Up until a few years ago when they were phased out, the older trains in Australia had toilets that dumped the waste straight onto the tracks. You could actually see the track through the bottom of the bowl as the eight inch diameter pipe was joined directly to the bowl without an S bend. This of course meant that your wee and poo would go straight onto the track as soon as you did it. Natuarally there were signs in the toilet telling you not to use them when at a station. As a kid, I loved riding on trains and would also save a good shit to be done on the train. I would also save the moment I released my poos for when the train was at a station. I always got into the middle of the train so that when I did a poo it would land in the middle of the station where the buildings were and where most people waited. I would then get off the train at the next stop and catch a train back to where I did my poo so I could see it lying on the track and see if anybody made comments about it. As you would expect, it was mostly other kids who noticed it and would make a big deal of it much to my delight. I do remember one time there was two teenage girls who saw my poo on the tracks and just couldn't stop giggling madly at it. I even remember hoping that they would wet themselves with all that giggling but I was out of luck that day. Still, it did give me a buzz to see those girls getting a good laugh from my poo on the track. I was about 11 or 12 at that time and was really starting to get an interest in girls and also had lots of fantasies about watching girls go to the toilet. Now as an adult I have lots of fantasies about watching women on the toilet :-)

HEY NICKY!! That last post was pretty cool. I have gone outdoors alot. Leave quite a pile sometimes after not having to go for a day or two. I would be interested in going beside the road sometime, but it never really happens that I have to go when I am driving. I was out in the field one time when I had to go! It was this sudden butt gush of gassss followed by a huge cramp. I thought I would mess my panties for sure before I got to a bathroom. I decided to go right then and there. I was about 20 at the time and relativly shy. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then I pulled my pants down. I looked around again and saw no one, except for a couple of horses, so I slid my panties down gently. I squated down a little in the grass and pressed out a gentle fart, it really smelled bad, an indication of a major stinky dump on the way out. I let flow with a long stream of pee from my jet and let pop with another swift zip of gas. Finally I was ready to crank out some dough from my bread hole. Uhhhfffg! I must have pressed out 20 hard balls, I pressed again and a soft and smelly short but fat twinky slid gingerly from my doo door. I stood up and gave a sigh and slid my panties back up. I heard the sound of a farmiliar four stroke motor, (Large ATV) and it was the farmhand. (A handsome man who I had a killer crush on at that time.) I quickly lifted my pants and ran from the mound of dung to a more fragrent area. I met him while he was on the way to feed the horse and we spoke a bit. I don't think he saw me press dough in the field, or my round mounds as I quickly pulled my panties up in the pasture. I think I made it safely, if only he missed the mound with his fourwheeler, I hope he did!!

Poop Loggy Logg
The ultimate variant of the infamous split stream is when you whip out your dingle and start draining...and the stream splits in such a way that half the pee goes to the left of the bowl and half goes to the right (needless to say, none of the pee hits its intended target. ) This incident is proof to me that if there is a God, he has a sense of humor.

To Robert -Mark, When I worked at Westinghouse back in the late 70's we had the same situation in the mens restrooms, however, since we very often pulled double shifts, or at least 12 hours at a time, we truly had no choice but to shit, sooner or later. I too was shy at the begining, especially if i walked in on a supervisor or manager sitting there, wiping his ass. Over time, it becomes easier, really it does. You might try bringing a newspaper, and resting it on your lap. Also, keep your trousers up high, and this will give you a tiny bit more privacy. Not that i endorse smoking, although I still smoke, but try bringing a cigar or cigarette in with you while you shit, it will take the edge off the stink of your shit. Also, you did not mention how many toilet stalls there are????? At Westinghouse, most of the mens toilet rooms had between 8 and 12 stalls, so you could properly space yourself from your "neighbor". Good luck to you, if I can offer any more ad! vice, please feel free to ask.

Adam from Canada
This is my second post of the day... Earlier tonight I took a poop and now I seem to be farting (trumpet sounds). I always get this after pooping. It stops after a while. Do any of you have that experiance?

