Hi guys. Ryan, I'm happy to read that you were finally able to poop at school. Maybe the kid at the stall was silent and wanted to hear you go- so what!? As for "fun" things to do in the boys' room, I don't know... For one, I'm a girl, and two, I think that just being able to relieve yourself (pee AND poop) in any setting is great. You mentioned that the stalls had lockable doors and that there was plenty of TP- cool! I have no problem in going in any bathroom with those two criteria, plus soap at the sinks; I know you didn't flush the toilet (I always do), but I hope you did wash your hands, especially after wiping your butt :) My brother has always been shy about pooping at school- many guys are... Please post some more of your pooping (and peeing) stories on here.

Linda, I'm also glad to hear that you were able to poop in the boys' room. I used a boys' room once, to pee, because I was in the same situation as you were- that is, the janitor was cleaning the girls', and I really had to go. My brother stood outside while I sat in the stall and peed. I know you're pretty shy about going to the bathroom, especially peeing- I'm glad to read your cousin's willing to help you when you're in "need." As for other girls posting, I will try to post more often, although I have been very busy with school. I'm sure my friends Jodi and Steph will also post again when they have the time and stories of interest...

Okay, now, on to me.. Toilet "veterans" know that I poop [I will not, from now on, use the "s..." word, in respect to the children and others on here. I think we can describe our bodily functions without being so vulgar. Agree?] every day, sometimes more than once daily. I let out only "rabbit pellets" a couple of days in a row, in spite of no changes to my diet. I was sitting in a lecture on Thursday, after not taking a "proper" dump [I think "dump" is okay, right Steph :)] for almost three days, when I suddenly had an increasing urge to go. It was my favorite class, and I really didn't want to miss any of the lecture by going to the bathroom. Class finally let out, and I retreated to a bathroom upstairs. There is a bathroom closer to the lecture hall, but it has only one stall. One of the few hangups I have about using public restrooms is using a one-stall room, especially when I have to poop. I don't want to "hog" a toilet when others might have to only pee. Anyway, I went to the upstairs bathroom, where there are four stalls. This way, I can take my time "going," with the added benefit of perhaps listening to others go :) After locking the door and pulling down my jeans and panties, I sat down and almost immediately peed and pooed. I very rarely do both simultaneously, unless I have diahrrea (which I didn't)- I'm like most people in that I usually pee first, then poop. This was one of the best feeling dumps I've taken in a long time- the poops came out very firm, but "silky," and I had to wipe three times. Felt so much better afterwards. Love always, Alex :)

Dazz, I frequently have dreams about wetting my bed(no kidding!). I recall once having a dream where, for a reason I cannot recall, i was wearing diapers, and i tried really hard to wet it but I couldn't. What a relief-when I woke up i was just about to wet my bed!

I have this really gross story to tell. In the boys bathroom at the school once i found a big suprize in the in there. To my suprise when i went in the all over the walls was smelly shit. No lie it was digusting the smell lated for about a week. Bou guess what the funniest thing about it they never cought the one that did it:)

I have no problem peeing in the toilet as my ass drops it's logs from the other end. Toilets are designed for just that dual activity. Look at the toilet,it juts out and up in front. While sitting on it all one has to do is lean forward and down a little,this puts minimal pressure on your hose and it sqirts into the sloped area of the toilet that was designed to hold the waterfall. As the bombs are dropped into the water with load plops the hissing piss is cascading down the slope and enters the water and cicles around. When you are done and raise up and look down you should find a yellow lake with a brown island in the middle slowly sinking like Atlantis. Everything will be contained and their shouldn't be any mess anywhere. This we all should have learned in Toilet 101 and the only time piss should squirt on the floor is when you don't lean forward and mistakenly piss between the seat and the bowl,but after sliding up wet jockey once you should'nt repeat that experience ! unless you like the feeling of wet shorts on your butt cheeks,

To Lurker: You flatter me. I rather like the way you make deductions about my appearance based upon my descriptions of breaking wind. I wonder what a psychiatrist would make of that? I find it fascinating that if someone breaks wind and you smell it, that the fact that you think that smell has come from a woman makes it a turn on. Tell me, if you were in a crowd and someone farted, would you assume it was the most attractive woman, you could see, and thereby get a turn on - or would you assume it was a guy? Personally, I don't think my wind smells too bad. It's only really noticeable when I am needing a poo, but I have known far worse smells (usually from men), which suggest that the person concerned has an upset stomach.

