William, Im pleased to say that both Paula and Norman are like myself clean as that is how I have brought them up, for most of their childhood on my own as my husband walked out when Paula was 3. I always taught them to carefully wipe themselves after doing the toilet and ensured they had some toilet paper in their pockets to use in school toilets etc. Now let's face it, like accidents, we all occasionally get skid marks in the seat of our panties, I never made a big issue of this, it sometimes happens to me too, but for all three of us it is an exception rather than a rule. I cant say that Norman's underwear was any more skid marked than Paula's, but like I say we are all clean people having at least one shower every day and changing our panties every day too, sometimes twice a day in hot weather, myself and Paula during our periods etc. On the subject of flushing underwear down the toilet, neither of my kids ever did this as far as I am aware. On the odd occasion that they did have an accident in their panties they knew that they would NOT get a row from me, more likely sympathy as this can happen to anyone, myself included. I find Anonymous/F's posting about boys underpants being more difficult to flush down a toilet than girls panties a bit strange. I suppose if the boys pants were the old Y-Front type that boys wore when I was a girl, but the girls panties were a flimsy thin pair or half briefs then this could be true but woth modern underwear for both genders being virtually identical I cant see that it would make a lot of difference. I rememeber one of the girls had an accident in her navy blue knickers (briefs) when I was about 16. She tried to flush these down the pan in the Girls Toilet but they got stuck. These were a pair of cotton interlock Montfort briefs, the type girls in the UK wear for PE, Field Hockey etc and quite thick so I suppose these would be as difficult to flush away as boys cotton Y-fronts. Like Tony I would strongly urge people NOT to flush soiled panties down the toilet. By the way I suppose Tony loved the story from the unnamed male poster about his helping his girlfriend pass the big fat jobbie which wouldn't come out of her back passage. I found it quite interesting too although I pass quite big jobbies mine as I have said are smooth and easy and slide out without a lot of strain.

I remember something I did when I was about 12.I had to poop rather badly and when I went into the toilet to go, a part of me was curious about what it looked like to accually watch the poo come out (when I was that age,I was curious about just about everything!) So I got this Mirror( about 8" round) and put it in the back of the bowl. Then I squatted over the bowl in a position where i could see well. Then I started to push and I passed gas and as I watched, my anus started to push out and open up and this long------turd cane slowly out of my puckered hole.It was amazing to watch! Then I still had to go even after this long-- poop(about 9" long!) SO I pushed again and this time my asshole opened up and this mushy turd came out pretty quick. That felt real good! I still had cramps so i pushed some more.My asshole was really pushing out. I had no idea that it looked like that.In a weird way I dug it . Then another turd came out. this one was skinny and soft and long------ followed by a long fart. then i just squtted there watching and pushing my asshole . Then i wiped.( I found that when I wanted to wipe myself, I would push my asshole out to grt it totally clean) So every now and then ,I would do this I found i kinda liked it. Sometimes, I would do it outdoors,which was better, cause you could see better. any one else do this? tell me

I hope you don't think I'm really wierd for asking a question like this, but its really a problem for me. I'm very self-conscious about using public bathrooms because I pee really loud. When I go, it makes such a big splash and so much noise that I feel really embarrassed about it. This is especially a problem in the girls' locker room at school, because the toilets are right near the chaning area and I'm sure the other girls can hear me peeing. In the other girls' rooms at school, its not much better. I even try to avoid going between classes because thats when the girls' rooms are the least crowded. I try to get permission to go during class when I can usually be alone in the girls' room, but thats not always practical. I don't know why I make so much noise. I try to pee slower sometimes, but that doesn't really help. What else can I do?

Hey William, sorry it's been a while since I posted - I think it was that week before half term! Anyway, that was the week after I had been a bit unwell (and before I really came down with some virus or something). This relates very much to the skidmark discussion which was ongoing last month. Anyway, I had been unwell, and as it had snowed I got an off-games note for that week. So, on the Thursday morning, when it was PE for our group and another group in our Block, I had a 'free' period. I made good use of the opportunity, and carried out a full survey of all the underpants left in the changing room. Now this isn't too scientific, and is a one off survey, and at most may be typical for a Thursday morning, at our school, but for what it is worth, here it is. Size of sample is 35. I hope some readers find it interesting. The age range is entirely between 15½ and 16½. State of boys underwear in Form V at ***** School, nr. Winchester, Hants. (Not Winchester School!):