Can underwear be flushed down the toilet sucessfully? I've always just assumed, based on personal experience, that they would always clog the toilet, but recently I've become curious about this. Growing up, I used to mess in my underwear all the time. I'm not talking about only when I was 5 or 6, I'm talking 11, 12, & 13 years old. I never did it on purpose but never realized exactly why I didn't go in the toilet when I needed to. All these underwear messing accidents were in spite of the intense humiliation and oftentimes punishment (especially by the time I was 11 and 12 years old) for doing them. It was only into my teen years that I stopped doing it. Of all the punishments I've ever gotten, the worst was when I was 11. I went in my underwear on the way home from school. Then, in trying to hide it from my parents, I tried to flush my underwear down the toilet. To make a long story short, it got clogged, the toilet overflowed, and I got caught and PUNISHED. Among other things, my mom took a metal cooking spoon to my behind. This was the only time that I ever remember getting spanked. Since then I never tried to flush another pair of underwear down the toilet because I just assumed that it would never go down and would always clog. I started thinking about this again a couple of weeks ago. I was at an uncle's house for his birthday party and at one point, the conversation was about the toilet training problems witht thier five year old daughter. They explained that they thought they were making progress in that she hadn't had any soiling accidents for several months. But then they realized that her panty supply was slowly dwindling. Finally, they realized that she still having an occasional accident, but they never knew about it because she was flushing her soiled panties down the toilet. The panties were going down the toilet harmlessly and not clogging the toilet at all. I was quite surprised to hear that, but naturally I didn't say anything. Thats why I'm really curious as to whether anyone else has had any experiences with trying to flush their soiled underwear down the toilet and whether or not the toilet got clogged.

To Nicolaidis: I too am surprised that we are at the portal of the 21st century, and yet we still allow our train toilets to flush directly onto the track. I did get talking to a colleague at work who is something of a train enthusiast, and he told me that it is only the older trains that do this ( most of the trains I catch are ancient). He told me that if a train has sliding doors then the toilet probably doesn't flush onto the track - so I guess the waste goes into a tank as you described. Do you think it really is a health hazard? - and to whom? Perhaps the guys that repair the track have views on this, but I still think it rather fun to relieve oneself "in public" in this way whilst remaining anonymous. It may interest you that when I was in Canada last (two years ago) I used a train toilet that flushed onto the track. The train was stationary, and I did my poo and flushed, thinking that it probably didn't empty onto the track, when I heard someone outside commenting on the pile of poo I had just produced!
To Lurker: In common with a lot of British people, I do find breaking wind audibly to be extremely funny. I have had a few experiences of this with colleagues, and we usually just joke about it. (Most of my colleagues are male). One of my leisure pursuits is dancing, and I am in an amateur dance group. It is quite common for someone to "let one go" during dance movements and there have been a number of occasions at rehearsals and classes when we are all trying hard not to giggle!

In response to where men put their penises while defecating... Actually, that's why elongated toilets were invented. Your toilet is likely the round variety, but public crappers could be elongated. This means the bowl is oval-shaped. The extra few inches in the front is to give the added clearance to get your weiner pointed down, toward the water, without having to mash it against the porcelain. Hugh G. Rection

This past week I had eaten alot!! This morning(Saturday) I woke up and then I had to take a shit!!! I passed a 8"er and some little ones about 5". My shit this morning was all soft!!! I don't know what I've eaten. I had to wipe my butt alot and I flushed 2 times. To Ryan Im 17(close to your age) I've got advice for you. Stay after school to take a dump. Or even try dumping In public when know one you know Is around you so you don t get nervous. Good luck. Speaking about dumping In school has any one had to take a dump at school real bad and could not go to the bathroom because other kids would be smoking In the rest rooms and adminstrators could come In and think your smoking?

On a show called Student Bodies there are two guys(Chris and Cody)sitting in stalls talking just so you know