StarPilot, i have poopee dreams some times too. once i woke up and realised what i was doing but didn't care so i kept peepeeing. i have a waterbed so it is no problem, i just wipe with a sponge in the morning. it is better than getting up in the cold and dark.

steve's cousin
steve was so cute today. we went to haight-asbury for burritos and to hang out. the burritos acted vigorosly on both of us. we took BART home, and a 1 hour trip took 2, as she got off the train to go poo every couple of stops. we must have got off 4 or 5 times before she gave up. we went around the car gathering newspaper, she sat on the papers, and for the next half hour she just pooed as we talked. it didn't smell that bad really. nobody sitting nearby appeared to notice, but boy was she grinning. i could tell she really had to go each time. we would rush into the train lobby, she tugging down her pampies as we ran. once the ladies was occupied :-{ but we both went into the mens together :-}. i helped her clean up each time, bringing her moistened paper towels, and hugging her as she got up. once she asked me to wipe her :-}

steve's cousin's cousin
i messed my pampies today. big time. i had burritoes and tacos today, and drank lots of cokes for lunch. we took the train home, and i had to get off 3 times to poop. after the last time we got off, i knew i wouldn't make it to the next stop, so i sat on newspaper and pooped and peed. my cousin took me to the bathroom each time, once i had to go in with him as somebody was in the girl's and i really really really had to go. i tried holding it, and he told me to to in with him so i went in. he was so sweet - he would wet the paper towels in the sink for me to clean with. anyway, i got tired of getting off the train to go, so i peed on the newspaper. we took the paper out when we got off, and threw it away, so nobody ever knew we think.

On the men peeing while dumping matter, I have never had a problem. I just let my cock dangle if its flacid, or point it with my hand down into the pan if erect. No big deal, I do my pee, unless erect, then my motion. If erect I usually have to wait till the turd has come out then I will be able to pee.

Trevor, Star Pilot and Dazz, Regarding vivid dreams I have had these where I need a pee and Im doing it when I wake up with a full bladder although in the dream I have actually been peeing. I quickly check that I HAVENT wet the bed then go to the toilet and really pee. Likewise dreams about doing a motion. These too are very vivid but when I awake from these and check that I haven't shit in my underpants, I find more often than not that I DONT actually need a motion at that time. By the way, in my last posting I did a typo saying about my mother "hitching up her black "short" this of course should have been "Hitching up her black SKIRT , pulling her white cotton briefs down etc" I dont think she ever wore shorts of any type, although she did wear trousers some times.

On that point I notice that a lot of US posters talk about people pulling their panties down to their ankles. Most British people I know dont do this for the following reasons, One:- If the knickers or panties or underpants are lowered to the ankles then they can get wet or soiled on the floor of a public toilet as these are often wet or dirty. Two:- keeping the panties up at the knees or even at the top of the thighs protects the person's modesty should someone walk in on them or if the cubicle (stall) has no door. Indeed, the prevalence of doorless stalls in the USA (rare in the UK) would make me think that Yanks would be more likely to keep their undies as high up as possible when sitting on the toilet. I would welcome the observations of others as to where they put their panties when sitting on the toilet.

Returning to vivid toilet dreams, as well as dreaming that I am doing a motion myself I often dream that I am watching someone else doing one, usually my mum back when I was a child. I never actually DID go into the toilet with her and watch when she did a motion, had I asked to I would have got a real thrashing for being "vulgar", but had to content myself by listening outside the toilet or watching her distorted outline through the frosted glass of the toilet window. I suppose the dreams must therefore be wish fullfillment. They are vivid and accurate. I am about 8 or 9 at the time and unlike real life she invites me to accompany her to the toilet and watch her doing a motion. I see her lift her skirt and pull her knickers down to the top of her legs and sit down. I hear the hiss of her doing a wee wee and the tinkle then the grunting and OO! OO! and NNN! as she strains to pass her jobbie and the crackling sound as it comes slowly out, then the "Kur-spuloonk! and Ker-pul-lonk! as her big turds drop into the pan. She then gets up off of the pan and wipes her bum then after pulling up her panties we both look at the big fat turds in the pan. I usually wake up at this point, very aroused. I have also had toilet dreams about witnessing other women in my life doing a motion. Some of these are real happenings but others are imaginary such as women school teachers, aunts, women neighbours, workmates etc whom I could never have seen doing so in real life. Does anyone else have such vivid dreams both of themselves defecating or watching others doing so?

I have just read a post by Moira where she mentions a Bidet, the Bathroom is also my favourite room and I was thinking of putting in a Bidet, my question is are they used mainly by Women or Men and if so when, after a poo or a wee wee, I have been told there are several different types, what are they and do you use them in a different way, I have only seen a Bidet in a Bathroom catalogue so I do not know how they work. Your answers will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, February 21, 1999

Just for the record.. what is everyone's age in here? I have been watching this site for quite some time.. and I do find this site rather interesting. I never knew there could be such a place where we talk about this sort of thing like it's conversation. Whatever brings us together, eh?