Estimated no. of days wear:  1        2/3      >3      Total
None                         8         2         0      10
Light                        6         8         0      14
Moderate                     0         8         1       9
Heavy                        0         1         1       2
None                         3         3         0       6
Light                       11         8         0      19
Moderate                     0         3         0       3
Heavy                        0         5         2       7
After that I became unwell again the next day and had a dreadful time - it was the beginning of half term, so we got off school at lunchtime, and I was feeling awful. Josh had swanned off on the school ski-trip to Val d'Isère - yes, they had good ski-ing and yes they did get back on time! So I had to cycle back and I was really poorly by then - feeling sick etc. and high temperature. Anyway young Robbie - who was supposed to be going to one of his other friends houses saw me and said that they would make sure I was OK, but I hadn't gone 5 minutes before I just puked up everything (or so I thought!) just by the side of the path. Anyway, this happened THREE times on the 40 minute cycle ride, each time I left a pile of puke on the path, and poor old Robbie had to cope with me - like I told him to leave etc., but in a way I was glad he didn't. I don't remember much about it (except puking - which I rarely do and am not good at!! - no doubt when I am 18 and drinking alcohol seriously..... !! - although I do remember him saying more than once that he wished it was coming out of my other end! I don't know what his friend thought!! Anyway, he got me home and I took to bed for 3 days, on antibiotics after the doctor saw me. They really did strange things to my shit - all of which I did in the house toilet for obvious reasons, but for several days I did very 'mushy' (I can't really describe the texture - it was most unusual) #2s - they just sort of slid out, very little warning, all mushy, and very smooth, and they were sort of bright yellow!!! Not like buttercups or anything, but a definite yellow. And when I wiped, loads of it stuck to the paper, and it was really smooth, and mine is often quite sort of rough and gritty when I wipe. By the end of the holiday I was up and about, and I did manage to empty my bowels out in the fields while I was still taking the pills, but I was back to normal eating by then, and I produced only a slightly odd load - again it slid out of my anus silently, and the fascinating thing was that while I usually have this pressure forcing my sphincter open, and my logs emerge into the world fairly violently - a bit like giving birth?? - not that I have/will/can/know - these ones just slid through. My anus just gently distended, and these turds flowed out. Anyway by the Friday (19th Feb.), I let one go in the field - by myself unfortunately - and it still had a definite yellow shade, and flowed out all in one motion (sic) and sort of coiled around on the grass and looked like a Cumberland sausage!!! But while the ones earlier had no smell at all, this was beginning to smell very much like one of Nicky's regulars!! Not at all unpleasant to those of us who like this sort of thing - and in fact this one really had almost a sweet odour - but I knew I was getting better all right!! I hope the antibiotic content doesn't have a Genetically Mutant effect on the flora and fauna in the field though. (US readers - Genetic Mutation of food crops is very big news here, and very strongly disapproved of by the public. In case you were unaware.) Anyhow, I think that's enough for one post - I promise I'll reply to your previous couple in a day or so. In the meantime, "Shit with Sociability" is my motto for this week. Regards, Nicky F

wow Sammy Sharp! You poop four times day every day???

Nicola: Right about Coliform bacteria. Also note that human waste can contain HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. This is one reason for the crackdown on the use of train toilets in stations.

Just a note, that sounds more like hepatitus. Some people died and some lawyers got involved a few years ago. This scare I think resulted in porta-crappers getting pulled out of parks etc. The AIDS virus is quite fragile and doesn't survive long outside the body. Urine contains ammonia and saliva has something in it that kills the virus also.

I was just surfing the net when I came across this page, which I definitely took interesting in.....judging that I think i have sort of the same fetish everyone else in here has....Anyways, I remember the first time I became turned on by the sounds of someone taking a dump....It was back when I was 15 (Im 22 now) and I was at a hotel swimming pool....I had to urinate soooo damn bad I ran to try and find the men's room...unfortunalely its was locked up and I had no other choice, but to use the ladies room (I didnt give a damn because my bladder felt like busting)....and I went into one of the stalls.....All of a sudden some woman came in there and went into the stall next to mine....I froze and quickly closed the stall door, thinking that if she had seen me in there, god knows what her reaction would've been.....I noticed I could see her and what was going in the other (her) stall, because there was a puddle on the floor it was as if a mirror was there....Anyways, the woman had to have been in her mid 40s to 50s judging by her size and the bathing suit she was wearing.....I was still scared to come out of my stall, so I just sat on the toilet and watched (couldnt help)her via the puddle as she pulled her one piece bathing suit down to her mid thighs and sat down....I heard the 5 minute tinkle and then there was silence......"PLOP!" then a grunt...immediately I started to get an erection....I guess this was the first time I was ever turned on by a female taking a dump.....Anyways, a few seconds later another "PLOP" and grunt......all the while she was sitting forward....then she finally passed her last bomb with a louder splash into the toilet.....She sat upright and then started fondling her breasts (which were big).....Then she started to wipe herself...although I noticed when she was wiping her bum, her fingers seemed to disappear between the cheeks everytime she'd wipe the anal area......She got up, flushed, and left... Call me a wierdo, but ever since that day I've had some sort of fascination with women taking dumps.....I have more stories that I will post later....Question for my fellow males: have you ever found yourself having to use the women's restroom and got yourself in a predicament such as mine? females feel free to respond also for vice versa....

wow Sammy Sharp! You poop four times day every day???

To Trevor: I am sorry to hear that your trains have no toilets at all; I hope your journey is not too long. My daily journey into London is over an hour, but even so, sometimes it is difficult to find a loo that works. Some of the loos are marked as "out of order" while others are open, but the flush doesn't work, which can be unpleasant, and sometimes embarrassing :) I usually check the flush before I sit down. I saved my no.2 for the train journey home this afternoon, and everything worked perfectly!

Has anyone, while doing a number 2, ever reached back to wipe themselves and realized that they were wiping themselves with their shirt tail instead of the TP? I haven't but I often think of it when dumping while wearing a shirt with long shirt tails. flu

Hello Helen, I see you are a new commer here. Over some of the past posts that you may have read that have been talk about teenagers having dirty underwear, skidmarks etc. Some parents wrote in about there childrens underwear and how badly stained it got. I thought as you were a mother of teenage children you may be able to add to this. The general view seemed to be that boys had worst stains that girls, do you agree with this, being a mother of four I would imagine you would be able to talk about this quite easily, hope to read some more posts from you. By the way Nicky, I am still here and waiting to read more of your posts, but I have been busy recently and haven't had much to report.

