I just got back from my morning shit. It was a big one too, felt like my ass was going to split!!! I grunted and pushed it out and as it came out, little bits broke off. They landed in the water, going plop plop plip plop plop plop, each one giving my ass a little splash. Then I pushed and grunted some more and the main part fell out of my ass with a big PLOP, giving me a really big splash!! Then I did a big wee and when I finished that, I got up to look at my efforts. I reckon it would have been about an 18 inch long turd had it not broke apart. The thickest bit was about two and a half inches!!! My asshole was tingling nicely and I was very aroused from doing that huge shit too. I wiped myself but when I looked at the paper it was clean. I wiped again just in case, but it was clean too so I pulled my jeans back up and watched my big shit swirl down the S bend as I flushed the toilet.

Hi guys! My friends and I are home from college for the weekend, and I hooked up with Alex and Laura [our other close friend, Jodi, is studying abroad this semester, btw] for an afternoon movie. We came back to my house afterwards, and Laura excused herself to go to the bathroom. Laura has posted on here a couple of times before, but admittedly doesn't have the same interest in this stuff as Alex, Jodi, and I do. Laura said that in "no circumstances" would she want to watch us or have us watch her "go," and that's cool by everyone involved. She came out a while later and told Alex and me to "have a look" in the bathroom. We didn't know what she was talking about; "just take a look in the toilet bowl- I'll think you like it." Alex and I were still puzzled, but went into the bathroom and then it hit us. The room had an *odor* and there were a three logs and some soiled TP in the bowl. "Laura, did you deliberately leave this here?," yelled Alex. "Yah, I did," responded Laura, almost nonchalantly. Alex and I were excited about seeing our other friend's "motions" in the bowl. I flushed the bowl and came out to talk to her. I asked Laura what prompted her to do that. "Haven't you wanted to see my poopies, Steph? You too Alex, right?" We both answered "yes" almost simultaneously. "Well, you're my best and closest friends. I still won't go in front of you, nor will I watch you go, but if you want to see what I did, that's fine." Alex and I were grateful that she went that far. Laura's the shyest and most "proper" of our group, and I thought it was great she'd go that far. She's sitting right behind me and wants to post something, so I'll sign off and let her type. Peace and love to all, Steph

Laura O'
Hi, I'm Laura O' [I've added the first letter of my last name since there are other Lauras also posing on here. Great name :-)]
As Steph just mentioned, I did have to poo after coming back from the movies. Alex and Steph have a very strong interest in toilet habits, Jodi has somewhat of an interest, mainly because she's lactose intolerant, and then there's me, who usually treats going to the bathroom as something to be done, not to be proud of or ashamed of, but just an everyday "function."
I posted before that I don't want to watch them go because I'm bisexual. I'm sorry if this is off-topic, and I don't want to sound raunchy or anything, but with my sexuality being as it is, I don't want to become unduly aroused by seeing any of my close girl-friends (hyphenated "girl-friends," not "girlfriends," clearly intended) nude on the toilet. They are cool and understanding about that. Since Alex and Steph love looking at each other's "jobbies" (why is beyond me, and, yes, I've told them that) and I thought they'd be surprised, and pleased, to see mine, I thought, hey, why not?
Well, both were very happy about that, so I suppose I was happy to oblige. No, I don't think I'll not flush everytime I have to go when I'm hanging out with them, but if it makes two longtime friends [I've known Steph and Alex for 9 and 6 years, respectively] happy, I guess it's no big deal.
I have only one other unusual story to tell. Longtime readers who remember me know that my bathroom habits are regular, bordering on "boring." I can count on my fingers the number of times per year I have diahrrea, and I've never been constipated enough to take a laxative or enema; otherwise, I pee several times daily and poop between twice daily to once every two days [depending on how much, or what, I've eaten :-)]. I sat down to pee about a month ago (when I was at school) and let out a "bluish" colored pee. It was a very light blue, but freaky just the same. No, before anybody asks, there was no Tydy-Bowl (spelling?) or similar stuff in that toilet. I asked Alex and Steph and they have no idea. Hmmmm?!
Christine (Jodi's friend from college), Alex, Steph, and I were talking about you today. Are you still lurking about? If so, drop us a line and let us know how you're doing; I hope you're keeping "regular." :-) Lots of love from Laura!!!
If anyone else has peed "blue," and/or knows why I did, would you please let me know? Many thanks. Regards, Laura O'