This is in response to "Female" on her question on where men put their penis when they dump. My own experience, at home, I let it lay on the toilet seat in front of me since the seat is round and clean. On public johns, I usally lay it on toilet paper in the gap part of the seat.
In response to TDD on leaving the door open when dumping. An old memory. When I was in college, I was over at a friend's house by campus and his roomate was dumping a load. My friend went upstairs and I followed him and around the corner, the door was open and his roomate was on the shitter. Pants down to the ankle and seeing the full side view of butt on toilet. He didn't seem to mind being seen on the can. Those were the days :)
I would love to take a week or two off from work and the wife and retrace some of my steps to where I went to college at and other schools I visited. Not to only take a dump at different places but see the old friends I knew as well. The first part is possible but the second is not since everyone moved all over the place. I have great memories of dumping at different places. I might try a trip this spring since my wife is due to give birth to our first child in June.

i've eaten almost a whole package of dried apicots, another of prunes, two bananas, and a juicy, cold, ripe pear this weekend. not only are these snacks great tasting (and really the only snacks around this weekend, having no choice), i now expect to make poop...big.

In response to martin's request for skid mark stories, i had an ex girlfriend called Kerry. She was very pretty, but another thing that turned me on was her arrogance. Not in a nasty way, but she was very sure of herself. What did turn me on was the skid marks in her underwear. It always turned me on when I saw her with her friends, or at work, to know that the night before, I had seen some huge skidmarks in her crotch! She often wore white panties too which were great at showing off the brown marks

To David W. Why would your old boss put black shoe polish on a black toilet seat. Does any one here watch South Park? Last night(Saturday night) on there, their was this character named Mr. Hanky(Who Is supposed to be poop). Mr Hanky was In the sewer or something. The kids on there were talking him In to coming up. Mr. Hanky came out and at that time they were building a hollywood Planet(or something like that). The kid shows a bunch of people mr. Hanky. Then some one throws mr hanky. Mr. Hanky almost died twice but the chef gave him his salty balls which revived him. Then near the end someone opens up all the sewers to get these "Hollywood People" away and every one was covered with poop and other junk. The end.

I'm sitting here at the computer(lap top)reading this forum,which is great by the way. I've just had a cup of coffee and i'm getting cramps and i'm gonna have to go. So--- I'm bringing the lap top in the toilet with me and give you all the play by play...... I'm dropping my p.j. bottoms and i'm sitting on the bowl(cramps are getting intense) I'm relaxing my anus --- ahhhhhhhh a long--- fart . Feels great I'm pushing a bit now ahhhhhh i feel my rectum filling up ! Ahhhhhh another long fart ------ more cramps---- I'm pushing again -- Now the turds are coming out--Ohhhhhhh-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's a long---soft one ----Hmmm looks about 8 in or so This is great talking about this on line!! I have to pee too I'm pushing my penis in thebowl to pee... AAhhhhhhhhh, Oh more cramps,,,, I have to push --- I'm farting again---OOOhhhhhh--Ahhhhhhhh another soft turd AHHHHHHHH ---OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now it's mushy turds....I'm getting hard but the turds are still coming out!!!AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh This feels so good!!! Ifeel like i have to go more so i'm pushing--- I feel my anus pushing out!! OOOOOOhhhhh mushy turds and gas Ahhhhhhhhhhh I'm sitting back now....I think I'm done Let me see what i did..... WoW Two long---- ones and a bunch of mush!!! One second.... I have to wipe --------O.K. I'm done I hope you all enjoyed that half as much as i did I would love to hear other people ( mostly females ) discribe their morning dumps to us all.. Maybe next time when i haven't gone in 2-3 days and eat some tex -mex and apples I'll post again... Come on girls More posting!!!

I have a question on a subject I haven't seen much here. Do any of you know an "older" child without and medical conditions that isn't toilet trained? I am not referring to someone diapered, just having accidents on a regular basis. A kid I was friends with in second grade had this condition. He could only hold it for two minutes or so. I can remember a couple of times he had some really weird accidents. One time in gym we were playing some kind of stupid game and he said to me, "Sam, I gotta go to the bathroom now!! Do you see the teacher?" Mr. Greenborough was in the hall talking to someone. "What am I gonna do???" he yelled. He couldn't go anywhere, and thought he might get in trouble if he just left. Steve(his name) finally couldn't take it anymore, and reached into his pants and crapped into his hand. He threw it away in a garbage can and no one noticed. Another time we were on a field trip and he just flat out shit his pants. He was wearing baggy shorts, and you could tell, because he crapped a whole lot. It must have been embarassing, because when he sat down, some came out his leg. Lastly(and this one is insane, but this is first graders), when we were in class, a bunch of kids were sitting on the floor, and Steve bet a couple of kids fifty cents that they wouldn't wet their pants in the middle of class. Everyone involved did, and one kid even shit on the floor, because she was already going in her pants. I did this too. Like I said a long time ago, I've never had an accident. It was on purpose. Well, sorry for writing a novel. -Sammy Shap

Since I heard some of you tlaking about food and dumps: does anyone notice that crap is really firm and clean after eating red meat, especially steak?

