New here. Here goes - You know those dry airplane toilets that wash down the debris with just a squirt of water, then suck it all away with a really powerful vacuum? And you know how you can see everything you've done into those toilets 'neat', since there's no water in them to begin with? Well, I got really bored on a long-distance flight, so I just kept on drinking water to see how much I could hold before having to pee. I wanted to fill up that toilet as much as possible with just one good pee, and I managed to get myself close to bursting several times during that one flight, as well as letting fly on the unpunched seat liner once just to see what would happen. I'd have loved to have a really good shit in there too, but the best I could manage to squeeze out was a couple of baby-carrot-sized poops - travel really mucks up my digestion, and I felt like I had to rush because there were all these other people waiting outside, and I was taking a *really* long time straining and trying to grunt as quietly as possible. The things boredom will do to one....

I *just* took a major pee - in a 1.5 liter plastic mineral water bottle. It was a combination of factors that made me do it. First, I'd been drinking coffee and water the whole night, and had only been to the loo once for a shit fairly early on (taking an incidental pee (and the shit was a nice satisfying one, for those of you who want to know)) so my bladder was *really* tight and full to bursting. Next, there were lots of people in the communal loos in my dorm, and I was feeling a bit antisocial and didn't want to face them or have to pee with/in front of them. I *might* have been able to wait for them all to leave, but every second made it more likely that I'd sneeze or cough or just plain old lose control and wet myself thoroughly (I don't do it often, and haven't done it since a few years back, but that's another story altogether). On top of that, I was recalling my earlier post about wanting to see how much I could hold, and this seemed like a great time to find out, since I was at full capacity anyway. So, keeping my legs *very* tightly crossed, I looked around my room for a receptacle large enough, and saw the blessedly empty bottle. (The only other thing that would have held it all was my laundry pail, but it was full of laundry.) So I spread an old towel on the floor, squatted with my bottle up against my urethra, and let go, with a lovely long pssssssssssssss. The relief was incredible! And though I dribbled some of it out onto the towel and the floor, the bottle was about 3/4 full of pale yellow liquid. Now that I know, I probably won't do it again unless I have to, but it was kind of fun.

Hi folks. First, than's to the anon medical type who explained why anti diarrheals are more restricted than laxatives to purchase here in the UK and why doctors dont prescribe them along with antibiotics to counteract the bowel loosening effects. By the way, I agree about the placebo effect, people believeing that a medicine will have an effect if told it will. Once at Secondary (High) School some of the girls gave a boy who was a bit gullible some dark chocolate (candy)to eat then, ten minutes after he had eaten it told him it was Laxative Chocolate (Ex Lax). About an hour later he had to be excused from class and I was told later had severe diarrhea,(he was off school the following day) yet he had actually eaten ordinary plain chocolate of the type bought in any sweet shop (candy store) with NO LAXATIVE CONTENT, so this tends to prove the theory that if an person thinks that a medicine will do something it will. Lots of so called cures work on the patient's belief. One of Moira's doctors friends tells of a case of a woman patient who had always been prescribed green coloured capsules. One day the pharmacy changed its supplier and the colour of the capsules was now red, the content, dosage etc being exactly the same. The patient phoned a few days later to complain that the new medicine wouldn't work as well and begging to be put back on the green ones. This doctor understood the psychology and sent her to a pharmacy who still had the green capsules and the patient phoned again a fews days later to say that she was much better again on her "proper medicine" yet the content and active ingredient was exactly the same.

Watcher, a pity you didnt describe the jobbie that Aunt Aeriel dropped, bet it was a big one. I was lucky that I often saw the lovely big jobbies that my Aunt Helen passed, as a kid up to my late teens.