Tuesday, March 02, 1999

Helen, I enjoyed your letters and your sensible and tollerant attitude towards your kids. Perhaps they too might like to post, or if they dont mid you could tell us about some of their memorable motions. Your attitude is such a contrast to that of Victoria's mother. I have no wish to restart the debate on moron parents of any nationality who are cruel to their kids when they have an accident, and perhaps she had a point that your short skirt was provocative, and you say that did stop with your legs apart to tease him . (I wear mini skirts myself, but the only time a man groped me I used my physical fitness and strength to punch him to the ground and boot him hard in the testicles. He was in no fit state to grope any more women for a while. A word of advice to any woman, if an man does grope or otherwise sexually molest you grap his testicles and squeeze hard and twist vigourously. I defy any male to be able to do anything more as the pain of tortion and compression of the testicles is tremendous and incapacitating. In these circumstances any charge for physical assault if he is bold enough to bring it, is likely to be thrown out of court.) Anyway, what sort of woman would not! sympathise with another woman, far less her own daughter, if she had been sexually assaulted like this? Soiling ones knickers is quite common in such cases, its part of the fight or flight reflex. I read once of a case when a women was about to be raped and filled her panties in fear, this so disgusted the would be rapist and turned him off that he lost his erection and desire for sex and she was able to escape, frightened and very embarrassed but not raped. Victoria, I think you are brave to relate your unhappy experience here, and Im sure the people who post to this site, male and female, will have a far more sympathetic attitude to you than your own mother. Jane, it was the warmth of the water that made my sphincter relax and eased the passage of a hard fat turd. Nicolaides, it COLIFORM bacteria you are thinking about. Most are totally harmless, indeed they are vital for digestion but some strains of E-Coli can kill, as happened in Scotland a year or so ago. Also some of the bacteria in feces are harmful in other parts of the body, though not in the GI tract itself, thus the risk of death from peritonitis when an appendix ruptures, or in stab wounds to the abdomen, when fecal matter leaks into the belly. Also some people are carriers of diseases such as Typhoid and Cholera. They dont suffer the symptoms of the disease themselves but their stools carry the bugs and these can get into the water or be picked up by flies and spread to food.

Jill writes "He told me that if a train has sliding doors then the toilet probably doesn't flush onto the track". Well, on my line the sliding door trains don't have toilets at all - resulting in a lot of people commenting on their state of desperation, or jumping off the train at a station and "going" on the platform. This is particularly true on Friday/Saturday nights when many train travellers are drunk. I've never seen anyone pee on the train, like Coneys did, but I once suspected that a couple of drunken girls had done so before I got on, because there was a suspicious looking puddle on the floor. And a colleague of mine told me about a time when a "tube" (subway) train broke down and people were trying to pee down the tiny gap between two carriages! Finally, regarding Jaz's list of discreet ways for women to pee, one woman once told me she'd used the McDonald's cup method in a parked car in a buy residential neighborhood.

First of all, I'm trying to think of a name, so can anyone advise me on one? Second of all, I'm putting a new post on this page that happened to me when I was with my ex-girlfriend. We were sitting on the bed, and she was giving me a back rub. All of a sudden, she got up, and said she felt the urge to go, and told me to wait there. After a few minutes or so, after hearing her groaning and grunting, she told me to come in, and said she needed help. I went in there, and she was sitting on the head with one hand on her ???? and one hand on her back, and said to me, "Dave, it won't come out, can you help me?" I hesitated a second, and told her I would. I came up close to her, and told her to push once to show me how much it would move, if it was moving at all. She pushed, and she was like, "OOHH, AHHH, NNNNN...", and it just wouldn't move at all, but there was a bulge like it was about to break through. I started rubbinng her ???? and told her to push again, and she did, and again, the "OOOH, AAAAH, and NNNNN's...." and it started slowly out, making her screech in pain as it slid out, and she gave one gigantic push and shot it out of her anus, and she almost cried she was in so much pain, so I rubbed her back and made her feel a little better, and then we looked at it, and it was rock solid, about 14-17 inches long and about 3 inches wide! I'm not kidding, this was one huge jobbie! She thanked me like a million times after that, and I told her it was just something that I had to do, so I went for it. She's had pretty normal motions up till now, with only a few abnormal motions every once in a while, but she always asks me to help her when I'm with her and she has to go now. Good luck with the motions guys and girls! See ya later! P.S.- I'd like to hear more stories of girls having poop accidents. They kinda turn me on to tell you the truth. :)

Anonymous / F
I'm responding to the post about whether underwear can be flushed down the toilet without clogging. This is a subject that I know quite a bit about. Partly it depends on the toilet itself and I would guess that those new low-flush toilets probably clog alot easier than the toilets I used in my childhood.

Mostly, the question of flushing depends on what kind of underwear is being flushed. I'm not sure about adult women's panties, but a girl's panties can generally be flushed sucessfully whereas boys' briefs usually cannot. This is one area of toiletting that girls definately have it better than the boys. Girls can just flush the accidents away while the boys usually have to face the consequences for soiling thier underwear and clean them up.

