A couple hours ago, after 9 DAYS of being constipated, I finally got the signal from my back passage that I needed to go sit on the toilet. I went into the bathroom in our home, unbuttoned my 501's, pulled them down and sat on the seat. I soon felt my anus dialate and the first of about 20 marble to golf ball sized pellets came out slowly and with some straining. After about 5 minutes, the main plug made it to my anus, but wouldn't come out without some heavy straining and grunting. I think it took ten minutes to pass the mass, as it was just as lumpy as the ones earlier, but all stuck together. Once I passed that, I got up and took a look at the plug. It must have been close to the maximum size turd, diameter wise of my anal opening. I flushed the toilet at that point, as I felt another mass coming down my back passage, I sat back down and let it go. It felt big, so once I passed all of it and a smaller turd, I got up and looked at it...It was shaped like a question mark "?" with the little turd at the bottom as the period "." just below it! Must have been about 10 inches (25cm) in length. At that point, I flushed once again, and I had to sit down again and passed one more about 7 inches long...At that point, I felt empty, and very much relieved to have gotten rid of the mass that had me bound up for 9 days!!!

Helena>>>> Having a full bladder can often produce an erection for a guy. I sometimes wake up in the morning with an erection that will only go down after having a pee. It's pretty difficult to pee through an erection too. There is also a slang term in Australia for the erection caused by a full bladder........a piss horn or a piss fat!!!!! I laugh every time I hear someone use that term, I think it sounds so funny!!!!! :-)

David W.
To Bryian: My old boss put black shoe polish on a black toilet seat just to be a practical joker. I'm sure everybody's seen police academy where they put shoe polish on the mouth-piece of the drill seargeants megaphone so he has a black ring around his mouth? I just thought of a rumor that I heard about 15 or 20 years ago. This one concerns all the fighting that takes place at European soccer games. The rumor was that fights started because male fans didn't want to leave the stands to use the bathroom so they would roll up a program or some kind of paper and pee through that right in the stands. Is there any truth to that?

To Jill: What was your most embarrassing audible? For me, I remember once I was at a piano recital a few years back and kind of dozed off, when suddenly I was awakened by a somewhat violent vibration on my chair. By instinct, I instantly knew I had farted and clenched my cheeks together (talk about "too late"!). The worse part is that since I was asleep when the incident transpired, I exactly wasn't sure how loud the emission had been. I did not dare look to the left or right of me, and I could just feel eyes staring at me. As far as I was concerned, the whole damned auditorium probably heard the blasted thing. Well, that was my worst...what was yours?

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

A slight problem: I am sick with a virus and had a bad day because i pooped in my pants three times. It wasn't my fault, becasue when you have to throw up and you know you have diarreaha(? Even I, a regional spelling champion...) it's kind of hard. My mom keeps adult-sized diapers in the house for when me, my sister, and my brother are sick because we always end up having accidents. Usually it's my brother who wets his pants but today I did. Ouch. I HATE viruses. Luckily, my mom and siblings ignore it so I don't feel like a baby wearing diapers. does anyone else here wear diapers when they are sick?? My sis andbro have it too. I gtg clean up cuz as i typed my diaper's wet.

Diapers when sick area family thing. My parents wear em when they are sick too because when you're sick you just can't help it.

Some ten years ago, my grandmother lived with us, as she could no longer take care of herself at 96 years old. Since she was in a wheelchair, she had to use a portable commode, and my mom and sisters had to wipe her wrinkled butt, after she crapped. One day, my mom had been out with my dad, and both sisters refused to wipe her. So I did. Ahem ! can that old broad push out a stinky turd ! Yech ! I then wiped her wrinkle - riden ass. and plopped her back in her bed. What an experience .

Adam from Canada
I was at school doing some studying today and noticed that there was quite a bit of trafiic going in and out of the cans. This was around 10 in the morning. I did something for fun. I decided to keep a log of people who go into the bathroom and poop. I got 5 people within an hour. It is something to do while you are bored. Tonight I had a good poop. It came out as an 8 inch tube and there was a smaller one that measured 3 inches. I haven't gone in 2 days and sure accomodated a lot. It didn't smell that bad either.

I've posted before, I don't often, but I just wanted to respond to some of the posts lately...

