Hi again. We have enjoyed reading many of the posts about peeing and pooping in front of someone else. Susan (my wife) and I have taken this pleasure one step further! She had enjoyed collecting old time "pee pots" or "chamber pots" for years now. Since we both enjoy watching and listening to each other using our regular toilet, we switched over to using a chamber pot when ever we are in the bedroom. Trust me, seeing Susan squat over this pee pot, and having totally clear view of her pee leaving her body is much better than just listening to her setting on the toilet. She says she also enjoying seeing me get down on my knees and peeing too. We have used this pot for several weeks now and just this morning when I lifted off the lid to take my morning pee, I found a nice poop about 4" long. I know I didn't pass it, so it had to be her's! It has been my job to empty our pot every day, so I know Susan knew I would find this treasure of hers. We haven't spoken about this b! ut I hope she will continue to share her poop with me in this new way. We have two spare guest's rooms and are expecting friends inn the next month. We have talked about placing a pee pot in each of these rooms and seeing if they are used by our friends. If they are, we will share those events as they unfold.

Tony UK. I'll try to oblige with a description of my doing a motion. This is a fairly typical "word picture".

Its about 12 noon on a Sunday. Im on my own as hubby is playing football (soccer) away from home. I have eaten a snack and the Sunday meal is cooking. As I finish my coffee I feel the familiar stirring in my ???? and the presence of a large stool entering my back passage. Comfirming this I fart and the smell of a good solid motion comes through my panties and jeans. I go to the toilet and undo my belt and drop my jeans,(blue Stonewashed and butt hugging) and pull my panties (a white pair of cotton full briefs with a blue floral pattern) down to my knees and sit on the pan. With a hiss my wee wee tinkles into the pan then I feel the jobbie pushing against my sphincter. I press down "OO! EH! NN!" PLONK! PLOONK! AH! AH! KUPLONK! some hard lumps come out but I know there is a lot more to come. I sit there for a few more moments then I fell the big one come down. I take a breath then bear down " NN! NN! AH! I fell it start to slide out, knobbly at first then smoother. I also hear the crackling sound and the smell of a healthy formed motion is wafting up from between my ???? buttocks. "AH! AH! YES! YES! I feel it taper then "KUR-SPUL-LOOMP!" it drops into the pan. Have I finshed? No this time I can feel that there is another jobbie up there. "AH! OH! KER-PLOONK!" a shorter, smoother fat turd comes out. "Ah, that's better!" I wipe my bum, it has come out cleanly, only a little mucus on the moist wipe. I look down the pan, apart from the hard balls there are two big jobbies. The smaller is about 6 inches long and 2 inches fat but the really big jobbie is a full 12 inches and about 2 and half inches thick at its fattest part, lumpy to start then smoother. Both of the bigger jobbies are carrot shaped. They are all a lightish brown. I pull my panties up and my jeans. I leave the toilet unflushed as I know my dear man will want to see what his little wife has produced, wash my hands and go out of the toilet feeling both relieved and aroused. Obviously, if my other half is there he would accompany me and watch the performance. Tony, I hope this description is what you wanted and interests other readers.

Now on a more serious point you ask why laxatives are more easily bought in the UK than anti diarrhea medicines. I have often wondered myself given the powerful content of some purgatives and the risk both to pregnant women and those, especially young women, on a slimming craze. I can only offer two reasons. Diarrhea can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious illness and a Pharmacist should ask the purchaser if they have other symptoms, persistant pain, blood in the stools, sickness, temperature, vomiting, etc, and have they seen a doctor. Also, some of the older anti diarrhea medicines contained a small amount of Morphine , eg Collis Brownes Chlorodyne and Kaolin and Morphine. Drug abusers were alleged to separate off the morphine and inject it, often with fatal results. So having the pharmacist present would impose a degree of control. If anyone else knows of a better reason please let us know. By the way, some shopkeepers and Chemist Shops in the UK now refuse to sell over the counter laxatives to children, particularly teenage girls, as they may be anorexic. On your other point I really dont know why Doctors dont also prescribe an anti diarrhea medicine with antibiotics, perhaps some doctor or medical student or nurse, UK or US can tell us? I suppose some may interact with the antibiotic and weaken its action but Im not a pharmacologist, just an assistant manager of a leisure centre with a knowledge of human biology.

