Hi again! Went shopping this weekend and while I was trying on several new dresses, I began to cramp. I knew I had to poop really soon, or there would be a real mess to clean up. I told the sales lady that we attending me that I had to find a toilet right now. She told me the closest public one was down the mall several stories. I told her I couldn't make that and was really scarred! She told me not to worry and took me by the hand, leading me to the employee toilet in a back room. Since I was just in my panties and bra, I didn't have to pull up my dress or drop any pants. As soon as she opened the door with her employee key, I headed right over to the toilet and slipped my panties down. I felt my first poop sliding out before I was even fully seated! She followed me into the toilet and acted as if she was fixing her hair in the mirror. The sink and mirror was right next to the toilet so she not only got to see me poop, and hear me poop, but she could even smell me poop! TThe first poop felt really long and large. The second one quickly followed and felt much smaller. After that I thought I was done, so I reached for the toilet paper and started to wipe my butt. We continued to chat as I started to stand. Just as I was reaching for my panties, I farted and felt another poop begin to slid out of my asshole. The sales lady laughed and told me that sometimes she had a major bowel movement like I was having. It felt strange talking to another person while I was pooping and about my movements. I finally finished, only having to do two more poops. It took several folds of paper to wipe myself clean! When I stood and turned to flush, we both looked at my production. She told me I had better hit the leaver so we could finished my shopping. It took three flushes for all of my poop to go down. Although I enjoyed my new dresses, I'll remember this poop for some time to come.

In high school, I'd sometimes spend late nights with some friends. When Nintendo got dull, we'd go to a nearby "recreation center", which is the city's idea of a small park, with little more than a swimming pool and an asphalt basketball court. I hade to take them there since I was the only one with a car. Once there, we'd climb the fence and swim for a while, when nobody else was there. To make a long story short, on the way out, the four of us climbed into the four lifeguard towers, and left four juicy turds in the seats. Of course wiping was out of the question, so I simply jumped back into the pool from the tower, using the pool as a gigantic bidet. A few more chunks fell out, and we left. The next day, city park officials had to drain the entire pool and scrub it clean, as well as remove the logs from the seats in the lifeguard towers. Hugh G.

Just a couple of general points regarding me, my underwear, my hygiene and my survey. 1. I actually usually change underpants after 3 days - rarely longer than that. Normally my skidmarks etc. do not fall into the heavily soiled category - more the comfortably familiar sort. 2. I have a shower on average 4 days at school, and a bath twice a week, so most days (if not all) I do get clean. I just like to put my old pants back on. Btw I change my shirt every one/two days. Seems fairly normal at our school. Perhaps because of being no girls? 3. While I didn't actually record the colours in my survey of underwear (my omission), I think there were about 5 that could be cosidered 'dark'. I assessed their level of pee-staining both by appearance and smell (using white ones as a control). There were as I recall, 4 pairs of white. All were briefs, or jockey/y-front type. 'Boxer' type would of course utterly contravene school uniform regulations, and are not common with my peer group outside school either. Generally reading this forum - and in particular Sammy Shap's post today, it would seem that there are a lot more actual - shall I say "shitting events" in US classrooms that in European? Can we establish if this is true, or if we Europeans don't write so much about these events, or is there a reason? Anf if so - what? Diet? State of school toilets? Willingness to use them - again, it seems peculiar to the USA and (perhaps) Canada to be determined to avoid going at school. I think I have seen some posts recalling (historical) cases of bullying in girls toilets (Scotland in particular). In response to criticism, my points about using coin to wipe anus after outdoor dump:- 1. This is in situation of no paper, no leaves, no grass, ('no nothing')! (i.e. Sand dunes by sea or in pine forest - we had Scout camps in pine forests a lot) or similar woodland place). Old 50p or new 2 coins only ones suitable in UK. (FF5 or FF20 OK in France.) 1 too small. Point is, that coin will scrape worst of deposit from the anus, and coin can be cleaned with sand/pine needles etc. - but I would be disinclined to use sand to wipe my bum directly! Respond to various other posts soon. Nicky. PS. I see there is a new 'Nick' posting, so I will start to call myself 'Nicky F' - because moderator tended to leave my '15' suffix (well 16 now) off - and with Nicola (Nicky) and the new Nick things may get complex! Gtg N.