Wow! I recently discovered this great site. I have been trying to read all the old posts. There are some really good ones. I really like some from Nicky from England, Ryan, Drew, Teen Guy, Nick, Aaron, Adam from Canada, Buzzy--well a lot of you have great posts. So here is mine hopefully not too long. I love to dump at school. My school is newer and has very nice bathrooms-the one I use is 3 stalls two regular and one handicapped. I went in at lunch yesterday because it was time to let a good one out. I had steak 3 days ago and had not dumped since. A big steak always comes out BIG-I had to drink milk at breakfast which helps it get ready to come out. It was ready. I got in there and one kid was in a stall. I just went to the next one and pulled my pants all the way down. This dump required some effort but I had good gas and got it started. It was a big slow one. The kid in the next stall was wiping and he came out. I could see thru the crack in the door it was one of the wrestlers he was very good in the 127lb class at last weeks tournament. He didn't flush so I thought maybe I would get a chance to see what he had left. But first this log had to come out. It was sliding slowly and creating a very good sensation as it came out-very full. So I continued to grunt gently. I hate to work up a sweat, usually I produce nice easy tubes but this one was pretty big.So I was pushing it out and enjoying it as much as I could and after a minute or so the end of it plopped out of my hole. Buzzy I wish I had a mirror for that one! I looked and it was very large about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide a nicely formed log fairly smooth in texture. I had definitely pooped with pride! I savored the sensation in my butt and wiped but there was no shit on the paper. Then I left it so someone else could enjoy it. As I left I looked into the first stall to see what was there. Boy it was bigger than mine! A whopper log about a foot long and super wideI don't know how that guy did it he is not that big-he is in good shape but never thought he could do one so big. It was very bumpy in texture sticking out of the water and had 4 chocolate chips in it! I wish I could have heard the sounds he made trying to get that monster out. Very impressive. The next person to enter the first 2 stalls would get a real treat. Maybe that kid ate steak too. Nicky if we had been at your school we probably could have watched each other. But the US is way too uptight for such things. There was a kid at a school near my town that got beaten up at school because he is gay. They wrote fag on his chest. Fortunately he survived but he had a concussion and couldn't remember who did it. So that is what some US schools are like. If friends tried buddy dumping at school they would probably be sent to Juvenile Hall. You are very lucky. And I am in California which could be considered to have more of a live and let live attitude than some places. Doesn't Prince William go to a boarding school? Do you think he lets any of his friends watch him poop? That would totally ROCK. I plan to keep reading these posts and continue to dump with delight! Later-Ty

Hi everyone I have been reading the old posts lately. I have two questions. 1. If a girls ass is big, does that mean the crap is big too? 2. Has anyone ever experienced sitting in a multiple stall unisex bathroom with little or no partitions around the pots? what was it like? Have a good day :-)

Saturday, March 13, 1999

Hugh G...
My most memorable turd experience of the year was in January. I had a job interview thirty miles away, but it was the middle of rush hour, and a snowstorm was raging. These damn city drivers don't know what to do with snow, so traffic crawled along at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour the entire trip. A journey that would normally take just over an hour took three and a half hours instead. On top of that, I sometimes have diarrhea for several days at a time, and I had nothing to eat for the previous 24 hours. So I'm all dressed up for the interview, and crawling along at less than 20 miles per hour, when a diarrhea attack came on. The nearest gas station was about two miles away, but it would take more than 20 minutes for me to get there. During this time, the pressure of the liquid in my rectum would come and go in waves. By now, the gas station was now a block away, but the pressure was unbearable. My anus was quivering like an orgasmic vagina, since the muscles were exhausted. I pulled off the road into a self-service car wash, planning to let the juices out into the car wash drain. I changed my mind, since I was in plain view of the line of crawling traffic. I had my trousers undone by this time, but the pressure in my bowels let up again. I rejoined the line of traffic, and arrived at the gas station in a short while. I was beginning to feel nauseous, and wondered how long I'd have to hold it in at one end before my body would decide to expel it at the other, since I've heard of people vomiting turds as a symptom of serious illness. I was walking with uneven steps, and my trousers still unbuttoned, like a drunk. Fortunately, though the gas station was crowded, I found the toilet unoccupied. Letting the juice loose was the greatest feeling I could imagine that day. I didn't even foul my underwear; I just sat there and listened to the splashing water. It took a while to wipe, but it was worth it.