Tony your own description of your stools when on the antibiotics was interesting. Have you or anyone else noticed that , if your motion is truely constipated and comes out in hard balls and lumps it often has a slight vinegar smell? I also agree with you that the sooner the urinal goes the way of the quill pen the better. Sometimes I have had to use mens or boys toilets and the stink of stale urine and the puddles of piss on the floor is disgusting. My husband now uses a cubicle to pee and after a "follow through" accident sits down.

To the unnamed correspondent. I have a relatively big ass (arse in the UK), and do big turds but I have know skinny little girls and women who pass jobbies as big as mine. I suppose if your are heavily built then your colon and rectum is likely to be wider and thus larger turds will accumulate and be passed. A rather thin girl, Grace, in my field hockey team usually does big smooth curved, quite fat 12 inchers, ( a bit like my hubby's jobbies) but she only has a bowel movement twice a week, while he goes every day.

Jim, it wasnt very smart making your friend mess his pants by punching him in the ????. Apart from being a rotten thing to do, this could cause damage internally, even a ruptured colon if the punch was very hard. I also find his mum telling him to do it in his pants strange and then scolding him for obeying, (albeit involuntarily), her order, but I too find the attitude of some parents to toilet accidents by their kids somewhat hard to understand. On the few occasions I had an accident in my knickers when I lived at home mum didnt make a fuss about it.

Laura O. From my own experience lots of girls, and boys as well from what I read here, like to look at each others jobbies and compare results. Its a bonding thing I suppose. I dont mind who sees my motions, but only allow close friends, my brother when I was at home, my husband of course, actually watch me doing one. Next to sexual intercourse, defecation is about the most personal and intimate function a person performs so to share it is a sign of the trust and affection one holds for the watcher. I also have no problem with menstruation but my husband, (then my boyfriend), had never seen a woman insert a tampon and change one until he started to go out with me. He is now very helpful to me at period time and has got rid of his hang ups about this womanly natural function.

Poop Loggy Logg, I dont think garlic will destroy worms but may discourage them from developing in the bowel. I like a lot of garlic in my food. I agree food should always be cooked properly, I like mine well done, never rare, and I feel that a lot of the food poisoning outbreaks are due to the fashion for rare beef, lamb and even "seared" fish such as sea bass which is raw inside. To me this is a silly affectation and I always eat my food properly cooked.

Charles, I have done a motion in the "heads" of a small boat and I found the rocking action helped me to get it out. Needless to say it stuck in the small hole, pointing up out of the pan like a naval shell and causing great amusement to the other friends on the boating trip. I had to take it out by hand , put it in a bucket and drop it over the side. The following day I did my jobbie into the bucket and cut out the middle man and when we reached calmer waters later in the trip I hung my arse over the side of the boat and dropped it straight into the sea. I hope the fish enjoyed a good feed!

Finally, I dont know about the toilet arrangements at Eton , Tyler, and I dont suppose Prince William will have to poo in the sight of his schoolmates, (unless he goes into the armed forces and sees real action -a bit unlikely for the heir apparent to the throne). Personally, I would love to buddy dump with Sarah Fergusson , the former Duchess of York. It is alleged that she has a lavatory sense of humour and comes across as a fun person and she is a full figured red head like myself and we "gingers" should stick together. For that matter it is also alleged that Prince Charles and his love, Camilla Parker-Bowles are into toilet matters, and I wonder if they watch each other on the "Throne" and have a royal buddy dump?