To the kid (Ryan?) who's afraid of dumping in public restrooms...the only way to become not nervous about it is just to do it until you're not anymore. It's just like anything you're afraid of, it only gets easier, and the fear only goes away, with practice - just know that there isn't anything wrong with it. One thing you could try, though, is dumping at the same time someone else is, then making eye contact when you leave the stall. Trust me, some college guys'll even joke about that shit (no pun!). I think my inhibitions took a big hit when I was actually jerking off (my apologies to the girls on the forum for the mention, but I think the story might help =) and a friend, who's very uninhibited, caught me. And laughed. And tried to joke about it. And did the exact same thing the next three times I was in there doing the exact same thing. Never joked back, actually, myself - and now I'm not at that school anymore, and consider it my loss, and regret it.
Chris C. - is your boyfriend pretty uninhibited about it? If he is, you might wanna just tell him you're jealous, he'll probably laugh and wanna help you figure out why. (If not, though, he might get nervous if you bring it up.) If you're sqeamish at all about taking shits around other people, guys especially, that might be what's making you so jealous. Let me know if anything I've said is on the mark - I kind of have some inhibitions about the whole thing myself too.

All the talk about whether women get a buzz from doing a good solid motion, I can say yes. Not only does my gilrfriend Louise enjoy it and gets turned on but I have often seen women coming out of the toilet after doing a nice big jobbie with a very satisfied look on their face,and especially if they see me going into the toilet after them, a "knowing smile". My mum and some other women and girls I know have displayed this behaviour.

By the way, Louise and I have continued to monitor the relative size of our turds ( Doug I dont agree that "poop" is the plural of "turd" to my mind you can do one poop and several turds but this isnt a forum about grammar and semantics), and although we match each other for length hers do tend to be that little bit fatter than mine. Reading this page also tends to confirm my belief that by and large, women and girls do thicker jobbies than men and boys.

I saw an incident that might interest Jill. Last week I went for a walk when a train was stopped at a signal. As I walked on the path along the side of the railway I heard a gurgle and saw the toilet discharge its contents - a rush of water, some paper and a huge turd dropped onto the side of the track. It missed the rails so when the train moved off I had a closer look. The presence of a used tampon also indicated that it had been a woman who had passed this substantial firm fat turd. I did wonder if it was Jill?

Tony, Louise and I both keep our panties high when doing a motion, pulling them down to between the top of our thighs and our knees. Again this is for the reasons you give, toilet floors are often wet and dirty, (school and public , works, pub toilets anyway), and to provide a bit of privacy if an uninvited person walks in. Also if one had to get out of the toilet in an emergency its easier to pull up knickers from such a position, or even run out of the toilet, say in a fire, but if they are round the ankles then one would trip up. I can remember an incident when I was ten when my mum was in the toilet doing a motion and my granny fell down the stairs. Mum came running out of the toilet with her skirt hitched up round her waist and her pale blue panties still down at the top of her thighs. I must admit that when it was obvious that my gran hadn't hurt herself I went into the toilet and had a good look at mum's big fat jobbie as she had come running out, just after she had dropped it with a loud "kur-sploonk!" but without pulling the flush.

Graham, please leave the design of toilet pans alone! Many people who post here, myself and Louise included, enjoy the tinkle sounds of doing a wee wee and of course the "plop!|" and "kur-sploonk!" sounds of doing a motion. When doing a motion I direct my cock so I pee into the water and make the tinkle sounds. I dont know anyone who doesn't and as a kid none of my family, male or female were embarrased by toilet sound effects in any way nor were any of my friends, and neither were Louise's. As other people have said, its all natural and its fun.

