out in the open.

Hi everyone,Lori,my sister Sam and I are about the same age as you and your's respectivly,I being the oldest.Though our Mom showed us the use of tampons and other hygiene,we slept in the same room.We also heard each others's farts, which was natural+ unavoidable and even had wind contests during lightning showers so my sis who was afraid wouldn't be so.We have seen each other on the toilet too, but as to your ques-tion?I asked Sam and she thinks maybe you idolized your old-dest sister and assumed she would think you childish or my thought perhaps you felt you couldnot share such intimate feelings with her.I think she was giving you openings and maybe still is.Try talking about a past funny memory you shared with her and approach these feelings slowly with her. my guess,she will Love you for it.Bye

My question is for the guys only. How can you guys use stalls without doors on them? My brother works at a service station, he tells us everyday men pull their cars to the gas pumps, and go to use the mens toilets, while their vehiches are being filled up. My brother tells us that there are 2 stalls in the mens restroom and there aren't any doors. He says he often needs to go in and remind the gentlemen, that their cars are filled, and , while they are sitting there doing their business, or wiping up, they will squirm into their pants for payment, or car keys. I asked my brother, "how can you walk up to someone, sitting on the toilet, and talk to them?' He says it is no big deal, guys usually apologize for taking too long. My question, I would not dare ask any men that I know is, do any mens restrooms have doors on the stalls? I cannot imagine sitting on a toilet with women walking past me. You guys deserve medels for using public toilets.

Boy, my ex-g/f just had the most unbelievable accident you could possibly imagine! We were walking on Jones' Beach, and there weren't any bathrooms that near us being that we went out kinda far towards the surf, but anyway, we were walking along, when all of a sudden, she groans a little bit, and when I asked her what was wrong, she just said, "Nothing, just had a gas pain." So we kept on walking, when all of a sudden, she looked a little desperate, trying to hold it in, and she was holding her butt trying to keep it from slipping out. I tried to comfort her, and she's saying, "It's a hard one, but it's not gonna stop here, DAMN, I can't hold it in!" Right then, she let out a tremendous moan, and she starts trying to walk to the bathrooms all the way across the beach, and then she stopped and I could see a lump starting to form in the seat of her underwear, and it kept on growing until it was sticking out, I'm guessing about 5 inches! See ya later!! Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

Watcher & "Aunt Arielle"
We were visiting "Aunt Arielle" one time when I was 10. Her husband and my dad were playing golf, and my mom was shopping with my grandmother. I was just screwing around in the kitchen, when I saw Aunt Arielle pass by a doorway, carrying a newspaper. The bathroom was down the hall, so I followed. She had closed the door, but I got real close and could hear. All I could hear for a while were the pages of the newspaper turning, along with her softly exhaling after a powerful strain. Finally, I heard a soft muffled farting sound, a very slight sound of water being disturbed, and a very audible sigh. At that point the doorbell rang. Aunt Arielle called out for me to get it. I did, and it was some guy who had some stuff for my uncle, a friend of theirs. He asked if Arielle or Jim were there. I said she was, and that I'd go get her. I hurried back to the bathroom door, with a diamond cutter of a hardon. I decided to be really brazen, and boldly stepped into the bathroom with the news. Aunt Arielle was sitting on the toilet, leaned way forward, arms on her thighs. Her pants, a pair of jeans, were around her ankles, so that she could spread her legs far enough apart to still balance her forearms on her legs, and get the full spread of the open newspaper. She had on her glasses, and her hair was pulled back into a scrungy. I told her about the guy at the door. She might as well have been sitting in a lawn chair, from her reaction. She just said, "All right, dear, thank you," and got up, pulled her pants up, laid the newspaper on the floor and went to the door. She told the guy she had been in the bathroom. He knew it and told her so, because the angle of view from the front door was a straight shot to the bathroom, so he'd seen her too, from a distance, and teased her a little about it, and she hit him on the forearm, but was laughing, and enjoying the teasing too, and maybe was turned on that he had seen her. From their conversation, I had a few minutes, so I went back in and looked. The bowel movement she had left in the toilet was big, starting back in the bend, and coming up and to the side, an 8 inch prize, I would estimate, along with some smaller pieces beside it. Pretty decent consistency, smooth, pretty juicy, probably.The air was an intoxicating mix of her Beautiful perfume, and a smell of poop strong enough to make your eyes water. She hadn't started to wipe yet, but I got out, and listened again when she went back in. She didn't read this time, but after a couple of more ploops in the water, she wiped her bottom eight times, flushing after five, then doing three more, so I was right about it being a soft juicy one. She washed her hands, and came out, and asked me if I'd like to go uptown and get some things. More on Aunt Arielle, as I saw her a total of 11 times, 7 of them bms, she usually went again in the late evening. I always wondered if being seen didn't matter to her at all, or what she was feeling. I always felt she was an exhibitionist, but we never talked about any of the times I'd seen her going to the bathroom. Next, I'll tell about a time when my dad, a friend of mine and I walked in on her in Florida, totally by accident.

Hugh G.
In junior high, I had to catch the bus at 6:40 a.m., and ride for 45 minutes to school. Now, waking up early does terrible things to my digestive tract. I'm not hungry for breakfast for at least 30 minutes, sometimes an hour. Then I sometimes get diarrhea. Well, nothing bad happened to me on the bus ride. Instead, something hilarious happened, and nobody knew how it started. I would usually ride in the middle of the bus in a seat by myself. The others were scattered in little groups here and there on the bus. I don't recall what I ate the night before, but I had some serious GAS. Fortunately, I can usually fart silently, so I did just that. This was in the middle of January, so it was too cold to open the windows. The gas smelled a bit of pepperoni, and was not absorbed by the vinyl-covered vomit-green-colored seats, so it filled the entire bus. There was still nearly 30 minutes of travel waiting for us, so it was a most foul ride. Just as the smell would start to ebb, I'd let loose another, perhaps worse than the last. People were gagging and pretending to vomit (someone did barf on the bus, but that was another morning), and trying to igure out the source of the odor. I was not suspected or approached, and everyone was glad when the bus arrived at school and opened the door. People voiced opinions to that effect to the bus driver as th! ey exited. The bus driver, a black woman who resembled Night Court's Marsha Warfield, replied, "Yeah, it's one of those sour ones!". I thought that was hilariously funny, but kept it to myself. After the bus ride, I didn't fart again, nor did my bowels move. I wnder why. Rection.

has anyone every taken their clothes off after a day when they have had bad wind all day and found that you're undies stink? I have found this and I think it might offer an explanation about the fact that 'naked farts' smell worse-the clothes soak up the smell!

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