Lots of love to you all, and good motions! Nicola.

this is my first post. i am not really into my own BM as long asit is good.howevr, i do as a 40ish guy get turned on by a woman's BM.once several years back i had the chance to enjoy an encounter with my ex-wife.i had seen her pee before but never take a dump in front of me.we were staying at a hotel and returned to our room after wife went into the bathroom and i could tell that she was doing a dump. about 5mins after she had been in i knocked on the dor and asked if i could come in. to my surprise,she said "okay"she put down the magazine she was reading then we kissed.the was not much of a smell and the window was open which may have played a part.i asked her if i could wipe her butt and she was agreeable to it i went bwhind her to grab some tiolet paper. she lifted her sexy butt off the seat.i was amazed at what i found in the bowel.there was a huge jobbier about 14 inches long and 3 inches thick on the top.there were a couple of other smaller ones in the bowel! ,forget now how many now.i wiped her her ass then she got up and flushed. i got so turned on that we made love in the bathroom. anyone else have a similar tale to tell?

Tree Whizzer
Laura O, there's a chemical called bromthymol blue that, when slipped into someone's drink as a practical joke, can turn urine blue.

I have a better idea Poop Loggy Log- Why don't you e-mail me! I am glad to find someone that accepts me as beautiful. Thank you Loggy Log, you have made my day. I will keep it short this time. I hope all of you have a good day and keep the good posts comming. I love to read it, and when I have experiences I love to share them with all of you. What a great group. Love you all. Feeling fine in my lime panties today, I guess that is why I am in such a good mood. These panties tend to filter out the farts smell pretty well too, but I bet that they stink at the end of a gassey day. I will see you soon everybody. -Plunger

Re: Laxatives and antidiarrhoeals - Antidiarrhoeals tend to be far more dangerous in overdose than laxatives - they can cause intestinal obstruction, rupture and subsequent peritonitis if used too much. This is particularly dangerous as the symptoms can come on vaguely, and then are incredibly dangerous, and in addition don't need an actual overdose - just a dose under the wrong circumstances. Antidiarrhoeals all tend to be morphine derivatives (including Immodium (Loperidol)), which cannot cross the blood-brain barrier to affect the brain - the effect is like the constipation seen in heroin addicts. On top of this, if an antidiarrhoeal is given to someone with infective diarrhoea (including most sorts of food poisoning), it will greatly increase both the length of disease and the severity - possibly leading to serious sequlae. This is because diarrhoea is usually a protective response rather than a harmful one. As antibiotics tend to be given to people with infections, it is not necessarily a good idea to mix the two. Also, the actual number of people affected by diarrhoea following antibiotics is, in fact, relatively small - maybe 1/14 additional cases of moderate-severe diarrhoea above the placebo. Unfortunately, many people respond to being told a drug might give them diarrhoea by actually getting diarrhoea, making the problem rather worse.

Laxatives tend to be more freely available as the actual over-the-counter types are not usually particularly powerful (certainly when compared to those available to doctors to prescribe - at least in the UK). The majority are bulk-forming laxatives, which carry a fairly low risk of side effects unless given to a patient with bowel obstruction. Some laxatives, however, do have the potential to upset the body's electrolyte balance, particularly by causing loss of potassium. This requires chronic abuse of a sort that would be dangerous in most drugs, and fatal with (for example) paracetamol. This is, unfortunately, rather hard to avoid. I suspect that if some rather too powerful laxatives *are* available (in the US), it may be because the provide a huge source of income for pharmaceutical companies, and these would lean on Congress rather heavily if they thought the drugs might be banned (incidentally, the elderly are the biggest market for laxatives by far, as they tend to worry if they don't 'perform' in a perfectly regular way).