I arrived at the job interview two hours late, but they didn't mind, since the snow was still coming down at the time. Later, about five co-workers and I went to a nearby restaurant and ate lunch at the company's expense. I was starved, but knew I couldn't eat, since my digestive tract was empty. I had a turkey club sandwich, while the others had seafood and pasta. I could only manage tiny nibbles. By the time the others were nearly finished with their meals, I was ravenously hungry, and the ill feling had totally passed. I had to leave now, so I could get though the crawling traffic and drive thirty miles bak to my current job, which I hated. The waitress obliged, and put the sandwich in a box for me. I wolfed it down while driving, and trip was faster and more pleasant this time. A week later, they telephoned and offered me the job, paying nearly double my current wage. I turned it down, since I was also offered another job paying even more handsomely, and closer to home. I think they offerred the job because I had the willpower to drive all the way out to their office in the snow. Too bad they didn't know about the drizzly shits. Best of all, the diarrhea didn't return anytime soon.

In response to usng a urinal without wetting your pants: I usually wear tight-fitting jeans, and tight-fitting shorts during the summer months. My weiner is a normal size, but the zippers are never placed conveniently, so I'd be too constricted using a urinal. However, I can use urinals all the time by unbuttoning my jeans, and pulling the front of my underwear down, thus freeing my penis to aim it as I please. At my job, the building was built before 1930, and we have the old-fashioned urinals that stand on the floor, and are shaped like lopsided birdbaths. Are these a hoot or what? ....Rection

Wow with all these stories of girls pooping in the pants at school I'm starting to think i better get over my fear of pooping in school. I have now been peeing in front of some of my close friends..which was a hard thing to do but poop...sorry it's just too private. I mean I leave the door open in my cousins bathroom when I poop and I let go and I do pooploud mind you..and I know here hears everything..I mean a deaf person could hear but I sit there with my face red more of blushing then straining. But hey I trusy my cousin and he usualy asks are you okay or fell better than make fun ..but sometime he does but hey he says hes sorry and I laugh. He's not like my sisters, they are bad.Oh ehy I saw my oldest sister poop a few days ago. And boy did she have to go. I was talking to her and following her and we ended up in that bathroom. She has her back to me as she was undoing her pants then she looked back at me and asked me if I was staying for the show. i said yes. She pulled her pants down and sat. I saw her tushie as she did that. Then she looked at me. I sat down on the floor and continued to talk to her. She sat there silent then i guess she gave up and started.She let out some gas then she leaned forward ans her face started to show a look of..well you knwo..seriuos pooping. I giggled and said I know how you have to go poop So bad and it want s to come out sideways. She laughed and she peed hard. I told her wow good thing you were on the potty or you would have drowned you pampies. She laughed so hard she started crying. She then said oh you are diffantly my little sister. I told her why cause we're such big poopers? She laughed again and said yeah that and we make jokes about it. Then I told her do you ever go like this..yeah that's it come out ccccccoome out..NO don't go back in!! She laughed again and nodded.She then said in a small voice I have to poop so bad. I sat on the rim of the tub and reached over and started to rub her ????. She kinda looked at me funny but I told her to relax and let it come. She took a deep breath and went to work. After a while i heard the famous crackling.. then I told her ack sounds like that one is going to shatter the toilet for sure. She cracked up and laughed again then she went OH and there was a huge SPLASH! Her shoulder drooped and her eyes just about went back into her head as she gave out a huge aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I told her I know the feeling. She smiled and then we talked as she let out about 6 more plops but they were much softer as she told me and she didn't even ahve to push then out.Who knew pooping would bring me and my eveil sister togather..hee ehe the same thing happen with my mother but I'll save that for later. Bye Linda