Charles, yes eating too much too quickly can bring on a sudden attack of the runs.Its the gastro colic reflex as food enters the stomach in large amounts the perestaltic movement in the bowels speeds up. Now if a normal amount of food is eaten then a normal formed stool will usually be passed, this is why many people need a motion after a meal, both my self and Moira usually go after lunch and pass a nice big solid jobbie, as we have both done since we were kids. If too much food is eaten or it is eaten too fast then this can result in too severe a perestaltic shunt and loose unformed stool from higher up the colon will be passed giving in effect a sudden, non repeating, attack of diarrhea. This may be the reason for the runs many people allegedly get after eating Big Macs, Burger King, and other fast food as usually they are starving and these diners are so designed NOT to encourage people to stay long eating but to eat up quickly and get out so as to maximise the number of customers and the profit. Moira and I have eaten these with no ill effect but we take the food out and eat it at our leisure in the park, or our car or the office.

MT, when I was a kid my two girl cousins and I would listen when Aunt Helen was doing a motion and would comment as we heard the "Ker-plonks!" etc ,such as "Bombs away!" or "Cor that was a big one!" etc . This amused Aunt Helen greatly and we also did this when one of us kids was on the throne. Moira tells me that her young brother would , if her parents were at home and he couldn't therefore come in to the toilet with her and watch, stand outside to listen and , when she was a bit constipated, (usually at the time of her period) go "OO! OO! OO! her jobbie wont come out!" to Moira's amusement but which did get himn a row from their mother for being unkind to his big sister. (Not that Moira actually minded at all!)

I've been lurking around for a while. I really enjoy this site. It makes me realize that I'm not alone. Being at Fort Lewis doesn't make it the easiest, but I'm still a rebel anyway!!! Best of pooping to you all!!

Happy Camper
To Zack - I am envious of your situation. There is nothing better than having someone from the opposite sex to poop with. I would love to have a girl that enjoyed watching me poop. Why not try it a few times. After 5 or 6 times letting her watch you with the door open, you will probably think nothing of it and will want to share your pooping with her after that. I have been trying to get my wife to leave the door open for years. She finally started doing it on occassions, but not all the time. I always leave the door open, and enjoy it when she comes into the bathroom when I am pooping.

Hi all! I am new to this site but was very glad to find it upon following a link from a w/s page. I am 25 and have always been fascinated by people (particularly men) having to use the toilet, mainly with regard to men being desperate for a pee but lately I have been getting more curious about watching men pee or have a bm and/or watching me do so. I am glad to see that others share a similar interest and do not find the idea perverse. I have been reading through some of the old posts and I have something to add with regards to what marathon participants do when they need to pee or have a bm in mid-race. I remember watching coverage of the Boston Marathon a few years ago and the German woman who won hadn't been feeling well and was suffering from diarrhea. At about mid-race it was noted by commentators that she had been sick again, but being a professional she just continued on, despite the the very liquid bm running down her legs. There was footage of her splashing herself down with water as she ran to rinse it away. A public accident would be/is mortifying enough - imagine being watched by millions of people with a tape of it for all posterity! I will be back with stories of my own later. Bye for now!

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

I do not know if I am posting off topic but I have an amusing anecdote I would like to tell about my father. My father is not a small man, standing 6'2" and 280lbs in his hey day. He would go up to the bathroom and close the door and on the count of three proceed to sputter-paint the toilet as we called it. I would make bets with my friends and together we would count one, two, three and there she blows. I don't know if it was the acoustics coming down the hallway or if I had better hearing back then, but it was LOUD. My mother had Circle (a church function) and some pristine ladies were sitting in the living room discussing God's word. My father came home from a couple hours at the bar and went upstairs to the bathroom. My mother heard the door shut and excused herself to the kitchen when subconsiously the family counted one, two, three. We were not let down in the least! It was five or six loud resounding echoes that filled the air. My mother wasn't embarrassed but laughed till she cried as did we. The women at the meeting told their spouses and children about the "ghastly or gassy deed." Who cared. All my friends knew and would count with us.

Watcher, you seem to have had the same kind of experiences that I've had. I had an Aunt similar to yours. She had no inhibitions with closing the door. I've seen her numerous times, but only once did I hear her poop. I was maybe 13 and my dad was fixing her lights or something. I was there for one see Aunt "Roxie". I was watching TV, she was in the other room reading when she suddenly headed to the bathroom. I was calm, thinking she only had to pee. She didn't close the door. It was wide open and she was hidden by the wall that was between the sink and toilet. I could see her feet and pants that were pushed to her knees. I heard her peeing, then heard PLOP, PLOP. Cool. She was pooping. I didn't stand and stare too long. Didn't want my aunt, or my dad to notice me standing around the bathroom door. I've always wondered why she put down her book to go poop. Why didn't she take it with her?