Just got home from work after a bit of a near miss in my pants. I was driving around doing my deliveries when I felt the need to make an urgent delivery of my own. Stomach cramps came on suddenly, giving me the clear message that I needed a toilet pretty much NOW!!! I was in the inner city and searched around for public toilets but they were all locked up. I found a petrol station and asked the guy there for the key to the toilet but he told me sorry there are no public toilets here. I drove off down the road towards a McDonald's store but their toilets were locked off and there was a big line of people at the counter and I really didn't feel like asking for the toilet key in front of all these people. There was a KFC store a few doors down, so I tried them and their toilets were locked too. There was a girl cleaning the floors nearby so I asked her for the key and she went off and got it for me. She came back, handed it to me and I almost ran off to unlock the door!!! I got in there, locked the door behind me pulling down my pants as I approached the toilet. As soon as I sat down, lots of gas propelled runny shit just exploded out of my bum. Ooohhhhhh!!!!! It felt so good to let out all that preasure I'd been containing for more than ten minutes. I sat there feeling so much better with that out of me and noticed the strange pale purple hue of the flourescent lights on the ceiling. The suburb I was in does have a problem with heroin abuse and I had read about these bluey/purple strip lights that were being put in various railway station and shopping mall toilets. The idea behind them is that the colour of the light makes it hard for people to see the veins in their skin so that they won't inject themselves with drugs and will move on to somewhere else. I did also notice a bluey tinge from the toilet lights at my local railway station, I could see it shining through the frosted windows as I drove past there tonight. All the drug abuse in certain suburbs in this large Australian city over the last few years has made access to toilets harder as alot of them are now locked up, some permanently. Public toilets in parks, if you're lucky enough to find one open, are usually in a disgusting state with an evil smell of stale urine, no doors on the stalls, no seats, gang style graffitti all over the walls and no paper. I was thinking about all this as I was sitting there, just thankful that I had managed to find a decent toilet, or indeed any toilet and had avoided shitting myself. I haven't shit myself since I was about six years old and I didn't want to do it at the age 32!!!! Anyway, I had to wipe my bum lots of times to get rid of all the poo and pulled up my pants. I washed my hands, left the toilet and handed the key back to the girl behind the counter and walked out of KFC feeling so much better but saddened by the state and unavailabilty of toilets in some parts of this city.

Hey Everyone, thanks for all of the great posts here. I read everyday faithfully but have not had a lot to share. Chris C. your story caught my eye as I am often constipated. My soulution and my suggestion to you is a suppository. They are easy to use and are predictable As long as your significant other is understanding and interested you might ask him to help you or just keep you company. Does he know that you are constipated? Just an idea. Report back. I like your posts. Take care all!

Bidets are mainly used after a poop. They enable you to clean the anal area thoroughly. They also enable some slight economy in TP, since you don't have to keep on and on wiping.... Women of course can use them for washing the front parts as well. We don't have a bidet at home, unfortunately, but a lot of Euiropean hotels have them. The simplest type are just a low-level washbasin with hot and cold taps (faucets), and a plug. You put the plug in, get the water to the right temperature and sit down on it and then wash your anus (or whatever). I always use soap and a flannel. But there are more sophisticated bidets that actually spray warm water upwards, and presumably by moving about you can direct it to whatever part of you needs cleaning. From a hygiene point of view they are an excellent invention.

In the last episode of X-Files,(Sundays)there was a scene where a pregnat spanish lady kept referring to her overflowing bladder. There was a creature in the plumbing so was not able to go to the toilet. She continued to bitch and complain and that she would of been able to flush the creature down with the contents of her bladder alone. Then for the climatic scene, she entered a room with a bucket and squatted over it. You couldn't actually see her, but she was behind a screen and you could clearly see the profile of her hikeing up her dress and pulling down her panties. She also yelled over to the unconscious man laying in a bed next to her, that he was not allowed to listen. Overall a pretty good scene for prime time television, and the build up was great. I think we need more pee stories in this forum. I have nothing against the #2, but I miss the old days when there were more pee stories. Thanx, Later Guys.

Does anyone have any stories about having a huge bladder during an ultrasound or when sneezing?

What is a bidet, what's it for and how is it used?