I got tagged with this nickname because of the frequent accidents I had as a kid. The first accident I had in school. It was in the first grade. I had to poop, but since it was my first week in school, was uncomfortable about asking to go, and didn't remember what the teacher had said to do if we had to go to the bathroom. I sat there squirming in my seat, and waited until a boy raised his hand and asked to be excused. He left, and I raised my hand and asked to be excused. The teacher told me I had to wait until the other boy came back. After about 5 minutes, I felt like I had to fart. I raised my bottom off of my seat, and pushed. I pooped a large load in my pants. I eased back down in my seat, feeling the poop squish itself against my bottom as I sat.In a few more minutes the other boy came back in, and the teacher told me I could go. I hesitated, and she said"Ithought you had to be excused. I got up and walked towards the door, feeling the poop in my pants with each step I took. I guess the teacher noticed my poopy pants as I got to the door, because she came out right behind me, and took me to the nurses office. The nurse called my mom, and she came and got me. My mom didn't drive back then, so I had to walk home with messy pants.

As I said in an earlier post, I got my nickname, as a kid because of numerous accidents in my pants. Other than the incident I described earlier in the first grade, I loaded my pants , on average, every year thru grade school.As i remember, My mom had to come pick me up twice more in first grade, once in second grade, at least three times in third grade. and about on thru to junior high, about once a year.I guess, all these accidents were because I didn't like going to the bathroom at school, I usually held both my poop and pee(even at home)Until it was almost too late.I also seemed to have a difficult time sometimes telling whether I had tp fart or poop.(still have that problem sometimes)It seemed that about 75% of the time I would guess wrong. Most of the time by going to the bathroom, and winding up with nothing to show for my efforts but a few noisy farts. But every now and then by going in my pants, when I thought it was nothing but gas. My worst accident in school was in the 7th grade. I had a cold, and was coughing a lot. I had to piss and shit too, but was holding it as I always did. I started coughing, before I realized what was happening, I was pissing and shitting in my pants at the same time. It was back to the nurses office. At play, I often had accidents in my pants, from trying to hold it.I think that my mom may have contributed in part to some of these.After I had run in and out of the house a few times, she would tell me if I came in the house one more time, I would have to stay in. I would wait too long, and wind up shitting in my pants, often in front of my playmates. Then I would continue playing until mom called me and made me come in, then I would be in trouble again.If my playmates noticed, I would deny it. It was around 9 or 10 that they started calling me poopy I never had very many wetting accidents, because, being a boy, I could just go behind the bushes and pee, but I had some kind of phobia or something about pulling my pants down outdoors to shit.Also, then as now, I guess I figured, that once I had shit in my pants, I might as well finish what I started. I think a little shit in your pants is kind of like a girl being a little bit pregnant.

Mark - while I do not doubt your figures at all for your school, they seem way out of line with what I would have thought would be the incidence at OUR school - 480 boys @ 4 p.p.p.y (pooed pants per year!) = 1920 incidents (I assume this is moderate and severe only?), and presuming home and school incidents are equal (although there might be more at school?) that would be 25 p.p.p.week. No wonder so many changed underwear every day! I am positive that the incidence at my school is much less. The possible reasons are:- 1. All boys (no girls) - seems a sort of paradox but it does mean never asking to be excused in front of girls. (Never having had girls at school I don’t actually know how I would handle it - but from being on courses etc. I think there might be a reluctance to admit to the urgency of the messages from the bowels! 2. Having about 40% boarders - it is just totally cool to defecate in the school bogs, which are clean (acceptably clean anyway!) - there is absolutely no smoking at our school .(“period” ). There is also a very strict school policy on bullying which boils down to that if any boy is or becomes aware of any bullying incident, and this comes out (as it inevitably would), that boy is deemed to be equally guilty with the offender(s). This is very effective, and I am aware of only one incident in the 2½ years I’ve been here. On a lighter note, when you were doing your ‘research’ about 12 years ago, I and my best friend Josh - being 4 years old - were probably also having frequent accidents in our pants!! Even so, at 4 I doubt it would be more than once per month! (average) (each) Personally, I cannot recall any accident in the last - say - 8 years, other than those early morning “this is going to be a glorious fart ... whoops!! ... emergency stop - that wasn’t just wind as a minute quantity of “liquishit” spurts out with the fart - feeling as if you have really wrecked your pants, but in fact is no worse than the existing skidmarks (just wetter!) when you get to inspect the damage - and release the remaining “liquishit” usually somewhere behind the bushes on the way to school!! I would say that this happens 2 or 3 times a year - often, as I said, on the way to school. Usually this occurs to both myself and Josh if and after there has been a major #2 event immediately on waking up. Result of a slightly upset ???? no doubt? This would be born out by occasionally - more than once - both of us squirting at the same time. School dinners no doubt! One thing I have noticed in the last month, since looking for it - my briefs! I have 3 pairs pale blue, 3 pairs sort of beige and 2 pairs white. When I wear the white ones, and allowing for the fact that staining will APPEAR worse, I actually do find that when I wear the white ones I become more careless with the pee drips, and with the wiping, resulting in much magnified soiling! This seems to bear out the results of your research!! Finally - we have normal (not best quality) soft toilet tissue at school. A bit environmentally unfriendly - you would be lucky to get two wipes from one double sheet - whereas with the home tissue 3 wipes is easily obtained. So with home tissue about 4 squares are used, but with school tissue 8 squares, and sometimes 10! Just another weird schoolboy thought! No change on the uninteresting dumping front - I do shit, therefore I MUST ‘be’. Just about sums it up. Seems to be a world-wide phenomenon - I see Adam from Toronto has the same “problem”. Keep in touch. Nicky F