This is a story about my boyfriend. One time we were out drinking with some friends and we wanted more beer, so my boyfriend and I volunteered to go to the cornerstore up the street and buy some more. While we were there he started shifting back and forth on his legs and said he was really dying to pee all of the sudden. He went quickly up to the counter and asked where the restroom was and they said they were being redone and were not available for use, but the store across the street had a bathroom. He had to go so bad that we left without buying the beer and jumped in the car. The traffic was a mess trying to cross the 4 lanes of traffic to cross the street. I glanced over at my boyfriend while we were in the car and he was actually holding himself - really more like pinching himself to keep from pissing his pants. I was really suprised because we had only been dating for about 2 weeks when this happened and I had never seen a grown man grab himself before. When he did that though, I wondered if he actually might not make it to a bathroom on time. This could get interesting I thought. We finally made it to the store and he got out of the car and practically ran in before I could even open the car door. I decided that I would just wait in the car for him. After 5 or 6 minutes I began to wonder what was taking him so long so I went in and went to the back of the store where the restroom was. It was actually just a one person unisex bathroom. I knocked on the door and heard my boyfriend say - Just a minute. Then I said back that it was me. He opened the door just enough that I could see his head and he was all red. I asked him if he was ok and he said no - He was so embarrassed because a girl had been in the bathroom when he got back there and he couldn't hold it in any longer and started to piss his pants beyond his control. I smiled and said let me see. He opened the door and sure enough there was a dark wet spot all around his zipper of his jeans. I wanted to laugh, but I understood the predicament he was in. When we left the store, he walked real close behind me so that maybe no one would notice. We did not even go back to our friends house. We just called later and said that I was tired.

I travel to work in London every day, and I like reading the stories from girls who also work there and leave their dumps on the train tracks etc. Unfortunately, as I go by bus, I won't see them. I drop my load as regular as clockwork when I get in to the office at about half past eight.I love to imagine all the other millions of workers, especially the pretty young females, hurrying into the office so they release their load on the pot: thousands and thousands of anuses must be opening at the same time, in a silent symphony of farts and kersploonks!!I always try to listen to the women on the other side of the wall, but though you can hear the doors slamming, you can't hear any biological sounds. This is a feature of office design which really should be paid more attention to by architects!

Some time ago a friend told me about the time he had far too much to drink one lunchtime. He left the pub with about a two mile walk ahead of him, through a built-up area to pay a public utility bill. About half way through he realised his bladder was about to burst, but due to the effects of the beer, he didn't think to use his long coat as cover and instead tried to continue walking, all the time squeezing himself frantically. The inevitable happenend and he lost control, pissing his underwear, his trousers, his sock, even his shoe. (I remember whenever he would go, boy oh boy what a massive stream!) It quite traumatised him, as he was then about 20 years old and thought he should better control. Anyone had any similar experience?

Sunday, February 28, 1999

Ryan, the more you use public bathrooms to have a dump, the more you will enjoy it. As I've mentioned before, I was shy for many years over this issue. Once I started using school and public bathrooms, I realized what an enjoyable experience it was, especially hearing other guys in adjacent stalls. Then I began to discover that I actually liked being heard by others. With regards to the issue about covering the toilet seat, I've noticed that more and more guys at university are covering the seat with toilet paper before they sit down. Some go into quite elaborate performances to get the seat ready. Most guys flush the paper with everything else when they have finished, some just leave it on the seat and worst of all, some let it fall onto the floor making for an untidy looking bathroom. If a toilet seat looks clean, I use it as it is. I will often wipe a seat with toilet paper, but only occasionally will I put paper down. I prefer sitting on a proper seat, not on top of piles of toilet paper! Took a great dump two nights ago. Hadn't gone for two days, so knew it was going to be a good one. 12 inches long and at least 2.5 inches wide. It sure felt good silently sliding out. Unfortunately, I was at home, so couldn't leave it for anyone else to admire. Keith and Ryan from JC Penney's- are you still around?

Interesting that in the USA our mainline railway toilets don't dump on the tracks. Sure it's fun to leave our mess behind for others to see, but I for one am glad that we've taken it on ourselves to equip our trains with modern plumbing that doesn't spread disease. If they tolerate train toilets dumping on the tracks, then I wonder why relieving oneself in public isn't tolerated as well. Just a small tank under each toilet is what we have, and they dump it out when the train gets to the station.

Helena, I don't think the pee causes the erection while asleep, but they call it a pee-boner, and it goes away when we pee. Happy camper, ah... the split stream. I get it, and my friends get it, but nobody ever talks about it. Comedians won't even touch that subject. Last night I got really wasted (drunk), and I woke up with a pretty good stripe in my underwear. I had gas while I was out drinking, but I held it in because there were women around, and I'm not a convincing enough liar to get away with farting and blaming someone else. I guess the farts came out in my sleep (amongst other things). A couple weeks ago we were bar-hopping and a 70 year-old couple we knew asked why we were leaving the bar we were at. My buddy said (just for an excuse), "I have to poop, and I don't like to poop here." They thought that was hilarious, and the lady said she didn't like pooping there either.