I haven't posted for about 6 months now (apart from a couple of posts giving answers to things without a name) - thought I'd reply to Jonny regarding kids who had lots of accidents, and also about dreams about wetting the bed and what to do about that last drop. I've already written a few posts about accidents (page BK onwards, I think... sort of May and June last year) - I know a couple of blokes, John and Chris, who had genuine accidents all the time, and not for any 'mechanical' reason (like chronic constipation), as well as lots of people who had several over their time at school. The first kid was a couple of years below me in the school, and as soon as he arrived he got a reputation for having accidents - I went to two primary schools (we moved house in the middle - stayed around Cheshire though), and in this school the kids were quite cruel about this sort of thing. He was quite shy, so he didn't like asking to leave the classroom, but he needed to go quite often and he couldn't hold it in long - I think his pooh was usually very soft as well, so it was even harder for him to control. He tended to mess himself at least a couple of times a week. Usually, everyone would be sitting in class (with groups of 6 in circles around tables, which is normal for UK primary schools), and he'd look quite distracted for a while. Then, he'd stop doing whatever he was doing, and people around him might hear bubbling farts as he let go - he must've tried to hold it, going on how much he usually did - once it started, he couldn't stop 'til he was sitting with pooh soaking through his pants and the smell starting to come off him. He'd try to pretend nothing had happened, but he'd look upset and a teacher would come over and tell him to go to the cloakroom. He always had a spare pair of pants with him, so he could take the messy ones and put them in a bag - we'd often see him crying in the cloakroom, because other kids would tease him - he just used to tell them it wasn't his fault. A few times he had an accident early in the day, and then again later - in these cases the teacher would take him to the nurse, who'd wash the pants for him. In any case, he was always quite smelly because he couldn't change his trousers and there was no way he could clean up totally. This kept going all the way from when he entered the school at 5 to when he was about 10-11 - but I also knew him a bit in secondary school, and he still had occasional accidents there (not surprisingly - see the post I wrote on our school toilets).

The other kid who had this problem all the time is the same bloke that I wrote about related to a PE lesson - at the time, he was going through a phase where he didn't like to ask to go, and he couldn't hold it long. He joined the Cubs and went on a camp with them, and ended up having accidents almost all the time - the camp toilets made his nervousness even worse, and he couldn't just try and wait 'til he got home. The other kids gave him a very hard time about it, and the leaders probably resented having to clean him up all the time (which can't have been easy on a campsite). In addition, he ran out of clean things to wear very quickly, so by the time the camp finished he was caked in pooh. Again, he stopped having as many accidents after a while (much earlier than the other bloke), but even now he's quite accident prone, and makes sure he goes every morning and evening to avoid being caught short. When I'm round at his house, he often leaves pairs of pants strewn all over the place, and a lot of them have very severe staining - as if he did a bit, then got to the toilet fast enough. I've also known him to have at least three accidents in the last few months whilst I've been around, although they were more to do with being ill.

At primary school, kids used to have accidents all the time (especially in the first one, particularly seeing as the kids were 5-8 or so), and some people had several accidents over their time there without it being a problem - I think about 9/10 of the boys and 3/10 of the girls had at least one accident (including myself), although the girls seemed to wet themselves a lot more than the boys. In my next school, the kids were very cruel to anyone who was caught having an accident, and a lot of people who had accidents just hid it until they got home (I walked near the school once a couple of years ago when I was in the area, and one footpath that the kids used at hometime had 3 pairs of messy pants thrown into the bushes at the edges, so nothing's changed). One time, a friend came round to my house after school, and the first thing he did was go to the toilet - he left the door open though, and I came upstairs and saw him trying to clean out his pants. I'd had no idea 'til then that he'd even messed them! In Secondary school, there were quite a few accidents because of the poor access to the toilets, and again people would try as hard as possible to hide the fact. In general, kids at that age didn't say anything, but some of them would laugh behind your back if they realised (although I had a couple of accidents, no-one ever knew - I'll write about them in a bit). Again, some people tried to hide the pants on their way home to avoid their parents finding out, so all the less frequently used paths often had messy pants which had presumably originally been covered by leaves or whatever, but were now visible. I saw a few kids walking home on the same routes as me who'd messed themselves - they'd usually have a bulge and/or staining on their trousers, and be trying to hide it from everyone else - one kid still needed to go on the way home, because as he walked the stain got larger, and then mushy pooh started to come out of the bottoms of his trousers - he just kept walking as fast as he could, trying not to look at anyone and pulling his trousers back from his pants as discretely as he could.

Enough digression :-) On the subject of wetting the bed, I heard that most people actually wet their bed when they're in deep (stage 4) sleep - when you can't remember dreams. However, as soon as you wet the bed, you start to wake up, taking a few minutes over it - as you pass through the lighter stages, your mind comes up with the wetting dream to explain why the bed is wet. This can occur so fast that you start wetting, and wake up still going - but with a dream that you'd started in the dream (time doesn't mean much in dreams). I haven't wet the bed for a long while, but I seem to recall having this sort of dream the last time I did.