Thanks Dave (UK) for your congrats on my marriage. As regards my husband, he enjoys having a good motion and likes watching me and vice versa. He does do good motions too. Nice long ones but his jobbies are not quite as fat as mine. His can easily be 12 inches or more long as are mine but while I pass turds that are 2 to 2.5 inches fat, his are 1.75 to 2 inches, so I suppose this proves the theory that females do fatter turds than males as we eat the same food, are about the same build, (we can share clothes such as jeans, tracksuits, panties, etc), both of us are into exercise and sports . Also his jobbies are a little softer than mine, still properly formed and solid but his are smooth, easy and usually curved like big sausages and float, mine are firmer, more nobbly and generally carrot shaped , though sometimes slightly curved, and will sometimes float for a short time then sink. Hope this satisfies your curiosity. We often buddy dump, usually when I do mine at home he finds this stimulates the need to go and passes his ! big long sausage on top of my log. If I do mine at work or elswhere he likes me to give him a description, alsong the lines of "I did a nice big jobbie in the Ladies Toilet ......" with all the sound effects, what it looked like, how big it was, etc. I am fairly regular in my bowel movements, but sometimes I miss a day and then I will pass a couple of big ones, sometimes two hard turds of say 8 inches and 6 inches then the big 12 incher. I feel a bit full before this , but it doesnt bother me. Usually, with all the exercise I take I am quite regular these days passing a nice big fat 12 to 14 incher after lunch each day. Like most women however I do get a bit constipated at period time passing big hard balls and lumps, and I am glad of my hubby being present to rub my ???? then. The sound effevts are quite something. Tony (UK) would love the "OO!s and NNN!S and the Kerplonks! and Sploonks!" as I do it. John J why not use a cubicle (stall) to pee? Either unzip your trousers and pull your underpants down and pee standing as you would at home in comfort and privacy or sit to pee. My husband does this (sits) and Georeg who often posts here does so too. Lots of men now prefer to pee in privacy and sit down. Its more comfortable, less chance of wetting the pan seat, and avoids accidents if they need to do an unexpected poo at the same time. This is why my other half sits. He was standing to pee and a softer than usual motion came out as he peed and filled his underpants. To avoid this he started to sit down and found it a far more comfortable way and it makes it easier to empty the bladder fully with no little dribble or drip at the end. I can tell you that he is no less a man for peeing like a woman! All the best from Nicola.

Mike (USA)
Hey NYCTA Transit guy(and everyone else)...I got busted for peeing at the end of the platform at 66th and Broadway on the #1 line. I had to go SOOO bad and I walked to the northern end of the downtown platform to the large black garbage bin. I unbuttoned my pants and let go. It was then that I looked up and saw two cops walking quickly towards me. The train was just pulling in. When the doors opened, I ran in. Thinking I was safe, the doors re-opened and a cop stuck his head in and told me to get off the train. Oops...

Do you any of you guys take pleasure in flushing your poops down the toilet?