Boy did I have a strange poop the other day. At first when I wiped, I thought that blood was all over my stool and toilet paper and was worried. But as I looked closer, I realized that it wasn't. My poop was as red as georgia dirt with some brown mixed in also. Then I remembered that I had some cupcakes the night before with lots of frosting and red frosting at that. I figure that the food coloring in the frosting did it. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? When I told my friend about it, he said he has seen it before in his dog. We laughed about it and I wished I had a camera :-) for the incident. Me and my friend have decided that we are going to have some cake with green icing on it soon for saint patricks day and see what happens. By the way it was a good poop, 3 logs about 7 inches each and about an inch and a half wide and soft.

I had a weird shit this morning. I ate some granola cereal for breakfast and watched a little TV. All of a sudden, a huge feeling came on. I jumped up and walked very fast to the bathroom and locked the door. I quickly pulled down my shorts and sat my hairy ass down. When I let go, a very noisy shit dropped out of my ass like a sack of potatoes. I mean, it felt like I lost 10 pounds just by shitting! Some farting accompanied the loud shit. It all happened in about a second. It was very fast, very loud. And boy, did it stink! Anyway, I looked down in the toilet and saw a huge pile of what looked like mud. It wasn't in turds, and it wasn't diarrhea. It was just a sort of mush-looking stuff. Anyway, it was one of the weirdest shits I have had in a while. And you know how usually when you shit, you have a primary oncoming of shit, and then you sit there for a few more minutes straining to get a few smaller turds out? Well, it wasn't like that at all today. Once I got the "pile" out, it was done. I tried straining just a little to see if I could get some more out, but I couldn't to save my life. Anyway, the wipe was amazingly clean, too. Usually when I have a soft shit like that, it is really messy, but this wasn't. It only took a couple of wipes, and it was done. Go figure.

I have been reading a lot of posts about kids fulshing their underpants down the toilet to try and their accidents. I was never dumb, or could it be smart enough to try that. Usually, I would just ignore the condition of my pants, and go on with whatever I was doing when I messed my pants.I remember at about 12 years of age, my mom gave some money to walk the two blocks to the dairy queen with several friends and get ice cream. We got there, and I was next to last in line. As I have stated, i had a difficult time distinguishing between gas and poop(still do sometimes). Wellthis time I guessed wrong. There was a crinkling sound as I went in my pants. The kid behind me said "hey look guys Poopy's done it again and they all laughed. I just stayed in line, and got my icecream, Then walked home. The other kids teased me all the way home. When I got home, I walked right past mom, and was about to sit on the floor in front of the TV, when she came up behind me and felt the seat of my pants. She started yelling at me, then went and got her cutting board. She had one shaped like a broad paddle. She proceded to liberally apply it to my poopy bottom. Afterpaddling me about 5 times, she made me clean up the poop that fallen on the floor, and then go change and wash my own pants.

Why can't women sit on chamber pots? I always though that women sat on them to pee. I used to own one, left to me by my grandmother but I did not bring it with me when I moved to this house.

Princess Pee- please post some instances when you wet yourself. This is a great subject. Were there any times when you went on the floor? As I posted a while ago, I've only seen a woman do this twice.

Reply To ZACH and TYLER: Zach - I just read your post from several days ago about the problem with your girlfriend. Even though I'm a guy, I understand where she is coming from, the issue of trust, everything being open. But I also understand your challenge to overcome this. Think about why you are shy to go in front of her? Is it because it smells? Is it because it's loud? More then likely, that part does not bother her at all! We all crap, usually everyday, some people more or less. Just be free about it, don't be ashamed or embarassed. She cares about you and I'm sure you care about her. As time goes by, it will get easier. When my current partner and I met, I asked the same of him. At first he too was shy. He would let me watch, but he was not ready to let me watch him wipe! As time went on, it got easier. In fact, now, less then 2 years since we discussed this, he's totally open, even wanting to show me what he does. I hope this helps and write again if you need more support. TYLER - Great post. It is a shame this country (USA) is so "uptight". Fortunately, we have forums like this to share with other open-minded people. I just had to comment on your part about whether or not Prince William has ever dumped with his buddies! It's always kinda cool to think as we are sitting on the toilet taking a crap, that moviestars and other famous personalities are doing the same thing too!