The last drop: I think the best thing for this is to use TP (if available) - never fails, 'cos it draws the urine out... failing that, the 'milkmaid' technique usually works well :-) It /is/ possible to do it discretely, with care (only needs a couple of squeezes). The other thing is to try and totally relax your bladder, then squeeze, then contract a few times - this is good after a few pints of beer, because the bladder is so full it can take a while to contract down and squeeze the last bit out.

I'd be grateful to hear anyone else's stories about messing themselves/seeing other people messing themselves as kids - I think a bit too much gets made of it, so when it happens to someone the first time it's an awful shock (everyone I've talked to who had more than one accident felt that the second time it wasn't as bad, and they didn't fight it as desperately - some people just didn't mind being messy at all - I let go earlier than I might have a couple of times because I knew the pooh would be so soft it'd feel nicer than a hard seat, but see my old posts for more details). Like I've said, I've got more anecdotes than I can possibly type at one time, so if anyone wants to hear some more, say so (not much free time to spare, so I want to know if I'm wasting my it posting more :-)).

Last point: I've never really tried listening to people on the toilet, but when I've been around and heard anyway, it amazes me just how much you can tell about what someone's doing from the noises you hear - for example, rabbit pellets vs hard logs vs smooth logs vs huge and mushy etc. etc.... I once by chance always ended up going at the same time as one bloke (I think it was after a particuarly long class or something), who'd go at least twice a day and you always hear a sort of concert of noise... a fart, then a wet fart followed by some small splashes (like pellets), then a pause, then later another wet fart and a sloppy sounding splash, followed by another pause, then normal-sounding splashes. Then you'd hear him start to wipe... before stopping, and doing more mushy sounding pooh (he might start wiping and give up a couple of times). I can only assume he wanted to cover the whole range of toilet experiences in one sitting, twice a day...

Lastly: Anyone ever lined their pants with TP because they knew they might have an accident? Not as much to do with diarrhoea, but like (for example) the second bloke I mentioned above, who always put a few sheets in his pants in secondary school so if he didn't make it in time he could easily empty his pants in the toilet. I've done the same thing a couple of times myself, before exams when I didn't have time before for a long clearout, and knew I might need to go urgently 'cos of nerves (see June last year some time). Sorry to go on so long :-) More accidents within the next 2-3 weeks (sooner if people want).

any movies released in the last year with good scenes of men sitting on the toilet?

To Lurker: Well I can't disagree with you - that does sound like me. I suppose I am reasonably at ease with my body functions - well, to the extent that I can write about them anonymously, and that I let my husband watch me. If I do let one go in a crowded situation though, I do hope that my face doesn't give me away. I try to remain innocent looking so that no-one would suspect me, although I just know that I tend to blush but I hope nobody notices! Of course I have broken wind audibly in the past, and if it's just one or two others nearby, there is little point in denying it - better to apologise!

Graham, I use my bidet all the time. I always use it have I enjoy a good poop. The warm water feels great on my butthole and it does clean off all of the poop that remained on my skin. When I only have to pee I usually still use the bidet. I found that this works the best because after I am finished, I am all ready to wash myself using the bidet. Only a couple of times did I have an accident while peeing and found my poop just slipping out of me. At first I tryed to stop it but finally I just finished my poop, washed myself and then cleaned up the poop that would wash down the bidet drain. Hope this helps.

I am a new member. But for days I have looked at a lot of peoples stories in 98. I will be with you for the year 99. If you really want me to stay, let me know and I will be with you for 2000+. If my computer still works. While I'm typing this I am in a great need to take a big dump. But I'm holding it until I go to school tomorrow. I like taking dumps in the school toilets. For some reason it turns me on. So every other day I take a dump in the toilet. I don't flush becuase I like leaving my jobs for someone else to see. The only good long chance I get to dump is at lunch. When the bell rings I walk down to the bathroom and go inside. They leave the doors open. Sometimes their might be another person using the urinals. It takes me about 10 minutes to dump. No one yet has started a conversation. But too get their attention I make it look like I'm straining. I move my feet in a wierd position. I grunt a lot too. I'm getting really turned on typing this now. Too wrap things up here, I will give the full expierience for ME. First I walk into the bathroom and go into the first stall. (the second one has no door) Then I pull down my pants and sit down on the toilet. The seats are quite confortable. It starts out with a silent fart. Then after that the head of the turd starts to come out. Along with some crackling noises. My turds are long enough to silently plop in the water. Usually I push out 1 biiig turd, then 3 medium turds. Once I am finished I take some toilet paper out of one of the roles. (There are two) Next I stand up turn around too see what kind of jobbies I dumped. Then pull my pants up and open the stall door and walk out. This leads to one problem, I have trouble finding a seat at lunch. Does any of you think I should just sit on the toilet the whole lunch hour? Let me know soon RYAN