I used to have a lot of accidents growing up, too -- not like I when I was 12 or 13 like that poster, but definately when I was 8 and a few when I was as old as 9. I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me and he was almost as old as me before he stopped soiling in his underwear, as well. The only thing was that I rarely got caught becuase I'd just clean myself and then flush the panties away.My brother, on the other hand, was constantly getting yelled at because he couldn't flush his underwear down and he would usually get caught by our parents.

One time when my brother was 7 and I had just turned 9, I did a mess in my panties in the car coming home from a vacation trip. Playing it casually as I did, I made it into the bathroom without getting caught, and as I'd done many times before, just cleaned myself (a disgusting job after an accident, but I was used to it), and flused the panties away. The next day, though, that toilet wasn't flushing right and by the day after that, we had to call a plumber. I started to get scared when the plumber started pushing this long probe down into the toilet and he mentioned to my mother that the probe would probably pull out whatever was clogging the toilet and we could see what it was. In my mind, I totally dreaded the prospect of my panties coming back out of the toilet and the plumber holding up for my mother to see, my little pink panties with a big poop load in them. The plumber did, in fact, pull out some underwear that day but they were white boy's briefs rather than my pink panties. Obviously, they belonged to my brother. Mom screamed for him to come up to the bathroom and he got yelled out worse than I ever heard my mom yell before -- or since! He also got grounded for two weeks with no television at all. I felt so bad for hime because I also had had an accident (and I was 2 years older at that) and I didn't have to get punished at all.

That whole thing did start to scare me, though. I started to realize that I was pushing my luck and sooner or later, one of my panties was probably going to get clogged. Especially, as I was getting bigger, I knew there was a greater and greater chance of that happening. Strangely, this was kind of the last step in my toilet training process. It kind of scared me into being more careful in going to the bathroom and not have so many accidents. I did have some accidents after that (and still flused them without any problem), but just not as many as before and then by age 9 1/2, I stopped altogether. I'm also pretty sure it was the last time my brother tried to flush his underwear although he still had the occasional accident for another year or so.

Borders books and music in the Garden State Plaza, paramus, NJ....i really had to poop....i was hurrying to the toilet when i saw the biggest terd in my was sticking out of the toilet bowl...and was about as thick as my lie...i was standing in marvel at this HUGE terd...i mean i tried to flush it and it wouldn't go down...THAT'S HOW THICK IT WAS...*peace*

In regard to a bathroom schedule: I go as soon as I get up, after sixth period, always(exactly 48 minutes after my luchtime)usually right after dinner, and before I go to bed

Blue Flame
Just a short post...I noticed someone with no name saying that they were situated in Toronto Ontario. A mere 40km from me. Hi from Newmarket!

Simple question..... How do women shit with a dress in a public restroom stall? Do they lift the dress? Where do they put it? And the "big" question? Evening gowns?????? And a bigger question? Wedding gowns? Please explain the concept..... thanks ladies.

I shall never forget a day for me in the late seventies as if it were almost yesterday. I was 25 then and very proud of my figure. It was still fashionable for a girl to wear underneath smart clothes an open girdle, (no gusset), with suspenders attached to hold up shear nylon stockings. Ones knickers, little nylon ones (pastel blue), were worn over the top of these items otherwise it would have been a major task to remove all this just to go to the lavatory. On this memorable day I went for a drive in the country with my boyfriend. I was wearing a smart new two piece light blue suite with a fairly tight skirt which came just below the knees and very high healed stiletto type expensive shoes and a cutting little hat, gloves and matching handbag. The idea of the tight skirt, I have to admit, was to show off a cute sort of bottom. Hence the girdle underneath which made ones body even more firm. I also had a slip or petticoat under the skirt. As I said this was fashionable! for the period for girls who could afford well cut clothes, I really felt the part. My boyfriend, (Paul), stopped the car just before mid day at a country pub miles from home, we had never been there before. As we went into the bar I could sense the locals were ogling me up and down so as I sat on a bar stool I let my skirt ride just a little bit above one knee just to give those men a bit of a thrill. There were some other ladies with them who appeared somewhat jealous of my appearance. Paul noticed that a local cider was advertised and enquired of the landlord about this. The landlord seemed to wink at some of the men around as he recommended a very special local brew of cider from the barrel made only that year. I like ordinary sweet cider so Paul ordered a pint for himself and a half for me, but the landlord insisted on equal shares and said that I should have a pint too. Remembering afterwards I think he winked again. I found the cider not so sweet as I was used to, very acid in fact and not very clear, but after a few small lady-like swigs began to enjoy it more and more. Paul got his drink down fairly quickly and thought he have another. The landlord obliged and put another pint down for me too. I did not want to seem ungrateful so I finished up the first pint and started on the second. I realised that I was becoming a little bit tipsy and thought that was the landlords game. I could secretly tell that the lads were enjoying looking at me so I continued to look sophisticated but desirable. Little did I know what these locals were waiting for. The landlord offered us another refill on the house Paul refused politely as he was our car driver. I had never drunk so much before but was persuaded by all to have just one more. I thought, I will show them! By then my ???? started to rumble a little bit and I think Paul's was too. I was also beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable but thought I will brave this out and will not be shown up. Suddenly Paul said "I want to get to the toilets very very quickly!!!" and ran to the doors at the end of the bar. That's when I got hit by the most awful cramps and in desperation blurted out "I must have the ladies lavatory please tell me where this is". All the people said that there was only one toilet in the place indicating a door at the opposite end to where Paul had gone. I think everyone was laughing. I waddled over there, terrified I may not make it in time, I new that I have started the most powerful diarrhoea but had almost reached the door when Paul pushed me out of the way to get through the door first. This left me in front of everyone trying to hold back the purge. I began to hold my bottom outside my skirt, squeeze my legs together and press my other hand into the front of my crotch. Suddenly I messed myself most terrible. It poured out of me through petticoat, through my skirt, down my skirt, down the backs of my stockings and all over my shoes. My tight girdle made sure that nothing went upwards but that everything came through my little knickers and down. I cried "I my god I have had the most awful accident, I have gone to the lavatory in my knickers", the landlord said, "we can see that you have shit yourself most royally." Even the other ladies though this was very funny. I was so ashamed. Well Paul had not made it either and when he appeared was walking bow legged and I could see that he was all mucked up at the back. I could only walk by shuffling very carefully. I was crying with shame and could recognise the stench. Suddenly at the door on the way out, I stopped and threw up all over the floor, I did not think I had any more in me but this caused me to fill my panties again and the diarrhoea came down the front to my skirt this time as well as the back. I had never soiled myself like this before, my clothes were ruined and I never forgave Paul for pushing in front of me like that. Even if I had not made it, as a lady, I should have been allowed to mess myself and in my clothes in private. At least we did his car seats in on the way home, I never spoke to him again. I was so bad when I got home, my mother had cut some of my clothes off me to to see to me.