Trevor - understand your comments, but it just that, having to squat by a women, leaves LOTS of room to see the pee stream at its best. The distance also adds to the loudness of the sound being made be the pee hitting the pot's bottom. For me, I don't mind being on my knees peeing at the pot, since this too leaves me totally exposed doing my task. For us it turns out to be pretty sexy watching and listening to each other using the chamber pot. It also turns out to be a point of discussion by friends that stop by to visit and after seeing the pot, many timees ask about it, of course wondering if it is used for it original purpose. When we tell them that it is, most of them think that it is a neat thing. Steve from STL, hi to you. We are found St. Peters! Lots of WS loves everywhere!

one day at school I was walking with my friend and then a girl that we both new just came out of the bathromm and she complained to us about the smeel in the girls bathroom and we asked why and she told us that some girl had taken a huge crap in their. She said she was just washing her hands and the smell in their was horrible. Any girls here have stories of heairng other girls having a bad bowel movement in the bathroom while you are in the bathromm. Please tell any if you have any. I also like stories og girls rushing into the bathroom and just barely making it to the toilet. So right some good stories. See You All Later Bye Bye.

lets here some stories of girls makeing stains in their panties. For all of the women out their; do your panties smell bad after being in the heat for a long time? Please keep up the good posts...

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

I like Linda's stories. They always seem to have a bit of straining involved. I always get turned on by hearing a woman trying to push out a really big poop, and I'd love to hear more stories of it. I myself usually have kinda boring poops, being somewhat soft and mushy, and usually not needing anything more than moderate effort to get out. Sorry I'm so boring, but I still have some interesting poops every once in a while. LOL Happy motions to all! Dave-NY

We appologise for the misunderstanding regarding what the email address box above is for. It is easy to misidentify as the faq only describes its purpose, and doesn't include a diagram or anything of the sort and none of the boxes are labeled in any of the forums.

I have seen "Leaving Las Vegas". It's a good movie. The scene menioned is good. My only problem with it is, the scene doesn't show enough of Elizabeth Shue's body. When she is pulling down her pants and sitting, Nicholas Cage's head is strategically in the way. When they show the close-up, it's only from the waist up. I have yet to hear tinkling noises. Nicholas Cage is pouring a drink when she first sits down. It sounds a lot like peeing. It fooled me at first. The best toilet scene I have seen in a movie so far is in "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!" It is a spanish-romance movie. It has two scenes with women on the toilet. The second is best. You see the woman from a side view, using the toilet with the door open. She sits, pees with sound, wipes, pull her panties up, adjusts her skirt, and flushes.

Hugh G asks "Is Immodium availible in the UK?". Answer, yes I've bought it there! Also, until reading Bob's post I hadn't given much thought to the design of chamber pots; they don't really suit women (who have to squat over them) or men (who have to kneel by them) do they? I'm sure women would prefer something they could sit on, and men something they could hold as they stand.

This happened to a girl when I was in the 5th grade. We were sitting in class just before lunch when the girl ahead of me leaned forward and let a thunderous and wet sounding fart. Being 5th graders we thought that it was hilariously funny. She started laughing also and all of a sudden put her head down on her desk and let one go again. It was about the same tone quality but had much more aroma and substance. I could tell she was trying to hold it back but it just kept coming. She was crying by this time and everytime she grunted she farted and crapped her pants again. It was a grunt and a wet fart everytime. The rest of the class had moved away from her after the third wave of grunting and farting. The teacher was chuckling to herself till she caught the waft of diarrhia hanging in the air. The teacher quickly snatched her from her chair and escorted her to the girls washroom leaving a trail of drippings behind her. Being unfortunately sitting behind her, I had the full brunt of her gas odor and being able to see the back of her pants ooze a brown mush. The boys were laughing so hard we had to run to the bathroom so we wouldn't wet our pants. I still remember the janitor having to remove the desk and mop the hallway and steps to the girls bathroom. To this day, 30 years later my friends and I still laugh about it!