Two topics. 1) I was at a grand dinner with a lot of drinking (including water to counteract the wine) which meant that before we got up several of us wanted a loo. And it turned out that the facilities were very unisex (no urinals and only two cubicles). So plenty of people watching. I suspect I wasn't the only woman envious of men who got through everything faster. For those voyeurs among you no I couldn't see anything and no, there were no accidents. But there was a clear sense of solidarity, and I'm sure if other people had been as forthcoming as those who post and read here that could have been expressed somehow. Instead, just girls exchanging glances of frustration and expectation. Perhaps other cultures would have been less inhibited. I'm told that in Japan these sorts of taboo don't exist, and one can talk about one's digestive system.
2) Dreams An old but vivid dream of needing to pee and being on a beach hearing the sea and seeing the sea and wishing I was in the sea peeing happily but in fact having to get out of a dress and lots of underwear and people on the beach and a great sense of the desire for release and no release at hand. I recall a dream moment in an A.S. Byatt novel which reminded me of that feeling, though I think the heroine had just had her first sexual experience. (Anyone remember it?) I can no longer remember if in my dream I was able to pee or not. But when I woke I was very full (as so often in the mornings). Is it true that the need to pee in men can produce an erection? And do other women find a full bladder a stimulation?

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

I think that bidets are used mainly after a poo, but also by women for "intimate washing" not just after going to the toilet. As for wee-wee, I would guess that it is not uncommon for people to do wee-wee in the bidet (could be useful if someone else is taking a dump on the toilet.) Alex mentions some women who are shy about doing wee-wee in public restrooms. I guess that this is because of the splashing noise of the stream hitting the water. As Dork says, when men sit (or I assume it is the same for all me as it is true for me as well) and pee, it hits the inner sloped front surface of the loo, so there is no splash. I am sure that it should not be impossible for toilet designers to make a toilet in which women can do the same thing, by having the sloped front extend further back under the seat so that women could do their wee-wee against the porcelain rather than straight into the water. Maybe to ensure that poop still falls into the water, the opening could be made longer so that a woman could sit forward on the seat to do wee-wee (quietly) against the porcelain or further back to poop or to do wee-wee (which will splash) into the water.

Today I went into the mall And Went into the First stall , Pulled Down My pants And Sat Down, While on the Toilet I Was Letting My First Turd Go. And Some Guy, About My age, ( could Tell because of the Shoes Came into the Middle Stall beside me, And Pulled Down His Pants and Sat Down, Then I Heard this FTTTTPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP And this Sliding Noise into the Toilet , This turd Must have Been Atleast 2 Feet Long. And then the WORST smell I could imagine Started to Come from His side. IT WAS BAD! I was on The Toilet For about 10 to 15 Min and When I was Done, I Noticed He he has Not Left. SO i left, Did my Shopping and Went Back By the toilets and Noticed he was infront of me, He must have Been in there For about 30 Min ir so.

In reply to female.........I always hold my dick down in the bowl when I shit. I usually pee first but when I am pushing to get the poos out, I often get a little bit of pee dribble out too. There are those times though when I have an erection and have to just poo first and then it will go down and I can then hold it down in the bowl and pee. I usually take about 10 minutes to dump as I am enjoying the sensations and take my time. Sometimes I may take longer if I'm dumping lots of little pebble sized poos as I do from time to time. You say that you like to listen to guys dump, but do you like to watch too? I love to watch a woman dump and love being watched myself, I do find being watched a big turn on!!!!! Do you like it when a guy has to strain a little? I like it when a woman has to strain a bit and also if she grunts and sighs a bit and even better if she lets out a few farts. I certainly don't think you're weird for thniking about guys dumping, I do the same but of cours! e thinking about women!!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on all this :-)