A last point is that the main problem most doctors see as a side effect to any treatment is, in fact, constipation. This is generally actually caused by the fact that when people become ill, they stay around the house without moving, and eat poor diets. In hospitals, this effect can be magnified greatly, and laxatives may be offered to patients at their own discretion (but in a supervised way) to help avoid this problem. For the healthy individual, however, neither antidiarrhoeals or laxatives should really be necessary to sort out problems - changes in diet or a discussion with a doctor are usually far more productive. I've heard a good description of the sort of diarrhoea that is particularly 'suspicious' as being "liquid enough to conform to the shape of a coffee mug like coffee"... I wouldn't test it literally though :) (I think it has been done though). Hope this is helpful, even if it isn't qualified medical advice :)

Steve and Thom: an update on the Nick situation. Even though he has been a regular visitor to my place, it has been five months since he took a dump here! I've gone quite a few times while he's been over and I did leave the door slightly open on a couple of occasions, but I don't think he even noticed. Last Monday I announced that "I have to hit the bathroom big time, give me a few minutes." He said "O.K" and switched the television on. I took a huge dump and was in there for about 15 minutes. I put the fan on when I came out, but I couldn't be bothered to comment on what I had just done and Nick never said a word. Every time he comes to my place, I keep hoping that this will be the time he needs to 'hit the bathroom'. Guess I'll keep on hoping! Adam from Canada and Blue Flame: I'm in Toronto as well. I enjoy your college stories, Adam. Ryan: continue your great school posts! Tyler: welcome to the site. I hope your subsequent posts are as interesting as your first. Keith and Ryan from JC Penney's: I hope you guys are still around.

Hugh G.
First, for Tony....The use of the word "turd" is a bit of a stretch. The drizzly shits is a pretty good descrpition. Before I flushed, I noticed a few solid chunks in the otherwise viscous offering in the gas station porcelain. It was practically painted brown inside the crapper, but a single flush took care of it. Is Immodium availible in the UK? I agree it is the best diarrhea medication I've taken.

Next, here are some tales of ancient turds from my childhood. When I was ten years old, I remember the city's Parks and Recreation department held a day camp at the junior high school. This was largely for children whose parents worked during the day. Now, where I grew up, it was close to 100 degrees (F) during the summer, so kids didn't play outside during the afternoon very much, except to go swimming. Most days at the day camp were spent in the air-conditioned cafeteria of the school, and we'd sometimes roam the halls and surrounding grounds. Boys and girls shared a single bathroom, which was kept locked for privacy, with the keys kept by the administrators.

One afternoon, they chartered a bus (coach) to take us to a nearby public swimming pool. For some reason, perhaps to save time, we were instructed to change into our bathing suits before the bus arrived. Of course the unisex bathroom wouldn't do, so the camp administrators obtained a key from school officials, and unlocked a boys bathroom. It was August by now, and this bathroom had been locked since the last day of school, which was back in the first week of June. We boys filed into the segregated boys bathroom. Some boys began to remove their shoes when some others noticed the powerful stench. I opened the door to a stall, and found a two-month old turd contained within. It was partly dissolved in the chlorinated water, turning it brown. Of course the water hadn't been disturbed, so the liquid was brownest where it was closest to the turd, much the way a tea bag discolors the water in a teacup if the water isn't stirred. Other boys opened the other three stalls, and discovered similar treasures left there by exiting junior high school students on the last day of school. The smell was that old, sour sulphur smell that sometimes wafts from the storm drains after a rain shower. Needless to say, we boys thought it was the nastiest, yet coolest, sight we'd seen in a long time, and our reaction is better imagined than described. A counselor heard all the commotiom, barged into the bathroom, and proceeded to flush all four toilets. We went back to changing into our swimming trunks. That day inspired some of my best turds that followed in my later years in school. More on that another time.