Hi, all. Glad to hear some people like my stories,and I'm glad I'm not alone in my enjoyment of BM's.Well the other day,I got upand I was reading this forum( I alwaysread this in the a.m arond the time i have to dump) Anyway, I was reading the story about DAZZ when he tried the mirror thing when I had to poop.I had some tex-mex food the nite before so I knew it was going to be good. SO I went to the toilet and got the mirror.This mirror was pretty big( about 3' square) and put it in front of the bowl.I'm trying to set it up and the cramps are getting strong! Finally I get it just right and I squat down to go. As I'm squatting, along fart comes out.I look at my anus( which is nice and hairless,by the way) It starts to look like an anthill,and I wasn't pushing yet.So I decided not to push and just relax my asshole and watch .my stomach was cramping like crazy and my asshole just opened up and this nice long-------- turd snaked out with no pushing.It was areal long one!I felt so ooo good.Then I felt another cramp and inhaled and as I exhaled I relaxed my anus and grunted. By now I had a good erection and my anus tighened a bit . then another fart followed by this long ,soft,skinny turd.BOY WAS THIS LONG!-- Now i pushed and my anus puckered out and mush and farts came out! Then I was done.WOW! I loved it! Then I just sqatted there and watched my asshole as I pushed and It was really pushing out It was like a real big anthill!.Then I wiped my puckered anus and I was done! I hoped you all enjoyed this storyjust 1/4 as much as i did doing it. More stories to come .I'd love to hear from some women doing this..VECTOR,Glad to hear you like it too!!

I like all of the recent stories. They all had a bit of a kick to them, especially the one from whoever it was about her and her mom walking in the woods and both just letting it out all over themselves, and then walking on like nothing happened. Well, I'm outta here, so happy motions to all! Dave-NY

mr. brown
I don't know if my last post went thru, but I'd like to add my 2c in. I enjoy reading about accidents and I believe that it shouldn't be a taboo. An accident should be treated with love and/or compassion. There is no need to condemn someone for that. I, a male have had them, and I still must say that I'd love to hear the female viewpont of accidents, preferably poopings, in this forum. I still want to go on record saying tha t a well-dressed woman on the toilet, having a large stinking bowel movemnt. with her dress up and panties and pantyhose down is QUITE attracive!!!

Just got off the toilet from my morning shit (I am quite regular, lots of fibre in my diet). Did a big wee first then a big ten inch shit followed by two smaller ones. I could still feel a little bit left inside me after that, but it needed a bit of effort to get it out. I pushed and grunted and strained for five minutes until it finally fell into the toilet with a little "plip" sound. I looked in the bowl and it was the size of a pea. All that effort for a pea sized shit!!!!!! It was a messy shit too, I had to wipe myself more than a dozen times before there was no more shit on the paper. I sometimes get shits like that where they come out easily except for the last little bit. I don't like to get off the toilet until I've emptied myself completely, so I stay there for as long as it takes even if it does leave a big red ring around my ass from sitting on the toilet too long!!!!!!

This morning I woke up and my boyfriend was at the front door. I was so surprised. Anyway tody was our one year anniversary together nd he came to make me a breakfst in bed. >>How sweet :)<< So we had french toast, pancakes, bacon, all the good stuff. When we were done eating he went to use my bathroom. My bathroom is right next to my kitchen table. So I looked at the clock when he went in and it was 9:23. I didn't know whether he was just peeing or taking a dump. So I listened. I heard him turn on the lights first. Then I heard him pull down his jeans. I heard his nice butt sit down on the seat. First there was about a one minute flow of pee followed by silence. Then there was one plop followed by a samll sigh if relief. Then two larger plops. Followed by 3 smaller sounding logs. By this time about ten minutes had passed. He took bout five wipes then he flushed. Then he washed his hands and cme out. When he came out...I went over to him nd gave him hug and we started to make out. ;)