For your information several sections from the site faq have been posted. As far as 5.52 goes, the policy sounds kind of cold, but the forums we have and the idea that we are legally responsible for proving that we know who all of our visitors are, don't mix. If we really want you to give that kind of personal information we will set up a small autocratic state with a lot of guns, bombs and nuclear weapons.

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Robert Marc
HELP ! HELP ! HELP ! Guys I need advice. I started a new job at a warehouse. Great job, great wages, good people. Only problem is the stalls in the mens bathrooms don't have doors on them. I CANNOT USE THEM !!!! Most days, I can wait till I get home (I been there only 2 weeks) But one day , my stomach was brewing a storm. I just held it in. I can urinate no problem, but I just can't pull my pants down in front of other men, let alone fart or shit or wipe my ass. Not too many guys use the toilets, but a few do, and there is always a comment made my someone at the urinals to whoever is shitting. I could not talk to someone, while in that posiition. Anybody else have this diplorable condition where they work? Let me know how you overcame it, Thanks, guys.

I am very lucky in that my girlfriend usually has no problem with me being in the bathroom while she poops. She always makes me leave when she wipes, though. Her movements are usually very small, sometimes only consisting of a couple of pellets. A "big turd" for her is only about 6 or 7 inches. Sometimes she has bigger movements, but that is the norm. My ex-girlfriend and my current girlfriend knew went to school together up until a couple of years ago. Sometimes when my current girlfriend would call my ex, her grandmother would answer the phone and say that she couldn't come to the phone right then because she was trying to poop. Apparently, this girl suffers from constipation and only manages to go every 3 or 4 days even though she "feels it" much more often.

Hi 'Adam from Canada'! I've never replied to any of your postings before, but I do read all of them with great interest - we seem to have quite a lot in common in our bowel evacuation habits! To me reading some of your posts is a bit like "Cyber 'buddy-dumping'" - like your shit yesterday was just like the one I made yesterday, and today mine was the same - it just came out all squidgy and accompanied by 'thhhhhhh' noises - as you accurately describe them. As I posted yesterday, mine floated - all little tubes of gassy shit! Today I dumped my load outdoors in the field, which I prefer, but again, it was all full of fart and gas and made the 'thhhhhhh' noises as it came through my butthole. Wow! It was amazing. And really stinky. And I could see that it was full of fruit pips!! So a whole load (sic) of my little pale brown tubes lay on the grass awaiting biodegradation! Do you like going outdoors? Post your best ones sometime! Hey - what part of Canada are you in? We went there in '92, when I was 9½. So, I have made a contribution to the bio-diversity of Western Québec and Eastern Ontario in my younger pre-teen days by dropping my Euro-turds by the side of various Canadian roads. My most memorable shit in Canada was in a toilet at a place called Upper Canada Village - a sort of working museum type place, where I just had one of those once or twice a year super-shits! Even as a 9 year old I remember the pride I had on surveying the monster I left in a WC there. Being me, I didn't flush - so somebody else had the privilege of admiring it too. 'Poo with Pride!' 'Dump with Delight'! Keep posting! See ya - Nicky from England

Any Ladies use the Mens room to get caught. I always wonder if one day I will find one in there.