Hugh G asks "Is Immodium availible in the UK?". Answer, yes I've bought it there! Also, until reading Bob's post I hadn't given much thought to the design of chamber pots; they don't really suit women (who have to squat over them) or men (who have to kneel by them) do they? I'm sure women would prefer something they could sit on, and men something they could hold as they stand.

Grateful thanks to Anon Uk for the first class explanation about the restrictions on anti diarrhea medicines and why doctors probably dont prescribe them along with antibiotics. I thought it was our stingy Tory governments, (the present one is no better than its predecessor) trying to save National Health expenditure. I agree that diarrhea is often the systems natural way of getting rid of an irritant food or its toxic by-products, some laxatives work by this very method, but its literally a pain in the arse, so no wonder people take Imodium to stop it. Dave UK, I am athletic, a bit muscular I suppose, but not thin, having 38 inch hips, curvy but firm buttocks and large firm breasts and a slim waist, so I dont know if this affects the theory about women doing fatter turds than men. My husband is also big but not fat as he too is a sports and exercising type and we both eat a healthy diet. I do support this theory given the different shape of the rectum in women as opposed to men and from my own observations. During my childhood my brother and I were only 18 month different in age and were of a similar build and ate the same food both type and amount yet my jobbies were fatter than his although, as with my husband, we could both pass them to the same length. I do however agree that there are fat people of either gender who pass little turds while skinny folks can sometimes do real whoppers. We often call Grace in my field Hockey team the "stick insect" as she is a really thin ectomorphic type, with arather boyish figure yet! I have seen some of the turds she has passed and they are as big as mine. She however only has a bowel movement twice a week as against usually every day, sometimes twice a day, by myself. The first time Grace did a big fat 12 incher in the toilet attached to the changing room (locker room) after a field Hockey match one of the other girls in the team thought I had done it and Grace had only had a wee wee on top of it. I told them I hadn't as I had gone at home that day before the game. Next match Grace again went to the toilet and did another big whopper proving to the sceptics that she did indeed do big ones, albeit only every 3 days or so. JW rocking back and forward is a good aid to getting a big hard turd to come out. Ive done it myself at times. Marc, I loved your description of walking in and seeing the big jobbie your ex wife passed. Sounds as if she was as pleased for you to see it as you were. My hubby and I have often been so turned on when he has watched me perform or vice versa that we have made love right afterwards but not in the toilet.

Hugh G asks "Is Immodium availible in the UK?". Answer, yes I've bought it there! Also, until reading Bob's post I hadn't given much thought to the design of chamber pots; they don't really suit women (who have to squat over them) or men (who have to kneel by them) do they? I'm sure women would prefer something they could sit on, and men something they could hold as they stand.

Princess Pee
I'm female, 19 and not really potty trained. Just lazy I guess. I really like this site. I wonder how many other females are grown, but lazy about going potty and end up doing it in their pants. Back east this is common, but her in Tacoma it's rare:( Does anyone ever e-mail each other about this?

I had an aunt who used to spend a lot of time with our family. She was sharp looking - short, about 5'2" and curvy in a small package. She was brunette, with the most beautiful ivory skin you've ever seen. She swam and played tennis and rode a bicycle to stay in shape, but still retained a nice soft femininity. She was totally uninhibited, and actually seemed, looking back, to be something of an exhibitionist. Being attracted to the bathroom from an early age, "Aunt Arielle" was a perfect mark for me, and I saw her many times, some secretly, some with her knowledge.