Greg(from Kansas)
In response to "female" who wanted to know about men's "shitting habits" here goes. First of all if I have to take a dump for some reason I generally pee first while I'm sitting down waiting for the big load to emerge. For obvious reasons my penis hangs inside the bowel so I don't piss on the floor. I have only shitted and peed at the same time only once. I have a question for you, why do you females always get that quick look of terror when its time for you to really take a long piss? I could never seem to figure that one out? I have always enjoyed watching women pee and whenever I come across one that will let me watch her, I always treat her like a queen. No sense in "pissing" them off(smile). Now how about telling me how you do your business and I thank you for your interest!

Well, there was the time when I was a kid and my mother cooked Brussels sporuts for dinner. They had been in the freezer for more than two years, buried and forgotten. Later, I dropped a turd that was dark green, matching tha color of the Brussels sprouts. I was freaked, and immediately jumped in the shower to wash off all traces of it. I didn't make the connection between the green turd and the old Brussels sporuts until about midnight that night, so I whought I was seriously ill, perhaps dying, after dropping a green turd. Hugh G. Rection

In regards to the female who asked about men peeing while pooping. It's no problem for a male to pee while sitting on the toliet. In fact some males, such as myself, prefer to pee while sitting on the toliet. A few years ago i read a study that said 5 percent of men will only pee while sitting on the toliet. I like to pee while sitting on the toliet because i can also see if i have to make poop. About where a male puts his penis, well i guess that might depend on the size of ones penis. Since i am sorta small in that respect mine just seems to just hang around. Also in regards to males taking longer to poop. Well i am not certain about that since studies say females tend to become constipated more often than males and in my own case my girlfriend use to spend only about 5 minutes pooping but lately she has been spending at least 10 minutes making poop. Perhaps it's the result of our return from our recent trip overseas. I don't know. I usually spend about 5-10 minutes but sometimes much longer. Hope this info was sorta informative. Take care my friends!!!!

Star Pilot asks "So, has anyone else ever dreamed that they were peeing and then awoke to find that they really were??". Yes it happened to me once - about twenty years ago - but has never happened before or since. A bit embarrassing because it was an hotel bed. Strange this, it's the only time I've ever wet a bed. It still baffles me when I think about it. As for Female's question, you joined the list just too late because there was a recent debate about what men do with their penis when dumping; I said that I sit well forward with my penis resting on the toilet seat so I can't pee at the same time; but most guys who wrote in had no problem doing both, even if they had to hold their penis to direct it properly.

StarPilot>>>> I have had dreams of pissing in public places but most of the time I wake up and check myself and to my relief I am dry but with a very full bladder. I've also had dreams where I'm desperate for a shit and find a toilet (which always seems to be out in the open!!!) then do my shit there for all to see. I also wake up from those dreams to find I need to shit badly but luckily haven't done it in my bed!!! These dreams are also very realistic, so much so that I feel the poos slide out of me and even smell them. This is quite a bonus to me as I love a good shit and get to feel it in the dream and again as soon as I wake up and go to the toilet!!!!! Does anyone else have these pissing and shitting dreams? I'd love to hear about them :-)

For the past 8 months I have been trying to fullfill my dreams by going into the boys room at school. Well when you get in 6th grade and up you don't get much of a chance to pee or dump. If you do, you only get 3 minutes. Well everytime I said I was going to dump, I ended up not going because I got too nervous and past the bathroom. It is quite embarrasing if I walk into the bathroom and their are girls behind me. On Feb. 19, 99 I said to myself, "I'm gonna do it. It was 4th hour and lunch was next. When the bell rang, I walked down the halls and slowed down and licked my lips. Then I turned and walked in there. YES!!! Their was another kid peeing in the urinal. I walked into the stall, closed the door and locked it, pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down. The seats were quite confortable. First came out a silent gassy fart. You know the kind that has the thhhhh sound to it. The kid at the urinal was silent. Then came the turd. Nice and smooth. By this time the kid was! gone and I spent about 2 more minutes on the toilet. While I was waiting for the last turd to come out I sqautted to see if anybody was in the bathroom. No one. I finished up and grabbed a little TP and wiped 1 time. They have 2 TP holders in the stalls No one flushes the toilet so I pulled my pants up and left. Can anyone help me. I need some advice on how to relieve that nervous feeling I got that day. And what kind of fun things can I do when taking a dump. My email address is

Linda- What is the longest you've held it for, peed for, etc.? Most memorable incident also, if you can.