Chris C
Help! I am hoping for your input! My other half is really cool about taking a crap with the door open. He always lets me know that he is going to take a dump and welcomes me to come along. Sometimes I do, other times I don't. Here's the problem: Often I get constipated and of course cannot take a crap. This almost never happens to him, he can go twice a day sometimes. Anyhow, I sometimes get insanely jealous that he can go and I can't! Am I being childish? I think I am. How do I deal with this? Has this ever happenned to anyone else? I even go so far as to "mark" the toilet paper so I can see if he took a shit when I wasn't around (or early in the morning before I get up). Then I check it before I leave for work. Last night, we went to friends for dinner, came home and he shit. Then this morning, before he left for work, he shit again (I checked the paper), and I got upset??? Any help would be great. Finally, to respond to the Unisex bathroom idea - no way! I do not want to use the girls bathroom, I would never come out of the stall. Just my opinion. And finally (again), to the kid in school afraid to take a crap, it's normal. I use to be petrified too. Try going at the mall if you can. It will be a public bathroom, but you won't know the people. Good luck.

Hi folks, I was in JC Penney's this past weekend, and went back into the mens restroom that had the 2 entry doors, and then three doorless stalls facing the entrance. Man, this place draws a crowd. All three stalls were occupied, and 2 guys were waiting their turns. I peed, and waited for my wife who was using the womans restroom. She came out and complained that one of the latches stuck on the stall door. I just laughed at her, and said "you don't want to go there" !

To "Steve's cousin" and "Steve's cousin's cousin"... I could really relate to your story about the burritos and tacos. Whenever I eat things like that, I can expect to get cramps, or gas, or loose poop (usually all three!) What was it like for you? I'd like to know more details. Thanks very much, it sounds like you and your cousin have a great relationship!

i ate a lot this weekend, including a whole bunck of fruits with fiber. can't wait to hump a freakin huge poop ot of my ass! its gonna be clean, whole, and emptying...can't wait!!!


I often poop first then wait a few seconds to get the pee started. Then wait if more poop has to come out. Alex, why is the word "shit" more vulgar than "poop"? Is the s-word harsher sounding? I prefer to use the word "poop" however I like to occasionally interchange the word "shit". An interesting note the German infinative verb for "to shit" is "scheissen".

TO FEMALE: To be honest with you, Female. I think it is a bit less frequent for a woman to get excited about a man shitting than visa-verse. On the subjext, a long time ago I listened through the wall of the men's as a lady entered the women's. She closed the door softly, more softly than most then droped several poop (the word "poop" is used as a plural for "turd"}. I quick flushedand got out of the restroom then she left the restroom. She looked at me and said hello. I could tell by the sound of her voice she was turned on because we both went #2. I felt that it was a bit unusual. I tracked her to her office and found her name from her name plate. This is at the university. She was and maybe is still married. Her name does not have a telephone number attached to it in the university phome book this year, as it did in previous years, however her husband has name st the same address in the public phone book. I would to have liked to watched her go #2. And maybe she could have watched me do it. I don't think that will happen. They do have a bathroom for men and women on campus.

It was funny the sucject of wetting the bed coz of a dream be mentioned coz infact the other night, I was having a dream that I really, REALLY had to go, and I ran around trying to find a toilet (I was out at the mall) and finally found one. When I sat down, it felt like nothing except a bit of a dribble would come out. I woke up quite suddenly to find that I was holding myself and a little squirt of wee had escapes. Lucky I woke when I did! Well, I quickly stopped the flow as best I could and ran for the toilet. Unfortunately, on my way to the toilet more came out and I was pretty wet once I got there. I guess I was still half asleep. In fact, it was pretty pleasant, I think. oh, and please keep the peeing stories coming, I love them much more than pooping ones!!!!

Monday, February 22, 1999

Jill: Actually you once, a long time ago, gave a brief description of yourself. It had something to do with you not being a twig, but that your worst ememy wouldn't call you fat either. At any rate, it is even more so your comfort with bodily functions that makes you attractive to me. If I were in a crowded situation and I smelled wind and noticed a beautiful woman, whether or not I was aroused would depend on her reaction. If she had a relieved look on her face, well of course I'd be in heaven :-). If she looked disgusted, I'd probably assumed it was some guy and be turned off. Also, though, I'm even more turned on by the sound of wind coming from a woman. If you broke wind audibly around me I'd congratulate you and be turned on, but of course I wouldn't ask you out because I know you're married and I respect that :-). Ciao.

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