Friday, March 12, 1999

I remember one time in Grade 9 there was a girl who really had to go to the bathroom. She was really squirming and occasionally shoving her hands behind her butt. She asked to go to the bathroom but the teacher said no. Then the teacher asked her to write something on the board. She walked up and she was looking very desperate. Suddenly she must have got a cramp or something because she doubled over and screamed"Oh no i'm pooping in my pants". We could clearly see the growing bulge in the back of her white jeans. She ran out crying. Another time a girl asked to go to the bathroom, and when she went out there was a big red spot on the back of her pants. It was obvious she was having her period.

To Zach...if you don't want to go in front of Jen right now then don't. If you have to leave the door open when you poo to please her then shes not really a nice gf! A nice gf would let her guy do what he wants to the door when he goes without begging him or whatever to leave it open. If I had a boyfriend who wanted me to leave the door open when I do #2 I would tell him.......YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!! Like for you...#1 and #2 are private and I never ever did anyone of them in front of anyone in my entire life! I walked in on alot of people when they were doing #2 but I never did it in front of them. So even if you want to stay with Jen...tell her to mind her own business and let you have privacy in the bathroom!

To Bill: Don't believe the adverts! In fact, never believe adverts. I wear stockings rather than tights except when the weather is particularly cold, or if I am wearing trousers. Stockings are far more comfortable and far more hygenic. Of course I wear my knickers over the top, it makes practical sense. With tights, it is more comfortable and hygenic to wear the tights over my knickers. Doesn't everyone do that? To Dave: Thanks for the suggestion that I am knowledgeable about such matters, but I have never, ever had an enema. I certainly haven't had any nursing experience either - but what you suggest is common sense. My only expertise is in my own toilet habits, and with that in mind, I have to report that I managed to hold onto my no.2 yesterday afternoon, despite an important meeting (in which I almost broke wind); and had a very large and satisfying poo in the train loo on the way home. There is a station in South London with a large and smelly mess on the track - so be warned!

Well I just took a big dump. Felt real good

adam from canada
I haven't been posting lately as my poos have been on the dull side until this afternoon. I was doing some work at home and started letting off gas that smelt like rotten eggs, then I got that sensation where I had to go poop. I sat on the can and the poop came out right away. It felt soft and felt like a large load was coming out. After I poop, I had a good pee (sitting down) and then I got up and checked. It was in 4 inch chunks (4) and it was a bright brown. I was a little messy to wipe. I felt better after. I think it is all the fiber that is doing it?????? Not much has been going on in the pooping dept. at the college. The bathrooms are still a mess and nothing is done about it. There is a school strike in Toronto which only effects the secretaries and the janitors. I have been hearing things on the news like the plumbing is backed up and teachers are telling students to bring their own toilet paper. What an out of control place!!

today I took a wee wee in my pants i had to go in school, my teacher wouldn't let me. Later, when I was trying on jeans for my mom she gave mee the look and i was so scared i'd get in trouble for the pee peed ones i pooped in my pants

Hi Buzzy - yeah! Really sort of cool in a weird way the whole antibiotic thing! And, just like you, after the end of the course of pills and after the my last smooshy yellow mass of waste (the one I did outdoors in the fields, so I could inspect the contents thoroughly) there WAS a sort of pause, when I knew something else was on the way, and after an unusually long gap, a massive fart was accompanied by this greeny-brown semi-liquid waste stuff, which sort of fell on top of the yellow smooshy turds like sauce on an ice-cream!! The other fascinating thing was the total blandness of the shit (both types - yellow and 'sauce'!) - they were absolutely uniform, no lumps, no trace of any recognisable food (and I was back to normal eating by then), just this mass of uniform yellow smoosh with just about enough smell to let you know its origin was in (my) digestive system. Mirrors - our old mirror! - my friend Josh still has it, so we are going to get it out again. It’s literally years since I watched it (my own #2) slide out of my (own) little hole - and I remember now what fun it was (when we were 11 years old - it will be interesting to see what it’s like 5 years on!) I remember that it was always best outdoors - we used to lie right back on the grass and hold the mirror for each other, so that I would lie on my back, with my legs in the air, my butthole pointing sort of skywards, and Josh would hold the mirror for me to admire my performance while he watched it too. The other thing we used to do was to actually drop our #2 over and on the mirror (which is why we had a special one). That was cool too - the turd seemed to speed up and come out faster and faster as the tip approached the mirror. One thing that we both remember is that it seems that we both did much firmer turds then - not like the soft sticky stuff we both do now. And it must be true, because we can both remember picking the logs off the mirror with our fingers, and no problem of total mess? Strange! Is it because we are older, or is it diet, or is it the way “they” mess with our food now. (Although Monsanto are getting a bit of a bloody nose in Europe - more and more supermarkets are not stocking GM products - they can’t sell them!!, and strict labelling is coming in we hope. Also Burger King say no GM - leaving Ronald McD. in an awkward position!!). Anyway, although this is the toilet forum - the above might be relevant to the composition, content and texture of all our waste products (collectively)! I haven’t done an interesting #2 all week - I just sort of go a normal amount, normal softness, early before school, no buddy dumps, normal colour (mid brown), and no unusual contents. Dead boring. Josh the same. We might try suppositories this weekend to get cleaned out and to get our systems moving again!!! Yay Plunger! I HAVE ridden on Quad-bikes - we don’t have one of our own - but you can hire them out on a circuit. It’s cool - especially when there is a group. So, if I am ever in the US and I see a girl on a quad-bike dive for the long grass, I'll come over and introduce myself??!! And hope I need to go too. Just out of solidarity, I'll try and hold it until 2p.m. local time one day in the holidays - because that'll be 9a.m. EST. Do you put clocks on on 28th March too? Let y’all know if the weekend activities are in any way cool - and in any case as soon as I do an exciting poo! Nicky F.