Saturday, February 20, 1999

JILL: Congratulations on your great "wind-silencing" skills. I would love to hear you blow air only because,like many men, I do find it arousing to hear a good-looking woman fart. Nevertheless, even your descriptions of passing wind are fun to read. Keep posting! DAZZ: That was a good-ass story. You're lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.

Horseman, The College that I attend does not have paper cut outs and I don't know why. One thing that the students do is that they make a mess with the toilet paper in the stalls like putting it all over the floor. One thing that the college can do is clean the facilities more often. Many students and professors have complained, but nothing is done. I think they make it wrost.

Howdy! This is my first post, but I have been coming here reading for quite some time. I'm a 19 year old male college sophomore. Although my main interest relative to this subject is pooping (particularly in females), I recently remembered an interesting experience I had several years ago involving pissing. I, like most people, have been known to occasionally wet the bed (this happens to me maybe once or twice a year). I can remember several times when I was dreaming that I had to pee and then starting to go in my dream and then waking up to find that I was actually going in the bed. The strangest time this happened sticks in my mind. I was dreaming that I was in a mall and I really had to piss. I searched everywhere for a restroom until I finally gave up and snuck into a restaurant (yes, inside the mall) that was being rennovated. I could find no toilet inside, but by then I didn't care and I went inside a trashcan. I woke up just as I finished and I was drenched. So, has anyone else ever dreamed that they were peeing and then awoke to find that they really were??

Hi...I am a female and I really enjoy listening to men taking dumps. It really turns me on. SOmeitmes I sit around imagining guys taking a dump. I love it. My boyfriend shit at his house while I was there. i heard everything from the moment he pulled down his pants to the moment he flushed the toilet thanks to his nice thin walls. I was wondering if any other women get turned on listening to men dump or if I am just weird...? I was also wondering what takes guys so long to dump....I am in and out in 1 or 2 minutes? Also...where do guys put there penises when taking a dump? I also know that when I shit I pee at the same do guys do that? DO they stand to pee and then sit down to have their dump?

Dazz, I enjoyed your story of hearing all the intimate sound effects of the woman doing a motion in the toilet next to yours. Its a pity you couldn't go into the Ladies Toilet when she left and have a look down the pan as she may well have done a really big one which stuck. Your mention that she seemed to be straining a long time to pass one of her turds after dropping a couple of loud "plops!" and there only being a little "plop!" when it came out. This indicates to me that she did a really big one as big long turds often make no sound at all since the start of the jobbie is already in the water while the rest is still in the person doing its back passage. Your tale reminds me of the first time I heard my mum doing a really big one like this. Now usually she passed two or three jobbies when she did a motion, a small "plop!" then two substantial turds "Kurs-spuloonk" "Kersplonk!" passing one say of about 8 inches log the other say 5 or 6 inches and up to 2.5 inches thick. There were times however that she would miss a couple of days as like many women she was always slightly constipated and then she would pass a real whopper. I recall when I was about 7 during the school holidays I was at home. I knew mum was a bit constipated as she had a headache and had quite openly said that it was due to her not having had a motion for a couple of days. Just after lunch I heard her fart a few times and she then rubbed her ???? and said to me "if you need the toilet you'd better go now as Im needing a motion and I might be in there some time" Now this excited me greatly and I said I didnt need. She then went down the hallway to the toilet and I played with my toys on the carpet outside so I could hear her perform. I also could hear all the sounds, the rustle of her knee length black short being hitched up, her big pair of white cotton briefs, (knickers) being pulled down to the tops of her thighs then the creak as she sat on the seat. She farted a long squeaky fart then there was the tinkle and hiss of her doing a wee wee. Then she started to pass her jobbie and I heard the "OO! OO! UH! NNNNN!" of her straining and the crackling sound of the turd slowly coming out. She also spoke to herself saying "come out you big swine" After a few minutes she gave a long sigh "AHHHH!" then said, " Oh! That's better " there was however no "plop!". After wiping her bum , pulling up her knickers and pulling the flush she came out looking redfaced and even commented to me. "Oh that's better, I had a really good motion" Now this comment really turned me on so as soon as she had gone I went into the toilet. The smell of a healthy solid motion hung in the air and when I looked down the toilet pan I nearly jumped. Lying in the bottom of the pan was a single long fat turd of about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches thick at its fattest shaped like a big brown carrot. It was a magnificent specimen all knobbly and compacted with the boluses squeezed together at the start but smoother towards the end and a good three inches were sticking up out of the water so no wonder it didnt make a "plop!" of any sort when it entered the water as I imagine the end of it was still in her back passage at the time. I wasnt to pass one that size myself until my early teens but I imagined what it must have felt like to pass it. She did whoppers like this every so often usually once or twice a month. I also have had lots of experiences of hearing women doing a motion through thin toilet walls and I will post about these later.