Happy Camper>>>>> I've had my pee split off into two streams a few times over the years. Most of the time it was caused by a loose pubic hair that somehow got stuck in the eye of my dick. Sometimes it is simply the middle of the hole is stuck together, so it comes out at the top and the bottom of the hole until the pressure unsticks the middle part. The main stream usually comes out normally but the secondary stream sometimes sneaks out underneath where I can't see it and don't become aware of it until I feel a wet warm feeling on the inside of my thigh as it soaks through my pants!!!! I never have this problem at home as I always sit down to pee but I do stand to pee when at a public toilet. Thankfully most public toilets now have hot air hand dryers, so I can always rinse the leg of my pants with a little water and dry them off under the hand dryer. Still, it's not a pleasant thing to happen and always seems to happen at the worst possible time as it did with you!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Happy Camper
I have no problems with sitting and taking care of both bathroom needs. Sometimes it's better that way. I have been reading a lot of the past posts since finding this site, and finding it most interesting by the way. I was wondering if any guys out their have ever brought up the subject about (and I no it's happened to you from time too time) the pee hole sticking and the stream jets out in two directions. This happened to me the other morning while at work and five minutes away for a meeting. I new it was going to be a long meet, so I went to the restroom across from my office to take a quick pee. I aimed it toward the pot and when I peed the flow, jetted down in two streams. One hit to the side of the pot on the left, hitting the top of my shoe and the other stream hit the water. When I quickly tried making adjustments, the stream hitting the water sprayed down onto the inside leg of my pants. I was wearing a pair of light grey dress slacks and the stain really stuck out. I grabbed a hand full of paper towels and started rubbing hard to create enough friction to dry it up, but the stain was still quite visible. I could hear the operator announcing that the meeting was about to start, and started getting nervice. Anyway, I got it dry enough that hopefully, no one would notice. I darted to the meeting room and grabbed the first chair I came to and sat down quickly, hiding my accident under the table to dry. ***Close call that morning*** Thought I would share that one with you...anybody else have this experience. Oh Ya too JG post.....I am 43.

Someone asked if there are any recent movies with scenes of guys sitting on the toilet. Check out "The Brothers McMullen." One brother comes in the bathroom, sits down on the edge of the tub and asks his brother, who's sitting on the toilet, for marital advice. It's a cute scene.

To Kevin: Now why did you think it might be me flushing the train loo? You surely don't think I am the only woman who ever uses the loo on the train do you? :) You didn't say where you made your observation, but it was unlikely to have been me as I was not on my period last week. You have reminded me of something that happened a while ago. I had finished my poo in the train toilet and I was just wiping myself when the train came to a stand. I wasn't expecting a stop so I got up and looked out of the little spyhole in the window (not all train loos have them - but this one did). We had stopped right next to where there were some men working, doing repairs to the track, so I couldn't resist flushing there and then. I hope it gave them something to talk about!

Ryan, I usd to spend a good part of my lunch hour in the bathroom too. Hoping someone would come in to share the experience. There was one major difference though. NONE of our stalls had doors! So you could see and be seen. It's been my experience that people are a lot more friendly and willing to talk when you are that exposed. And, at least in high school, the other guys used to comment on their progress and yours. Things like, "Plop" when my turd hit the water or "Man that was a big one" as they grunted one out. There seemed to be more straining and grunting without the doors too. Hell, we both knew what the other was doing, what was to hide. Why don't you try something bold and use the stall with no door. I'll bet if someone comes in for a dump, they'll say something to you.

Adam from Canada
Tonight I took a really good poop. All evening I have been holding it until I went into the can and sat down. After U sat down, the poop started moving by making thhhhhhh noises and then the whole thing came out. It was a soft tube that measured around 9 inches and it was the only one that came out. After the poop came out, thhhhh sounds were still coming. I also peed after pooping. I was at school today and had to pee quite a bit. I used the washroom as usual and discovered that quite a few students have a pee beofre unloading. They seem to do quietly as you cannot hear it hitting the water.

Chris C
To Andrew & Calthom - Thanks for your replies! My boyfriend is uninhibited, through he was not when we first met in 1996. I told him about my whole "bathroom infatuation" and he understood, but it took him some time to adjust. Now when he goes, he always leaves the door open. I do not mind going around other guys at all. I got used to it in college and really liked it. He does know I am constipated, and he's pretty proud of me when I take a good dump. I have started using a natural fiber (like Metamucil) daily. My doctor said it is perfectly fine to take every day and is far safer then say, Ex-lax, which can result in dependency. I think alot of my problem is stress. So if I don't take a dump before I come to work, I have a less then 50% chance that I will take one when I get to work. It's wierd, because I never use to be constipated. I remember those days of "I gotta go NOW!". Thanks for the input, I'll keep you posted!

Ryan- I think you should just sit on the toilet all through lunch if you can't find a seat. Dazz- thanx for the info. I do like it when a guy hsa to strain a little.