Hello Helen, I see you are a new commer here. Over some of the past posts that you may have read that have been talk about teenagers having dirty underwear, skidmarks etc. Some parents wrote in about there childrens underwear and how badly stained it got. I thought as you were a mother of teenage children you may be able to add to this. The general view seemed to be that boys had worst stains that girls, do you agree with this, being a mother of four I would imagine you would be able to talk about this quite easily, hope to read some more posts from you. By the way Nicky, I am still here and waiting to read more of your posts, but I have been busy recently and haven't had much to report.

Monday, March 01, 1999

Hello Helen, I enjoyed reading your post and would really love to see one of your big "sausages". You think that you would be a disappointment to the likes of me. Well, I must say I have always enjoyed the straining sounds the "OO!s and AH!s " and of course the "Plops! and "Kuplonks!" and Kur-spul-loomp!" sounds as the jobbies drop into the toilet pan. The again, apart from seeing the turds when they stuck, this was all I had as a kid. No way would my mum have had the tolerant attitude you have towards either of your children coming into the toilet when you are on the throne. I was lucky to be able to get away with listening outside the door without getting into trouble. I have often wondered that, if my mum HAD taken the same position as yourself and let me come in when she was doing a motion would such matters have still had the same fascination for me or is it the "forbidden fruit" aspect that excites. On that point I visited my mum recently. She is now an elderly lady living in an old persons flat. After lunch she needed a motion and I listened again from near the toilet door. The old magic still worked as I heard the tinkle of her wee wee,her going "OO! OO! AH! NNN!, then the "Kerploonk! Kur-sploosh!" as two firm jobbies were passed. As the flush in toilet in the flat is a lot more powerful than at our old house , and the turds weren't great 12 inch or longer logs, but I reckoned one 7 inch and a 5 incher, there was nothing to see afterwards. To the unnamed poster who wants to flush soiled underwear down the toilet DONT! Most toilets will not cope and rightly most people, parents, householders etc will get very angry if they find their toilet clogged by a pair of shitty knickers. What can also happen is that the soiled panties will go away but will get caught on a join or a rough part of the soil pipe. Over the course of time while the water will soak away the turds, toilet paper, tampons etc will lodge up behind the pants and cause a blockage. This happened once when I lived in a bed sit (in the UK a large house were the occupants have their own lockable rooms but share the likes of toilets, bathrooms, kitchen etc. These are usually the bottom end of the market in poor condition and with bad landlords). One of the toilets started to back up and the water took a long time to drain away. We tried putting drain cleaner down and using a plunger but it got worse with the drains in that bathroom backing up into the bath and washbasin. When the Dynorod man came with the drain flushing machine he stuck the pressure hose up the pipe from the inspection trap and with a gurgle a plug of toilet paper, turds, tampons, came down with a pair of white floral patterned panties at the front. We soon deduced that one of the girls had been taken short and had flushed her shitty knickers down the pan and these had got caught up in the pipework. Needless to say the landlord was furious and we all got an angry letter threatening to split the cost against the tenants' rent and even to evict the culprit if it happened again. So if you have an accident, and lets face it, most of us have and will at some time in our lives, dont flush your panties down the toilet. Most reasonable people will understand and friends would probably let you wash them and loan you a spare pair. Otherwise put them in the basket for used paper towels in a public toilet or if you are a woman in the Sanitary Towel disposal bin. Many Pub! lic Toilets now have nappy changing facilities both in Gents and Ladies Toilets so you could always sling the shitty knickers in the bin for used nappies. Jill, one thing that has always fascinated me is the ability of most women to fart silently if they wish. I assume this is due to their structure down below with the crack of their bottom going round to their vagina at the front. Can females actually move these parts to allow flatus to escape silently where blokes cannot prevent making a loud fart? If any of you can explain this, please tell me.