I was listening to Dr Laura Schlessinger advise radio program last couple days. She reported info about a company that had decided to set up a unisex restroom like on TV show Ally McBeal. I think Dr Laura has a little hangup about bodily functions as she came out against this practice because she thinks it would cause men to lose respect for women. For most at this forum I think the result is the opposite, but it was still fun to hear Dr. Laura talk about men and women "pooping and peeing together" and she even made reference to "grunting" and she even kidded with her assistants a little about whether their spouses would share this way. I was wishing I had been able to tape that segment to share more of her comments but was working at the time.

Happy Camper
I don't know what it is, but I just hate it when my wife comes into the bathroom while I am shaving or drying my hair and sits on the pot to take a dump. I guess it's because we have been married so long, the flair just isn't there anymore. I do recall one year, when I took the family camping at our favorite state park. It was mid summer and I woke from the tent at first light to put on some coffee and greet the day. After finishing my second cup of coffee, I felt mother nature calling. We always pick the camp sites close to the restrooms when we go camping. I headed for the building and as I hit the gravel trail leading to it, I noticed a woman coming out of her tent from the site across from ours. She was wearing a long white robe and was heading for the restrooms herself. We met at a fork in the path and greeted each other a good morning as we arrived to the main enterance. She turned for the womans side and I the mens. I took the first stall I came to and as I grabbed the plastic seat too pull it down, I could see the reflection down in the pit below of the stall from the womens side. I caught a quick glance as I saw a bair butt as the woman had sat on the seat from the reflection above. I stood back to listen carefully as I gaized down closer into the hole. I started to hear a crackling sound echoing below as she started to poop. I watched as I could see and hear it as it plopped into the water and a long load fart followed behind it. I heard several other huge curplunks hit the water and then the sound of pee stating to flow. I couldn't see much from the refection as the water was rippling below. But just listening to the loud hissing of her peeing was quite exciting though. Well it was my turn as I put the seat down quietly and sat on the rim. I felt my sphincter start to swell as the head of my turd pushed it's way out. It was one of those good early morning ones that streatch your as-hole real wide. I new it had to be at least a twelve inches are better as it pinched itself off hitting the water with a huge plop. I tried to squeeze off another round are two and as I felt another one coming down inside my system, a loud fart baffled down below like a gun shot going off. Two more small cur-plops followed behind as I started to drain my bladder and listen to the sound of it hitting the water below. I whiped my hole and got up pulling my shorts back on. And wundered if the woman was still on the pot. I never did hear the stall door open and shut again. As I opened the stall door and walked out to wash my hands, I heard a squeak from the other room and another quick slam of a door. I finished up and walked out the door at the same time as the woman walked out of her side. she had a big smile on her face as we walked back up the trail and turned to me and to say.... "That was fun we'll have to do it again latter." :-) True story!

My dump this morning was quite spectacular. My dumps are always soft and consist of a large number of small turds (up to 60 per evacuation). This morning the first turd was obviously firmer than the rest, and pushing it out was like uncorking a champagne bottle. The violent expansion of the gas pushed the turds out with great violence and quite explosive noises. Then there was a lull and then a second lot of equally farty turds were blown out. It felt really good afterwards.

Sharron: It was nice people like you who left doors unlocked and sometimes open that got my toilet facination started. I had aunts and cousins who would not lock doors. Sometimes I could walk by the bathroom and the door would be wide open. Dazz: I have been in your shoes. I've even had a woman in the mens room use the stall right next to me.

Chris H
I share a bathroom with my sister and her boyfriend is my bestfriend. So when her boyfriend was over hanging out with me the other day she told me to tell him she wasn't home. She sat in the shower of our batrhoom reading and waited till her boyfriend went to take a dump. Why did she want to do that???

I own a construction company and we mainly work at people's homes. My men are always complaining that they hafta shit but I don't allow them to use our customer's bathroom. Does anyone think that I should allow them to. I know I would like to allow them to becuse it would be a lot better for me because I know how they feel about haviong to go and not being able to on the job. Should I allow them to use the customer's bathrrom if the customer's approve?