I would like to tell you about 2 incidents that have happened. They are my longest poop and pee sessions. First, when I was a freshman in high school, I was on the Math Team. The conference meet was at 3:30 at a school about 15 minutes away. This left little time to take a leak before hoppping on to the bus. When we got to the school me and another guy really had to pee. We were the first ones off of the bus. We found and got to the bathroom in about 30 seconds, but the time we stood at the urinals was quite longer. Both of us were peeing for 3 and a half minutes. How we were able to void ourselves of that much still baffles me. The second incident was last week. I am a college student and every night before I go to bed I need to take a crap. I was in there for 25 minutes last Wednesday night. I was pooping for 22 of them...nonstop! Once I would push one pile out, another one would come. And it was not as loose as diarhea. I was reading in the old posts and saw that inserting some soap up the anus makes you poop. After running tonight, I came back and laid a pretty nice log. I showered about 10 minutes after that. While in the shower, I remembered the post. I tried it. It worked. By the time I had finished showering and changed, I was getting a call from mother nature. Does anyone have any stories about childhood experiences that were not so normal? I will post mine next week.

I had 3 memorable accidents. The first as a kid when I tried to fart while walking in the woods with my grandfather. Turned out it wasn't gas and I filled my pants. Was too embaressed to tell anyone, and sat in it thru lunch before any adults noticed. The next wasn't really an accident. Was at a blue grass festiville Itwas pouring down rain , and I left the tent to go. all the portapotties were overflowing. Being quite drunk I descuded it was better to have my own crap all over me than someone elses. so I just let it go in my pants The last pooping accident was recently in the checkout line at a supermarket. Had to go when I left work.. Like usual I descided to to hold it for a while. I stopped at a super market on the way home to get a few things The line was long and I now really had to go. I had to cough, and started crapping in my pants. I did a sizable amount before I was able to stop. I turned around to see if anyone noticed, and the lady behind me left and got in anoth! er line. I managed to get thru the checkout line and outside before another spasm hit, and I completely filled my pants. Pissed in my pants once while stuck in a massive traffic jam at a major accident on the interstate.

I was surfing around and I found this site and I'm glad I did because I have a problem that maybe some of you can help me with. I'm 21 and have a girlfriend who's 35 and weve just moved in together into her apt. Well I found out right away that she likes to leave the bathroom door open when she goes to the bathroom (this never came up when we were dating) and I think thats cool but she wants me to do the same thing. Like at first when I would go to take a pee, she'd ask me why are you closing the door.And I'd say, well for privacy and she'd say, Zach I know what you look like so just leave the door open. So I do sometimes but I'm not really comfortable about it. But she also expects me to leave the door open when I take a crap and so far I havent gone for that. She says its an issue of trust, but for me its wanting a little privacy. I've never gone in front of a girl and I think it would be embarrassing to say the least. So now I end up going at the university most of the time, which is silly, I end up going with a bunch of guys, but least its kind of private, with doors on the stalls. Anyway, something happened a couple of days ago -- I got up early to go to school and I really had an urge to go and I knew I couldn't wait. So I got out of bed as quietly as I could and I went to the bathroom (which is just off the bedroom), closed the door, pulled down by shorts, and sat down. I had to go bad and there was no way not to make sounds. When I was through and flushed, I came out of the bathroom to find my gf (Jen) standing outside the door, kind of smiling saying something like, do you feel better now? I'm sure I turned red, but I keep thinking that she must have liked stood outside and listened to me taking a crap. So the thing is this -- I really feel like I would like to let her watch me go to the toilet if thats what she wants, because I want to please her, but I don't know how to overcome my being really shy. Any advice would be appreciated, espe! cially from girls or women.

Smething which has fascinated me for quite a while......Is there any correlation between the size of someone's jobbies and the volume of enema they can take, at least without unpleasant crampings and desperate urges! Perhaps someone with nursing experience out there can enlighten, or possibly the likes of Nicola, Moira, George or Jill who seem to have the most knowledge among or regular posters.