About kids having accidents all the time: From when I was about 7 years old until I was about 11 there was a girl in our class who would wet herself a couple of times a month. It happened less frequently every year but as long as I have known her this happened to her ever now and then. I lost track of her when she must have been about 11. She would be acting totally normal then, suddenly, she would get a worried look on her face to start crying seconds later while she would be wetting herself. This could happen to her at any time, while standing, being seated, you just name it.

About adults having accidents: (I did not witness this one myself) There as a young new telephone support lady in our office. One day, when having an intestinal flu, she was for too long on the phone handling a call. By the time she finished she ran, almost in distress, to the restrooms. That is when she discovered both stalls were occupied. By the time a stall became available she had lost it in her panties to the extend that, this lady who normally came to work by public transportation, had to be driven home by a colleague. Later on she commented she should not have come to the office in that condition.

I myself once pooped myself (male) myself pretty badly being stuck in a traffic jam while having diarrhea.

My wife last week pooped herself slightly at our place. She had a bad case of diarrhea, waited too long (to limit the number of "calls") and ended up losing some of it in her panties on the way to the toilet. This was only a very small accident.

A female friend of mine who seems to be peeing more than she drinks once ended up wetting herself big time. We had been out for some drinks and on the way back (about 30 minutes walking distance) she started having to go. Very soon you could see she was getting desperate. When she stopped walking for the second time, clearly showing she was leaking, to bend over and squeeze her thighs together another (female) friend said "Name, we all know by now your panties are wet anyway. You are wearing a short skirt, why don't you just pee?" She said: "You are right.", spread her legs slightly and wet herself creating a huge puddle on the pavement.

I have the impression anyway, when the situation isn't too embarrassing (not too many people around, wearing a skirt, etc.), women just tend to wet themselves. My wife already did this a couple of times too (and that are just the occasions I know of). Any comments on this?

Yes folks, a bidet is very handy for intimate cleaning for either gender, my boyfriend will use it too for cleaning his bum. Its comes in useful at period time for a woman and after sexual intercourse too and if one passes a soft sticky messy stool the warm water washes any residue off the anal region and inside of the buttocks. (Luckily I dont often pass soft mushy stools). Certainly there ought to be more bidets in the toilets in UK homes, hotels etc. I have known people do a motion in a bidet out of ignorance as to its proper function and I have myself passed a big jobbie in one. I was staying in a hotel with one in the bathroom attached to the bedroom. It was during my monthly period and the bidet was ideal for cleaning after changing my tampon. As I sat in the warm water I felt a big turd come down in my back passage. As often happens at that time of the month I was a bit constipated. The warm water made my sphincter relax and I could feel the big jobbie start to emerge ! so I just sat there and let it slowly slide out, with a lot less strain than normal. As my bum was in the water there was no "ker-sploosh!" or other noise. I looked down between my legs at the big knobbily log, a good 12 inches or so long and slightly curved and carefully lifted it out of the bidet and into the toilet pan, changed the water in the bidet, washed my bum and hands and took 3 flushes to get the jobbie to go away out of the pan.

By the way on what words are used for defecation and its products, I also cant agree with Doug that "poop" is the plural of "turd" I often speak of doing a couple of big turds. I dont tend to use the word "poop" and it doesnt seem to be a common usage in Britain its more an American term. We Brits tend to say "poo" (sometimes spelt "pooh") instead either for the substance, as in "the seat of her knickers was full of poo" or for the object itself as "she did a big poo that wouldn't flush away". The other terms that I use and seem to be popular with UK posters to this website are:- motion, jobbie, big-job, turd, stool, Number two, toley (a Scots term), torpedo, bomb, brick, sausage, though the US "dump" is becoming more popular. We also tend to say here in Britain "DO, PASS, DROP, HAVE a motion, jobbie, turd, stool etc and the American "TAKE" or the even stranger "MAKE" a dump or motion or whatever sounds very strange to UK ears. As another reader posted a while back, where do y! ou "TAKE" your dump to and what do you "MAKE" it out of "instant turd mix" or whatever and these two phrases certainly give me a funny mental picture.