Gordon Butts
When i was about 10 years old i was at a supermarket and had to take a big shit. I couldnt hold in any longer. The baby food section was kinda in an out of the way location so i shit on the floor and pissed all over the food! I couldnt wipe so i had major skid marks. I laugh my ass when i think about the poor guy who was making minimum wage that had to clean it because it stunk real bad and was a huge pile of shit!

I don't close my bathroom door when doing my duty. It's off of my bedroom so I can sit and watch TV. I don't cover the window because there is absolute privacy. My roommate walks in on my from time to time, but that doesn't bother either one of us. In fact, being watched while I am sitting kind of excites me. Any other guys like being watched?

new to this site. i just found it three days ago but am totally excited by it. ive had my share of accidents in my school years and think it is wonderful that others share their experiences. the first time i can remember having an accident was on the bus home from high school. when i was getting ready to leave, i felt the urge to dump but i figured i could hold it till i got home and if i missed the bus id have to wait another hour to get home. while i was waiting for the bus (less than 5 minutes), i was getting bad cramps. i got on the bus anyway and hoped for the best. all the way home i squeezed my cheeks. finally my stop. i was excited i made it. i live about two block from the stop to i started to walk when i big cramp hit. immediately i stopped in my tracks and waited till the pressure went away. when it did i continued home. i got to the door and dropped my keys. when i bent over to pick them up it came out just a little at first but i couldn't stop it once it started and by the time i got to the bathroom i was just about done. i dropped my jockeys and threw them in the garbage which i wrapped and threw outside after i was finished. i got dressed in clean clothes and just sat back and wondered what just happened. anyone ever have an accident in a car or on the bus?

Linda, Nice to see a post from you again. Glade you were able to "grunt out" your poop in the Boys' room and not get in trouble. I'd like to ask you one more question about enemas if you don't mind. Has anyone other than your cousin or Mother given you one? I was in the hospital a lot as a little kid and the nurses gave me quite a few. None of the Nurses seem to think little kids deserve ANY privacy at all. They use to just stand around and watch no mater what you were trying to do. I hated trying to get the enema and poop out while the nurses watched. Sometimes they didn't even think I'd done enough and they'd say come one bear down again! It was sooooooooooo embarrassing.-- JW

Quite often if I do a really greasy shit that needs to be wiped alot, I have to go back a few hours later and wipe my bum again. When I wipe the first time, I wipe until there is no more poo smears on the paper yet when I go back I need to wipe myself a few times as there is plenty of shit that needs to be removed. This does seem to happen mainly in summer, so must be from all the sweatiness in my bum crack. Also can happen after pooing at work as the toilet paper there is "John Wayne toilet paper".......rough and tough and don't take shit from no one!!!!! It's kind of like grease proof paper, which isn't too good if I've just done a greasy shit!!!! I did one of these greasy shits this morning at home, it was a weird colour too, like an almost orangey brown and the 3 big logs floated too. My poo rarely floats, they sink and often leave some skid marks in the bottom of the bowl.

last Sunday I was at a low key social function. There I sensed a slight smell of urine in my cloths. I had a couple jots after peeing. I smelled like an elderly man and was hoping I was not noticed. Hopefully I was not. After that I became determined to develop a technique to prevent that from happening that again. Here it goes. When the main flow of pee stops count to 20 and if possible do not hold your penis. Another jot will sprit in the toilet. when you pull your dink in your pants at most a drop or two will stain the under ware. Much better than a full sprit!

David W.
Thanks for all of the responses to my question. Wayne, yes even if you are circumcised there's always another drop or two that come out after you're through shaking unless you wipe the end of it. That and skidmarks in the underwear are just a normal fact of life. Me and my childhood friends always referred to skidmarks as the crust. My parents never got on me about it. Maybe the joke "if you shake it more than once your playing with it" is just a saying in Houston. My old boss always said it. If he knew that you were going to take a dump, he would say don't fall in. We won't know how much shit to dip out. He also in his younger days would put black shoe polish on a black toilet seat. I whish I had thought of that when I was young.