Lately there have been many posts about something I would like to hear more about: People who have accidents so much it is casual, and even sometimes don't fight the urge and let it go. I would like to hear some of that. Another story: this is a really funny accident, because it could have been prevented really easily!! Last year(7th grade) during LA a shy kid, Michael, had to go to the bathroom. YOu could tell because he was crossing his legs and going nuts. My teacher said "Mike are you okay?" He nodded vigorously, then there was a faint spatter and he really let go all over the tile floor. Y'know, all you have to do is ask.. One more, and that's it. This one is also funny. A kid in my homeroom in 7th grade was left in charge while mrs. smith went to go grab something from the supply closet. He was a popular kid, but stupid, and he always listend to the teacher. He musta had to crap real bad because instead of impressing girls and looking cool, he was trying to hold it. It never occured to him that he should just leave the room. I guess he was wearing baggy pants and boxers because a nice firm poop snaked out his pants leg, and onto the rug.

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted for a while. Last Wednesday my mom found some documents on the posts and I got in trouble for it. I thought it would be the end of my internet career. Fortunatly it wasn't. Well, I've got a great story to tell. Today (Friday) I really needed to dump. I mean baaaad. I thought I might have an accident in my underwear. But I have a way of holding it. The bell rang and I was walking rather fast to the bathroom. I'm getting closer to getting over my fearness of using the boy room. Anyway, I walked in there and I noticed a kid in the doorless stall changing cloths. I looked at him. He looked up and then turned back. I walked in the stall, locked it, pulled my pants down and sat down. I let out a silent fart. Then I long solid turd came out. The kid that was changing said, "Man, did you have to stink the area up?" I said, "Well it's natural." I went back to dumping. I let out 4 medium sized turds. It took me about 10-15min. The kid had already left. I got up and looked at it. It was the best dump in my record book. I wish I had a camera with me. I wiped, pulled up my pants, and left. The rest of the day was fine. On the way home I got really excited becuase my friend was going to spend the night. At least there was a chance. Well whenever these time come I get that nervous/excited feeling. This speeded up my digestion process and produced a turd the was ready to be released. Well I got home and called my friend. He sounded mad. I asked him why and he said he couldn't spend the night. My nervousness stopped since I knew that he couldn't. Later that night I thought about something. I heard a lot of stories here about putting soap up your anus to make you go. Well I tried tonight. Everybody was asleep, so I could do it whenever I wanted. At 11:25pm I stuck the soap up my anus. I will never ever do this again. I waited 15min and it burned inside the whole time. During this time I felt strong urges to release my bowels. When it struck 11:40pm I let it out. I had a bowl with toilet paper on it so I wouldn't mess on it. I pulled down my jeans, squatted on the bowl and let it out. It was soggy and stunk real bad too. I felt so relieved. I sat there about 5 more minutes just to relax my anus then grabbed the TP and wiped. I pulled up my pants, turned around and looked. It looked like a dinosaur had messed there. Well not quite as big. I carried the bowl into the bathroom and dumped it into the toilet. The bowl had stayed clean the whole time. It was a big bowl. I washed the bowl just in case something might have gotten on it. That brings me to right now. While I'm typing. Somebody had posted to me and said to change my lunch schedule around. Well as much as I wish I could I can't. Lunch is a time when everybody had to pee. During lunch the bathroom is so crowded that people have to wait outside the bathroom. Plus those bathrooms have no doors on the stalls. And it smells real bad too becuase no one flushed their pee. The bathroom in the hall smells good, is clean, has 2 TP roles in stalls, and confortable seats. And one stall has a door. I prefer the hall one. The halls are closed off during lunch hour.

A big hello to all out there, new and old. Sorry I havent posted for a while but I have been involved in a big case and spending time in a hotel.