To Basil: Yes, there are a lot of women in our offices who seem to go for a no.2 shortly after arriving at work, and I suppose there are some who do it on the train. I am not a "morning" person - I go twice a day but it is afternoon and evening, after meals. I quite often go for a pee on the way to work though. I'm not sure I like the idea of you listening through the walls. Don't you have any work to do? :) To RailFan: Thanks for the explanation about the train toilets. It hadn't occurred to me that a train toilet would flush from a bridge onto people below. Why doesn't this happen where the train goes over a road? I brings a new dimension to the fun of timing when to flush :)

Hi folks, just checked to see that my post made it, and thanks to the site controller for posting it. I do see that the first paragraph is NOT mine, its from someone in Canada. Perhaps this women is also called Helen and by coincidence she posted at the same time. Anyway, from now on I'll sign my postings "Helen England" to distinguish them. By the way yesterday, after posting I passed a whopper in a pub toilet. I had gone for a pub lunch with the two kids and as usually needed a motion, my daughter accompanying me to the Ladies Toilet as she needed a wee wee. I hitched up my skirt, pulled my panties down to the tops of my thighs, and just sat there, my wee wee tinkled then out came the jobbie, sliding slowly and easily out, (a lovely feeling), then into the pan with a "flomp". I wiped my bum then had a look at the long fat curved sausage, a 14 incher, floating in the pan. Needless to say when I pulled the flush it jammed in the pan with the pointed end sticking up out of the water like a sinking ship. Paula, (my daughter) had a look and found it amusing, remarking that it was just as well she didnt need a motion herself but only a wee wee as we would have then blocked up both of the WCs in that Ladies Toilet. We were both giggling when we came out of the Ladies and Norman (my son) guessed what had happened and ! we joked about it as we got into the car.

Hello to all, I have recently discovered this website and am delighted to read of all of you men and women, who like me enjoy doing a nice big solid motions and hearing and seeing those done by others. For the record Im English, a brunette, aged 38 divorced with two teenage children a son of 20 and a daughter of 18, am of fairly average build , 5 foot 4 inches tall and about 10 and a half stones (147 pounds) in weight. I read in an old posting about what was called a "Goldilocks" motion, that was not too hard and not too soft. Im pleased to say that this is the type of jobbie I usually pass. Since childhood I have been regular and have only the occasional bout of mild constipation and far less often Im glad to relate the very rare attack of diarrhea, normally my daily motion (usually passed just after lunch),consists of a single long fat jobbie, normally about 12 to 14 inches or so in length and about two and a quarter inches thick. It would be termed an easy motion and I can sit on the pan and let it do itself and I love the sensation as it slowly slides out of my back passage under its own steam. Sometimes if the first few inches are a bit hard and knobbly I have to give a bit of a push and go "UH! UH!" to get it moving but then it comes away by itself, but usually I do not have to strain and the jobbie just slides out making a "Floomp!" sound as it slips into the water at the bottom of the toilet pan. Sorry, but I think I would be a disappointment to the likes of Tony and others who got a buzz listening to their mother doing a motion when they were kids as I dont make "OO! OO! NNN!" sounds, just an "AH!" when it is finished and my jobbies dont usually produce resounding "KUR-SPUL-LOOMP!" sounds unless it comes out in two smaller turds say 8 inches and 6 inches long, but normally I produce a single jobbie of 12 to 14 inches in length. In texture my motion in normally smooth, solid and formed but not hard, a bit like bread dough or putty in consistancy, but not like paste as it holds its form , doesnt break up when the flush is pulled ( my jobbies often stick in the pan), and can be picked up without falling to bits ( I have sometimes had to remove one from someone else's toilet pan or push it over the hidden bend with my hand). Usually they are curved like a cucumber or like a large sausage and float and are a mid to light brown in colour having a quite distinct but not unpleasent smell. Both of my children also pass similar motions, although to contribute to the debate my daughter's are a little bit fatter than my son's although they are of equal length and both the kids are of the same build and eat the same food. I have brought them up not to have hang ups and inhibitions about defecation, while respecting other people's privacy and conventions. At home I have never had any problem if they come in to the bathroom to wash when I am sitting on the pan doing a motion, or a wee wee for that matter , and they likewise dont mind if I come in on them. I suppose eating a healthy diet, no red meat, only white, fish, dairy products, wholemeal bread and pasta etc, and plenty of exercise helps keep us all regular and producing good big easy jobbies. I hope that the foregoing is interesting to other readers and I will post again from time to time.

Unless Amtrak has redone all of its toilets on the trains, as late as 1995 they still had toilets that dumped directly to the tracks. I know, I took a trip on the Empire Builder in March of that year and had to take a dump. While I had the flapper open to empty the bowl, I looked down and I saw daylight and the tracks going by beneath me. Whenever the train was about to pull into a major city, about 20 minutes before hand there would be an announcement over the PA system to let the passengers know that the bathrooms would be locked as health department regulations didn't permit the use of the toilets while stopped at the station, and wouldn't be re-opened until 20 minutes after departure from the station...So, unfortunately, you had to "hold it" until the doors were unlocked again.....