On the topic of "accidents" I remember when I was about 8 a girl in my class at school was a bit shy about using the toilet when other pupils were present, and one day she did a jobbie in her knickers because she tried to hold it in till the toilets were empty of other girls. She was mocked by the other pupils. Luckily it was a solid turd and her knickers were briefs with elastic through the legs which kept it from coming out and messing her legs and skirt.One of the girls lifted up this poor lasses' skirt and we could see the big bulge hanging down in the seat of her white panties and the brown stain at the back. When she got back to the classroom she was obviously reluctant to sit down at her desk which brought the teacher's attention. The teacher smelt the problem and the girl blurted out that she had "done a jobbie in her knicks". Now the teacher was a very kind person and took the girl to the staff toilet nearby to clean her up and gave her a pair of spare navy blue knick! ers to wear, washing her soiled white pair out in the wash basin and hanging them over a radiator to dry. She also found out why the girl had been shy and managed to persuade her that the other girls wouldnt tease her, telling us all that anyone could have an accident in their underpants. She seemed to get over her problem, some of the puils did tease her to start with but a scolding from our teacher soon put a stop to that. Lots of love and big fat jobbies to all. Nicola

Hi Ryan - the new one who posted on Wednesday - you sound like a real cool teen. Really wild description of you shitting at school! You sound as if you would like to be into 'buddy dumping': well - you do have to start somewhere. As you've probably read in Old Posts, me and my best friend Josh do it a lot together, and once you've got someone else who is cool about it, it's easier to find a few others. I always consider the emptying of my bowels as a pleasant social occasion to be enjoyed with a friend or two whenever possible! Maybe you should try your school lunch schedule the other way around - go in for lunch, get your seat, then go for your #2 - maybe ask one of your friends to come with you? Or hang about until someone you know comes along? I've always found it easy (since I was about 8 - summer of 1990 in fact - long and very hot here in UK. Lots of camping out with friends - so lots of outdoor relieving of young boys bladders and bowels!! Anyway, you can see from this forum there are a lot of us who aren't so uptight about it - and who enjoy the experience and the stories! I actually did my #2 at school today - my product is getting back to normal after a course of anti-biotics (will post about this later - Aaron (Ca) & Diskputers especially will be interested!). Anyway I went (alone actually) between 2nd and 3rd period (we have about 4 mins. changeover from science lab.) and just as I sat down (pulling down trousers and briefs first), immediately I felt the shit moving out and it just sort of rushed out with an explosion of farting and solid waste all at the same time. Not runny or anything - it didn't splatter the pan - just a medium quantity of softish brown waste, but it ALL floated on the water - presumably loads of methane in there!! Very stinky too. Like you Ryan (the second) I left it there for other boys to admire! Always "POO WITH PRIDE!" - that's my motto for today. I did wipe too, but I put the paper in the WC in the next cubicle so as not to spoil the view of my supreme floating #2. It really did look wild!! Alex - good to see you back - have you finished with France now? Mind you Grenoble totally cut off by snow (2 metres + deep). I can't agree about 'poop' and 'shit' - for a start the word 'poop' is descriptive of the sound of a car horn in UK, and has no coprological connotations at all - although 'poo' is common. 'Shit' is the word most widely used - certainly in a school situation. William, I will soon have some replies for you too I hope - I've actually been ill with a sort of 'flu type virus. Hey! you haven't posted much lately either! And to the first Ryan (who is embarrassed to go at school) - did you ever say how old you are? - apart from what I wrote above, always remember you are happy to eat in public and everyone knows what happens as your food gets digested, so why worry about the end product. After all, my mate Josh and I watch other teens eating pizza and stuff, and describe to each other graphically the whole (imagined) digestive process - right to the (imagined) end product!! (I know we are a bit weird, but I bet we are not unique! Well - I know - we can't be unique as there are two of us, but.....). Why can't you tell one of your best friends when you need to go, and ask him to come along with you for company - he can always chat to you from outside your cubicle if one or both of you prefer not to be seen or watch - but believe me, once you've done it for the first time, 'buddy dumping' really is cool! Try it! Must go now. Work to do etc. Dad says if I've time to waste on the Internet, I must have time to help him get the vegetable garden ready! At least I can do my small bit to stop G(enetically) M(utated) rubbish food here!! Regards to y'all - Nicky

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