On Nicola's question about medicines causing strange colours in the stools, I too have experienced the black jobbies of iron tablets. Once I had to take a barium meal when I developed a slight ulcer, long since healed. Not as nasty an experience as the barium enema that Tree Whizzer endured. After I had swallowed this gunge and had a series of x rays taken I was told by the nurse that my next motion might be white owing to passing the barium and that I might be a bit constipated. She gave me some pills which were no doubt a laxative to take when I got home, which of course I threw away into a waste bin when I got out of the hospital . Next day when I did a motion I first passed my normal big fat brown jobbie then out oozed a long smooth white / light brown turd of equal length and thickness. The normal brown turd floated but the white one sunk and stuck on the bottom of the pan.

Bill, I usually wear suspenders and stockings. Both for comfort as pantyhose can cause cystitis and because both George and I like them. I wear the suspenders over my panties but find that I can easily pull the panties down sufficiently to safely do the toilet without having to unhitch my suspenders from my stockings. Is this again the difference between UK and US people that Brits just pull their underwear down to the tops of their thighs while Americans seem to like pulling their panties all the way down to their ankles?

Buzzy, Im not surprised that nurses are so open about defecation. Let's face it, their work involves close contact with the functions and products of human excretion so they have to be broad minded. A old school friend of mine, Fiona, is now a Sister in a hospital and is as frank about such matters as myself. I wonder if some professions are more open than others, I am a solicitor and most of my associates are quite open, progressive types, and I also know that PE teachers have a broad minded attitude to their bodies and functions. What of others?

Enlightened Male. Girls do have accidents in their knickers but the reason, at least in the 1960s when I was growing up, that their accidents dont usually show up so much was the difference in the design of their underpants. In those days boys Y Fronts didnt have elastic through the leg openings as girls knickers do so if they did a jobbie in their pants boys would find that the squashed up mass of poo would leak out down their legs while with girls it would all be contained inside their knickers by the elastics. Also as long as they arent sitting at the time there would be a lot less resistance from a girls skirt than from the boys trousers so the jobbie might not squash up so much. Nowadays both male and female underwear has elastic through the legs so leakage might not be so bad for either. Of course if the person has really watery diarrhea then it will leak out and mess everything anyway. I cant say that I have seen boys or girls walking any differently if they have filled their pants. Both have walked in a careful "baby steps" way no doubt owing to the uncomfortable feeling of having a mass of cold poo all round their bum and to stop any leaking out.

Nicky, Mark etc. Even when I was a kid we all changed our underpants every day, mum, dad, my brother and myself. George and his cousins and his aunt, (who he was brought up with from the age of 5), changed their knickers every day too. I just cannot contemplate how someone can wear the same pair of underpants or knickers for more than one day and actually feel proud to have skid marks and stains in them. These happen, indeed underwear is to protect the other clothing from such effects, but most clean people change the underwear every day, George and I certainly do so as do most of our friends. Not doing so can lead to nasty personal smells and I would respectfully advise Nicky that as a teenage boy he wont be very attractive to prospective partners if he stinks. The normal human smells are full of pheromones and are attractive,(hence panty sniffers), but only when fresh, not the rank stink of unwashed bodies with unchanged undies.

Dazz, I too have done the mirror thing. I first did this at the age of 12 and was fascinated to see my ring dome and seem to turn from pink to brown then I realised I was looking at the start of my jobbie, then watching the big turd growing in length as it slid out of my back passage. Id seen my brother and various girls doing a motion before but it was interesting seeing myself doing one. George also tells me that he did this as a kid so I suppose many people do so.

Enlightened Male: Interesting post about the different ways that boys and girls walk when they have had an accident. I've noticed that females who have messed themselves sometimes have a "dip" in their stride - they dip on one leg. I also have seen women who were incontinent or had diarrhea and wore diapers, who dipped while they soiled them. One particularly ill woman had to stop and raise one leg to get it out! There was a woman having a messy accident who instead of dipping, swung one leg to the side as it came out. Finally, I saw a lady who had just started to have diarrhea - she would walk for about 30 seconds, stop for about 3 seconds to make a short spasm, and start walking again.