Some ways I have found to relieve myself : I have what I would call a nevous bladder. This means that when I need to go its soon gets too uncomfortable and I cant concentrate on anything else so I find a way to empty my bladder, toilet or not. Whether its drinking too much coffee, cola or pints of lager. Here are some of the methods I find useful for draining myself: At rock festivals, all the men tend to line up alongside the edge of the fields, but what are we supposed to do? The toilets are usually so disgusting. The answer (only if your wearing a skirt) is to sit with knees slightly drawn up and pull the gusset of your underwear to one side and slowly let it go. You have to let it out nice and slowly so it soaks into the ground rather than draining down the hill to the person sitting in front of you. It works but you have to be careful that your lips are clear of the ground so it doesn't all soak up your bum. A small, discrete stream is required to get it away from your bum and legs. You can do the same on a park bench. Get your lips over a gap in the slats, get gusset to one side. Slowly let it go a bit at a time when you think no-one is going to notice. On the motorway. I discovered that the MacDonalds drinks cartons from the service areas are just right. This can be done with both jeans and skirt: Sit on the front edge of the seat. It only requires one hand, but try not to look down or look obvious, or someone overtaking(like a truck driver) is going to notice. Squeeze the container into an oval so that the sides sit either side of your lips and off you go. Sometimes a struggle to get jeans clear but I've done it often enough now to be an expert. When you've done you can either put the lid on and place it in your dashboard drinks holder and dispose of it gently on the ground next time you park, or: Open the window at 70mph and swing the cup deftly out and hold it upside down slightly behind you window.That way none of it comes back in. To start with you must learn this method while parked up. Once confident you can piss at any speed. I now use my legs to steer while doing it. The paper cup method (or coffee mug) can! be applied to almost any situation. When camping, use the paper cup in the tent and throw it out when no-ones looking. Etc etc. When your boyfriend is using his bathroom, use his kitchen sink. At a party where there was a queue for the toilet I used the astronaut method: Go into your hosts utility room put the nozzle of their vacuum cleaner against the urethra and piss in it. When done hold the hose up and give it a shake. I have more methods but no time so I'll post more another time. Doing number twos has never been ugent for me so I've not developed any methods for that. Anyone got any interesting ways to dispose of the solids? Be inventive. Be different.

Hi guys. I will stick by my opinion that "poop" or "poo" (or "ka ka," etc) is less vulgar than "shit." Same with "pee" instead of "piss." As an example, I think very few mothers would say to a 3 year old "does Mikey have to piss?" or "did Karen go shit in the toilet like a big girl?" Nicky, I've been back in the United States since just before Christmas; yes, I've heard the entire Alps from France to Austria are in a mess... Helen, I liked reading your post. Please tell me more about your kids' motions, or perhaps you could have them post on here (of course, only if they feel comfortable doing so). I am a F who's almost 21 and am interested especially in the "habits" of people around my age. Nicola, most Americans, at least in my experience, will simply say "I have to pee," when only having to pee, but will "take" a dump, poop, shit, etc. I agree, it (the "motion") goes straight from the butt into the toilet bowl, so there's really no reason to "take" it. The only thing I can think of is that one takes time to go to the bathroom, hence "take a..." Luv, Alex :)

Last night,it was a great panicy and just not forgettable moment ,when I encounter with a Live mouse,just when I was trying to piss and seeing the heavenly creature you might be imagining,what is the reaction from my side. I just jump and pissed at full speed with a hollow scream and danced around.It is a fortune that no one listned to me and I safely rescued. God bless me in future .

My mother has told me not to go out with such short skirts. I have a white soft leather one which is very very short and I like to have this on with matching white knee length boots. This outfit makes me feel I am desirable to young men who will often whistle as I walk by them. I am 19 years and have long legs and long flowing dark hair. Last week I was waiting at a bus stop on my own and I sensed an older man behind me. I thought he must be looking at my legs in sheer tights from the top of my white boots to the hem of my very short skirt, I bet he is getting a hard-on, dirty old man! I purposely stood with my legs quite apart enjoying what this might be doing to him. But all of a sudden he leaned forward and pushed his hand right up my skirt and felt my panties between my legs under my tights. He held his hand there for a moment, wriggled his fingers and then walked off. I was so taken by surprise, shocked and frightened by this very sudden thing, I was shaking, I messed my panties very bad, I could not help it. I though oh my god I have just shit myself really big time. I had to sit in it when the bus came knowing that people could smell the stench. The bus driver said, "drunk too much love and filled your pants? Another dirty old man, I was so embarrassed. I also had to walk from the bus a long way to home and kept my knees pressed together and could only walk with tiny little baby steps. This must of looked very peculiar it was obvious what I had done but I was in such a mess and was trying to keep my vagina closed so that it would not become too soiled inside. It felt as if the shit was everywhere including up my back - it was! Something was creeping down the back of one leg by then, underneath my tights. When my mother saw me walking up the path she looked in shock and said "you haven't mucked your knickers have you"? I told her what had happened and said I could not help it and have dirtied my underwear, I have messed my knickers tights and back of my skirt. She was still shocked and said I was a silly girl and should have listened to her about the short skirt. She thought that I should have had more control of my bowels at my age and having done that I should not have sat in it anyway. She said "you must be in a right filthy state by now and it stinks you stupid, dirty, messy girl!" She was very cross with me and made me stand there while she fetched my father before sending me to the me to the bathroom to clean up. She told me to stand up straight and not to lean against anything. I heard her say to my father "your grown up daughter has lost control in the street and has properly shit herself" you had better come and see for yourself. This was a day I shall never be able to forget.