Something similar happened on a car trip my father took me on, along with my sister. For a stretch, he didn't drive on the interstate, instead opting for the older farm roads. These are the ones that were largely replaced by the Interstate system in the 1950's. We stopped at an old park and ate some sandwiches we packed that morning. I noticed the grass was overgrown, and though the concrete picnic table seemed sound, the park appeared to be abandoned. The vegitation hadn't overtaken everything; recall the temperature during the summer usaully approaches 100 degrees, which kills off most anything that isn't irrigated. The bathrooms were in a cinder-block building nearby. When I entered, I was certain nobody had been maintaining the park for years. Huge flies were buzzing around. The plumbing had been switched off, and there were no electric lights, but I could see inside because the sun was shining through the doorway at just the right angle. A brown, dusty haze cove! red the walls, as well as the formerly white porcelain. A peek into the crapper revealed a pile of turds that nearly overflowed the otherwise dry commode. Most were totally dry, except the most recent ones on top of the pile were probably less than a year old. This was the food source for the flies. I added my log on top of the pile and left, as my father was entering. When he emerged, his shoes were wet. Apparently he urinated into the old-fashioned trough-style urinal, but the pipe was rusted, dribbling the urine back on the floor, and onto my father's feet. He didn't speak of it, but I could tell he was mad. I thought it was hilarious, but I didn't speak of it either. Rection.

The other day I was flipping the channels around and on ESPN There was a commercial for Airwalk(Shoes) Any way this Kid between 15 and 25 years old Is sitting on the toilet taking a shit and he flushes the toilet and all this water fills that stall and he was under water for 15 seconds. Any one see this commercial? Im dying to see this commercial again!! The other night I went to this upscale fast food resturant and before my dinner was ready, I had to take a piss and so I go In the mens room and Im peeing in the urinal and this father brings his little girl(2-3 years old) to take a "pee pee". I washed my hands and by that time they were gone and I checked the toilet out and they left It unflushed. Now you see how some guys don't teach there children to flush after "pee peeing and poo pooing".

Hi everyone, Regarding the anonymous poster's query regarding poop size correlation to ass size, I think that Nicola's recent posting proves that there is no evidence of this. My ex gf had 37 inch hips and produced jobbies of similar size to Nicola's; but from what I can gather, Nicola, you have an athletic figure with a small bottom - at least I assume so if you can share jeans with your husband. Re antibiotics, I try to avoid them if at all possible because the effects on my digestion last for up to 2 weeks.

Sunday, March 14, 1999

Poop Loggy Logg
Hi all...noticed there was some interest in what happens to your turds after a barium milkshake. I posted my own experience in some detail about 3 months ago, so if anyone is interested it's back there somewhere. Basically my turds came out like little white rocks, clinking as they rapidly sunk to the bottom of the toilet. To David W.: Garlic will not protect you from worms. The only way to protect yourself is to fully cook any meat you eat. In a survival situation, the best thing would probably be to forgo meat altogether and get your protein from beans and rice. Makes you poop better, too :-) I'd be skeptical of whatever else your "herbologist" has to say about medicine. To Plunger: I love cute girls with big butts!! You should email me sometime.

Nicola, I too congratulate you on your marriage and the lucky guy who has you as his wife, Toilet time must be great fun in your house. You are right, I would enjoy listening to you doing a nice big jobbie and seeing it stuck in the pan afterwards. Perhaps you could give write a blow by blow description of your doing a motion, in the way your relate it to your husband if you do one away from home.

T asks if anyone gets pleasure from flushing their poos down the pan? Strange question and in my case the answer is no. The only time this gives me a buzz is if its a nice big one and gets stuck and wont flush away. Since I was a kid it was always a pleasure NOT to flush it away, as long as it was a good solid one, and at school both boys and girls would often leave their jobbies unflushed in the pan for others to see and admire and get a turn on when others saw it. Even nowadays this is still the case as I was talking to a neighbour who is a cleaner at a local school. I asked if she has to clean the toilets and she said yes, complaining that the kids often left the toilet unflushed and the pans had big jobbies in them. Trying not to appear too interested I said that the boys toilets must be worse. She replied that yes, they were smelly owing to the urinals but the girls toilets more often had great big turds clogging the toilet pans. I was glad that the carrier bag I was holding hid the erection in my trousers as she mentioned this as she gave a graphic description of the "big fat jobbies some of them a foot long" stuck in the pans, which she had to get rid of. It was interesting to see that kids still leave the toilets unflushed and I put this down to the natural interest we all have in our childhood for defecation but which is conditioned out as we get older as being "impolite" "dirty" "not the sort of thing one talks about", by parents etc. As a child both myself and friends had this curiosity and also the sense of achievement of "I did that!" and we would often accompany each other into the cubicle (stall) to watch when we did a motion, and buddy dump, something we could do at school but with difficulty at home, although some of my friends who had brothers and sisters got to watch their siblings doing a motion. So "T" as pulling the flush sends the turd out of sight (unless its a really big whopper) it is NOT something that gives pleasure. How do others feel about this.