Lee - I'm an IBS sufferer but perhaps not as bad as you, and certainly with different symptoms. Stress pushes me into a cycle which alternates between constipation and diarrhea. The 'medication' is diet: MORE fibre (wholegrains, fresh fruit and vegetables etc.), slightly MORE alcohol (which relaxes the muscles of the digestive system), LESS fat (red meats, dairy products, etc.) and LESS caffeine (which has the opposite effect of alcohol). If you mean medication for the sore butt then there are plenty of proprietary brands and easy to apply because the soreness is probably on the outside. A final thought: are you sure it's IBS this time? It could be food poisoning - the body has been fed something it can't deal with. Bill - I'm old enough that when I was at school the girls wore garters rather than pantyhose and then they were certainly worn UNDER the panties for the reason you give. In fact, when pantyhose first came out, some started to wear their panties OVER the pantyhose until they managed to un-learn the habits of a lifetime! On the subject of when I was a kid, Nicola will be interested that weekly baths were normal then, and mens' shirts, socks and underpants were only changed twice a week. Station Agent - you were right not to report the drunk woman peeing on the train floor. The other day I saw a fairly drunk young woman leave the line waiting for a nightclub to open, dive into a nearby park, and pee a torrent onto the path (I didn't see exactly what she was wearing but she pulled down a pair of white pants); to have "reported" her to anyone would have been the ultimate in meanness.

Going to the bathroom was a very private thing for me when I was growing up at home. I mean bodily functions were never discussed. I remember how ashamed I felt when my mother told me she could me urinating at night. After that, I made sure to pee sitting down so I wouldn't make as much noise. As for the other thing, that was super private. So when I entered high school, I wasn't prepared for the whole communal bathroom thing, ith open showers, open toilets (no dividers), and urinals. The first day of gym class, I skipped the showers altogether (no one noticed). I couldn't get over how the other guys unself consciously stripped off their clothes and ran to the showers or stood at the urinals openly peeing. I couldn't believe it when I saw my best friend Kyle barechested, pulling his underwear down to his ankles, and sitting on the toilet. I was embarrassed for him, though he was perfeclty carefree about it and started making conversation with me while I was combing my hair. Kyle was popular, good looking, but a decent guy, not stuck up. I had never seen him naked before and (it sounds silly) had never imagined him going to the bathroom. I mean I knew everyone, no matter how cool went to the bathroom, but it didn't hit me until that moment. And even though I knew I shouldn't look, I sort of did. There he was, the guy who could date any girl he wanted, sitting there doing this shameful thing in front of everyone. And the thing is, over the conversation, I could actually hear Kyle defecating! First came the stream of piss, then he sort of leaned forward on his toes, and I heard two plops. There were no secrets in that place. Then, open as could be, Kyle stood up, grabbed a wad of toilet paper, and starting wiping himself. It took me all through high school to get more comfortable with going to the bathroom openly. I can share more stories if anyone is interested.

I wonder if any one else has had this experience or seen this happen? When I was a child we frequently went on walks togeter in the counrtry. My mom was old fashioned about allowing girls (or herself for that matter) to expose themselves going outdoors. I often had to pee on these jaunts and was told to "do it ib my panties" Mom would have me squat keeping my skirt out of the way and pee myself. then we would go on like nothing happened. She never seemed to mind accidents like that, i fact she would often pee through her panties or girdle too. Once when I was about eight I had to poop bad. I tried to hold it and just lost a little. Mom saw my dismay and asked what was wrong. I told her I soiled my panties just a bit and asked to stop. Mom would not hear of it. Seeing I was uncomfortable she told me it was ok. We were soon on the way home but stuck in trafic and she could see I was pretty desperate. Then she told mne to "just go ahead and use the bathroom hon, it doesn't matter your panties are already messed some anyway" I did too. It was a big solid poop and mushed up into my crotch and between my legs since I was sitting. I told mom it was going in front but she said thats ok. Recently I saw a mother with a girl at thee zoo do pretty much the saame. the girl was threee or so and was told to just go in her pullups. I smiled and wondered what the girl though. I liked it and had warm memories as I watched her spread her legs and use herself for the toilet. Hope otheres post similar stories and enjoy

You can tell who has had a barium enema. Just mention the words and watch who groans in remembrance of the bad experience. My buddy has a hilarius barium enema story, but I don't think I can do it justice here. He tells it with alot of sound effects and quotes from the doctor, such as, "damn it, you have to hold it in!"