To Jill, I do think it's a bit of a health hazard, because they say human shit has cholorform (sp?) bacteria in it. I know that people can get real sick if they get contaminated with that stuff. If I owned the tracks, or worked on the tracks, I wouldn't want trains dumping the waste from the toilets on them. In the USA, all Amtrak trains have toilets with tanks (blue liquid), but on a few tourist trains there is still the dump-it-on-the tracks approach. I even rode a tourist train once that had a 12" diameter hole in the floor, with no toilet or anything. You just bend over and go. When I was in the UK once, I remember the sign in the train toilet which said "please put toilet paper in wastebasket", which it looked like people had done, as the wastebasket was filled with soiled toilet paper. However, judging from the white blobs of toilet paper all over the tracks, it looked like not everyone abided by this request. I guess the railway folks were trying to keep the tra! cks fairly clean, by prohibiting toilet paper, but allowing everything else to go through.

Nicola. Thanks for you informative post, you said that the bidet you used helped with a poo, was this just the warmth of the water or did it go inside your bum like an enema.

My brother goes to the bathroom on schedule. He goes like exactly an hour after every meal. I don't know how he can work it out that way. Does anyone else have a schedule??

A day or two ago I was sitting in the toilet at work taking a dump, after which I reached back to wipe. I realized that I instictively pulled up my shirt tails before I begin wiping. I wonder if anyone has ever reached back to wipe and discovered to their horror that they were wiping themselves with their shirt-tail? Just wondering. Flu

Then there was the time I was in the Boy Scouts. We were camping on weekend in an isolated spot. As the sun set, we all sat around the campfire, and one of the others had to defecate. The leader handed him a plastic bag, about one gallon capacity, since we weren't supposed to foul the ground. The turds would be collected in these bags and weighed along with the remaining food, and compared with the weight of the food from when we arrived. Anyway, I had to go with him, since he couldn't be sent off alone. We found some bushes, and I turned off the flashlight as he requested. It all sounded unremarkable until he started shouting for help. I turned the flashlight back on, and there was shit smeared all over his hands, arms, and face. I asked what happened, thinking he was attacked by an unseen animal. He told me something much less sinistar. Specifically, he was squatting and holding the plastic bag in position to catch the turd, but the turd landed on one of his hands! instead. He tried to wipe it off with his other hand, then tried to wipe off his other hand with his other arm, and on and on it want, until both hands and arms here smeared with shit. That didn't explain how it got on his face. By now, the leader and the other scouts heard his shouts, and had come to see for themselves what was happening. The others laughed at the poor lad, and I think he gave up the Boy Scouts shortly after this incident. Hugh G. Rection

BR&W Trainman
The story about the Railroad Passenger cars remind me of a problem on a U.S Shortline a year back. It turns out that they had there charter to operate revoked because they had not removed the fecal matter in a proper manner. They had dumped on the rail instead of having it remved by a contractor at the railyard. They were given some warnings but in the end the E.P.A forced them to stop operating.

On the subject of trains. Last week, on a morning intercity 'train' out of London, a tall slim brunette woman in her 20s made 3 visits to the loo, each time of a length for a very long #1 or fairly short #2 (impressive, since the train arrived at our destination on time in under 3 hours – impressive for Virgin trains). Since she didnt take her handbag with her she wasnt spending her time doing her make up. Since I was sat virtually opposite I 'wimped' out of following her in immediately so each time someone else got in ahead. Friday night on the commuter train home, some drunk teens got on and, there being no loos on these trains, one of the guys soon moved to the front of the carriage, unzipped himself (I presume) and peed on the floor. Although no doubt embarrassing/disgusting some passengers I think he really had little option.

I just shit my pants, took alax last night, and forgot until i was out and got gut pains, then i remembered about the lax. anyway I looked for the nearest shithouse, found one and all the stalls were full, so i had to wait, but i couldnt hold it, it just started running out down my shorts down my legs what can you do. when someone came out of the stall, I had to clean up the best I could, never been so embarresed in my life. Max

Sunday, February 28, 1999

Hi, I just had a good poop. It was spongy and the size was 8 inches long, 2 inches wide. It was also very smelly. I had to spray the bathroom thoughly. I use Wizard's Rose spry which makes smell like a rose garden. I sometimes use the air freasheners, but they are crappy. I live in a basement apartment and I have my own facilities which make it more enjoyable. My landload has only complained once about the my poop odors. One time I was holding my landlord's baby girl and she made a poop in her diaper. I know, because my legs had this warm sensation. Usually, my landlord's poops don't bother me. One time my landlord had to unplug my toliet as it got plugged. Has anyone ever experianced plumbing problems? By the way, I live in Toronto, Ontario which is in NE Canada.

The Conductor
Re: Nicolaidis' comment about toilets on American trains now being self-contained. Assuming that's the case it is a recent development. In the mid-1970s I was a railroad conductor (passenger and freight service). All the toilets on trains in service then had signs saying, "Do not use while in station." Of course the reason was, if you lifted the lid and looked down, it was just a chute opening onto the ballast between the rails. On the other hand, while the train was underway you got the nicest breeze up your butt during warm weather. And you learned to hold it during below-zero winter days.

Modern rail cars in the US have aircraft design, with containers under the toilets -- full of the blue liquid that's used on planes, that's emptied at the end of a ride. Some years ago (1980's?) some fishermen in Jacksonville, FL sued Amtrack: in those days, the toilets would flush on the tracks. These guys were fishing beneath a railroad bridge, and now and then get plastered with a load of shit from a passing train. I think they won the suit -- it may have been an incentive for Amtrack to adopt the present toilet design. Glad I wasn't one of that group.

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