Hugh G Im glad you didnt shit your pants especially going to an interview, I certainly wouldnt enjoy such an experinence. I suppose it was nerves and I often take Imodium capsules if have an interview or such and it affects me in this way. I would query one thing. I only use the word "turd" to describe a solid motion, diarrhea is not to me a turd. I would call it the runs, squitters, the shits, even a mess. Its not an aspect of defecation I write about as I certainly DONT enjoy it and fortunately I dont often suffer from it.

This brings me on to the antibiotics discussion. I had to take some recently (Amoxciclav) and, knowing that they can often cause diarrhea I decided on prevention and took one Imodium capsule with each antibiotic tablet. This prevented the hated runs but my motions were a bit different, soft but solid and formed, big easy curved sausages. The smell was a sharp chemical type and the colour was a lighter yellowish shade than my usual. Once the course of antibiotics was finished I was constipated for a couple of days which didnt worry me at all then passed a really good motion. I felt the movement in my ???? so went to the toilet at home, pulled my black Calvin Klein briefs down to my knees and sat on the toilet pan. "OO! OO! NN! PLOP! PLONK! OO! AH! KUPLOONK!" I passed some hard lumps from the size of a golf ball to a hens egg. Then I felt the big one come down. I held it back for a moment to allow my sphincter to stretch then bore down with an !OOO! It was a lovely feeling a! s it slowly slid out with the crackling sound as I went "NN! NN! and I could feel the knobbly texture then "KUR-SPUL-LOONK!" it dropped into the pan. When I looked I could see the big fat nobbly carrot shaped turd of about a foot long and 2 inches fat. It was back to my normal mid brown colour and smelt normal too, and for "T"s benefit it stuck in the pan when I pulled the flush and took several flushes over the course of the day whenever I went for a pee before it went away. Needless to say I was well turned on. Now one question arises. It is well known that some antibiotics cause diarrhea for many people so why do doctors not also prescribe Imodium or some other antidote at the same time. Is is that they just dont care if their patients get the shits. It also amazes me that laxatives (which I never use) are freely available for sale over the counter but anti diarrhea medicines usually require the qualified pharmacist to be present before they can be sold, yet some laxatives contain powerful chemicals which can cause intestinal problems if taken too frequently and which can be harmful if taken by pregnant women. Laxatives are also often abused by anorexic women, sometimes with fatal results as with the late Karen Carpenter. Perhaps some of the medical types who post here or someone like Nicola who seems to know a lot about anatomy and physiology could explain this anomoly.

John J I too have found that using a cubicle and sitting to pee is more effective and comfortable . My mate George has done so since he was a kid, but as Moira would tell you, he is no pansy! It seems that this is becoming more common these days as I often see blokes go into a cubicle but only pee. Maybe, hopefully, the smelly urinal will become a thing of the past in Mens Toilets and be our loos will be the same as Ladies Toilets with more cubicles and WC pans only. Far cleaner and more efficient as these allow for both types of excretory function. No more embarrasing wait outside the often only one WC, bursting for a crap, while other blokes using the urinal give you funny looks. I imagine this change in habits has been brought about by the change in mens underpants becoming identical to womens panties with no fly and elastic through the leg openings, so it is more difficult to get the cock out at a urinal and easier to undo the waistband of the trousers and pull the front of the underpants down. As this means partly undressing many men prefer to do this in privacy so use a cubicle. Whether one sits to pee or stands it is better to do so in a cubicle and there is not the nasty splash back one sometimes gets from a urinal nor the chance of standing in a puddle of other people's piss Yeuch! Also if you sit down on the pan the risk of "following through" as happened to Nicola's husband is removed as a sudden unexpected poo will go safely into the pan not the pants!