After consuming the mother of all chilli sauces in Palenque, S. Mexico, my bowels were shortly thrown into chaos. God knows what was in this killer stuff, but I had to rush back to the hotel, but unfortunately, the devil juice worked quicker than my legs. I let loose a wet blubbery fart, which although amusing, did not amuse the hotelier, as I was now in reception. The smell hit me quickly, and I realised that the wetness down my legs was not just sweat. I had to squelch my way upstairs, where I spent the next five days pebble-dashing the toilet, my arse spraying like a bust hydrant. Stick to Tacos!

Plunger- Wow that was a really cool post, I like the fact that you poot loud. I would really like to hear my girlfriend poot loudly one time. She never does anything like that. It's a shame and a little depressing, considering that it would really turn me on to hear her break wind loudly and to smell her ripe gas.____________Girl- I am glad that you got it out hon, do you feel better? I have done that same thing myself on ocassion. Feels fantastic._________Buzzy- That was EXCELENT!! I would have just died if someone would have let me watch something like that. Did it turn you on? I would have maried her man. Girls that are into that come along once in a lifetime, or at least for me they do. I'm not complaining or anything, my girlfriend is great, well maybe I am, she is a little bit to slim and she never farts or sits on the throne when I am around, hey, but other than that she is wonderful!!~ Well, I must go now everyone. Love you guys. . . .

linda...I've had at least one big accident because of pantyhose...I was on my way home from high school..bursting to pee...and thought I had got to the toilet in timebut I struggled so much to get my pantyhose and panties down, that I pissed down my leg before I could get them down...if I was only wearing panties I could have pulled them to one side and peed without getting wet??

Kyna- Tell me what you do to get rid of the noise of your peeing when you figure out a way to, I, for one would be interested in hearing about it. Thanks, Barry.

Saturday, March 06, 1999

Hi people! I really like your forum, and I want to tell my story. (by the way, I'm a 14 year old male). I was at my house, with a girlfriend over. We were playing a game of Monopoly. (Oooh. . .sexy) She started to fidget a bit, but I thought nothing of it. I excused myself to get us a drink and to 'use the facilities', but I was a bit more polite than to tell her that (okay ****h, leave my money alone while I shit!). Walking into the bathroom, I pulled up the toilet seat, and sat down. I'll mention now that there is a small half-wall beside the sink in our bathroom. It separates the sink from the toilet, so if anyone accidentally walks in, nothing is >immediately< revealed. So, I started to poop, and I got a small log out, then a larger one. I don't know why I remember this, but I do. Suddenly, I heard footsteps charging down the stairs. I didn't think anything would come of it, so I ignored them, and continued to push out the log that wouldn't come out for some reason. Then, my girlfriend charged into the bathroom, pulling her jeans and panties down. She didn't see me because of the wall, and she came around the corner turned around, and peeing before she sat down. I, of course, was ON the toilet when she tried to sit. She was peeing a very steady stream by the time she sat down. She felt me there, and jump up and screamed, still peeing. She drenched her panties, and half of her jeans. By the time she finished screaming, I was at full erection, and she was finished peeing. We were both VERY embarred, and leaning forward and hiding our parts with our hands (I was having a little trouble with that. My penis is almost 7 inches erect I'm SERIOUSLY not bragging), like most embarrassed people do. I didn't know why this happened next, but it did, and we both did it at the same time, while our heads were 3 inches from each other (because we were leaning forward). We kissed. Long and hard, while both still naked from the waist down. After cleaning up my girlfriend's clothes, and wiping myself, she finished her peeing on the toilet while I mopped up the floor with a few kleenexes. Later we agreed that we were both equal. We've been a lot more casual about bathroom duties ever since.