Once when I was sick with chicken pox, she came to babysit with me. I was 5, she 35. She always had a morning bowel movement, and this particular morning, we were on the patio when she smiled, and said, "Dear, I'll be back. After that nice big breakfast, Aunt Arielle has to go to the bathroom." Knowing what that meant, I boldly followed, talking, and she made no move to stop me. She had on khaki shorts, a knit short sleeved top, and white tennis shoes. We entered the bathroom together. I was absolutely exhilirated, and, being so close, feared being kicked out any second, with a slam of the door for privacy. Instead, Aunt Arielle breezily unfastened her shorts, peeled her panties down with them, and casually let them drop, winding up just below her knees, then very slowly and deliberately lowered her beautiful bottom onto the toilet, the pressure of the seat, subtly widening out her lovely thighs and hips. She leaned forward, forearms on thighs, hands clasped in front of her, peed a little, wiped, then, thank God! just sat. We talked about everything - school, my mom and dad, chicken pox, TV, everything, which made the moment all the more erotic - to be talking about something completely different than what was happening, as if we were still sitting outside on the patio! I remarked, impulsively, "I follow you everywhere, Aunt Arielle," to which she smiled sweetly, and said, "You certainly do dear!"

She didn't fart or audibly grunt, though I thought I noticed a slight change in her voice once. There was ever so slight of a squishing sound, followed by a gentle stirring of the water, signifying what I know now was likely an absolute hog. There was one more tiny little splash, and then she began rolling off toilet paper, carefully wadding it up, leaning way forward, and slightly to the side, very slowly and purposefully bringing the toilet paper the full length and depth of her crack. She wiped her bottom six times, and as she stood up, I caught a brief glimpse of her gorgeous full moon. She fastened her pants, flushed, watched, the water, seemingly concerned about whether it would go down or not, then washed her hands, and we went back outside again, like nothing had happened. I can remember this day today, like it just happened. More Aunt Arielle stories to follow.

Princess Pee
I'm female, 19 and not really potty trained. Just lazy I guess. I really like this site. I wonder how many other females are grown, but lazy about going potty and end up doing it in their pants. Back east this is common, but her in Tacoma it's rare:( Does anyone ever e-mail each other about this?

Hugh G.
I understand young children fouling their pants at school by mistake. However, for a while, some kids at my high school would do so purposely, so the nurse would call their parents to pick them up and take them home. This worked for about a year. Then, the administration wised up to it. When a kid went to the nurse after shitting his britches, the nurse would call the parents. Not to pick them up, mind you, but to bring them a new pair of pants. The scheme ws defeated, and the students quickly stopped. Rection.

Nicola, I loved you last post. . .that was just excelent. Keep up the fantastic motions. I put it in my last post for those of you that wanted it, but it never came out on the email address where it was suposed to. Anyways here it is. My addy is and you can email me there anytime. To JW: I tend to strain, I find that it helps me pass the big bombs. I also have the habit of sliding my feet back and even gripping the toilet with my lower legs. This just helps me to go somehow. I would also be very interested in posts of people that strain. I had a good poop last night, and I feel the urge for one right now too. Actually, hold on and I will tell you how it goes._____________________________________________________ B O O T E D !

Hello everyone. I am a new poster. I particularly enjoy Poopy's posts, because I can sympathize. I never have peeing accidents, but I have bm ones a lot. I would to hear about accidents from others, too, which would make me feel better about my "condition." I have to leave now, but I will post about my accidents if anyone wants me too.

hi all, i hope everyone is doing fine. i just wanted to share this with you and ask a couple of questions. it seems that when i dont do a enema, (say once a week) and if i were to eat a large meal (like i did at lunch today) about 30 to 45 mins after i finish it, i get a bad case of the runs. today i felt the "bubble" break loose at my desk with a loud moaning, gurgling sound followed by mild pain on my left side, this has happened for many years to me so i knew what it was. i went to the john (which was empty) and had a very loose, wet, loud, smelly and pain free dump. i never did get the runs, which surprised me. normally if i were at home, i would have taken a warm enema to keep the burning pain i usually have in my anus (while having the runs)in check. i dont do this every time (sometimes feeling the burn can be nice). i was just wondering if anyone else gets the runs from eating too much. i know its normal for the body to want to empty itself after a meal, but does any! one suffer this type of thing...(well maybe suffer isnt the right word) anyway, love to hear from you all. ps. do kids really post things in here???? take care charles

Steve in STL
I usually post as just Steve but there seems to more of us lately so this should help. Drew, I was wondering what was going on with you and Nick. Thanks for the update. I guess all you can do is what you are already doing and hope for the best! Anything good happening at the library?