I remember an accident a girl had in her panties, when I was in the second grade. We were all at our desks, when one boy got permission to sharpen his pencil. All of a sudden, he started yelling at the teacher about poop in the floor. I turned around and looked. There was a small piece of soft poop in the floor. The teacher asked who had pooped in their pants. When no one said anything, she called the janitor to come and take all the boys to the bathroom and check our pants, while she did the same with thegirls. We all marched into the bathroom and lined up. He had us all drop our pants and underwear, so he could inspect them.Mine probably had tracks in them like usual, but no poop. We went back to class, and looked around. One girl, Rosemary was missing. When we started talking about her, the teacher told us Rosemary was sick, and had had n accident in her panties She had been too embarresed to say anything about it.

Todd: Instead of the soap, try a suppository. It's much easier to use--no burning, easier to insert, and they comein a jar that you can take with you. Good luck.

David W.
I apologise ahead of time if this story grosses anybody out but I'm sure 1 or 2 people here will enjoy this: I went to a y2k survivalist meeting a couple months ago and the evenings topic was how you can use herbs for healing in case regular medical services were not readily available. The speaker went over a whole list and then got to garlic. He stated that you need to start eating it, cooking with it, and using it as seasoning on everything. Cats have "worms", dogs have "worms" and if you eat meat then YOU have worms. If you consume enough garlic then that gets rid of the worms. He then told about a client of his who took this advice. After a couple of months one day his bowels just exploded and out came all of these dead worms! He was so impressed that he fished some of them out and took them to the "herbologist". Well I have taken the advice and so far, no worms. However, I can smell the garlic in my shit and farts. The smell is actually a little more pleasant. It seems to have helped with the hemmoroids a little, and in general, I feel a little better.

Station Agent - N.Y.C.T.A. (Male)
I felt sorry for that lady because of her situation. She didn't look like a sleazy bum who would just leak anywhere without regard to anybody. I observed her as she stood on the platform waiting for her train (it was after midnight on a Saturday morning) -- she appeared to be under the influence (not quite intoxicated) and was obviously in a desperate situation. Since there were no restrooms in that station (71st/Continental Aves. on the Queens Boulivard IND line) and there was a laid-up train on the express track side of the platform, she entered that train between the cars , entered one of the cars and proceeded to releive herself. Okay, I could live with that. I probably would have done the same thing had I been in the same situation, so I let it go.

The other reason why I didn't report her is because the Transit Police Liutenant, sitting at his steel desk on the 2nd floor of 370 Jay Street, bored to hell and back, with a styrofoam cup of stale coffee and a dog-eared copy of the crossword-and-horoscope page of the New York Times, doesn't want to be bothered with a call at 12:34 AM reporting a drunk woman peeing on the floor of an out-of-service train. (Report a shooting at the Times Square station, a mob of kids beating the living crap out of a conductor, and/or a mangled body underneath a train, and he probably still won't budge ;-)

Also, even if I did see a Transit Police officer on the platform and brought this to his/her attention, it has nothing to be with being mean (I am not a mean person anyway!). Urinating in the subway is not only illegal, but also presents an unpleasant, unsanitary, and unhealthy environment for the passengers. The subway tunnels and areas underneath station platforms and between tracks are breeding grounds for rodents and vermin.