Buzzy>>>> After reading your post, I felt the need for a shit and decided to try the mirror thing. It was really fascinating seeing my asshole swell up and stick out as my poo slid out. I was also getting rather turned on by it as my ass has no hair and it was like watching a woman shit. As I was watching myself shit I could see the water splash up on my ass as each shit hit the water. It did add a new dimension to doing a poo, so I think I will be doing this more in the future!!!!!

I don't know if I really pee that loud or not. I have been known to poot quite loudly however. Whenever that happens I try to always fess up and say "oh that was me". I think it's good to let them know that you are a woman who is proud of your ways and you are not ashamed to be both beautiful and human. About the question about if our vagina impeaded the noise of farts, I don't think that is true, well at least not for me anyways. I am sure that it might have some accoustic effects on it but I am not really sure just what. Did everyone enjoy my post about going ouside in the field?? I find that it is sometimes easier to go if I am in a public place where there is at least some goings on and such otherwise, if I were to be out in the "field" or a privite or semi-privite place I feel as though I could possibly be being watched or spied upon. Are there any other men or women that feel the same way? When I go #2 it is usually pretty loud, I pass pretty firm PLOPPS with quite a few pieces usually. There is often a train of gas and poo, for example my bms usually sound like crackle, fisssss, plip plop, crackkkkle, fissss, plip plop. I find that peoples individual digestion and just who they are has alot to do with that. I am fairly slim and relativly attractive, but I have a pretty good sized rump on me for my frame. It covers the toilet butt area and creates a cave effect inside for my poots and poops to make their little noises. Also I find there is very little stink during my firey poop sessions but as I lift my round rump off the potty, the once confined gasses in the pot escape and create the essence of my bm. This is even stronger when I have produced a big load of poo and there is at least a little bit of it sticking out of the water for all to see. What else does anyone want to know?? I am relativly new here and I hope to be posting here alot more in the future. This really is a great community! Well I must go now. See you guys later. Uh, oh my! I think I have to sit on the potty. I feel a cramp. Hold on._________________________________________________________ Ok back. Whew, that was a tuffy. I must have got a little too much dairy or somthing. There was a heap of gas, a few little strangler peices here and there, but mostly the one big, stroke inducing fatty! I pressed and pressed on that thing before it came out. Long too. Well, thats what you get for not going to the bathroom in two days huh? Well, see you guys later. Love out to each of you. -Plunger P.S.-Wait. . . . . just a second, uhhh. . . ERRRRRRIIIP! Ahhh, another big audible poot! That one must have been trapped behind that big terd I passed. (fans nose) Whew. I need a fan. Well, until next time.

Over the last week, I have experience a repeat of dreaded "Irratible Bowel Syndrome". For those of you that have never had it, trust me, you don't want it. Since Monday night, I have had diarrhea probably 30-40 times. To say the least, my butt is sore. This has plaqued me for a number of years and is brought on by stress, over eating or being over weight. I have all of these. Does anyone else ever suffer from this and has anyone found some cure. The Doctor has given me medication in the past with only limited help. Any ideas?

Woohoo!!!!!! I just did #2 galore and that means I will be #2 free for a week! In your face everyone! You will be stuck in the bathroom and I wont so nah!

okay gee jw you had it bad. no . i guess i was lucky. i never had anyone onther than my mother ACK and my cousin give me an enema. poor guy. i have a question for the girls out there. any of you nearly have an accident cause you had to mess with pantyhose or tights. I've come close several times..any of you had this prblem..either now or when you were a kid? Well thanks for you time. linda

Question: do any of the ladies posting here ever wear stockings and garters (I believe they are called "suspenders" in the UK) as opposed to pantyhose? I am curious how they wear their panties. I have been told by a couple of women that the panties are supposed to be worn over the garters so they cam be removed to use the toilet, without the need to remove and refasten the stockings. All the advertisements and movies show women wearing garters over their panties. Which is correct?

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