To BRITNEY and TRAVELER thanks for the advice -- I still haven't worked enough courage to dump in front of my girlfriend yet, but I'll get there one of these days.

JW I've found that not just rocking back and forth,but rolling around in a circle which shifts the weight from cheek to cheek and squeezes and slides the stuck turds down your chute.

Monday, March 15, 1999

I was driving down the interstate acouple of years ago. Traffic was heavy, and moving below the posted speed limits. All a sudden, about a quarter mile ahead of me,I saw brake lights come on, horns blew, and there were several near misses as a white van cut all the way from the left lane, across three lanes of traffic, to the emergency strip. The drivers door flew open and a good looking young woman jumped out and ran to the rear of the van. As i drew close, she hiked up her dress, pulled down her panties, squatted, and peed. I waved as I passed by her. I don't know why she went to the rear, but as she sqatted she was facing oncoming traffic, and everyone got a good view, whereas if she had gone to the front, she would hardly have been visible.I guess when you have to go that badly, you don't think logically. I was glad she chose the direction she did.

One of the accidents I had in third grade I didn't get caught, at least not until I got home. It was near the end of the school day, and as usual, I was holding back a big load of poop. about 30 minutes before the end of school, I was desperate, so I raised my hand and asked to be excused. Usually, the teachers tended to ask if you could wait that close to the end of the day, but, my propensity for having accidents in my pants was well known by then, so she told me to go. I walked slowlyto the door, pinching my cheeks together in a struggle to keep from messing my pants in school again. I made it out in the hall before i lost control, and filled my pants. I continued down the hall and into the boys room, with poop weighinh heavily in my underpants. I went into a stall, pulled down my jeans and underpants and tried to dump the poop from my pants into the toilet. I succeeded in getting a large amount of it into the toilet, getting some on the seat in the process. There was still a fair amount stuck to my bottom and in the seat of my underpants when I pulled them back up, but at least it wasn't buldging the seat of my jeans anymore. I pulled my jeans back up and went back to class. I went quickly to my desk and sat down. In about fifteen minutes class ended, and we all packed uo our books and stood to leave. As i stood up, I could feel my underpants stuck to my bottom. I walked home and went inside, where mo mom had milk and cookies waiting for me. I sat and started eating. Soon she noticed the familiar odor of poop, and started fussing at me for messing my pants again. I don't know why the teacher didn't notice what I had done. Maybe she did, and decided it was too late in the day to take me to the nurses office and call my mom.

For those who like to see girls pee: Flicking thru the TV channels on the remote yesterday I caught the movie 'Leaving Las Vegas'. Seconds after I'd started watching, the scene was a living room but the actress moved into a restroom in the distance, pulled down her (grey/white) pants and sat down. As she continued her conversation with the guy in the living room, there was a clearly audible tinkle. Then the cameraman moved into the restroom for a close up of the girl as she finished her business, pulled some toilet paper off the holder on the wall, reached under the front of her shirt to wipe herself from the front, then pulled up first her panties and finally her pants. The scene was very thorough, very accurate - and very sexy!

Linda, Great Story about your older sister. I have a question about straining. I there anything you girls do when you strain that helps? I had a girlfriend who told me that rocking back nad forth on the tiolet always helped her "pry" it out. I know Steph said leaning forward helped her, how about you Linda, seems like you and your sister both really struggle to go, what helps? Please tell us about pooping with your Mom.

Viva RaRue
Just curious here. Anybody ever see the commercial, that is set in a radio station, and the male on-air personality develops diahreah and his co-worker, a female open her desk drawer, and yanks out a box of ImodiumADô. Well, I was wondering, since the on-air personality runs for the mens restroom, and returns showing off his little box of ImodiumADô, Who went into the mens restroom, to bring him the ImodiumADô while he was cutting loose? The woman? or the other gent? I would be embarrased if the other gender walked in on me. And if it was a single occupancy restroom (unisex with a lock) did he leave the door unlocked.? Lots of unanswered questions. Anybody want to take a guess?

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