Friday, February 19, 1999

Jay evening I was at afriends house and I REALLY had to take a dump. I have always felt really weird about shitting in other people's homes. I don't really have much of a problem with going in public restrooms (besides the lack of cleanliness) fact I take a dump almost everyday in the public restroom in my work place. SO since I felt really uncomfortable asking to use her bathroom I held on for a little while. We decided to watch the special NBC movie that was on that evening. I was relieved to find out that we would be watching the movie in the room at the opposite end of her house of where her bathroom was. So not wanting to seem too desperate...I waited untill the first commercial break to excuse myself to use the bathroom. Her bathroom was quite small. There was a sink right to the left as you entered the bathroom and a shower right next to the sink and then the toilet was to the left of the shower. As soon as I walked in I quickly pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat down on the toilet. It hd one of those comfortable vinyl coushined seats. These feel very nice and I did not mind resting my dick on the seat (which I usually find very uncomfortable on cold porcelin seats). As soon as I sat down I pushed out a large, soft,long ws followed by stream of piss..and then one more smaller log. I quickly wiped and flushed the toilet. I had left skidmrks in the toilet...I didn;t want to flush again becasue I didn;t want her to hear and know that I had taken a big dump. So I quickly washed my hands and returned to the movie. Throughout the movie everytime she moved I feared that she was getting up to go to the bathroom and she would notice my skidmarks and the smell I had left behind. When the movie finally ended I was so relieved that she had not used the bathroom. So right before I left i said I had to take a piss and I flushed away my skidmarks and the odor was gone. I left feeling like I had really pulled something off. =)

Lucky Chucky
Last Friday I came home from work, my girlfriend was already there and had fixed some dinner. WE sat down and ate, when we got done she said she would do the dishes, I told her I was going to relax and take a long bath. So I went and filled the tub with hot water,I got in and was laying there taking it easy when the door flew open, and in came Chris, she said she needed to pee. The toilet is about 12 inches from the bath tub, she backed up to it, unsnaped her pants and sat down, she started peeing real hard, when she got done she farted real loud, she then looked at me and said she might be here a little longer than she thought. She reached over to pick up magazine and I saw a turd drop from her round butt, she started looking through the magazine and as she was doing this she got real red in the face and was grunting real hard, I asked her if she was OK, she said yes but she had one hanging and it wouldn't break off, she then leaned forward and I could see it hanging, it was huge, she then wiggled her little butt and it finally broke off. She giggled a bit, then unrolled some paper and whiped four times. This was one of the most fun baths I have ever taken. Has anyone else seen anything like this, love to hear it.

We have two toilets at home. One is in the bathroom upstairs and the other is next to the front door, which is more convenient most of the time. Usually I go upstairs for a no.2, but if my husband is having a shower, I quite often use the downstairs loo instead. The problem with this is that if I do a smelly one, then being next to the front door, anyone calling round will get the benefit! To Lurker: I am proud to say that I can usually control my wind to the extent that it is silent when I need it to be, but that doesn't prevent it from being smelly! Why do you think you would love to hear it? To Tony and Sharron: As I have probably mentioned before, part of the pleasure of using the train loo is that I can be a little naughty if I like, and flush it in a station. It means that once the train has left the platform, people will be able to see what I did. Since I am a regular commuter, I know my daily journey fairly well and I can, as an alternative, time my flushing of the loo so that it coincides with the train passing through a station without stopping. It is fun to do this and imagine what happens when the people on the platform see all my poo and paper pouring out as it passes them. I did just that yesterday!

hi. well okay my favorite bathroom is my cousins which I use all the time especially to poop. its very low to the ground which he hates but i love and its very small and the seat is padded and when I sit down it feels so comfy against my tushie. it's a white and the seat is the same color. hee hee okay i have a pee story and I know some of you will love it cause all I i read is how some want to hear more pee stories you bunch of whiners. hee hee. okay well i stayed late at school cause i volenteered to help clean the room. anyway i had to pee SO badly and i felt so poop wanting to come out too but it wasn't so bad. anyway i ran to the girls bathroom but the janitor was there cleaning it and he was a boy. ack i tried ti stay still watching him hoping he would hurry and finish cleaning. i was hpoing up and down and i felt a few drops slip out. i felt like dying. then my cousin came and asked me if I was ready to go. I told him the whole thing and that if i tried to walk to the car I'd flood his car. he then got an idea and he carried me to the boys bathroom and locked the door to the enterence and he undressed me and sat me down in one of the stalls. I felt very funny sitting there I mean it was the BOYS bathroom. but I had to go so bad. i just let it flooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww out. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. it just gushed out for about 2 minutes. it sounded so loud so my cousin flushed my toilet so that the sound would be covered up. I couldn't hear it but I could sitll feel it as it burst out of me and my poor potrr bladder returned ot it's small size. whew how our bladders can stand being stretched so much. then i felt the poop sliding out and well my cousin was there and he would make sure no one watched so i flushed the toilet as I let go of the huge poop. I'm so glad the toilet flushed loud cause that way no one heard anything or me grunt it out. even the huge polp was not heard then i cleaned myself and got dressed and went hope feeling so mush better. and lighter too. hee hee. yeah I know I put a poop in there but hey I want to make everyone happy. also hey I noticed that less and less girls are posting now. come on girls I don't want to be the only one. And there I finally use capital i's now okay. I used to not do it cause I would just type in a hurry and well it was faster for me . bye linda

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