Finally, now that the longer days and better weather is coming in I hope we will read more of the exploits of Donna passing her big logs in the forests and great outdoors and also the coach driver Anne when the excursion season starts again. All the best from Tony.

hello everyone, i am new to this site but i will be here as a "regular" from now on. I am a w/m, 30ish, average looks and build, living in the usa. i found your site on a link from a list of enema sites. i have read most of the posts and would like to say "thank you" for the people who have been brave enough to share a very personal thing with the world. i thought about my 1st post for awhile and decided not to go into my likes and dislikes of stuff (is it safe to say we are all anal oriented?!?) but i have several experiences that are worth sharing. i had to take a trip on a boat, due to my work. the vessel was about 100 feet long and the "head" (bathroom) was all the way up in the bow (pointy end), the trip was to last for 4 days. my wife is a good cook so i had eaten well before we left port, the day we left a storm started brewing up the ocean. i held off going to the bathroom for 3 days, and yes, i was seasick the whole time. on the 3rd day my rectum was so full i was in mild pain. i said i would post like my likes and such later, but let me say i love enemas (and have my dear mother to thank for that) so i understood what my ass was trying to tell me. i decided that i couldnt wait for another hour to go by much less another 24, so i got up and made my way foward to the "head". if you have never been out on a small vessel in 10 to 15 foot seas, its a very rough ride, i can say it is like riding a bucking horse in a washing machine or perhaps a roller coaster is a better way to describe it. after i made it into the small space, i found out why there were handles mounted on each side of the pot, when the boat came down off a wave, you could be lifted off the seat and thrown across into the shower. i knew this was going to be a bad one cause of all the food i had eaten before we left and the fact that i was seasick didnt certainly help any. i sit there holding on for dear life trying to relax my anus and yet get this over with quickly. i will say that this was the most diffcult thing i have ever asked my ass to do, the pain was not too intense, but then i am used to having some what large things in my ass (mmm, ill save any more of that for later) anyway, the thing that was so strange about it was when the boat came down hard off a wave, gravity was trying to pull the shit out of me. i finally relaxed enough that i felt it start to move outwards, it was like trying to pass a bowling pin!! i mean it was huge and rock hard, the smell wasnt to bad, but there was some pain. i dont think i have ever had that big of a piece of shit come out of my ass in my life, it stuck in the bottom of the bowl (the pot was really kind of small) with the tapered end still up inside me. i had to raise myself up and let it break off to get free. the headend of it was at least 9 inches around (about 4 inches across or so)and it was about 14" long where i broke it. i got it to flush down and then finished up with several more big fat hard ones and then the squirts set in. all in all, it was one of the worst trips i have ever been on. i wonder if anyones has ever had a accident on a roller coaster, because thats the only way i can think to describe this. if anyone wants to hear more, id love to tell about some of the other stuff. again its very nice to meet you all.

Hello all. Sorry for my lack of recent postings but, well all things scatalogical have been a bit mundane....until this morning. While I was seated for my morning movement, I noticed a strange hissing sound (almost like a snake!!) which lasted roughly 10 seconds. This will follwed by a Goldilocks turd (the kind I mentioned in a previous post. Has this ever happened to anyone else??? Anyway, love all the posts on here especially from people in The UK....Mike

Today my friend had an accident in his pants. We were playing outside and hiss mom locked us out. He banged on the door and screamed I have to go potty and his mom said just go in your pants!! So he said no way. I decided to have fun and make him have an accident because he always makes fun of mine. So we started to wrrestle. I caught him with a punch in the stomach and he wet and crapped his pants and got grounded. I wonder why he go grounded cause his mom told him to use himself as a toilet.

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