Remember - I am not a mean person at all. I am actually quite friendly (introverted, though, so I'm not so easy to approach), but please keep the following in mind. The New York City Transit Authority has its rules and regulations, along with City, State and Federal laws. These regulations must be enforced in order for us to provide everybody with a safe and pleasant ride. The transit system may not be perfect, but hey -- at least we try!!!!!

Brought to you by a *loyal* employee and buff of MTA - NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT

Thursday, March 11, 1999

John J.
Friend Mike has major accident in his pants!!! Hi, do I have a sick and funny story. This story is about my ex-friend, we will call him Mike M. Well we were about 11 years old and at a playground, suddenly Mike had to do #1&2. There was not a bathroom around for miles and he did not know what to do. He decided that he would go behind a bush. Thinking that the deed was over, we were rteady to leave and got into his father's car. Mike whispered to me, "hey I'm peeing my pants!" I found this to be quite funny. With my sick sense of humor, I decided to make him REALLY pee his pants, so I tickled him, man it looked like Niagra Falls, you should have seen how wet he was getting!! I started to tickle him more, he was crying now, it was so funny! As I tickled him I heard a crakling noise, and I smelt a foul oder, He was pooping his pants too!! When we got back to his house and out of the car, his dad had no idea what he had done, even though Mike soaked the carseat!! As we went into the house Mike took off his underwear and tossed them onto the basement stairs!! His brother and sister were home so I decided to bust him up a little! I told both of his sibblings that to come look at the awesome "spider" on the basement stairs! When they took a look they went, "eeeeeww!!! Gross!!" I was laughing histerically, it was halarious!! Then his mom came home and Mike's sister told his mom that he had wet his pants. The mom said to mike, "You did?!" Mike proceeded to say "Uh, a little more than that." She said, "What!!" The sister told his mom to look at the basement stairs and his mother was about to faint(may it be from the smell or site, I shall never know!) "Michael, go to your room and clean and change yourself, what's wrong with you, do you need diapers!?!!" she said. It was very amusing and funny to know that I had made him have such a terrible accident in his pants!!!

BUZZY:I am glad you enjoyed the post my friend. It is amazing, we tend to go at the same time of the day. 9:00 Eastern time! I am glad you like a good noisey poop hun. I can be quite noisey. I hiss and fart a good bit, grunt and huff a fair bit too and have no lack of sound effects when my terds hit the water. Sometimes I go every day like that but usually I go every other day. I make a point to wait no more than one day in between poops because I get too much backed up and plug the potty. It sounds like you and the nurse had quite an open relationship. Hey, I would always be up for somthing like that. It is pretty easy to tell when I have to go. I will pass a really strong loud poot, and that is how you know when the show is just minutes away.

NICKY: I wouldn't be that embarrassed if the guy on the Quad bike saw me thru a pair of binos. I am pretty shy, but looking back on it, (since he is gone now) if he did see me, then I hope he like what he saw. I wonder if he imagined what the rest looked like??~LoL. :-) Hey nicky, have you ever ridden a Quad bike, or ATV? They are great fun. I am going to get one one day, just for the fun of it. You never know, I might just take up watching the fields myself. If I ever see someone passing a monster load out in the field I will ride out to greet them. EVERYONE: Good posts everybody, I really love it here, everyone is so nice to me. A word on accidents, I have only had one or two myself but I try really hard to avoid them at all costs. Like I said before in one of my earlier posts, I have a rather sizeable arse and that tends to take any messy situation and make it alot worse. All that "acreage" just spreads it round and makes it a hell of a mess within my hose. It also has its other disadvantages. I am pretty actractive with a nice slim figure and cute nose, face and smile. Guys find alot to love until they look around at my backside, I guess they find too much to love then. You men in here: Why do guys only go for little butts? Well that is all I will complain for today. I love you all, see you next post. -Plung!

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